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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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a drug used to reverse an overdose will be available to middle school student. and it is already been made available in school district across the country. good evening, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter joe hole send live in bensalem with more on why some say it is a necessary step. joe? >> parent tonight in bucks county are debate something middle school too young for the last stone to be available. when we spoke to one mother she has interesting perspective. she lost a child, to overdose, and she says why even take the chance? >> he was a good kid, kinds kid, gentle soul. >> something she west recalls with daily, if only there was when her son david and 2014 was overdosing. >> all think that they're invincible, not going to happen to them. >> david died at 21, his brother was also in the flows of an overdose at the same time, and survived.
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the overdose happened at the family home in warminster. cathy says the introduction of narcan in middle and high schools across bucks count say important step. >> god forbid a child does overdose, in school, they have the narcan on them that can save their lives. >> we've used in bensalem over 48 times. >> bensalem director public safety says 80% of crime in his township can be traced back to substance abuse and addiction. the drug that is capable of reversing an overdose would be administered by a school nurse or police officer assigned to schools. it will vary depending on the district. parents think it is a sad commentary in. >> in our middle schools and in our high schools, specifically, that we have to put this type of anti-venum, so to speak, as if we had snakes running loose in schools and the kids were being bitten left and right. >> but some bucks county parents were alarmed to hear
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the drug would possibly be available to middle schoolers. >> then at the same time, well, should i be talking? these are the questions. where is the age appropriate to speak to your kids about this? >> but cathy said she would have done anything to help her son david have a second shot at life. >> just to have a chance to have it on me, to get some right away, would have been, you know, phenominal to me. >> cathy takes her messages to schools across the area, talking to group of student in glennside montgomery county. reporting live in bensalem, i'm joe holden, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> joe, thank you. the centers for disease control is monitoring outbreak of illness, tied to contaminated syringes, and that outbreak includes our area. the syringes were distributed by texas-based nurse assist. the company voluntarily recalled the product, in early october. there were 52 illnesses tide to the contaminated syringes, in new jersey, 26 in
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pennsylvania, and four in delaware. experts say most people are not at risk, the bacteria largely affect those with already weakens immune systems. >> really isn't a risk of it being transmitted person to person. the only risk ongoing risk is if there is ongoing use of the contaminated syringe. >> nurse assist released this statement, it reads in part, quote, we have been working in cooperation with the cdc, fda, and various state health departments, to ensure the patient safety. >> president obama held news conference late this afternoon at the white house, it comes before his final foreign trip as president. now the president talked about the affordable care act in the hands of republicans after his presidency. >> now, suddenly, you're in charge, and you're going to repeal it, okay, well, what happens to those 20 million people who have health insurance? >> are you going to just kick
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them off? >> ed >> ed is suddenly they don't have health insurance, what way are their leaves bitter, now comes the hard part. >> the president also said today he would encourage republicans to allow immigrants who came to the country as children to remain in the united state. scott pelle and the evening news team will have complete coverage of the president's news conference tonight at 6:30, right after "eyewitness news" at 6:00. >> meantime, we have more on illegal immigration, a lot of talk in this presidential campaign centered around that topic. and a potential wall on the border between the us and mexico. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has been looking into president-elect trump's statement about the wall after his election when and also whether a wall is feasible. david? >> been hearing about this wall for a year and a half since donald trump announced he wanted to be the 45th president of the united states, last night in his first interview of president-elect on six of zero minutes, he changes his tune little bit about that wall.
