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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 19, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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incredible years. it's going to be something special. >> just hours away from becoming the country's 45th president, don bell deliveries his final speech before tomorrow's (inaudible). inauguration eave didn't bring out just the pro testers. we'll tell you about preparations for demonstrations here in philadelphia as the new president is hours away from being sworn into office. good evening i'm ukee washington and peco don bell is thanking supporters on this eave of inauguration. incoming first family was joined by vice-president elect mike pence and his wife karen. there were celebrities in the crowd as well including caityln jenner and south jersey native kelly anne con way received a shout out from the president-elect. >> and tonight, police use pepper spray on protesters
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outside another event in washington. some through bottles at people as they left it deplorable. my coanchor jessica dean is in the nation's cop toll tonight with more on the event. >> good evening to you from washington d.c.. we're hours away from swearing in of the 45th president of donald j. trump. they arrived around noon and took part in a host of festivities throughout the day. there were also a lot of people from our area from the delaware valley who came here. they told me to witness history firsthand‚ô™ i'm proud to be an american‚ô™ >> thursday night concert and fireworks led to celebration for president-elect donald trump and his supporters. >> i promise you ill will work so hard we'll get it turned around and bring our jobs back.
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we're not going to let other countries take our jobs any longer. >> many traveled to the natio nation's capitol for the inauguration and we caught up with people from the delaware valley who made the trip. troy maychuck and his family are from bucks county. >> we're here to see history in the making and experience it firsthand and see president trump inter office and we thought it would be important to see this important moment in history. >> maychunk and his mother supported trump in the election and they're looking forward to seeing him govern. >> i think if we respect each other, love each other and listen to both sides i think people will grow to love him and really grow to see that he is going to evolve into a wonderful presidents. >> president-elect and family arrived in washington around noon on thursday. mr. trump laid a wreath at the tom of the unknown soldiers and spoke at congressional leade leadership luncheon with his new administration. >> we have by part highest iq
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of any cabinet. >> all this leads to friday's both of office and formal inauguration festivities and that's something joyce and larry shay of media told us they're excited to witness. >> it's called united states of america we should be united behind who the president is and hope for the best for the can'try and new president. >> we have to have positive people and hope for the future. because we're usa. >> president-elect trump has been working on his inauguration address all week lon and over several weeks and it will focus on role of government and every day americans. we'll be here and bring it to you live throughout the day tomorrow. in washington, jessica dean, cbs3 eyewitness us in. president-elect will take office without any cabinet nominees confirmed. after inauguration they will allow strots confirm defense secretary and john kelly as
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homeland security secretary. democrats say they want to have a full rigorous debate on the president-elect's remaining nominees. the republicans accused democrats of grandstanding. stay with eyewitness news for live cover ramming of the inauguration throughout the day tomorrow and jessica will have live reports from the nation's cop toll here on cbs3. well, tonight actors join the mayor for anti-trump rally through central park and express concern about the president-elect plan. actors included robert de nero and rosy perez and alec baldwin. they said call your coming gress and hold the new president accountable. >> and women's march on washington estimate thousands will protest after the home of office is taken. a march volunteer if the new jersey chapter talked about the overwhelming response. >> i've been contact the by 15 or 20 people in the last few
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days to be on our bus we don't have any room and now people are car pooling and trying to find wades to get down. there i think it speaks to the power of the message of people wanting to stand together for the rights for you'll people. >> sister marches are scheduled for the same time on saturday in philadelphia and dozens of city as cross the world. some protesters are not waiting until saturday. demonstrations are expected in philadelphia tomorrow. david spunt joins us now where one place in the city police are preparing, david, good evening. >> ukee, police are preparing one of the final protests will be tomorrow in front of independence hall on independence mall it's fitting because the building behind us gave us not only the president of the united states but right to protest. authorities will be watching closely. >> as president-elect donald trump takes both of office at noon protest groups from around the city will begin marching. >> this city has a really good history of being a place where
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people are allowed to peacefu peacefully and lawfully express themselves. >> chief inspector joe sullivan is planing for a long and peaceful and constructive inauguration day. >> we'll minimize disruption to resident and visitors of the sit yes and there will be disruption and that's you know the price we pay to live if a free society. >> thursday afternoon this group protested donald trump's cabinet picks and dakota access pipeline. a peaceful protest that sullivan monitored. police are working with center city businesses to keep them informed about friday. he also wants the public to think about coming and going tomorrow during those demonstrations. >> we encourage them to probably would want to leave center city earlier tomorrow for public transportation it's probably attractive option. >> all right that's friday inauguration day ukee you moneyed demonstrations on saturday.
