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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  December 22, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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well, as we get closer to the holiday weather gets milder, but with that comes some rain, katie's tracking what we see, some showers this weekend. good morning i'm jan carabao. i'm jim donovan. the here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. a local street that looks like a smash them up derby, thinks the 4,000 block of ford road in wynfield heights. and where an out of control driver left a trail of destruction. after years of traffic jams your morning commute on i-95 hopefully, just got easier. >> it is looking good. we are on i-95 now from cottman heading southbound.
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>> german police are offering a reward of more than $100,000 to help capture man who drove through a christmas market in berlin. it looks like vice-president joe biden is leaving washington d.c., and heading our way. >> it would be cool, to see him on campus. scranton native is reportedly coming to the university of pennsylvania next month. ♪ and that was patty labelle there when she asked you to sing, you sing. >> that little girl sang really well. >> yes. >> hear what the legendary singer had to say about that impromptu performance later in the show. with the sound of the season. >> yes. >> katie, patty was here and she would ask to you sing weather, would you sing weather. >> i am not denying mrs. labelle, she has best
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sweet powe tait the owe pie too, i have yet to try that. i need to get my hand on that. >> yes. >> i am all hungry now sorry about that. we are finding out, sound of the season, then we have the feel of the season as well, it is cold outside certainly not the anything terrible, it certainly is not harshness of what we saw this week but we do have in store at least a couple of little disturbances that will potentially trip you up at the moment, we will look outside live neighborhood network things are looking quiet. we will look at radar, however it may look different. carbon, monroe counties, lehigh valley we have a hint of moisture working its way through, right now a lot of this is having a difficult time surviving to the ground level so sometimes radar can play tricks on you. be a little bit more deceiving whether it is to show something that is not there or it doesn't show something that is, that happens, sometimes, and this is a case where bark 's worse than the bite. thirty-one in trenton. thirty-four in allentown.
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lower 30's from mount pocono, reading, wilmington. we're in the same boat, not particularly milder or colder in any given location but you will see upper 40's. basically around most of the region here there philadelphia down to the shore any clouds that are current liz overhead at the moment will be breaking for some sunshine so it gets brighter and brighter as hours progress here but again, watch for that snow shower off to the north today. there is a gradual warming trend in the card for our area but at this point just ahead up for christmas day it is a very quiet outlook. that does not mean entire holiday weekend is devoid of problems in the weather department. coming up we will tell but some showers that work their way in and time those out more specifically. pat. i got out of the car, i felt baum bye 35 degrees, you got to love that around christmas time. this is chopper look at 95, all four lanes just beautiful, flowing between northeast philadelphia and center city.
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beautiful between cottman and bridge. they have reopened it. it took almost four years. here we are 212 million-dollar project finally complete, so hopefully it headaches your rush hour just a little bit better. rush hour here though not the so good columbus boulevard at queen street something we told but yesterday. it is, still closed. at least right two lanes are and at 9:00 a.m. they will close road and close ramp from i-95 southbound to work on this. so that is going to cause some delays in this area. also some delays happening here northeast extension southbound past lehigh valley tunnel, tractor trailer accident, police are on the scene. there has been a fuel spill, in this area. so look for delays on the northeast extension in that area pennsylvania turnpike westbound between virginia driver and are in is town, two left lanes are blocked there because of construction, jan, over to you. a massive manhunt, continues this morning foreman accused of driving through a crowded christmas market in berlin on monday night. >> tensions are very high as police searching for anis amri
