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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  December 6, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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>> pelley: air force none. the president-elect says cancel the order for new presidential planes. they're too expensive. >> we want boeing to make a lot of money, but not that much money. >> pelley: also tonight, the killer of former n.f.l. player joe mcknight is charged with manslaughter announced at a bizarre news conference. >> reporter: sheriff, can you explain why you felt the need to read some of those foul comments? >> pelley: getting less than seven hours' sleep sharply increases a driver's risk of an accident. and a most-fitting tribute to the fallen heroes of the u.s.s. "arizona." >> every single time i watch
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that explosion i felt a little pang in my heart. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today, the president-elect took off on bhoeg, saying that the company's bill for a new fleet of presidential aircraft is sky high. the next generation of air force ones is not due until the next decade, but donald trump called for the contract to be scrapped in an early-morning tweet that triggered turbulence on wall street. cord corld now on mr. trump's plain talk and what's behind it. >> reporter: mr. trump's tweet shortly before the opening bell caused boeing stock to plunge before recovering throughout the day. boeing is building a brand new 747 air force one, he wrote. "costs are out of control. more than $4 billion. cancel order: >> i think it's ridiculous. i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. we want boeing to make a lot of money but not that much money.
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>> reporter: the two planes that currently serve as air force one are more than 25 years old. they are the last 747-200 series passenger jets still in use in the united states. the air force contracted with boeing last year to begin designing two or three replacements, slated for completion in 2023. mark rosenker oversaw upgrades to air force one after the 9/11 attacks. >> it is cheaper to buy a brand new aircraft, bring it into the 21st century, than to try to maintain an aircraft that was built in the 80s. >> reporter: it was unclear what triggered mr. trump's comments today, but his tweet came just 22 minutes after the "chicago tribune" posted this article, highlighting differences between mr. trump and boeing's c.e.o. whether it comes to trade with china. the president-elect has also signaled a preference for his own jet, insisting last summer that "air force one is a step down in every way," though his
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757 can't refuel midair or deflect missiles. >> it's a beautiful aircraft but is not capable of supporting the profit of the united states. >> reporter: afterrify hours after bashing boeing, mr. trump praised a japanese company, softbank, making this announcement in the lobby of trump tower with the firm's c.e.o. >> and he's just agreed to invest $50 billion in the united states and 50,000 jobs. >> reporter: will budget for the new air force one currently sits at about $3 billion and could climb, as mr. trump said today, to $4 billion. he was a boeing stockholder, scott, but his campaign claimed today that he quietly sold all of his stocks back in june. >> pelley: nancy cordes awaiting the president-elect at a rally tonight. nancy, thanks very much. the son of a key member of the trump national security team was given the boot today after he helped spread fake news that led to a shooting at a washington
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peets raze. chip reid has that story. >> michael flynn jr. is no longer associated with general flynn's efforts or with the transition team. >> reporter: cbs news has confirmed that michael t. flynn, son of retired lieutenant governor michael t. flynn, resigned today because me had become "a significant distraction" to the trump transition team. flynn, seen here last month at trump tower with his father, had been pushing the so-called pizzagate conspiracy, a fake news story created by right wing web sites, alleging that can hillary clinton was involved in a child sex trafficking ring hked at comet ping pong, a washington, d.c. pizzeria. sunday, 28-year-old edgar welch, after driving from north carolina, entered the pizzeria and fired shots from a semiautomatic rifle. no one was hurt. he told police he came to rescue child victims but surrender when he was realized there were none. after welch's arrest sunday, the
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younger flynn tweeted, "until pizzagate proven toor false, it will remain a story." transition sources say flynn resigned before he was to be fired, possibly seconds before. >> i talked to general flynn, and his son was helping him a bit with scheduling and administrative items. but that's no longer the case. >> reporter: the younger flynn has also tweeted other bizarre conspiracy theories and racist remarks. scott, the elder flynn, the retired lieutenant governor, has also spread fake news stories about hillary clinton engaging in criminal activity, but so far, his job seems secure. >> pelley: chip reid it in the washington newsroom tonight. chip, thank you. well, could vice president joe biden have won the presidency? hindsight may be 2020 but foresight may be as well. today, biden told reporters he plans to run in 2020 when he'll turn 78. then he quickly walked that back saying that he's not committing to anything.
