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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 28, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, december 28th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." carrie fisher is remembered for her iconic movie role, such as princess leia, but she was a real life force for mental health awareness. we will look back at her remarkable life. >> blinding snow creates dangerous travel conditions across the middle of the country. the season's first norr easter threatens millions with blast. >> new privacy questions about a technology that is always listening. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.
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what the hell are you doing? >> somebody has to save our skins. into the garbage, fly boy! >> the world mourns hollywood royalty. >> condolences are flooding in after the death of "star wars"f >> this is our world's most desperate hours. help me, obi-wan kenobi. you're my only hope. >> secretary of state john kerry will deliver a speech on middle east peace. >> i will offer a comp. rehence i've plan for middle east peace. give me a break. >> some of them have to fall off a ideological ledge. >> travel hazard in the dakotas and the harsh weather is moving easement. >> it's crazy out here. >> more violence in shopping malls in philadelphia.
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fighting broke out in the food court. >> there was shouting, yelling. >> a security scare inside trump tower. dozen of people sent running for the doors >> all that. >> nfl quarterback cam newton for a young man. >> you all right? >> high school point guard walks up to the half-court line and effortlessly drains the shot. >> and all that matters. >> history in hawaii. a japanese prime minister meeting with a u.s. president at pearl harbor. >> even the deepest wounds of war can give way to friendship and lasting peace. >> on "cbs this morning." someone wrote on the internet, carrie, whatever happened to carrie fisher? >> she went from huge. >> to hot. now she looks like elton john. but i claim it! if i can claim it, it's mine. >> no secrets and you own it and therefore -- >> if you declare something, it has less power over you. far less. say your weak things in a strong voice. ♪
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words to live by as we welcome you to "cbs this morning." i'm josh elliott with vladimir duthiers and margaret brennan. carrie fisher friends and costars are remembering her talent, her humor and her openness both on screen and off. fisher who shot to fame as princess leia in "star wars" died yesterday at age 60. she had suffered a heart attack on friday during the final moments of a flight from london to los angeles. >> the actress appeared in dozens of movies and tv shows over more than four decades. kevin frazier of our partners at "entertainment tonight" is in los angeles with a look at fisher's remarkable life. kevin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. carrie fisher was the daughter of hollywood royalty who became a movie icon in her own right. she will be forever remembered for generations of "star wars"
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fans as the fierce and feisty princess leia, but she also was a best selling author who was open and honest about her personal struggles and that wit, that grace, that dignity will be sorely missed. >> what the hell aring doing? >> somebody has to save our skins! >> reporter: carrie fisher burst into super stardom at the age of 20 thanks to her portrayal of the feisty princess leia in "star wars." fame was in her dna. her father was singer eddie fisher and her mother, act dress debbie reynolds. ♪ happy times happy nights ♪ ♪ >> reporter: reynolds on facebook said thank you to everyone who has embraced gifts and talents of my beloved and amazing daughter. fisher joked about her mom and dad with rita braver on sunday in 2004. >> both of my parents, i think, have been married about eight
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times or something. i don't have real good role models so it's their fault. >> reporter: her personal struggles with depression and manic depression made carrie fisher stand out in hollywood. >> i have been knocked around by myself and a little bit now by the world. i didn't want to be different from other people and that is what celebrities are. being a celebrity kid, that is the dichotomy. >> reporter: fisher chronicled her life in a series of best selling books. >> she is out. you're supposed to wait. >> reporter: a big screen career that started opposite warren beatty in "shampoo" at the age of 17. it would be a film career that spanned four decades from "the blues brothers" to "when harry met sally" and her reprising role in "star wars" last year. george lucas issued a statement. she was extremely smart, a talented actress, writer, and
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comedienne from co-star harrison ford, carrie is was one of a kind, brilliant, original, funny from mark hamel, no words, divest devastated. fisher shaped a life she loved. >> i'm proud of myself that i've been able to get through this stuff and i've been able to -- i can't overcome it, but i can use it. i'm not afraid of anything. >> reporter: fisher is survived by her only child, actress billy lourd and "star wars" fands ws we will see her one more time on the big screen. she had just completed her latest role in "star wars." >> kevin, thank you. >> i saw "rogue one" yesterday
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at the 12:30. when the movie ended, my girlfriend said carrie fisher just died. she was my first crush in '77. >> we saw her with charlie, she was so very human with every reason, perhaps not to be. and, you know, she was the epitome -- >> i love she had this whole other second career that we don't pay as much attention to as an author, as a script doctor. >> and an advocate. boy, is that important as well. >> speaks to her mind and really interesting. >> "entertainment tonight" will have more on the passing of carrie fisher so check your local listings. the next half, we will examine carrie fisher's crucial role as a mental health advocate and how she addressed her own personal struggles with >> president obama joined
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japanese prime minister shinzo abe at pearl harbor yesterday. they honored more than 2,000 americans killed in the surprising japanese attack 75 years ago this month. now, this was the first joint visit to the memorial by a japanese leader and a u.s. president. chip reid is traveling with president obama in honolulu. chip, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. prime minister abe did not apologize for the attack on pearl harbor but in a heartfelt speech he did offer his deepest sympathies to the victims. >> reporter: wars can end. the bitter of adversaries can become the strongs of est of al >> reporter: president obama looked toward a future of peace while standing at the site of a devastating attack on the u.s. >> we cannot choose the history that we inherit but we can choose what lessons to draw from
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and use those to charter our own future. >> reporter: during the visit, prime minister abe did not exactly offer and apology but instead his sincere and everl t everlasting condolences. >> translator: we must never repeat the horrors of war again. >> reporter: at the "uss arizona" memory i can't go the two men honored the 1177 sailors who perished when the ship was bombed on december 7th, 1941. seven months ago, president obama became the first sitting u.s. president to visit hiroshima where he emphasized the perils of nuclear war. >> a flash of light and a wall of fire destroyed a city and demonstrated that mankind possessed means to destroy itself. >> reporter: a survivor of the attack never thought a japanese
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leader would come to pearl harbor and said abe's visit is an unspoken way of saying, "i'm sorry." >> word, you can forget, but if they see over there going to the "arizona" memorial, the action is better than the words. >> reporter: the ceremony with prime minister abe was probably mr. obama's last meeting as president with a foreign leader. now he returns to his final presidential vacation here in hawaii where the only meetings on the schedule are on the golf course or the beach. vlad? >> chip, thanks. secretary of state john kerry is making one more pitch for middle east peace. in a speech this morning, kerry is expected to outline his vision for ending the israel israeli/palestinian conflict with a two-state nation. netanyahu demanding that israeli stop building settlements in
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occupied areas. the state department denies the allegation. this morning, netanyahu delayed a vote to authorize construction of new settlement projects in east jerusalem. the u.s. is close every to punishing russia for interfering in the u.s. presidential election. as early as this week, the obama administration may announce a series of measures, including economic sanctions. covert cyberoperations are also under consideration. now this comes as president-elect trump makes two more staff appointments. cybersecurity expert thomas bossert will be his homeland security and counterterrorism adviser and jason greenbla blat will take the special representative for international negotiations. julianna goldman is covering the trump transition. julianna, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the appointments are a marriage of sorts between mr. trump's business world and the washington foreign policy sta t
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statement. >> there is no doubt in my mind that russia hacked into our political senators. >> reporter: senators lindsey graham and john mccain believe the president-elect will soon have to acknowledge russia's efforts to interfere in the u.s. election. >> i think he will be presented with the overwhelming evidence and change his view. >> we are at the hearings and we are going to put sanctions together that hit putin as an individual and his inner circle. >> reporter: they may have app an ally in the trump administration. thomas bossert has an expertise in cyber security. >> if the government doesn't step in and address the thorny issues of the threat. >> reporter: bossert will be considered equal to the national security adviser, general michael flynn. according to a statement from the trump transition, bossert will focus on domestic and transnational security priorities, while flynn will focus on international security challenges.
