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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  December 30, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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well, philadelphia gets ready to ring in 2017, in spectacular style, with the annual fire works display on the delaware river. this is file from last year, city will stage two fire works show at penns landing tomorrow , new years eve. one is at 6:00 in the evening, other at midnight with fire works launched from barges on the river. and, of course, the mummers will strut on sunday. well, 2016 is coming to an end on a cold, windy note, good afternoon, i'm jim
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donovan. i'm jan carabao. we may see a passing snow shower today, so lets get more on the forecast and what we can second for new years eve from meteorologist katie fehlinger out their life on the cbs-3 sky deck. how does it feel, katie. >> it is chilly, i will be honest with you, jan. we have wind kick nothing pretty significantly out of the west. it is not damaging wind but when we factor in the chill, it will absolutely headache it feel that much more chillier. you are noticing these cloud are coming in and out messing with the light on camera as a result. we will show you what is up here. even though we have bright sunshine, we have a hint of activity on the radar. the reason being, good old lake effect. when we have got cold air moving over the relatively warmer waters of the lakes you can get this snow are precipitation in general to form. that is where this is coming there. win is so persistent allowing this presip to survive rolling our way. very the scattered obviously but it is out there. and specific to new castle county, in fact we are seeing a couple syringe also right
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now. nothing major. i don't think you have to have an umbrella certainly but if you saw a couple rain drops or yes, even some snowflakes, that is the reason. otherwise, it is a mix of sun and cloud rest of the day. forty-two feels awfully chilly when we factor in a 20-mile an hour sustain wind flow out of the even though just from the west, it is not a warm breeze by any stretch. make sure you bundle up adequately walking out the door. current temperature is 28 at mount pocono and when you throw in that win, as a wind chill we are talking teens at best. as to how it feels. heading up that way doing skiing, perhaps, keep it the in mine it will feel awfully cold anytime that wind blows. it is persistent for rest of the day. thirty-three is what it teams like at philly international, more like freezing mark from trenton to ac and back to millville. lets talk about new years eve. thirty-nine is what we expect that thermometer to read ushering in the new year, under generally a partly cloudy sky but here's the thing, whimpy cold front is scheduled to cross through and
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it looks like timing is such that we may have to deal with the most stray of sprinkles or showers. i don't think you have to plan around any rain for the new year, especially heading out to the fire work but if you see a couple rain drops that would be why. coming up late are in the show i will not only fix my hair but i will talk about a nice warm up that waits in the wings for our area so stay tune for. that guys, back to you. >> sound good, thanks, katie. if you live in south jersey and planning on celebrating the new year in philadelphia patco is making it easier. free train rides are offered on the high speed line, free fares start at 8:00 tomorrow night and run until 4:00 a.m. on the first. delaware river port authority hopes this will cut down on the number of people trying drunk. well, as they prior to drop the ball in new york's times square security will be extremely tight, thousands of police officers will patrol the over 1 million people celebrating the new year. marley hall has the latest from the the crossroads of the
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world. >> reporter: final preparations, underway, high above times square, where in less than 36 hours, this water ford crystal ball will come down the final seconds of 2016. revellers will jam in an area just a mile long and two blocks wide, about 7,000 new york city police officers will pab trolling the crowd. >> at this time we have no direct concerns related to terrorism to times square specifically, or new years eve in general. >> reporter: in the wake of the truck attacks in nice, france and berlin, the nypd is placing 65 sand trucks weighing 40 tons each, in strategic locations around times square. they are also doubling the number of blocker vehicles. >> it creates a hard perimeter so it won't, allow a vehicle to get in there like ape replicate the nice attack. >> reporter: new york's biggest party of the year is expect to draw about 2 million people, there around the world >> i feel good about it. >> reporter: nicole and her family are visiting from
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pennsylvania, she says that the extra security, makes her feel safer. >> all of the presence, port authority, all of the cameras. if we let terrorist win and stop us from enjoying anything , think great event that we have here in our country then they win. >> reporter: first partyers won't show up until early saturday morning. marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". european cities will ring in the new year under height event secured measures. >> many are already on high leather for possible terror attack. correspondent riley carlson takes a look at how police overseas are preparing to protect large crowd on new years eve. >> reporter: concrete barriers are part of the new years eve preparation to berlin's brande nberg gate this year, thousands are expected and security will be extremely tight in the wake of the last week deadly terror attack at a nearby christmas market. police are highly visible in cities across germany including hamburg where large crowds are also expected to ring in the new year.
