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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  November 30, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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new this morning a struggle between two philadelphia police officers, and a suspect in the car break in, ends with the the man fighting the cops. >> every single fire, every single cabin. >> frightening image from his a tennessee wild fire watch as two brothers escape wall of flames that left death and destruction in the the volunteer state. and, for now, more rain is on the way and could include a thunderstorm. it is wednesday, move 30th i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel will solomon. let's check the day with weather and traffic, with katie and meisha. >> happy hump day. we will get over this together. rain will come in and if it is anything like yesterday, it will be so busy right now, we
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have a lot of construction, vine is one of them, katie, i know you do not like that. a lot of people, so, wet the roth roadways again. >> it is more fine drizzle will, absolute worse, okay, heavy rain on the way and actually fog is a different step. we will find a i am lar slow drive but for a different reason. we have a dense fog advisory posted until 9:00 this morning for north and western most suburbs. philadelphia county not cloudy will say it is a little bit of fog on my drive-in to the city but we are finding some pretty poor visibility right now, worse though as you head inland toward central pennsylvania. here's where we currently stand. definitely not perfect, ac airport, millville, dover, even though we are not in the dense fog advisory, even under half mile wrist built right now so keep that in behind. the just because we have an advisory doesn't mean we are in the clear here no pun intended or maybe it is.
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looking at storm scan it is quiet, one or two zoomed out though, there is shore rain on the way, and it will get toward tail end of our typical morning rush, so that is, if you want to call it a bright on the in the forecast but there is more rain on the way, very light wind, allowing that fog to form very moisture rich air mass. we have mid 60's around the shore in philadelphia, so, still seeking just rain, and this is last day of it, thankfully before we do start to clear out as we kick off december. >> yeah, katie i was thinking about that i was expecting it to feel cold and it didn't. it was all nice. elements. so, thank you so much, so to take, i guess we will see what happens right now, we do have dry roadways, but we have a lot of construction. this is what we're looking at right now construction this delaware county i-95 north, i-95 north at route 420 that right lane is still block, it is arrow pushing you to the left. not going to slow you down too
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much, it is early, dark but it will start to slow down later. this get moved out of the way which i think we will. now seeking of the vine it is still closed between schuylkill and broad, west and eastbound you cane how quiet that is looking and more construction and thinks route one southbound at oxford valley, all lanes are block, we are getting used to this right now, oxford will valley, get back on at action forward valley, all lanes again are block right now you so you can see them exiting right there and we have more construction to talk about when we come back in a little bit, back over to you. vicious attack on a pair of philadelphia police officers when a suspect by the them. >> this all happen in kensington police tell us just after 1:30. officers caught the a man trying to break in the car in the 200 block of atlantic street. when officers apprehended suspect they got in the struggle and suspect bit officers. that suspect is in custody. both officers are being check you the by doctors. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do will have a live update in 30 minutes.
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family struggles with the loss of the 14 year-old boy after he was shot the to death in philadelphia's mayfair section. police have now identified the victim as iain willsy. was shot and killed in the 6200 block of browse avenue around 9:00 monday night. northeast high school student was walking to the corner store with the friend and his family is begging the gun man to come forward. >> please turn yourself in. this was a senseless killing, of a four year-old boy. regardless of what really went on, i mean 14 years old boy. it is senseless. >> police say there is as built that willse was a victim of robbery. they are checking surveillance video in hopes of getting a lead in this tragic murder. tennessee is under a curfew after wild fires killed three people and injured 14 others. so far the fire has destroyed more than a hundred homes, businesses and cabins. the fire spread, the wind pushed it through great smokey
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mountains national park. authority say drought and hurricane force wind are fueling the flames. the mayor was among those evacuated and he said he believes even his own home is gone. the georgia linberg. >> invest faithors are not yet saying if this was a accident or intentional. investigators recovered the black box from the charter airline that crashed in the andes mountains in columbia. officials revised number of dead to 71 both were members of the brazilian soccer time. the aircraft very tragic details here was five minutes away from the final destination when the crew declared an electrical emergency. septa and bus drivers are cooperating with investigators after a fatal bus accident in center city. police say driver had a green light as she turned left on to 2300 block of chestnut the
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street monday afternoon. but investigators also say that lid use pro casino of cherry hill had right of way as she pushed her stolen with her nine month-old grandson inside. bus struck her and he died on the scene. the infant was unharmed, procasino's neighbor learned of her death from a reporter. >> she just had an accident, and said is she okay. they say no, she was killed by a bus. it was kind of a blow. i feel very sorry for her family. >> reporter: police say bus was full at the time but no one on board was injured. a former wal-mart truck driver could avoid jail time for a crash that seriously injured actor tracie morgan and killed another comedian. kevin roper pleaded guilty to causing the crash on the new jersey turnpike in 2014. roper had not slept for 28 hours before the crash. if he performs community service and meets several other conditions, roper will not have to go to jail or have a criminal record.
