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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  November 29, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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to get your day started in the morning minute. >> the hunt is on for two suspect, wanted in the shooting death after 14 jerold boy, in philadelphia's mayfair section. >> this 14 year old victim was just a week shy every his 15th birthday. and now, homicide detective are trying to figure out who gunned him down. >> the plane with nearly 100 people on board including brazilian soccer team has crashed in columbia a authorities say at least five people survived. >> ohio state university set to reopen today after a shooting and stabbing spree. authorities say abdul razak ali artan posted on facebook he was sick of the way fellow muslims were being treated. difficulties having on defense. that's the loss of a team player. to the end zone. and a catch made in traffic. adams, second touchdown of the game. >> we got out played on our offensive line, defensive
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line. >> tough loss. but i mean, it was so fun to be here. >> yep, tough lost, eagles follow the packers 23 to 13. i can't wear my suit. >> i thought we were supposed to win that one. >> i know. >> i thought -- okay, katie joining us now, at least we didn't see that coming but you have been seeing this rain come? >> at least we have the benefit of forecasting in the weather department, right? >> yes, you know there is will be a really soggy couple every days, folks. so, you know, lit up in green already on the radar here. we really need this rain. i know you've been hearing me say that adnauseum now for weeks, actually, but this is actually going to help chip away at what's pretty substantial deficit. let's take you out to the graphics here, start things offer by looking at november thus far. the temperatures okay. they've been above average. but it is the rain that i want to turn your focus to here. we are in a deficit hereof 2.33 inches, just for the month of november thus far. only been couple of days of actual measurable rain, all been couple of tents of an inch if we've been lucky so
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really do need. >> this i won't be shock to see at least the bulk that far november deficit get wiped clean, just from this set up here today and tomorrow. so, at the moment, rain currently moving in, especially to the west most counties here, we look locally. basically talking at this point now, some raindrops, but probably starting to pop up west philly, montgomery county as well as delco. this is just the beginning. take a look, in the up ear's, currently, in ac, wildwood, before the sun comes up, obviously very, very mild. stays that way. that's one good thing about this. say for the fact we need the rain. this is soggy day, folks. you're headed the kids out to the school buses waiting on train platform. have the rain gear. please, trust me on this one, this is a sewing day, and not just for the morning, it is into the afternoon, it is into tonight, before we catch any kind of break, not even talking about, you know, until the overnight hours. soap, very prolonged event here. and it is not just today. again, tomorrow, also, features more showers, more thunderstorms, so little later in the show i'll track this for you, give you sense of the
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time frame that you might actually be able to get in your outdoor plans for now expect the majority of the forecast does feature rain the next few days before we can dry out completely, meisha? >> yikes. katie, thank you so much for the warning. i mean, really it the a warning, especially for those commuters in the morning and in the evening, it sounds like it will be very messy. and we will have some visibility issues, as well. so, what are we looking at right now? kind of hard to see, look close enough, see the traffic light malfunction, northbound ninth street here. talking about this this morning, the camera shot. you can see, them blinking right about there. so just heads up on that. look in terms of any sort of volume around there, there is just not much. another point of the boulevard, just before the schuylkill. you can see how many vehicles are hitting the roadways here, as you push in the southbound direction. looking okay. this is actually looking fairly typical. i would say at around 5:30, maybe just ever so slightly on the heavy side. but overall still looking okay. and then, take a look at this, talcony palmyra bridge opening
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5:35. heads up on that. then we also have some emergency repairs, so pothole in the delaware memorial bridge southbound, only one left lane open. that's only open until around 6:00 a.m. rahel, jim, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. following our developing story, in mayfair, philadelphia police are looking for two suspect, after boy is shot and killed just weeks before his 15th birthday. the victim was found by police, with gunshot wounds to his chest and torso. it happened around 9:00 last night on the 6200 block of rouse avenue. rushed to aria-torresdale hospital where he died. anyone with information in this case should contact police. we have an update now on breaking news, deadly plane crash involving a soccer team from brazil, authority say only five people survived the crash in columbia. ambulances arrived at nearby hospital with those survivors on board. we know at least one of the survivors is a soccer player. the charter plane had 81 people on board, and the soccer team was expected to play in the championship match tomorrow. early reports suggest the plane had electrical problems.
