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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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pick and bassing in victory at rally in ohio. i'm roxannea in new york, coming up details of his first day of his thank you tour. >> today is friday, december the second, good morning, i'm greg argos in for jim donovan. >> i'm jan carabeo. katie, and meisha, keeping an eye on things this friday morning. happy friday. we made it. >> tgif. >> tgif, all like yes, so happy. all smiling. the roadways this morning are actually looking really nice. they're nice and dry, we know it will be nice outside all day long, katie, but i will say that we do have an accident out there. talking about the row home fire, as well. that will slow your commute in just a little bit. >> important stuff. thankfully like you said, things very quiet on my side of the desk for a change, will stay that way into the weaken. one thing i would say, guys, it will be pretty winnie, well, you know what, let me call it breezy. i feel like fine line right there. not talking about any damaging win, but for the next couple of days we will have to deal with brisk conditions, it is
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december, what would you expect temperature wise, storm scan3 nice and empty at the moment, say for couple of cluement look at the current winds. i mean, not that impressive. not even at ten plus miles per hour. so we haven't even cracked the double digits. but i will tell you, and i can a test from having about been on the skydeck couple of times, you notice it, may not be much, but enough to make it feel chillier. i wouldn't say talking any major windchills today, but enough hugging the winter coat tighter any time the winds does below temperature hit about 51 degrees about 3:00 this afternoon, again with full sunshine, sun dropping over the horizon awfully early this december, bay 7:00 dark at 46 degrees. you got weekend though coming up as we were all cheering at the deskment and if you have got plans to maybe cut the tree down, doing some decorating, you are looking good. i would say that sunday looks like it is the less winnie of the two weeks end days, maybe trying to avoid the worse of. that will i would say wait until sunday. overall, sunshine, both weekend days, chill in the air obviously both weekends days
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too. but this cannot last forever obviously, and certainly, coming up here, meisha, another chance for rain to talk about, so stay tuned, i'll let you know when you could expect that. >> do we have to talk about it, katie? >> i'll save it for the seven day,. >> good morning, happy friday. all right, what are we looking at right snow? seeing flashing lights, disable vehicle, 95 northbound the off ram top woodhaven road, you can still see dark out there, and sometimes that can sneak up on you, take a look at this, crewmen out there putting folks on the roadway, when that happens, especially when it is dark, can be very dangerous situation. so just heads up if that disable is out there. trying to get that moved out of your way. talking about this accident, roosevelt boulevard outer drive harbison avenue all lanes are still block. you will have to use this alternate, inner driver, bustleton avenue, your best bet. heads up on that, we have all lanes block, it will start to slow you down most definitely. construction in cherry hill, route 70 both directions between haddonfield and cropwell road. one plane block here. that's lingering out there right until about now. that should be clearing any
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minute. and pa turnpike eastbound past downingtown, that right lane is still block, i'll let you know of course when all of this clears. jan, back to you. >> 6:03. fire officials say one man is dead, after a fire last night in west philadelphia. chopper three over the 300 block of 64th street. fire crews arriving to large flames coming from the second store row home. fire broke out about 8:30, crews put it out within an hour, the 44 year old victim found dead inside. the cause that far fire still under investigation. meanwhile, in a investigation is underway this morning, into what caused a huge fire in allentown. >> flames tore through several row homes, leaving multiple resident with no place to stay. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live in allentown this morning, with the very latest, morning, trang. >> reporter: good morning, jan, greg, fire chief here not ready to release a cause, firefighter remain operate scene making sure the fire is completely out. take a look what happened on this block here, 400 block
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every fulton streetment you can see it started as most heavily damaged house here, with window and door boards up, spread out from there, seven families running out into the streetment take look at the heavy smoke and flames captured by chopper three overnight. the fire started jut before 8:00 p.m. on the 400 block every fulton street in allentown. it quickly spread to five other homes on the block. and as that fire rose to three alarms, every firetruck in this city was out here fighting this fire. and neighbor we spoke to describes very scary, emotional scene. >> i came out, saw the fire, lots of fire. these people over there -- something, the whole block, they were crying, they were crying. yep, it was bad, it was real bad. >> reporter: now in addition to the six homes damaged by fire, two other homes on the block sustained water as well as smoke damage. in total, 23 people displaced,
