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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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an eye on things. >> good morning, happy wednesday, happy friday for rahel and i. >> yeah, okay, whatever. >> happy hump day. >> we know they will miss us. >> of course they are. >> road are looking good, dry but it is chill think morning, katie. >> absolutely, but not the as cold as yesterday. >> yes. >> but we mentioned first day of winter, exactly 16 minutes ago, winter solstice took effect and that means it is shortest amount of daylight we will have the entire year, just over nine hours of daylight and that is all you get here, guys but silver lining there is that with every passing day there this point forward we will tack additional seconds on today light. this is my mother-in-law's favorite day of the year because she likes signal of the longer days and that is what you have today. we have got cloud out there right now, not a sign of anything yet to come, but just cloud, but it is helping to limit amount of cooling that
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we had yesterday. still in the 20's in most locations. don't get me wrong we need heavy coat the but no noticeable breeze in most spots, it is just chilly outside. you will find that sunshine throughout the day. temperatures hid mid 40's, and more sun then others but we will call it, overall partly to mostly sunny day out there for entire region. this is a very quiet day and it looks like a very quiet pattern just moving forward. but look at where we came there, guys. we hit 34, both monday and tuesday, today we are back into much more typical territory mid 40's and that trend continues. but, come christmas weekend, some new changes are on the way and that has come in the form of the warm front or warming trend, we will let you know how warm, for christmas day. >> i like the sound of that, all right, thank you so much for that. good morning. what we are looking at right now is video from last night water main break that happened yesterday columbus boulevard southbound near queen street all of those lanes were block,
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as that water came up, froze, and then made for slick conditions. good news is it is no longer closed. we will see live shot but cars are going through on one lane, two lanes block, so lets go to that live shot and show you what it looks like right now. you can see these two lanes block pushing over to the left it still looks slick. i will still take it easy, void the area, especially pushing more toward hour of our rush hour but right now it is looking quiet, just take it slow around there. ramp, i-95 to columbus boulevard is also cleared. we have debris in the road schuylkill eastbound ramp to spring garden street that has been since clear. we have debris here, 295 southbound before wood crest station is pulled out to the shoulder. then we have a couple accidents wyndmoor, cheltenham avenue at the pennsylvania on road and souderton broad street at school lane, jim and rahel, back to you. police are trying to solve murder mystery in west philadelphia. >> officers find a man shot to death behind the wheel of the car, "eyewitness news"
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reporter trang do is live at 51st and market to bring us up to speed, good morning, trang. >> good morning, rahel and jim scene here is now cleared but detective have a lot of work to do as they still do not have a suspect, nor do they have a motive at this point but this appears to have been a targeted act. lets look at video from this morning just after 1:00 a.m. police get the call about a man shot on 51st street, near market, office's arrived to find a man in his 20's or 30's sitting in the driver's seat of the black 2015 toyota camry which was parked with the engine running. he had multiple gunshot wound to the head and medics pronounced him dead on the scene. chief inspector scott small tells me that the gunman fired five shots with the semiautomatic gun. >> it appears based on the five shell casings that the shooter was in close proximity to the victim and was firing from point blank range and due to the the fact that this victim was hit multiple times in the head and it appears he
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was intended target. >> there are a number of police and private cameras on both end of this block of 51st street that detectives hope will help them identify their shooter. at this point they are not identifying victim but they say that the car he was sitting in was registered to someone else. for now we are live, i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" >> thanks, trang. not far from there two and a half miles away near 60th, almond in south philadelphia a deadly shooting overnight. in this case man was shot several times in the chest and abdomen. police say robbery have been the motive. right now they are reviewing video from nearby surveillance cameras. in bucks county one person is dead and another injured after a fiery crash in croyden two vehicles collided at river road and first avenue last night. chopper three above the scene where officials say that the crash, caused an suv to overturn, two people inside were eject, victim's names have not been released. causes unknown.
