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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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when you have three servings of stuffing. >> that was me at the table. >> all right, you guys, good morning, the roadways looking good, guess what, we are certainly starting to heat up. with that being said, how many vehicles on the roadways, no accidents, not one accident to tell but. >> everybody knock on wood. >> yep. >> where ever you got it. where ever you got it, yes. maybe today is a good idea to ride your bike to work if you ate too much over the holiday. but it looks like it will be chilly ride for us, no matter what you are doing, standing out waiting for a bus, waiting for train, anything like that, do expect that it is going to be chilly out there, storm scan, nice and quiet. if you look down near dc, start to see at least little hint of cloud cover beginning to bill owe in here. generally though looking at sunshine throughout the course of the day. temperatures, into the 20's, in a lot of outlying suburbs to the north and west as well as even down to the shore, looking at wildwood, 29 degrees for you, 35 at philadelphia international airport. so, yes, chill in the air. kids are getting back to school, brink withing them some sunshine.
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but also still, at best, talking 55 here for daytime high. i highly advise obviously the heavy winter coat send them off in the school bus. will eventually be clouds, build in, later today, especially toward night, we do expect that it will stay dry, throughout the entirety of the four quarters for our eagles, however, there is a big change on the way in the way of some pretty heavy rain. the chances go up substantially, we go from 0 percent chance to whopping 100. so obviously, it is pretty much a given that you will be seeing some wet weather in the days ahead, some of the rain meisha looks like it will be heavy so coming up a little later we track for you, give you some timing, all of that good stuff. >> yes, tomorrow we definitely into need to know what's going on on the roadways, thank if you, katie. that rain going to slow us down no matter what, tomorrow, like katie said, get outside today. tomorrow we will be under umbrella for the next couple every days, sounds like, the vine, look at this, westbound direction. very, very slow, jump on to the schuylkill, to the westbound side, no longer traveling at posted speeds, and the eastbound side, is
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following suit. so, eastbound side you're also now just slowing down brake lights, no longer going at posted speeds, hoping to keep up at 5 miles, we did, that it is 6:02 now, now you're starting to slow down making your way into center city slow moving so give yourself some extra time on 95, then some construction 95, northbound, southbound, between academy and bridge street, lanes open between eight p.m. and 5:00 a.m. then 422 both directions between 202 and first avenue. that will right lane blocked between 11 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. that's going to be lingering out there through thursday, then north broad street at the boulevard nine to 3:00 p.m. weekdays through late january, jim, rahel. >> thank you, meisha. updating news we've been following, trans gender person is followed after leaving a bar and is shot just two blocks away. this all happened in philadelphia's overbrook section. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live at southwest detective, where police are
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handling the case, trang, good morning. what can you tell us? >> well, rahel, jim, police still looking for the shooter at this hour. they do have a vague description, but hoping surveillance cameras near the scene of the crime will help them id the two men involved. but take a look at some video we shot of the scene last night. police were called out there, around 11:15 last night, to the 1200 block of atwood road in the city overbrook section. there, they found, the 21 year old victim with gunshot wound to the hip. the victim told investigators he was at bar at 66 and lansdowne avenue. when he went to see that bar, two men followed him out. about two blocks away, 66 and malvern, chief inspect store spot ball said one victim opened fire, hitting victim in his hip. >> self val surveillance cameras, west detective trying to contact the owner of that business, which is closed, and see if the cameras recorded anything that could help us put this investigation.
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>> and the victim was taken to lankenau hospital where he is in stable condition. he was able to give police a description of the shooter, he says, that he's male becomes-of, medium build, tatoo on his face, again, victim believed to be transgender male, and at this time police are still working to determine whether the suspect targeted him because every his gender identity. that's the story here from southwest detective, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", back to you guys. >> trang, thank you. >> meanwhile over in philadelphia's feltonville section, philadelphia police say a man refused to become a victim when he shot another man trying to rob him. this happened around 9:00 last night at the 100 block of west rockland street. police tell us the suspect is in stable condition with gunshot wounds to both legs. >> officials trying to figure out what sparked the storefront fire in vineland, new jersey, flames broke out just before 3:00 this morning on the 500 block every landsis avenue. the store has an apartment over top. everyone made it out safely.