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in vienna australia, authorities installed additional security cameras to monitor crowd, where 700,000 are expected to gather. police even handed out pocket alarms to people at a train station. over 100,000 people are expected at the official fire works show here in london along the te ms but the river banks will be only place with extra security. more armed officers will be joining london's usually gun free patrol and for the first time, armed officers will be keeping watch on underground trains and platforms. >> our plans are constantly reviewed, in light of the tragic events around the world and we have a covert measures in place. >> reporter: city is installing concrete barriers in high traffic areas hoping to get 2017 off to a peaceful start. riley carlson for cbs news, london. car bomb exploded in the northern mosul neighborhood killing an unknown number of
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people as iraqi troops advanced toward center of the city. a plume have white smoke and gunfire followed the explosion , as u.s. back iraqi troops broke a two week lull in the fighting. troops were pushing deeper into the area battling against islamic state militants, two month owe tense i have has been slowed as militants he resisted and civilians have become trapped in their homes. well, vladamire put enis criticizing u.s. sanction as begins russia but says he will not kick out u.s. diplomates, out of moscow, as retaliation. craig boswell has latest from the white house. >> reporter: russian president putin is taking a wait and see approach to new u.s. sanctions , in a statement, he said, russia will plan further steps to restore russian/u.s. relations based on the policies of the trump administration, thursday the obama administration announced its punishing rush because moscow interfered in the latest presidential elections. the white house expelled 35
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russian diplomates closed two russian compound one in new york, other in maryland, and placed economic sanctions on two russian intelligence services, four intelligence officers, and three russian tech companies. >> for too long russia has engaged in malicious cyber activity and harassing our diplomates serving overseas. that is unacceptable. >> reporter: global political experts don't see, an end to cyber warfare. >> he is winning. i don't think it will stop. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump claims that russia ways trying to help him win is just a way for democrats to discredit his victory. >> since the election it is a fever pitch of accusations and insinuations. >> reporter: president-elect issued a statement saying it is time for the country to move on but he also says he will meet with intelligence leaders next week to get the more facts about the hacking claims. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" caught on camera. >> a brutal beating outside a local convenient store, police
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welcome back. a bee love south philadelphia grocery store owner is being laid to rest today, that is one day after police charged her allege killer, with murder "eyewitness news" at baldi funeral home on south broad street this morning where loved ones, friends paid their final respects to marie buck,
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a funeral mass followed at saint mary magdellan church. eighty-one year-old grandmother was murdered inside her south philadelphia grocery store on christmas eve , mourners say her lost is being felt throughout the community. >> it is sad and very upsetting to know that the woman who tried to always help some people, you know, a tragic thing had to happen to her. >> let's go in every once in a while, and i'm glad they caught the person that did this on christmas eve of all times. >> police charged 31 year-old maurice green in buck's shooting death. police say green went to the store to shoot victim's grandson who allegedly stole a piece of expensive jewelry from him. now police want you to look at this surveillance video from last friday at a sunoco station on the the 400 block of cheltenham avenue. three men jumped a 19 year-old punched and kick him and getaway with cash and a cell phone. the victim was treated at einstein hospital. if you have any information on
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this case please contact the police. when the new year starts philadelphia will tighten rules for business that is sell tobacco product. new regulations include tobacco free school zones and any business caught selling tobacco to minor in two years will be suspended for selling the product for a year. city health commissioner says these measures aim to keep cigarettes away from children. >> most people who start smoking start smoking when they are children. it is particularly for important us to protect children from this kind of marketing f children get in the stores every day buy a pack of gum or carton of milk and they see advertising they are more likely to take up smoking when they have an opportunity to buy cigarettes. the this is about protecting children from that marketing of the tobacco industry. >> starting in february, the city will regulate how many businesses per neighborhood can sell tobacco. well, after nearly 80 years in business new york's famed carnegie deli is closing its doors today. eat theory famous for its $20 pass tram my sandwiches
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closest at the midnight. other restaurants including one in bethlehem will remain opened. deli has been featured in broadway danny rose and on shows like law and order. well, if you didn't get everything you want for christmas, today you you can buy it yourself. big sale underway at amazon, it is amazon digital day, the internet retailer is offering discounts on thousands of items, including half priced on hundreds of movies, kid games, and tv shows. and the eagles will finish out season at link this sunday against division rival dallas cowboys. earlier this morning head coach doug pederson spoke to the media about cowboys playing their backups. >> you don't risk injury to your starter, you know, obviously, you know, just your backup need ton ready in those crucial moments. we were faced with it just a week ago with chase. so, having a play and play extensively, would be very beneficial to go into the post season. >> after starting three and zero but losing nine of the
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next 12 games, eagles fans are hoping to end the season a high note. well, what a way to end 2016, still ahead on "eyewitness news". >> where people are digging out in the north east of the country and is any of this weather heading our way, katie >> well, we are expect to go actually end up even and through the rest of the afternoon with a little hint of a couple of snow showers here and there which we will discuss in more detail right after the break but your weekend forecast is looking pretty tame, all things considered, perhaps a spotty shower looking ahead to saturday night but overall it is partly sunny and on the chilly side, just what you expect to ring in the new year coming up this weekend. full forecast on the other side, stick around.
