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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 2, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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i'm jessica dean. all flags in the the state the of of delaware have been ordered to fly at half staff in honor of sergeant steven floyd. police found his body after breaching prison just before today light this morning. he was a 16 year veteran have of the corrections department, and, authorities say that some inmates the protected a female counselor trapped inside during the standoff, she was rescued when police gained entry. and it it was learned that 120 inmates are considered, suspects, as this investigation, gets underway. we have team three coverage, as new details, emerged tonight. our cleve bryan is in dover but lets start with "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden at prison in delaware. >> reporter: officials say inmates, were armed with sharp instruments and they had rigged a wall system using metal foot lockers. at this point it is unclear if this was planned or spontaneous. seventeen and a half hour
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siege at james t vaughn correctional center ended at 5:00 thursday morning. the it was then that officials advertise covered, sergeant steven floyd, had been killed. >> the fourth hostage, sergeant steven floyd, was found unresponsive. >> reporter: before finding sergeant floyd's body police sensed situation what's involving, not wanting to wait longer state police teams decided it was time to breach a prison wall, with a backhoe. law even tors. had worked for hours negotiating, with an unknown number of inmates responsible for the coupe and building siege. this is was part of the radio transmission with hostage negotiators. >> i am your bridge to the the higher ups. >> reporter: investigators say inmates weren't going to go surrender anytime soon and created barricade using large met thal foot locker. >> once they had done doing the negotiation, we had turn on the water and as one of
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their tea manned and they built those, foot lockers with water, which created very heavy building blocks. >> reporter: total of four wrist on em lease, three corrections officers and female counselor had been taken hostage. three emerged over the course of this standoff and were treated at the hospital, with non-life threatening injuries. >> my prayers all will take yesterday was that this event would end with a different result. >> reporter: the only clear motive at this time comes from a phone call, from the prison, routed to a newspaper where inmates complained about life, in james t vaughn. whatever the case, the state is promising a deep, internal review. >> as far as accountability, you know, we're accountable. we take ownership of this. we own it. >> reporter: now building c is still considered to be a crime scene, and it is still being processed. now, there were 120 inmates in
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that section of this prison, each according to officials is considered, to be a suspect. coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we will present to you a chronological time line of the events, unfolding, outside , and inside james t vaughn. i will will see new about an hour. reporting live from smyrna, delaware joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". sergeant floyd's co-workers gathered this afternoon to remember a man that they say died a hero, possibly saving lives during the standoff. >> "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan has more on that live from dover, cleve. >> reporter: well, according to the correctional officers association of delaware, sergeant floyd is the first correctional officer to die in the line of duty in delaware, and they say he didn't go down first, without making sure that others were safe. for these delaware correctional officers losing a co-worker is like losing family. >> like to start with observing a moment of silence
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and remembrance to sergeant steven floyd, senior. >> reporter: trend say steven floyd served in the prison system will for more than 16 years often working several overtime shifts a week so his kid could attend college. >> sergeant steven floyd, senior was a father, a grandfather, a loving husband. >> reporter: at work he was amen for, and in the moments just before his death a hero potentially saving lives. >> sergeant floyd was actually in the closet, put into a closet, and the officers had come, lieutenants had come into the building to enter into the building, and sergeant floyd yelled to them told them it was a trap and to get out of the building. >> reporter: floyd lived in dover and his neighbor linda gregory said he was a two man and they enjoyed comparing christmas lights. >> i was hoping it wasn't him. i was looking every day to see , all the time to see if his truck was there. i didn't see his truck there
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so i, i don't know. >> reporter: while floyd's family grieves privately his brothers and sisters in uniform say they will keep his memory alive as they support each other and the two other officers taken hostage, who survived. >> they are beat up, severely but they will be okay event ually. >> reporter: correctional officers union believes that floyd's death was preventable, and coming up at 6:00 hear from the union and also a former inmate, why they saw this riot coming. live at dover i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> see you then, thank you. in other news tonight the an upper dash would i man turns the tables on an attacker, she grabbed a gun from the suspect, during a robbery attempt. at a lawn try math where she worked and shot. our greg argos spoke with the woman her courageous act and we will have more coming up tonight the on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. a joint investigation in philadelphia leads to a major