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many of them including children. they are being assisted by the red cross at both food and shelter. but the best news here is that no one was hurt and that also includes firefighters. but for now live from allentown, i'm trang do, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> , back to you guys. >> trang, thank you so much. >> and more sad news to report following a fatal fire in wilmington from back in september. a third firefighter has died from her injuries. artist hope was badly burned while trying to put out the fire on lakeview road. lieutenant christopher leach and senior firefighter jerry things, jr., also died when the floor collapsed and trapped in the burning home. the daughter of the home owner is accused of set that fire. she was already charged with two count of murder. police need your help in the investigation into a package explosion in center city. take a close lock at this picture. authority want to talk to this person they say is key to answering questions surrounding the bombing which injured a 60 year old man. police say the person seen in this video likely an asian manor woman in their late
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teens, late 20's, drop offhand made bomb and brought to the home of jim earlier this week. says does not recognize the person on tape and does not know why he was specifically targeted. >> do not have a motive right now to speak of. that's one of the challenges we're dealing with. >> police say it is possible the person they are looking for could have just delivered the package and someone else could have made the bomb. there is a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a suspect. >> and, over brock man, charged with homicide by vehicle in the death of eight year old jayanna powell. investigators say 24 year old paul woodl. why n borrowed the car that struck her as she walked home from school on november 18th. police arrested him wednesday night, after investigators found the heavily damaged car at the body shop in frazier chester county. >> this little girl lost her life. and he didn't even bother to stop. >> i think it was just horrible what he did.
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it was irresponsible, and cowardice. he had no feels for human life. >> from a it the earn orders of police contributed $15,000 to that money of the reward monday. >> i this person who receives that will have a nice christmas. >> now, the reward money will go to the owner of the a & p auto body shop near malvern, and the owner contacted authorities, when a car matching the description of the vehicle wanted by police was brought in for repairs. president-elect donald trump holds more meetings at trump tower in new york today, as he continues to fill his administration. at a rally in ohio last night, mr. trump announced plans to nominate marine james james mad is hadis as secretary, and the latest from new york. >> (cheers). >> president-elect, donald trump, kick off his thank you tour in ohio last night, emphasizing his victory overhill hill. >> we won in a landslide.
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that was a landslide. >> and mocking what he called the dishonest press for underestimating his chances. >> they're looking at the map and saying oh, wow, there is no way hillary clinton could become president donald trump as president. >> tensions from the bitter 2016 presidential election boiled over at panel discussion at harvard yet, top aides from both camps went head-to-head. >> i would rather lose than win the way you guys did. >> do you think -- are you going it look me in the face? >> it did. >> how about it's hillary clinton. she doesn't connect with people. >> isn't nature i the crowd mostly silent as mr. trump addressed lingering division. >> come together. we have no choice. we have to, and it is better. >> became fired up when he unveiled yet another cabinet pick retired general james madis. >> we are going to appoint mad
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dog madis. as our secretary of defense. >> in the past, madis has said respond to go political islam is major, and expected senate confirmation since he retired only three years ago, not seven, as the law requires. roxanne, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, a search for survivors, in the burned out devestation of a tennessee wild fire. what dolly parton is doing to help those who lost their homes. >> plus: he was behind the wheel, but that didn't stop a man from doing a facebook live. at one point, he was even going more than 100 miles per hour. and as you can imagine, this did not end well. >> and in the health watch, the long-term effect every spending too much time in the sun as a kid. and it has nothing to do with skin cancer. coming up. >> ♪ >> ♪ everybody's working for
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>> you can see the charred city of gatlinburg, some 700 buildings burned in the mount tan resort area. later today residents, business owners, will get their first chance to see if their properties with stood the flames. >> meantime, the death toll
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from the fires is on the rice, 11 people now confirmed dead. and authorities are still searching for 70 people reported missing. correspondent diane gallagher has the latest from gatlinburg. >> several days since fires burning in the great smokey mountains of eastern tennessee engulf towns in severe county, but the number every lives lost continues to increase. officials confirm thursday that three more bodies have been found, one of those killed, alice, had been seeking to -- had been speak to go her son on the phone when the fast moving flames came to her home. >> came from the winds picking up to the last phonecall she made to my brother was the fact that she was really scared, and frantic, because the house is actually on fire at that point. >> rescue crews had been working around the clock putting out brush fires and searching for survivors, some even refusing to sleep at home. a photo posted on facebook by the johnson city professional firefighters association shows five firefighters asleep on the sidewalk after returning