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flynn has drawn criticism for his hard line policies regarding muslims and for his ties to the kremlin. bossert could be the counterweight to flynn that members of the gop foreign policy establishment had been seeking. >> the time for action is now. >> reporter: and following last week's u.n. security council condom nation of israeli's west bank settlements, mr. trump has announced a new international negotiator. jason greenblatt, a business lawyer who has been with mr. trump two decade was also a campaign adviser on israeli. the president-elect said greenblatt has a history of negotiating substantial complex transactions on my behalf, something that may appeal to republicans like lindsey graham. >> i'm very encouraged that under president trump, israeli is going to get a better deal. >> reporter: the president has created this position for greenblatt installing someone he sees as a fellow business deal maker and a key diplomatic role and working on trade and middle east peace. mr. trump has said he supports more tlmt construction and also his choice for u.s.
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is a staunch trump spoupporter. >> reporter: what does this suggest to you what donald trump is thinking? >> two things. i think we are finding out a lot of attention focused on the cabinet picks you'll have a powerful white house here. you have climate change, middle east peace, a whole series of issues that cybersecurity. where it appears in the trump white house, not necessarily with those cabinet members we have all been focusing on. the second thing, i think this is something we have learned about donald trump generally. he approaches every issue like a negotiation. there is posturing, there is movement, there is sometimes statements that seem to be out on the edge. i think as in the case of middle east peace, a lot of this is about positioning yourself for a negotiation in a deal. this is the guy who wrote the art of the deal after all. >> jerry, we have seen donald trump break ranks with tradition and not speaking with one voice
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as breaking with the obama administration on israeli, on china, on russia. what is the backimpact of that? >> i think it's left president obama frustrated and under power in his final few weeks in office. a break of tradition. a whole series of issues where previous presidents president-elect might have kept their silence. he a has spoken on condemning the settlements on the israeli west bank but he spoke up and talked about to handle the chinese navy s.e.a.l. stole a navy drone. speaking out and doing to in 140 characters on twitter has left everybody a little taken aback, i think. never seen this before. >> jerry, do you think his pick to handle international negotiations will open up new concerns about conflict of interest? what do you make of that pick? >> well, look. i think the concern on the part of the people who worry about
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the israeli/palestinian peace and you'll hear this from secretary kerry in coded language today in his speech, i think has more to do with the substance going on here. we are back to basics and people saying should there be a u.s. condemnation of settlements on the west bank? should the u.s. embassy be moved from tel aviv to jerusalem and should there be a two-state solution? all of those things have been basic tenants of u.s. middle east policy the past couple of decades and donald trump thrown them open to question now. i think more than style of negotiation we are back to what are the positions of the u.s. on these key issues on palestinian/israeli peace protections. >> a security scare sent people scrambling at trump tower yesterday. video shows visitors doing this. running. from the lobby as police waved them out. the evacuation was triggered by the discovery of a stray backpack. bomb squad technicians determined it contained children's toys and harmless.
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president-elect ws in florida at the time. a string of more than 20 earthquakes shook a large area of nevada and california overnight. the first two quakes just after midnight measured 5.7 in magnitude. they hit near hawthorne, nevada. 100 miles southeast of lake tahoe. people as far away as sacramento said they felt the quakes. no injuries reported. the first nor'easter of the season is expected to hit new england tomorrow. at least half a foot of snow could fall from massachusetts to maine. strong wind gusts and rain are likely along the coast. dangerous wind knocked down trees outside boston yesterday. and some of those gusts were close to 50 miles an hour. to the west, south dakota's governor declared a state of emergency after a christmas blizzard. tony dokoupil is covering the storm that buried homes and cars in the snow. >> reporter: dangerous winds blasted across the country on tuesday. in casper, wyoming, gusts
7:18 am
topping 80 miles an hour swept blinding snow across highways and parking lots. if not the wind, snow. in neighboring south and north dakota, people are shoveling and scraping following a christmas day blizzard. even four wheel drive vehicles are no match against the massive snow drifts. >> well, getting ready to go to work and got about 15 feet and that was it! it's very crazy out here. >> reporter: a state of emergency was declared in south dakota after tens of thousands lost power. crews from minnesota and iowa have been called in to help restore service. jordan tesser has been helping neighbors move out. >> i've been helping people get unstuck and doing what i can. not easy to live in this kind of weather. >> reporter: nearly two feet of snow fell in minot. the city's airport reopened on tuesday after a day and a half
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of cancelled flights and leaving several stranded passengers on stand-by. >> i'm hoping there is a bunch of people that don't show up so i can get on there and get going! >> reporter: that was tony dokoupil reporting. a second night of violence in malls around the country last night. a brawl broke out at the philadelphia mills mall involving a crowd of teenagers. officers arrested four people. no one was hurt. and a mall in appleton, wisconsin, was evacuated after reports of an active shooter. it turned out to be a false alarm. fights were reported in more than a dozen malls on the day after christmas. at this time, the incidents do not seem to be connected. police in arkansas think that an amazon echo holds key evidence in a murder case. that is ahead on "cbs this morning." first, it's time to check your local weather.
