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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  February 1, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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hey, a woman is abduct while leaving work but under cover police officers were watching, how the officers were able to stop the crime, and a thumb of people, they are still looking for right now. and, new jersey governor and trump alley chris christie weighing in on the precious immigration order strong word he he had for how order was implemented and who he blames for that. get ready to race, lottery for broad street run is opened we will tell you how many people will be able to take part this year. today is wednesday february 1st good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. all that plus celebration of the diversity at reading terminal market but furnishes a check of the morning forecast with katie and roads with meisha. >> happy hump day. i love hump day for so many
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reasons, part of the reason we are getting over the hump together starting our wednesday morning and waking up to nice try roadways. we have an overturn tractor trailer that will start to cause problems. over in that construction. >> luckily it looks like heather is quiet the for a change, it looks like we will stay that way for a change. >> yes. >> for time being. >> but we will have to deal with more wet weather down the road but for now let the me get you out the door here on storm scan three where we are finding a hint of cloud cover, partly sunny once that sun does rise shortly after 7:00 a.m. it looks like a quiet day here. we had yesterday's clipper system makes its full departure here we are left with the the breeze through rest of the the day. the it feels like 37 at the airport. more like the teens in allentown. cold beginning for you there. and all is very much windy pen event. we have some wind speed that are starting to pick up out there, that is going to e wested flow right now at the airport out of the southwest your actual air temperature shows
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44 degrees. we have to factor in that wind since it is coming from a warmer place out of the southwest. the it is february, can you believe we have turn corner now into february already? regardless that is going to feel that much colder. as we get the through rest of the day to day not terrible, guys. remember normal high is 41. so 48 degrees for a high, milder then average, this is not going to last long so my add rise is this, enjoy it while you have it. the passing snow shower has been possible up in the mountains but generally just a dry day with a breeze. >> i am thinking when i walk in it felt warmer outside, feel a difference at 3:00 in the morning. thanks very much. we are looking outside right now thinks where we have overturn tractor trailer 95 south ramp to the north bound blue route ramp is closed. it is absolutely closed. heading out anytime soon up early with us good morning we are happy you are with us but avoid this area because northbound blue route ramp from i-95 south is closed and hopefully gets moved out of the way but hopefully that is what you are working with.
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construction 422 east and westbound route the 231 left lane is block, blocked each way here this will start to slow you down but probably not until deep in the 5:00 o'clock hour. just note construction crews are out there vine closed for construction and still is pushing this is westbound and eastbound direction. i'll let you know when they do right now heading out the to the vine it is still closed, rahel, back over to you. this morning one person is under arrest but search is on for others after a woman was abduct in port richmond. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live with how a tip led to the women's rescue, good morning, trang. >> reporter: good morning. acting on that tip, they saw entire abduction unfold so they were able to act quickly to rescue this young woman. police say she was targeted after she left work in the port richmond section but take a look at this video where woman's car was recovered. this tip came in just after 8:00 p.m. that a woman was abducted from a business on the 2400 block of aramingo
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avenue in port richmond. now plainclothes officers went to that business and saw two men forcing a 25 year-old would hand in the back of her own car. officers then chased that car for four blocks until the driver lost control, on the 2600 block of emery street. one men ran out and officers were able to catch one of them chief inspector scott small says woman was shaken but not the hurt. >> whether he they grabbed this female they obviously knew who she was because they threatened her saying that they had her children. the reason that she was targeted is because she may be related to or know people that were involved in other serious crimes in the the area. that is the initial information that we're getting >> reporter: investigators say this group may be involve in several home invasions in that neighborhood. and meanwhile, police are still looking for three to four suspects inside a red jeep involved in the abduction , and that jeep was
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recovered, but no one was inside but police say they do know, several of the people they are looking for, but for now we are live outside police headquarters i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", jim and rahel, back to you. meanwhile one person is dead after a shooting, chopper three over the scene on the 4800 block of tackawanna street the in frankford. police say victim was shot multiple times in the chest, neck and head just after 9:00 last night. he died half an hour later. victim has this is been identified but we do know that he was in his 20's, so far no arrests have been made. president trump's supreme court nominee neil gorsuch meets the with lawmakers today as part of the outreach to secure his confirm haitian. last night president officially tapped the 49 year-old to fill late antonin scalia seat. judge gorsuch sits on the tenth circuit court of appeals in colorado, harvard law graduate and former classmate of the president barack owe bam. judge gorsuch has outstanding legal skills, brilliant mine.