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from a 30-hour shift. more than 700 buildings are destroyed or damaged, and 14,000 people were evacuated monday, many with just the clothes on their backs. as resident returned to the burned areas, many will finds they have nothing to come back to. country superstar dolly parton grew up in the area, plans on doing something about that. >> we want to provide a hand out to all of those families that have lost everything in the fires, and to recover, we want to make sure that the dolly wood foundation provides a thousand dollars a month to all of those families that have lost their homes in the fires until they get back up on their feet. >> i'm diane gallagher reporting. >> all right, and katie, the wet their in tennessee, i'm sure, windy conditions maybe causing some of that? >> certainly helps, unfortunately, to fan the flames down that way, at this point, though, down in tennessee, and basically the entire eastern seaboard, guys, things have really quieted down in that regard. here at home, we have a little bit more wind to speak of. and they'll be finding
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throughout the day today in tennessee, that's because we still have pressure gradient setting up here. area of low pressure still trying to actually exit stage east here, basically, but off to the southwest, we have area of high pressure trying to take its place, that, as a result, is leading to the difference between the pressure, and that's where the gradient comes in, that's also where you get the breeze f kind of like walking between the buildings down in center city. you get between the skyscrapers, it is always a little bit more windy in that sense. so, that's kind of the effect that's happening here at the atmospheric level. outside, it looks like the school buses are getting started out there. and, you know, we are expect to go see more sun than anything. this is a spot that do you have at least a little hint of some cloud cover, because we do, again, have that back edge moisture, still rotating into far north and west most suburbs. but i think generally talking about a sunny day here guys. breezy, you will notice it breezy, but not windy, that's damaging by any stretch. fifty-one the expected hi, very typical for december 2nd, dropping down to 36 tonight
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under just couple every clouds, brisk, obviously cold, then we look forward in the eyewitness weather seven day, and i expect that the week sends actually going toned up being the coolest couple of days we see, generally, just quiet. say for the breeze, and maybe even gusts of 25 tomorrow. by monday, little bit after ease-up on the thermometer, tuesday our next best chance for soaking rain. meisha? >> all right. well, we have to live in the moment, loving this friday, because we know we will sunshine. good news your drive this morning, waking to up nice dry commute. however, we have this disable vehicle out there. fifty-nine north, off ram top woodhaven road pulled off to the right, blocking right lane now. they've been out there little bit working on. >> this so heads up on. >> this as you come around the bend, were seeing crewmen out there putting these flames out on the roadway, that can absolutely slow you down not to mention the fact it can be dangerous situation, too, if we don't see them, and it is very darkment heads up that's still out there. see the flashing lights, will start to slow you down little bit. then this accident roosevelt boulevard the outer drive at harbison avenue. all lanes block. you will have to use alternate.
6:17 am
inner drive, bustleton avenue will be your best bet around that. yes, it is going to start to slow you down now that we've cracked into the 6:00 hour. congestion levels won't slot you down that much. give yourself extra 15, 20 minutes at this point. also expect some gaper delay. we will talking about septa coming up. first a quick break, stay right where you are. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right back.
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>> welcome back, for a look at newspaper headlines. >> from the front cover of the
6:20 am
daily times, 26 year old chester height man will serve five to ten years behind bars for the straw purchase and i will legal transfer of firearms. james was sentenced under the law which mandates minimum sentence of five years in prison, for illegal drug transfer. >> and the burlington county times reports on high levels of lead in area schools. water samples from moorestown school district shows higher than acceptable levels of lead. the district is taking numerous water fountains out of service, and posting signs. >> and in the times herald, norristown area high school class of 1977 is challenging alums to get in the giving spirit this holiday. the class of 77 came together to add drop 22 area families in need this holiday season, great story this friday morning. >> that's right. and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> now in the health watch this morning, a lock at the long-term effect of spending too much time in the sun, as a kid. >> yep, researchers fawn the longer you spend outside in the sun, the lower your risk
6:21 am
every becoming nearsighted when you get older. high exposure to ultraviolet b radiation, at age 14, through 39, was associated with reduced odds of nearsightedness. interesting. >> video that takes distracted driving to whole new level. coming up: see what happens when a man live streams facebook while driving. >> yes, you don't with a to miss. that will and it is the picture of the day. hear from the kayaker, who got a big surprise, when a sea otter jumped
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♪ ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these.
