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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 4, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> new this morning, a very serious crash leads one person dead and sent three others to the hospital. where it happened. >> a federal judge blocks president trump's travel ban. what this ruling means for ill great and visitors to the u.s. , how the white house is responding. >> and vice president mike pence comes to philadelphia today. the reason for his visit and at independence mall. today is saturday, february 4th. good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. let's get straight over to meteorologist, justin bring drabick, good saturday morning , i hear it will be the coldest day we've in had in a while. >> go back to early january, temperatures this cold, back then in the teens.
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not quite as cold. low 20's at this hour. >> no fun. >> no, not fun at all. so i know people out there going for the morning bike ride or jog. >> good morning. >> kind of hits you hard, wakes us up certainly. cold air lick will be sticking around today. kind of split weekends, if you like it milder. wait another 24 hours, start to bring back warmer air. no storms to talk about yet. so all quiet this weekend. that's good. a loft sunshine on tap for today. clear skies, over center city right now, have some clouds overnight, maybe few areas, flurry through the overnight hour, those are now gone. twenty-three the actual temperature at philadelphia international airport. northwest wind at 13. feeling like 11 this hour. and temperatures dropping off well to the north, mountains, mount pocono grien 9 degrees, low 20's into northern and central delaware. wind, ten to 15 miles per hour , pretty much the trends today. not that gusty. but still enough of a wind to bring the windchills values down to nasty levels. single digits it feels like in allentown, feeling like 11,
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philadelphia, wilmington, 13 in wildwood at this hour. they'll creep up to the 20's this afternoon. that's about it. overall cold maybe. you can see not much happening on storm scan3. some clouds to the north and west. lake effect snow showers, that's it, delaware valley. nice and quiet. plenty of sunshine. there you go, high temperatures 30, just like yesterday, even with the sun, going to be about five to 10 degrees below average. mid three's at best, stuck in the 20's in the poconos, so going to be cold day, but conditions are in good shape. warmer air and the next storm coming at us in the seven day in a few minute, jan, back to you. >> justin, thank you. new this morning, a crash in philadelphia's west oaklane neighborhood has killed one person and sent three other to the hospital. police say a car northbound on broad street was making a left onto stenton avenue when an s.u.v. hit that car and then the suv spun out and hit a pole. the cause of the collision is under investigation. >> and montgomery county, a crash on route 422 has injured at least two people.
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investigators say the car went eastbound on the pottstown bypass near roads town road when it crashed into a guardrail and went down an embankment. vice president mike pence is in philadelphia this morning. our anita oh, live at independence mall, where the vice president is expected to speak at congress hall. good morning, anita. >> reporter: good morning, jan , that's right, and vice president pence was just here in philadelphia last week, with president donald trump, as they met with gop leaders during the congressional retreat. that set off massive protests here in philadelphia, after the president announced nationwide travel ban on immigration, but the vice president will be here again today speaking to one of the nation's most important legal organization, federal society, they are very conservative and the vice president will be here at congress hall meetings with them here at independence mall, only seats about 100 people, private event.
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they're flown to adhere to very strict interpretation of what the constitution says, not what it should be. they also advocate for limited government. and their goal to reform the current legal system. now this meeting of course is happening on the heals of an announcement of the new conservative supreme court nominee, neil gorsuch. vice president spensz speect dollars to speak about that nominee, the course and the constitution, and you might want to keep in mind if you are traveling in and around this area today, seeing security closures, which may set you back in terms of travel time. for now live at congress hall, anita oh, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. and don't miss "face the nation" with john dickerson tomorrow. vice president pence and new jersey governor chris christie will be his guest tomorrow morning at 10:30, right here on cbs-3. >> a federal judge in seattle has halted president trump's extreme vetting executive order, tell pr poor arly bans, this ruling could replace whether the executive order is
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constitutional. con friday night, us customs and border protection informed airlines they can once again warn travelers who had been barred. white house responding sailing this morning in a statement at the earliest possible time department of justice intends to file an emergency stay of this order, and offend the executive order of the president which we believe is lawful and appropriate. meantime, the president left for wash washington for what calls the winter white house. his estate in florida. where he will spend the weekend. he arrived at palm beach international airport friday afternoon. first lady melania trump arrived in a separate jet. >> well the nomination of betsy de vos for education secretary has cleared yet another hurdle in the u.s. senate. senators voted 52 to 48 to cut off the to set the stage for final confirmation vote next week. meantime in center city philadelphia friday, protesters against her nomination took to the streets outside of the offers of pennsylvania senator pat toomey.