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one of the big ones along the benjamin franklin parkway that will be closed a few hours and other closures on our web cb i'm david spunt, cbs3, eyewitness news. >> and president will take the train home after home of office and then the vice-president will be the guest of honor at welcome home rally in wilmington. what's next for mr. biden he's teaming up with university of delaware to work on economic and development policy matters and foreign policy issues at the university of pennsylvania. now in other news, new tonight, several people are in custody after a chase vovting police that ended in a crash on i 95. chopper 3 was over the crash and backed up southbound lanes 32 chester. the driver of this suv lost control and crashed while being per sued by police officers. police say the suspect in suv took off after robbing
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mcdonald's on edgemont avenue in brook haven. >> police released surveillance from a consignment shop in manayunk it happened 5:30 last night on main street when three robbery suspect terrorized employees. police say one gunman tide up two workers and let to moreed in the shop. the trio got away with $60,000 worth of misdemeanor. if you recognize the suspect please contact the police. >> check thought brave cashier fighting back against a woul would-be robber at liquor store in newcastle the armed robber tried to rob timeout liquors and the cashier put up a fight and squumed across the counter and the gunman ran away. the cashier broke his glasses during the confrontation and other ways was okay. never married? you are not the only one. philadelphia has highest percentage of adults in big cities who have never tied the knot. eyewitness news reporter nicole brewer is here to explain with
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people in brotherly love and city of affection are not walking down the aisle. >> a lot of singles in the city, uk. >> yes. >> more than half has not said "i do" and there's a high percentage and there's plenty of reasons why. >> if you're adult living in philly chances are you're single and ready to mingle sdmrt night life is amazing. >> bars everywhere, restaurant everywhere. >> it's happening city and it's popping. >> and research may point to why among the ten biggest in the city the city of brotherly love has largest proportion of adults who have never been married. >> maybe people from philly don't like to marry other people from philly and don't like people from philly. >> i lot is driven by this class divide. >> students lavine and at temple the findings reflect the city high poverty rate associated with non marriage. >> you have to worry about another person in your life and their financial standing and
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well-being. >> i think the city is drawing a younger and younger group which i think is awesome. >> they've become a bigger proportion of is they they brought down the marriage rate. >> right now 52% of adults in philly have never tied the knot and nearly 10% increase in the past ten years and almost 20% higher than the national average. >> marriage rates have gone down overall. >> a shift in social norm. >> we're breaking down barriers of even for women it's like oh, you should be married by now. >> to a focus on individual. >> you have to think about number one first. >> but once you're ready to settle down the odds are good others will be too. >> i'm single, so i think it's great news. >> lavine also pointed to change in life course which i thought was interesting. older generations may have focused on finding someone to spend their life with the younger set sees marriage as endpoint and wants to go out and live life before they settle down. which is kind of -- >> endpoint. >> it's kind of depressing way
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to look tat. >> wow i wish everyone luck in love. >> lots of luck and lover out there. >> thanks, nicole, appreciate it. >> a special dlivy in a south jersey parking lot. >> unfortunately she dragged me through hell to get her but hey she got here. >> this little one has quite a story to tell after her unexpected arrival, and the unlikely hero who helped bring her are into the world and pizza with a twist. vittoria woodill introduces you to the family taking the pizza out of the fryer and instead of out of the often and one member hit the pizza jackpot. you won't want to miss this taste with torrey coming up next. >> today turns out cloudy and generally dry and time lapse of how the day looked running behind me here and several more soggy days in the forecast and starting tomorrow and possibly heavy rain to start next week temps above average and how long that will last. >> and then a sixers star the big fella misses out on being
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starter on the all star team. the rule change that kept him out of the starting five. the rule change that kept him out of the starting five. that's coming up in
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and the entire country practically other than a little point was read, that was some big victory. that was some victory. >> that is donald trump thanking done ors and supporters at inauguration eave dinner in washington tonight and he'll be sworp in as the 45 president of the united states in less than 13 hours. we'll have complete coverage of inauguration all day tomorrow right here on eyewitness news. well, mexico most up famous kingpin is in new york where he will face drug trafficking and other charges in federal court. guzman escaped to prisons and spent years on the run and now faces possibilitybility of spending left of life in u.s.