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drug bust that officials are calling a success, "eyewitness news" at district attorney's office for a press conference this morning to show off what they have found. officials say natalie investigation led to several arrests, and the confiscation of 3.3 million-dollar worth of heroin. >> today i am pleased to announce results of the successful joint investigation with the drug enforcement administration, philadelphia division, that has led to the arrest of three drug dealers. >> reporter: alvarez mercedes, and joel matt. o were all arrested as a result of the investigation. they face a licensing list of felony charges carrying a maximum of 60 years in prison, if convicted. philadelphia police arrested a cool district employee for allegedly selling marijuana to students. thirty-one year-old robert lumpkin who worked inside cafeteria at george washington high school was arrested yesterday this is after an investigation revealed he was selling mar yawn a to teenagers. police say they saw lumpkin
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taking students inside the bathroom, to sell him drugs. a lock down has been lifted on the campus of the university, out of california berkley following a night of violent protests, at least six people were injured when demonstrators set fires and smashed windows, and students were protesting a speech by milo beyond nop lust known for his outrageous articles and comments. the his speech was cancelled, he did weigh in with a facebook live video denying allegations that he is racist and sexist. >> i am who i am. they do that in order to legalityized their own violence against students. but even if i were, even if those thing that they said about me were true it still wouldn't be a an pope eighth response. >> police say one person was arrested in connection with last night's row test, he signed a book deal with simon and shoes ter a division of cbs. one of the country's most unique and grueling
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competitions they raced to the top of the empire state building to raise money for people with physical disabilities. one of the runners was survivor of the boston marathon bombing. rose ann, lost her leg in the 2013 attack. she for the to climb nearly 1600 steps. >> mind over matter. >> some daisy wake up and just like just stop, point blank, i don't want to do this anymore but there is always the next day, and, you know, life changes. what can you do. >> rose ann's fiance ran with her, fire tighter was first respond shore took her to the hospital, after the attack, and he has not left the her side ever since. wait is over we now know, punxsutawney phil's groundhog day prediction. >> ladies and gentlemen, punxsutawney phil. >> applause. >> there it is, showing his face to the crowd earlier this morning, it turns out old phil there says that there will be six more weeks of winter, and he did see his shadow. so the party in punxsutawney
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has been going on now for 130 years and phil has been right about 39 percent of the time. 39 percent. wood stock willie signaling six more weeks of winter. willie made his prediction to a large crowd in wood stock, illinois, little after 7:00 this morning. now, fun fact about willie, he is, said to be the direct de send event of the groundhog from the 193 movie, groundhog day. and it looks like winter is making a sharp return to our area after a stretch of some mild days we are in for a drastic tropical in the temperature. we will check in with a true meteorologist, one that has had training, kate bilo is live on the sky deck with more on what you can expect, kate. >> hopefully i get it the right more than 39 percent of the time, better percentage than a rodent at least i have that going for me. it is a beautiful evening here in philadelphia. it feels like winter. we have a brisk wind making temperatures feel colder then thermometer would have you believe. even though we got above average. here's a look outside storm scan three not much going on,
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scattered snow showers across new york state, indication where wind is coming from, northwest wind, we will be feeling it the tomorrow as well. there are a few flurries, here and there, a few scattered showers that have been popping up with the cold air aloft, most of this not reaching the ground but you may need to swipe windshield wipers once or twice out the there tonight that is all we have going on. temperatures still above average. forty-four in the city. forty-five in at atlantic city thirty-nine in reading. with the wind it feels a whole lot colder, it feels about five or 6 degrees colder then thermometer indicates, right now it feels like 8 degrees colder then actual temperatures, 36 right now and feels like the zero's up in allentown. we've got the colder weather on the way and i will tell you when it will feel like the teens and when we can see snow flakes this coming weekend. for now back inside to you. >> thank you, kate. coming up, the donald verse the terminate ther, the war of word, heating up between president trump and arnold schwartsenager. why the actor say they should trade jobs. the son of the actor alan
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thicke is speaking out for the first time about the loss of his dad in their final moments together. and take a perfect selfie with a new gadget that can get right angle, distance and even take video, we will show you more on the selfie drone, and something that you do not have to to with this drone, that you must do with larger ones. and as we head in the break here a pretty sight from our camera in bethlehem northampton county, "eyewitness news" is your hometown station, and we will be right
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as the selfie craze, continues, to grow, selfie sticks are now getting some serious competition. mini drones are moving in. three on your side's jim donovan shows us the latest trend in capturing perfect pictures from any angle. >> reporter: photographer eric sigher is looking for a perfect shot even when taking pictures for fun. this small drone helped take his selfies to a new level. >> no longer just for safety but you get to see the whole scene. >> reporter: number of pocket drones are already on the market, with tech companies promising even more models this year. among them are the whoever camera and zero tech's doby drone. eric uses his smart phone to