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he has saidel vote to confirm de vos. switching gears now, time to grieve. the family and friend of a delaware correctional officer killed in a prison hostage stand-off. hundreds gathered for candlelight vigil in honor of lieutenant steven floyd. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff was in smyrna, and has new information on the investigation. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> smile, the smile that he had, awesome smile. >> he was talking about retiring, stuff like that, he was on my heals about my career. >> work behind prison walls, can harden the heart, lieutenant steven floyd was kept soft by his wife, children and grandkids. >> he deserves so much more than the way he was treated. >> initially one of four workers taken hostage by prisoners at james t vaughn correctional center in smyrna, wednesday. he was found unresponsive inside the facility the following day. hours after his body was
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transported from the medical examiners office, hundreds gathered to honor a man who officials say warned responders of trap inside the prison, choosing their lives over his own. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> one counselor, and two fellow correctional officers, made it out alive. this is one of them. >> i'm new to the department. i've been for four weeks now. >> this is what being held by prisoners looks like, with wounds to both body and spirit >> head hostage ... >> to that, lieutenant floyd now widow extended her arms. >> baby, it's okay. it's okay. thank god for you're alive. >> he is going to use you as a vessel. >> about 300 people were expected to come out today vigil, but given the cold, there is a chance that that would not be the case, and it
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wasn't. over 450 people came out to show their love. reporting in smyrna, delaware, alexandria hoff, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." and there was a special honor earlier friday for the family of lieutenant floyd. the doc commissioner presented a medal of valor to lieutenant floyd's son. other members, family members, were on hand, as well. the 16 year vet and ran remembered for his bravery during correction, officers graduation ceremony dover. officials say floyd warned other guards about the ambush -- ambush. >> police searching for the hit-and-run driver who struck two people in west philadelphia. over the 5900 block of locust street, investigators say, the driver hit a man and a woman while speeding away from there had just been an argument. driver, man, behind the wheel after green colored bmw. no word on the identity of the victim. the male victim is in stable condition. the condition of the woman is unclear at the moment. >> still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news."
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take a perfect selfie with a new gadget to get you at the right angle, right distance, even take video. more on the selfie drone. and something you don't have to do with this drone that you must do with larger drones. >> and keeping your blood pressure under control. researchers make a discovery that could predict your risk every developing high blood pressure, and help taylor the treatment specifically for you we will be right back.
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>> officials in paris say fact fast acting french soldiers thwart add tack at the louvre museum, two michettis. happened in a entrance to the shopping mall that extends beneath the museum, at first, soldiers tried to fight off the suspect, who was shouting god is great in arabic. they then opened fire shooting him five times. there is no word on the identity of the attacker, who is now hospitalized. we do know he is 29 year old egyptian who had been living in the united arab emirates. >> mexican drug king pell pin known as he will chap on, guzman, running a massive drug small smuggling organization that launder mower than $14 billion. he was handed over to the u.s. authorities last month after mexico said it was assured he would not received the del death penalty. guzman already convicted of the charges in mexico. >> well it could take well into the spring before the delaware river bridge that
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connect the pennsylvania and new jersey turnpike reopens. engineers are planning to jack up the structure before repairs can begin on crackdown in a trust weeks ago. turnpike officials say that the installation could last through the end of february. and if all goes well, the bridge could reopen in early april. >> now that that bridge will be closed, for at least the next eight weeks, you need another way to get around. your best alternates, are taking the burlington bristol bridge, trenton ton morrisville bridge or the scutters falls bridge. well, a fish fight underway in new jersey. up in arms over new regulations affecting summer flounder season. the atlantic states marine fishery commission voted seven to three to limit the flounder harvest for the upcoming season. pointing to over fishing, and declining numbers of fluke. >> we're here in the wintertime, isn't a boat in the slip f they don't get this legislation changed it is very possible it will look like that all next summer.