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>> we are going to have big, beautiful doors in the wall, and we're going have people come into our country, but they're going to come in legally. >> for over a year and a half, donald trump assured the american people, he'll build a wall on the border of the united states and mexico. now, that he's president-elect? >> are you really going to build a wall? >> yes. >> but here's a bit of a change. >> they're talking about a pence in the republican congress. would you except a fence? >> for certain areas, i would. but certain areas the wall is more appropriate. i'm very good at this, this goal of construction. >> it will be an interesting project. a lot of terrain to deal with. >> construction is a topic robert knows well. he's an executive at ap construction placed in blackwood, new jersey, and overseen construction of many large walls, some on highways, others surrounding prison, he said donald trump's wall proposal isn't impossible at all. >> engineering, logistics, and resources, that's all it is. >> making mexico pain for the wall might and broken promise,
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but says we should expect to see at least the start of construction during donald trump's presidency. >> build 6,000-mile of roads here or more, so building 2,000 miles of walls doesn't seem to be out of the realm of possibility. >> all right, it is important to point out, there already is some of the wall on the united states boards where mexico, there are fences, already partially part of the wall being built, donald trump says he wants to make his wall at least 35 feet tall. i've heard estimate somewhere up to 6 feet high. that wall that he want to build. reporting live tonight, david spunt, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> and dave david, before go in the 06 minutes interview with lesley stahl, we heard president-elect trump talk about seamless transition from the current set up of the affordable care act, to his new version, would that be a possibility to do that seemlessly? >> reporter: well, jessica, a lot of people are asking that question. i spoke to healthcare policy advisors who tell me that, listen, in theory it is
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possible, but it is not likely to happen, it will be a big change, but something interesting i learned today, speaking to one of those experts, they said, that with donald trump trying to keep a little bit of obamacare, that might actually make it more difficult to change over versus just completely getting rid of the entire thing and starting from scratch. certainly, will be a process, bottom line, in theory, it is possible, we'll have to wait and see and find out. jessica. >> we will do, that david spunt live for us, thanks so much. there will be many development in the coming weeks as president-elect trump prepares to take office. be sure to stay with "eyewitness news", for continuing coverage, of our next president. philadelphia mayor jim kenney expected to speak within the hour about a flash mob attack in center city police say teen two boys are in custody looking for more suspects. the mob of about 50, 606 teens, gathered saturday night about 6:00, 1600 walnut. teens ran through traffic, jumped on cars and started assault willing people. six people were injured including offer duty police detective and his wife.
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well, the eagles remain unbeaten at home after yesterday's win over the falcons, they held the highest scoring team in the national football league, just 15 points. >> not too bad. don bell joining us now. played keep away a little bit? >> how about that home cooking? >> oh, please. what, 30 minutes? beautiful. beautiful. >> life is good in south fill when they play here, right? pays to be well grounded eagles when they beat the falcons 24-15. the last time running back, midnight green, had game like yesterday, la shawn mccoy in 2013. now, after spending the last few weeks glued to the bench ryan mathews was a work horse, first birds to rush over a hundred yards, and two touchdowns, in the same game, since shady. overall, the eagles ran for a season high 208 yards.
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>> that local, that catch, you stay manageable, first and second down, you know, so important to your success on third down, we were able to do that yesterday. >> piedish son looks a lot murrow laxed after a win. now only 24 and o teams at home, the eagles, and the team they're about to play sunday at quest field, see seattle seahawks. >> doesn't get any easier, right? >> seattle o has got to go. >> there go. >> hey, go go fund me page sent up to raise $10,000 to save ben franklin gravestone. the burial grounds has significant crack, hit by thousands of pennies thrown by people paying tribute to franklin's famous grave, a penny saved is a penny earned. foundation says it has received grants to the project, and they're still coming up. >> millions of americans have
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type one diabetes, for many of them, manage that condition is about to get easier and less painful. >> imagine no more injections? we'll show you how inhaled insulin is changing the way patients live with the condition. >> and later, why eagles fans were stopped in their tracks at yesterday's game. kate? >> and, you can see, we're dry for now, but rain is approaching from all sides. lots of green here on storm scan3. i'll tell when you the rain could get into the city. how long it lasts, and in respect to your morning commute, how temperatures could make a run for 70s. i said 70, that's