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fly unique breeze which can be set the to fly around a specific area while taking pictures and videos. >> they will use gps signal will there your phone to track your movement. >> reporter: c-net senior editor josh goldman says pocket drones that way way less than half pound down have to be registered with the faa like larger drones do and they range from $200, up to a thousand. >> lower end models aren't going to dot high end, really fast tracking of you, but the more you spend, the better those algorithms inside get. >> reporter: many selfie fans think that drones will help bring fresh focus to the the perfect photo opportunity. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. lady gaga is head lining the super bowl half time show on sunday and sure to make headlines. here's what she said that you can expect. >> the only statement i will make during the half time show are the ones that i have been consistently making throughout my career, i believe in and have passion for inclusion. i believe in the spirit of
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equality and the spirit of this country. one of love, compassion, and kindness. so, my performance will up hold those philosophies. >> lady gaga wouldn't reveal song list for 13 minute performance but we do know it will feature guest appearance by her friend, tony bennet. >> as she throws a pass too. >> kate bilo joins us with the forecast. phil let me down. wood stock willie let me down. don't let me down, kate. >> well, you know, it is still winter. >> yes, it is. >> six more weeks of winter that just takes us to the the start of the spring or how much anyway so six more weeks, we cab take it the and it will be up and down here over next couple of days. it looks like no big snow on the way for a while. that is good news. we will get the through next week without any of that. maybe a little bit next week but mainly rain. we will talk about a strong system that can impact us next tuesday and wednesday coming up. but lets start in the the near term outside right now it is a beautiful sunset. the sun just dipped below buildings here, look at the
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that pastel colored sky, if you see it the just below the building i have posted a picture outside on the skies deck and it was gorgeous. not a cloud in the sky, finally seeing a beautiful sunset from our parkway central library camera looking fantastic in center city right the now. we have a few scattered snow showers and rain showers across the area this afternoon , you can see right there, i just heard from someone on twitter that said it was snowing hard and temperature was 45 degrees. that can happen because you've got cold enough air aloft to row dues these scattered snow showers but a 45 degrees is certainly not going to stick. what we like to call white rain, fall from the sky and then disappears. today was once again, above average, so we started off february on a pretty warm note , average 8 degrees above normal, 7 degrees above average today with temperatures climbing to the upper 40's but that is not going to last. the next two days at least, they will be in the the blue, and then we will be up and down right through next week. you can see what we're looking at a cold start to february. first two days in the too bad
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but as we head into tomorrow and saturday notice you this jet stream will tap into that very cold air? that black hole of doom over eastern canada tapping in the arctic air and coming down our way, tomorrow into saturday. next week though we will start to see jet stream, rise again and that milder air, starts to bilo in, tuesday into wednesday, and then, followed yet again by another sharp cool down, by the end of next week. so roller coaster temperatures on the way and we have a few storms that we will have to talk about this between. future feels like temperatures tomorrow when we wake up 7:00 ama. it is feeling like the teens. single digits in the poconos and then tomorrow afternoon not feeling any better then the 20's, same story sat the day feeling like 20's, possibly, feeling like 30's at best. but let's put this in perspective, and we will talk about real cold, coldest high ever, in philadelphia, 5 degrees, back this 1899. record low for tomorrow morning's date is four, setback in 1881. that makes our 20's in the seem so bad and coldest temperature ever reported in
5:19 pm
philadelphia was one below zero on february 9th, of 1934. so that makes this cold not seem quite as bad, right? heading in to your friday everything is quiet. quiet right through sat the day as well with some sunshine but on sunday that is when we could start to see a few scattered snow showers. i will talk about that coming up in a few minutes with our next, main weather hit in our next half an hour chance for snow on sunday and chance for possibly some snow and rain next week. the as far as your friday is concern, cloud, sun, brisk cold, at the just 36 for the day time high, and you're witness weather three day forecast, is there cold, friday and saturday only in the 30's, dealing like the 20 's, and then saturday may actually feel a touch warmer then try thanks to less wind and few rain and snow showers sunday but mentioned a stronger system next week and we will have more info on that and pre dues in the next half an hour. >> see you then, a rebater it. what is for dessert? how about a slice of ice cream , a slice? coming up it is not your average ice cream sandwich. >> here's something, i mean i
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just don't think you have seen before, what is inside this fur it, that is actually good for him, don? i have no eye tea, right. >> a guy from the small stage now to the biggest stage how a former delaware blue hen made his way to super bowl 51 next up in abdominayou may have ibs. ask your doctor if non-prescription ibgard is right for you. ibgard calms the angry gut. available in the digestive aisle at cvs, walgreens and riteaid.