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an 8-year-old's mother says the cub scouts kicked him out
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because he is transgender. >> he had just gotten stronger and stronger with his personality in saying i'm not a girl. i'm a boy. >> ahead, the decision that could start a new debate over identity issues. the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." "mmm fresh" in that washer with unstopables in-wash scent boosters by downy. and if you want, pour a little more,
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good morning, i'm rahel solomon. police returned to the collindale home of the missing mother who has not been seen since april 2013. police searched home of the melissa rod reag with us cadaver dogs last night looking for perfect remains, police say four different dogs hit the a same spot in the basement but nothing was found authorities could search that area again today. lets check your forecast with meteorologist katie fehlinger. that warm weather a thing of the past. >> memory at this point. we are back to a dose of reality for late december, this is nothing shy of typical but what we are finding is something different, it is chillier outside not quite as windy. we have some cloud cover over, kutztown area middle school as many other locations are fin ing the same but it is clearing out with time and everybody can bank on more sun
7:27 am
tomorrow watch for rain in the city, starting with a few snow flakes and couple inches of snow, for the mountains. pat, over to you. taking these gift back still from the holidays perfect time to get outside on the roadway and do it. this is schuylkill expressway toward city of philadelphia, in the bad at all right past city avenue, it is a smooth sail in this area couple accidents to tell but newtown square route 252 at goshen road injuries reported here also some injuries collindale chester pike at hack dade boulevard. use caution through those areas rahel. thanks, pat. next update 7:55. up next this morning carrie fisher's dramatic battles on and off screen i'm rahel solomon, good
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♪ when he has been delivered safely to my forces you get your reward. you have my guarantee. >> what is the loyal droid carrying that is so blasted important? >> the plans and specifications to a battle station with enough fire power to destroy an entire system. our only hope in destroying it -- >> now you know how carrie fisher made it into "star wars." that is her actual audition tape for the first movie in the saga. it is getting a lot of views this morning after fans learned of her death at age 60. >> wow. she was good from the very beginning. >> she is good. >> from jump. >> absolutely. >> i like the articulation on that. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour, carrie fish fisher's inspiring role as a
7:31 am
mental health advocate. she talks openly about her own struggles of bipolar disorder. >> can police search an amazon echo for evidence that could help convict a man of murder? erin moriarty will explain the case and the data your assistant could be holding. that is ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. the head of russia's anti-doping agency told "the new york times" that drug cheating by russian athletes was an institutional conspiracy. but the agency said this morning that the remark was taken out of context. now, investigators prove that russian officials gave russian athletes performance enhancing st substances and covered it up. vladimir putin denies in in higher-ups were involved. "the washington post" reports on what americans get for spending more on health care than any other country. last year we spent $3.2 trillion. the top health expenses in 2013
7:32 am
were for chronic diseases. americans spent the most on diabetes, followed by heart disease, and neck and back pain. "wall street journal" describes the huge task facing wells fargo. the scandal ridden bank. early estimates show there were more than 2 million unwanted accounts. wells fargo plans to pay compensation and it's identifying people who paid too much for mortgages or couldn't get loans because of bad credit. bank workers opened the account for meet unrealistic sales numbers. "the san francisco chronicle" has dash cam video showing tesla's autopilot predicting a collision. you can hear the tesla model x there beeping before that crash in front of the car in the netherlands. the tesla driver said the car started braking before he could do it himself. the car's radar saw the
7:33 am
collision unfold ago few cars ahead. the video is apparently one of the very first examples of tesla's autopilot possibly saving lives. thankfully, no one in that crash was seriously hurt. carrie fisher is being praised this morning as a tireless mental health advocate. the actress who died yesterday openly talked about her bipolar disorder, bouts with addiction and her body image issues. jamie yuccas shows us how fisher's honestly helped reduce the stigma for millions of americans with similar problems. >> reporter: good morning. carrie fisher displayed many of the same qualities that made princess leia so memorable. fierce, feisty and funny and used her star power to clear away some of the shame and fear around mental health issues. >> i should have expected to find you holding the leash. i recognized your foul stench when i was brought on board. >> reporter: the role that made carrie fisher a cultural icon also led to a life of drug and
7:34 am
alcohol abuse. >> i don't trust lando. >> reporter: when this scene was intermediate, fisher told "the daily beast" she and harrison ford were still drunk. >> you're as near as gone, aren't you? the thing about drug addiction is the look you people on people's faces. >> reporter: she told charlie rose in 2009. >> i want to be a good role model. in some of the ways i'm a good role model what have not to do, which would be pills, et cetera. >> reporter: fisher wrote about her parting ways in her books like "postcards from the edge" which became a movie starring merle streep and one-woman show "wishful drinking." >> if i could isolate the pain just to my [ bleep ], it would be fantastic! >> reporter: steven galloway, executive features editor at the hollywood reporter says fisher often confronted her personal demons with humor. >> if my life wasn't funny, it would just be true. >>. pops the bubble and demystifies it, and it makes it much more
7:35 am
manageable as a problem for other people. >> reporter: fisher spoke openly about having bipolar disorder and undergoing electric shock therapy. >> it's humiliating. you've lost control. you're not out of your mind. you can't get out. >> reporter: she also disclosed she had body miss more fee a. she wade only 1 on 5 pounds and told to lose ten more when cast as princess leia. >> even in space, women are -- you know, there is a double standard. >> reporter: that frankness won over admirers beyond her "star wars" fan base. >> you declare something, it has less power over you. far less. my liabilities are my assets. i mean, i have made a living of writing about my liabilities until they are mine. >> reporter: in her final column for "the guardian" newspaper published last month she gave advice to someone who is bipo r bipolar. think of it as an opportunity to
7:36 am
be heroic and a good example of others who might share our disorder. >> jamie yuccas, thanks. investigators in arkansas are making what could be a first of its kind request. they have a search warrant for data from an amazon echo. james bates is charged with murdering a man in his home last year. he has pleaded together to the charges. investigators, though, have asked amazon to hand over, qo quote, audio recordings, transcribed record. it may contain evidence related to this investigation, including time stamps and audio files. "48 hours" correspondent erin moriarty is digging into this. >> reporter: i didn't come alone. i brought my echo. this is alexa. it's a small computer. it uses voice recognition
7:37 am
software. normally, this is not set up with a wi-fi here but when i'm at home, i can say alexa, what is the weather in manhattan today? or -- >> she is talking! >> all right. right here where you have this issue. now, she's on all the time but she is not recordings, supposedly. >> supposedly is the question. >> unless i use the hot word, alexa but she is kind of malfunctioning here. >> do police simply believe they can play back a recordings of the murder they allege happen in that home? >> no, they don't think that. in fact, when she is operating, she is only picking up snippets. one of the reason, so far, amazon has turned down this request, even though there is a search warrant, is because, right now, it appears that prosecutors are kind of on a fishi fishing expedition. this is a tough case. they say there was a murder and the defense says this was an accident. the deceased man was way
7:38 am
overweight and found in a hot tub dead and some injuries but the defense said he tried to get out. he also had three times the normal alcohol count, blood alcohol count. so they are saying it's an accident. so the prosecutors are looking for anything, real physical evidence that can show that there was some kind of intent. so they think this was being used during the night, supposedly, to stream music. that is what the prosecution says, and so they are seeing if it picked up any sound, like oh, my god! or something like that that might put it over toward a murder. >> amazon is fighting this request here. they disclosed to us that they are not going to release customer information without a binding and legal demand and they object to overbroad or otherwise inappropriate demand. >> well, but that means that they might in the future. what they are saying -- >> they are claiming the grounds for another legal case.