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, cbs news correspondent brooks silva-braga has the latest. >> reporter: demonstrators gathered outside german chancellor angela merkel's office angry over monday christmas market attack this berlin. >> this man called for merkel to resign saying her open door refugee policy allowed anis amri into the country. german officials say main suspect in the deadly truck attacks was seeking asylum when he entered from tunisia last year after his application was reject, he evaded deportation. detectives found amri's identification papers in a wallet under the driver's seat of the truck, officials have since linked him to this man abu walla an iraq a rested last month accused of recruiting fighters for isis. it's is claim they inspired berlin attack. amid manhunt country and its capitol continues to mourn victims, on wednesday germany 's foreign minister was joined by his italian count are part laying roses at a
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memorial. >> these taste it feels incredibly good to know we are not alone in this sorrow, said that we can rely on trend in europe and world. back in the u.s. president-elect donald trump was asked if the attack led him to rethink his plans for muslim registry or ban on muslim immigration. he called berlin violence an attack on and brooks silva-braga for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". family of the cristina grimme is suing concert promoter and foundation that owns venue where she was kill. you may recall the 22-year old was shot to death last june touring a fan meet/greet at plaza live in orlando, florida according to the lawsuit defendants failed to take adequate security measures to ensure the safety of performers and concert goers. investigators say man who killed grimme was able to get
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this with two handguns, bullets and hunting thief. time is 5:36. in business news, the hottest selling game in apple's app store. >> how much eye key ace paying over the company's falling dressers. money watch's hena daniels joins us life from the insuring stock exchange, hi there, hena. >> good morning, jan, jim. eye key a paid 50 million-dollar to settle a wrongful death suit over falling dressers. ikea will pay money to families of the three children killed when dressers tipped over. after after the third i child was killed ikea announced in june it was recalling at least 29 million dressers. obama administration says 6.4 million people have purchased health plans through the affordable care act for 2017. that is 400,000 more people then last year, at this time, open enrollment end january 31st, americans are signing up as republicans vow to repeal and replace the health care law. rising premiums and dwindling
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insurers. new nintendo top game super mario run for iphone and ipad was down loaded more than 40 million times in its first four days. that makes it fastest selling game in the history of apple's app store. game allows to you control mario's jump with just one hand, free to down load but cost $9.99 to unlock all of the levels. jim and jan. >> as long as we are's in the talking about pokemon go. >> that thing drove me nuts. >> i'm with you on that. >> thanks, we will check with you tomorrow. plane travel could get more difficult for pennsylvania residents after next year. >> there are new id guidelines and pennsylvania is lagging behind n2018tsa will in longer accept pennsylvania issued drivers licenses, or id card to get through airport security. next month, pennsylvania id's will to longer be accepted at federal agencies, and nuclear plants either. delaware licenses are already
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compliant and new jersey has an extension through next october. well, chester police are getting in the holiday spirit in an unusual way, they are issuing turkey citations, starting at noon time today 100 motorist obeying traffic laws will be pulled over by police but instead of giving them a ticket the officers will give them a turkey. police say that this is to break the mold of officers interacting with residents in negative situations. i would rather you not the pull me over at all. check out new traffic enforcement officer in south florida, grinch is making sure drivers obey speed limit in school zones. for drivers going only a few miles over the limit the grinch is giving them an onion >> well, jim, that is better than a ticket. >> right. >> i guess. >> drivers confronted by cartoon villain did not seem to mind. >> you got to meet me because you were going just a little bit too fast in the school zone so instead of the ticket
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this is for you. >> grinch pardoned me one times and gave me a onion instead of the ticket. very grateful. christmas miracle. >> this is 15th holiday season the grinch has been giving motorist those onions, for speeding tickets. >> i don't want a onion, turkey just obey the speed limit. >> i thought grinch was a winter weather loving animal, creature. >> what is he doing in florida he wasn't at neshaminy mall, that is why, he was on vacation. baby news for kobe bryant. >> first picture of the new born's name straight ahead. and what it means for one of the first self driving pilot programs in the country. we will also have this. >> ♪ talk about pressure little girls chance of the lifetime see her advising even counter with a singing legend, captured on camera, but first
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holiday greeting from a military member overseas.