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turning gears now, the eagles hit the road this sunday after losing their first game at home, so far this season. >> well the packers played better in the prime time spotlight last night. greenbay scored or their first two possessions of the game, quarterback aaron rogers for two touchdowns. carson wentz scrambled for one touchdown, so the birds struggled, without two of the top receivers in running backs. the packers win, 27 to 13. our trang do live at our sister radio station sports radio 94wip. where we're hearing from eagles fans this morning. >> trang? >> reporter: well, good morning, jim, rahel. as you can imagine, the phones have been lighting up here all morning, with fans upset, a mid disappointing performance the eagles had against the greenbay packers last night. let's take a look inside the studios here, as you guys mentioned, pouring more salt into the wound. this lost resulted in ending the eagles four game at home winning streak. now we are's listening in to
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fans all morning, we did catch up with some fans right after the game. who gave failing marks to the team overall. take a listen. >> life-long eagles fan, very dis a month to go watch the game tonight. we got out played on our offensive line, defensive line, special teams just real frustrating night to be an eagles fan. >> disappointing. i think we didn't show up tonight, i think the defense was mediocre. didn't getting a degrees i have. it felt that we could have won the game, but we really didn't bring our a game. >> reporter: this lost bridges the eagles down to five and six, make that the worse record in the nfc eels. making the playoffs isn't impossible but it is highly unlikely now, wip angelo cataldi said we all new this team would be a work in progress, but wentz showing that he is a positive player. but coach pederson is looking even more like a rookie. >> i think a lot of people are going to point their fingers at the coach for this one. because they seem to have a
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good plan, they scored, tied the game early on, then they got away from what they did. doug pederson through the ball way more than he ran it. he had a patch work offensive line. and somehow he wanted to keep dropping back and putting carson wentz in the line of fire. i think it kind of proves that the eagles are a work in progress, and holes in places like offensive line, cornerback, wide receiver position. not ready to compete with the better teams in the league. i think they proved that in monday night football. >> i think we can all agree with angelo on that. as you guys mentioned, the eagles will next take on the bengals, who have pretty terrible roar themselves. so, we can be -- have a little bit of hope coming up this sunday. live from wip studios, trang do, "eyewitness news", back to you guys. >> all the the optimist, thanks, trang. in business news this morning, milestone for holiday
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shopping. >> and how you can have yourself a beyonce christmas? joining us from the new york stock ex chance, jill, i'm all ears. >> reporter: well, good morning, again, jim, rahel. sews the bowie learning sean wall street rally took a breather to start the week. fell monday, nasdaq dropped 30. thousands of workers across the country are expected to strike today, demanding better pay, and benefits. workers in more than 20 airports, including chicago's o'hare, are taking part, motorcycle done al's work remembers also expected to strike. more people skip the crowds and shopped in their smart phones this weekend, "black friday" the first billion dollars mobile shopping day in us history. add dobee says on line shoppers, $1.2 billion to their phones and tablets. about 33% more than last year. and, it is beginning to look like a beyonce christmas, beyonce just released a holiday collection inspired buyer her albumn lemonade. says: i sway all day, shirt with stocking filled with
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lemons, and even wrapping paper. >> i love it. so a take on slay, sl. igh. like we sleigh every morning, jill. >> do you have explain to me, half the time i have that glazed look. >> all day. >> thanks, jill, we will check in with you tomorrow. >> in other news this morning, the philadelphia teachers union rejects the school district's latest contract offer. >> we are told the school district offered annual raises, between five and 8%. union leaders rejected the deal before even showing it to their members, because they say, there is one major piece missing. >> the district is not offering to recognize that teachers lost that amount of money over the four years. >> school district superintendent, doctor william hite, says it is a fair offer. says anything higher would mean drastic cuts to other areas. >> well, still ahead on "eyewitness news": the radio voice of the eagles and popular former player going to the eagles hall of fame. >> plus, pat gallen live this morning at a big event with
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one of our sister radios stations, good morning, pat. >> reporter: good morning, guys. yes, ma'am, here at children's hospital of philadelphia, for the 98.1wogl love our kids radiothon, here with valerie night. what is this all about? go. >> breakthroughs every day, no child is ever left behind. >> we will talk more with valerie coming up.