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>> welcome back, the weekend right around the corner, expecting the chill to set until though for it, even though it is really going to be nice, bright, sunny, generally speaking all weekend long, expect a chill, and also notice a breeze, especially tomorrow, if you have any outdoor plans. greg, jan, back over to you. >> thanks so much. forget texting while driving. what one man did takes distracting driving to a dangerous new level. police say that driver is in critical condition, after driving more than 100 miles per hour. >> they say he was streaming live on facebook during his entire joy ride. check out this video, you can see, the 20 year old driving, weaving in and out of lanes, while videotaping on a rhode rhe island highway. police say the video cuts out just before he hits a median,
6:25 am
slams into a garbage truck. >> it is a grand-slam of things not to do. phone in your hand, no seatbelt, traveling at a high rate of speed, in and out of traffic. >> state police creeped out to facebook directly putting illegal request for the social media request to save the life stream. video will be used in his future court date. >> and take a look at this wild case of road rage in england. it all start wad simple fender bender and turned physical. driver started wrestling, then one of the guys backed his truck into the other one. guys, that's not even all of it, before driving off, the angry driver smashed a window with a shovel, police have found the truck, but they're still looking for that other driver. >> and a special guest has made a california one of the mice viral hits of the year. wait until you see what hops on board his kayak. how cute? a sea otter, pretty bold in this part of monterrey bay.
6:26 am
jumped right into the kayak, john said he was pretty surprised, but settled in, to hang out with his new friend. >> rolled onto his back, he started scratching his head he turned around, started snitching my shoes. can't touch him, but kind of, you know, pretends like i'll shush him offer the boat with the paddle. finally he got the message, over the side he went. >> now of course experts say you should never get too close to a wild animal. the otter's in monterrey, so bold, people who rent the kayaks there actually have to watch an otter safety video. >> i want to see a cute otter video. >> cute critters there. very cute. >> coming up in the next half hour every "eyewitness news": several row homes on fire in allentown. trang? >> reporter: eight homes damaged, 23 people displaced, and neighbor describes very emotional scene here in allentown. >> also ahead, the knot so warm reception of vice
6:27 am
president elect is getting from his new neighbors. >> and it is weather watcher friday, katie introduces us to special guest, coming up, right after the break. ♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪
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it is now 6:30, here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> fire rips through several row homes in allentown. >> you can see firefighters remain on scene here. >> major break in the investigation into a package explosion in center sit. >> i police want to talk to this person, who they say, is key to answering questions surrounding a bombing that injured a 60 year old man. >> president-elect donald
6:31 am
trump holds more meetings at trump tower in new york today. >> at a rally in ohio last night, mr. trump announced plans to nominate retired marine general, james madis for defense secretary. the death toll continues to rise in tennessee following the largest wild fire to hit that state in 100 years. >> it is devastating. we're heart broken. >> reporter: at least 11 people have died. there are still other unaccounted for. >> voracek makes the move, turns, and he scores. claude giroux, the captain, with a game winner. and that game winner put the flyers three to two, for bin in over time. >> yes, good job, fly guys. katie has some company in the weather center today. >> indeed i do, guys. yes, good morning. joining me right now, phil, he came in all the way from north wales, one of our eyewitness weather watchers. thank you so much for being here, of course. waking up dark and early. and i have to mention the fun fact that you used to many
6:32 am
moons ago work for the franklin institute, very proud weather partners, and i know that you've got your interest in weather, sort of came from all of the outdoor activities, just tell us little bit about that? >> cross country skier back in the midwest, starting probably in the 70s, 80s, so i got very interested in the weather, watching early morning weather, where there was one of the cbs stations, and then i would plan my activities that way, especially if i was going to travel, sometimes travel to where the snow would be. >> exactly. i know you said you were hoping to maybe take up cross country skiing again. but you kind of -- something before that? >> nor frequent snow. >> we need to actually get more snow. so we will try to get some that far out there to you before the winter is all said and done, i know, valley forge park is one of your favorites. so thank you again for being here. and guys, if you want to be like phil, come and join our team, become eyewitness weather watcher, just love
