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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  November 22, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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kanye's breakdown. the kardashians' new crisis tonight. >> i'm going to run. >> kanye west still hospitalized here on a reported psyche hold what his friends and family are telling only "e.t." >> show's over! >> then making a royal turn red. prince harry put in the hot seat over his new hollywood girlfriend. what we just learned about a possible honeymoon destination as we sit down with meghan's sister. >> i am so proud -- >> what you never knew about the woman who could become the next princess. >> plus the jennifer aniston's most annoying "friends" moment revealed. what she just confessed on live tv. >> i don't mean to say that. >> and tv's most adorable couple ii back. we're with chip and joanna gaines giving "e.t." a sneak peek at the new season of "fixer upper." >> oh, what?
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>> i thought it would be a dead animal. >> now for november 22, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight"" kanye west reportedly cuffed to a gurney and rushed to a hospital after suffering a breakdown. kevin frazier is in new york and that is where his wife kim was when the news broke. kev? >> kim was getting ready to attend a major event here, but everything changed the minute she got word that kanye had been taken to ucla medical center. we have team coverage on the story with jennifer perils working her sources and michelle turner at the scene at the hospital. let's start with michelle. >> the question today, what caused kanye's breakdown? a source tells "e.t." there were several factors, a combination of issues including stress, anxiety and paranoia. that source adds, quote, he just broke. before he was admitted here to ucla medical center he was at the home of his trainer and close friend harley pasternak. he was asked about the incident last night. >> is kanye west okay or what happened here? >> you can reach his publicist.
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>> as far as we know, west remains hospitalized and is reportedly under a psychiatric evaluation. meanwhile, there have been signs of trouble over the last few days and this just wasn't kanye being kanye. here's a timeline. on saturday the 19th during the sacramento stop of the saint pablo tour, he performed only a few songs and then went on this wild rant, even mentioning jay-z and beyonce. >> beyonce, i was hurt! i heard that you said you wouldn't perform unless you won video of the year over me? [ indiscernible ] even at the risk of my own life. just call me! >> it didn't end there. on sunday the 20th, kanye did something bizarre on social he flooded his instagram account
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with nearly 100 blurry photos of clothing. then yesterday morning he abruptly canceled the remaining 22 stops on his tour. >> the other angle in all of this is kanye's wife kim kardashiann last night she was expected to make her first public appearance since after that terrifying robbery in paris, and it was a cause close to her heart. it was at the angel ball in new york city which was honoring her late father robert kardashian. she was only in new york for just a few hours and had to fly right home to l.a. she landed here at around 10:30 p.m. eastern, and sped very quickly right to ucla to be by her husband's side. meanwhile, her sisters khloe and kourtney stayed in new york. they walked the red carpet at the angel ball and her mom kris was also there. we asked kris how kanye was doing and keep in mind she told us this after the tour dates had been canceled, but before news had broken that kanye was hospitalized. >> i think he's exhausted,,just really tired. it's a grueling tour.