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>> welcome back, very special broadcast for sister station 98.1, wogl. >> radio station is hosting the 15th annual wogl loves our kids radiothon benefitting the children's hospital of philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen is live at chop this morning to tell us more about it, hi, pat. >> good morning, guys, yes. with it being the holiday season, it is always nice to give back. yesterday, was cyber monday. everyone was out there buying their gift, getting ready for the holiday season. but here today is the perfect time to be able to give back to the children's hospital of philadelphia. to tell us little bit more about the 98.1, wogl love our kids radiothon, we have frank and val from breakfast club. good morning. >> good morning to you. thanks so much for coming. >> absolutely. so tell us a little bit about this place? >> we know so cool, today as you said, we had "black friday", super saturday, all of these. today is actually giving
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tuesday. which is a day to give to your favorite charity. i couldn't think of better charity to give to than the children's hospital of philadelphia. which is one of the top children's hospitalization in the country, and it is right here in our own backyard, today would be perfect day to do. that will. >> you guys have raised a lot of money over the years? >> this is actually our 15th annual. usually have it around labor day weekend. this year we moved it closer to christmas thinking people might be more on the gives spirit, so real excited to kick it off today. >> valley, tell us little bit about from your angle what you see, when you are here, start at 6:00 a.m., right? >> starts 6:00 a.m., 98.1. your money goes to music therapy, heart therapy, pet therapy, child life, all of the things that make kids feel good when they're in the hospital sick, not medical, not covered by insurance. we're so proud, 15 years strong. >> seven and a half million dollars, you guys are kicking butt. thank you, thanks for being here, too. so, go to wogl. com to donate or
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(866)266-8898. we will get rolling now. >> let's do it. >> 6:00 a.m. it begins? >> yes, sir. >> can you ask jim who he is wearing today? jim, who are you wearing today, jim? that's the question. >> they always ask this. >> freeman. >> i'm waiting. i don't hear an answer. >> freeman. he can't hearing anything. okay. >> for some reason. yes, frank. >> thank you so much, pat. i'm be answering phonecalls today from 10:00 to 11:00 down there. tell the guys i'll be over in just a little bit after the show. once again, the annual 98.1, wogl loves our kids radiothon a two day event, today and tomorrow. if you would like to donate call (866)266-8898 or visit on line wogl. com/radiothon. >> wonderful cause.
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>> really is. speaking every another two day event? >> yes. ding, well done. yes, my two day event isn't as interesting as that one. >> but we need rain. >> but we need rain. and everyone will be impacted by this. so yes. strictly rain. no ice. no snow. don't worry about it. yes, so you don't have to worry about drawing any contour lines, none of that, just rain. but everybody's getting in on t everybody's going to get soaking out of it. i just went out to check it is actually raining at this point. the lightest rain on the cbs-3 skydeck. so might be tough to tell from the shot here. but yes, always little damp if you look close closely out on the road surfaces see the inevitable sheen show up on the road with time here in center city philadelphia. this is our very own shot from our station headquarters here, very similar view from the skydeck. but, what you're going to find is that at a point anyway about ready to hit the road. go far enough east you could possibly beat the rain, or at least the morning commute. with our eyewitness weather watchers, up and adam, the report that to us, gives you
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sense, look how warm it is here in chesterfield. ed reporting 51 degrees, right now, he, at the moment, just has couple of clouds, and did he actually comment on the fact that it is over ridiculously warm out. virtually no wind yet. no frost. definitely not cold obviously either. now, you go far enough inland, even as we mention in philadelphia, at this point, starting to finds at least little bit of light rain falling. but, helen out in moten she did say it is already beginning, the rain that is, at least warm-ish. warm-ish, in other words, the standards of late november. temperatures we're finding up fourth's, 50's, certainly too warm for snow sore ice. but it is also warm for the standards here too. now, storm scan3 at the moment, locally, yes, kind of splitting the region in two here. moving in, over spreading the region, also likely to see those inevitable signs of say the brighter shades of yellow and dark green, showing up here, as the heavier moisture builds in. this is a huge storm, guys. still extending all the way
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back to the dakotas, eastern two thirds of the united state covered by. >> this so it will be a while before this completely crosses through. and as a result, both today, tomorrow, feature the rain. just to get you out the door, rain and fog the story for now, reduced visibility, wind beginning to pick up. notice more out of the south at about 50 miles per hour at the shore points. and obviously, slower than usual travel. so i hope you have the for thought to put the alarm couple of extra minutes to try to balance out the day here. we hit upper 60s tomorrow. still rain on the way. then we cool it back down to dose of reality and brighter skies by later on. meisha? >> all right, so talking about that rain, katie, touched on a lot of this. yes, just make sure that you get an earlier jump start. you will need it today. number one. specially talking about visibility issues such as fog and rain. when we look outside right now, camera shots, 95 south at cottman, what we are looking at right now, you can see, just evidence by the camera shot, how many vehicles on the roadway right now on 95. that a lot of people are
