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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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even the dogs are dressed for the cold today but this is nothing, compared to the deep freeze, and it is about to hit. arctic blast is coming and it could bring some snow showers, long witt. >> and a bitter blast could be a shock to your vehicle, come tomorrow morning, but there are four easy steps to take to get your car winter weather ready. the coldest air of the season is bearing down on us tonight. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. we have live team three coverage of the arctic blast and we will start with justin drabick live on the cbs-3 sky deck, justin. >> it does look like winter arriving about a week early, officially arrives next wednesday morning but we're talking about temperatures more typical for heart of the winter and running 20 degrees below average. to take in the so bad, we were right near average for high temperatures, we will be wishing these temperatures are sticking around, 43 what we made it through airport in philadelphia. thirty-nine in allentown. the here's where we are, right now, 22 mount pocono, around
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philadelphia, upper 30's, mid 30's in wilmington. that arctic air this is here just yet still to the west over ohio valley. arctic trent moving through great lakes right now, it will pass through overnight and wind will kick up, wind speed less than 10 miles an hour but they will start to increase overnight maybe a snow shower in some spots. the arctic front passes by overnight, sets off shore, tomorrow, and core of the cold air settles in, tomorrow into friday with those highs running 20 degrees below average. worst of it is friday morning we will talk about that. now with the cold air leaves this weekend it will still be enough cold air to support some rain. and, hazardous effects on your car. but, we will let you know what we can do to make sure our cars start in the morning. >> reporter: there are people traveling home, going shopping and one of the things that you might want to pick up is little bit of winter blend for windshield washer flute. i got the this for my truck.
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we are embarking on our 12th winter together. couple things you can do to make sure you get home, get to work each day. i got some tips also for your house. >> reporter: deep cold can have dangerous effects on vehicles but here four are things you can do, first check and refill anti trees. >> several different types of antifreeze for different cars, make sure you put factory antifreeze in. >> reporter: cap should say what type, you should buy, second check tires for pressure and tread. >> right here in the door jam of your car we will find where the tire pressure is. quick trick to know your tire depth is to use a penny, and stick it in the tire tread. if it doves lincoln's head you are good. >> reporter: winter windshield washer fluid with deicer and get your battery check or you won't be able to tell it has a bad cell until it ties late. >> you won't know and get stuck somewhere unless you bring tonight to get it checked out. >> reporter: at home here are
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three tips to keep warm and save money: first, replace air filter in your heater so it is not wasting power. >> when it works hard it draws more amps and more power to do the same job. >> reporter: second, decrease thermostat a few degrees by increasing use of the humidifier. >> if you have humidity in the home, turn it on to feel more comfortable. >> reporter: third, consider investing in the programmable thermostat so you are not overheating while nobody is home. some new systems loath you adjust right on your phone. >> you can basically turn your heat, on when you are driving home. >> with any of these tips, better to spend a couple dollars now then spend a lot more later in repairs. live, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> twelve more years. and, of course, on line at cbs investigators say, triggered a manhole explosion and fire in philadelphia's kingsessing neighborhood.