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investigators want to necessity how fire that happened in peddler's village happened last night in bucks county last night flames tore through a building with two businesses, the nut kettle and saint jude's store. fire fighters had blaze under control in 20 minutes and it did not spread to other merchants, the timing, however , was just days until christmas could not have been worse. >> i grew up in this area lived here for over 40 years, so peddler's village is a big thing for our family. >> hate to sees a business catch on fire this year, as they typically to. it is a shame. >> no one was hurt and it is important to know other stores in peddler's village are opened for business, as usual today. a video this morning shows cargo plane trying to take off right before it crash. take a look. the boeing 727 was trying to take off from the colombian town near boarder with venezuela. it can be seen narrowly missing a fence and some people nearby as it struggled to take off. plane would crash moments
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later. five crew members were killed and a sixth crew member is now hospitalized. still no word what triggered an explosion that ripped through a fire works market north of mexico city killing 29 people and hurting many more. some of those hurt were burned over 90 percent of their bodies. at the time of the blast the market was crowded with shoppers, buying fire works for the holidays. in berlin isis claims responsibility for hon's attack on a christmas market. the german capitol is in a state of mourning after a truck is used as a weapon to kill 12 people and injured close to 50. cbs news correspondent brooks silva-braga has more on the tragedy in berlin. >> reporter: berlin's brand evenberg gate lit up, germany 's black, red and gold as mourners paid tribute to the victims of the christmas market attacks. at a memorial tuesday the city 's mayor says such
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violence is meant to went fear and hate but we cannot and must not answer hate with hate , nearby authorities kept their focus on finding the person who used an eight wheeler as a weapon on monday. searching the spot where the truck was last seen park. investigators believe the high jacker is arm, body of the truck homeless driver was found hot and stabbed in the passenger suit. this woman at the christmas mark at the time cannot shake what she saw. >> it is a place where families go and children. i remember all these people. >> reporter: authorities lost crucial time yesterday when they arrested but later released a pakistani asylum seeker on the basis of an incorrect eye witt these report. shortly thereafter isis claimed responsibility calling the true assailant a solder, who carried out the attack in response to calls to target citizens of the coalition. news prompted one american tourist to cut his trip to berlin short. >> we were planning to stay
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longer in germany. we don't feel safe. >> reporter: back in the u.s. law enforcement tend up patrols at markets and major cities, officials a there is no specific or credible threat to the u.s. brooks silva-braga for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back at home, and happening today a priest limb nature i hearing foreman charged this is deadly hit and run of the little girl in overbrook. investigators say 24 year-old paul wood land struck and killed eight year-old jayanna powell she walk home at 63rd and lansdowne last month. police arrested him earlier this month after invest investigators found a heavily damaged car at a body shop in chester county. also in court, two women charged in connection with the robbery in the bucks county pizza so investigators say robin soto and chastity ramos served as look outs during the robbery at this pizza and pasta shop in levittown last month. police say soto is mother of the two robbery suspects and ramos is the regnant girlfriend of one of them. the customer shot both suspects, one died at the scene. well, dental patients in
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pennsylvania could be at risk for infection, coming up what was found inside the dentist office. plus a former reality tv star found murdered? find out who police say confessed to killing her. and a rare deep water shark is caught on cameras for the very first time, that is coming up next. it does seem like just yesterday that it was cold, right, well, yes. but today is actual official first day of winter, katie has your forecast and whether we will have a white christmas when we come right back.
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welcome back everyone. the pennsylvania department of health is warning patients of the center for family and specialty dentistry in reading officials say they should get tested for hepatitis b, hepatitis c and hiv. an investigation revealed infection control procedures at berks county office were inadequate. health department says procedures to properly clean, difficulties infect or sterilize devices were not followed between december 19th 2015 and october 19th, 2016. well, take a look at this you are looking at footage of the so-called ghost shark for the very first time. it was caught on a deep sea camera off the coast of california by researchers from themont ray bay aquarium. the species has never been spotted present in the western hemisphere. it is called a goes shark because of its blue/gray skin color just in case plane old sharks weren't scary enough.