5:49 am
heeding the warning, getting out there early, because the rain is coming. now, in this particular start right now, still looking dry. we know this is going to change. but his is one of the areas that's really going to heat up. if you are thinking, well, everyone jumping out there early, wait a little built, make no mistake, it will be busy starting now, and all the way through the russian probably lingering far beyond just the rush, just because the rain is coming. so, this is a look at 95, then we look at the vine, vine was closed for construction. that is now since obviously been cleared. but look at this. moving in the westbound direction, trying get on the schuylkill already this many vehicles, not to mention the fact even on the eastbound side we have a lot of vehicles out there, so already, not even in the 6:00 hour, rahel, and it is already looking very busy. >> meisha, thank you. well it may have been an eagles lost, but it was a special night for two men very close to the team. >> the radio voice of the eagles on our sister station 95wip, the great merrill reese was inducted into the team's hall of fame. he's been calling the action
5:50 am
for 40 years. four-zero. merle goes into the hall along with former birds linebacker jeremiah trotter, trotter spent part of 11 seasons with the eagles, and congratulations to both gentlemen. well done. >> huge honor. mel al i can a latest albumn hits the top of the charts. >> i'm going get it right now. and he played number of unforgettable rolls as member of the brat pack. remember that flashback to 19 80s? this morning, actor anthony michael hall faces an unwanted role alleged criminal, why he was arrested when "eyewitness news" continues. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> what you don't want to do get on the bad side of one british royal. wait until hear what she did with the sixers coming up.
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>> anthony michael hall accused every beating up had his neighbor, from our sister station in los angeles, more from the condo complex where the fight was caught on
5:54 am
camera. >> i predict -- >> the fame grew with 16 candles. it continued with the breakfast club. and former brat pack star anthony michael hall back in the spotlight. accused of being caught on camera in this now viral security video. it was released to "tmz". reporting that the actor is seen shoving a neighbor to the ground, in a quiet delray complex, breaking the neighbors' wrist and hurting his back, after the neighbor left the gate open. the la county superior court sent us the felony complaint for arrest, hall now charged with battery with a serious bodily injury. it was in this quiet delray community, it went down back in september. a few years ago, at his condo complex, hall was arrested after a neighbor told police he threatened to beat him to a pulp and he asked the actor to turn down his loud music. well, that was jennifer reporting according to reports the actor yet to turn himself in to police. metalica has done it again, take a listen. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> for the sixth straight time, the iconic metal bands, jim donovan's favorite, has his albumn reach number one on the billboard charts. new albumn title hard wire self destruct, sold 291,000 units in its first week, bands playing slew of world-wide shows through the spring. >> well, singer ed, returned to the hospital after princess reportedly slashed his face with a sword? with a sword. the thinking out loud singer was at the party when singer james blunt jokingly said he wanted to be knighted. according to reports, princess beatrice swung the sword, and didn't realize sheeran was behind her. she caught him on the right cheek. don't say you want to be knighted, which is apparently hit with a sword. >> watch out with these royals. coming up, giving tuesday. a day dedicated to giving back. we are live with steps you can take to make sure your donation goes where you want it to go.
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>> and an update on our breaking news, a horrific plane crash in columbia. a soccer team from brazil was on board. and at least one player survived. we have an update in the last picture taken of the scene before the crash. next.
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>> a plane caring a soccer team from brazil has crashed and we learn there are some survivors. >> take a look at storm scan3, tracking mid week wash out. kitly let us know when the heaviest rain will fall, when we could see a thunderstorm. speaking after wash out, not a good night at the linc. the eagles lose their first home season game of the season. so what went wrong? hearing from the players and the fans this morning. today is tuesday, november 29th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie getting us out the door and meisha on the roads. >> your commute, it is looking very busy already.
6:00 am
it was actually looking busy around 4:30. >> it was, and now at 6:00 that much closer to 7:00. main hour of the rush. so give yourselves extra time. i won't say it again, no promises, probably say it again in ten minute, but give yourself extra time this morning. >> just one of those rough starts to the day as it is. so, just to get you out the door here, we look at storm scan, first and for most, obviously the wet weather is going to overtake the radar here. some of it starting to look a little bit steadier. mainly been a light rain so far for the western counties. but now, as this actual core of energy gets ever closer, the moisture content is bill willing up, ending up with steadier heavier rain, in fact, between philly and dc, and only will continue to fill in. so we eventually have to deal with pretty soaking rain at time, and this is kind of how the bullet points pan out, guys. the rain is already here for many of us. but if you have start to see the raindrops, just give it this next hour. and it is going to over spread the region. soap, clearly, rain for your morning dri


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