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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 6, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> katie talking about changes this week, including chance of snow. well, today is monday, february 6, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this morning. >> morning. >> where did our weekend go? >> i don't know. >> i know. we're waking up with you this morning, especially the mark frankford line. i don't know if you heard this weekend talking about it all morning long, it will affect the commute this morning. >> thankfully quiet. beginning to the week. not only are we tracking one storm but another little disturbance that may ends up bringing us little snow. so what's interesting is the bigger of the two systems, probably just a rainmaker for most of us. we could see bit of freezing rain, we will talk about as the morning progresses, but for now storm scan nice and quiet. >> clear outside and will stay that way. look forward to tomorrow, even as late tonight, couple of showers will go, begin to work their way in, right now, here outside palmyra cove nature park, very calm winds, means that that delaware river,
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doesn't look terribly choppy at this moment. 38 degrees the temperature here on live network. forty at philadelphia international airport. mid 30's around northwest most suburbs. chilly 20's being reflect in the both mount pocono and millville right now. as the day goes on, i expect mostly sunny skies, ever so slightly milder than average temperatures in philadelphia. we are shooting for 47 degrees do the same down near the shore point. probably more like the upper three's, as we go into the mountain us terrain. light wind, to go along with, that so you don't have to factor in windchill value. as the anchored had mentioned, calm before the storm. as the next storm does move in by tomorrow. we are going to find a new round of precipitation. we have to break out the umbrellas for sure. we will tike -- time it out. >> just enjoy today. enjoy it while you have it. enjoy every day, but specially when you have the sunshine on a monday. looking outside, take a look at the vine, vine not closed for overnight construction, both moving in the westbound and eastbound side.
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looking as we should although i will start to say moving in the westbound direction, toward the schuylkill, starting to slow dunn just little bit. you are still traveling at posted speeds, see this here, showing all green, just heads up westbound side, maybe starting to heat up little bit also up here, disabled vehicle , looks like trying to get that moved out of your way , not that it was in your way, pulled off to the shoulder, but even just flashing lights, give you some gaper delay, might be just moving out right now. perfect. blue route southbound toward the schuylkill, that's where that was. start to see brake lights go on, pushes that vehicle down the interstate, either way, just know the blue route, starting to heat up. getting very busy around there but good to see that disable now clearing out of the way. so talking about the market frankford line. heads up over the weekends, found support beam, two rail cars, 30 to 40 cars, over-crowding, expect delays today. make sure to check the schedules on line, back to you >> thank you, meisha. septa riders as we've told you just can't seem to catch a break literally. first the problems on the regional rales, to deal with the strike. now there is the issue with
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the market frankford "el." >> as meisha has been mentioning, engineers discovered cracks on the support beams, two cars over the weekends forcing septa to pull 30 to 40 cars off the tracks. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live with the frankford transportation center more what it means for commuters this morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim. here at the frankford transportation center so far so good for these very early commuters. still plenty of room on trains as well as the platforms. but that is expected to change in just a little bit as this morning commute rolls on. take a look here. people head up to the platform here. now septa says the rail cars still in service have been inspected done not have this particular defect. this is just the latest septa commuters after number of issues last year including the septa strike. inspectors found crack in the bolster of one of the market frankford line rail cars during routine maintenance. that will part connect the body of the rail car to the truck trust, the part that
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moves along the tracks there. now inspectors found another car with the same issue. went onto pull all cars showing signs of potential cracks. this is different issue than what side lined 120 regional rail service liner cars last summer. we did get reaction from septa riders early this morning, the issue took many of them by surprise. >> obviously, i mean, i don't have a problem with it, but a lot of people got to get to work. so hopefully get this fixed and get it done and ready to go. >> reporter: now taking a live look inside one of the cars on the market frankford line, we have photographer on there take that commute with those folks as we mentioned. still relatively quiet for the morning commute at this just taking off of this 5:00 hour. well, to deal with demand, septa is adding shuttle bus services at various points along the market frankford line. staff will direct people to those buses if the trains get