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today, criminal charges were filed in last thursday's road rage shooting death of former pro football player can joe mcknight. jericka duncan has our story in harvey, louisiana. >> reporter: today, jefferson parish sheriff newell normand took the podium to explain why it took four days for his office to arrest and charge 54-year-old ronald gasser with manslaughter after gasser admitted to shooting former n.f.l. player joe mcknight. >> we conducted over 160 interviews. >> reporter: he would not say what those eyewitnesses revealed or what specifically was seen in surveillance video that led authorities to make the arrest. >> mcknight can exits his car. there continues to be a verbal altercation. mr. gasser pulls his weapon from between his seat and the console
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and fires three shots. >> reporter: it was an unusual news conference with the sheriff becoming increasingly defensive about how his office handled the investigation. >> for those who have criticized the men and women of this organization and the strategy, decisions that we made relative to that, tough. i don't care. >> reporter: he then proceeded to read out loud offensive social media posts related to the case. >> "i know that norman is a piece of (bleep) and you stood behind that white boy with that (bleep). you won't even stand with your people. you self-serving (bleep)." >> reporter: can you explain why you felt the need to read some of those foul comments? >> in this society today, are demanding immediate results, and we're castigating people that are trying to do the right thing. >> reporter: the sheriff says a gun belonging to mcknight's
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stepfather was in the car, but there was no evidence to suggest that mcknight threatened gasser with that gun. scott, we reached out to gasser's attorney but did not get a response. >> pelley: jericka duncan for us tonight. jericka, thank you. in oakland, clz, firefighters have now searched 90% of the warehouse that went up in flames during a dance party on friday night. late today, a crane began knocking down sections that are unsound. 36 bodies have been recovered. all but one have been identified, and david begnaud has the later. >> reporter: the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms is on the scene tonight, leading the investigation into what caused the fire. can jill snyder is the special agent in charge there is a report that a refrigerator may have been the source of the fire. you can confirm that? >> the fire investigators have not made a conclusion yet as to what the source of the fire is. they're still examining all of the evidence.
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>> reporter: the a.t.f. does not believe the fire was intentionally set. cadaver dogs were used to search the building twice. they did not find any more human remains. there is an ongoing criminal investigation. teresa drenick is spokesperson for the alameda county district attorney's office. you're look at the woman who owned the building and the person who leased it, correct? >> amongst others. >> reporter: what are the possible criminal charges that they could face? >> everything from murder, possibly, to manslaughter, to other criminal violations. >> reporter: a former resident of the so-called ghost ship shot this video of deplorable conditions-- broken walls, propane tanks in bathroom, debris, and water leaking on the bathroom floors. and cbs news obtained this video showing police inside of the warehouse in october. we're told they were there to acsense the roof of a neighboring building, but you can see them looking around. oakland city councilman noel gallo represents the area where the building is located. >> i am not going to make
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excuses for the city because we have documented, we have turned it in, we have called it in. i have called packagely the police in front of it to shut that place down and get them to remove that debris. >> reporter: there is a california law now decades old which says people in this case, victims' family members, cannot sue the city of oakland for failing to make an inspection. scott, cbs news confirmed when recovery crews went into that warehouse to start removing the body, some of the victims were holding each other. >> pelley: we also know more this evening about the man who ran the building. chri. >> i can stalk to you fair second, derrick. >> the manager of the ghost ship refused to answer our questions early tuesday morning. almean afs leasing the building at the time of the fire for $4500 a month and renting out face spaceto musician and local artists. >> i am incredibly sorry. >> reporter: almena called the ghost ship his dream, a place that brought people together. he defended the space, telling
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nbc his own family lived there. >> should i be held accountable? i can barely stand here right now. >> reporter: almena and his family were not in the building at the time of the fire. the ghost ship was the subject of numerous code complaints. former tenants like shelley mack say she lived here because it was cheap but there were no fire alarms, sprink lers or proper electricity. >> this is all illegal. there's no heat. it's philly. >> reporter: court records show almena was on probation after pleading no contest in january after receiving stolen property. daniell danielle boudreaux was o the family. >> these children were living in squalor and i called everyone i could and their families to get those children out of that environment. >> reporter: just hours after the fire ripped through this oakland warehouse, almena posted on his facebook page:
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budreau blames almena. >> he didn't take the time to put sprinklers to put fire alarms to put fire extinguishers to put any kinds of signs to where the back stairs were. >> reporter: while almena could face charges the owner of the building is also being investigated. scott, throughout the day there has been a steady procession of people coming by this memorial right here. they've all left different messages of love and support with different wording bull ought same sentiment, never forget. >> pelley: thanks. the upper midwest is being hit by an arctic blast tonight. north dakota is getting the worst of it. schools, highways, and airports have been closed. omar villafranca is in bismarck. >> reporter: it's only fall, but winter is here in the great plain. in douglas city, minnesota, drivers battled nearly zero-visibility highway conditions.
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in bismarck, north dakota, with wind gusts topping 60 miles per hour, whiteout conditions and icy roads made driving nearly impossible. >> you can see a sem turning the wrong way here. >> reporter: residents are digging out of a blizzard that blanketed parts of the state in 19 inches of snow. bismarck resident core gerts woke up to a seven-foot snow drift blocking her door. the arctic blast is on the move. the cold front is sweeping across eastern montana to minnesota wwidespread subzero whind chill temperatures. all the way down to 30 below zero. the wind wind chill is 14 below zero because of these 40-mile-per-hour gusts. and, scott, residents expect this white stuff to stick around until the spring. >> pelley: omar villafranca with the big chill. thanks. today, the supreme court dealt a blow to apple. the justices sided unanimously
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with samsung in a long-running patent dispute. the court found that samsung did copy some of the apple's design for the iphone, but not enough the to hand over all of its profits from samsung devices. a lower court will now decide how much samsung does owe. coming up, the cbs evening news will bring you this story-- a good night's sleep can be a matter of life and death. and later, 75 years after pearl harbor, "arizona" honors the crew of its namesake battle ship.