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itunes is -- isis is taking credit for the attack at ohio state university. several news agent is report, that the islamic state is called abdul ali artan a solder of the terror group. he attack a group of people with his car and butcher knife. engineering professor was hit by a car. >> if he hit this big concrete plaza if that had not been there and ridden up on the curb he would have plowed into 40 or 50 people. >> fbi believes suspect was self radicalized on line and was inspired by isis. in south carolina closing arguments are set for this morning in the murder trial of the former police officer michael slager. he is charge in the shooting death of 50 year old walter scott during a routine traffic stop. he told a jury yesterday at the moment when he started firing at scott he felt afraid for his life. slager shot scott five times this is back on april 4th of 2015. he faces 30 years to life if quick.
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president-elect trump reportedly plans to announce more cabinet choices last night in new york he had dinner with mitt romney one of the leading candidates for secretary of state. early the president-elect select goldman sachs executive steve mnucni and wilbur ross as commerce secretariry. those official announcement the are speculate tore day. mr. trump picky lane chow to be transportation secretary. he nominated georgia congressman tom price to lead the department of health and human service. meantime president-elect trump says he has reached a deal with carrier to keep nearly 1,000 jobs in indiana. air conditioning company had planned to close its plant, in indianapolis, and move its manufacturing to mexico. tomorrow, he inn and vice-president elect mike pence plan to travel to indiana to unveil agreement alongside company officials. president-elect tweets big day on thursday for indiana and great workers of that wonderful state, we will keep our companies, and jobs in the
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u.s. thanks, carrier. back here at home owner of the atlantic city's former revel casino is taking his battle with new jersey gaming regulators to court. glenn straub is suing casino control commission to get out of having a casino license in order to operate his new resort. in a lawsuit straub argues he doesn't need a full license, he claims he would only be a landlord renting space to a casino operator. straub had plans to open up the new resort under the name ten this spring. well, there is still much more to cover on "eyewitness news", a delaware county community has plans for an old house but neighbors they are not happy about it. in new jersey state house gets ready for a big repair job why governor says it is long overdue we are back in two
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is there a fight over use of the delaware county house as a tell rare i resident for out of town cancer patients and caregivers. the house is on 200 chester road in swarthmore.
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boro council approved the head strong foundation request for the house to host seven patients and a care giver but concerned neighbors say not so fast. they have filed an appeal. >> the whole arrangement doesn't sound well thought out, to me. additional traffic here, won't be welcomed. >> many people are looking forward to volunteering here at the house, and welcoming it as part of the community. we're hoping for a favorable ruling to up hold that decision. >> and swarthmore boro council expects to issue a final ruling next monday. new jersey governor chris christie says work will begin right away on the complete renovation of the state house in trenton. governor ace staff will be moved in other office space by july in order to accommodate the four year, 300 million-dollar project. christie calls the current condition of the state house, shameful, he notes the state house has not had a major upgrade since 1958.
