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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  December 13, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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to you. if you are just wake up with us, well, good news, it is a nicer morning today, justin drabick tells us it will feel seasonable, though not foreshock. hello, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. back from vacation. but first here's what you need to start your day in the morning minute. >> president-elect trump is ready to pick an oil executive as his secretary of state. >> rex tillerson, sources close says he plans to announce his choice of rex hiller son this morning. >> need yan bill cosby expected here at the montgomery county courthouse for pretrial hearing today. >> the lowest of the low. >> police asking for the public's help after spring of church burglaries in coatesville. >> the data security breach at quest diagnostic compromised the information of 34,000 people. >> when you put something on line, there is no way to necessarily know the information is protected.
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>> on christmas day, you have a chance to just take a break and relax with the ones you love. >> thank you, santa. >> except for me. because i have to work that day. >> funny, i do too. >> oh, yes, it is a sun day. i was thinking no, i'm off that day. late show host stephen colbert, santa played by good man. >> we'll show you colbert's with the attempt to write the worse christmas carol of all time. >> speaking of good stuff. >> justin, snow moving out. rain moved out? >> right. cold will move in later this week. so yes. >> trying to give you the benefit of the doubt. >> trying to be nice. >> no, no. >> this will be great, best day of the week probably going to be today, typical for mid december, not much happening. we had some clouds over the region, temperatures in the 40's, that's average for this time of year. then things go downhill by thursday, friday, unless you like the cold, love it, like the forecast.
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not much happening center city right now, little cool, 36 at the airport, west wind 7 miles per hour, does feel like 30, when you factor in the breeze. so, there is some windchills out there. even feeling like the low 20's, in some of the colds he is spots with that winds. it is currently 25 in mount pocono. upper 30's, at the shore, around freezing for pottstown, quakertown, and willow grove, 34 in doylestown. storm scan3, nice and quiet do. have mid-high level clouds going on through, won't produce any precipitation going through the day, tonight maybe stray, rain or snow shower, but overall today, partly sunny skies, at or even slightly below average, most skies later overnight chance for shower or flurry in spots. forty-four will do it for the afternoon high, couple degrees warm warmer at the shore, mid 30's for afternoon temperatures, up in the poconos, still pretty seasonable tomorrow. then talk about that arctic air mass, that builds in, for the end of the week, coldest air we've had since last february. we'll let you know when
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arrives coming up in eyewitness weather. meisha, what's happening on the roads? >> good morning to awful you at home. what is happening? looking at right now some construction, on the schuylkill at montgomery drive. it is supposed to clear right around now. looks like crews are still out there. overhead sign maintenance, right lane, open both directions, it looks like on the westbound side, just one lane getting by right now, it was two. take a look at s backups, eastbound at the boulevard, yikes. if you can avoid the schuylkill at montgomery drive, i would say for another 20 minute to 30 minute or so, i'll let you know as soon as it is confirmed, but if you don't wait it out, this is what you will be sitting in. i mean, almost like a wash. you can wait it out at home in the comfort of your home or hit the roadways, sitting in your car. so right now what you are looking at, again supposed to clear little bit ago. still waiting moore to clear. i'll let you know as soon as it does, but take a look at the boulevard southbound. now the westbound side, far right lane, is moving right along going in the westbound side. but in the outer lanes, the far left lane, that's where you are really starting to see
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slow downs as you approach the schuylkill, pushing in the eastbound direction. so it is really starting to back you up basically everywhere. we do not see backups like in in the 5:00 hour on the boulevard pushing southbound unless there is something going on, and there is. so the eastbound side looking right now at the schuylkill. so just heads up on. that will also dealing with some construction in jersey, route 47 northbound closed at route 130, also, 130 northbound at 47. that right lane block there. you can see crews out there, gigantic hole in the ground. heads up, construction this morning, jim, over to you. >> thanks, meisha. happening today, bill cosby heads back to court for his pretrial hearing in norristown. police charged with drugging and molesting former temple university employee at his elkins park home in 2004. several women claim similar accusations against the comedian. and prosecutors want them to testify in the trial. cosby's lawyers dispute their validity, since the women never reported the crimes to authorities. president-elect trump says he's announcing g his choice for secretary every state this morning. sources close to his transition team say he's
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picking exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson. the president-elect was said to be drawn to the idea of having an international businessman serve as the nation's top diplomate. confirmation however will not be easy, his close ties to russia are expected to be a big issue during his senate confirmation hearing. meantime mr. trump tweets that he will leave his businesses before his inauguration on january 20th to president-elect says his sons, don and eric will manage the businesses along with other executives, but he has delayed a news conference scheduled for thursday to discuss his plans for the business empire, any potential conflict every interest. and the election result in pennsylvania are here to stay, with the certification to prove it. the department of state confirmed the results. meanwhile, a federal judge ruled monday against green party request for recount in pennsylvania. claimed there was no reds recall evidence that any hack occurred. >> well, time now 5:35. and in business news this morning, filling the gas tank is apparently taking more out