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get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can. we are seeing lower merion native ease kobe bryant's new
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baby. bryant posted this on instagram and twitter of his new born daughter and he had this caption. vanessa and i are beyond exited to welcome new baby girl bianchi, that is the couple's third daughter. new movie sing is hitting high note with theater goers. >> ♪ >> wow. >> how cute is that. >> animated comedy topped box office, at tuesday night's preview screenings with 1.7 million-dollar, out pacing passengers and assassin's creed. >> rogue1. >> the force is strong, with r ogue1, star wars spin off made 357 million-dollar, at the global box office after less than a week in theaters, according to variety. it is already the 11th biggest film of the year, in north america and it is poised to enter top ten over the holiday weekend. and this is a chance of a
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lifetime a philadelphia girl gets on the spot audition with legendary singer patty labelle while christmas shopping. >> ♪ >> that is rachel gobell bell any, she ran into labelle shopping with her family at blue mercury at suburban square. mom told labelle her daughter sings and labelle wanted to hear. legend told rachel she was blessed with a lovely voice and never to stop doing what you love. >> that is amazing. >> you never know who will bump into at the mall. >> yeah. >> so cool. >> i was just over suburban square. >> you missed her. >> yes. >> fantastic voice though. >> yes. >> forecast not looking bad either. i don't know if you want to hear it all morning long but there are bright spots to it. we will start off by taking you outside to a camera here, live look from our very own
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rooftop here overlooking vine street and 15th street, and, we're finding this point, pretty quiet weather, in the most locations, there is a little disturbance creating a couple i wouldn't even call them hiccups but couple differences what you're finding observation wise around the region. that is where our eyewitness weather watchers come in. i think fran heard the called and i am grateful he did because out in chester county, he is reporting a couple of flurries. now, this isn't anything that is going to expand or pick up in any kind of intensity but tell report out in nottingham 36 degrees and even though it is above freezing out there you have enough cold air to work with to create a couple flurries, so not seeking any accumulation, we will show you radar in a second here but that is what we're finding. we will go to another one and take you off to the north here , where helen is reporting in moton and she has just cloud overhead. she's at 34. this is continue i how receptionist, that yes it feels lower.
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it technically is milder this morning. we are expect to go see a warm up. she's expecting a looking forward to that. we will take new to new jersey where one of our diehard weather watchers peter is reporting in lawrenceville with just clouds at the moment here's that radar. there is a disturbance pushing by, rimly bypassing us off to the north but since we are clipped by it, you will find, again maybe here and there flurry or two. i don't think you have to worry about any icing but there is pink showing up on the radar. keep an eye on the car thermometer close to the tree ing mark you may see rain drop as opposed to flurry flying out there but this isn't going to survive very well. as morning progress we end up with the pushing away breaking for sunshine in the afternoon and it looks brighter then what we will fine at sunrise. we will jump past try because that is a nice quiet the day. early saturday morning christmas eve if this gets in soon enough we may have a hint of the windry mix of freezing rain to start the toews off
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but temperatures will be maryland rating up. throughout mid morning there will be rain showers maybe wintry mix in the poconos, and then these rain showers clear out in time for for not just sunset but santa has a very important flight that night. it looks good over our area sunday looks great. lots of sunshine on christmas, mid 50's for monday and tuesday before before the bottom get out from under us and wednesday we are back to normal. >> excuse me, while i shed a tear because this is i-95 northbound and it is glorious. they have just finish, an almost four year long project, and at ten of 6:00 in the morning when you see traffic like this on i-95 you got to get excited. this is north bound on i-95 between cottman and bridgette is beautiful and smooth sailing right now, so 212 million-dollar will get you that. this is also beautiful, ben franklin bridge, no traffic, in delays, between philadelphia and camden this
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morning. also my favorite camera this one in the so good, columbus boulevard a water main break here has right two lanes closed and at 9:00 a.m. they will close columbus boulevard going southbound and from i-95 southbound as well, there is an accident on the northeast extension past the lehigh valley tunnel. tractor trailer went down an embankment, fluid spill as well, right lane block. police are on the scene. there are some delays in this area, jim and jan back over to you. path the path, when construction end it is an emotional experience, thanks very much. uber has a fast track on the pilot program as they are forced to pull self driving cars off of california streets the transportation put a tell rare i halt on itself driving program, after california department of motor vehicle revoke motor registrations for test vehicles. they say they were not properly hashing. dmv is working with uber to get futuristic program backup and running. meantime north carolina's