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>> an outpouring of -- outpouring of support for the letter bomb. this is the page set up to help him. see the shrapnel wounds covering the upper half of his body. last tuesday aldan was inside his apartment at 18th and pine when he opened an envelope addressed to him triggering the explosive device. so far police have not made any arrests. the case has raised more than $9,000, the goal, $25,000. >> in other news this morning, after taking a trip to florida for thanksgiving, president-elect donald trump will resume filling his administration today. mr. trump took to twitter on sunday criticizing the green party's recount efforts, which is now supported by hillary clinton's campaign. trump also tweeted that hillary clinton conceded the election, and said, quote, nothing will change. >> the idea that we are going to drag this out now, where president, the president-elect, has been incredibly magnanimous to the clinton's obama's pretty incredible. >> no one expect there to be
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profound change, but nothing wrong with going through the process. >> mr. trump still needs to fill cabinet positions including secretary of state. >> cube is beginning it official nine day good-bye to revolutionary leader fidel castro. workers are busy sprucing up havana's revolution plaza, in preparation of two days of tributes to the long time communist leader. castro ' reese mains will remain, and public ceremony scheduled for tomorrow. also be memorial with dozens of heads every state and officials attending later this week. >> few people are shedding tears where so many cubans fled to escape his iron grip. small crowds continue to gather in miami ' little half a a neighborhood, for the jubilation spanning several generations of cubans, cuban americans, castro died friday after years of failing health he was 09 years old. >> chances are many of you are looking for deals, it is cyber
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monday, with the click after finger. traditionally the busiest on line shopping day of the year. but, some expert say, cyber monday may be in danger of losing it title, because retail remembers releasing internet deals earlier than ever, making them available in stores. >> click to see the other prices before you drive store to store, or go through tons every inserts in you're in. >> expert say on line sales via mobile device asks up 40% since last year, most popular apps for shopping are wal-mart, and amazon. have you ever wanted to take a sneak peak inside their operation toss see how it works? >> so cool. "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen live inside amazon's distribution center in middletown delaware, miles and miles of gift to be processed right now, where your gift is, jim, i'm working ton. >> the big, big box. hey, pat, how is it looking?
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>> i see jim's gift moving and here somewhere. hopefully he has mine. here at the amazon fulfillment center in middletown, delaware, it is in a word massive. 1.2 million square feet of amazing necessary hadnecc goes on here adam son. so if you are buying today, your prime member like i am, and tend to spend way too much money from time to time, this is where it all comes through in the area. so much cool stuff going on, so much cool stuff, to tell us about it, allison, high. >> awesome deals to talk about on this table, we want to remind folks, too, watching right now, monday, see new deals every five minutes, throughout the holiday season, so really proud of that. but on this table right here, just couple that we want to highlight. >> looking for something for my two year old neice, and elmo stands out to me. waist going on with this elmo?
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>> great deal today becomes $30. one of the deals of the day, though, today, is that all hasbro toys are 60% off. >> make a lot of people excited. >> so shopping for kids, great option. something else for kids, can i point outright here, i want to reach over, grab this, this is our kids fire tablet edition, super cool thing, got this really neat heavy case for kids, we all know maybe they'll drop this, maybe it drop it in the toilet. >> i would do it. >> what have you, we know kids do, that adults do, that but neat thing about this tablet, it is cure ated when specifics for kids, so par kents rest assureds, not seeing something on here they prefer they did not. >> really neat. >> also two year worry free guarantee, say that five times fast. so if this thing is damaged, you can send it back in questions asked. >> well, have you seen my cell phone? >> little messed up. i wish, but $25 off this kids edition tablet. >> tell us quickly about what people see here at the amazon
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full illment center? this place is nuts? >> yes, really need fulfillment center, 1.2 million square feet, here, you can fit 25 football fields in this place, and i've been here for the last couple of days, been so nice to meet a lot of the associates, so excited for cyber monday, today really busy day for them, every day busy adam son, but excited to fulfill the orders today. get these packages out to the customers watching this morning, and real excited about that. did want to mention though too, right now this full illment center hiring hundreds of seasonal workers, so if you are looking for a job for the holiday season, or always wanted to work for amazon, really good time toll do. that will you have got to be a part of santa's workshop if you will. >> got to love it. >> and santa needs those helper. >> absolutely. >> thanks so much, allison, appreciate t so if you need a job, amazon is definitely hiring. santa, obviously, needs those helpers, guys, jim, sounds like it is right up your alley. >> katie should put the twins on her back, work the aisles there. i don't know what the discount
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s you never know. well, the kids work. >> oh, so much stuff this holiday. >> thanks, pat. well the eagles take on the packers in prime time tonight at t>> and the birds run defeatn the south philly. as far as the season, carson wentz, come nothing this week's game at five and five. all the other teams in the nfc east are above the 500 mark. birds are four and zero this season at home. struggling packers team, though, quarterback aaron rogers has 25 touchdown passes this season. >> well, in other news this morning, gunfire erupt in the heart of the french quarter. coming up what led to the deadly violence, on burbon street. >> plus, the nation's roads were jammed with holiday travelers, trying to make it home last night. i'll take a look at how people fared during the post thanksgiving rush. >> ♪ >> does that make you want to get out of bed?