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>> pelley: how much sleep are you getting? your life could depend on the answer. a study out today found getting behind the wheel on four or five hours' sleep is just as
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dangerous as driving drunk. here's errol barnett. >> reporter: look closely at the bottom of the screen and you'll see it this driver's eyes are closed. at the top, the approaching light post. this sleeping driver woke up when his car left the road. in a new study, a.a.a. found 35% of u.s. drivers get less than the recommended seven hours of sleep daily. sleeping just five to six hours left drivers almost twice as likely to be involved in an accident. four to five hours meant four times as likely. and driving on less than four hours' sleep increased the crash risk by nearly 12 times. >> teenagers, older adults, and people who have a sleep debt are among the highest risk groups. >> reporter: jake nelson is with a.a.a. >> one in five crashes where somebody dies in that crash involved a driver who was drowsy or hadn't earned enough sleep
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the night before. >> 18-year-old tyler warne of one of them. six years ago he died in a crash after falling asleep at the wheel in the middle of the day. he was about to graduate from high school. >> he can didn't recognize that he was too tired. >> reporter: his mother, kerrie, said he was getting an average of five hours of sleep. >> i never once talked to him about drowsing driving or what that would look like. i didn't know. i didn't know to do that. >> reporter: best way to avoid this danger, a.a.a. says, is to get off the road, even if you feel slightly drowsy, to have a passenger who can take turns driving if possible, and, scott, avoid heavy foods before you hit the road. >> pelley: errol barnett for us tonight. thanks, errol. still ahead, beyonce's grammy record. can
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a survey from commonsense media found moms and dads spent oaverage, more than nine hours a day in front of tvs, computer screens and other devices. that's about the same as their kids. it looks like beyonce will be getting plenty of screen time at the grammys. ♪ ♪ she picked up nine nominations today, including record of the year for "formation." she is also the first to be nominated in the rock, pop, r & b, and rap categories all in the same year. the grammys will be handed out in february right here on cbs. and you may have noticed that this broadcast has a new look. we now come to you fro studio 57 at the cbs broadcast center in new york, the longtime home of "cbs this morning." we joined our a.m. creeg colleagues here for collaboration night coverage and we liked it so much, we elected to stay. up next, the university of
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with trulicity, i click to activate what's within me. if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option click to activate your within. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. >> pelley: the date lives in infamy-- can december 7, 1941. 75 years ago tomorrow, the japanese launched a surprise attack on pearl harbor. tonight, barry petersen shows us a unique new memorial to the 1,177 crew members who died aboard the u.s.s. "arizona." >> i have watched the ship blow up hundreds of times on television, and every single
6:57 pm
time i've watched that explosion, i felt a little pang in my heart. >> reporter: bill westcott was named after an uncle he never met who died abooshed the u.s.s. "arizona. >> his name is william percy westcott jr. >> reporter: may i see the picture? >> you may. >> reporter: three years ago, he started work on an idea for this-- a thin red outline across the bustling commons at the university of arizona. it is something new to remember something old-- the exact measurement of the boomed battle ship's main deck. >> the fourth bomb came down in this area here. >> reporter: david carter, who restores historic buildings, studied the ship's blueprints and discovered a perfect fit, like it was meant to be. >> in the initial outline of the ship, 597 feet long, and we had five-eighths of an inch to spare. >> reporter: five-eighths of
6:58 pm
an inch. >> yes. >> reporter: in the middle a structure like the ship's bridge with a medallion for each man who died, more than 700, 22 were under college age. stiewntsd of today, like elizabeth quinlan, can meet the young men of that terrible day. >> it's very humanizing, so you start realizing that there's actual names and faces that go to these different incidents. >> reporter: the last medallion was for william westcott, signed by bill. >> now and forever. >> reporter: the memory of every lost sailor now passed to a new generation. when you see your uncle's name, what's in your mind? >> i think about the scale of the ship and the scale of the loss. >> reporter: and a debt of honor to a fallen uncle now paid in full. barry petersen, cbs news, tucson, arizona. >> pelley: and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night.
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♪ tonight, brangelina's custody agreement revealed. blood testing, monitored visits for the first time we're getting an in-depth look at their family life post-split. who is gunning for grammy gold? the snubs, the surprises and why beyonce may make history. plus -- >> madonna goes crazy with corden. >> it was really fun to seeeit. >> revealing secrets from his wildest carpool karaoke yet. >> you want me to kiss and tell, don't you? >> behind the scenes of la la land. the star who taught emma and ryan those sexy dance moves. >> it kind of opened up the whole world to me. >> reese witherspoon gets real about parenting. how she lays down the law. >> i would say if you're not


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