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>> we don't believe they have most current data and accurate data they're checking, we think not fair and not right. >> now in a statement, the atlantic states marine fishery commission said in part quote by our action we struck balance between the need to reduce harvest while taking into account the socio-economic impact for state holders. regulation still need final approval from the national oceanic and atmospheric administration and the incoming secretary of commerce as the selfie craze continues to grow, selfie sticks are getting to new serious competition. many drones are moving in. three on your side jim donovan shows you the latest trends in capturing perfect pictures from any angle. >> photographer eric sire has is always looking for the perfect shot even when taking pictures for fun. this small drone helps take his-self east to a new level. >> no longer just right in the face. you get to see the whole team. >> number of so-called pocket drones are already on the
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market. tech companies promising even more models this year. among them, are the hoffer camera, and zero tech doby drone. ar eric uses his smart phone to fly the unique breeze, which can be set to fly automatically around a specific area while taking pictures, or videos. >> they'll use the gps signal from your phone to track your movement. >> cnet senior editor josh goldman says pocket drones that are weighing less than half pounds don't have to be registered with the faa like larger drones do. they range in price from $200 up to a thousand. >> those lower end models aren't going to do the high end really fast tracking of you. but the more you spend, the better those al gore i isms and side jets. >> many selfie fans think drones will help bring fresh focus to the perfect photo open -- op. >> turning now to weather, justin, picture perfect day today? >> yes. >> do you think? >> i mean, as far as the sky
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goes. >> exactly. >> you could fly your drone outside today, just cold. >> just bundle up? >> that's the only thing we have to deal with, cold temperatures, but at least we have the sun goes for us today that will feel good if you get out into that exposed sunshine but this morning, little bit after winds to deal with right now. that bridges winds chilts chills values down to single digits. coldest moving we've had since early january, temperatures low 20's at this hour from some of the backyards, from our weather watch ers. check it out, up in northampton county. charles clear skies, in fact, 18 degrees, and wind coming in out of the northwest, 13 miles per hour, so windchills much colder than that. single digits at his house. get closer to the city, i mean , not doing much better here. southern or northern delaware, dolores lee in newark, at 20 degrees. the actual temperature, clear skies. we go over to the river here, across the river, into new jersey, kerry higgins in mownl lawrt -- laurel. clear conditions, and check out windchills, like i said up in bath, charles, nasty, 5
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degrees, what it feels like. here in philadelphia, feeling like 11. thirteen at kenneth martin's house in willingboro. that's what we will deal with early this morning, doesn't get whole lot bet they are afternoon, temperatures struggle again to the mid 30 eals. we take you outside right now. live look from the parkway central library camera, all is good here in center city. quiet, some clouds over us, through the overnight hours. we go full sunshine today. sunrise in less than an hour. but the sun really not going to do whole lot to the temperatures. overall no storms to talk about. so quiet weekend. today will be little sunny. mostly sunny skies, unseasonably cold, temperatures running five to 10 degrees below averagement tomorrow more clouds move in, more to the north, maybe snow shower in the poconos, that's it, not as cold. temperatures start to climb back to average in the lower and even mid 40's. lack every snow so far this season, don't don't get excited yet or don't get nervous. winter half way down. we have some time to go. so far 6 inches, we should be
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around 11, for the average this date. but on average, february is our most snowy month, 8.8 inches of snow. not that we will get that, i don't see any snowstorms coming over the next week, actually a storm next week, but too warm, track to the west, another rainmaker for the entire region. here's what's happening today. high pressure over us. we have the cold air in place no storm, just lake effect snow showers into the great lakes and up-state new york. there is the high over the mid-atlantic today. keeping skies mostly sunny. drift off toward tomorrow. there is the storm moving to the north. not big system. widespread snow across northern new england, for us, just some clouds, maybe few peaks of sunshine, tomorrow afternoon. monday is quiet. back to decent amount of sunshine. then the next storm cuts into the great lakes, tuesday into wednesday. it is pretty good rainmaker. i expect good half inch of rain from that system. we could use little more rain to cross the region. winds today, not that fast, but, you know, it is cold. so the wind chills down to the single digits this morning pt wind does back off tonight.