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too crowded. and also, there will be no express service on the trains here on the market frankford line, will stop at every stop, again, they'll have those supplemental buses between 6:00 and 10:00 a.m., also 3:00 e afternoon rush. do expect to learn more from septa at news conference scheduled for 1:00 p.m. for now live from the frankford transportation center, trang do, cbs-3, " eyewitness news," jim, rahel, back to you. >> trang, thank you. >> be sure to check for updates on the septa service. we will keep you posted how the market frankford line is holding you both here on " eyewitness news" and on line. fans of the new england patriots spilled into the streets last night after their team won its fifth superbowl. it was a wild game. the first superbowl to go into over time. >> boston has scheduled victory parade for tomorrow morning. correspondent don champion shows us how the patriots manage to beat the falcons in the biggest game of the year. >> the new england patriots
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are celebrating another championship after the greatest come back in superbowl history. after falling behind, 21 to three, at the half, the paths roared back in the second half , scoring 31 unanswered points, a two-point conversion ties the game with less than a minute to play. the game went to over time, and the patriots scored quickly to win. >> patriots win the superbowl. >> you can never count yourself out ever. >> tom brady has more superbowl wins than any qb in n fl history, and it caps season in which the n fl suspended him for the first four games for deflating footballs. >> over came a lot of different things, all worked. >> nearly 72,000 people packed in r nrg stadium, the thirds time that houston has hosed the superbowl. >> president bush would you please toss the coin? >> former president george h.w. bush just out of the hospital for pneumonia did the coin toss before the game in his hometown. >> with liberty and justice for all. >> at half time pop star lady
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gaga wowed everyone with an aerial entrance from the roof of the stadium. singing all her hits, gaga sent message of inclusion, while using fans on the field to light up her per former ands. the display ended with an electrifying fireworks show off the roof of the stadium. after the game, crowds started spilling on to the street of boston, celebrating their hard fought superbowl victory. don champion, for cbs 3, " eyewitness news." to be very honest i went to bed. i woke up this morning, and in shock, what the heck am i looking at with my first cup of coffee? >> what time did you go to sleep? >> the end of the second quarter, before half tie. i was like i'm not staying up. >> fair enough. i woke up this morning as well after half time, after going to sleep, could not believe the news. >> good thing we look at a tv station, we look at everything on video later on. >> president donald trump tweeted his take on the superbowl. apparently did he stay up for t the president is a patriots
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fan by the way. he tweet whad amazing come back and win by the patriots, tom brady, bob kraft, and coach b are total winners. wow. after the come back win it seems someone stole, yes, stole tom brady's game jersey ment tom says he took it off in the lockerroom, went back out to the field to celebrate with fans and teammates and of course the lombardi trophy. when he got back to the lockerroom he said his jersey was gone. they did go looking for it but so far no word. >> and of course we all watched the patriots work over time. apparently so did the t-shirt printers. companies like this in boston turned out all of the championship t-shirts you could possibly want. if you are a fan, if our fan, better get your t-shirts before tomorrow's championship parade. congratulations to the patriots. hopefully the eagles will get in the running. >> well, in other news this morning, people who could not enter the us due to president trump's travel ban are now rushing into the country.
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welcomes each other. they -- temporarily blocked president's immigration order earlier in the day. now, refugee advocates worry about how long this travel window will stay open. >> right now people are able to get into the country and so right now is when people who are trying to i am great need to travel. >> all i wanted was just to see my wife and my daughter. one of the greatest woman,. >> now officials say after up to 60,000 people had their visas temporarily revoked. vice president mike pence said the white house will use all legal avenues to restore the travel ban. meanwhile syrian family arrives in pennsylvania today after being kept out of the country by the president's travel ban. six of the family members came to the u.s. with legal visas, but when they got to philadelphia international airport last saturday they were turned away. they had to fly all the way back to qatar, pennsylvania governor tom wolf confirmed the family should arrive at jf k airport this morning, they will be reunited with assali at their home in allentown.
