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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  November 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well the rush is on this noon, philadelphia international airport is buzzing right now, folks are catching flights to see friends, family, for the thanksgiving holiday. other travelers are packing up their cars and hitting the highways today. chopper three live, over the schuylkill expressway, where with a birdseye view of the holiday travel. >> and riding the rales, 30th street station is packed, on this thanksgiving get away day. no matter how you're making the trip, at least the weather is cooperating right now. good afternoon, i'm jim
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donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. live at philadelphia international airport. with a look at how things are moving along there, good afternoon, joe. >> rahel, jim, good afternoon, and everything pretty much perfect here. there are no hiccups at philadelphia international airport. as jim mentioned, the weather is of course playing supporting role in helping people getting from point a to point b. it is a perfect day to travel by sky. now, there are absolutely really zero delays to talk about whether you're coming in or leaving from philadelphia international airport, showing you video, caught up with some passengers earlier this morning, they said they got here to the predictable of recall tsa lines, described a pretty easy experience. most, just telling us, they were shocked, at how really calm and cool things were here, at philadelphia international airport. we did sample those headed by sky, to destination this holiday, go ahead, have a
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listen. >> how is the travel been so far? >> good. >> there is nobody out there. >> casino every crowded, little bit. but not too bad. >> where are you headed? >> i'm going to vegas. >> what's out in vegas? >> birthday. >> happy birthday. >> thank you, sir. >> celebrating the holiday out there, too? >> yes. >> pleasantly surprised it is not packed. >> yes, three and a half early, get here earl. >> i your dad was nervous. >> oh, ya. he got pre check, i didn't, but he's fine. >> oh, i thought there would be tons of people here. we had to book reservation just to park our car a month ago. but maybe we just did it at the right time. >> so, right there of course, the story of the father being prepared, son just winging it, so to speak, just about the only line we see, and it is not uncommon, is the line that fits through security here, at tsa. but volume is really at a good point right now, of course, expecting crush later on in the afternoon.
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that is the very latest live from philadelphia international airport. i'm joe holden, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> all right, joe, thank you. >> and many drivers are hitting the road early, this is another live look from chopper three of busy schuylkill expressway in philadelphia. triple a says more than 48 million people will travel more than 50 miles this holiday weekend, no matter which roads you take, police will be out in force, tracking down on distracted and un safer driving. >> also, taking to the rales, in huge numbers. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do shows us amtrak is even adding cars to the holiday. >> stairway number five, train number eight. >> it is amtrak's busiest travel day of the year. at 30th street station, the last minute rush to get to family in time for thanksgiving. some early risers beat the crowds by choice. >> we think we get down there, we check in the hotels, and then we take it from there.
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>> while other admitted being procrastinators. >> i kinds of booked last minute. >> amtrak taking several steps to keep up with the demand. >> to accommodate all of those people, we're running extra trains, especially here on the northeast corridor, adding coaches, where we can. and it is all hands on deck. >> among the estimated 750,000 amtrak travelers this week, darryl and her great granddaughter anal least, both on their very first train rides. >> i am super excited. >> we wanted to go see her awesome uncle bill in north carolina. so i decided we would take the train because we didn't want to go way up in the air. >> also, traveling with some precious cargo. >> that's my blanky. >> oh, yes? was it important for blanky to come along. >> ya. >> do you take blanky everywhere? >> yes. >> after today, holiday travelers not out of the woods just yet.
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sunday also one of the busiest travel days of the year as people head home. from 30th street station, i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and over the river, and through the woods, getting covered on your way to grandmother's house, visit her website for more thanksgiving travel tips. >> great travel weather today but will the sunshine stick around for your thanksgiving? meteorologist, katie fehlinger tracking the turkey day forecast from the cbs-3 weather center, katy? >> in short the answer is no. that sun is not going to stick around, but at least i would say that if you're going to be traveling on these very busy days right now looks like the weather cooperates for that part of it, so yes, we can handle couple of damp roads on thanksgiving itself. pretty substantial storm system headed our way, first look at storm scan, locally, no storms in site. as we zoom it out one time though you do have wet weather already starting to get awfully close obviously here almost end christ the buckeye state crossing into the eastern great lakes, so eventually, this list as warmfront later today and
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bridges in some showers come tomorrow. for now, here's where we stand. there is a chill in the air. no where near the breeze that we had yesterday. so in the mid 40's, low 40's, pretty much across the board for the most part, up at mount pocono, coolest spot at 34 degrees, but with that said, what you see is actually what you're getting for a change on the thermometer all things considered. you will have to factor in the wind for a chill. so with the sunshine overhead here today, eventually clouds will be building in for us, and that is a sign of things to come in the way of this next disturbance moving through. at this point, i don't think i'm looking at much more than showers, track them little more in detail, sense of how things time out, especially if you are one of the folks that will be frying a turkey outside. you want to have an idea what's happening in the sky. but also the rest of your weekend forecast, since there is a lot of shopping that will likely be taking place here in the dade ahead, jim. >> two people being treated for minors injury after fire in fairhill early this morning. fire broke out in the 3,000 block of swabson street about