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>> yes. >> ghostly, ghoulish. >> i got jaws music playing in my head right now. >> i wouldn't want to be anywhere near a body of water right now because it is cold out. >> unless you are doing a polar plunge you will not go in the ocean. it is awfully cold. >> exactly. >> now guys, we are exactly 29 minutes past the time that winter ol stays actually took place, quick explanation in case you are not sure what that means. on december 21st this happens every single year the sun hits 23.5 degrees south, so it hits the tropic of capry corn, in other woods it is at its lowest point that you'll find, throughout the entire year. just because of the way the earth rotates on it toss this is when you get shortes amount of daylight. today marks shortest day we will have the entire year. with time, that, that sun's angle will lift, further north
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and we will hit the vernal equinox, in other word, beginning of the spring, when it hits equator and june 21st we are back to summer again. so that change goes on every single year, and here we sit, at coldest time typically of the year and the shortest amount of daylight to go and that is why we seas opposite change. storm scan is quiet. we will not find major storm systems anytime soon, couple hours christmas eve which we will get to. we have an eagles game in the meantime and insuring is in town taking on our eagles here on thursday evening. so 38 degrees, chilly, granted but it has been a lot harsh then that in recent days. you may remember, who can forget at this point how warm it was last christmas? christmas eve topped off at 71 . the christmas day we flirted with 70. who does that? pennsylvania this time of the year. but we did it. we will not be quite that warm but it will be above average. reason why this is important is last december we fell below freezing mark twice. we have already done it nine
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times so far this year. during month of december. so dramaticallitive rent but still above average. come christmas partly sunny high of 50, normal high, meisha, only 43. we will over achieve this year >> i don't think many people will complain about that, katie, thanks very much. good morning. happy wednesday to you. looking outside right now, still just taking a peak at construction 95 south at cottman far left lane is block , you can see as well but primarily that southbound side that i keep my eye on. we are starting to heat up. we are seeing brake lights go off there as well, overall right now i will say we are looking okay, december site the fact that we have lost that far left lane but just keep your eye on it because we will slow you down considerably. then also tacony palmyra bridge is opening around 6:10. head up to those taking the bridge. i want to call your attention to the water main break, columbus boulevard near queen street two right lanes are block but i want to let you know crews are going out there the at 9:00 a.m. to repair the
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water main break. because of that columbus boulevard southbound will be closed between 95 and queen, again, it was yesterday i saw it leaving work. it was a mess, very, very busy ramps for i-95 on to columbus boulevard will be also closed. we will talk about this coming up in a little bit but first we will take a quick break stay right where you are
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now for a look at newspaper headlines across our region. >> from the cover of the delaware county times a pair of economic analyst say taxing the rich would help pay down pennsylvania's deficit. or more specifically have the rich pay more. fair share tax land find those at lower end of the economic spectrum or income spectrum pay a higher percentage in taxes while those at the top pay significantly less. burlington county time cinnamon son's board of education approved 2017/18 calendar yesterday, without reinstating the jewish holidays. current calendar was first to remove rosh horn shan, yom kippur and some parents wanted to add them back. superintendent says district has few jewish teacher and students then in years past. fifth graders at neshaminy 's middle school held their inaugural, senior sweara yesterday, 250 area are sit tens, were treated to holiday music, food,
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conversation and hugs. the wide gap in their ages seem to melt away, like an ice sickle in the midday sun. >> what a picture. >> that ace look at some newspaper headlines around the delaware valley. and back by popular demand mayor jim kenney dressed as buddy elf. >> that is mayor kenney with councilman squilla addressed as santa as they kick off electrical spectacle at franklin square with the help of lucky young guest. holiday light show featured 50,000 lights choreographed to the music. kenney and squilla have dressed up as two characters instant is is the show's inaugural year in 2013. holidays can be stressful foods to add to your die tote reduce your stress. and admitting a mistake that nearly sent a jumbo jet on the collision course. hear dramatic air traffic control tape and find out who is to blame, up
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welcome back everyone. the weekend, of course, marks our holiday as well and it does appear as though we could end up with a shower on christmas eve especially. say mainly p.m. hours. quiet for christmas day. no white christmas this year but it is turning milder and you can expect some sunshine. more later on, guys, back inside to you. in california police say male nursing student has confessed to killing a former
6:24 am
reality show contestant. lisa marie a 36 year-old registered nurse and former bridal plasty contestant went missing sunday morning after partying with friend. investigators say security captured her leaving bar with her nursing student jackie jerome rodgers. but she they ever made it home >> he was somehow infactuate rated or in love with my sister and my sister didn't take notice of his answers, and because of that, he became upset, and hit her with a blunt object. >> her body was found in rodgers home, rodgers is currently being held on two held bail. faa is investigating a near miss after air traffic controller sent a jet from los angeles international airport into the path of another plane
6:25 am
that is moment air traffic controller realized the mistake and e va air boeing 777 bound from tie one was on a collision course with air canada 767, both had just taken off from los angeles during a storm with low visibility. we're getting our first look at new cheetahs at a netherland zoo. >> young cats are sextuplets. six cubs are four females and two heals. it is very rare but their mom, named nadia has given birth to sextuplets both times she has had babies. experts say they look alike right now but in a few months their hashing will be distinc tive, no word on their names. >> meisha want to take them home i'm sure. >> they are so precious. coming up on "eyewitness news", the obama's make a huge move before making office. plus this... >> are we doing a good job with our cabinet and our people. >> president-elect donald trump makes history, find out what makes his administration
6:26 am
stand out. and more on the massive explosion at a fire works market in mexico. meisha? >> oh, jim something about those cheetahs but we will talk about the schuylkill, an accident, ramp to 202 but that is in the all we have more to discuss, water main breaks, we have more accident, all that coming up but first we will take a quick break. stay right where you are, cbs-3 "eye
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good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. it is 6:30. the here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> a man is gunned down in the parked car in west philadelphia. many unanswered questions at this point police do not know identity of the suspect nor a motive.