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>> the case that made headlines across the country. now a woman murdered while jog ging this past summer. police say they've finally caught her killer. coming up hear what her mom said to the suspect when they came face-to-face for the very first time. >> one of the most recognizeable amounts in it. v history. how you can own a much smaller version of jerry seinfeld's apartment. that's coming up next. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> love this musical selection brand new, brand new day, brand new week. >> you know, my anchor chair aerobics. >> thanks for being with us, we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> welcome back, more on our developing story this morning. here is a look at the frank forwards transportation center septa forced to pull 30, 40 cars off the tracks after cracks were found under two of the cars over the weekend. we switch now live to live picture on the l. we sent our photographer out with a ipad and streaming these pictures live right now, as he heads toward west, excuse me, heads west toward 69th street, you can see the trains are slowly but surely filling up. not really though. looks like empty train. i think people are sleeping in that's a good thing. you should leave yourself some extra time this morning. i think people watched that game and they're going in to
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work late. >> but not you. >> no well, if you missed jerry seinfeld infamous tv apartment you can now own a tiny replica. >> for limited time you can buy this 16 by 11-inch toy apartment. it is the real deal. right down to the furniture, the bike on the wall and it even has a working version of jerry's front door. kramer apparently not included the set cost $399. for more information just go to seinfeld's except replica. com. >> the remedy now, katie? >> okay. that seems awfully expensive to me. for a tiny little -- >> yes, although i know you are missing jerry sign fell. mable pick you up, have cup of coffee. >> is that show still on hbo? >> just on line. >> you can google these things , just like that. so we can find that out during the commercial break for you. okay, not real picture of snow falling. simulation, just to talk little bit about is that at this particulars when it comes
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to snowfall in the city of philadelphia. so far for the entire season only half foot. this has been a statistic held up for awhile now. for the month of february on average, typically see the biggest amount of snow throughout this month. but it is also heeding the amount so far for the season as a whole. little bit in the deficit right now. we could use some snow in terms of averages, what's normal, but right now, i'm not sure we will see ton of it. with that said, looking at very wide zoom on storm scan scan, sneak of snow, another batch of rainstorms down to the keep -- deep south. they come together, turn into the next storm system, which brings us mainly rain, but not until tomorrow. for now sunny skies, pretty close, 47 the daytime high, drop down to 38 degrees tonight. >> the first we'll see signs of radar, might see freezing rain initially up in the mountains.
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fog but rain tomorrow, lingering shower wednesday morning, it is wednesday night , into thursday into thursday morning, where wintery mix is likely from a smaller system, for one that may try to intensify as it passes us by, america? >> wintery mix doesn't sound good for our commuters. thank so much. good morning, everyone, happy sleepy monday, i would bet. taking a look outside, looking 95 south at girard, you can see how butts i it starts to get here, pushing in the southbound drendz direction on 95, give yourselves extra time , 59 just headed out the door now. also the schuylkill, taillights moving in the eastbound direction, this is past girard, eastbound or westbound side, what you are working with there, and actually, schuylkill isn't look that bad, actually looking okay there. blue route, tail light, southbound direction, headlights moving in the northbound direction approaching route one, what you are looking at there, blue route, pretty darn busy, dropping posted speeds coming up in a little bit. main story, market frankford line, over the weekend, expect to find support beams, through the rail cars, and because that far we have car shortage,
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30, 40 cars, expect over-crowding, delays during the peak hours, and no a and b stop service, jim, over to you >> thank you, meisha. months after the murder of new york city jogger, police make arrest. now the victims' heart broken parents coming face-to-face with the alleged killer. here is more. >> anything you have to say? >> twenty year old said nothing to reporters after let out of the precinct station house accused of murdering 30 year old carina. but he had plenty to say to police who say he confessed to raping and strangling the howard beach jogger after a chance encounter august. heart broken parents were fuming after seeing the murder suspect face-to-face in court. >> on thursday detective questioned lewis at his east new york brooklyn home where he lived with his mother and sister. >> lewis was interviewed by
6:19 am
detective, and made detailed incriminating statements and admissions. >> lewis voluntarily gave investigators a d n a sample which police say linked him to the to her death. police arrested him saturday. >> the big thing we got -- >> seemingly numb after learning of the arrest. >> we have been in a state of shock for six months. and we really don't know what we feel right now. >> there is no happiness but we are grateful to the new york city police department. >> retired firefighter father discovered her body face down in the marsh lands less than a mile from their home and had vowed to never give up the search for her killer. the family's painful journey far from over. >> i won't say it is a good day, but it is -- we can move forward now. >> and that was hazel sanchez reporting, if convicted lewis could face up to 25 years to life in prison.