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fire pulled from the manhole at forty-ninth and windsor just before 12:00 this afternoon. those flames, burned two septa workers assessing the situation, their injuries are not considered life threatening, no one else was injured. it it was day two for comedian bill cosby back in the montgomery county courtroom his defense team is fighting prosecution wanting to allow 13 women to testify against cosby at his upcoming trial. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos has been following developments in the past few days and has very latest on where things stand right now. >> reporter: in june of next year bill cosby will either face one sexual assault accuser or he could face 14. judge steven o'neill will deciding whether to allow 13 additional witnesses to testify in what is known as prior bad acts. >> ♪ >> reporter: tuesday's hearing interrupted by choir annual
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choir, but before long it was back to arguments. district attorney kevin steel arguing cosby had a bat earn of bee friending, drugging, sexually assaulting aspiring actresses and models and even telling the judge that the 79 year-old comedian has a lifetime of committing sexual assaults on young women. >> i believe i would be remiss if i didn't thank the individuals that have come forward. they showed great courage. we hope for a favorable ruling from the court. thank you. >> reporter: defense attorney brian mcmonigal argues none of the and andrea constand central accuser who alleged cosby sexually assaulted her at his cheltenham home in 2004. in his count are argument mcmonigal calls 13 allegations of bandaged band wagon of flames put together pandora's box. three women stories do not give specific details or
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dates, and should not aloud as testimony. >> greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". criminal charges have been filed against up land boro councilman edward michiganner. authorities say hitch ellis charge with taking kickbacks, from contracts, and he is also accused of planting hidden cameras in microphones throughout the up land boro building. they say covert video system has been in place for years and the lawyer denies charges. vehicle registration stickers will no longer be required on pennsylvania license late, beginning december 31st. this is all as a result of transportation legislation enacted three years ago. some provisions of which are only taking effect. officials say license plate recognition technology makes registration stickers obsolete. >> and we have a new head foot the ball coach geoff collins. >> 's dressed media earlier today for first time and have
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he spoke one on one with our sports director, don bell. you like him, um. >> a lot of optimism. they feel they will keep this going and we all hope they to text message here, phone nearlye geoff collins and best friend have kept in touch, almost talking daily. that friend, is former temple head coach matt rule. today collins took over for rhule as top man on north broad street, i spoke to jeff right after his introduction and press conference. >> i haven't slept since i got the word, i told the guys right when it was pretty much going to be my job i stayed up all night trying to get the my talk points ready to meet with the team and just to be head coach of this great university, great group of guys, i'm fired up about it. >> in the press conference you said you had six to eight mountain dues just to keep you wired up here and excited about what is going on here today. what is your first move to get ready, the big thing. >> i want to meet with everybody in the building. the meet with the players, even outing seniors, i want to
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find out things that are differentiating factors from everybody else in this league. what makes temple, temple. what has made us win back to back, east championship, made us win conference and then find out what are three things from each kid that we can do to take it to the next level. i think having that insight would be huge. >> what was your major selling point. >> just meeting the people, i know people say that all the time. it is real. i met people here, and, you know, they talk about this great place and then looked in the kids eyes, you can feel it. there is something session here. >> you said touring press conference i found this fascinating that pressure, you embrace pressure, you want pressure in the a lot of people say that, why why is that part of dna. >> that coaching culture within my family, and it is just, i live for competing every single day. if we play madden on ps4, let's go. let's get on the sticks and let's lay. >> ready to roll. >> hey look this is a dream
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come true for collins. he almost choked back tears thanking his wife for her support. together they have a seven in old daughter and today they officially have about 120 sons wearing cherry and white. that is an awesome responsibility. he is ready for it. >> good luck to him. >> welcome coach. welcome indeed. >> thanks, done ton. a santa claus, with a ph, has something up his sleeves. >> what was inside a huge box at philly fanatic delivered to area children today. i don't think anything i'm doggies anything extraordinary to be honest with you. this little boy was beg to differ he is getting free bike for holiday thanks to the hand men as the septa santa. he is delivering 500 bikes so far to deirving youngsters. tori. >> ♪ jingle bells >> reporter: well, truly a miracle on south 13th street, that is right, say hello to the college students from mount aloysius, they didn't know they could do that tonight, anything can happen when it is who will take
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lights. stay tune, to see what will happen next. we will tell you all about it.