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welcome back. major winter storm continues to pummel the northeast today,
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powerful storm began bringing heavy snow yesterday to upstate new york and new england, and, for seven states they are seeing half foot or more of snow, maiden worse by strong wind, creating snowdrifts. well, family stuck in the snowy traffic jam in the poconos did what they could to pass time, north dakota family got out of their car, built snow men. they let their pup have a romp in the snow on interstate 80 in blackslee monroe county where police say snow caused several accidents, in that area. even up there. >> yes. >> even up there i don't want it near us. >> yes, we ended up with 5 inches of snow in tonyhanna very close to blakeslee. it was quite an event for philadelphia, and, still rain crops. >> yes, exactly. >> we just live in one of those spots, totallitive rent climates from the shore to the urban areas of the mountains. >> it was one of those events. >> we are just stuck with the
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chilly aftermath in the wake of the front that brought that mess to us yesterday morning and then the snow that we saw up in maine or we continue to see across new england is all part of the very same system. let me walk you through this but we will start off by taking a tour around area and cameras and here we go, jim, spot very near to blakeslee is in blue mountain and people are loving the extra powder that mother nature produced yesterday, up in this area. this is at least 50 people in this camera shot and again, this is just one of the many slopes that are currently opened. also off to a good start there should be cameras there. i didn't put tonight play but i did have very gray skies to show you. we will move ate long. gray skies to show you through portions of berks county in part because of the lake effect snow machine that has been picking up. when you hear lake effect snow story, where does this all come from. remember we have huge lakes, very close by. when you get the wind in this direction, coming across the lakes from the northwest, it
12:20 pm
is, that much colder air that is moving over relatively warmer water and when you get the very gusty wind persistent like they are today the lake enhanced snow squalls come with that and sometimes they can survive as far east as our area and that is what is happening. we are not talking about anything widespread but we do certainly have, now what is missing, storm scan, there it the is, i thought i had that one. what we are fining as a result is snow squals picking up. here's bigger story. you can see that storm circulating across atlantic canada pro tuesdaying snow in upstate new york and here locally we have still a couple of stray snow showers that are out there you can see them surviving as you cross laurel highland, alleghenies and heading our way. if you see clouds and a few rain drops or, snowflakes that is why. it is not a larger system, nothing like. that we will catch a bit have the break in between systems come tomorrow, 40's, at best low to mid 40's, still breezy, not as harsh as what we're finding out there right the now but is there a weak low cold front that will cross and
12:21 pm
bring a stray sprinkle saturday night. out and about for new years eve festivities you do not to have plan for rain but that would be why you see a rain drop here and there for us in the new year i am thinking we're right around 39 degrees for fire works display, partly sunny in the meantime for first day of 2017, and then notice what looms off to the south new warm front starts to lift in monday. that will bring more clouds, some showers, as well and it the looks like that could continue into tuesday with steadier batch of rain. month of december, it is fast winding down, here and boy have we seen, a lot of variety here. the temperatures ended up evening out for the most part. we are 1.3 degrees above average. but we have been anywhere from 64 to 16, over the course of this month. so again, lot of variety going on here, in terms of the precipitation, we are only about a half, .6 or so inches shy of where we should be but that this sure beats deficits we have faced here. looking at current wind speed these are sustain. the noticeable breeze. you saw my hair the on the sky
12:22 pm
deck. you know what is doing. it is not the best hair take. it is chilly. bundle up you will be just fine. meanwhile lets jump to january . we promise had you sunshine, less wind and for mummers day parade 9:00 a.m. stepping off in the 30's. come noon time we should be in the mid 40's. looking forward then to the eyewitness weather seven day forecast we are talking throw mid 40's through the course of the next couple of days. by sunday we should start to rebound here, flirting with 50 , come monday and tuesday, flirting with 60 degrees, and that will be a nice turnaround but is there always a trade off, jim, i know you don't like that. >> yes. >> but that warm front living up to its name will bring us our next round have rain and it looks like both monday and especially tuesday could be on the damp side. >> we still need rain though. we are still way below where we are supposed to have. >> we have put a good chip in a couple weeks ago but we can always use rain so we will take what we can get. we are in the looking at any snow. >> that should make you happy. >> warmth, rain is fine. manikin challenge like no
12:23 pm
other you have ever seen on this earth.
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12:25 pm
coming up at 6:00 preparing for the party we will look behind the scenes as crews get ready for fire works show along the delaware river, for new years eve. well, it has been a while since last manikin challenge video but now the challenge has been taken, to zero gravity. >> i thought this was over but not. six member crew aboard the international space station,
12:26 pm
froze yesterday and as members , held completely still expedition 50 is on the six month mission studying even if particular properties of space , grown plants. well, lets get a check the of the weather, katie. >> well, we are looking ahead to the chill in the air in the terribly atypical for standards in late december but i promise you cameras and i wanted to show it to you before the show was over. this will be lit up with fire works from palmyra cove nature park come saturday night. it the is very close, to the current form by that thort northwest chilly wind kick nothing here and a quick look at the fire works display, forecast for you, chilly, granted but nothing out of the ordinary other then a quick sprinkle we are looking good on new years eve, guys. thanks, katie. that is "eyewitness news" at noon i'm jim dan van. i'm january carabao. thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00 and we are always on line cbs >> happy birthday to carson wentz. fly eagles fly. the young and the restless is about bassett.
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♪ [ door opens ] >> casey: [ chuckling ] hey, sleepyhead. >> nikki: casey, hi. >> casey: okay if i come in? >> nikki: sure. >> casey: how do you feel? >> nikki: [ sighs ] it's my wedding day. [ sighs ] it's beautiful out there. >> casey: it is. it's the perfect day for a
12:31 pm
wedding. so how'd you sleep? >> nikki: are you kidding? i was on pins and needles all night. >> casey: i think that's what they call bridal nerves. >> nikki: yeah, i guess so. i'll just be glad when today is over. >> casey: is that any way to talk? this is a woman who's marrying the man of her dreams! >> nikki: i know, i know. i just...i don't know. this big wedding and everything victor's planned, as wonderful as it is, it's -- it's a little intimidating. >> casey: i'm sure the last thing that victor would want is for you to be intimidated. you just relax and enjoy yourself. this is gonna be the most fabulous day of your life. >> nikki: thank god you're here. i could never get through this without you. >> casey: you would've made it. but i wouldn't have missed this for the world. oh, come here. come here. um... you be happy. >> nikki: i will. [ knock on door ] >> victor: nikki? >> nikki: victor! don't -- don't come in here!
12:32 pm
>> victor: well, good. you're finally up, then. >> nikki: it's bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding! >> victor: [ laughs ] well, i was afraid if i didn't wake you, you would miss the ceremony. >> nikki: what do you mean? is it late? is it late, casey? >> victor: no, it's not too late. i was just afraid that you might not make it on time, that's all. >> casey: don't worry, victor. she'll be there on time. >> victor: good morning. >> casey: good morning. >> victor: how's the lovely bride? >> casey: hmm, appropriately nervous. >> victor: mm-hmm. >> casey: and the groom? >> victor: appropriately nervous. [ laughs ] >> casey: god, i wish i had a tape recorder. i don't think we'll ever hear that admission again. >> victor: [ laughs ] >> casey: she's very happy, victor. >> victor: so am i. next time i see you is gonna be before the minister. >> casey: you take good care of her, you hear? >> victor: i intend to. >> nikki: oh, casey. very soon -- very soon now, all of my dreams are gonna come true.