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prison if convictd one of the stars of ncis is remembered tonight at miguel tied tonight after battling throat cancer and known adds role for fbi on twin peaks. his son of. >> miguel was 61 years old. >> a south jersey woman found herself giving birth in unusual place in cumberland country this morning with a little help from the new jersey state police. >> she went into labor on the way to the hospital an a relative pulled into the state police port norris station and the baby was almost here and needed a little help. four troopers were waiting and sprung into action. >> you have a moment to digest what's happening and then reac react. as i group, as a station, everyone came together and pulled it out that the is not the word. >> it was funny because they
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were like okay we have to do this. they were mid wives or something. >> well, both mom and baby kena are doing well tonight. >> if you're looking for work pizza hut is hiring thousands of people ahead of the biggest pizza day of the year super bowl sunday. they're looking for pizza makers, delivery drivers, managers and receivers and we're told that jobs will be permanent. and pizza can come in many forms, round, square, stuffed, wood fired or baked our vittoria woodill shares with you aa spot taking pizza out ever the oven and out of the fryer. fried pizza is on the menu in tonight's taste with torrey. >> it was a full moon when i took a trip to madoosa in fishtown. everyone was howling about the eats. >> this is how you eat. >> madoosa's is bright and
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happy spot filled with family and friends and pizza coming from hearts of wood burning oven and place that came about by the fires of love. >> pizza has been a love affair for you and actually started with the love of your life for you right? >> you see owners casmira and ernesto crossed paths in rittenhouse near his other he pizza shop. >> because hes with a pizza many thought wow i hit the jackpot and i did because his family is so much love and joy. >> and the family can be found all around including ernesto's 90-year-old father he learned pizza from him in their backyard of italy at the fire oven similar to his. and then there's the reason we're here. pizza fritta or fried pizza. >> we have two versions of pizza pizza savory, which has
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sauce and mozarella and dessert one has canoli cream and nu te lla. >> and he moves fingers on dough like keys on piano. fried and to the table quicker than eye can see. >> pizza. >> here you go. >> oh, my gosh. smells mrook a funnel cake. >> are you ready? ah. >> oh, my lord now for the sweet canoli and nutella pizza. >> it's falling in love all over again i can't express how i feel now i'm so happy you know what i mean when you're really, really happy? >> wake up you guys, you're not dreaming. >> look at the size of of those
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-- you're cutting -- this is the pizza fritta filled with nutella and canoli cream. >> do we get to another the pizza fritta. >> you can take a bite if you dare and you have choices these beautiful canolis as well. >> are you going to take a bite. >> yes because kate has to do weather. >> how gorge us is this. >> medusa pizza in fishtown. >> i'm not going to sleep sglont all this needs to be -- >> i can't tell you about the smell in here now. >> right? >> oh, my gosh. >> you can do the weather? >> don bell is giving us the slow class. don bell is going to sneak in here. >> i don't have a mi. >> did you see the size of that in the middle. >> i'm sure my proceed duceer is going to get my ear we have to roll. >> we'll let them have the buffet. is this a newscasts or smoringers board.
