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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 21, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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anybody, yeah, 29 degrees is current temperature at this point outside palmyra cove nature park, it is not as harsh as yesterday, at 29, we are getting five or six more degrees, and not terribly freezing either. very modest, barely noticeable breeze out of the west or southwest and we will see it change as this is a live observation we are taking here but off in the distance we will see sky line, bank of clouds overhead but it is not really too low to the ground. you have very good visibility and that goes for the entire region not just across the river. looking at storm scan yeah quite a few cloud. we don't worry about this being a sign of anything yet to come. just some cloud. we are generally going to end up with quiet weather, not just today but for many days yet to come. currently standing at 29 degrees at the airport. there are a couple odd balls where it is colder then other places like allentown. any clearing that you see out there will allow to you cool down that much more efficient
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ly but as day progresses i expect mid 40's, with more sun then anything. we will see a few more cloud near mountains 41 under partly sunny skies but quiet, that is key here and that is a theme as well for many taste yet to come, meisha. >> all right, that sound great good morning. happy wednesday. so talking about 40's and 50's , that is nice. looking at roadways right now we were just talking about looking nice, dry, doesn't mean it will not look good today. we know it will. would i recommend give yourself a to extra minutes. this is what we are looking at construction, you can see we have lost that far left lane, both sides south and northbound around cottman that can slow us down, regardless of trying conditions. so right the now this is what we're working with you can see early neighbors, looking good, just as it should and vine is now opened both moving in the west and eastbound direction. for those on the vine, we have got thumbs up. we are looking good there. construction shoot 41 southbound ramps to 195 north,
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closed until now and i'll confirm it right around that area 59 north between 141 and mlk boulevard, two left lanes are block until 5:00. that should lift sometime soon we have more to talk about on the pennsylvania turnpike coming up in a little bit, jim and rahel back to you. new this morning a man is gunned down in a park car in west philadelphia. >> police are on the hunt for a gunman. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live near the scene, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim. unanswered questions at this point police do not know identity of the suspect nor a motive but this definitely appears to be a targeted act. look down the street here where this happened, police had mostly cleared up the scene just minutes ago before you came to us, a tote truck just towed that cara way that was involved but take a look at this video there earlier this morning. this happened just after 1:00 a.m. when police received a call about a man shot on 51st near market. officers arrived to find a man in his 20's or 30's sitting in the driver seat of the the black 2015 toyota camry park
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with the engine running. again, multiple gunshot wound to the head and was pronounced dead on the scene. chief inspector scott small tells me that the gunman fired at least five shots with the semiautomatic weapon. >> it appears that the shooter , opened the passenger door and fired several shots into the car strikes the victim in the head who was sitting in the driver's seat. >> back out here live, promising sight for investigators here, multiple cameras on this particular block, police cameras as well as private cameras from area businesses. now police have not yet identified the victim but they say that the car he was in was registered to another person. for now we are live from west philadelphia i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jim and rahel back to you. >> hopefully those cameras help. indeed. not far from there police say robbery was a mote any of another deadly shooting near 60th anal mond street in south philadelphia. police say the victim was shot
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around several times around 1:00. he was rushed to the hospital but it was too late. police say video from nearby surveillance cameras will be turned over to homicide investigators. one person dead and another injured in bucks county after a fatal crash in croyden. chopper three over the scene at river road and first avenue last night. two vehicles collided in bristol township causing an suv to overturn. two people inside were eject. the cause of the fiery crash is unknown. an investigation is underway into last night's fire at peddler's village in bucks county. >> fire damaged a building with two businesses inside, the nut kettle and saint jude 's store. fortunately it to not spread, and fire fighters had it under control in 20 minutes. no one was hurt shoppers say timing is horrible with just days before christmas left. >> hate to see a business catch on fire this time of the year, lose all have the of the business to complete the year. it is a shame. >> i grew up in this area i have lived here for over 40 years. peddler's village is a big
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thing for our family. >> peddler's village will open for business, as usual, this morning. well, incredible new video this morning shows a car get plane, moments before it crashed, now this all happened in the columbia town near the boarder with venezuela. take a look, the cargo plane which is a 727, can be seen narrowly missing a fence and bystanders as it struggled to take off. plane would crash moments later, and fifth six crew members were killed. the cause of the crash is under investigation. meanwhile authorities in mexico, still don't know what triggered a deadly explosion in a fire works market, now this blast, killed at least 29 people, and injured 72 more, in the market. some of people hurt were burned over 90 percent of their bodies. time of the blast market was crowded with shoppers, buying fire works for the holidays.