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get little little better as far as the windy conditions go into the evening, then tomorrow, southwest winds start to bring back some of the mild air. that's the trend into the middle part every next week. here is the forecast windchills, what it actually feels like. by the afternoon, do rebounds to the low to mid 20's, somewhat better, with the sunshine. into the evening hours, stuck in the lower mid 20's windchills, tomorrow, highs in the 40's, windchills not too bad, 30's, we can hands thal this time of year. it is coal. actual daytime high today up around 36 degrees. mostly sunny skies. then clouds filter in tonight. still very cold, 27 for the city, colder out in the suburbs, watch what happens tomorrow nice rebounds, 46. more clouds. monday is quiet at 44 degrees, here comes the next storm. rain at times during the day tuesday. it becomes breezy. fifty for the high. then wednesday, it rain especially during the morning, mid 50's. so again, we another shot of colder air moving in by the second half of next week. so all over the place. >> indeed. >> with temperatures. think i that's a trends the
6:20 am
next couple of weeks. >> thanks, justin. it is now 6:19. time to check the roads. let's go over to amanda mueller at the cbs-3 three traffic center. morning, amanda. >> good morning, jan, couple of major incidents to talk about this morning, first, tacking a live look at 95 northbound, betsy ross bridge. this is pretty major accident here. as you can see, it has got two right lanes blocked. traffic is still getting by on the left side here. but be ready for delays specially as volume starts to pick up this morning. then over to new jersey now, where we have an accident on the atlantic city expressway eastbound at mays landing. right now the right lane blocked here eastbound direction, but doesn't look like we have a back up at this time. also, in new jersey, this morning, the ramp from 676 northbound, collings avenue, currently closed. we're told it is due to an accident investigation taking place there. use another ramp to get off the highway before you get to that point. looking ahead to later today, be ready for some significant traffic tie ups in center city philadelphia from one to 4:00 p.m. for the march for humanity protest that's taking place at
6:21 am
thomas payne plaza. there will be lots of people in the streets during those horse hours. may want to avoid driving if you k septa says best bet if you are taking public transit will be the broad street and market frankford line. in the cbs-3 traffic center, amanda mueller, jan, back to you. >> good reminder, thank you, a.m. and da. on the cbs-3 health watch, high blood pressure leading cart -- cause of heart disease, problem for many americans. scientists have found genetic link. health reporter stephanie stahl breaks down the new research. >> paul because didn't know he had high blood pressure until he suffered a heart attack. >> just going to take your blood pressure now. >> now, scientists in london have made discovery that could help patients like paul, team of researchers studied 150,000 patients and found 107 new gene regions associated with high blood pressure. >> this 107 regions may help us taylor and select treatment in the future. but also they identify the
6:22 am
possibilities of us bringing new treatments from therapy. >> researchers say they are their findings may help who will develop hypertension. homes new research will identify other at risk so they don't go through what he did. >> i had a blood test, and the doctor said, look, you have got, you know, this, this, this and this. we know the effect that far is . >> in the year since his heart attack, paul has made big lifestyle changes. eating healthier, losing weight and exercising to help prevent further heart damage. >> high blood pressure or hypertension affect about one in three americans, and is the leading risk factor for heart disease, stroke and death world-wide. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." >> still ahead right here on " eyewitness news." at the movies this weekend, a teenage romance spanning two planet. hear from the stars of the space between us. we will be right back.
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>> he she ask turn the worlds on with her smile. this weekend our sister station, the "cw philly," will simulcast a portion of our sister network this weekend bing of the mayor i tool err moore show. our own jessica dean will host the marathon today and tomorrow from 1:00 until four clock p.m. on the "cw philly," available over the area ... >> entire bing runs on decades , you can see over the air on channel 3.2 and these providers. to the movies now. and new xbox offers this weekend, the space between us, takes audiences on adventure
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spanning two planets. david daniel has the preview. >> mars is a planet ready for life. travel to mars ... >> in the space between us, people not only live on mars, they die there. and gardner elliot is born there. >> have the strength,. >> wouldn't even survive the trip back to earth. >> sixteen year old ... >> (movie clip). >> a person who never thought she would be a mother, kind of
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finds a son, someone she cares about, tremendously, and realize she has to safeguard him. >> i want to go to earth. >> a connection, his physical development is at the perfect place to do it. >> after a really, really long distance relationship, gardner surprises, and as his health falters, they set out to find his father. >> kind of felt like a road trip. i mean, pretty much all through albuquerque, like orange, gray, and bit of red. so-so funny driving through the dessert. >> what's your favorite thing about earth? >> in hollywood, i'm david daniel. >> and still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news," thinking of filing your taxes soon? well, three on your side jim donovan has some information you need before you turn over your most sensitive
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information. coming up how to find a trustworthy tax preparer. >> and countdown to superbowl 51 is in full swing. and, if you are willing to buy tickets, why you might be in luck. he explains after the break.