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peaking out at the weather we would love to have you as part our of team, join us at weather watchers, cbs weather. com/watchers. >> finding more than anything, clouds far morton west suburbs as we speak, just as we still have wrap around moisture helping to allow for that farther north and west, even couple of snow flurries, that's not affecting our region locally. windy weekends coming up. not necessarily going to be harsh winds, just more of a noticeable breeze than anything, ten to 15 miles per hour, something we can hand. but talking temperatures are at best into the low 50's, yes, it will make it feel that much colder to you. currently at 40 at the philadelphia international airport. forty-four in wildwood. mid upper 30s, generally region wide everywhere else. little bit colder going far enough north into the higher terrain, of course, as the day progress cents around the region we go, you won't broke out of the four's, low who's at that in the poconos, and at the shore and in philadelphia, low mid 50's the best we can
6:34 am
expect here. yes, the chill is here, meisha, it is december after all. so it is not all that atypical. we can do a lot worse, right? >> absolutely, especially after all of the rain that we've been having, i think, you know, on a friday, where we see the sunshine, let's just be happy. good morning, everyone, and like i said, tgif. happy friday to you. so what are we looking at? the good news is, our driving conditions are actually pretty good. we have dry roadways. but, this is where we do have an accident. the schuylkill eastbound, the onramp from belmont, is blocked right now, you can see, all of the flashing lights it, will gave you a little bit of gaper delay. heads up on that this morning as you head out the door. overall, you can see, how slow by there. but once you're passed there, you are getting back to up posted speeds. friday's tends to be lighter in the world of travel and in terms of congestion, so okay, just give yourself couple of extra minutes, then talking about this accident on the boulevard, the outer driver at harbison avenue. that's now since been cleared. so we're looking good there. and then we've got more activity out there. another accident janszen ville
6:35 am
line at county line road, make note of. that will in the world of septa bus routes, route 16, 27, four, boarding at 15th and market streets because of some construction until 9:30 p.m. to -- tonight. >> an investigation is underway this morning into what started a huge fire in allentown last night. >> the investigation is also underway, again, what cause that fire, at in the meantime some residents have no place to stay. trang do live in allentown, and how are the folks doing this morning? >> the fire chief not ready to release a cause at this point. we are seeing that the fire is mostly out. take a look. we've seen firefighters in the last several minutes going door-to-door, checking out the damage inside this row of eight homes, all every which sustained some kind of damage overnight. now, take a look at this heavy smoke and flames. we captured by our chopper three overnight. now the fire started just before 8:00 p.m. at a home here on the 400 block every fulton street in allentown t
6:36 am
quickly spread to five other homes on the block as the fire rose, every firetruck in the city out fighting this fire, and neighbor described the scary emotional scene here. >> looking at the fire, lots of fire. and over there, crying, they were crying. yep, it was bad, it was real bad. >> in all, 23 people were displaced, they're being helped by the red cross, for the next several days, for food as well as shell err. no one was hurt. that also includes firefighters. but for now, liver in a fire inside o shows man riding a bmx style bike down to 6100 block every north fourth street monday night. few moment limit err see right there a fireball, shoots out of the garage before he road away. police say the suspect may have suffered burns, or burn
6:37 am
his clothing. if you have any information you should give police a call. >> well, today marks one year since the san bernardino terror attack that left 14 people dead, and 22 others wounded. when the husband and wife team stormed inside that san bernardino county building there was horror and panic. but those who were inside somehow managed to get 911 calls out. tom wait is in los angeles and has more on the newly-released 911 recording. >> 911 operator seven. >> we have an active shooter here. >> ma'am, listen to me, take a deep breath. have you seen the person with the gun? >> yes -- >> listen, i know, ma'am, we're on the okay? the poliche woman is asked if she knows how many shots have been fired. >> is he still shooting? >> i don't know. >> okay, how many rounds did he fire? >> oh, my god. a >> the calls kept streaming with
6:38 am
machine guns, shooting up at my work. i work at inland regional center. open the door and they started shooting in rooms. >> okay, shooting inside which room? >> shooting inside conference rooms in building three. >> okay, so actually came inside building three? >> yes. >> do you know if anyone has been shot? >> yes, yes. >> driving black suv inside the scene of the horrific crime. at one point they even passed police on the road, who have yet to figure out who they are. you see the couple once more, take slow u-turn, before leaving the scene. police ultimately tracked down the duo, and killed them in a shoot-out. >> they're firing law enforcement. >> for cbs news, tom wait, los angeles. >> president-elect donald trump will nominate retired marine general james madis for defense secretary. decision came as mr. trump