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3:00 a.m. firefighters had the fire under control in less than a half hour. investigators are looking for the cause of the blaze. >> authorities say the forest fire mount penn in reading appears to have been intentionally set. this is video provided by reading magazine, pennsylvania department of conservation, natural resources calls the monday night fire suspicious. there were no injuries or damage to homes or businesses, but the fire did scorch some 47 acres of forest. police are searching for one suspect in a south philly home invasion, but the other, they found, with no problem. police say two men broke into a second floor apartment on the 200 block of west ricketier street last night, and pistol whipped 25 year old man. one got away with several items, other suspect caught by resident coming home, the manna parentally a security guard, and handcuffed the man to a fence for police to find. >> kansas water park operator says the tallest water slide will be demolished once the investigation into ten year old's death is complete. caleb thomas swab was killed
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in august in kansas city, kansas, the son of missouri state lawmaker, two women were also injured. drafts on the ride reached 75 miles per hour as they reached 17 stories. >> cancelling planned television special on the pumpkin launch competition in sussex county delaware that injured two people earlier this month. investigators say an air cannon trap door ripped off the machine as it fired a pump condition on november 6. thirty-nine year old woman remains in critical condition. a 56 year old man was also hurt. the three-hour program was scheduled to run this saturday night. and also, air on the discovery channel. well, president-elect donald trump may be celebrating the thanksgiving holiday with his family in florida, but continues to add new cabinet bit. south carolina governor nicky haley has been tapped to become the next us ambassador to the united nations, appointment would make haley first woman chosen for cabinet level position in the trump administration. does need senate confirmation.
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ben carson up for cabinet role. being considered for secretary of housing and urban development. and former republican presidential nominee mitt romney reportedly in the running for secretary every state. >> well, coming up: extra security will be in place for the macy thanksgiving day parade in new york city. how some trucks will play a role in the new security plan. >> plus, a big -- show you where this fireball was spotted. >> time to get your "black friday" plan in place, already found the best "black friday" deals in philly, that's just minutes a
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security efforts ramming up in new york city ahead of the annual macy thanksgiving day parade. spectators will see new security measures in place this year, law enforcement will park dumb trucks filled with sands attaint section, and strategic spots along the parade route. the upgrades are just precautionary, they say there is no confirmation every any credible threats. >> san stopped by to ring the opening bell on wall street this morning, even brought his own slay. santa is the main attraction at the end of the macy parade, officially kicking off the holiday season. and as usual, a lot of people will be traveling this thanksgiving but probably not this far away. looking at the space station thanksgiving. >> so of course we're going have things little different,.
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>> hire is our turkey, in a pouch, we heat it up just like at home. >> showed off an out of this world thanksgiving feast, can you believe what we did? also included dehydrated potatoes, green beans, and could be letter for dessert. turkey day 200 miles above planet earth. not bad. bright glare of light in north florida, dash cam video, patrol cars, what appear to be fireball, streaking across the sky, monday night. the american meteor society said it received more than 150 reports of the event. fireball was spotted primarily in florida but, jim, get this, some people witness it as far away as alabama, and georgia. >> i believe in ufo's, that's what it was, still ahead on "eyewitness news", "black friday" is almost here. >> and get ready to save some money after the break, the best "black friday" deals you'll fine here in philadelphia. katy? >> that's important stuff.
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looking ahead to the all important weekend, small business saturday, followed up by a nice bright and sunny sunday. you may have little bit after breeze on the first half of the weekend, but overall this really looks like pretty pleasant and pretty typical weather for the standards of late november. but there is some rain to track meantime. and we will do just that with your full forecast right after the break.
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the holiday shopping season has arrived, do you have your "black friday" game planned? we have your deals for you. joining me michelle shannon, vice president of marketing for the center city district, here to show us the top "black friday" deals for philadelphia shoppers, thanks for joining us, michelle. >> thank you for having me.
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>> obviously there is a benefit coming into center city as opposed out to the big malls, because you can experience the experiences of the city. >> absolutely, not store shopping in center city, a pleasure, and an experience. >> let's start at the end here, fauxfur but reversible. >> this is from shop 65. it is fauxfur on the outside, faux leather on the inside. everything will be 20% off. >> including -- >> including the floral skinny jeans? very good. >> hot trend. floral. >> we've also good morning some shoes here. where do these come from? >> another great local merchant, the jones chef, hot trends in suede and velvet, typically $190, but on friday, all of the fall merchandise in the store will be 30% off. >> radio shack, specifically,
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199.99, "black friday", it will be 169 hadn't 96. >> folks that like to get entertained? >> yes, from century 21 about the store. five piece crystal set, and it is typically $70. on "black friday", it will be 34.99. >> also for entertainment cheese board and some knives? >> yes, from bloomingdale's outlet. and these are 50% off on "black friday". >> we've got candles, great hostess gifts, and where do these come from? >> these are from south moon under. and these are typically 30 to $10, on "black friday", everything in the store will be 20% off. >> how about the swell booth until. >> same thing. 20% off, about $45 to 20% off at that. >> great, beverages, hot and cold, and coat here? >> so for winter days, cold days ahead, from uniglow, typically is the 9.99.