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>> i pledge if i'm confirmed i will do all my powers to permit to be a faithful servant of the constitution and laws of this great country >> of course, the president is hoping for a smooth confirmation but some democrats are vowing to block gorsuch, saying he is not main stream enough. democrats have used an obscure senate rule to delay a commit thee vote on attorney general nominee jeff sessions, democrats lengthy speeches forced leaders to call off possible confirmation vote until today. democrats are questioning sessions ability to be independent, to president trump. they threatened a boycott on today's vote on the president 's vote for epa director and president trump's choice for va secretary. this morning new jersey governor and trump supporter chris christie weighing in on the president's immigration order. he says natalie the roll out was quote, terrible, and plan too broad. he said president deserves to be better served by his advisors but the president intention to protect the country is right. you may recall governor christie was big supporter of the president's campaign but
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president trump fired him as transition chief. in other news, jury says, and building collapse in june 2013. that deadly collapse you may recall killed six people and injured another 13, when a towering wall from the demolition project next door collapsed on the small thrift store. after five month long civil trial jury decided on tuesday natalie salvation army, owner of the building demolished, architect and contractors now in prison were to blame. friend, family will pay their final respects to a teen killed in the atr crash this bensalem. thirteen year-old gianni forte will be remembered at a viewing and services tonight. forte and friend were riding a tv friday night the when they slammed in the car near jason drive. at last check, the surviving rider was listed in critical condition. well, it was a co mingling of the different cultures at reading terminal market. syrian refugees who resettled here, joined mayfair residents
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for a special cooking demonstration and dinner last night. it was a third event in the breaking bread, breaking barriers series, dinner seeks to celebrate diversity and bring people together. >> when people start to talk about food they realize, i mean they could be thousands of miles away, world is a way but when they start talking about food they realize they have a tremendous amount this common. >> the cooking demonstration where is led by cammal family of the middle eastern specialties and jack mcdavid of jack's down home diner. two vendors worked to create a menu that would fuse traditional american favorites >> now i'm hungry. the lottery registration for 38th annual broad street run is officially opened. >> i need to get to this this year race will be tapped at 40,000 people for safety reasons so that means 85 percent have of those signing up will get to run, of course, runners will be entertained by high school band, cheer leading squad and
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more. if you are thinking have of run on may seventh you have in may seventh. you can do so by using the cbs local app. coming up this morning, a controversial pipeline project is moving closer to becoming a reality. major step that could becoming today that would how completion of the dakota access pipeline. scary crime spree end with gunfire on hollywood's popular sunset boulevard, what officers say a man did just to three people before they shot and killed him, coming up next
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garden party for her birthday. a fabulous so i mowed the lawn, put up all the decorations. i thought i got everything. almost everything! you know, 1 in 10 houses could get hit by a septic disaster, and a bill of up to $13,000. but for only $7 a month, rid-x is scientifically proven to break down waste, helping you avoid a septic disaster. rid-x. the #1 brand used by septic professionals in their own tanks. police in wilmington are investigating a car crash that sent a juvenile to the hospital. chopper three over the scene in the 1200 block of linden street the just before 6:00 juvenile pedestrian was hit the by the car and taken to the hospital, in serious, but stable condition with head and facial injuries.
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it is a flash pint for native american demonstrators who claim the 1100-mile pipeline from north dakota to illinois destroys sacred land and risk contaminating water. north dakota lawmakers say acting secretary of the army has instruct army core of engineers to rove pipeline's final permit. you will recall president obama asked army core of engineers to find a different route for pipeline before he left office. and to developing story out of hollywood, california police have have fatally shot a man went on a random stabbing spree. the happened yesterday afternoon at a jack in the box restaurant near a popular corridor on sunset boulevard, police have not the released a motive, and no word on the conditions of the three victims. staying in california, san tran is one of the first sit toys legally fight against president trump's executive order on immigration and threats to defund sanctuary cities. city filed a lawsuit stating order is unconstitutional and exceeds the president's power.