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meanwhile in the german capitol berlin is in a state of mourning after a truck attack on christmas market, reeves 12 dead and nearly 50 injured. isis is now claiming responsibility for the attack. cbs news correspondent brooks silva-braga has the very latest. >> reporter: berlin's iconic gates lit up, germany's black, red and gold last night as mourners paid tribute to the victims of the christmas market attack. memorial tuesday, the city's mayor says such violence is meant to spread fear, and hate but we cannot end, must not answer hate with hate. nearby authorities kept their focus on finding the person who used an 18 wheeler as a weapon monday searching the spot where the truck was last seen park. investigators believe that the highjackers are armed and body of the truck's driver was found shot and stabbed in the passenger seat. this man at christmas market at the time still just cannot shake what she saw. >> it is a place where
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families go, and children and i remember all these people. >> reporter: authorities launched crucial time when they arrested but later released a pakistani asylum seeker on the basis of the incorrect eyewitness report. shortly thereafter isis claimed responsibility calling the true assailant a solder, who carried out the attack in response to calls to target citizens of the coalition. the news prompted one american tourist to cut his trip to berlin short. >> we were lanning to stay long. we don't feel safe. >> reporter: back in the u.s. law enforcement stepped up patrols in christmas markets and major cities. officials say there is in specific or credible threat to the u.s. brooks silva-braga for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". happening today a preliminary hearing this is suspect in the deadly hit and run that killed a little girl in overbrook. investigators say 24 year-old paul wood land struck and killed eight year-old jayanna powell as she walk home from school at 63rd and lansdowne last month. police arrested wood land earlier this month after
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investigators found the heavily damaged car at a body shop in frazier, chester county. also in court for their preliminary hearing today two women charged in connection with the robbery at a bucks county pizza shop. investigators say robin soto and chastity ramos served as look outs during a robbery at this pizza and pasta restaurant last month in levittown. police say soto is mother of the two robbery suspects and ramos is a pregnant girlfriend of one of them. customer shot both suspects, one died at the scene. well, still ahead mayor jim kenney dressed up as an elf. >> also ahead, air traffic controllers error that could have caused catastrophic result, hear dramatic moments of a jumbo set is sent in the flight path of another plane. and also ahead check out this spectacular display in what is even better, you can control lights we will tell you how next.
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we're learning an air traffic controller made a mistake last friday that could have been catastrophic. >> passenger jet leaving los angeles was sent in the wrong direction that is moment air traffic controller, realized mistake and air boeing 777 bound for
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tie one was on a potential court with the a air canada 767. both had taken off on a stormy night with low visibility. faa is now investigating. bridget kelly and bill baroni are seeking a new trial in the george washington bridge lane closing case. former allies of the governor chris christie argued jurors acted improperly. they claim some your or but not all deliberated on a day when judge ordered them not to deliberate. the jury quick baroni and kelly and plot to orchestrate traffic jams to punish a mayor who didn't endorse governor christie. the governor was not charged. back by popular demand mayor jim kenney stopped by franklin square dressed as buddy elf. >> mayor came together with mark squilla as you can see there dressed as sanity, kicked off the 5:00 p.m. news. >> katie's having a ball there >> kick off the 5:00 p.m. electrical spectacle. holiday lights show features 50,000 lights, choreographed
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to music, kenney and squilla have dressed up as two characters since the inaugural year in 2013. >> you have to give them credit. good sports for doing that especially the mayor. >> they look good. >> it looks like herbie the dentist. >> my gosh, i just love that. >> that is my favorite. >> yes. >> santa claus is coming to town. >> all right. >> i know a lot of people have been dreaming have of white christmas. binge cosby puts everybody in that mood but in white christmas in this year. the official national weather service definition you want a inch of snow on the ground, throughout the course of the december 25th. so some of you up near mountains you may actually officially end up with that especially near ski resorts or at resorts themselves. rest of us, it is looking too mild. one of those spots is at the