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♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. >> welcome back, liver shot of center city philadelphia, while millions of americans traveled this past holiday weekend. >> whether by car, treanor air, you probably hit some traffic on your way to visit loved ones triple a estimates 48 million americans traveled over this past thanksgiving holiday. 1 million more than last year. one said his trip home probably the most heck tim one he's ever had. >> i flew from dallas to atlanta, al last that just pack full of people, delayed
6:15 am
flights, people just everywhere finally got my flight here, back up for people to get luggage. been really hectic. >> despite the crowds, delays, and test of patience, travelers just like chris say they were thankful to spends time with those who matter most. >> good thing cross country, few weather spots, but not too many big things to worry about. >> it was, and luckily we are actually going to continue that trend here even today, or getting back at it, sort of just get back into routine, and the weather cooperate. i suspect sun glare will be a problem for sure. live neighborhood network, upper valley middle and high school, classes getting back in session here. we are potentially thinking if a storm came, dealing with ice or snow. this even too is going to be a spot that's way too warm for. that will so let's walk you through what's going on here. first and for most, very large storm system to track.
6:16 am
show it to you in its entirety, some serious organization. lots of moisture to work from. ice, snow across the dakotas, canadian border, the first of two separate fronts that cross our area, one tomorrow, one wednesday. both days feature soaking rain, moisture to draw upon here, tomorrow specially looking like all day event. with periods every rain coming through heavily at time. i would say even by this point of the morning tomorrow, that rain is going to be on storm scan in most locations, set the alarm to beat the traffic or beat the slow down that you will find. by the time we hit wednesday, possibility we end up with few thunderstorms as well, but rain potential, a lot. we could really use it. two plus inches, heaviest pockets of rain, good thing, for now eagles game tonight. looks like weather cooperates just building clouds at that point, mainly overnight, early into tomorrow morning, the rain will overtake our area, continues then into wednesday,
6:17 am
with a little break, tuesday night into early wednesday morning. back at best flirting with ooh by the time we hit the weekend, meisha? >> lucky with the rain, coming on a day that's not a big deal, tuesday, we need it. so glad you're joining us, hammy monday to you, where we have disable vehicle pulled offer to the shoulder, 309 northbound at stum road. heads up on this, see the flashing lights, activity there. that's up here and around that neck of the woods. not going to slow you down too much, as it is pulled off to the shoulder, but just know it is out there. also, the boulevard, southbound direction, certainly keeping our eye on this area, as speeds now, we want to keep you at around six a miles per hour just being craig into the 6:00 we did that now, now more and more vehicles that get out on the roadways, it is starting to slow you down little bit. the boulevard what you are looking at there, then the schuylkill, headlight moving in the eastbound direction, approaching girard. this is what you are looking at there. actually looks okay. there is just so many vehicles
6:18 am
on the roadways right now, and will be one of the really busy travel days, just because everyone coming back. we have a lot of construction to talk about coming up in a little bit. first we'll take a break, stay right where you are. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right
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>> one person killed and nine others wounded, sunday morning violence began as an argument,
6:21 am
two men then opened fire on crowded burbon street, striking several innocent people. police are reviewing surveillance video in new orleans, as they now hunt for the shooters. >> we will track down those responsible for this crime. we will hole them accountable for their actions and make sure that they're brought to justice. >> and the mayor every new orleans says the suspects are believed to be from out of town. he calls the gun violence completely unacceptable. >> hundreds of people use the universal language every music to send a message every unity fingers gathered at the lincoln memorial in washington, the message of comfort cox weeks after the presidential reelection followed by protests in part of the country. organizers say the lincoln memorial, because leaders of the past have spoken here against injustice and hate. >> ice rink opens only to shut down immediateliment coming up the reason so many people are complaining about.