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and with the billion pointme!!! giveaway, it's about to get more awesome. to claim your share of a billion shop your way points during the big game, download the shop your way or kmart app today!!! it wasn't always that way for this three-year old boy until a doctor right here in philadelphia stepped n our stephanie stahl introduced you to the family and physician who is now receiving an award for his work. that is coming up tonight on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. well, sunday three local puppies will be competing in puppy bowl 13. >> our pat gallen caught up with two adorable players before the game, max and chewc hi, max is a pit bull, chewchi a chew was washings both adopted from morris animal refuge from south philadelphia. get this, if last years pupper
5:24 pm
bowl is any indication of how well they will fair, another morris rescue dog was voted mvp. good track record. we will see if they can bring the title back home again. >> everybody wins this that within. >> the mvp last year had break away speed. >> break away. >> break away speed. >> that is great. >> good times. >> and big game. >> the big game. >> the big, big, big game, coming up. >> yes, so many reason to watch this game. local reason, important reason super bowl sunday keep your eye on 26 year-old paul warlow before he was a linebacker for nfc champion atlanta falcons he was a star at university of delaware and before that concord high school in wilmington. take a look at paul warlow's eighth grade year book even back then he knew what he wanted to be. >> watching him on the field, where he made a play and made an interception and return it for a touchdown, maybe it was his junior year or sophomore year when he was still quite
5:25 pm
young and i said he is something special. >> reporter: paul is no strange tore championship games, leading concord to delaware state title as a junior, and playing for a national the title at delaware concord's current head coach greg mitchell has a pretty good idea what has led to his success. >> his work ethic is what probably, put him over the top , it is not, 6-foot four and not 245-pound. he is pretty average height, size for nfl but he just out works people and that is what got him to the level he is in right now. >> reporter: mitchell said war low is bringing community together as falcons fans, at least for one day. >> i think as people rally around the fact that the guy from the small state, made it to the top level, you know, and will play in the biggest game on the stage. >> reporter: warlow's former head coach george, says don't be surprised if he makes a big play this is big game. >> anytime he gets on the field we will notice, i guarantee thaw we will be
5:26 pm
looking for number 55, that is for sure. he will make himself seen when he is out there. he will be flying around, i know that, he always does. >> nice. >> good stuff. >> one of the real fun things about this game, and football in general, he was undrafted. >> wow. >> okay. he was undrafted kid, starter, he comes in, plays right away, and he has laid four years later in the league and playing in the super bowl. >> great guy, on the road. >> keep that in behind. >> go falcons, thanks, sir. coming up next a war of word between president donald trump and arnold schwartsenager. >> hey donald, i have a great idea why don't we switch jobs. >> what started this argument and why arnold thinks that it is a good idea. hollywood was shocked by death of the perennial tv dad alan thicke but tonight we are hearing from the first time from his son with him when he
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america first, president trump's latest tough talk leads to tension was allies and enemies, overseas. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30. hello everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. president trump continues to focus on, economic policies and deal left over from the the obama administration that has the president fuming. president donald trump welcomed union leaders and harley davidson executives to the the white house for a meeting on creating new jobs. >> we will be competitive with anybody in the world, we will be doing taxing policies very soon that will be coming out. >> reporter: earlier mr. trump said he wants to speed up process of either renegotiating or replacing nafta. >> maybe we will do a new national, put an extra f in the term nafta you know what the f is for, right? free and fair trade. >> reporter: president trump continues to make immigration a top righter, but his policy is clashing with the deal by the obama administration, that allows more than a thousand muslim
5:31 pm