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shore certainly. in ocean city at cape may county things are very tranquil this morning. the that is general theme, for the next couple of days, i do think we have to end up, and wet weather. and, and, it is rest of the forecast, the only other theme we will find is a gradual warming trend. for now as we take a quick peak at storm scan three, we have cloud cover, we will call it partly to mostly sunny throughout the day. this is not a sign of anything yet to come but just a bank of cloud cover and that is it. expect quiet weather, own overall a very typical pattern here. we will find temperatures in the mid 40's throughout the next few taste, a little here, and there we will see ebb and flow but look at what happens toward end of the week specifically on christmas. you can see how these colors lift off to the north, jet stream lifts to the north allows that warmth to build north as well and that is of
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course reflect in the temperature increase. throughout our sunday and even monday into tuesday. there will be a better chance for wet weather and that comes next week but right now, yeah, average probability for white christmas in these parts it is not terribly high. we are at 20 percent or lower. certainly now that the card are lining up and we know what we are facing it will in the happen this year in philadelphia at least but we have pretty low odds to begin w with that said the one day forecast is very tranquil. we will not have a lot of snow for the holiday. we will have quiet weather. watch for shower here on saturday, so for christmas eve services, anything like that we are not talking about a wash out but something that might force to you flip windshield wipers once or twice. for christmas itself, ho, ho, ho we have sunshine and high of 50. >> katie, do you wish you were having a white christmas. >> i always do, christmas music puts new that mood. >> it does. >> i wish we could have it all , 50's and snow.
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>> all right. >> good morning, everybody. we're talking about this the water main break that actually happened yesterday on columbus boulevard near queen street. so the whole road was closed, you are having to navigate around, i thought leaving work and i got to tell you it was a absolute mess. good news now you have one lane opened, all of that water from that water main break splashing up and then freezing over, just making it a very slippery situation. it is still slippery, hence the fact that why we only have one lane opened. heads up, don't get around here if you can but ramp closed, to the boulevard that has since reopen. then we are looking at boulevard moving in the southbound direction toward schuylkill, this is what we are looking at fairly typical, for a wednesday morning, we know it will get busy but right now would i say, it is more on the quiet end. then new jersey 42 freeway north bound at creek road, first look approaching 295 you can see it, how many of your neighbors and family members are out the there right now. looking good. would i say, a little headlights out there quicker than boulevard but we are
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still looking good there. then we're talking about construction this morning heads up we have a lot of it out there. ninety-five northbound from 141 northbound and mlk boulevard. that has cleared. another one just cleared pennsylvania turnpike westbound between fort washington and norristown cleared as well. we will talk more in 15 minutes. rahel, back to you. we will see you then, meisha. now for a look at newspaper headlines across the region. >> on the cover of the trenton ian a retired amtrak supervisor admitted to soliciting and accepting $7,000 from items from a vendor as a reward for spending $185,000 while he was a building and bridges supervisor. sixty-eight year-old lewis, of fair less hills faces ten years in prison when he is sentenced march 27th. from the news journal a quick thinking smyrna high school senior using chr to save the life have of the child. teresa was having run watch her sister at chick-fil-a when she saw a toddler was
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struggling to breathe. she performed cpr and others called 911. >> you go, teresa lynn. from the times herald the thompson family of norristown moved in their new house just in time for the holidays all thanks to the collaborative efforts of the habitat for humanity in montgomery county, dow chemical company and many other local partners and volunteers. great for the holidays. >> wonderful. that is a look at newspaper headlines across the delaware valley. so how is this for a bright idea a ohio man has come up with a man for you, to control, his christmas lights. >> there is very bright, this is what the display looks like outside tom hanna's home near akron. he has spent last few years programming different animation options for his lights. anyone can log on to his web site and change the way the lights look. give it a shot we have put the link up on cbs it seems like he has a lot of time on his hand but no judgment. up next, pat's here with
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sports. >> good morning, guys. could sixers figure of the one of the best big man in the nba once again. we hear from lane johnson, following his suspension, and who wants to dance? well, this lady does, we will tell you why she's so excited, coming up next in sports. look at those moves.