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>> i have been urging this to be done for years but i'm not going to leave here without it being done. to leave the state house in this condition is an embarrassment to the condition of the state, impacts health and safety of the people who work here and visit here. >> governor christie repeated he plans to finish his term which end in yan 2018, governor did not rule out serving in the trump administration. time right now 4:43. >> katie has another check of the forecast, what a day yesterday. >> yes, gray, wet, warm. >> it will stay that way today but did different timing situation for us. we did end up with quite a bit of rain they yesterday. a good shift that we could getaway from the deficit here, rainfall since yesterday, we have not seen so much since midnight at this point. we ended up with just over an inch of rain in philadelphia. that is most daily rainfall we have had since september 19th, so yes, we needed that rain. in the meantime, it comes a
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fresh batch on the way, we will likely see basically two separate chunks coming through here, one late morning, into the early afternoon and then another round by tonight. you are basically looking at, essentially the moisture that is pushing in here in advance of the cold front passage. you can see how it slivers down to a fine point here, that frontal boundary and there will be additional run of weather far off to the south but even as far north as our area. we will sit in at least a harming nal risk and in terms of the categorization the lowest potential for severe weather on the totem pole if you will but we will see downpours, gusty wind, certainly thunder and lightening as a possibility of any thunderstorms that crop up, and it has extended far off to the north. so much of our area is included. as far as we're concerned for rest of the daylight hours. fog this morning, rain, up and a thunderstorm. a batch of rain comes in later this morning, not an ideal morning drive but we are not dodging soaking rains yet.
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showers and fog clearing later tonight and as we do so we kick off a month of december on a much more calm note. this is a dose of reality, we will only hit or flirt with 50 t week. meisha, over to you. >> i have to a when i woke up this morning it felt warmer. thank you so much. we are dealing with the rain, we will be dealing with a little bit as well today. most of the roadways on the camera shots they are looking fairly dry. we have construction out there, certainly dealing with construction today, just like we were, having been monday and tuesday as well. ninety-five north at 420 really heating up thighs to see that white arrow pushing you to the left. it is causing slow downs. look the at brake lights we are seeing going off there. in this neck of the woods give yourself a couple extra. you will need it today. vine street, expressway both moving in the west and eastbound direction westbound side, just, now starting to open up, we are still waiting
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on the eastbound side but heads up, if you take the vine and then talk about construction, because we have it out there. the downingtown and will valley hill red that right lane is block there. moving on to another lays, heads up northeast extension north and southbound between mid county and lansdale and we have more to talk about in a little bit, jim, over to you. still ahead on eye witt ines news big money on broadway which show just broke a record. >> um, and dreaming of the white house christmas. see how first family is decorated for local holidays decorated for local holidays when "eyewitness news" hey guys, thanks for coming. are we in trouble? no, you're not in trouble. i just want to set some ground rules. like what? well, remember last week, when you hit vinnie in the head with a shovel? [chuckling] i do not recall that. of course not. well, it was pretty graphic. too graphic for the kids. so i'm going to have to block you. you know, i gotta make this up to you. this is vinnie's watch, and i want you to have it.
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you deserve it. no, thank you. that's really not necessary. no, no, come here...
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stay tup to date with katie's forecast on kyw news radio 1060. the green party's challenge to pennsylvania's presidential election, results, gets its day in court, a judge sets the date, and san francisco's mass transit system recovers from a hack attack. what lessons it offers for septa and other agencies.
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and night of style and grace for music producer and song writer kenney gamble, what it will sort, check in two, three, four times a day on kyw news radio 1060 on your am dial. 4:49. time for a check of business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, jill, good morning. opec is meeting right now and it ising having a big impact on oil prices, what can you tell us about that. >> reporter: oil is big focus on wall street. opec ministers are meeting in vienna as we speak and question is whether they will reach a deal to cut oil production by a million barrels a day. over supply has sent oil prices lower since 2014, and that in tern has sent gas prices down. opec is made up of 14 oil producing countries like saudi arabia, iraq, iranian they have competing interests, so that is the hard part. >> we will be watching this one. we hear that broadway show hamilton has made some
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history. >> reporter: hamilton set a record for the most money, ever made in the single week by a broadway show it grossed 3.3 million-dollar last week, back in 2013, wick brought in 3.2 million but there were more shows that week. hamilton set a railroaded for highest ticket price charged by broadway box office $998. of course, a lot of people may more than that from brokers, and web site like stub hub. >> that is if you can even get a ticket. >> some people wait a year and a half. >> it is so funny and popular but in the news more because of the feud. interesting. >> big bucks on broadway. >> we will check with you next hour. meanwhile white house is previewing its 2016 holiday decoration. >> white house christmas tree on display in the the blue roomies a 19 food douglass fir donated by a tree farm right here in pennsylvania. it is another highlight
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includes 56 lego, ginger bread houses and the state dining room one for each stated territory. according to the white house only 10 percent of the design used new products and materials. recycling going on here. >> green christmas and white christmas at the same time. coming up we will get another check of weather and traffic. a birth the day party for world's oldest living person and how she got this far, we will be right back.