6:39 am
kicked offer his victory rally in cincinnati ohio thursday night during his remarks the president-elect vowed to build a wall, bash the media, and took jabs at hillary clinton. much like he did on the campaign trail. >> philadelphia's presidential election results will be recounted later this morning. the board every elections approved ballots in 75 of the almost 1700 voting precincts, but the commission rejected green party candidate jill stein's request to inspect election result software to determine whether cyber attacks altered results. and in the neighborhood where the vice president elect is living, there are more than just holiday decorations. there is an act of defiance. neighbors are hanging rainbow flags along the street where mike pence will live until the vice president ' mansion is ready next year. the former indianna governor has been criticized for his policies concerning lgbtq right. so far there are about half dozen flags on pence's blocks.
6:40 am
something that often pops up on a christmas wish list, a new pup. >> i yes, but is it a good idea to give a pet as a gift? why many are destroying that myth and now is actually the best time to get a dog or cat. >> meisha dream drive takes her under water, not in the car, but will tell us how close you can get to marine life without even going outside. pat? >> reporter: hey, guys, good morning, i'm here at drexel university. special olympics are putting on a polar bear plunge, and, yes, i'm taking part. right now checking this temperature, it is not going above 50 in this pool. so you can watch me freeze in a few minutes. right here, liver on cbs-3.
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>> three, two, one. (cheers). >> president obama and his family lit the national christmas tree for the final time last night. >> always a beautiful site. the president encouraged americans to care for the sick and the hungry this holiday season. actress eva longoria hosed the ceremony, kelly clarkson, mark anthony, were among the musical guests.
6:44 am
well, they're cute and some can even fit in a sock, but can some pets make a good gift? >> take your time before making a i am pills buy, many shelters offer free or reduced costs for adoptions during the holidays, but some say the pets may winds up abandoned or returned just like any unwanted gift. they say think before you act. >> get a gift certificate or go buy all of the goodies for a pet, like leash, collar, treats, those five of -- type of things, give that to a gift for your kids, then make it family experience to come down here, choose the right pet for the family. >> still others are bussing this mitt myth saying it is the best time because they have time off from work to help their pet get settled into their new home. >> i thought maybe a year before i got my cat. so i'm kind of on board with that katie, just make sure you're ready for that response. >> the and the weather outside
6:45 am
if you have a pet, good weather to walk? >> may want to get the adorable new christmas sweaters for your pets, i don't if he if you take cats for walks, but definately for the puppies. so adorable. but it will be chilly enough that it may require that. actually, as we head out to our eyewitness weather watchers, i know ed connor taking out his dog case think morning, and sent us this really quick picture he snapped of some christmas lights. it does feel like the holidays are in the air. doesn't it? we take a look at some temperatures from this early morning, the lows that have come in from some of the wap ers, william in levittown at 36 at this hour, 34 what kyle report in the hatboro as the early morning low, see if we can get below that. willingboro, one of the milder spots at 39 degrees, yes, i'm thinking that may not be right. we didn't hit zero in saint david's but report being 33 degrees in mullica hill. chill in the air. tad breezy, to make it feel that much cooler. so not talking vicious
6:46 am
windchill. but it is enough that you notice it. and certainly, with the early days of december, have the heavy coat anyway. it will make sense to have it for the next couple of days. we have the same system though. that brought in all of the soaking rain, obviously long gone now if terms of any kinds of major impact, but you still have some wrap around moisture coming in from that, as a result, lake end tore year, finding couple of snow showers, rain showers depending on location, that's not affecting our local area. but it is brinking in couple of additional clouds. depending on your location, so, out goes low pressure, in comes high pressure, you get that gradient between the two, that's where the breeze comes f then we look ahead to saturday. very likely still breezy, if not blustery would be good term to use actually we ends up with gusts that peak as high as 25 miles per hour, up 40th's saturday, very likely at best only upper 40's on sunday. so, they are actually the chilliest days we're forecasting of the next seven. but, you've got outdoor plans for the weekend coming up. i think you'll get them n then look ahead to monday.