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and the eagles have a prime time game this week. >> and the flyers are in prime time tonight, pat gallen is here with sports, busy, busy time. >> it is always so busy are we still talking with the eagles. >> of course, we have to. >> i still do. >> it has been two months since you worn that thing. >> yes. >> well, wells fargo center should be rocking when alex ovechkin and washington capitols come to south philadelphia. both teams are one and two in the wild card race and both
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teams hot. flyers won eight out of ten while caps won six of seven. how about hoops? big, big man match up last night at well with joel embiid facing anthony davis and new orleans pelicans. sixers down six. ad, takes the feed from tim frazier, right there for stuff pelicans out scored innings is ers 42-21. that is nerlens noel he enters he had just four points and three rebound in seven minutes too much ad, 31 points, 16 rebound, pelicans would beat up on the sixers as we see right here, with that jumper 108-93. sixers will finish out on a four game trip out west, playing in phoenix on friday night. been a to weeks on vacation and takes a while to get back in the grew for lane johnson he has no choice but to shake cobwebs right away because he is starting tomorrow night against giant. johnson served his ten game suspension for pest continuing
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positive for a banned substance. he wasn't even allowed to visit novacare complex during those ten weeks. johnson says he will no longer take supplement and regrets missing most of the season. >> it is on my mind all the time even now with the team. i feel like a lot of things could have happened differently with the season. i'm not saying one player can do that much but i feel like i could have help the team in good ways. for now on, no more strikes. it will bring the best out of me as a player and hopefully as a person. >> eagles cornerback jaylen mills spoke to the media after sunday's loss after ravens in baltimore. one of his answer got an interesting response from his defensive coordinator. mills told reporters he didn't like defensive called when they gave up a 34-yard touchdown at end of the first half. jim schwartz had a little chat the with the haven't round pick. >> i'm going to take ear piece out of jordan hicks head and put tonight yahlen so he can
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approve of every call that we make from now on. i love the hell out of that kid, i really do. he is a competitor. but there is a lot of calls you would like to have back. the call wasn't the issue. it was the execution of the call. he understands that. he knows. >> you got the to love that sarcasm. pro bowl rosters are out and jason peters makes the team for the ninth time. defensive lineman fletcher cox make his second straight trip but he was advised. game is january 29th at citrus bowl in orlando. phillies are more than a month away from clearwater but they are making moves. phillies traded minor league infielder for two time all-star right-hander clay buchholz, he was eight-ten last season. the 32 year is in the final year of his contract and he could be a trade chip at the deadline. golden state warriors are 25-four after last night's 30-point win over the jazz and that is enough to make think one dance. this is robin shriver of redwood city, california.
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the she's a big warriors fan who has been seen, busting out moves in the stand all season. she became so popular she was asked to do a routine with the cheer leaders in her patented holiday a tire. not going to lie, those are some solid mom moves right there. >> would i give her a high school. >> look at the enthusiasm. >> not bad. >> you know is what funny, everybody has mock her. she's just a dancing mom but she has her rhythm, she's on beat. >> i love that. >> that is not that bad. >> you have rhythm and your own beat. >> only people that wok mock her are people that can't dance. we all know you can dance. >> yes. >> i got the moves. >> yes. >> like jagr. >> yes. >> are you getting anxious about finishing your holiday shopping, coming up next hour how signing all those gifts is being compared to running a marathon. okay, i don't know about that. also ahead a holiday
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headache your amazon package may not make tonight time for christmas. the find out is what behind the last minute delays. >> ♪ do you remember richard marx famous love song singer from the late 80's? he is being credited doing something pretty brave when an unrulely passenger roughed up a flight attendant stick around to hear this one, katie and jim, the weekend, of course, marks the holiday here and christmas eve does feature potential for a shower in our area but christmas itself, clouds, sunshine and actually temperatures that will be moderating up, so another mild for standard holiday is in store we're talking 50 degrees and that is a trend that continues which we will talk about i have the
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it is officially time to say good bye to fall, winter arrives with a little bit of the warm up. that is coming, but not today though. it is coming at some point in the near future. good morning everyone i'm rahel solomon. aim jim donovan. forecast in just a minute but first here's a what you need to know to start your day in your morning minute. >> deadly ambush leaves a man dead in west philadelphia. >> it is 51st street here still p


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