refugees to leave australia and come to america. >> the deal that he was cut by the last administration is something that he is extremely , extremely upset with. >> reporter: president trump reportedly had a tense phone call about the arrangement with australia's prime minister malcolm turnbull. >> when you hear about the tough phone calls i'm having, don't worry bit. the just don't worry bit. we have to be tough. >> reporter: tension between two allies is front page news in australia, rhyme minister turnbull says deal to resettle refugees is still on. and also on the immigration front home land security secretary john kelly says that he thinks the wall along the u.s. mexican border can be completed in two years. rex tillerson is marking his first full day as secretary of state, he began the day speaking with employees at department headquarters in washington. >> i necessity this was a hot thely contested essential and we do not all feel the same way about the outcome. each of us is entitled to the investigation of our political
5:32 pm
beliefs but we cannot let our personal convictions overwhelmed our ability to work as one team. >> reporter: is there tension between some diplomates and the administration, over president trump's executive order on immigration. the number of the unsafe interactions between u.s. and iran in the persian gulf is continuing to increase. this is according to commander mark davis of the u.s.s. man him. in january naval destroy fired warning shots after four iranian patrol boats approached it, at entrance to the persian gulf and ignored multiple warnings. >> you are supposed to state your communication let them know what your intentions are and come to an agreement into how you will pass so it is safe and does not headache people nervous. at this point, to the unsafe and unprofessional. >> commander davis says in 2015 there were 23 unsafe interactions with iran. that number increased to 35,
5:33 pm
in 2016. so far in 2017, u.s.s. manhim has had one unsafe interaction with the iran ans. matthew mcconaughey says it is time to hollywood to embrace donald trump as president. while promoting his movie, mcconaughey says how many actors are critical of the president. he said quote they don't have a choice now it is time for to us embrace, shake hand with this fact and be constructive with him over the next four years. meantime new celebrity apprentice host arnold schwartsenager is firing back at president trump who pointed out his low ratings on the reality show. >> hey donald, i have a great idea, why don't we switch jobs , you take over tv, because you are such a expert in ratings and i will take over your job and the people can finally, sleep comfortably again. >> the president made his comments about the former california governor today at the national prayer breakfast, in addition to talking about the the low ratings at the prayer breakfast he urge the
5:34 pm
audience to pray for schwartsenager. hollywood was shock, saddened when alan thicke passed away this december. >> he was with his son carter when he died and tonight we are hearing from him for the first time since his father's death. >> entertainment tonight kelce night the night joins us live from los angeles with more about what carter had to say about his dad, kelce? >> reporter: ukee and jessica, carter thicke what's motional when he talked about his dad. they were doing what they loved when he passed away, playing hockey. i sat down with the 19 year-old college sophomore as he recalled, his father's final moments. >> the ambulance, came and the paramedics, stabilized and everything seem fine. he was back to joking. because i have been in a couple of his emergency room situations when his lung collapsed, i was there. every time he hade me take a picture of him because he thinks it is hilarious for some reason. he thought it was fun any that state he looked so funny and hilarious and send it out to a ton of people. so yeah, he asked me to take a
5:35 pm
picture of him in the stretcher, telling emt's to smile, and put thumbs up, and then, you know, he was cheery, and happy, and doing well, so i took the picture. >> tonight on et more of our exclusive interview with carter, how his growing pains family paid tribute to his father and hollywood star that helped heel his family's pain, ukee and jessica. >> kelce, thanks very much. >> yes. you can watch kelce's full interview on entertain itment in right here at 7:00 on cbs-3 still to come on "eyewitness news" controversial parenting. >> some moms and dads are hip tighting their children we will tell you why they say it is good despite protest from his other parents, john. i'm john mcdevitt, coming up we will tell you why there is a lot of clowning around, going on, at one south philadelphia charter school. first weekend of the month and we may see a few snow flakes but it will not amount to much. we will start on a very cold
5:36 pm
note with sunshine on saturday but temperatures about five to 10 degrees below average across the area, and 35 degrees in the city, and then on sunday some sun early, watch for scattered rain and snow showers in the afternoon, and with little to no accumulation and temperatures about five or 6 degrees warme
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visit or call 1-888-get-fios to learn more. that's 150 meg internet, tv and phone for 79.99 per month. cable can't offer speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. two months after a first flight to cuba and more than 50 years american airlines has opened up an office in havana. airline formally announced opening of the office earl will tore day. the company decided to move on with its plan for cuba despite uncertainty over what president trump's administration, will do about u.s./cuba relations. so welcomed news for ice cream lovers out there. >> one dessert maker is transforming a favorite frozen