12:33 pm
i'm gonna be mrs. victor newman. ♪ >> douglas: ah, there you are. now, today is the day. i've got your tails. >> victor: all right, doug. do you have the ring? >> douglas: well, of course i have the ring. do i detect a trace of bridegroom's nerves? >> victor: absolutely not. don't be ridiculous, will you? >> douglas: well, just relax. and don't worry. everything is under control. look, you really can trust me. everything's in order.
12:34 pm
i know how important it is for you to have everything right today. >> victor: yes, douglas, it is very important. >> douglas: you're worried about something. >> victor: yep. i had a very strange call last night. it was about eve howard. seems she left the mental institution. >> douglas: you mean they let her out? >> victor: no, i think she escaped somehow. >> douglas: oh, good lord. >> victor: for all i know, they may have located her by now. but i want you to be on the alert, all right? i don't want anything to spoil this day. >> douglas: does -- does nikki know? >> victor: no. and i don't want her to, either. >> douglas: what about the police? >> victor: i've already spoken with investigator williams. he and his wife are gonna be attending the party, and... he'll be keeping an eye out for any sign of trouble. >> douglas: well, it seems to me you have everything under control. and don't worry about eve. i mean, officer williams and i are both keeping an eye out for her. that insane woman has no chance of doing your nikki any harm. now, we have a wedding to go to, huh? [ laughs ]
12:35 pm
[ chatter ] ♪ >> oh, don't go to sleep on me now. come, come, come. there's a lot to be done before the reception. move, move, move.
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12:40 pm
when victor does something, he goes all out. >> jill: and to think he's marrying a former stripper. >> ashley: hello. looks like it's about that time, gang. >> john: well, now, don't you look lovely, miss abbott. >> ashley: thank you. you guys look spectacular. >> john: uh, will you be going with us? >> ashley: no, my fiancé's gonna pick me up. [ doorbell rings ] isn't that great? right on cue. there's my guy. bye. >> john: [ chuckles ] bye, honey. >> jill: bye, ash. >> john: we'll see you there. >> ashley: okay. oh, my. hi. >> eric: oh, you look great. >> ashley: thanks. so do you. a tux. >> victor: thank you. >> victor, your room is ready. your guests are arriving. and it's almost that time. >> victor: reverend, i know. >> victor, there's nothing to worry about. now, i'm sure that everything is gonna go off without any problems. >> victor: [ chuckles ]
12:41 pm
i certainly hope so. >> be assured of it. >> douglas: you look marvelous. [ knock on door ] >> yes? >> douglas: yes? >> carl: investigator williams. >> victor: oh, yes. mr. williams, please come in. >> carl: colonel austin, i'd like you to meet my wife, mary. >> douglas: it's nice to meet you. >> mary: how do you do? what a pleasure to meet you. >> carl: mr. newman, how are you? i just wanted to assure you that we'll have a number of officers stationed about, keeping an eye out for any unwelcome guests. >> victor: mm-hmm. >> carl: also, commander lewis and i will be circulating among the crowd, looking for any signs of eve howard. >> victor: mm-hmm. >> carl: now, let me understand this. she is about 5'6", medium build, blonde? >> victor: exactly. thank you for your assistance. >> carl: oh, we intend to be very sure that your wedding be unmarred, mr. newman. >> victor: thank you. >> nikki: i am so nervous. i-i-it's getting very close, isn't it? >> casey: in just a few minutes. >> nikki: how do i look?
12:42 pm
am i okay? is my makeup okay? do i have too much rouge on? >> casey: oh. >> nikki: casey, i'm a wreck. i'm nervous. >> casey: i can see that. look, you just get ahold of yourself. and maybe i'll get you a little glass of brandy, something to relax you. >> nikki: all right. >> casey: oh, miss? could i get a small glass of brandy for the bride? >> eve: oh, for the bride? uh, yes. yes. >> oh, mr. garrison, ms. abbott, may i show you to your place? >> ashley: if it's all right, we'd like a few minutes just to look around. is that okay? >> oh, certainly. let me know when you wish to be seated. >> ashley: okay, thank you. my lord. i feel like we've just landed on another planet or somewhere. >> eric: prince charles and lady di, eat your heart out. you know, i think we're gonna like this.
12:43 pm
>> ashley: like this? we're gonna love this, darling. >> eric: gee, victor newman has friends here from all over the world. >> ashley: ooh, i see something i want to get a closer look at. >> eric: what's that? >> ashley: follow me. well, what do you think? >> eric: [ sighs ] it's just another indication the size of victor newman's thinking -- big. >> ashley: do you realize that in just a few weeks, you and i are gonna be dressed just like that and looking just like those people on the cake? >> eric: i'm only sorry it couldn't be sooner. >> ashley: i know. me, too. >> eric: you know, if i had any guts at all, i'd ask victor if we could borrow his minister after the ceremony. we could have our wedding today. >> ashley: [ laughs ] it's a nice thought, darling. but i think it's better if we wait. you see, i want everything. i want a gown and i want a veil
12:44 pm
and i want flowers and i want my ring and i want a cake just like nikki's having. >> kay: oh, dear god. lavish. [ chuckles ] lavish takes on a new meaning. derek, you know when nikki comes down those stairs, it's gonna be a dream come true? she has been in love with victor for so long. >> derek: hmm. no doubt about it. when victor puts on a party, he does it up right. >> kay: [ chuckles ] >> derek: after all, he invited you. >> kay: oh, yes. the new me. i wonder if anyone is gonna notice. >> derek: i believe we both know the answer to that, my dear. >> kay: [ chuckles ] >> derek: would you excuse me? >> kay: mm-hmm.