7:39 am
>> they are saying that search warrant was -- to tell us what you want doesn't sound like the prosecution really knows. can i just tell you? this is really not the problem in this case for the defendant. the real problem is this is a man who had a lot of these what they are called iot devices. >> in his house. >> yeah. he had a nest thermometer but his real problem is this water meter. a smart water meter and that is a problem at trial for him. so the prosecution is saying that he used an unusual amount of water in the early morning hours of the day the man was found and the prosecution is saying he was cleaning up. they are saying the clock was wrong and he was actually filling his hot tub 12 hours earlier. >> wow. fascinating case. erin, thank you very much. >> thanks. the boy scouts are on the defensive about banning a transgender 8-year-old. ahead, why the family says the
7:40 am
organization changed its mind after the child joined. we invite you to join our on "cbs this morning" podcast. get the news of the day and podcast originals. find them on itunes and apple's podcast app. we will be right back. on my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis. so i made a decision to talk to my dermatologist about humira. humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults taking humira were clear or almost clear, and many saw 75% and even 90% clearance in just 4 months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores.
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♪ the boy scouts of america faces new questions after ban ago child over his gender identity. 8-year-old joe maldonado who was born a girl and identifies as a boy now was removed from his new jersey cub scout troop. joe's family says parents of other children are complained. errol barnett spoke with joe and his mother. >> reporter: good morning. joe maldonado's mother said the organization already knew her son was transgender when she signed him up for the cub sco s scouts. but the boy scouts of america is telling them he is not welcome. >> did you get everything you want for christmas? >> actually, not. >> reporter: joe maldonado is just like any other 8-year-old. >> i got two points.
7:45 am
>> reporter: but joe was born a girl. so as a parent, how do you know that you don't just have a girl who is a tomboy and -- transgender issue? >> for a couple of years i didn't know it. >> reporter: he was born jody but been known as boy for over a year. why did you want to join the cub scouts? >> because my friends was there. >> reporter: he is part of boy scouts in new jersey but was recently removed over his recently gender which is female. what do you think of that reasoning? >> i -- i don't know. >> reporter: and they knew full well he was not born a boy? >> they all know joe as when he was jody. >> reporter: in a statement, the boy scouts of america defended its actions, saying, in part, no youth may be removed from any of our programs on the basis of his or her sexual orientation. but added, gender identity isn't related to sexual orientation.
7:46 am
in recent years, the boy scouts have reversed bans on gay scouts and scout leaders, but this incident could spark a new debate. >> this one hit home. >> reporter: joe mom says the messages she has received around the world is overwhelming. >> i'm a scout leader here in the uk and would love him to be a member of our troop. >> reporter: how does it feel to receive that kind of support from another scout group in another country? >> it's beautiful. it's beautiful. >> reporter: the boy scouts of america says its programs are for those who identified as boys on their birth certificates. the organization tells us it offered the family alternative coed programs for joe but his mother told me she snoed intere is not interested and wants an apology for joe. >> it's tough for a kid that age who just wants to belong.
7:47 am
>> you see public opinion, i know in your piece say it's already coming. that will carry the day here. >> the mother wants to do what makes her child happy. isn't about anything other than that. >> errol, thanks. >> sure. one scale you don't normally see in the nba. hate hai ahead, a houston rookie shows off that. first, it's time to check your local weather. announcer: this portion of "cbs
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7:52 am
hall of famer wilt chamberlain did it. he did it in college to try to make more and it's working. >> that's your move? >> has his move. >> that is my move! >> i couldn't do that. up next, an alternative to helicopter parenting. a dad wants kid to face possible danger in their free time. plus, details ahead. hance to sae during the final days of the ford year end event. hurry in for the best deals of the season on ford, america's most awarded brand. with the most 5-star ratings... and the highest owner loyalty... giving drivers what matters most. that's how you become america's best-selling brand. just announced, get $1500 total cash on select models, on top of the best offers of the season. hurry, the final days of the ford year end event end january third.