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sure to be a hot item on the christmas list. >> greg argos with what you should know before you buy. greg? >> hey there, you can know, "black friday" just little more than a week away. many of you may be thinking of purchasing one of these, talking of course about a drone. they are a lot of fun, they take some pretty incredible pictures, some pretty incredible video from high in the air. but there are some new rules designed to keep you and everyone on the ground, and in the air, safe. tonight at 11:00 only on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", we hit the sky with certified drone instructor who says every year the skies are becoming more crowded with these un manned aerial aircraft. so there are some new rules that must be followed, if you plan on using a drone for fun. you can go out right now, purchase one, and start flying it, as long as you register it with the federal aviation administration through their website. you pay five bucks. go on, you register. and you're good to go. >> that's it? >> that's it. >> but there are some completely different requirements, if you want to
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use a drone in any commercial capacity whatsoever. we'll break it all down tonight at 11:00 and also explain why not following these rules could be very costly, or even very dangerous. i'm here in the sat center, greg argos. >> interesting stuff there, greg, thanks. >> today is world diabetes day, one of the most common chronic illnesses in the country, affecting about one in ten pennsylvanians. >> many depend on injections every inches lip to stay alive. but now, there is a new, or patient friendly treatment. health reporter stephanie stahl says it is assisi as breathing. >> it is easy as breathing. wait until you guys see this, 415 million adults are living with diabetes, serious disease, where the body can't properly control blood sugar. well, now instead of several needles a day, some patients can take a deep breath. >> danielle makes pure to stay fit as personal trainer, often works out in pennypack park, also has type one diabetes, depends on insulin control for
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blood sugar. >> the quickest it can start working just start working, is within 45 minutes to an hour. >> that's with traditional injected insulin, which could be painful, and inconvenient. >> now, danielle is also using afreezea inhaled insulin. >> it works in 15 minutes and i'm going today. really, it is a life changer for me because that far. >> it is called a meal time insulin to control blood sugar spikes, links to eating. because it is so easy and portable, can be used for people like danielle who need occasional doses on the run. >> a tool in my tool belt. without it, i would be still suffering with high blood sugars for longer than you want to. >> it can go in your pocket t can go in your pocketbook. >> south jersey endocrinologist, said inhaled insulin is becoming increasingly popular. >> this insulin is the fastest on the market, has big impact, what it can do is prevent and fix die diabetic sugar, go to
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product, novel, new, has a lot of he cast. >> i danielle says the inch hailed insulin has made living with diabetes a lot easier. >> i brought my blood sugar down easier than anything i've seen in 25 years. >> now, doctors say not everyone is suitable candidate foreign hailed insulin, also, the fda requires a lung capacity test, before patient can start on, and we have more information on all of this, click on health. a lot easier for a lot of people, flight. >> for sure. >> specially as a kid, you know, parent try and encourage. >> thanks, stephanie. kate bilo joins us with our forecast, let's rewind about four minutes 26 seconds or so. say something about 70s in our future? >> i d i said there is a chance we could hit 07, friday or saturday. guess what, also a chan of sunday? >> what? >> no. >> maybe not for us, but areas of the poconos, yes, if you are like the mountains, north and west, big changes, this weekend will be split right down the mid.
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>> sounds like it, oh, my. >> we've got a lot to talk b active forecast, next few days looking fine after tonight being tomorrow morning, showers, then surge every month, by blast of colds as we head into thanksgiving week. looking what's going on, out to time lapse, from earlier today. we look across the river, toward philadelphia. started the day with loft sun, the camera angle switches on me, you can see the river there, but as we zoom back up, notice, the clouds moved in. midday now the clouds are here to stay, and unfortunately not getting very good view of that beautiful supermoon tonight. as the rain continues to push in, it is cloudy outside. rain is steadiest across south jersey, into delaware, where there are light showers, we have to watch this batch here, back toward dc. that area will be weakening, as this kind of picks up the pails. looks as though rain will start to move further west. overnight tonight, and into tomorrow morning. that's when it could impact your morning commute. here is a look right now. again, some steady rain. southeastern burlington county, right along the atlantic city expressway, garden state parkway, all the way to the tip of cape
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may point, seeing some pretty steady rain at least on and off through tonight, that will continue, and the heaviest amounts, will be south and east of philadelphia. we started the day on very chilly note. it was dry, but cool, at 35 degrees, but that south flow, we warmed up nicely, to around 60 degrees, then the clouds moved in, temperature drops, very quickly, now sitting at 55. fifty-one in wilmington, chilly 48, with rain, in atlantic sit, cold rain, 49 in lancaster, it will be in the 40's overnight. so not talking about any snow with this system. but it will be, again, cold rain. showers developing, inland, between about nine p.m. and 4:00 p.m. or a.m., 4:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. pockets of steadier rain, could dis result your commute t won't be everywhere. in fact might be few part of the area that don't get much rain at all. but again, little slower out on the roads. afternoon, tomorrow, showers taper, and some breaks in the cloud cover. here's what it look like, showers drilling in overnight. we start tomorrow again with pockets of steadier rain. here is 6:00 a.m. continuing to move to the north and west by about noon. then it does clear out.