12:45 pm
♪ [ door opens ] >> casey: thanks very much. here, honey. this will calm your nerves. >> nikki: [ sighs ] >> casey: now, if we can just get that last strand of hair in place. >> nikki: i know. >> casey: you'd feel more >> nikki: i know. >> casey: you'd feel more comfortable.
12:46 pm
>> nikki: i know. >> cas♪ and one at the end comfortainof the day ♪ ♪ ♪ and as many as possible ♪ squeezed in between ♪ to keep life's troubles at bay. ♪ ♪ it's my belief for instant relief... ♪ ♪ a hug is the best cure of all. ♪ it's just a cough.our cough, sfx: woman coughing you'd see how often you cough all day. and so would everyone else. robitussin 12 hour delivers fast, powerful cough relief that lasts up to 12 hours. robitussin 12 hour cough relief, because it's never just a cough.
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12:49 pm
♪ >> lauren: well, it's not too bad. what do you guys think? >> andy: uh, it's victor newman, no doubt about it. >> paul: yeah, with more than just a little dose of nikki reed. >> andy: [ chuckles ] >> diane: paul, isn't that your father over there? >> paul: yeah, it is. >> andy: what's he doing here? >> mary: carl, this is extravagant. i have never seen anything like this in my life. it is just --
12:50 pm
>> carl: honey. >> mary: what? >> carl: it's frank and amy. now, i want you to keep amy occupied for just a few minutes. i have to talk to frank. all right? >> mary: fine. >> carl: hi. >> katherine chancellor, how wonderful you look. >> kay: thank you. >> well, here are the invitations for miss peggy brooks, miss leslie brooks, miss chris brooks foster, and miss lorie brooks. four of genoa city's most beautiful girls. >> leslie: the maestro always tells the truth. >> may we show you to your seats, ladies?
12:51 pm
>> lorie: oh, i'd be delighted. >> chris: maestro? >> please, my dear. come on. >> john: well, now, there's a familiar face. >> kay: john, dear, hello. >> john: katherine. ah, you look wonderful. >> kay: thank you. i know. >> john: [ laughs ] >> kay: jill. >> jill: hello, katherine. lovely to see you. >> brock: i've been looking all over for -- jill, what are you doing -- >> jill: brock! >> brock: this is a great surprise. >> jill: yes, it certainly is. oh, brock, this is my husband, mr. john abbott. >> brock: mr. abbott, this is a pleasure. i'm katherine's son, and, uh, i've been a friend of your wife's for a long time. >> john: well, nice to meet you, brock. >> brock: well, uh, i guess we should go to our places, right? >> kay: uh, well, the three of you, uh, run along. i'm waiting for, uh, someone. >> john: nice seeing you both. >> kay: bye-bye, john. >> john: bye.
12:52 pm
>> lorie: it's quite an event, isn't it? >> julia: quite. >> lorie: victor has certainly outdone himself. >> julia: oh, i don't think it's possible for victor to outdo himself. >> lorie: i don't know. he's marrying nikki. [ laughs ] >> casey: nikki, honey, you haven't touched your brandy. >> nikki: oh. >> casey: why don't you have some, sweetheart? i think it'll help you relax. >> nikki: [ sighs ] [ "the wedding march" plays ] oh, god. "the wedding march." i can't -- i can't do it now, casey! help -- help me! my veil! i don't have my veil on! >> casey: relax. you're gonna be beautiful. >> nikki: [ sighs ] >> casey: here. >> nikki: [ sighs ] >> casey: here.
12:53 pm
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12:54 pm
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12:56 pm
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
♪ ♪
12:59 pm
♪ [ "the wedding march" plays ]
1:00 pm
>> victoria: mommy. >> dearly beloved, we have gathered here today to join together this man, victor newman, and this woman, nicole reed, together in the holy bonds of wedlock, an institution honorable among all men. now, if there is anyone here who can show just cause why this couple should not be lawfully married, let them speak now or forever hold their peace. victor, you have chosen nicole to be your wife. will you, with god's help, love her, support her, comfort her, care for her, and, respecting her independence, cherish her as your partner in marriage? >> victor: yes, i will.
1:01 pm
>> nicole, you have chosen victor to be your husband. will you, with god's help, love him, comfort him, support him, care for him, and, respecting his independence, cherish him as your partner in marriage? >> nikki: oh, yes, i will. >> then will you join your hands together and repeat to one another the personal vows that you have? >> victor: i join you in marriage, nikki, to make you my wife for the length of our days, to love and comfort you in joy and in sorrow, to support and to care for you, to cherish and respect you, and to give of myself. and together we shall, in the sight of god, give joy to those
1:02 pm
we touch. >> nikki: i join you in marriage, victor, to make you my husband for the length of our days, to love and comfort you in joy and in sorrow, to support you, to care for you, to respect and cherish you, to give of myself, and together with you, in the sight of god, bring love to all those we touch. >> victor, i believe you have a ring to further seal and symbolize the vows here made? >> victor: yes. this ring is a symbol of my love and my commitment.