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>> it's estimated that kanye could lose $10 million by canceling the tour date. there is speculation, however, that there may be some kind of insurance covering kanye's breakdown. >> that's the big question. will insurance cover these dates? we don't know yet. it all really depends what is in kanye's contract. we don't know that yet. >> a source close to kanye says there is no truth to this insurance theory, but kanye just needs some rest. nancy? >> we certainly hope he gets some rest. kevin, thanks so much. what is the best way to make prince harry squirm? apparently,,all you've got to do is bring up his new hollywood girlfriend. last night in antigua prime minister gaston brown reportedly embarrassed harry at a gala event, i believe we are expecting a new princess soon. i want you to know you are very welcome to come on your honeymoon here. >> harry is said to have grimaced and avoided eye contact during the remarks, but at other
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times he was smiling and seemed to enjoy himself and meghan is speaking out of their fairytale relationship. >> with fame comes opportunity, but it also includes responsibility, to advocate and share. focus less on glass slippers and pushing through glass ceilings. >> are you blushing? >> i never blush. >> a usa series "suits" just wrapped and sarah rafferty seemed to be trying to preserve meghan's privacy at an emmy event in new york. >> i never comment on my cast mates' personal life, but i'm very happy for her. if meghan arrives in the caribbean to be with meghan, we sat down with her sister samantha. >> oh, my god, look at her glow and look at her go. she's just amazing and this relationship is giving her a lot of that. i am so amazed and thrilled at the woman you've become, and i love you. i'm proud of you. samantha grant is 16 years older than meghan. they have different mothers and both grew up with the same father who is an emmy-winning hollywood lighting director and
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she wants to set the record straight. she believes the tabloid she spoke to on the phone twisted her words. >> i sided with my dad and she sided with her mom and the only remark that i made was about a disagreement five or six years ago within the family and one word spun into 30 other dramatic words, you know, pushy princess, diva, narcissistic. all of this other stuff came out that i never said. >> the sisters have drifted apart recently, but spoke on the phone last year. she's concerned ttat false stories about their family will hurt meghan and her royal relationship. >> it's time for privacy. this has to stop. >> you date a prince and you get right? in the spotlight royally, >> yeah. >> let's move on to the draaa at "dancing with the stars" and the final three is set for tonight, and exciting.
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>> one couple was eliminated last night, and let me tell you something, the stakes were so high and the pressure is getting to everybody. ♪ ♪ >> there was a bit of a stumble in the middle. we all saw it. >> i'm so bummed that it happened! ♪ >> something happened when you were flying across the floor. >> there was a bit of a stumble. >> still recovering from the flu, glen almost dropped country music jena cramer. she had the lowest overall score of the night and were sent home. >> the couple leaving right now is -- jena and glen. ♪ ♪ >> it's all good. i mean -- >> tell me. i had the most incredible journey. we made the finals. what more could you do? >> that leaves retired nfl star calvin johnson junior, olympic gymnast laurie hernandez and indy car driver james hinchcliffe in the finale tonight. >> what is your big takeaway? what did you learn about yourself? >> i'm taking away a lot of confidence and i kind of look at
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myself, and i'm, like, wow! i never thought i could do this, and i did it. >> you did it! you talked about the great friendship here and the chemistry between you guys is something we noticed all season long, and to ask if you're continuing the friendship and staying in touch is a silly question. >> if you don't answer my facetime when i call you i'm going to be so mad at you. >> this is the first time i've ever used facetime when she called. what is this? facetime? >> i have an incredible friend and everyone is family. >> will we stay friends? >> yes. >> promise? >> yes. >> there is zero question that they will stay in touch after the season, and i will be back in the ballroom tonight to see who wins it all and i'll call it right here right now. even though james is the odds-on favorite, i'm sticking with my call, laurie hernandez will take home that trophy. >> that's on tape, cameron. speaking of dancing, everyone remembers the cast of "friends" cutting, and it's one of the most iconic moments in tv
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history and you may be surprised what the friends actually think about it. ♪ ♪ ♪ no one told you life was going to be this way ♪ >> oh, you shocked us! >> i don't mean to say that, but we felt it was a little -- i don't know, dancing in a pond, like a fountain felt sort of odd, but we did it. >> jen gave this nervous eye twitch when the "friends" theme was mentioned, but that doesn't mean she won't stop and watch. >> it's just you get sucked into the nostalgia of it. >> i can't believe i don't get to my own prom! >> jen's favorite episode was the one with the prom video. she loves seeing fat monica and having her fake nose, but she was there from the sitcom's beginning in 1994. we know there was another thing jen hated besides the theme, bad photo-op. >> rachel and friends come take a picture when you look like -- not your best. that's always fun.
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sure, i'll take a picture if i can do this! >> but it was all worth it because guess how much each cast member makes in residuals? a reported $20 million a year for doing nothing. ♪ ♪ >> why do any of those folks work? jen has a movie coming out on the big screen. she has "office christmas party" hitting theaters december 9th. just relax, you guys. up next, is adele pregnant with baby number two? clues from her concert last night. then breaking james corden news. we'll tell you about his new job. garth brooks and trisha yearwood on the one thing they have never done in their careers until now. >> i mean, come on. kathy griffin tells all about the celebrity friends and which big-time stars can take a joke and which ones can't.