6:30 am
catch on fire this time of the year, it is a shame. >> investigators are trying to pinpoint what sparked a fire at peddler's village in bucks county. authorities in mexico still don't know what triggered a deadly explosion in the fire works market. blast killed at least 29 people, and injured 72 more. berlin is in the state of mourning after a truck attack, 12 dead and nearly 60 injured. isis is claiming responsibility for the attack. it has this kind of power what chance to we have. >> and that was rogue1 break ing record, it helped disney become first studio ever to earp $7 billion in ticket sales worldwide. >> wow. >> well this weather not break ing any record.
6:31 am
>> no. >> it is seasonal but better than yesterday. that is good. >> that is how you have to look at this, very wise, because it will be a milder day technically by comparison to yesterday but you said it, we are par for the course here , i can see my breath, in front of my face, cold enough for that but not teens of yesterday and we are back to reality essentially here. storm scan is showing blanket of cloud cover don't expect that is necessarily going to be a sign of anything to come. just some cloud. more than anything we are expect to go see sunshine throughout the course of the take here and those should begin to lift with time but we will call it partly to mostly sunny. this is officially now beginning of the winter season we just had winter solstice take place at 5:44. so we are now, into winter, my friend and tranquil pattern to kick it off with good deal of sunshine, gradual warming, keyword, gradual. we will see modest warming trend in the days ahead here but we do second that we will stay try in the taste ahead which bodes well for folks traveling for christmas holiday or checking off last boxes on the to do list.
6:32 am
twenty-nine in current temperature at philly international, we are in the 20's every where else. there has been a couple spots where we are in the teens like allentown, millville did it earlier on but we are going to rebound, throughout the course of the day, to more, again, typical territory, 45 is our project high in philadelphia, with some sunshine. and that is story every where else. mostly sunny skies at the shore, your high hit 46 and despite clouds this is mountains lower 40's even there, in the bad at all. meisha. >> katie, a lot of people will be loving that sunshine, come christmas. we're not too excited about this morning as we have a couple accidents, many of which have cleared. one still out there schuylkill westbound ramp to 202, you can see flashing lights, it is pulled off in the heed yan. it will in the slow you down too much but i will tell you, you may have to leave your home earlier. you absolutely will have to pushing in the i-95 in the southbound direction. look at what is going on here would i say give yourself a couple extra minutes.
6:33 am
you will have a gaper delay there. tacony palmyra bridge opening up at 6:10 it is opened right now. head up on that as well. lets talk about this water main break on columbus boulevard that happened yesterday southbound near queen street two right lanes are block, one drivable lane through that area, however, crews are going out at 9:00 a.m. to least pair. that columbus boulevard southbound will be closed 95 and queen and also ramps from i-95 on to columbus boulevard. this accident is cleared, we are looking good there debris, 295 southbound before wood crest station is pulled off to that shelledder but where it will probably slow you down a little bit. lets get to the wide for a change. lets take a peak what is going on here. forty-one on the vine. twenty in the vine on southbound direction. schuylkill we are looking g we are however dropping less than posted speed both moving in the ease and westbound direction and blue route is looking good, jim, over to you well, fill will a police are on the scenes of two deadly shootings overnight. in one case victim was killed behind the wheel of his car. "eyewitness news" on the scene
6:34 am
at 51st and market in west philadelphia. police say shooter opened up the door and fired at least five shots. police recovered footage there several nearby surveillance cameras. just a couple miles from there in southwest philadelphia another man was shot ape killed early this morning. that victim was struck several times near 60th almond street. he died at nearby presbyterian hospital. that man's identity has in the yet been released. >> we believe at this time that the motive may have been robbery but we are in the 100 percent sure. >> he we think it was done with a revolver. >> police are hopeful that surveillance in the area may have caught an image of the gunman. philadelphia police think battle against drugs to kensington department provided this video of a race that took place december 14th and 16th. officers made many arrests, operation targeted an area where authorities say they have seen increase in the number of heroin overdoses, officers recovered drugs, assault weapons and thousands of dollars. more are planned across the city.