1:03 pm
with this ring, i thee wed. >> and now forasmuch as victor and nicole have consented together in holy wedlock and witnessed the same before god and this company, and for that reason have given and pledged their vows one to the other. i do now, according to the authority vested in me by the laws of god and of this state, pronounce that victor and nicole are husband and wife. what god hath joined together let no man put asunder. victor, you may kiss your bride. ♪
1:04 pm
1:05 pm
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1:07 pm
see what's possible. >> nikki: thank you so much. [ indistinct conversations ] sweetheart, thank you for coming. katherine. >> kay: [ laughs ] you look like an absolute angel. >> nikki: thank you. isn't it wonderful? >> kay: it's everything i knew it would be. >> nikki: and you -- you look
1:08 pm
absolutely beautiful. >> kay: but i just put on my best face for this occasion. >> nikki: [ laughs ] >> kay: oh, honey, i love you. >> nikki: i love you. >> kay: talk to you later. >> nikki: okay. >> ashley: oh, god, that was beautiful, eric. >> eric: yes, it was. and very inspiring. >> ashley: i know. i can't wait for ours. >> eric: i think you need a glass of champagne. >> ashley: no. i think i need a magnum. >> eric: [ chuckles ] >> ashley: now! [ chuckles ] >> lorie: excuse me. >> ashley: yes? >> lorie: ashley abbott, right? >> ashley: yes. you're lorie brooks? >> lorie: yes. i'm so pleased to meet you. i've heard a lot of things about you. >> ashley: i'm so glad you're here. i've -- i've been wanting to meet you. >> lorie: thank you. i know that you're a very busy person, but i would really like to talk to you. >> ashley: really? >> lorie: yeah, a little project i'm interested in doing. >> ashley: lorie brooks working on a little project? >> lorie: [ chuckles ] well, i think you'll be
1:09 pm
interested in it. >> ashley: well, how about if you can find some time before you leave, how about if we try to get together for lunch or something? >> lorie: good. i'd like that. >> ashley: me, too. >> lorie: um, by the way, do you have any idea who that terribly handsome man over there is? >> ashley: yes. that's marc mergeron. >> lorie: well, one of us is getting a lot of attention. >> victor: julia. >> julia: kiss for the groom? >> victor: [ chuckles ] with pleasure, i assure you. >> julia: congratulations. i mean that. >> victor: i know you do. >> julia: you know that you look even younger than the day we were married? >> victor: and you look more beautiful than ever. >> carl: mr. newman. >> victor: mr. williams. anything new? >> carl: not a sign of her, no. >> eve: excuse me, gentlemen. champagne? >> carl: no, thank you.
1:10 pm
>> victor: thank you. >> eve: pardon me. >> carl: but don't worry. we're keeping a sharp eye out for her. >> victor: good. >> jill: oh, excuse me. i'm terribly sor-- good lord. >> derek: jill. >> jill: derek. what are you doing here? >> derek: well, i, uh, i came with katherine. i... of course, i could always... >> jill: you could always what? >> derek: nothing, nothing. you're beautiful. i-i understand you were married. >> jill: i am married. would you like to meet my husband? >> derek: wouldn't that be cozy? >> jill: on second thought, maybe another time.
1:11 pm
>> eve: cheers, mrs. newman. >> paul: wouldn't have missed it for the world. >> nikki: oh, paul, i'm so glad you're here. >> paul: you sure know how to throw a terrific party. >> nikki: oh, you haven't seen nothing yet. [ laughs ] >> paul: victor's not gonna be the same. >> nikki: well, i hope not. >> paul: you look fantastic. >> nikki: thank you. >> paul: i'll catch you a little bit later? >> nikki: okay. >> eve: madame. >> nikki: oh, thank you. >> casey: [ chuckles ] well, little sister, you did it. >> nikki: oh, we did it, you mean. >> casey: oh, here, we don't want to mess up this beautiful gown. there you go. come here. oh, i love you, too. congratulations, my lucky little... >> eve: lucky indeed. i'll get you, my pretty. you'll never leave this place
1:12 pm
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1:15 pm
>> ashley: julia? >> julia: ashley, hi. >> ashley: you look stunning. beautiful dress. >> julia: [ chuckles ] thank you. so do you. >> ashley: who'd you come here with? >> julia: nobody. i came by myself. >> ashley: by yourself? eric, come here and tell this gorgeous creature just how lovely she looks. she should hear it from a man. >> eric: i'm sure she's probably heard it from several men by now. >> ashley: my very smooth fiancé. here he is, folks.
1:16 pm
>> julia: thanks, eric. >> lorie: hello, mr. mergeron. >> marc: you know my name. should i know yours? >> lorie: i don't know. should you? >> marc: of course. lorie brooks, the author. now, how did you know mine? >> lorie: i confess miss abbott told me. >> marc: ashley? >> lorie: a friend? >> marc: very much so. i hope the two of you had more interesting things to discuss than me. >> lorie: [ chuckles ] well, we did talk about other things, yes. but i'm not sure any of them were more interesting. >> marc: cheers. [ laughter ] >> andy: hey, did you talk to your dad? >> paul: yeah, i did. he says he's here on duty. >> andy: undercover? >> paul: well, he wouldn't go into it. but i'm sure something's up. oh, excuse me.
1:17 pm
>> eve: excuse me. would you hold that for me, please? >> jill: i beg your pardon. >> eve: thank you.