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"black friday", it will be 149.99. >> now, something like this doesn't work for anyone, what's the other suggestions? >> we trends to our friends at philadelphia style magazine, they're gift, a guide is out on the stand now. and you can get great ideas for gifts in philadelphia style magazine. >> well that sounds great. thank you so much for joining us, i'm sure you gave people many ideas. we turn over to katie for our "black friday" forecast, katy? >> thank you, jim. you know what, it looks like we will ends up with overall pretty tame forecast for the holiday at hand here. start things off with a view out in the poconos, one of the many pocono cameras, still obviously have some snow, littering part of maybe not littering but glazing part of the grass out here, really is just very picturesque scene for us, cold enough to support the snow to stick on the ground, at least in a couple of spots, meanwhile, elsewhere, still finding bright sunshine, outside whitt fields elementary school at
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the moment, 42 degrees the temperature there, modest breeze out of the west southwest, generally the theme region wide. chilly but not as winnie, so it doesn't seem quite as harsh as recent days. this storm system what's interesting, actually lose some of its steam by the time it reaches us. so you have pretty good moisture, heavy rain, some heavy thunderstorms down across louisianna, across the mississippi river, also snow coming down somewhat heavily across the mitten of michigan here, rest of the great lakes region there is again is really only expected to bring us couple of showers. so we walk you forward here in future weather. but, the sun going down, clouds starting to thicken west to east. but looks as though we do stay generally cloudy tonight. now this little pocket up here, you see that, depending on which model you believe this could be southeast, so the chance parts of the poconos, especially, end up with very quick flip on the radar from the warmfront lifting in where you might see little icing overnight. that's it. everyone else is dry. then we head into tomorrow
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where the scattered showers start to pop up, region wide, mainly through the daylight hours, and toward evening. but the key word here is scattered. this isn't going to be deluge. we could use a deluge, but we won't have it this time around. so your travels are actually happening tomorrow, like me, you will encounter probably couple of damp roads. that's the worse of our worry is. talk about the airport delays, philadelphia international airport, it is sunny, chilly, but you have no problems out there, here at the local level, there are couple of other delays, up at new york jfk and also peter borough, couple of delays, mainly just from volume. so that's where your travels are taking you next, no weather problems yet. although keep in mind that storm off to the west could be bringing us some travel delays in chicago airport example as the days progress, or the afternoon progresses. little fun for your thanksgiving day holiday here. we have got a lot of very dramatic named towns across the us. yum yum tennessee, checks in at 06 degrees tomorrow. don't you love that, jim? thirty-eight out in
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cornucopia, wisconsin, turkey north carolina, upper 60s, not bad. pilgrim, michigan, hit 43. pie town new next co, i feel like i need to visit this place, 47 for high. out in roll, arizona, mid 70s, i love the graphic, okay, so couple of showers again that roll through the area. scattered in nature tomorrow. and otherwise, lots of clouds, high hits 53, pretty darn typical all things considered. that continues into "black friday". just chance of residual shower. i don't think you will have to worry about carting the umbrella along with you for the door busters, why have the extra baggage anyway? mid 50's continuing this weekend, see some sunshine, bit of breeze saturday, for small business saturday, then sunday, nice, bright, sunny, another big travel day, and looks like again the weather will cooperate for us. so looks like progress. >> we couldn't have planned this better if we tried. >> we're thankful for your forecast. thank you. >> your very welcome. >> i love it. >> all right, animal lovers, listen to this. if you have ever found your
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cat in a strange spot there is one just might take the cake. in fresno, they captured cat stuck on top of power pole for nine days. the cat named fat boy didn't seem bothered though, to be up there so high for so long. and animal welfare group got the cat checked out, actually still in pretty good health even after the ordeal, the owner believes the cat climbed the pole after getting scared by a dog. poor thing. >> glad fat boy is okay.
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>> ooh -- >> find out what really makes you sleepy after eating that big thanksgiving feast today at a. >> we now have special holiday treat for you. >> you can help name two of the newest citizens of the animal kingdom. say hello to twin giant panda cubs, they were born in september at the atlanta zoo. they'll be named according to chinese custom 100 days after their birth. there are seven sets of names on zoo atlanta's website. each with a special connection to the new twins. the voting runs through december 4th. >> jim, katie, fun fact, high school mascot, my high school mascot, pandas, trendy panda's, i'll see this weekend. >> on the list, meantime that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel sullivan, thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. you're always on line at the young and the restless is
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>> sharon: dylan. >> dylan: i won't be long. i'm gonna get changed and head back to the station. >> sharon: wait a minute. you're not scheduled to work today -- it's thanksgiving. >> dylan: you told me to get out. i just assumed that we're not gonna spend thanksgiving together. >> sharon: dylan, i'm so sorry. you know, everything came crashing down at once. sully was gone and then faith wanted to live with nick and i blew up at you. i know that your heart is in a million pieces because of me, and all you've tried to do is help and understand, and it's a miracle that you don't hate me and haven't walked away from me. but, dylan, i can't lose you, too. do you think that you could forgive me? >> dylan: happy thanksgiving. >> sharon: we're gonna get


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