5:40 pm
treat, ben and jerry's is selling pint slices, they look similar to klondike bars, however, these are filled were four different flavors like check late chip cookie dough. vanilla butter cup, chocolate fudge browny and american dream. >> that is clever. >> yes, yes, yes, and yes. >> i'll have what they are having. >> that is right. >> when we come back hypnotizing your children. >> why some parents swear by it and others say, it is just not right, that
5:41 pm
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5:43 pm
new focus on hipnosis, on the healthwatch it can be helpful for weight loss, quitting smoking and stress relief but now it is being used for children with learning disorders. >> health report are stephanie stahl is here to explain. >> you know, a growing number of parents are turning to hipnosis to improving academic and doing better in sports and help with focus but some say the trend may be going too far >> your eyes get very tired. >> reporter: ten year-old eric is about to be hypnotized. >> close your eyes when you
5:44 pm
are ready. >> reporter: he has adhd and his mother doesn't want him medicated and nothing else has work. >> i am a hoping for teacher to not call me anymore. >> everybody calls me hpno mom >> she has hypnotized close to a thousand children including her own. >> keep your eyes closed and see my finger your eyes close and go deeper. >> reporter: she's teaching eric to hypnotized himself to help him when facing a challenging task. >> breathe in, the word focus, exhale on the word powerful. >> when he needs to listen to the teacher or when he need to curb his impulses all he needs to to is breathe in that power word and resets the neurons. >> reporter: afterward i short homework session went well and eric hopes that continues. >> i hope it will help me because tomorrow i have a lot of division and a lot have of tests, and math. >> very risky thing to to.
5:45 pm
>> reporter: psychologist doctor hafiz this is going too far. >> the idea is not to gain control of your child's behind but to teach them what is right with a rope eighth, desirable so they can have control over their own mind. >> reporter: experts say hip know therapy has not been shown to significantly i am roof hain symptoms of adhd but may help with some associated problems with inn some knee a they say hypnosis can help with other issues like pain, trauma, but it doesn't work for everybody. i know parents say if only i can say you will be sleepy is this go to sleep. >> it is not happening for everybody. >> no, no. >> thanks, stephanie. >> there is at kansas state university performed the first ever pacemaker surgery on a fur it. zelta had a slow heart rate and her owner had pacemakers implanted this dogs before and decided to go for it. it was successful and she's recovering. >> so that is what that is.
5:46 pm
>> that is what that is. >> you showed me earlier, it looked like a computer mouse. that is great. kate bilo joins with us a forecast. we are ready for a weather temperature ride. >> we will go down first, get some extra layers ready to go because it will feel cold. not coldest we have ever felt but in comparison to what we have been feeling it will feel more like winter and head backup again. you will need everything. need heavy coat, gloves, hat, umbrella eventually, next week , we will be dealing with strong gusty wind, seeing snowflakes here and there, wild weather ride but nothing too severe to talk about here in the coming days. here's a look outside, go out to the syringe garden camera showing a busy intersection there at broad and spring garden just near our studios and pretty quiet night, beautiful sunset and sunrise this morning. i was not awake for it but i saw from our eyewitness weather watcher who send photos this all the time. i will show you those. it looked like a beautiful
5:47 pm
sunrise and beautiful start the two the day and beautiful finish to the day, and in between, blustery but we saw sun and it was mainly dry this afternoon. a look at our eyewitness weather watcher reports we like to check with them this time of the day and we are looking at temperatures in the the 30's. kenneth the martin in willingboro 38 degrees. the police tell me we will not have six more weeks of this? this isn't so bad, kenneth, it could be worse. it could be 2014/2015 all over again and we have been dealing with lots of snow or 203/2014 again. david dutch, 40 degrees in clementon, new jersey. unless he wants snow. i don't remember if he was snow lover or not. thirty-six off to the north. eileen murray's hometown this gilbertsville. thirty-six not the too bad. little chilly. certainly breezy. we will will show you one, sunrise picture if i have it, sunrise picture, as this sunset, sunrise this morning a beautiful shot from ed connor looking good there. and a gorgeous shot from sunset, tonight i love this the pastel colors this is sky, and this is this afternoon. it was a nice day out there but it was a little bit windy.