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good morning, everyone i'm jim donovan. investigators are looking for cause of the deadly apartment fire in fishtown. a 60 year-old man was found on the top floor of an apartment building near shackamaxon street and frankford avenue. the hand died at hahnemann hospital a short time later, two fire fighters were also treated for minor injuries. now lets send it over to katie for a look at the forecast. >> forecast overall jim, is quite tame. we expect sunshine and very typical daytime high, technically ever so slight lay above average in the the 40's but we do have some snow, and some rain, that waits in the wings here tomorrow. we will be dealing with a pretty dicey morning drive it looks like. look at region by region what you will see. philadelphia is primarily a rain producing system but go far enough north you will find
7:57 am
snow and several inches of it. beyond that point it gets colder, 39 on friday with very lightly a few residual flurries, pat. >> that seven day doesn't look too bad for late december. this has been out there for a long time, columbus boulevard been there for at least a week two right lanes are closed. penndot will get out here try because traffic is light as it is not causing many delays. 295 northbound ramp to route 44 partially block for construction. look at y no problems or delay throughout the area, on the major, jim. thanks, pat. our next update 8:25. coming up this morning biggest tech moments of 2016 and top trend for the future, i'm jim donovan, make it a great d
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it is wednesday, december 28th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including the many tributes to carrie fisher. princess leia, after all, was just a part of her legacy. how she was a role model for little girls, for women, and the mentally ill. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. fisher was the daughter of hollywood royalty who became a movie icon in her own right. >> she was my first crush in 1977. >> little boy me's first love and we saw her with charlie, she was so very human. prime minister abe did not apologize for the attack on pearl harbor, but he did offer his deepest sympathies. >> bossart is a potential ally
8:01 am
for republicans who want to see the president-elect take a tougher approach to president vladimir putin. i think we are finding out you're going to have a very powerful white house. not necessarily with those cabinet members we have been focusing on. >> carrie fisher used her star power to clear away some of the shame and fear around mental health issues. >> do police simply believe they can play back a recordings of the murder they alleged happened in that home? >> they are seeing it if it picked up any sound like, oh, my god, that might put it over toward a murder. little girl had to wait a minute to receive her christmas prize. a cat. only to have the star of the show go rogue! >> why is nothing in here? ♪ i'm margaret brennan with vladimir dujiers and josh elliott. carrie fisher fans are saluting her spirit and work this
8:02 am
morning. the "star wars" heroine and best selling author died yesterday. she suffered a heart attack on a flight from london to los angeles. >> anthony daniels who starred cp3 po tweeted the following. and seth macfarlane tweeted the following. a.o. scott, chief film critic for "the new york times" is with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> you wrote in a piece last year describing carrie fisher and the "star wars" trilogy that defined our generation 40 years later. >> yes. >> what ba was it about that when we were kids that blew us away about carrie fisher's portrayal of princess leia?
8:03 am
>> i date myself. >> i'm doing that every day. >> i turned 11 the year that what we now call episode four a new hope and in so many ways it was the pop culture moment of our generation but i think carrie fisher, in particular, princess leia, who was -- she had this combination of sort of charm and loveliness and spunk and grit. she was a fighter. she was a rebel. she and harrison ford had this grate screwball comedy rapport going. i think for boys, as well as for girls, who were watching, who were becoming "star wars" fans at that moment, just the thing that really set that movie apart and made it kind of special, as fun as it was. >> she was a powerful voice that boys could love. to date mice along with the two of you. >> just all old dear. >> it was also interesting as she talked about princess leia,
8:04 am
iconic status of a role is a hard mantle for so many actors to carry but she loved her and continued to love her until the day that she passed. >> well, i think so. you know, she said in a recent interview in "rolling stone", you know, that she loved princess leia. princess leia was feisty and killed jaba, the hut. many remember what she had to wear when she was a captive of jaba the hut but she go revenge. >> choked him out. >> i didn't know until i was reading about her passing she had a whole other history of writers, not just of books but also a script doctor. >> reporter: yeah. >> she fixed movies. >> she fixed movies, including some of the big blockbusters of the '80s and '90s. her legacy, obviously, we remember princess leia as a great iconic role in this pop culture fixture that she was, but she was a terrific writer. she funny.
8:05 am
she honest. i think she was really a pioneer in turning some of the more painful experiences of her life with addiction, with bipolar disorder, into humor writing. >> is that what she brought to the scripts -- >> i suspect so. you never mknow whose fingerprints are well. i think a feminist element that a lot of the sort of the toughness and candor and brassiness and humor that we see in women in pop culture today, i think she has an influence on a lot of that. both in action movies and also in comedy. >> that's what i was going to ask you. we loved her, obviously, as princess leia but her roles in "shampoo" and "the blues brother." and in "harry met sally."
8:06 am
the little lines she delivered with great timing. >> she was a great comic actress. she was really, really funny. in that. also a particular episode of "30 rock" she plays this kind of wild legendary tv writer who is liz lemon's role model and a different collaboration and she is hilarious in that. there is an archive of great interviews and moments. she had an amazing twitter feed that was always funny and spiky and kind of dorothy parker-like. so really, unfortunately, it takes sometimes someone passing on suddenly and prematurely to make you realize just how influential they were and how far it goes beyond just that picture that we are all looking at with this. >> the ear piece. the buns?
8:07 am
>> yeah, the buns. i got to interview this year really briefly. i was barely able to conduct the interview but i got a kiss at the end of it. that is me with her. it was a moment -- we have interviewed presidents and dignitaries but this i see on the cake. >> and her little pup. >> gary. >> tony, thank you for coming in. >> always nice to be here. 75 years after the attack on pearl harbor, prime minister shinzo abe became the first japanese leader to officially visit the "uss arizona" memorial. president obama joined the prime minister to honor the more than 2,000 americans who were killed on december 7th, 1941. >> the japanese prime minister offered his, quote, sincere and ever-lasting condolences. president obama said the sacrifices remind us to seek the devine snark is common to all
8:08 am
humanity. >> when it burns the hottest and tug of tribalism is at its most primal, we must resist the urge to turn inward. we must resist the urge to demonize those who are different. >> the war that began for the u.s. at pearl harbor ended after the u.s. dropped atomic bombs on hiroshima and nagasaki in 1945. the ceremony mirrored president obama's trip there in may when he became the first sitting u.s. president to visit hiroshima. both men embraced survivors of the attack. neither issued an official apology for the attacks that killed the other citizens. but the symbolic and historical visits served as another chapter in the reconciliation between the now two very close allies. president-elect donald trump gives himself the credit for rising economic indicators. mr. trump tweeted last night, the u.s. consumer confidence index for december surged nearly
8:09 am
four points to 113.7. the highest level in more than 15 years. thanks, donald. his tweet was based on numbers from the conference board, a private economic forecasting group. the group's director of economic indicators confirmed the post-election surge in optimism for the economy and jobs and income prospects was most pronounced among older consumers. the president-elect earlier took credit for christmas spending saying it passed a trillion dollars. that survey was released back in october before the election and it pointed to improving household finances and economic progress. 2016 was yet ooed banother year for high tech. you could buy these glasses and apple's wireless ear bud. ahead, nick thompson looks back at the big year's trend and what
8:10 am
to expect in 2017. driverless cars are coming for us all. first, it's time to check your local weather.