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infamous path room law will stan after state legislators failed to come to an agreement the state senate held a special session yesterday to vote honorary peeling the law which requires transgendered people to use bathrooms, based on the sex listed on their birth certificate but republicans added a provision that democrats said only leads to a partial repeal. the law has tarnished north carolina's national image. cancer research organizations will be getting a funding boost, thanks to the last wishes of a yep difficult contestant. cindy stall, ran a streak of six wins on jeopardy but passed away from stage four cancer before her episodes could air. cindy won a total of $104,000 being donated to cancer related groups across the country. only a select few on the set knew of stall's diagnosis. well, a prominent philadelphia brain surgeon gets a special holiday gift. >> robert rosenwaser a doctor at jefferson hospital was re
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united with lexi yesterday. ten years ago the doctor saved her life with emergency brain surgery. the it happened days after she was born with an abnormal blood vest until her brain. lexi wanted to meet neurosurgeon who saved her and yesterday it finally happened. >> i never really met him so i wanted to see him. >> i said sure, i would love to meet her you are a big girl now. you feel good you made a difference in someone's life, and, you know to see her ten years later a beautiful young lady, yeah, i felt receipt i good. >> i'm kind of smart. it makes me shorter what a great story. lexi wants to be a teacher when she grows up. >> what a special connection. >> indeed. >> nice to see that. >> it is one of the hottest stories this holiday season but it may give you second thoughts about getting within for your kid. >> still ahead an eight year-old very honest review of
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her hatchimals toys, coming up stay with
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thanks to the salvation army's annual toy drive. >> volunteers sorted thousands of toys in conshohocken yesterday, the philadelphia salvation army expects to deliver over 30,000 gifts to 14,000 under served children in our area, and if you donated to cbs-3's joy of sharing toy fest this year, this is where contributions went. well, we caught santa making an early trip to philadelphia a head of the christmas weekend. we spotted him on the deck of the u.s.s. united states. they were visiting to make sure the chimney was in good shape and check out ones on ship as well. >> pretty cool. parents, a lot of you might be scrambling to find your hatchimals for your child for christmas. >> it is hot, hot toy of her time but think twice before over paying for one. reason, the toy isn't getting such great the reviews. 400 reviews on amazon, 49 percent, gave it, just one
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star. reason, some children say after the initial excitement of the toy hatching, it becomes boring. >> it was fun getting out of the egg, right. >> yes. >> after it was out of the egg was it fun. >> there is it talks but whenever it talks it is a anything. >> now a lot of parents say excitement wears off after a few days, that is just something to keep in mind, as a lot of parents are lining up for hours or over paying on line. >> isn't that just like kid these taste, just tired of something. >> how unusual for them to say that. >> um-hmm. >> it is boring, after five minutes. >> entertain yourself, kids. coming up next on "eyewitness news" another popular christmas gifts this year that has parents raising concerns how this doll, could be spying on and even recording your children. >> um-hmm. and tis season for heart attacks find out why they are
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on the increase this time of the year and three things to avoid during the holidays to protect your heart coming up next. stay with
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zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. well, developing right now international manhunt is underway for the tunisia man
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german authorities believed carried out monday's truck attack on a christmas market in berlin. that market is reopening today people in one philadelphia neighborhood will have an unpleasant surprise when they wake up this morning, a driver smashed into several parked cars and just took off. this is excellent news for anyone who takes i-95, a big construction project that tied up traffic for four, yes, four long years just wrapped up. well to day is thursday december 22nd good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm jan carabao. katie and pat are keeping an eye on things and looking good in both. >> yes, good morning. i'm officially become meisha i'm all hopped on coffee and celebrating opened roadways. what is more meisha then that. >> no kidding what can you do about the vine street expressway. >> yes. >> not that bad, we will show you in a minute. >> well, it isn't at 4:00 in the morning. >> what about now. >> give me a timetable on that d


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