6:22 am
>> nurtured by nature, see how swimming with these baby the zester helping children battling severe illnesses coming up.
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technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how. and welcome back. good morning, everyone, the weekend is a mere matter every days away. at the moment, it is actually look being like pretty decent
6:25 am
one, chilly one granted but if you are doing any kind of outdoor activity, whether it is decorating the house, maybe headed out to pick out your tree, at this point, this upcoming week is looking pretty goode tour those plans. much more on rainy outlook later in the show, guys, back to you. >> all right, katie, thank you. now for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> from the delaware county daily time, former volunteer firefighter, sentenced to 28 years in prison for child porn important, now arson. twenty-one year old john corcoran the fourth pled guilty to four counts of arson related to three fires that occurred in vacant homes back in 2014. from the intelligence err, two large school district are each setting the potential cause of adding central air-conditioning to schools without it. eleven of 23 central bucks schools don't have air-conditioning in classroom, while six of north penn's 18 schools do have air-conditioning. >> galloway township, bow scouts set up their wreaths
6:26 am
and trees over the weekends at pomona road and route 30, conduct biggest fundraiser of the year, to help to sell about 120 christmas trees this season, to send 25 scouts to summer camp. >> and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> bizarre one. skating rink in japan closed today after too many complaints. >> the ring had dead fish, frozen into the ice, made into ships and worth. amusement park space world says there are 25 different kind of fish in the ice creating a they call ice-peerum. calls the stunt desecration of life. officials say they're taking care of the ice. >> i'm sure few people had to check on that one. not exactly bright. coming up in the next half however, donald trump launches new offensive on twitter. >> plus it is cyber monday, but before you start shopping we have some tips to keep your money safeatch to look for if you shop on your desk top or on your phone, hey, pat?
6:27 am
>> merry christmas, happy holidays, here at the amazon fulfillment center in middletown, delaware, getting ready for the season of giving. hopefully you bought something on prime today. there are some crazy deals, at this $1.2 million warehouse, where everything flows through. we'll tell you more about it when we come back, meisha? >> and pat, we are getting busy outside. yes, we, are on this monday after the holiday weekends, no accidents to report, but whole lot of construction, i'll tell you where when we come back. first a quick break, stay right where you are, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be
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>> i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> good morning, everyone, yes, we are here live at the
6:31 am
amazon fulfillment center in middletown, delaware, getting ready for perhaps the biggest shopping day of the year. one of the cool items you can get today on amazon. >> transgender person is followed out after bar and shot in philadelphia's overbrook section. >> police at this moment trying to figure out whether that person was targeted, because of his gender identity >> president-elect donald trump will resume filling his administration, took to twitter criticizing re doubt launch by the green party. >> ridiculous, note or eye at this driven fraud. >> cuba is beginning its week long good-bye to fidel castro. >> so many escaped. >> is the redirection. >> and it is three-one, philadelphia. >> and the flyers go onto win
6:32 am
it, five to three, snapping a two game losing streak. >> good news there. let's get out to katie with some good news, tracking showers, but we need it, so, yes. >> the rain. >> absolutely, and i wouldn't even say strictly showers, guys there is looks like a soaking rain, that's coming our way. not today, though, end up being pretty nice day. we want to get you out the door as we, you know, pushing through here 6:30 in the morning, trying to get outdoor, get the day started, all locks pretty good. instead every umbrella have your sunglasses ready to go, we have nice clear sky, which promises especially traveling eastbound to deliver on some sun glare. right now though at 35 degrees. twenty-eight in reading, mid 20's, kind of the norm here in some of the outlying suburb here, so, chilly start to the day. obviously. even at the shore. you had a handful of 20's out there, little of variety pack going on, cape may at 25, ocean city at 45 ever. forty, chill in the air. plenty of sun is the expectation, here at the shore as well as up in philadelphia. 5 degrees under the sunshine for us there.