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of your wallet. >> keep watching wall street. money watch's jill wagner joins us liver from the new york stock exchange, good morning again, jill. >> reporter: good morning, jim, rahel. the dow opens at newspaper record high this morning. its 15th since the election. yesterday the dow rose, the nasdaq fell 32, features reporting hire open again today. gas prices are climbing, the price of oil is rising over the weekend, worlds' top oil producers agreed cut production, triple a said gas cost 20 cents per gallon more than this time last year, could see $3 per gallon by early neck year. another hot commodity, getting cheaper, cocoa futures at three year lows. there has been more rain in west africa, that's where two thirds of the worlds' cocoa is grown, and it has led to plenty of supply. high tech way for parents to find out what their kids really want for christmas. the cloud communication
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company has set up santa phone. so parents schedule a call through the website, the phone rings at pre-arranged time. kids can tell one of santa's help what's they want, the call is recorded and sent to parents emails. jim, rahel. >> that's technology for you. >> i don't understand. why would they send it to the parents? if santa is bringing the toys, why are we get that extra step? >> we'll explain this later, jim. >> if i was going to call myself but then it would come back to me? >> rahel, i think you need to talk to jim. >> it is okay, jill, jim was naught think year, so he's not getting anything anyway. >> santa's help line actually asks kids if they're naughty or nice, also. >> oh, so be honest? it will be interesting for parents to hear what they are kids say. >> i plead the fifth. night full of fashion, food and whole lot of style at philadelphia's style magazine hosed its holiday party. several hundred guests packed into the ritz carlton hotel on the avenue of the arts. guests got a chance to try out
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chef richard santa ball's new restaurant, a camaro. located in the hotel lobby. party goers took in festive cocktails, food off the latin menu, winter issue is now out with model christie brinkly on the cover. >> good restaurant, good food there. well, if you need some last minute ideas to make your house look a little more festive this season, good place to find some inspiration. >> spectacular holiday decorations and dazzling floral displays can be seen all around longwood gardens. "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen is live in kennett square with the details. good morning, patrick. >> reporter: good morning, guys. yes, it is the start the 12 days every christmas, i don't know if you realize, that and to celebrate as such, well, first, i'm wearing my festive red pants this morning, but i'm also here at longwood gardens because they have amazing display, certainly, arouses all. this tree right here, they tell me it is 19 feet high. i feel like it is a little taller than. that will i'm not the one who
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cut it down. i'll go what i know. that here i am talking with patricia evans, good morning, how are you. >> good morning, pat, welcome to longwood christmas. >> thank you for having me. so what's a longwood christmas? >> longwood gardens one of the great gardens of the year. every year we celebrate with a display. for many to come out and see us during the holiday. >> what's that mean for this year? i see this tree here specifically has a bunch of instruments on it? >> yes, every year we change our theme. this year we're going with the sounds of the season as our theme celebrating music, our founder pierre dupont loves perform performing arts, often entertains here in the garren so celebrating the season with the sound of the seasons. >> when got here you told me crazy numbers how many people will come through here. and that means that everyone out there if you are listening you have to get your tickets ahead of time? >> yes, we welcome about 400,000 guests in the garren. so we encourage people to buy their tickets ahead of time at our website. >> what's also impress i have, you guys are working on next
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year right now. >> you can never plan too early. so already working on next year areas display, theme here to work year around getting ready for christmas including our arborist which starts in september putting half million light up outside. >> half million light. that's got to take a little while. >> takes little while. they start in september, finish up in november right before we open. >> that's impressive. what's next year looking like, patricia? can you give us a little sneak peak? >> next we are we open our main fountain garden, so it will be related to that. it will be spectacular. >> trying to put you on the spot there. give us a little bit of the backgrounds of longwood gardens. >> our founder, purchased the property in 1906 to save is a collection every trees being cut for lumber, went about a garden like no other, today the most visited public garden in the u.s. >> absolutely impressive f you're like me, i feel like buddy the elf here when i walk in here, you can smell it, you can see all of the great sites and the amazing tree and in the 6:00 hour, guys, this
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one's about 20 feet high. we have even bigger one we will show you. that's how impress they have place is. >> love longwood gardens. >> is buddy the elf there? >> jim might neat you out there. then i would have to solo the 6:00 half. >> all right, patrick, thank you. he looks like he's having fun. >> he is always having fun. >> after several months out of the public eye, kim kardashian is making a come back. the place where she is now making appearance, just in time for the holidays. >> pay attention if you have power strips in your home to protect against surges, listen up, they may not be enough. the reason consumer experts say you need to invest in something bigger to protect your pricy electronics.