6:47 am
we are going see new storm system move in as early as tuesday, possibly with an overnight shower sunday into monday, but tuesday specially, looks, meisha, to be the next best chance for some soaking rain. >> all right, well good to know. good to think ahead on. that will but if we have to talk about right now, it is looking dry, not without any problems. we have one right here. disable vehicle. you can see, the schuylkill westbound at the boulevard, pulled into this median. but you will have a kim of brake lights going off. you will have a little bit of gaper delay. overall the congestion looking okay. then we swing back here, see the eastbound side, getting brake lights off into center city. overall our commute this morning is looking okay. we do have another accident boulevard outer drive adams avenue involving three vehicles. heads up on this. whenever we have an accident involving more than two vehicles, it is going to slow you down. right now around that area on the boulevard it will slow you down. we have the congestion levels around that area to sustain the slow downs. car fire pa turnpike northeast extension southbound after lehigh valley the right lane block there. not cause being too many slow downs, heads up, gaper delay little bit there. and plus we have some con just
6:48 am
sean out there, state road, mountain avenue, right lane block there. overall been little bit of slower commute this morning, just because we have had some accidents out there. the good news is, it is friday. and we're going to see some sunshine. and we have dry roadway conditions. just a heads up for any of you, in those neighborhoods, where we have some problems. that's what you are looking at right now, but overall, i would say, the commute looking fairly typical. >> i bet. >> and it is friday. have we said that enough? >> yeah. >> hello. and that means it is time for another dream drive with meisha. >> it is. and who isn't looking for fun and different ideas for the weekends, right? so i have you covered. >> this week we went to delaware to a place children of all ages are sure to ensure a and some parent, too, take a look. >> every person with kids, or anyone who is taking care every kids, they're always looking for something to do with them. and we have just the place in
6:49 am
delaware. my tour guide is a big kid herself, jen bush, executive director. we are here at the delaware children's museum on wilmington amazing riverfront. we are a children's museum based on stem education. we have something for everybody. inside the dcm, as it is nicknamed, you can get a little messy. like inside studio d. >> so the dcm always super interactive, process driven. >> i've got say mine is looking pretty awesome. >> take a look at this. >> five-ton, 350 year old sick more tree, from the woods here in delaware. >> can we go in there? >> oh, yes, i like this. hi, come join us, come join
6:50 am
us. >> this is so cool. >> can't finds this at another children's museum. the kids love to come and look at the aquarium. this aquarium, 650-gallon tank. >> this is a chocolate chip star fish. do those look like chocolate chips to you? >> so we have sharks. >> love, so cute. >> we have stingrays. we have of course horse shoe crabs, because that's the state, marine animal of delaware. >> sure, didn't know that. >> this is a star fish. no? look. you did it. little baby. say bye. >> oh, look at that star fish. oh, it is so cute. so much fun, so much to do with the delaware children's museum. sure win for the entire family. by the way how great was our hostess museum, jen bush, i want to go anywhere she is entertaining, i'll tell that you much. thank you so much, for showing us around, what a great place
6:51 am
for kids to burn off some energy and get create. >> i've learned you're an artist, as well. >> did you see my heart with the little tail and the little loopy loop at the ends? had to show myself a little bit there. shout out to cbs-3, as well. >> as always, meisha. and this will be fun for all of the harry potter lovers out there. harry potter and the curse child is heading to broadway. >> j.k. rawling play will open at the lyrics theatre in new york in 2018. london production of the curse child is sold out through february of that year. a house many recognize and few can miss, home of the tenders house from san francisco off the market. show's creator purchased the home he says he wants to use it in their new fuller house show. >> everyone lovers using emojis to express their feelings, and add a little bit of fun to text messages. >> yes, me too. but now apple users, can use emojis to search for their favorite things to do. if you are looking for bite to eat for example simply swipe down from the top of your screen, and end r your favorite food emoji into the