1:18 pm
oh, madame. you look so lovely. >> nikki: oh, thank you. if i could just get this tiara to stay on. ♪ >> casey: nikki, honey, it's time to -- >> nikki: my god, are you all right? >> eve: yes, i-i think so. >> casey: are you sure you didn't hit your head or anything? >> eve: oh, no. no, i'm okay. i really -- excuse me. i've got to get back to work. >> nikki: oh, no, wait. you should lay down or something. what was that? what happened to her? >> casey: i don't know. maybe she really didn't hurt herself. listen, it's time to dance. >> nikki: yeah, okay. i'll be -- i'll be right out. >> casey: okay. don't you keep your husband waiting. >> nikki: i won't. wait a minute. there's something very familiar about her. wait a minute. there's something very familiar
1:19 pm
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1:22 pm
>> are you ready? >> we're ready. ♪ >> ♪ please don't let this feeling end ♪ ♪ it's everything i am ♪ ♪ everything i want to be
1:23 pm
♪ i can see what's mine now ♪ ♪ finding out what's true ♪ ♪ since i found you ♪ looking through the eyes of love ♪ ♪ now i can take my time ♪ i can see my life ♪ as it comes up shining now ♪ reaching out to touch you ♪ i can feel so much
1:24 pm
♪ since i found you ♪ looking through the eyes of love ♪ ♪ ♪ since i found you
1:25 pm
♪ looking through the eyes of love ♪ ♪ and now i do believe that even in the storm we'll find some light ♪ ♪ knowing you're beside me, i'm all right ♪ ♪ please don't let this feeling end ♪ ♪ it might not come again ♪ and i want to remember ♪ how it feels to touch you
1:26 pm
♪ i can feel so much ♪ since i found you ♪ ♪ looking through the eyes of love ♪
1:27 pm
>> ashley: oh! [ applause ] >> nikki: i love you. i love you. >> victor: i love you. >> eve: i'll be waiting for you at home, mrs. newman.
1:28 pm
you'll never survive this day. i promise you.
1:29 pm
1:30 pm
♪ >> [ singing in french ] ♪ whoo! ♪ whoo! ♪ whoo! ♪ whoo!
1:31 pm
[ singing in french ]
1:32 pm
>> [ speaking in french ] >> quinn: excuse me. excusez-moi. taxi! hello. bonjour. >> merci. ♪
1:33 pm
♪ >> wyatt: so, are you good? >> steffy: i'd call this "perfection." wouldn't you? >> wyatt: yeah. i would call it "perfection," if liam wasn't sulking around here, maybe gave us a minute to ourselves. >> steffy: wyatt. >> wyatt: what? >> steffy: please. >> wyatt: did i just bring up -- did i say his name? i-i did. okay. i'm an idiot. i won't do that again. >> steffy: good. >> wyatt: i'm gonna live in the moment. right now, the moment's pretty damn good. [ waves breaking in distance ] >> whoo! >> whoo! >> wyatt: whoo! ♪ [ doorbell rings ] >> liam: hey. >> eric: hey. your brother and steffy are down at the beach, i think. >> liam: uh, yeah. yeah. i know. >> eric: not the easiest trip
1:34 pm
for you, is it? >> liam: i-i don't know what i'm doing. i just wanted to come by and congratulate you again. >> eric: well, please do. come in. [ both chuckle ] >> liam: whoa! oh! it's -- it's so bright. >> eric: yeah. >> liam: i planned to come over here and fanboy all over you about your speech, but it looks like the whole city of monte carlo beat me to it. >> eric: well, they've been very kind. >> liam: kind? oh, they've been kind? >> eric: yes, they have. >> liam: kindness has nothing to do with it. it was riveting and powerful and -- and funny. it was funny. >> eric: well, the fact is i actually enjoy public speaking. stephanie used to say that i enjoyed the sound of my own voice, but she was wrong about that -- absolutely wrong. >> liam: you know, can i tell you something? >> eric: what? >> liam: i had never heard that point before about clothing and culture and protest, you know? 'cause what you said is absolutely true -- that when we feel defiant, when we feel passionate, when we have a message, we -- we paint it on ourselves, you know -- on our bodies, on our faces, and we wear it on our shirts.
1:35 pm
>> eric: sometimes we drop our trousers and moon the crowd. >> liam: [ chuckles ] well, that is also an option, yes. that's, uh... hey, i've got an idea for a t-shirt i'm thinking putting out there. it's gonna say, "my life was fuller before i met quinn fuller." huh?! what do you think, right? 'cause she pushed your niece off a bridge and got your son tossed out of a helicopter. can i sign you up for one? [ indistinct conversations ] >> quinn: allons-y, s'il vous plaît. >> quinn: allons-y, s'il vous
1:36 pm
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1:37 pm
>> eric: so, what are you gonna do? >> liam: do? >> eric: i mean, the situation seems...completely untenable. >> liam: let me put it to you this way -- the idea of fixing my life seems so impossible to me at this point that i'm starting a foundation to fix the world instead. it's more manageable. >> eric: i'm sorry, liam. >> liam: thank you. and i know you can't say much. she's your granddaughter. you were at their wedding. but, hey, if you don't give me the whole "respect marriage" speech, i think -- i think we're good. >> eric: is there a man anywhere in the world who hasn't wanted a woman who's absolutely forbidden to him for one reason or another? i've done that. a younger man might judge you -- maybe even a younger version of myself, for that matter, you know? i can tell you that time heals
1:38 pm
all wounds, but they don't all heal properly. the one thing that life does reliably well is surprise you. i've learned not to expect anything but the unexpected. >> wyatt: i told you our life would be good together, from our perfect wedding in malibu to the côte d'azur, huh? >> steffy: yeah. it's not bad. >> wyatt: it doesn't suck. >> steffy: mnh-mnh. >> wyatt: except that i got to share you with a couple million followers. that's -- i don't know. >> steffy: hey, that is my public. >> wyatt: well, i know. we got to do what we got to do. but in private... >> steffy: [ chuckles ] >> wyatt: ...i get you all to myself, which is kind of a turn-on right now. >> steffy: what are you doing? >> wyatt: what? i'm just coming -- there's something here -- >> steffy: [ laughing ] do not. >> wyatt: you got something here. >> steffy: we're not in private. >> wyatt: what? well...we can be in private. >> steffy: i am -- excuse me. >> wyatt: what? >> steffy: i am trying to work
1:39 pm
on my tan, and i'm sweating. i'm sweating. >> wyatt: where? where are you sweating? i'll show you sweat. those people aren't even looking. nobody's even watching. nobody even cares. what? okay, fine. later. in a minute. i don't want it. i don't want it anymore. mnh. i just -- >> steffy: [ laughs ] >> wyatt: huh? what? ♪ >> eric: rosé, s'il vous plaît? >> our local? >> eric: bon. >> quinn: [ sighs contentedly ] [ cellphone rings ]
1:40 pm
eric. >> eric: is this a bad time? >> quinn: no. that was yesterday, when you broke up with me. >> eric: yeah. yeah. i'm sorry. i didn't handle that very well, did i? though you have to know that breaking it off is the right thing to do. quinn, i want to thank you. i want to thank you for pushing me to take c.e.o. back. it's the best thing that's happened to me in a long time. >> quinn: well, i do excel at suggesting the obvious. how's the reaction been? how did the speech go? >> eric: well, the speech and i were both, uh, thunderously well received. >> quinn: i'm so glad. i just -- i wished... >> eric: yeah, me, too. i just -- i wished... >> eric: yeah, me, too. i miss you, too, quinn.