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>> braking news, this bmw, outside temple university hospital. police say the passenger shot in the face during attempted robbery, few blocks away, on broad street near germantown avenue. police tell "eyewitness news" two men were leaving a bar around 4:00 a.m. when the suspects approached them. he fired into the car hitting the passenger, the driver then pulled out his own gun and shot at the suspect. the victim is expected to survive. police are still looking for the gunman. >> well, i have to tell you, kim kardashian is back. she has been out of the
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limelight since being robbed in paris back in october. but now, she's making her return just in time for the holidays. kardashian is love magazine's model for day 12 as in 12 more days until christmas. no surprise here. perhaps. kim appears scantly clad in a new video released by the magazine. the ad was reportedly shot before the robbery and kim's sister, kendel, did her own video for the magazine just last week. i have to tell you two cute little baby pandas at the atlanta zoo now have names. say hello to yaloon and c-moon, named at ceremony yesterday. now chinese tradition says that panda cubs should be named after 100 days to a sure a successful future. the names were chosen from the public by seven pairs of names provided by soot's panda conservation, and the cubs are expected to make their public debut next month. >> i think that's interesting with the naming. i think sometimes parent should wait little while before naming their kids. some of those names i'm
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hearing these days are a little crazy. >> you know what their personality s i named my dog and after two month, you know, he is different. >> i don't know about 100 days, but give it a week or two. just say baby. >> right? >> hey, boy. hi, boy. >> all right. >> hey, weather man. >> what's up guys? not much happening today. nice little break from yesterday's rain, wintery next, enjoy the next new days it, will get colds. >> very cold. >> yes, you will be hearing it is december, supposed to be cold, the coldest since last winter. not much happening this morning, pretty quiet, center city streets, no problems, little breeze to deal with. windchills values down to the 20's, locations actual air temperatures hovering around freezing in a lot of suburbs. on our way up to the 40's today, which is average for this time of year. we check in with wet weather watch they are morning, see what's happening in the backyards, across the delaware valley, all quiet for the most part do. have cooler temperatures north of town. 27 degrees this hour. john jenkins house in perkasie, he's got partly
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cloudy skies. and little bit closer toward the city we go here into philadelphia. right now we will check in here. 36 degrees at john's house here in philadelphia, partly to mostly cloudy skies, little cloud cover moving on n but we stay dry today. over into new jersey, similar numbers, mid 30's, even some low 30's, little bit inland here in the pinelands, mark, he's got 30 at this hour with the mostly cloudy skies. so really temperatures will be all over the place, for the next few days, casino every wild pattern, typical as we head into the winter season. average high of 45. sunday well below that. yesterday we did hit 50 degrees, so pretty good. few areas saw some sunshine. today, tomorrow, four's, look at that, 20's returning for highs, that's it, on thursday, that's about 20 degrees below average by the time we get to the end of the week. clouds streaming in from the south and west, little disturbance out in the ohio valley. could see few snow showers, maybe tonight few spots do get snow or rain shower coming in late this evening, won't amount to anything, no issues on the road, here's what's
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happening. through the day today, filter sunshine, then the disturbance again north of the city, maybe snow shower or two, rain shower in the city on south and east, out of here by tomorrow morning, back to some sunshine for wednesday. cold arctic air, look at that, that's hot pink shows that real cold air moving far south into the mid-atlantic, that's why we are talking about the temperatures into the 20's, that's it for highs. then factor in the wind, starts to move out saturday into sunday. see some warmth returning to the region, with our next storm system, but there could be threat of some snow. thursday, friday, highs in the 20's, feel like single digits, throughout the days, both on thursday and friday afternoon and overnight low down to the single digits. extended forecast enjoy the next next few days in the 40's, could be light snow or rain saturday. meisha? >> i still think every how the out there needs to be built with a sauna. >> sound good. >> yes. international news, that's right. all right, the schuylkill at