6:35 am
instead of the preparing for christmas holiday families in mexico are in mourning, after a chain reaction explosion at a fire works market. dozens were killed and many more severely burn. here's read binion. >> reporter: series of deadly explosions ripping through a fire works market north of mexico city on tuesday. bystanders desperately running for their lives. >> to tell you the truth i do not know how i ran out of here everything was so horrible. >> reporter: blasts leaving dozens of people dead ape scores more injured. smoke and sound of emergency sirens filling the air in the aftermath of the blast. well after the explosion, the ground still smoldering amid splinterd wood and twisted metal. the town is known for pyrotechnics industry and the popular market the size of the soccer stadium would have been a very crowded heading in the holidays, leaving loved
6:36 am
ones of those missing fearing the worse. >> we are looking for my niece 's boyfriend, here is photo so anyone can identify him. we have been calling the hospitals and they have not given us any information. >> reporter: in addition to victims treated at area hospitals three minors were expected to be transferred to a hospital in galveston, texas for extreme burns. i'm reid binion reporting. president obama is declaring the arctic and atlantic off limits to oil and gas drilling. ban covers federal waters off alaska and atlantic from new england to chesapeake bay. president appears to be putting finishing touches on his environmental legacy while tying hand of president-elect trump on off shore drilling. historians are claiming president-elect trump is assembling the richest cabinet in u.s. history. how much rich? cbs nooses mates seven of his picks are worth a combined $11 billion. million, billion air cabinet secretaries is not
6:37 am
unprecedented. president obama or george w. bush had a single billion air in their first cabinets. lets hope your amazon order have arrived because labor disagreement may priest vent some of those smiling packages from arriving in time for the holidays. >> it is, so last month judge told striking union pilots that fly for amazon that they have to go back to work. the union is warning there may not be enough to meet delivery and demand. amazon is insisting that it is ready for the who will take rush. wal-mart seems to be in the spirit of the giving, retailer will close its doors at 6:00 p.m. christmas eve night so workers can spend more time with the families. in recent years nation's largest retailer will stay open until 8:00 christmas eve night, coo of wal-mart hopes that this will show that the company is grateful for its workers. and, even instagram is getting in to the holiday spirit, take a look, social media app now offers stickers that users can add but time, and location, stickers include a candy kaine, snow man and
6:38 am
even a christmas tree. new add ons are similar to snap chat, however, instagram is now letting users record their videos hands free, so how do you press those. >> don't even ask. >> why are you asking me this, i don't know. >> move it along. well, still ahead why 80's pop star richard marks is hailed a hero this morning. >> don't turn to comfort food if you are stressed out this holiday season. >> i know, right. >> i like mack and cheese. >> preaching to the choir here >> we will show you something you can eat to reduce that stress, hi there, pat. >> temple owls football program is enjoying its best season in the history of the program and up next a few of the players will join us in studio to talk about their upcoming bowl game and coach that takes over, jim. thanks, pat. acapella pops joins us live with some holiday cheer. we will talk about their travels and hear them perform coming up next. stay with us, don't miss.
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i sing this to rahel, meisha and katie, do you remember this song. eighty's singer richard marx is making headlines this morning. >> this is because of a passenger became violent on a lane 80's singer richard marx is right there waiting for him >> did he what he had to do. he had to subdue him on the flight from vietnam to soul, south korea his wife daisy fuentes which didn't realize they were married took these pictures of the confrontation. marx said man started attacking the flight attendant s and passengers so marx jumped in.