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but zzzquil is different have pain medicine because why would you take a pain medicine
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when all you want is good sleep? zzzquil: a non-habit forming sleep-aid that's not for pain, just for sleep. a project put in gear five years ago has cruzed in to a holiday give away for children. >> reporter cherri gregg spent this morning in south philadelphia, where the septa santa is putting smiles on children's faces. chris is a get it done kind of guy. >> i don't think anything i'm doggies anything extraordinary to be honest with you. >> reporter: that was probably true when septa manager decided to refurbish five used bikes five years ago. his friend, threw in their too. >> perfectly frank it took on a life of its own, i found
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myself collecting more and more bikes. >> reporter: fast forward chris brought in 100 used bikes a year, today make 500. thanks to help from family and septa co-workers. >> i take the bike irregardless of what condition it is in. >> reporter: chris fixes the bike and stores them in his backyard. then just before the holidays, he and the family deliver to places like this, where they go to kids in need. >> like a sea of bicycles and every year he has done it. >> as soon as they are all gone from christmas. >> reporter: chris young made sure this gold two wheeler is spoken for because he has plans. >> you do all kind of stuff, stand on the seat, touch the ground. >> reporter: but this chris doesn't do it with a smile. or the thank you. >> they are nice, instead, father of two does it, because they are seeing a need. >> i can never bring enough bikes to satisfy all of the
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kid who could use them. >> but he will keep getting job done n south philadelphia cherri gregg kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". holiday lights are festive. >> vittoria woodill is live on 13th street in south philadelphia, that is quite a display, tori, i have seen that one. >> reporter: it is absolutely remarkable, it blows my mind every single time that i come down south 13th. it is a miracle how 48 houses, get together, every year, this year, actually 100 percent participation from all of the neighbors, that come together, and they deck out the their homes, from top to bottom, but they spare in expense when it is christmas lights and you'll see them twinkle in every single color.
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every home does a little something different too. some homes do like the fresh wreaths, they have the fresh swag and then other homes, you will see a hazing blow up animals and some, menions or santa, beautiful reindeer, colored lights, white lights, a hazing lights, but what is even more amazing you will never necessity who will pop in like on the saturday, sometimes frosty the snow man and santa show up, in south philadelphia. but i'm going to have to, tell perry, that i think in his house, i'm talking to perry, one of the organizers earlier, that i think there is a grin inch his house. perry, i think grinch is stealing your christmas race. i got to go. grinch is upstairs in that house, again, south 13th street visit them on facebook. if you have holiday lights to see, #cbs-3 holiday lights. >> perry, there is a grinch in your room. >> be careful. >> off she goes. >> j.d. is in the the house
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and talking about these temperatures, and everything will just go downhill. >> electric building up, yes. >> that is right. >> temperatures going down. >> officially next wednesday morning so we have another week to go until astronomical winter returns but skiers and riders will love this forecast coming up next few days, resorts loving ideal snow making conditions especially, starting overnight tonight, through. and, three trails opened so far, able to throw down a good base last weekend with those cold temperatures, and a lot of resorts unable to open up, ski season underway. good news there. temperatures right now not too bad, we are heading outside nothing terrible for this time of the night, upper 30's in philadelphia. thirty-six wilmington. the freezing, in allentown. chilly mount pocono 22. leading edge of the arctic air moving in pittsburgh, 24 degrees, 21 in state college. this isn't even factoring in the wind, those winds kick up when that arctic front, passes by, but little breeze, wind
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chills nothing terrible on exposed skin feeling like 31 in philadelphia. thirty-eight wilmington. colder in the lehigh valley. check out these wind chills, minus seven this chicago, minus 18 in minneapolis. poconos could get below zero for wind chills over next 24 hours as that will be the worst of it the but all across delaware valley to get down to the single digits for wind chills. cloud rolling in heavy arctic front snow showers with the lake, make it in the delaware valley overnight with that front. here comes wind, by early thursday morning sustained 15 to 20 miles an hour gusting to three to 40 during the afternoon. wind energy finally relaxes for friday, some relief, if you want to call it relief for friday afternoon but still down right cold. here are wind chills forecast, tomorrow morning waking up could feel like single digits, lehigh valley, berks county, interior south jersey, as cold as 10 degrees around philadelphia, wilmington and even through afternoon there