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montgomery drive. where we've been watching the construction project all morning long. so what is this? well, overhead sign maintenance here, so it was the right lane, that was open on both sides only. now, intermittent closures, you can see the westbound side, completely stopped right now. and because of these intermittent stoppages, both directions, what we're seeing is some pretty significant backups. here is a look at eastbound at the boulevard. yikes. so, kelly drive, mlk boulevard, probably your next best alternate. if you can, but i say that with hesitance i, because i know the minute i say that everyone's going do that and those are also obviously going to get very slow. so heads up on this. what you are looking at, eastbound boulevard, even this, boulevard southbound, westbound side you are looking okay. but if you look at the far left lane, moving toward the eastbound direction, look at those backups. avoid the area, if at all costs otherwise that's what you will be sitting in, jim, over to you. >> that doesn't sounds good. thanks, meisha. in our digital age many every just a houseful of electronic gadgets running all day long. with they safe if you're home
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experiences a power surge? in this week's angie list report, look at what you can do to prevent your appliances and electronics from getting zapped. >> if you have a houseful of electronics, and you're concerned about a power surge, you may want to invest in hole house purr surge protector, basically will offer you extra layer of insurance above your homeowners insurance. >> surge protection may not be the most exciting home improvement project, but it could pay off. >> for what they do, what they'll save you, the people that have them are glad they do. >> electric can surges happen all the time. they're not something you can control. lightning strikes, cause them to occur, but not the most common cause of electrical havoc. >> all it takes is, you know, someone to hit a telephone pole, a surge can come in that way, can come in your table line consideration come in through your phone line even. so you have got a lot of wires outside. and they're all open to the failure or -- >> not just smart tv's and
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compute their need protection. today you can control your furnace, air-conditioning, lights, plumbing and appliances with smart phone apps. power strips offer some help, but a whole house surge protector may be your best defense. >> electrician can install a mid grade surge protector for just few hundred dollars, hire grade aoun kits cost a thousand dollars or more, but offer more protection. for more information from angie about surge protection devices go, to's list. welcoming up: a star on and off the field. >> we'll take you along as santa, also known as eagles player malcolm jenkins, makes some special deliveries to 100 special families. we w
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> licks brooks and dunn to wake you up this morning. eagles malcolm jenkins spending his time offer the field playing santa for 140 families. >> we joined him as he and the people every his foundation prepared and delivered those meals. >> a mission every our organization, affect, the
5:55 am
opportunities, and experiences . >> and they're hungry. >> we call them gravy, couple of juices. >> if anybody under stands the importance after meal, it is me. >> i'm hangry. when i get angry, i'm annoyed at everybody. >> and of course -- >> the whole thing about the holidays, you want to be around families. >> main thing is that to bring family around, a meal. >> enjoy the laughter, sharing family stories with friends, becomes a tradition. >> to be able to give them a full meal around the holidays, enjoy with their families, take that load off their shoulders. >> have everything put together for a christmas dinner. >> here for 140 families who
5:56 am
may not otherwise have the joy of traditional holiday meal. >> oh, my goodness. >> it makes me proud, just as much as the performance on the fields. >> that is a career, but when it is all done, the legacy and impact we can make in the lives of others will extends far beyond the nfl. >> i've always loved malcolm. i lover his mom. >> and words of which wisdom th, wow. >> holiday shipping deadlines, i'll let you know the latest you can send out your packages to ensure they get to their destination on time. >> and, caught on camera. a thief wearing bucket on his head to hide his identity. but you might be surprised at what he was stealing coming up.
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well, happening today, bill cosby will be back in court in montgomery county. we're live with what his lawyers are trying to limit during his sex assault trial. it is really like the lowest of the low to steel from a churr. >> spring of burglaries in chester county, and searches are the target. what police say they got away
6:00 am
with, plus this. >> president-elect donald trump plans to announce exxon mobile, rex tillerson is his choice for secretary of state. despite concerns about his ties to russia. i'm hena daniels in new york, more on trump's transition to the white house, coming up. >> well, today is tuesday, december 13th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> welcome back, and i'm rahel solomon. out the door with a check on the forecast and the roads with justin and meisha. good morning. >> jim, the question -- >> i did watch you from spain and london. and i would have hidden in you my luggage, but, you know, customs frowns on that. >> i didn't hear yes i missed you. >> good morning, roadways looking good, looking nice and dry. far cry from what we saw yesterday. but lots of construction, particularly the schuylkill, really slowing you down, we will talk about that coming up? quiet, can't complain. i can property my feet up, nice and easy compared to yesterday. isn't it so


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