6:33 am
eventually some clouds will begin to build in. and we will also eventually have to deal with some wet weather. snow same time tomorrow maybe they'll be nice and let me stay inside. breaking out of the bromelias, as you will be too, slower than usual, as you might imagine. meisha, best advice i have, put the alarm maybe five to ten extra minutes earl r for tomorrow. probably need that extra time. >> no doubt about it at least five to ten minute tomorrow because of the rain. today the good news is for this monday, welcome back, so glad you're with us, dry roadways, just going to be busy, a lot of people going back to work today, evidence by what we see here on 95. now this is 95 head light southbound direction past girard. actually busy both moving in the southbound and the northbound direction, but really primarily, just southbound side, keeping my eye right now, what you are looking at. no longer traveling at five a miles per hour, dropping little bit less than that, brake lights going off as well. take it into center sit at this will take you just little
6:34 am
longer. so give yourselves some extra time now just waiting for the kids to get on the bus then jump out there certainly give yourself extra time there. >> had two freeway northbound at creek road, what we are looking at so moving in the northbound direction toward 295, slowing down just ever so slightly, we are starting to get very busy out on the roadways, a lot of people going back to work, maybe off thursday and friday. and switch it to the blue route for me, thank you so much. headlights moving in the southbound direction, what we are looking at here, pushing southbound direction, starting to heat up, and then we have a lot of construction out there, as women, talking in the next 15 minutes. philadelphia police want to know if shooting victim was targeted because of hits sexual identitiment transgender man was followed out after bar in overbrook, then shot about two blocks away. happened after 11:00 last night, police hoping to get surveillance video from nearby business. car chase across two counties
6:35 am
in new jersey ends with pile up and several people being hurt. police in evesham township say that officers started pursuing a driver in voorhees, camden county, chase he ended with a crash around 12:30 p.m. at the corner every route 73 and evesham road in burlington county. seven cars were involved. and four people were spent to the hospital. police investigation is underway. police in camden country searching for three men accused of stealing an american flag. they say the men were walking down monmouth street in gloucester city on thanksgiving morning after 2:00 a.m. when one ripped the american flag from the front after food store. suspect is seen in this surveillance photo on the right. police ask anyone with information to contact them. >> donald trump back in new york city to continue to fill key cab that the rules. he's also take to go twitter to criticize election kree count effort. the latest on president-elect. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump is slamming
6:36 am
election recount efforts as a scam, and voter fraud kept him from winning the popular vote. tweeting in addition to winning the electoral college in a landslide, i won the popular vote, if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally. wisconsin state election officials will meet today to go over possible time line for a recount. of the state presidential election. for donald trump, won by a narrow 27,000 votes. the president-elect incoming chief of staff is calling the effort ridiculous. >> group of people that fought that they were nervous about president-elect trump, not conceding, are the people that are conducting recounts in states where we won by over 68,000 votes. i think the american people know this is a ways of everyone's time and money. >> donald trump continues to interview candidates, to fill key cabinet roles at trump tower. meanwhile, his transition team debate over mitt romney assuming the role of secretary, to build on to the sunday morning talk shows. people feel betrayed to think
6:37 am
that governor romney, who went out of his way, to question the character, and the intellect, and the integrity of donald trump now our president-elect would be given the most significant cabinet post of all, secretary every state. >> former new york city mayor rudy guiliani also named as frontrunner for the position. hena daniels, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well, we've been talking about it all morning, it is cyber monday, 36% of americans are expected to shop on line today. so, if you prefer to park yourself on a couch, instead of maneuvering the parking lot at the mall, here are some things to remember to keep your money safe. >> first of all, be sure confirm that a website is secure before entering any of your information, look for app after http in the url, also, offer p more protection, and also, check your statement regularly, to make sure the only charges are the ones you have ' made. be sure keep a record of order confirmations and receipts. if you are shopping on mobile device, don't use public wifi.