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city attorneys, says natalie city is in compliance, when it comes to reporting citizenship and immigration status. >> president trump's executive order tried to turn city and state employees into federal immigration officers. and that is unconstitutional. >> sanctuary cities which by the way includes philadelphia, new york, los angeles vowed to fight order, sanctuary city supporters believe un documented immigrant should be shielded from deportation when they report crimes. 4:43. >> katie's here with another check of the forecast. it has been frigid outside these last few days, what do you think about today. >> to take will be milder then what we have seen in recent taste here, even despite the fact we have clipper system rolling through yesterday to take will be a day that features in precipitation unless in the the mountains. this is a live look just south of that here overlooking south mountain off in the distance here a look at bethlehem, from hotel bethlehem and it looks like there is still a sheen on the road surface but still a little bit of very, very light snow, on the sidewalk here,
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and, even on the tops of the cars, as well. so they had a little bit of snow yesterday and in the mountains we pick up accumulation but back in philadelphia where did we stand where it comes to snow for the season. the for winter so far this year, or this season i should say, 6 inches even. we have seen a half foot over the entire span of the season so far. average season would pick up just shy of 2 feet and last year we had 27.5. so we are expecting more snow, as we look forward in the forecast, but we may not add a ton of additional accumulation to that current total. we will see. we will talk about that coming up here. here is that system still pulling away and left over, lake enhanced snowflakes coming with it, we are as i mentioned expect to go see another system coming your way , and end up with the partly sunny sky and generally sunshine from here, through the rest of the week and even if to saturday.
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it toss come at a price colder air works its way in, colder air knocks temperature back. today's high is milder, normal high only 41. only 48 with cloud and sunshine, breezy, albeit milder take. dropping down to 30 under clouds tonight. worst of the wind tapers off but does reignite heading this to tomorrow. the blustery groundhog day forecast with sunshine, very likely that phil will see his shadow in punxsutawney but looking to the weekend, it is sunday and p.m. hours specifically as early as afternoon natalie late round of snow, works its way in, meisha. >> katie, thank you for that. good morning everyone. happy wednesday to you. certainly looking at right now , ever since i sat at desk at 4:30 in the morning and it is still out there we have an overturn tractor trailer 95 south, the ramp right now is closed. you can see flashing lights. you know that already we have not even cracked this is 5:00 o'clock hour getting very busy. your speed sensors showing about 40 miles per hour. not a big deal. the not a huge drop. letting you know already still
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very dark and early and already dropping speeds. so if this lingers out there and deeper in the 5:00 o'clock hour this will start to cause problems for us. the right now still traveling at posted seed just natalie ramp is closed. ninety-five south ramp to northbound blue route is closed and i will let you know when that clears. construction 422 in the westbound direction only at route 23, eastbound side has been cleared one left lane that is still blocked and that is not the causing any problems. just ab wear of it. vine closed for that construction between schuylkill and broad west and eastbound you are still closed , hopefully these will open up fairly soon. maybe they are starting to open upright the now. and if so that is a big thumbs up for those taking vine. we will talk about more construction in the next ten or 15. jim and rahel back to you. president trump is working to make a tiehl with the pharmaceutical industry. >> what he is offering its ceo 's in exchange for dropping drug prices in this morning's by peggy lee playing ] [ goat bleat ]
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time for a check on business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, jill, good morning. the president trump wants to shake up the pharmaceutical industry. we heard him say that a few times now. what is the plan. >> reporter: so yesterday he met with the heads of merck, johnson and johnson and other companies at the white house. he told them drug prices need to come down. he also said medicine should be made in the u.s. in return, trump says that his administration will help streamline the process, for approving or not approving trucks. see how this one goes. we though it is a big week for corporate earnings and we heard from apple, how was their last quarter. >> sales slump is over. they sold 78 million iphones in the last quarter, which is more than expect, and apple says its seeing huge demand for expensive, bigger iphone seven plus, and sales also were way up for new mack book.