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if you are hitting the road and plan to be out especially late this morning you will run into this, okay. we have a very large storm system cold front is what will be crossing here today. lets go ahead and zero in on what is going on out there at this immediate hour. again there is not much to track locally yet.
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that will change with the passage of time obviously but we do still have to worry about other wet related issues for morning commute. that is in the name of fog and fine mist possibly. is there a fresh round of steady rain, however and additional amount that will tally up to a half inch and not up to an inch or more. slower travel as a result but it is very mild. just rain expected but there will be thunderstorms along with it. they could be locally strongest specially tonight, and then, breathe a sigh of relief, we will see temperatures back to reality here come friday but we will kick off a new month of december here with much more tranquil weather, meisha. >> rain and fog, two things, katie that really can wreak havoc in the morning commute. >> i know, you know exactly what i was talking about. take a look at this, a lot of people because of what we saw yesterday jump on the interstate and tree way early and that is not a bad idea but because we have overnight construction out there it will slow you down. delaware county 95 north at
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route 420 that right lane is block, forcing you to go over to the left rain and really causing slow downs now as we condense this to two drivable lanes. that being said as soon as this picks up, ease tension but just if you have to head out there you will even as we are's in the 5:00 o'clock hour give you some extra time. vine street closed, in the west/eastbound direction, it is looking g eastbound side you're just opening and following suit as well. we are looking good there as well. construction eastbound between downingtown and valley hill road that right lane is block there and more construction northeast extension north and southbound between lansdale and mid county, the left lane is still block not causing too many slow downs but could in the 5:00 o'clock hour. back over to you. oldest living person turns 117. >> one-one-seven. >> wow. >> she blew out her candles yesterday to celebrate her longevity. guests included her two elderly nieces and long time
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doctor. she even received well wishes from italy's president. they are now studying marano and others from the island which is known for long residents. she credits her long life to her unusual diet, two raw eggs a day and 150 grams, her doctor however, credits her genetic make up and positive outlook. >> hey, whatever, it works. it is working for emma. >> happy would it the day. ahead in the next her of "eyewitness news" we are live with the update on two police officers bitten by a suspect. also former political rivals meet for dinner, we will get live to new york, and where they had the meal with the president-elect. bizarre theft caught on camera, surveillance videos shows a man something unusual from the armored truck. we are back at the top of the hour stay with
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new from overnight a violent even counter with a suspect who bit two philadelphia police officers. this morning what the suspect was accused have doing and big concern for those officers. president trump makes more decisions on his future cabinet i'm roxane a saber any new york with that story coming up. foggy conditions in some parts of our area and a brief break before another round of rain moves into our region. today is wednesday, november 30th. >> happy hump day. >> good morning everybody. i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha joining us again. >> yes, good morning. we have a couple accidents that have been out there already this morning. lots of construction, we know what the rain moving in we will give ourself extra time. i say a lot of people are already doing that and it the
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is causing significant backups around construction area. it is a no win situation but a tough commute. >> too much of the good thing. >> take your advice and you are stuck anyway. >> totally. >> at least rain, in the heavy rain, it is not here just yet. we are looking at fog right now, fine drizzle across the delaware valley. we will look at storm scan three it looks innocent enough, does it, but we will zoom it the out, you'll see leading edge of the fresh batch of heavier rain and that rain is receipt i soaking right now you across the virginias but with that, it will obviously reach us. the right now we have a are calm win, however, and that especially through northern and western most suburbs and central pennsylvania, west on the the pennsylvania turnpike that is where we will fine the dense most dense fog, and you know what, even not sitting in the advisory just think you might end up with low lying cloud cover. whole region is, just stuck in the moisture right now, we all have have a light win. we will all run risk to see


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