8:11 am
james taylor has sold around a hundred million records and, now, he also has a kennedy center honor. >> i often did wonder if they would ever tap me for it. >> you're like, hello, james taylor here! hello! >> i thought suddenly, you know, that -- >> reporter: i've seen fire and rain. >> remember me? you got a friend. >> ahead, the man who was called the first superstar of the 1970s find new ways to make music. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
♪ the tech industry saw many ups and downs this year. facebook promised to fight fake news on its social network and launched a live video feature and allowed everyone from charlie, norah, and gayle to michael phelps and his son to stream content online. the power of hackers, meanwhile, was seen during the presidential
8:16 am
election of all things. fashion fused with technology to produce nike's self-lacing shoes. >> really? >> what are we doing for ourselves any more? >> cbs nenick tomps is good eno jo -- thompson is good enough to join us this morning. you had your moment of the year for the tech industry was the show hedown betwedown between t apple may have been looming for sometime but we finally saw it. >> that was an incredible story. remember the san bernardino shooter's phone. the fbi wanted access to it and normally government can say give us the phone and the tech companies imply. this time they wanted apple to build software to help them get into the phone. apple said no. the whole tech industry said absolutely not not and a battle royale that went on for weeks. >> until they found a way around it. >> until the fbi found a way around it and hired an outside
8:17 am
consulting company and figured out we can get into it. >> it set a precedent? >> it set a precedent and changed the way technology companies think about encryption. you have seen massive increases in the effort to put into encryption on all of these devices since then which the fbi is not so thrilled about but a real fight between silicon valley. the guy at the center with somebody we got to know a little bit later named james comey. the world was introduced to him then and quite an interesting battle. >> you talked about facebook and fake news. just, yesterday, there was an activation of a safety check feature after news came out about a bombing in bangkok and news out of there. they are saying they activated this now. is more fake news a story going forward and people can realize if it's true or not? >> facebook has done useful after a disaster and turned out yesterday there was a small
8:18 am
problem in bangkok and fake stories were added in facebook was trolled by their own fake news. what is facebook going to do about fake news? they are starting to combat the problem. i think the company is going to make it a massive priority for next year. i think that they were a little slow understanding what was going on. after the election, after they have seen the consequences of it. not just the election of trump but the sense we are living in a post-truth world. facebook is going to work very hard to counter it. >> is it also, facebook, fundamentally reassessing itself? mark zuckerberg has said we are not a media company, a tech company. >> right. >> it seems more difficult argument to make by the day. >> facebook had no interest in become ago media company and now they own the news. they sort of accidentally acquired the news! now they have to figure out what to do. that is true. they did not get it and they
8:19 am
noticed people are sharing a lot of news in their newsfeed and all of the traffic from these websites comes from facebook so i guess we have a responsibility. they are dealing with that now. >> it feels like technology was sort of caught on the defensive this year. playing catch-up to the hackers. e are even seeing t political life now. >> yep. >> is there any sort of proactive move here for the new year where we are not vulnerable to hackers but have the foot forward? >> such an interesting year because at one point silicon tech companies are growing so fast and doing so well. n amazing year. a lot of good products. yet, most of the big stories about tech were about hackers, about mistakes, about disasters. >> insane. >> yes, constant battle of catch upand crisis after crisis and things that benefit us in ways we do not notice. >> here we are. or some people say the
8:20 am
innovation that renders humans passive. >> obsolete? >> the wally world. >> driverless cars, yes or no? >> absolutely. oh, no. are we going to have them? sort of. do we want them? yes. >> sort of? >> speak for yourself. nick thompson, thank you. >> we appreciate it. most hospital patients look forward to visitors but probably not as much as this little guy. what a surprise from an nfl star. that is next here on "cbs this morning." liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance, and my sweethearts handsome,gone sayonara.rance... this scarf, all that's left to remember. what! she washed this like a month ago!
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♪ what is going on, buddy? how are you doing? you doing all right? >> yeah. >> hey! you doing good? >> if that doesn't warm your heart, i don't know what will. 10-year-old austin deckert shared a big hug with his favorite football player, former auburn great cam newton. he was at an atlanta hospital yet to see austin. his teacher posted on social media that he wanted to meet his favorite player, cam newton. >> cam newton has had a tough year but this is the heart of his work.
8:25 am
>> silicon good morning, i'm rahel solomon. one man is in critical condition after a shooting a the a bar this southwest philadelphia. police say shooting happened at lounge 62 at 62nd and wood land avenue after an argument over a pool game, police say gunman may be a regular at the bar. they are interviewing possible eyewitnesses and checking nearby businesses for security camera video in their search for suspect. lets check the forecast with katie fehlinger in the weather center. >> good morning, expect to go see clouds that are still out there break for some sunshine with time and overall this is a quiet, december day for us, with temperatures that are closer to where they should be , when we talk daytime highs we have activity to talk about for tomorrow morning, we are going to be tracking primarily rain in the city but it could start off as a wintry mix,
8:26 am
light accumulation of snow far you have this north. lehigh valley one to 2 inches, poconos as many as four but a.m. rush concerns when dealing with straight up rain in philadelphia, so this is something that you will want to plan for, give yourself the at least an extra 15 minutes on the clock tomorrow morning since you will be battling some slower traffic because of this but it is clearing out in time for friday, maybe left over flurry and chill returning, probably don't hit 40 degrees. that is if we're lucky here tomorrow, path the path. >> it looks like activity in the atmosphere and activity at roadways as well as we point to the northeast extension, northbound past lansdale right lane block due to a car fire so take 309, don't jump on the northeast extension because, there are some delays in that area, delays, on 295 southbound, down in wilmington because of an accident before i-95, only shoulder gets by here in this area as you can see red on the roadway some major delays down in wilmington and water main break in wilmington march road at mayfield road intermittent
8:27 am
red closures happening there until 2:00. rahel, back to you. our next update 8:55a head on cbs this morning a conversation with grammy winning kennedy center honorary james taylor i'm rahel solomon good [ goat bleat ] by peggy lee playing ] [ it's a goody [ crow caws, music continues ] this is gonna be awesome! when it comes to buying a house... trulia knows the house is only half of it. and with 34 map overlays like playgrounds, demographics, schools, and more... you can find the right house and the right neighborhood for you. trulia. the house is only half of it.