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>> vest president mike pence will be in philadelphia today. who he is speaking to and why. i'm anita oh,. >> federal judge makes ruling on president trump travel ban. i'm weijia jiang at the white house with the latest coming up. and dramatic moments, caught on surveillance video. baby left on a sidewalk when an s.u.v. is stolen. >> good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. meteorologist, justin drabick, liver out there on the cbs-3 skydeck this morning with eyewitness weather. justin, a down right cold morning. the cold else we've seen in a while. >> over halfway through the winter. you think we will start warming up. doesn't work that way. actually getting colder over the past 24 hours, that cold arctic air kind of settling in won't stick around too long. that's the trends all winter long. get hit with a few days every cold air, then see another warm upcoming at us shortly next week. starting to see the sky brighten up little bit. about a half hour, 40 minutes from sunrise, but coal, look at the temperature change, compared to this time yesterday.
6:32 am
anywhere from about two to 10 degrees colder. so you know with a we're delg with this morning, temperatures down to the 20's. so it is rough out here. as you step outside, it is 9 degrees in mount pocono. twenty in allentown. low to mid 20's, from philadelphia, into parts of delaware, and south jersey. and that's half the battle. we do have bit after breeze. not strong. enough, 13-mile per hour wind in allentown, and philadelphia , to bring the win chill values down to the single digits in some spots. does feel like seven in allentown, 11 for wilmington, philadelphia, ten in trenton, look at mount pocono, feements like plien us seven this morning, little rough, skiing and riding up in the poconos today. storm scan3 quiet. a lot of sunshine going for us , more sun than yesterday. sun is really not going to help things out whole lot. sunny skies, breezy, temperatures running today, good five to 10 degrees below of the average, 40's this time of year. stunning in the three's, so again keeping here the wind chills will be in the teens, single digits early in the morning, weekend nice rebound for the second half of the weekend, clouds tomorrow, back
6:33 am
into mid 40's, and looks like some 50's return for next week tracking another storm. we will talk about that coming up in eyewitness wet near few minutes, jan, back to you. >> sun won't help today but certainly night nice to see. thank you, justin. >> vice president mike pence is expected to visit congress hall in old city today. our anita oh, live on independence mall where the vice president will stop later this morning. hi, anita. >> reporter: hi, jan, the vice president just here last week in philadelphia with president donald trump meeting with gop leaders at the congressional retreat. massive pro it is cents here after the administration announced travel ban on immigration, and today, vice president pence will return here again to speak with the federal society, considered one of the nation's most influencial legal organizations behind me you can see some of the security starting to get set up here for the vice president visit. now this is private event that the federal society will be hosting here at congress hall
6:34 am
on independence mall. this only seats about 100 people. now, this group, which is made up of conservatives, libertarians, advocates for limited government. goal to reform the current legal system thmplet meeting of covers is happening on the heals of announcement of the new conservative supreme court nominee, gorsuch, the president expected to talk about the nominee, courts and constitution, again, as i just showed you, some seconder -- security closures forming, keep it in mind traveling in and around old city today. for now, live at congress hall , i'm anita oh, cbs-3 " eyewitness news." all right, getting busy there, thank you, anita. president trump travel ban is on hold for now. federal judge has blocked the ban targeting several mostly muslim countries. but as weijia jiang reports, the white house is seeking a stay of the judge's order. >> reporter: a federal judge in seattle granted a nationwide tell poor poor area restraining orders on president trump's executive order. the temporarily bans citizens from seven muslim majority
6:35 am
countries from entering the us >> it is not the loudest voice that prevails in a courtroom. it is the constitution. >> reporter: us district judge means people from the countries on the list can enter the us with the proper paperwork. the white house responded saying the department of justice will file an emergency stay of the order. it added if it believes the orders is lawful, and that the president has the constitutional authority and responsibility to protect the american people. earlier the administration thinks in 25 individuals and entities that provide support to iran bat is i can missile program. the country foreign minister responded with a video on twitter. >> never repeat never, never use them against anybody. unless in self-defense. >> and in iran, people chanted : death to america. >> here on the homefront, president trump started to unravel banking rules that took effect after the 2,008us
6:36 am