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we may be able to salvage some of the afternoon. continues right through tuesday morning, again, the steadiest is eastern new jersey, about a quarter of an inch or so. again not talking about heavy flooding rain here but slower tuesday morning commute. and then some bigger changes with the seven day. we will get to that quickly. you know what will happen tonight into tomorrow. morning showers, then we clear out. watch this warm up though. we jump to 58. thursday, 62 degrees. friday, saturday, mid to upper 60s, possibly, even making a run for 70. but then very strong cold front comes through saturday night into sunday morning. depending on how chilly it is, looks like temperatures at the surface will be above freezing, but north and west, could you see little snow come down. sunday morning, as that cold air moves in in the upper atmosphere combined with some moisture, that will be very jarring after a warm start. >> fifty's? >> that time of year though when it fights that battle. >> 60s and 70s, that's my language. >> all right, don bell is back with more sports. >> there is another word we're
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using today, defense, defense, and more defense. the game plan to help the eagles shut down the top scoring team in the
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>> family congresses try to take off, a 24-15, upset at the linc. now, the eagles held the falcons to 111th downs, season low for them. they held them to just 15 points, also 18, harrass matt ryan through just his fifth interception of the season, what was the game plan yesterday? safety malcolm jenkins. >> the biggest thing, we understood, you know, this is great offense. they scored pretty much everybody. and we new we would have to eliminate those big plays, for touchdown, and when they did get in the red zone, we need to get stops and hold the field goals, and for the majority of the game, we did
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that. >> nice glasses, like those? expect a lot of points in easy bucket. the sixers visiting houston tonight. let's just say neither team loves to play defense. the sixers looking for their second win of the year. highlights tonight at 11:00. flyers goalie michael, out four to six weeks, with a lower body injury. he was hurt saturday, while making save against the minnesota wild. that means, steve mason, will now be the go-to guy. >> coming into the ring, expect to play, and just get into this rhythm, where the games are rolling into one another. and you want to have happen, you just want to be in a constant groove. >> onto baseball, jeremy hellickson has decided to take the phillies one year 17.2 million deal instead of a free agent, last season he went 12 and ten, for the fighting with a three-seven-one, era. really? already? this is it. the final friday football frenzy game of the week. just four days away. here are your choices for the
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finale. shawnee at kim -- timber creek, garnet valley at perkioman valley. coatesville at north penn. go to to cast your vote. i'll announce the winner wednesday night. >> going out in style. >> ready? >> thank you, buddy, appreciate t still to come the challenge sweeping social media. see how eagles fans are celebrating while
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>> the manaquine challenge has been going through social media. >> outside the linc, fans had some fun. >> looks like several different parties coordinating together. sometimes it happens in a vacuum. have to get rally support there. all standing still. capture the moment. good work, team. >> that's very cool. we used to do that with everybody in the news room. we will put one out there soon. >> well, thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at six. back at 10:00 sister station the "cw philly" back here on cbs-3 at 11. >> up next, president-elect trump going back on his campaign promises what he said then, and what's' saying now, also, some good news ahead of the holiday travel season. gps for your luggage, high tech way airlines are implement i to help keep an eye on your luggage.
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take care, family, see you captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the remaking of a president. this was then. >> we're going to get a special prosecutor. >> pelley: and this is now. >> a special prosecutor? >> i don't want toe hurt them. i don't want to hurt them. they're good people. >> pelley: also tonight, as anti-trump protests continue, advice for the president-elect. >> it's really important to try to send some signals of unity. >> pelley: and we'll remember a champion for women, minorities, and excellence in broadcast journalism. gwen ifill. >> how as vice president would you work to shrink the polarization which has sprung up in washington which you both have spoken about here tonight?


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