1:41 pm
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1:42 pm
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1:43 pm
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1:44 pm
>> quinn: i'm sorry. can you say that again? >> eric: thunderously well received, i said. merci. >> quinn: mm-mm-mmm. surrounded by fans and groupies, no time to yourself? >> eric: no. you know what i am? i'm like this old, ornate statue of some old ancient character. you know, people admire me, they pause for a moment, then then walk on by. >> quinn: they're intimidated by you. >> eric: maybe i should wear a party hat. >> quinn: [ chuckles ] they see you as a monument to something greater than themselves. >> eric: all i ever did was follow my passion. >> quinn: for design? >> eric: for the bodies of women. >> quinn: well, i would offer you mine, but... >> eric: yeah, i wish you were here for that. >> quinn: i could be. >> eric: well, there's the little matter of about 6,000 miles, you know. >> quinn: what are you doing right now?
1:45 pm
>> eric: sitting here looking out at the mediterranean. you know, the color of this water is the same electric blue as your eyes. >> quinn: will you do something for me? >> eric: is it illegal? >> quinn: [ chuckles ] would you please go down to the sea, look into the water... and think of me? >> eric: that i can do. [ both laugh ] >> bartender: are you expecting someone? >> liam: no. no. >> bartender: traveling alone? >> liam: no. i'm here with, uh, my brother and his wife. >> bartender: having a good time? >> liam: nope.
1:46 pm
>> steffy: put it down. >> wyatt: what? why? why? >> steffy: because some things are better left private. >> wyatt: those are the things that people want to see the most, okay? just do it. just do a couple. hey! hey! hey! >> steffy: i will throw it in the water. i will throw the water. >> eric: no, no, no. don't do that. >> steffy: hi. >> eric: he'll just buy another one. >> steffy: [ laughing ] granddad. you want to join us? >> eric: no. i have a date. >> steffy: a date? >> eric: yes, with the beautiful mediterranean. excuse me. >> wyatt: [ laughs ] right? i'm so glad he's here. can i have my phone back, please? ♪ >> ♪ notes on a page ♪ evolve into rage
1:47 pm
♪ trying to find the words to say ♪ ♪ what i've been thinking ♪ i spent all night ♪ working so hard to write ♪ but by the time i got it right ♪ ♪ i looked ♪ you were gone ♪ well, the melody was perfect ♪ but all the while, i was blind ♪ ♪ without someone to listen ♪ there's no reason or rhyme ♪ and now i write here alone ♪ so you'll finally know ♪ how you and i ♪ became ♪ the song that never played
1:48 pm
♪ ♪ and the melody was perfect ♪ but all the while, i was blind ♪ ♪ without someone to listen ♪ there's no reason or rhyme ♪ now i write here alone ♪ so you'll finally know ♪ how you and i ♪ became ♪ the song that never played ♪ ♪ notes on a page
1:49 pm
♪ have all been erased ♪ trying to find the words to say ♪ ♪ what i've been thinking ♪ >> liam: no. no. no. no.
1:50 pm
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>> wyatt: mmm. gazpacho? crudité? >> steffy: i'm more of a carpaccio kind of girl. >> liam: hey! hey! have you heard from her? >> wyatt: who? come on! >> liam: did she call you? did she? is she here? >> wyatt: who are you talking about? >> liam: quinn. >> steffy: what? what? >> wyatt: what are you talking about? >> liam: yeah. i j-- i swear i just saw her on the promenade, but -- but then sh-she was gone. i don't know. >> wyatt: was elvis with her? >> liam: i'm not being funny right now, wyatt. >> steffy: what would be the point of her being in monaco? >> liam: i don't know. in reality or in her mind? >> wyatt: okay. bro, don't do this right now, all right? >> steffy: stop. stop, okay? look, i know what you're going through, and it may feel like she's haunting you, but it's like post-traumatic stress. there's no way she's here in monaco. >> wyatt: can i have my phone back, please? ♪ >> quinn: what are you doing right now? >> eric: sitting here looking out at the mediterranean. you know, the water is the same
1:54 pm
electric blue as your eyes. >> quinn: would you do something for me? go down to the sea and look into the water and think of me. >> quinn: hi. >> eric: hi. >> quinn: so, are they the same color blue? >> eric: you're here.
1:55 pm
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closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> welcome to el paso, texas, tucked along the banks of the rio grande, this is home to one of the oldest bowl games on the college football landscape. the sun bowl. once again it's a showdown of east meets west, the tar heels of north carolina and the stanford


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