economic down turn. >> my fellow americans. >> he also launched his first video address ton facebook live. mr. trump is spending the weekend working at his estate in florida. he has schedules with the leaders of the italy, new zealand, ukraine, and the nato secretary general n washington , weijia jiang, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> meantime, the nomination for betsy de vos for secretary has cleared another hurtd l in the u.s. send at that time. friday senators voted 52 to 48 to set the stage from final confirmation vote next week. meantime in center city philadelphia, protesters against her nomination took to the streets. outside the office of pennsylvania senator pat toomey. senator toomey saidel vote to confirm de vos. >> well the search for gunman continues this morning in camden county. police were called to the 100 block of in voor heed, after 11:00 last night, one person
6:37 am
wounded in the shooting near the heritage grove svelt development. so far police made no arrests. they have no motive. >> well, philadelphia police say they've cracked the year and a half old murder case. officers arrested james jones, and charged him with killing 22 year old stephanie sighcow ski. shot in her home aramingo after ro -- avenue, jones already in prison for different crime. >> the six men charged with running a gun trafficking organization in montgomery county. the district attorney says the men illegally bought guns and then sold them to other people they are all locked up in jail this morning. police are still looking for jennifer bender also charged as part of the crime ring. >> we are now hearing from the father of this baby, left on sidewalk, during the theft of an s.u.v. meantime philadelphia police have released dramatic new surveillance video of the baby , as the suspected thief drops the child off. "eyewitness news" reporter,
6:38 am
natasha brown, brings us up to date on the investigation. >> philadelphia police want you to take a good look at this suspect, wanted in a thursday evening abduction. you can see him placing a baby who is still in a carseat on the sidewalk, at the corner of ninth and emily street in south philly. then he runs away. this video shows portion of the terrifying ordeal that started moments earlier involving the babe ace's mother. just after 5:30 p.m., the 30 year old woman had darted in her husband's laudromat here at eighth and mckean to grab a toy for the child. she left the toyota rav4 running with the baby still in the back seat. when she came out of the store , she saw the suspect taking off in her car with the baby still inside. the frenzied mom chased the car down the block to eighth and snyder banking on the car pleading with the driver to stop. she loses site of him. the cameras captured him placing the baby at the corner before taking off in the victim's car. >> i look, somebody left the baby right there. >> thanks to an observe and the passerby, the baby was
6:39 am
found un harmdz and reunited with her mother. mom, holding her child, closer now, than ever. >> i carry the baby because she was crying but thank god knee -- she is fine. >> still active investigation. police say if you see this suspect, or the 2014 toyota ra v4 he escaped in, please call 911 immediately. natasha brown, cbs-3 " eyewitness news." >> the damage face in market street building collapse trial is now underway. the salvation army thrift store came crashing down back in 2013 after a wall of an adjoining building fell on top of it. jury members found all of the defendant's liable for the events which led to the deadly disaster. jurors will now be have to determine how much each have to pay for those injured and for many -- families every those killed. >> philadelphia housing authority unveiled historic marker at the site of new development project, in germantown. the marker stands at the entrance of the queen lane
6:40 am
development. the new affordable housing sits on historic burial grounds, established back in 1755, and served as a cemetery for african-americans. >> still ahead right here on cbs-3, "eyewitness news." if you are a fan of the 90s tv show seinfeld, don't go anywhere. wait until you see what's new on the market. and if you are getting ready to file your taxes, what you need to know before you turn over your sensitive information, and how to find attacks preparer. also ahead: a lot of clowning around going on in south philadelphia. why these clowns went to school, and what student thought about the clown classes. >> and one of the coldest mornings mornings we've had in a while. bit of warm up on the way, how much, and some rain. justin back to tell you when you need an umbrella. we will be right back. ♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies
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>> it is officially tax season , irs is now excepting electronic tax returns, but as "3 on your side" jim donovan explains, there are also some things you need to know if you plan on filing your taxes early. >> millions of americans will soon put their most sensitive personal and financial information in the hands of uncle sam. that is why it is so important to choose attacks preparer, wisely. the irs says always make sure that your tax preparer has a i rs tax preparer identification number.