4:50 am
things are looking up for apple, jim and rahel. >> i think i'm still on model five. >> i have got a four i think. >> i have that seven plus, i love it. i'm addict to the bigger screen because i live on my tone. so i'm helping apple here. >> i may have to do an upgrade thanks. see you next hour. >> jill is an early adopter. well, after a frigid end to january, we're off to a very mild start to february. >> the question is how long will the mild conditions last? well, in short not very long my trend. even eye this relatively milder take while you do have it. i will tell you more specifics after the break because we are going to see another drop off on the thermometer and a shot for snow coming our way by week end. we will time that out on the other
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zayn malik, and taylor swift, in the morning. yeah. i don't want to live. it is continue i, sometimes we play these fun bump in shots and songs and sometimes there is a reason, scene behind it. not for that one. we just like that song. good morning. yesterday we saw a little snow across delaware valley in the northern counties, so we will take you back in time and look at how we are doing here yesterday. mount pocono picked up just over 2 inches, and it was exactly two, even. barton'sville 1.3 and even in mount holly we pick up a trace of measurable snow, although that doesn't go into the total for grand scheme but sicklerville also reported a trace. there were a couple spots here in the city as i was leaving the building we had grabble,
4:54 am
snow pull et cetera moving through but didn't amount to very much. forecast verified very well. the at this point we are left with just some clouds and lake enhanced snow you can see falling down wind of the lakes erie and ontario. we will not get in on lake effect snow but up in the mountains you can end up with a passing snow shower here again. it is the season, right. thirty-one the temperature at mount pocono right now. thirty-two in allentown. much milder by comparison in philadelphia, we do have a few more cloud overhead helping to limit the cooling, that is taking lays but again, these cloud are sort of the variable through the rest of the morning and we are technically going to becoming off of what is going to be a milder morning, but we will also warm up, easily then as a result, to above average levels. 48 degrees. take a look at tail end of the seven day it toss warm up again but in between that it is a very cold air sandwich, meisha, we will be at best stuck in the 30's and sunday afternoon a little bit of snow works its way here. >> but what a trade off monday and tuesday.
4:55 am
>> okay, thank you. >> we could to that. we will stay right in today as well because today seems like a mild day but, looking outside on the roadways, this is where we are starting off on the not such a mild note. this is what we're talking about overturn tractor trailer i-95 south ramp to the northbound blue route that ramp is closed, whipping around camera looking at what is going on there. crews, truck, completely on its side, hard to see it because it is so dark but it is completely on its side and stuff spilled on the roadway there. ramp is closed. i will let you know. crews are trying to get that cleared up. vine street expressway is opened now west and eastbound side is looking good, closed for construction, no longer the case, big thumbs up. construction in new jersey 295 northbound ramp to route 42 that left lane block until 5:00 a.m. hopefully that lifts in the next five to ten minutes. i'll confirm when it does. the winter out there longer. and also some overnight construction here delaware memorial bridge north bound
4:56 am
one left lane is opened, and that is going to start at 9:00 h overnight until 5:00 a.m. through try. this will be here all week long. this is for commuters traveling overnight 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. on the delaware memorial bridge. also just a reminder delaware river turnpike bridge is closed. these are alternates, these three and reason why we keep saying it and reminding you is because those three get so busy. we will talk about that coming up in a little bit, jim, over to you. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we are live with the latest on abduction on aramingo avenue we will have more on how philadelphia police were able to rescue the victim. we have brand new crash test results for hybrid and electric cars, find out the two vehicles that didn't do so well. plus a look the at some ad s you'll see sunday during the super bowl, we are back at top of the hour, whenever i treat myself, i make sure i treat rudy toowit. they've got vitamin d and calcium for strong bones. he loves them almost as much as i love him.
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police come to the rescue of a would hand after she's abduct leaving work we are live with the update on the search for suspects and we will tell what you other crimes investigators believe the group may be link to in our area. democrats are getting ready for fight as president trump's pick for supreme court justice will travel to capitol hill today. i'm hena daniels in new york with more coming up. and a live look at center sit friday studios this morning katie says we are in for a partly sunny, breezy day but it business to get cold. today is wednesday, february 1st good morning i'm jim donovan. can you believe it the is february. >> what happened to january, all those resolutions already destroyed. >> yes. >> is there always next year. i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things this morning.
5:00 am
>> we are so glad it is february but come on, jim, right. all right. well, good morning. we are looking outside. roads are looking good but we have an overturn tractor trailer on i-95 and it is slowing you down. we will have more coming up. >> yes, this is time of the year where it is like okay, when is april? we don't have any holidays to look forward to until springtime, right. >> can we talk valentines day. >> yes. >> we can. >> yes. >> let's take you out there and as you mentioned partly sunny, breezy conditions are the story to day. the cloud overhead certainly but we don't have any systems rolling through for a change. we have not been able to say that last couple taste. that is a welcome change here. cloud, rolling through, the camera here at this point. what we will find throughout the take is a mix of sun and clouds, and also, maybe a snow shower in the the mountains but noticeableez


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