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is no change single digit wind chills to the teens and then again friday morning, brutally cold air in place, painfully cold with these single digit wind chills. then the weekend cold air starts to move out but next storm system moves in. initially enough cold air in lays to see light snow developing, early saturday morning, changing to freezing rain before we see change over to lane rain as this cold air moves out, by the side, and ice accumulations expected through the region for the first half of saturday. overnight not much happening, cloud a to showers, south jersey, during the day thursday, flurry or two in just some spots friday try and midnight saturday morning initially light snow arrives then we will get that warm air in here and we will change over to ice and rain throughout the morning. snowfall amounts, usually, typical lays easily high valley, poconos best shot to see high amounts, these numbers change, early in the game here. it depend how fast that cold air moves out. overnight, mostly cloudy, 24
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for the low temperature, again, wind chills during the take thursday, single digits and teens, actual air temperatures gets up to 27. 20 degrees below average. here is that extended forecast, nice, quiet, thursday, try, sunshine and cloud, just cold, and then in the weekend saturday morning, that is what we will watch out the for potential for snow and treeing rain, eventually change to go rain but look at how fast, that cold air gets out of there, 40's saturday. fifty's on sunday. big rise in the form of some rain. >> that is okay. >> not fast enough. >> yes. >> thanks, buddy. >> you're back with more. >> smoldering hot team this colorado, flyers looking to make it ten straight. we know why eagles guard brandon brooks has missed two of the last three games. we will tell you why next in
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don's joining us now and this is a mystery, solved. >> yes, mystery solved. >> yes. >> serious issue too. >> yes. eagles guard brandon brooks has missed two of the last three games, reason why has been a mystery until right now. brooks has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder that causes him to be violently ill for about 24 hours. he is now seeing a psychologist and he is taking medications, but it takes time for medicine to kick in. he believes that the illness has caused him to miss two games while a member of the houston texans. >> i cannot emphasize it enough, it is not nervousness or fear, i love the organization. the organization has been great, they are supporting me with this, the head coach, my position coach, howie, i will make it through, i will be owe kay. nothing i'm ashamed of. >> brooks hopes to play sunday at baltimore and speaking of the ravens joe flacco/carson wentz comparison will be made all week long. first guy from division one
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double a programs, flacco went to delaware, we all know that around here. went to north dakota state but joeys a super bowl winning quarterback and doug pederson is well aware of his talent. >> joe throws the deep ball extremely well, very accurate with the deep pass, and he is another one that can get the ball out extremely fast, he can set his feet and get the ball out. >> game starts at ten because orange and black looking for their tenth straight win. the flyers are on a incredible tear during their current streak. they have out scored their opponent 32-19, last time they won ten straight guys, three decade ago. >> wow. >> um-hmm. >> how about them fly guys good how about that. >> one other nugget, avalanche have lost five straight at home. >> yes. >> so the streak hopefully will continue. >> let's make it history. >> thanks, buddy, appreciate it. >> santa claus is very busy
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this time of the year and today he supplies a bunch of very special children we will show you more on the other side.
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zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. you can help spread holiday joy with our joy of sharing toy fest just buy a new unwrapped toy and bring it to our studios, tuesday december 20th, we're located at 1555 hamilton street in
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philadelphia, we will start taking those toys at 6:00 a.m., we will be here all the way until 8:00 so you have all day to help make holidays, merry for children in need in our area, toys will be given to the salvation army, boys and girls club and uso. a certain green someone advised kid at pal center tonight and it wasn't the grinch. >> cool mule with santa claus, it is all part of the philly's police athletic league holiday party for children of south philadelphia. local pal officers, representatives from the phillies and santa delivered gifts from their july toy drive, toy noted from phillies tans. phillies also donated a $10,000 check to officially, adopt, the ford pal center. pal getting it done over years, doing a great job. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we are back at ten on our sister station cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next tonight, president-elect's children are playing an active role in his transition, will they be part of his administration.
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scott pelley next, take care family, see you >> pelley: cyber war, how russian hackers crashed the democratic party. >> you were up against two adversaries. it wasn't just drum. it was also the russians. >> pelley: also tonight, the syrian ceasefire collapses. assad's bombing resumes. civilians are trapped as the world watches. four years after sandy hook, a video designed to head off another tragedy. >> they're saying i should have been able to recognize the signals that the kid was giving. >> pelley: and we'll remember one of the tv fathers we knew best. ♪ don't waste another minut captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs eni


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