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avoid tax preparers who base their fee on percentage of your refund. and be suspicious if your tax preparer doesn't ask for receipts. if your preparer doesn't ask enough questions about deductions, credits, that could be a warning sign that something is wrong. also never sign blink tax return. since tax time is prime seat season for identity theft, never give your personal information over the phone or on line unless you started the conversation and can confirm the identity of your tax professional or a irs employee >> some common example of identity theft from tax returns include finding out that more than one tax return was filed using the same social security. or records indicate you received wages or other income from an employer that you didn't work for. the irs individual state and the tax industry have enacted new safeguards to combat tax related iet identity theft. if you think you may be the victim of tax scam, i posted information on what steps to
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take on i'll be sharing that information on fax -- faiths book and twitter on well. i'm jim donovan. >> well, check this out. if you missed jerry seinfeld infamous tv apartment can you now own tiny replica of it. for limited time you can buy the 16 by 11-inch toy apartment. it is the real deal. right down to the furniture, the bike on the wall and it even has a working version of jerry's front door. the set cost just 399 bucks. >> well, there is a lot still ahead on cbs this morning, saturday. anthony mason, and alex wagner join us live from new york with a preview. good morning, guys. >> hi, jan, alex was just asking about kramer. >> he's included! >> coming up, the days headlines, plus prison so testify tough it can break the most harden criminals and most seasoned guards. talk to the film make her got incredible access to one of america's most extreme lock ups. >> plus, honoring their fallen
6:46 am
friend by continuing the journey. see how eric le grand former college teammates will honor his superbowl dream when they take to the field tomorrow. >> and big data goes dining. new book shows us how some of america's most renounded chefs are using cutting edge to take restaurant experience to the next level. >> all of that plus your eye opener, the dish, and music, in our saturday session. that's just ahead on cbs this morning, saturday. >> always good stuff. thank you, guys. >> well the countdown to superbowl five is is underway. fans arriving in houston for the big game, also it take part in pre-game activities. >> jason, his son, friend, traveling if in -- from new orleans. >> superbowl the biggest event of the year, right? came down. have some fun. >> more than million people are expected to visit houston this weekend alone.
6:47 am
pumping estimated $190 million into the local economy. much of the pre-game excitement is centered downtown, in a area, dubbed, superbowl live. here fans contest their football skills with the same drills as their favorite athlete. >> you got everything, your beer garden, kids stuff, then, you know, the shopping for the moms. >> even with all of the fun here, of course the hottest ticket in town, still one to the big game sunday. surprisingly the cost has gone down. according to ticket iq, company that works with ticket sellers, the average cost of the ticket on thursday was just un $4,600. fred gold erring -- goldberg said ticket dropped when the dallas cowboys were eliminated from the playoffs. >> with the cowboys being the frontrunner, people not having to pay for flights, really allowing people to spend more on tickets, real high demand, once they lost, prices came down 20% after that. >> even with the price drop, goldberg says the past two
6:48 am
years have seen record highs for superbowl ticket prices. don champion, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." we know houston is good place this weekend just to to get ahold with the temperatures little more like mid january, actually the colds he is morning we had since early january. we had the arctic blast dropped us to the teens, then few round of snow. but at least we're quiet this weekend, so a lot of sunshine today, few more clouds tomorrow. but no big storms to talk about today. or tomorrow. just temperatures, check it out, in the teens, actual numbers right now from our weather watchers. seventeen up at john jenkins, perkasie, light win right now, 2 miles per hour, clear skies, cold air really able to get down to the surface of the ground. so that's why he's down to the teens. but not much better, into new jersey, check it out, low 20's , around cherry hill, mownl laurel. lynn springer coming in 21 degrees. also, clear skies. breeze coming in around 3 miles per hour. and we go west, philadelphia here, out into sussex county,
6:49 am
west chester, she has cold, 20 . just after 7:00 this morning, happening early and earlier as we approach the spring seats on. clear skies over us. bill chap line here in philadelphia, we go to new jersey, just few mid to high level clouds. but we see a lot of sunshine today. gloomy january. at least seeing sun shiep -- sunshine for the start of february. south jersey, facing, getting ready for nice look at the sunrise in a few minutes, 22 degrees, cold, in cape may courthouse. northwest winds coming in at 5 . windchill values down into the single digits and teens. for a lot of spot early this morning. low temperatures so far in philadelphia international airport, 23 degrees. coldest morning since we've had since january 10th. not much to do in the middle of the of winter except maybe for some skiing and ride willing, head up to the poconos, ideal snow making conditions. cold air is in place. check it out, open 100% capacity trail wise at jack frost and bill big bowel err.