6:52 am
search bar. i think this might be making us lays year. nearby restaurants pop up. then for example the movie ticket emoji will bring up nearby show times, and the trainee mobile i will show transit stops close to you. >> now is there a freezing cold emoji? because brave souls are ready to be freezing for a reason today. >> that's right. the special olympics pennsylvania is holing its second annual philadelphia polar plunge, it is taking place over at drexel university's campus. and that's where we find our intrepid "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen this morning. pat, are you getting cold feet yet? >> reporter: no, no, i'm not. right here, the pool behind me, for the polar bear plunge, roughly 48 degrees. so it is warmer than the outdoor temperature, which is a good thing, but it is all for a good cause, obviously, it is for the special olympics pennsylvania, so, i'm honored
6:53 am
to come out here and jump in a freezing cold pool tonight tell us little bit more what goes on here today, x-rays continue craven from the special olympics pennsylvania, good morning. >> good morning. >> so am i crazy? >> little bit. a lot of our parities paints are. which is a good thing. because it is very colds in the pool as you said, very cold. >> sure. this is your second year having done it here. good turn out last year, and expecting the same i'm guessing? >> this is our second year. we have about 400 people that are going to come throughout the day. hoping for some more, since the weather is looking beautiful today. >> sure, charlie manual is coming up, phillies manager, will speak? >> yes, will be here at 12:00 noon. >> okay. so is there a cost involved? can anyone come out and do this? >> yep. anyone can come out and do this for our power lung every plunge, meet charlie manuel, it is $500, more of business executive type for the general public, it is from 7:00 to -- 5:00 to seven clock p.m. it is $50. then university is 7:00 to 9:00. $25. and if you can't make it to one of the plunges, we encourage you to go to plunge pa, look at the event. >> what's it go to?
6:54 am
>> special olympics pennsylvania. so for all of our athletes about 1,000 strong in philadelphia. >> fantastic. i'm not really ready, but i guess i have to do it. >> ya i think it is that time. >> all right. come follow me. here i go. so i'm going to disrobe. i wore my finest gear, so guys, i'm going to lose you, jan, greg, walk everyone through it as i lose my isb. but here we go. yes, if you can hold that for me? >> i'll go on the other side. >> sure, oh, man, here we go. >> oh, poor pat. but you know what, for a great cause. >> all for a great cause. >> freezing. here we go. >> this is what happens, greg, when you're such a team player. >> oh, man, just too good. >> we make you do like things like this. (laughing). >> look at that, or whatever it is?
6:55 am
>> here we go. >> brought him a towel? >> here you go. 48 degrees. >> wow. >> it is that shock. >> oh, my god it is colds. >> oh, my. good for him. >> bring him that towel. 48 degrees. >> i just did that on tv. see you guys! >> oh, my gosh. poor guy. >> thank you, pat. >> thanks so much, pat. we will will be right back with three to go.
6:56 am
6:57 am
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>> fire in allentown leaves 23 people displaced, firefighters remain on the scene to put out hot spots. >> president-elect donald trump holds more meeting in new york today as he continues to fill out his administration, last night announced plans to nominate retired marine general james madis for defense secretary. mega pet adoption event get underway, several regional animal shelter teaming up at the 23rd street armory in philadelphia. and that's three to go. >> cbs this morning is next. >> have a great day. and wonderful weekend. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, december 2nd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning."
7:00 am
president-elect donald trump basks in his election victory at a rally in ohio, while a war of words erupts between clinton and a strategist at a public forum. >> a former nfl player is gunned down what looks like a road rage incident. witnesses describe the violent encounter that left a hometown hero dead in the street. plus only on "cbs this morning," members of the rockefeller family give their first television interviews about their falling out with exxonmobil. why some of them say the oil


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