6:38 am
only use your connection, block your devices with passwords, so data, even if the phone is out of your hands, work within apps from trusted sources. >> now if you are looking for travel deals, you can also find them on line today. expert say, slow summer travel sales should result in big airfare and hotel deals. some may even last through the first week of december. trip to the caribbean and europe are expected to be quite cheap. >> thank you. one place absolutely jumping with activity this morning, the amazon fulfillment center in middletown delaware. >> where "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen joins us live where work remembers packing up the orders. morning, patrick. >> reporter: good morning, jim, rahel. yep, here at the amazon fulfillment center in middletown, delaware, it is wild. 1.2 million square feet here as you can see behind me, people getting ready, shipping things out, getting ready for the rush today, being cyber monday, means lots of packages are being shipped out.
6:39 am
the man here to tell us all about what goes on here is the general manager of the amazon full illment center, brian jones, good morning. >> good morning. how are you doing? >> doing well. some of the numbers you were telling me is staggering how many packages up get out in a day. >> ship probably 700,000 packages today. probably about twice what we shipped yesterday. >> so about had hundred thousand yesterday? >> about 450. >> what about the rest of the week? cyber monday a lot of people clicking now it, means it will ship in the next few days. what's the week look like. >> see about four and a half million aoun thinks week, then it will continue to climb. the week of 11, december, have the most, which is about 5.57 million packages. >> i am presence i havement also impress you guys are hiring you told me about that. tell us a little bit more about that if people want some information? >> so we hired probably l hundred associate in the last week, 900 more this week, and 400 the week avenue. temporary associates, solutions partner, and they'll have benefits very similar to what our amazon blue badge associates have.
6:40 am
>> very cool. how many people are working here country. >> right now between shift, but today's shift will be very large shift, close to 1300 on the outbound side alone. soso take a lot of us, make sure we delight our customers. >> you have interesting background, former army, is that correct. >> i spent 26 years in the arm. >> i how did you get into amazon? >> long story. >> only got 202nd. >> yes, i left the army and i retired for about three years, i did contract work, most of my friends had gone to amazon, hey you would real enjoy. >> this i enjoy the challenge, enjoy being around the people, contract work isn't like. that that's why dow there. >> today you sweat little bit more than others? >> "black friday", cyber monday always, under the gun, we want to headache sure we get our packages out. every day will be a challenge for us. >> thank you so much. appreciate the information. brian jones everyone from amazon, general manager here, he's overseeing all the madness that goes on, i would call it basically controlled chaos, it is nut here, but everyone is doing their job.
6:41 am
it is just craze. >> i thanks so much, patrick. i'm giving that birdseye view. >> subway riders in major city get free ride. but raising some concerns, we'll tell you why. >> plus, find out why star wars fans waited in long lines and camped out overnight. >> and otter therapy. how swimming with the the kearse help ease young kids, that's coming up next. >> ♪ fly like an eagle ♪ >> well, it is the eagles versus the greenbay packers in prime time tonight. of course they're playing in south philly. they have pretty good record playing at home. so here's hoping of course if they do win, of course, we will see jim donovan's suit tomorrow. >> the eagles suit is waiting. >> my apologies. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> it may be cyber monday but it doesn't mean you can't support local businesses. >> christmas village open. organizers expect thousand toss hit courtyard at city hall for warm pretzels, children's activities, loads of shopping options for the market organizers event about bringing a german style christmas to philly. >> just great. inside it is really nice. so city hall, that's like a mall like european christmas market, to be in or around city hall. and we really like it this year. >> and before this year, you might remember, the market was across the street in love park. organizers expect at least 780,000 visitors this year. and if you have plans to head out. probably a better day, ya. rather than -- >> big one. >> absolutely really good point. sort of plan around.