5:48 pm
you can see the flag flying in the breeze, this afternoon, and as winds topped a 15 or 20 . looking outside on storm scan three does show a few snow showers and some rain showers, that moved through, and sometimes we will get these with the cold air aloft so you may have seen some snow falling from the the sky this afternoon, and definitely to the going to stick with temperatures in the mid 40's and those are fizzling now natalie sun has gone down with you look the at color remaining in the sky on this shot from the palmyra cove nature park on our live neighborhood network it is 37 degrees, just beautiful, here, the purples and plum toss look at it this. the let's recap our groundhog, punxsutawney phil, of course, popped out of his hole today, predictions so far, 119, he has seen his shadow 102 times, that feels like he is a in a sayer in my opinion. no shadow 18 times. today he saw his shadow again with a sunny start and punxsutawney and that means yes, six more weeks of winter on the way, which seems to be a prediction he liens toward. he toss see his shadow, big guy after all. temperatures right now 44 degrees in philadelphia 42 in wilmington.
5:49 pm
thirty-eight in allentown. we are at 43 in wildwood. these numbers are still above average, we are about seven or 8 degrees above average all day to day and it has been a mile start to february with the change. notice the wind, wind of change, we will call them yesterday, here they come from the north and west and right now we have he got wind sustained at 15 to 20 miles an hour, and that is making our temperature in the mid 40's feel more like the mid 30's. the pretty quiet weekend but i want to take to you next week because it has been a strong man i can storm system. good news it is just not cold enough with this first snow, it is pulling from the south, a lot of warmth, a lot of moisture. may start monday night or tuesday morning as a brief mix but then we're talking rain through the day tuesday. a strong cold trent on wednesday, wednesday is mild, out ahead of the frontal passage and a brief period of snow showers, wednesday evening, around the back edge of that storm, and then it will get windy, next week, as well but it looks like mainly rain for us as temperatures head back to the 50's, by wednesday. overnight down to 24, patchy clouds, very cold, for your
5:50 pm
friday, clouds, and some sun, brisk chilly again at 36 and you're witness weather seven day forecast keeps it cold saturday. sunday a few scattered rain, snow showers, not a big deal, and monday's try but monday night into tuesday could be a brief mix, period of rain tuesday and then a mild, windy but rainy on wednesday and it gets colder again by the end of the next week, ukee and jessica. >> kate, thank you. tonight on cbs-3 new comedy series superior doughnuts appeared. >> old fashion doughnut shop owner isn't looking to ren nate his store despite an advice of an enterprising new employee. >> what do i have to do work the counter, brew coffee. >> handle social media, instagram, snap chat, tumbler, morris code, how old are you, man. >> i don't need that stuff it is a doughnut stuff. >> this is a doughnut museum. >> it happens to be my slow time of the day. >> 8:00 a.m. in i place that serves breakfast. >> jim donovan spoke with emmy winning actor judd hirsch and
5:51 pm
jer hain fouler about the new series. >> i have own this shop 46 years and justifying changing, mom and pop shops are turning into soulless corporations and his shop might be next unless he does something about it. i come in, looking for a job and as you know, i talk my way in to getting hired and like the job i had this before, i talk my way around it and it works. i get hired. but i have always had an idea bringing in business but to his dismay he does not the want that to happen. very stuck in his own ways, pretty antiquated. that is where our relationship we butt heads a lot. that is where most of the comedy is, and generates from you are an executive producer. what about this series, do you expect people to enjoy. >> what? >> oh, hand, judd did not know that, so you just woke him up. >> yes. >> so sorry, you had to find out this way but i am a e vp.