6:43 am
he wrote on facebook one crew member and two pass eveningers were hurt. marx tweeted they are home safe and sound. he said he is not a hero but did he what he would hope anyone would do in that same situation. >> ♪ >> pearl jam is an inducte in the rock and roll hall of fame band and rapper tupac shaker are first musicians who started in the 90's to make it in. journey and joan baes, made tonight. they will be put in there in april. we may finally find out what all of those emojis mean in the smart phones when they make their debut next year. we are looking at emoji hoff i , we had to know that was coming. now, i know, it ise maine gi on screen that we saw there that is mess, voiced by steven wright, and animated flick promises to unlock the secret world, beneath our fingertips. >> i know that, but probably, i will see this movie.
6:44 am
>> yes. >> you don't, you cannot even see them. >> but maybe would i learn something off of this movie. >> okay. >> i don't know. >> very strange ones. >> yes. >> so who gets to voice the little pile of dong. >> i know, there is some bizarre stuff. >> yes. >> very bizarre thing with a text message, you know i'm right. >> i will send you the snowflakes. >> um-hmm. >> okay. so, no snow in this forecast. we will likely sees a couple of rain drops, let's completely skip past emojis. our eyewitness weather watchers are up and very festive photos. phil sent this in a beautiful holiday of the tree just made up of packages. very pretty. one of high favorite things here. taking a look at just yesterday phil came down and took pictures of the toy fest underway our own ukee washington there, looking good and everybody else on the left
6:45 am
, for how cold it was. speaking of, temperatures as they stan right now, aren't as harsh, thousand granted in the 20's, and still need heavy coat but it the isn't as bad as it was. low mid upper 20's, we can handle that. it is not as bad this morning. make sure you bundle up but you will not be hug ago this winter coat quite as tightly as you were, this same time yesterday. looking outside here at storm scan three all calm, we have a couple cloud and that is it. we are okay there. very is that tranquil pattern. what you'll tinies the yellow, orange, yesterday, contour and you see by the time we hit the weekend, and that is all of the new england state migrating to the north allowing that warmth to move in here. especially in time for christmas. we will end up well above average. this is a maryland rate warming trend and we are only talking additional degrees but come christmas itself, 50's and sunshine. last year meisha we hit 68 degrees, on christmas, far
6:46 am
cry from it, but still above average for yet another year. >> yes, i think people will be happen bye 50, and take what we can get. this is where we had an accident schuylkill westbound ramp, pulled off to the median we were just watching that, and we are looking good there. calling our attention to the vine, construction that has launched, westbound, eastbound we are looking good, and, brake lights here, and, on the schuylkill, and also break in, columbus boulevard, heads up, still slow moving temperatures to take. 9:00 a.m. they will clean that up for that repairs. because of that columbus boulevard southbound will be closed between 95 and queen street. ramps for i-95 will also be closed on the columbus boulevard. heads up on that. we have an accident, here, at market street, and, in that area you want to give yourself a couple extra minutes before we have gaper delays, as well. and then, the bridge, so sign
6:47 am
installation around this area, 50 minute closures between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m., going overnight, and it looks like your all the that it will be ben franklin bridge. and if you want to avoid it all together. it is only 15 minute delays in that area. but, if i were you i would probably avoid it, and take ben franklin bridge. it seems like that would be smarter thing to do. and lets go to the wide, should we. overall this morning it has been getting busy, it is dropping speed, we can september that now pushing toward our main hour of the rush hour but overall schuylkill, right now, it looks like 36 miles an hour, 20 moving in the westbound direction, coming down boulevard it is looking slow jumping on to the schuylkill we will slow down moving in the westbound direction, eastbound we are looking okay, and then we have got the vine, vine is not looking too bad 42 e it moving in the westbound direction jumping on the schuylkill but like i said you are starting to slow town. twenty-seven on i-95 in the southbound direction. twenty-nine not looking so bad
6:48 am
here as we push into delaware river area but overall i would say, today, not a bad day at all. all right, you guys, now back over to you. well, temple owls are getting ready for post season football. >> they are also after a new school record and "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen is here with the players gearing up for a bowl game. it has never been and. they have avery windows, they have hasan reddick how are you doing. >> we will start with you. >> seven straight wins, a ac champs. pretty incredible year. >> it is all about our process everything we do, and, temple tough and we are philly proud man and we want the world to see. it will be a great thing. and, champions, and, we are glad, philly is proud of us.