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♪ that is yankees stadium! house that ruth built is transformed into a football between the pinstripes bowl between northwestern and pitt. coming up in this half hour, a california dad creates a play space where neighborhood children can take risks and make their own rules. not all of their parents are on board, though. see why the kid like it and why some experts think a little danger is actually good for them. >> a lot to get to there! boy. plus, james taylor recent ref released his first collection of songs in 13 years. he is one of the kennedy center honorees.
8:31 am
how called empty time helps him form ideas for all of those songs. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "wall street journal" says the government is investigating two car models made by ford. some ford fusions and mercury mil milan's are losing brake pressure and the problem brought 140 complaints and blamed for three crashes. nearly 500,000 cars in the 2007 to 2009 model years could be affected. >> "usa today" report that the big one is coming. the united states will have a total solar eclipse in 2017 on august 21st. the moon will completely block the sun. it hasn't happened since 1979 and i hate to admit it. >> you made an oatmeal box camera there? >> another story for another time. the "los angeles times" says old rule might save the rose
8:32 am
parade from getting rained off. it's never held on sunday due to an old rule keeping church services from being disrupted. a creative dad in the bay area is pushing back against helicopter parenting. he has created what he calls a playb playborhood and kids can bounce around, take risks, and what do you know? some parents don't like it. john blackstone visited the playborhood of how they are making their way there after. >> reporter: the backyard and driveway fill up with kid after school is over. it's a place neighborhood kids can play freely. so freely, some parents might find it alarming. some element of risk is okay?
8:33 am
>> some element of risk is okay. i want kids to push themselves and i want them to try things and have fun. let's face it. there is no fun with all of this safety stuffed around. >> reporter: lanza wants kids to have so much fun they will choose this over electronic gadgets and games. you're an app developer and in silicon valley telling the kids to get off the screens and have fun? this 8-year-old colin miller begged to get here. what would you be doing things if you warranty doineren't doin? the thrill of danger keeps 7 yered brooke breitenstein coming back. >> when i jump down, it's like, woo. then it felt like i landed on a cloud instead of getting really hurt. >> reporter: lanza who has a masters degree in education wrote a book about how
8:34 am
playborhoods can become an activity for kids. at his house, any neighborhood parent can drop off a child to play. you can imagine a parent coming into the backyard for the first time seeing a kid on the top of the two story play house back there. >> they didn't start that yesterday. they have been working up for that a while. they learned how to do it safely. >> reporter: some experts think he is on to something. ashley merryman has found free play with an element of risk teaches life important skills. >> in fact, research has actually shown that kids who spent more time in unstructured play as children were higher in creativity as adults. had you to problem solve. you can't predict what is happening. >> reporter: 10-year-old jack craves this type of freedom. his mom? she supports lanza's vision.
8:35 am
>> sure. he could language wrong and break his leg on the trampoline. we will deal with that if that happens, you know? i was jumping out of tree houses as a kid. i don't think it's unusual. >> i think it's important to have some faith that your kids are not crazy lunatics, that kids actually don't want to get hurt and, yes, they may want to show off, but, ultimately, they don't want to have a broken bone. >> reporter: you don't want parents to think that their kids are crazy lunatic. because somebody think you're a crazy lunatic? >> maybe. >> reporter: melanie thermstrom used to let her kids visit the playborhood. >> my kid are reckless and i see it as my job to shut that down. >> reporter: her children revealed they had been playing on the roof. not of the play house but atop lanza's multistory going by
8:36 am
going through the attic. >> can we go in the attic? >> why don't you stay outside today, okay. >> reporter: lanza told us playing on the roof hardly ever happens. and when the lanza's are now at home, kids are stillwoman to use the playborhood. you're not concerned some kid is going to get hurt and you'll face a lawsuit some day? >> hey, anything can happen. the other part of the ledger what are the probability that our kid are going to have a wonderful life and fun childhood? i'll take those odds any day. >> reporter: kids may love lanza's playborhood for a risk of parents, it requires a leap of faith. for "cbs this morning," john blackstone, manlo park, california. >> so much to get to here. you kids, would -- you're from california. >> yes. >> look. you fight the fight every day with the tablets and wonder what it's doing and -- i worry about problem solving. i like the central idea here isn't the dangerous aspect of it. the idea that they have to learn to function for themselves, to
8:37 am
problem solve and, you know, not get hurt doing it, i suppose. but i can imagine an insurance companies watching that saying is that our guy? >> james taylor had a long and successful career but don't get the idea he is finished. ahead, how he is creating new
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
his influence in our lives goes way beyond his contribution to the american song book because for five decade, his melodys and lyrics have literally become seams in the fabric of our national life. >> former president bill clinton praising james taylor during the kennedy center honors that aired on cbs last night. the five-time foreagrammy winne honored in a career lasting half a century. taylor shows norah o'donnell how he works best. alone in the middle of the wood. ♪ >> s♪ ♪ no one can tell me i'm doing wrong ♪ >> away from the bright lights and crowded arenas, james taylor spends most days in the serenity
8:42 am
of the berkshires. so do you stay up here in the winter when all of the snow -- >> yeah. oh, yeah, we have been up here the past dozen years. maybe 13, 14 years. >> reporter: most of the songs for his latest album, "before this world," recorded in this home studio. ♪ >> reporter: this was your first collection in 13 years. >> yeah. it has been a long time. >> reporter: the music was always there. taylor only needed the time to reach it. >> what i found most recently is that i have to sequester myself away for as much as a week at a time and that is what seemed to work. it takes a couple of days of empty time before ideas start to show up. >> reporter: what is empty time? >> there used to be this thing called boredom. it pretty much has been eradicated and doesn't exist any
8:43 am
more. but it turns out a lot of things got done when you were bored. growing up in north carolina, you know, we had a lot of empty time. ♪ in my mind i'm going to carolina ♪ >> you see yourself as one thing or another. you sort of pretend that you're a songwriter and then it turns out you were. >> reporter: take me back to james taylor. >> i had been in new york with this band in new york named the flying machine, for lack of a better name. it turned out there was another flying machine that was doing better than we were, so, you know, this flying machine crashed and burned. i went back down to north carolina to lick my wounds. i had a heroin habit. i weighed about, you know, 89 pounds and looked like a deck chair in a high wind. my dad came in. he heard my voice on the phone and he said, you stay there, james. i'm going to come get you. he and my brother hugh drove up the coast and moved all of my
8:44 am
meager belongings back down to north carolina. i sat around there for about six months and talked my folks into buying me a ticket to go to london and to visit a friend of mine over there. >> you were the first artist, right, to sign with the beatles label? >> uh-huh. it was -- it was an amazing stroke of good luck. and it got that first album, you know, for all of its rough edges and faults, it got that first album recorded. it got me noticed a little bit. ♪ something in the way she moved ♪ >> reporter: the earliest reviews of your work was noteworthy. i think you were described as the first superstar of the '70s. your music was called "the coolest breath of fresh air." >> i don't know.