6:46 am
>> this because we have two straight days of wet weather issues that we will have to confront here. again, we will say it again, we do need that rainment and we are going to be grateful that it is coming. but just because it messes with your outdoor plans, it messes with your travel, it slows you down, just naturally, you got to plan around it. and we will talk about that in a second. i wanted to show you not only some reports from the eyewitness weather watcher, but i just love this, tis the season for all of the holiday lights to go up, at the museum, sent to us from phil chap line, lovely pictures, actually decorated our haste over the course of the weekend, too, i was impressed by. that will look at the low temperatures around the area. talking some chill in the air here guys, william in levitown at 26, glasco, delaware, and hatboro, 26, as well. couple of the observations there, but 20's are a theme here. he had ned at glenn at 23, the list goes on, yes, let's see, can we find any 30's, everybody in the 20's this morning, very, very chilly start to the day obviously,
6:47 am
when we take look what's going on on storm scan, at least locally, completely clear. that's how those temperatures have a chance to drop off readily. obviously though leading edge of cloud cover, and that's going to take over our area with time here today. but all part of this. the leading edge of the next storm system, that's going to be moving through. and there is actually two separate fronts across our area, one tomorrow, one on wednesday, so while we won't have to deal with any wet weather until at least the overnight, going to be talking about rain and the out of this, by 4:00, a in the morning, rain will shift to our area west to east, feel the lull in the action tuesday night into wednesday. but by that point, we might have to come in with the rain, already tallied up here. adding more to that event on wednesday, leading to thursday, we may be close to or even exceeding where the rain is in some spots. so too warm for anything but rain. so ice -- no ice, no snow, tuesday, wednesday, umbrellas required, then we cool it out and clear it out. >> thank you so much.
6:48 am
good morning, happy monday. so this is where we have an accident. ninety-five south before cottman. the one area that we would not want an accident at, bleigh the way, blocking that center lane. so because that far, it is forcing everyone to come up, kind of fork around it a little bit. either to the right or to the left. it is absolutely going to slow you down, just saw little bit, throwing the camera around, saw the residual, pretty hefty. give yourself extra time here i would say extra 25, 30 minutes at this point. and also the ben franklin bridge, gorgeous, ben franklin bridge, pushing in the westbound direction, into center city. look at that, how that sun is coming up, just highlighting the buildings, absolutely stunning there, also the schuylkill moving in the eastbound direction at montgomery, very slow moving here, as well, basically anywhere we look on 995, the schuylkill, starting to heat up. eastbound and westbound, doesn't really matter. in the case here really the eastbound side that we're keeping our eye on, then more coming up in a little bit. jim and rahel, back to you.
6:49 am
>> time 6:48. a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> gale king joins us live from new york with a pro view. gale, we hope you had a nice holiday. good to see this morning. >> i had really nice holiday. i came back, and happy, too, rahel, jim, always good to see you guys. charlie leads our coverage every fidel castro's death in cuba today, take a look at the funeral preparations what this means us relations with the country what clinton campaign now backing the recount efforts, the president-elect trump fiery response to that. and, the michigan man we all remember this picture who survived terror a that is in studio 57 here today, and walking. he will join us to tell us how he learned to walk again. so psched to see him in person. the news back in the morning. see in you about ten minutes. and countingment back to you guys in philadelphia. >> looking forward to all of those stories, pack broadcast, as always, thanks, gale. transit passengers in san francisco got free rides this
6:50 am
weekend after hackers reached their fare system. three entry notes posted on ticket kiosk at subway stations across the city over the weaken, caused little confusion with some passengers pausing before going through the open gates. >> i wonder what their motive was. >> part of "black friday" deals? say the hack didn't impact service and of course investigating. >> well, california animal sanctuary offered the chance for otters in children to swim together. but more than just fun in the water, this morning health watch, chris martinez explains how it is all a form of therapy. >> april an evans having great time, with her two new friends, havi and lilly. >> pool, having fun, and so cute. >> life threatening
6:51 am