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♪ ♪ ♪ all right. adele is on top of the world and she completed one of her seven shows in ten months and it got a big congratulation surprise from her partner and little son angelo. mommy, you did it. in tonight's show and tell, is adele about to become a mommy again? >> did you catch that? last night in phoenix on the last night of adele's north american stop she drops what sounds like a baby bombshell. a rep for adele told us, quote, no comment and not sure if adele is serious, although -- she did sip celebratory wine during the show. the 28-year-old, and her partner
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simon kanecki and 4-year-old son will have time together while she's on break. adele goes back on tour late february. here is mommy in the making again, mila. already to pop kunis and her hubby ashton kutcher were spotted with a lunch bag in l.a. and a source tells "e.t." the birth is imminent and could come as early as next week. the new baby will be their first son and a new brother to 2-year-old daughter wyatt who has turned ashton into a doting dad. >> you sing lullabies? you sing stuff at home? >> i've got that one down. >> finally, corden gets a new baby. not a child, but another hosting gig. >> you are hosting an awards show. >> james will host the grammys airing on cbs february 12th and let's face it, ll cool j needed a little break after hosting for five consecutive years. corden is already in good with music's biggest names thanks to carpool karaoke, and he
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genuinely loves musicians. >> i've never had that much fun ever in my life. >> and musicians love him. >> he's the perfect fit for this. >> i know. the grammy nominees will be announced december 6th. still ahead tonight -- >> garth brooks and trisha yearwood, a rare interview together talking holiday traditions. >> that's my job. we get a fixer upper preview from hgtv's lovable husband and wife team. >> fix your hair, bud. and what's it like having kim k. as a neighbor? >> last week! >> kathy griffin is dishing dirt on all her a-list friends. i look at swifty, and i go -- hey! >> closed captioning provided by --
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made specifically for indoor cats. purina cat chow. nutrition to build better lives. are you all ready to see your fixer upper? >> here's your exclusive first look at season four of "fixer upper" with makeover mogul chip and joanna gaines. >> oh, yeah! >> what's your name again? jay. >> nice to meet yyu. casting did a heck of a love and acted like we knew each other. >> the husband and wife team from waco, texas, chip who loves being the goof ball. >> i lift trees. >> fix your hair, bud. ♪ >> and cameron, on their 40-acre farm saw chip's playful side firsthand. >> oh, what? >> it's going to be a dead animal. >> it's just an egg. a farm-fresh egg.
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>> this happens pretty much all of the time? >> i always have to look over my shoulder. what is he goinn to do to me? >> she thinks it will be disgusting. usually it's sweet. >> do you guys think we need any more dogs? >> we need five more. >> these parents of four kids balance family and business while turning dumps into dream homes. >> are you ready to see your fixer upper? yes! >> let's do it! >> for me it's a dream come true because at the end of the day what we're passionate about is creating a home for families and -- >> we thought we'd be successful, but did you ever think it would be this? >> never a tv show and never on this national platform. >> they look awesome. >> no renovation needed on that couple nor this one. the first couple of country music. garth brooks and trisha yearwood. they have both accomplished so very much in their mega career, but there was still one thing they had never done before until now. >> hi, everybody. garth brooks here. >> trisha yearwood. >> from our family to your, happy holidays. >> and merry christmas. >> these two country lovebirds
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are in the spirit of celebrating their first-ever duet album, "christmas together" out now. >> do you pick out an album to play, and this year it will be christmas together and the year after that. ♪ ♪ >> i love this guy. i love singing with him and we have a lot of fun and we're at disney world, i mean, come on. ♪ ♪ >> trisha and garth will be at disney world for three holiday specials starting thanksgiving night on abc. ♪ ♪ ♪ baby it's cold outside >> my favorite tradition that she has is cooking and my favorite tradition, of course, is eating. that's my job. >> maybe that's the secret to almost 11 years of marriage or was it just meant to be? >> i knew at 5 years old that i wanted to be a singer.