8:45 am
you're saying all this stuff, but yeah. . >> reporter: taylor's first album "sweet baby james" delivered his first top ten hit. ♪ i've seen fire and i've seen rain ♪ i've seen sunny days that i thought would never end ♪ >> reporter: the next year, he landed on the cover of "time" magazine as the face of new rock. >> that really was -- got people's attention, particularly my family and my friends, and my, you know, the culture at large. "time" magazine was still a really big deal and, yeah, that was -- that was a big change. ♪ good night moonlight ladies >> reporter: one of the writers described your look as a cowboy jesus. when you look at those pictures. >> at least people are more creative than i am. you know? >> reporter: and you're a songwriter. >> yeah. >> reporter: how does that description strike you?
8:46 am
you're in a bar and you see all of the pictures, you know? >> yeah. i don't know. i thought i was trying to look like george harrison. ♪ and you need some love and care ♪ >> reporter: nearly all of taylor's songs are personal and heartfelt reflections. ♪ nothing was going right >> reporter: but his first and only single to top billboard's hot 100 was written by his friend carole king. ♪ you got a friend >> reporter: we talked about "you got a friend." she said he showed me the confidence. he completely mentored me as a performer. a really beautiful tribute. >> that's a lovely thing to say. yeah. carole was a huge talent. she is genuine. she is very genuine. >> reporter: you've sold a hundred million records. >> that's -- i've heard that figure bounced about.
8:47 am
that's hard to believe. it's a lot of records. >> reporter: yeah. and lots of grammys. and now the kennedy center honors. >> james, we salute you. we love you. and we want you to know in all of us, you've got a friend. >> reporter: what does it mean to you? >> i've been part of this event so many times in the past. i often did wonder whether or not that they would ever tap me for it. >> reporter: you're like, hello, james taylor here. hello! >> i thought, suddenly -- >> reporter: i've seen fire and rain! >> that's right. remember me? you got a friend? yeah. ♪ i want to stop and thank you baby ♪ >> reporter: of course, i'm honored. i'm very glad, as it turns out, that i get to do it in the company of my favorite president barack obama. people, in general, when they hear about the kennedy center honors, that really seems to get people's attention.
8:48 am
so it gives me -- i think it has given me a certain amount of -- ♪ how sweet it is to be loved by you ♪ but joo but earning a rainbow ribbon doesn't mean taylor's work is behind him. at 68, he is still discovering new ways to make music. >> it's very echoey. as you can see. >> oh, my goodness. >> he modified this shipping container and moved it next to his home studio to create a natural echo while recording. how would you describe that echo? >> it does. it gives it seriousness and makes it heroic. >> reporter: the aqua duct reverb chamber as he named it even earned the notes "this world." taylor's last album and his
8:49 am
first to reach number one. "rolling stone" gave "before the world" four and a half stars and says the songs represent a sweet grown-up james. do you agree? >> ah! yeah. i guess they do. they must. you know as up as i'm going to grow, i think. >> favorite j.t. song? >> j.t., huh? >> i know. >> "how sweet it is." it was what we were saying before about the playborhood, boredom, innovation, inspiration for him. >> you are watching "cbs this morning." we will be right back. at perdue, we take some unexpected extra steps to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. like putting oregano in their water. it has natural antioxidants and we don't have to use antibiotics in their diet. perdue. over 200 products no antibiotics ever.
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we take some unexpected extra steps to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. for example, thyme. it's part of our 100% veggie diet and helps support their immune system. perdue. over 200 products no antibiotics ever. ♪ it's been a good run, you two. >> it's been fun. >> been great.
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>> that does it for us.
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good morning everyone i'm jim donovan. police are expect to return today to the collindale home of the woman last seen in april of 2013. police used cadaver dogs, to search the home of melissa rodriguez last night, looking for her remains. several of the dogs hit on the same spot in the homes basement but nothing was found , authorities could search that same area, again today. now here's kate which today's weather. >> today's forecast is pretty tame out there, jim, we have some lingering cloud, across say the northern 13th of the area but we are expecting the rest of the region to look like we will see right now outside rehoboth, and a lot of people are outside on the beach and boardwalk this morning and interestingly enough but we have a nice clear sky, that was the point but we are tracking a re
8:56 am
enforcing cold front come tomorrow. it the starts off around 5:00 o'clock in the morning give or take across our region , starting as a mix and especially to the northwest we will see modest snow accumulation lehigh valley, poconos, one to as many as 4 inches of snow further north , better chance of that accumulation but change over to all rain in philadelphia no later than 7:00 in the morning early morning commute could be a little slick but this is primary a rain producing system we will cool down behind it, again we have a struggle to even hit 40, come friday, but we also see that wind pick up and that could lead to a flurry and new years weekend pat a shower but that is worse of our worries. >> messy commute tomorrow, thanks, messy right the now on the northeast extension with two car fires to tell you about, one, in the northbound lanes, past lansdale but causing major headaches and several miles of the delay on the northbound side, also the southbound side as you head down toward mid county that one also off to the shoulder, but also causing delays, you will want to use 309 to get
8:57 am
around, these incident, on the northeast extension. 295 southbound in wilmington an accident, shoulder just get buying bye huge delays through wilmington as well. jim, back over to you. thanks, pat that is "eyewitness news" for now join us for "eyewitness news" at noon i'm jim donovan make it a great
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it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless.
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