gastrointestinal, otters, trained tonight err act with children with severe or terminal illnesses in. >> it was awesome. hands on experience with the animals, just great. >> the "make a wish foundation" arranged her visit to the animal sanctuary nurds eude by nature. kevin gates one of its founder. >> most important thing is to give them a positive. >> think of pain, illness, treatment they're going through. >> super important have and treat the psyche, to have good outlook, especially when in pain or sick or scared. the swim gave anna a move. >> the otters, that was really cute. >> it is a memory her parent say she'll carry close to her heart. on a day she needs comfort the most. >> this is how you spin, everybody. >> chris martinez, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". sore bye that the little glitch. just proof we do listen to what's going onment star wars fans proof once again they're
6:52 am
loyal to the franchise. >> take a look at this, fans lined up in hollywood in hopes of snagging a ticket for the next long awaited movie. rogue one, star wars stories, and ticket demand so high popular movie website fandango crashed. >> i love star wars. just such a great movie. such a great series. i just want to be one of the first to see it. so i new i had to get here earl. >> i tickets wedge on sale at 9:01 last night at the theater, first 1,000 fans in line at the famous hollywood movie house also received exclusive rogue one possible err. >> it is actually a -- movie clip (. disney does do it again. number one spot at the weekend box office with new animated film moana. raked in 55 and a half million dollars in its first weekends. rock johnson, lending his
6:53 am
voice, for a very successful opening. coming in second this week, number one, was fantastic beasts, and wear to fine them with more than $45 million, doctor strange was third, brinking in more than 13 million, rounding out the top five allied and arrival. well the holiday season is a time to celebrate traditions, of course. >> one christmas interested significance attracting thousands to one baltimore neighborhood. the lights went on last night along baltimore 34th street. they call it the holiday lights show, the miracle on 34th street. it is all welcome for its all to welcome santa claus to town, the streets have been putting on the show more more than 70 years. >> i'm excited. i'm not someone who gets easily excited. i'm a bahumbug kind of guy. >> i mean, it is incredible how people can set this up, this then have all of these lights everywhere. basically like you walk into a really bright room. >> they're so excited. told 34th street attract more
6:54 am
than a million visitors, some night before christmas, open until new years ears. >> mid-atlantic region irish dance championships are back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> second and market streets, they stepped in the rocket, irish name for these regional competitions, three dancers took home mid-atlantic region world champion, this year. way to go. >> my irish people. we will be right back with three to go.
6:55 am
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6:58 am
>> b you go it is three to go. >> philadelphia police looking for gun plan mo shot trans jenner person in overbrook after the person was followed out after bar. the victim is in stable condition. >> president-elect trump continues to work on filling more cab knelt level jobs while trying to don't down the industries distraction over his twitter offensive on voter fraud. >> it is cyber monday. traditionally the biggest on line shopping day of the year. offers deep discounts, so are hotels and resort. three to go. >> last check on weather and traffic. >> really looks like nice day at least to start the week. also trying to get back in the routine, and you have the sun now currently rising outside here at cape may courthouse, beautiful combination to the day, hit about 55 in the city. do weep in minds that tomorrow and wednesday, two for one here, two days, featuring
6:59 am
series every rain, some heavy at times. grab the umbrella, right, meisha? >> indeedment and we have accident, schuylkill at the blue route. south before cottman, now moved to the shoulder. and ben franklin bridge, see how busy it is moving in the westbound direction. >> thanks, meisha. just in time for holiday season seattle based business putting twist on holiday treat. >> check out these crazy candy cans, rc motorcycle feet, flavors like, wait for it, bacon, pickles, even wasabi. >> oh? >> a box goes for seven bucks. we know what katie wants for christmas. >> i want the bacon. >> not me. don't get me that. >> next on cbs this morning, how to spot counterfeit apps that open back door to your private information. >> now we leave with you big i can tour from the enormous fulfillment center. extremely busy this cyber monday. >> there are are your guilty just ordered. >> oh, have fun shopping.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, november 28th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." president-elect trump denounces plans to recount the vote in three states. hillary clinton's campaign is now backing the recount in wisconsin after conceding the election. >> cuba mourns the life of a leader while miami cheers the death of a dictator. charlie is in havana today and takes a look at how fidel castro death could change cuba and its relationship with the u.s. warning for shoppers who use their smartphones on cyber money. how opening your app could put your information in the eyes of criminals. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. there a respect for the


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