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>> at 5 i knew i wanted to be trisha yearwood's husband. >> it's working out good for you. >> life is good for garth and trisha and the box set, the ultimate collection is the best-selling album of the week. >> meanwhile, this has turned out to be a difficult year for kim and kanye culminating with his breakdown yesterday. i sat down with the celebrity maven kathy griffin and the most alarming headline for kim at that time was the robbery in paris. >> have you seen her since the whole -- >> we live next door to each other. >> how is she doing? >> she's doing fine. >> kathy gave us a quick update on kim who said she's a super quiet and respectful neighbor, but even after the traumatic robbery in paris, kim is not immune to the stand-up comic's irreverent humor. >> three words to describe what i'm feeling right now which is three more than i thought she knew. >> the last kim kardashian actually said to me was, i warned her, just so you know, we
7:22 pm
might get along, you're never out of the act, and she's, like, i get it. it's an honor. i was, like, good girl. good girl. >> kim said this to you? >> i think she was counting her money. she was distracted. >> kathy's legions of fans and a report ed $20 million net worth and she's dishing it out with dishing it out in celebrity run-ins. she told me about the time she called out leonardo dicaprio. >> i was at the actors guild of america and leo made a mistake of scrolling on the twitter and i basically lovingly tortured leonardo dicaprio. i believe i called him a man whore from the stage and he leaned in and goes like this -- that's when i fell in love with him. >> sometimes celebrities have to be a little bit afraid. >> of course! last time i went to a grammy party and i looked at taylor swift across the room and i was trying to make her laugh. >> i'm eecited to see you
7:23 pm
perform tonight. i look at swifty thinking she's going to giggle and i go, hey! and she legit goes, like -- other stars in the hit-list? refused to talk to her during a charity event they did together. can't imagine why. >> so ashton kutcher released some kind of statement saying that marriage is one of the most difficult things in the world. really? i would say fighting cancer. >> i just assumed he would be a nice guy and stuff. it was very bizarre. >> and miley cyrus who she's actually made peace with. we worked the whole day together and she turned to me and said the whole time you were, like, kidding? i go, like, yeah. this whole time, babe, it's really, really all in fun. i've never ruined anyone's career and i've never been the cause of a loss of income. i've made fun of oprah a lot. i think she's okay. i don't think she's bankrupt for now. >> i can sit and talk to kathy
7:24 pm
for hours. she's so funny and knows so many stories, and we mentioned kathy's home, ii's got 13,000 square feet, eight bedrooms, 12 bathrooms and the price tag is $12.5 million and no mortgage necessary. kathy paid cash. >> the comedy business is good! >> we'll be right back.
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ever wonder what it would be like to be stuck on a space shiit with j. law and chris pratt? sure you wondered that. we'll show you tomorrow. >> it wasn't easy getting reservations. >> only "e.t." is behind the scenes of passenger. >> action! >> we show you their love story in space. >> this is the kind of movie that is going to blow you away. >> something's wrong. >> tomorrow on "e.t."
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the "insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. kanye west okay or what happened here? >> number one. kanye west is hospitalized. did he suffer a mental breakdown? >> i've been sitting here even at the risk of my own life.
7:30 pm
>> inside west's history of erratic behavior. then jana kramer says good-bye to dancing as the final three prepares for mirror ball glory. number three, mila kunis is out and about with her baby bump while her husband ashton kutcher is getting real about his divorce from demi moore. >> i didn't have a house. plus your "insider" bonus. >> we're on the lot, hey, hey. >> oprah opens the doors of her own studios including the one room no cameras have ever been allowed. >> these are few of my emmys. >> then -- >> justin. >> all right. >> insider is here. this is great. >> justin heartthrob hartley carts me around the set of "this is us." why is his making his tv brother swoon? >> i look at justin and i get a little googly eyed. i love you, man. >> now, the "insider." tracking hollywood from the inside out. >> kanye west medical melt d


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