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let's talk about the weather outside. it's nice out. there take a quick look at how the sunset shaped up tonight. its with a beautiful sunset. i wanted to show you this from the pal myra company around the sunset time. and it is currently there, 35 degrees and we have some rain heading our way as we head through the overnight hours into tomorrow. really the rain stays away until we get to tomorrow afternoon and you can see it's pushing in pretty quickly again with rain moving in from the south and west. and this couldism pact the inauguration as well. but right now we have a few patchy clouds here and there as we head through the overnight hours and that's about all we have to worry about tonight, tomorrow, we'll start off quiet and in the afternoon, well, we'll need to be a little safe on roads because we have showers moving through. temperatures in 30s now and the rain stays away at least until we go to the 40s tomorrow. that's good news, 11 a.m., scattered showers and not a total washout but comes in 2:00 and then for us in philadelphia
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between 3 and 5:00 look like wetsest tim time frame. it's a quick hitting batch of rain and hits quickly scattered showers at 6. if you head out the down later tomorrow 9:00 it should dry out by then. inauguration forecast cloudy and mild and rain arriving heaviest may wait until after the ceremony we'll have to watch to see how quickly it gets in and definitely will be showers around and here in city cloudy start. rain arrives by midday staye stayedest afternoon and slow afternoon commute. and then we turn milder again and we see temperatures up jp 10 from tomorrow to saturday and even into next week. all the cold locked up well off north and it's not until middle of end of next week it's not until the blue comes in that we feel like winter is supposed to feel. overnight mainly quiet and cloudy and cloudy with rain mainly in the afternoon. your high, 44 for friday and as we head to eyewitness weather 7 day forecast saturday, cloud, and maybe a few breaks of sun
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55 and sunday 52 rain returning and rainy and windy monday and rain into tuesday as well and some sun returning wednesday. so you know it's beggars cannot be choosers forecast it's warm. not a lot of sunshine for the next few days. >> you enjoyed your food. >> it's like what happened? >> not fair let me tell you. >> we have you covered. don't worry. >> what's up with the big fella my man. >> embib. jojo did not get his wish the all star starters have been auns noed and didn't trust the process. what embib had to say coming up
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>> a slight setback in the process joel embib lost that chance be a starter and he won't get that date with rhianna. #bumming. >> and starters were announced tonight. new rules this year. so, fan votes countless than last year. yeah, so that means milwaukee 22-year-old stud get the nod instead and embib can still make the team when reserves are announced next week and right now, fans say jojo got snubbed. >> they should have center on it and if the fan vote would have counted he would have made it if he's not all star i don't know what all star is. >> hopefully that girl will take him on a date. i heard charles the other day i hope joselio hanson gets a date from the check i hope it's rhianna too good for him. >> he hopes so too. he said, i freakin' love y'all. we did even though it was not
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enough. #the process #no date. >> at noupsment for all star game reserves is next thursday. the college hoops lasalle hos hosting davidson and it's looking more and more like they could go dancing come march. time winding down in the first half. jordan price for three. big game tore him. 29 points. second half it's our man ukee you know who it is. >> is that pookie powell. >> if you're at lasalle you see my man in class shout him out. he had 14 points. lasalle wins 911-8 3, 11-5 overall and 5-1 kochs play. >> and this sunday afc championship game on cbs3. nfl today at 6 and then steelers and patriots at 6:40. you know where to find us here. >> we have to have lunch with pookie one day. >> we love you, bro.
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>> a special celebration at the to when we come back. >> a special celebration at the to when we come back. see you then
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it was a birthday celebration at the philadelphia zoo they soong to a gore ill a he turns 32 monday and weren't low land
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gorillas are critically happy 32 monday and weren't low land gorillas are critically happy birthday,
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late show with stephen colbert and followed by the late late show with james corbin. our crew is back from 4 rooxt 0 to 7 for don, kate, jessica in wash and everyone here i'm ukee washington thanks for watching have a good night family, and
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washington thanks for watching have a good night family, and sleep well captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: hi. i'm sorry. aren't you sonny pawar? >> yes. >> stephen: i loved your performance in lion. >> thank you. >> stephen: it was so heart warming. i would love to have you on my show some time. >> i would love to. >> stephen: that would be fantastic. wait a minute. didn't i hear you learned all your lines phonetically and you don't speak english? >> i only speak hindi. >> stephen: then how are we having this conversation? did you just memorize a bunch of answers and they line up with my questions? >> chocolate chip, ask me. >> stephen: that didn't make any sense. >> hey, i did not write the script. >> announcer: it's "the late


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