5:52 pm
>> the best part, about doing this show as a ep is working with the cast, honestly and helping write the show and getting judd, katie seeingal and others on the show has been quite honestly it has been pretty crazy, kind of surreal, dream come true, great task and for that reason alone the show has been so much fun to work on. >> it will be a great team. >> also tonight new crime drama training take rehearse, show picks up 15 years after events of the feature film. crust continue cornwell, plays young officer tasked with going under cover in the select squad of the lapd and assigned a partner with a rogu e veteran detective played by bill packs ton. they talked about what they think viewers will enjoy most about this new series. >> i think they will enjoy chemistry between me and bill and dynamic that we have. >> we have a great chemistry, i enjoyed working with justin we have become good friends and that relationship, dynamic of the two, you have the old
5:53 pm
cop, young cop, old copies trying to teach him like how you survive on the street but it is a father/son, teacher/ student relationship. so there is a lot of dramatic tension there but it is fun. >> good night, catch it all right here on cbs-3, it kicks off with the big bank theory at 8:00 new comedy series superior doughnuts at 8:30, mom at 9:00 followed by life in pieces at 9:30. then premiere of the training day at ten, followed by "eyewitness news" at 11:00. a lot of clowning around going around in south philadelphia today. >> why these clowns were in school today and what students thought about the clown class es on the other side, we will be right hey team, i know we're tight on time, but i really need a... ...sick day tomorrow. moms don't take sick days. moms take nyquil severe: the... ...nighttime sniffling,sneezing, coughing, aching, fever best... ...sleep with a cold, medicine.
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that's 150 meg internet, tv and phone for 79.99 per month. cable can't offer speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. they are taking class clowns to a whole you this level at a south philadelphia charter school this afternoon. >> john mcdevitt from our sister station kyw news radio was there for this special
5:57 pm
lesson. >> reporter: professionals clowns andrew and rob were entertaining the second grade class at philadelphia performing arts charter school , in south philadelphia. demonstrating the art of clown performance. >> yeah. >> for me help i think of it, just cannot control themselves they say that is class clown but that is not the case. we need a kid that has control and straight man and knows when to move and not to move. very often class clown does not make a good professional clown later this life. >> we think our clowning very seriously. >> reporter: ben says if he were to be in the circus, he would be a clown. >> i would probably be a clown because i really like to headache people laugh. i want to try to know how they did that. it is funny. >> i don't want to. >> what was your favorite part about it, i guess. >> that they do funny things.
5:58 pm
they get popcorn. >> you like popcorn too. >> yes. >> yes. >> the clowns were in town to build excitement for wrinkling brothers and barnum bailey circus coming to town later this month. greatest show on earth will end its 146 year run for good in may. you will be see the professional clowns coming to town for the very last time, wrinkling brothers circus comes to the wells fargo center here february 16th to the 20th. in south philadelphia, john mcdevitt for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> love to see smiles on children's face. >> they loved it. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 a frantic escape caught on video in delaware county. one woman's a nation story of survival and life and death decision she made to get away so quickly. moment by moment time line in the deadly prison take over in smyrna, delaware and closer look at veteran dedicated office her lost his life in the line of duty.
5:59 pm
he is calming, he makes me feel good. he makes you feel safe. >> reporter: a family with plenty to be thankful for and they say they owe it all to a local doctor. our stephanie stahl, shows you the way that he helped this three-year old and special honor that he is receiving, kate. and it has been a mild start to february, we were above average today but not for long a drastic drop is on the way and i'll tell you how chilly it will be and how chilly it will feel with the wind as we head toward the weekend, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. you know what, either live or die. >> now at 6:00 a life or death decision in delaware county. staring down a gun, this woman takes matters in to her own hand, fighting off her attacker. her frantic escape is all captured an camera. tonight officers are raising would the man for her bravery
6:00 pm
and that suspect is in police custody. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter argos is live in upper darby where that woman spoke about her a hazing getaway. >> that woman says she's glad to be live tonight after the suspect locked her in the bathroom here at this laundromat and assaulted her. she was able to escape run across to the 7-eleven and called for help but not having turning suspect's gun on himself. for the last ten years, seven days a week, she has work graveyard shift at this 24 hour laundromat on garrett road in upper darby but it is what happened around 3:00 in the morning on wednesday, which has her they ever wanting to return. >> i don't ever want to work there again. >> reporter: twenty-three year-old take kwan brooks went inside. as she goes this is supply closet to get cleaning materials he follows her. armed with the loaded 9- millimeter gun. >> he kept the gun pointed at


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