6:50 am
40-inch base. good shape camel bang, blue mountain looking good, 24 to 36 inches base. thirty-five trails open overall. good day for skiing and riding just on the colds side. hey, it the middle every winter, what you can expect. >> not much happening storm scan3, see clear skies over the delaware valley, lake effect snow showers western new york state. clouds are there. other than that, high pressure dominating mid-atlantic today, in fact, nice and quiet. full sunshine, not going to help the temperatures whole lot. now, here's what happened going through time. second half of the weekend, clouds start to move in late tonight into tomorrow. storm system passing by, well to the north. not a strong storm. it will bring some snow showers, maybe into the poconos, tomorrow afternoon, best chance, up-state new york , into new england, for us , just some clouds, little more sunshine, the further south go from delaware and south jersey, and i think by the ends of the day, should have nice sunset most locations as you clear skies out. all quiet monday, next storm system, impact us, tuesday, into wednesday.
6:51 am
now this storm, pretty strong, but tracking to the north and west, we will be in the warm side of the systemment look like liquid event once again, trend, these storms tracking to the west all winter long. so here's what to expect. tuesday specially, yes, through wednesday morning, going to be slow moving storm system. it will energize through time. periods every rain start on tuesday, into wednesday. strong gusty winds, temperatures, look at that, on the warm side. rising into the 50's. on tuesday, wednesday, before we see another cool-down by the ends of next week. today it is cold. temperatures struggle to make it into the mid 30's for highs tonight, 20's, to low 30's, not quite as cool as thrng this morning, still chilly. tomorrow actually going to return to average. maybe even above average. some spot, could hit the upper 40's, especially if you see the sun, delaware, south jersey. southwest winds overtakes the region. little cold pocket of air over us right now, dipping the jet stream, jet stream moves northward to get the push of warmer air, for tuesday, wednesday, if you like it cold , wait until next thursday and friday, another shot of the market there, goes back to
6:52 am
the delaware vale. but today, below average, with the sun, high temperature at 36 degrees. tomorrow, into the mid 40's, quiet, clouds, watch out for the rain, tuesday and wednesday, highs in the 50's. then cold, temperatures in the 30's next thursday and friday. jan, back to you. >> justin, thank you. time is now 6:52. and time to check the roads. letsz guess to amanda mueller at the cbs-3 traffic center. hi, amanda. >> hi, jan, still stuff going on out there this morning, first good news, though, taking live look at 95 northbound, betsy ross bridge. earlier this morning there was pretty major accident here, two lanes blocked, but that's just cleared out. traffic back to normal as you can see. just in time for increased volume this morning. in new jersey, weaver an accident, on route 73 southbound, at fox meadow drive. that has the right lane block there. so get ready for some delays to head out that way this morning. also in new jersey, weaver an accident on the atlantic city expressway eastbound, right now that right lane block, so you may want to avoid that as you head out to travel today. in the cbs-3 # traffic center.
6:53 am
i'm a.m. aoun did a mueller, back to you. >> thank you. looks like they were taking class clowns to whole new level at south philadelphia charter school. john mcdevitt from sister station "kyw news radio" was there with a special lesson. >> demonstrating the arts of clown performance! >> for me, that's a kid that's got control, to move, not to move. very often the class clown doesn't make good professional clown later in life. >> in other words, we think our -- we take our clowning very serious pli. >> says if he were to be in the circus he would be a clown >> i would probably and clown, because, i really like to make people laugh. i want to try how they did that.
6:54 am
>> let me show. >> i don't want to. >> favorite part about the circumstance us? >> clowning clowns in town to build excitement, the greatest show on earth will end its 146 year run for good in may. you'll be able to see the proar -- professional clowns whether they come to town for the vest lame time. the circus comes to the wells fargo center here february 16th to the 20th. in south philadelphia, john mcdevitt, "kyw
6:55 am
6:56 am
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bit of roller coaster ride temperature wise, mid 30's today, with the friend, mid four's tomorrow. fifty's next week. but some rain tuesday, wednesday, cold again by next thursday and friday, back to the 30's, all over the place. >> what a roller coast they are winter, thank you, justin. that's it for cbs-3 " eyewitness news" at least for now. we may be signing off on tv but we're always on line at cbs this morning saturday is next. have a great weekend, everybody. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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