6:49 am
>> dion, coach matt rhule leaves, moves on to baylor, what did he mean to you, and program as a whole. >> coach rhule meant just basically like an anchor to our program and coach rhule has taught us over the years just to control and worry about what we can, and just be ourselves and when he left, the seniors just had to be him even though he had to be gone. so we justin to coach the young guys, the mentality, of the program and we had to keep pushing forward day by day, even though coach rhule left, but we had to finish off our legacy here at temple. >> what did he say to you guys before he left. >> just control the control lable and success happened with opportunity and just, continue to strive and for great necessary and win
6:50 am
that 11th game. bought full trophy right here, geoff collins takes over, comes from florida what kind of guy is he,. >> well well, grade dude you know, find somebody that means so much to the ram. he is good for the program. straightforward. i think he will give the young guys, on a roll, keep them on track and continue to progress with the program. i'm glad he is here. we are all waiting to see what he can do. >> this beautiful thing leads in the bowl game in wake forest. how are you feeling. >> we're excited to go play and we're excited. down in anapolis maryland on tuesday. what are you doing for christmas, practice. >> yeah, practice. >> practice. >> we got ra. >> yeah, we got practice on sunday, man. >> sorry to hear that, hand. >> you have a big game on tuesday against wake forest, avery williams, dion dawkins,
6:51 am
hasan reddick, good luck, bring it home for philly and temple. rahel, back to you. >> good luck guys, way to make us road. we get it, holiday shopping can be stressful, right. consider the source of this new survey. study conduct by e bay yes, than line retailers say christmas shopping can be just as stressful as running a marathon. and your heart increases while shopping and get out there more than 30 minutes, to avoid those, study recommend buying gifts in short intervals. it shows who will take gets to be too much, don't rely on traditional comfort foods to calm you down. doctors say try some super foods, dark leave leavey greens like kail and spinach can regulate emotion and pleasure. good carbs like oats help regulate seratonin. complex carbs won't spike your blood sugar which will be high if you have been shopping too much. we pick truths rich in
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antioxidants like blueberries and strawberries. well, they are also high energy at everything from jazz to gospel, show tunes, conn tell rare i songs. jim joins us with some guest is here to add some live music to your morning, hi there, jim >> indeed acapella pops has performed every where from the kimmel center to carnegie hall , internationally in places like montreal and new zealand and today they are with us here in cbs pond direction of pat, good morning >> good morning. >> great to have you here, what is acapella pops. >> it is a mixed voice post college acapella singing and performing experience. >> okay. >> we are an audition group, we have rigorous audition process, in the too rigorous and reaudition process. we are always looking for more singers. we need tenors and soprano's. >> so you folks are known not only for sing nothing small groups but i understand flash
6:53 am
mob thing you do is big. >> our flash mob, weddings, businesses have exploded. we do weddings, private parties, just recently we were hired by antissing company to perform at a national convention right here in convention center. we are having fun with flash mob. >> you all have a show. >> may 13th at west chester university. >> sound good. >> what are you singing. >> we will sing happy holidays by irving berlin. >> ladies and gentlemen i bring you acapella pops. ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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♪ i for christmas ♪amus ♪ only a hippopotamus will do at the united states postal service, we deliver more online purchases to homes than anyone else in the country. and more hippopotamuses, too. ♪ so whatever your holiday priority, our priority is you.
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time for a last check of
6:59 am
weather and traffic. >> it looks like a quiet pattern generally speaking very quick look at live neighborhood network where we have which ispy clouds, 23 but cold but not as bad as yesterday, christmas weekend right around the corner we will see a shower christmas eve and sun for christmas. meisha. >> that sound good to me. by the way christopher columbus boulevard you have one lane opened but not for long crews heading out there around 9:00 a.m. closing christopher columbus boulevard around queen street. head up, plus ramps to i-95 on to columbus boulevard will be closing. next up this morning new technology that stopped drones from flying in the high risk areas like airports and wild fires. we will leave you with more sound of the season from the acapella pops. have a great day. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
7:00 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, december 21st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news. a new suspect is identified at a berlin christmas market attack. a gps tracking device reveals new concludes hours before the truck rampage. >> a fireworks explodes in mexico. the death toll jumped above 30 overnight. several young burn victims have been rushed across the border to texas hospitals. >> and drones are one of the most popular gifts this holiday season. we test new technology to keep them away from high-risk areas like airports.


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