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>> two important historical documents once belonging to the richest man in america are back where they belong, thanks to help from the fbi. "eyewitness news" watts -- was the only camera crew as fb ict agents returned two document both more than 200 years old, to girard college. once belonged to steven girard philanthropist, and once the richest man in america. kept pristine records and historians say without the two document, girard collection would not be complete. >> girard collection is one of the most important collections in early american history. >> someone stole the documents between 196 a and 2006. wait until you hear where they were found. tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. >> well, still ahead this morning, it is a royal battle to the finish line. see who won when the dutchess and the prince hadss all went for a run. >> plus always a superbowl talker, the commercials. we will take a look back at some of the best and worse ads when we come right back. stay with us.
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>> welcome back, may be more unsettled weather down the pike for us with specially on sunday, some rain, rain showers moving in. but also, at least we're going to see those conditions turn little milder. guys? >> katie, thank you. for a look at newspaper headlines across our region. >> from the times of trenton, homicides in new jersey declined by roughly 4% in 2016 prosecutors reported 361 homicides last year, compared to 375 in 2015. but the declines weren't uniform across the state. burlington county saw surge in shootings triple the amount of homicides from the previous year. >> delaware county times asked commissioners will hold special meeting wednesday night to consider the ad dop sean of marijuana ordinance. board approached about
6:25 am
securing for the brought and processing of marijuana. intended for whole sailing sale distribution would have to write and an ordinance because of regulation doesn't ex glis from the news journal in delaware record near record number of people took to the cold atlantic ocean sunday at rehoboth beach to raise money and awareness part of the 26th . the polar bear plunge. >> incredible. congratulations, that's a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware val glit run of the royals. >> take a look, the dutchess of cambridge along with prince william and harry took part to support their charity together , the runners training for the london marathon joined them. and although kate was dressed for the race, we hear prince harry actually won the 50- meter sprint,. >> you know harry was going to win. >> yes, he seems very at let glik yes. >> they all seem like good people. would like to meet them. maybe they'll come to visit us here at the studio at 4:30 in
6:26 am
the morning. coming up: septa off the rales again. >> tan lick lou -- likely have an impact on the morning commute. >> reporter: another rail car issue, i'm trang do, live with what you can expect for the morning commute. >> and we are starting to heat up out there right now this early monday morning. and for those every you taking septa, you're hearing it, i got some major updates coming up in a little bit. pat? >> meisha, history was made in several ways last night in houston. the pay troa at stunned the falcons. we'll show you how brady and belichick won their fifth wild superbowl 51 highlights next, don't miss go to protect your vehicle? i'm on it. ♪
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glmplet this is cbs-3 " eyewitness news" this morning >> good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon.
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6:29. here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> you can expect over-crowding. longer time between trains. >> engineers discovered cracks on the support beams of two cars so they pulled dozens of others off the tracks. >> septa asked us to come down from the platforms in anticipation every big crowds later this morning. >> touchdown. atlanta. touchdown. falcons add to their lead. >> new england patriots trailing make a dramatic come back in over time over the atlanta falcons. but patriots fans still upset with n fl commissioner roger goodel. >> what a wonderful football game tonight. >> little slick travel potentially tomorrow morning, that will be it, then just rain. >> travelers from seven other muslim majority countries are rushing to end -- enter the us while the travel ban is suspended. >> ♪ >> ♪
6:31 am
>> that superbowl ad had people talking on twitter during the game, some say mr. clean is making people feel dirt. >> i i know, blushing right now, if i had curls, i would collect them. see other ads everyone will be talking about today little later. first, out to katie. hi, kate. >> i are you clutching your curls, katie? >> oh, i couldn't stands it. that was actually one of my favorite ones of the i thought it was hilarious, i loved it, i really like the way jim delivered that line. made you feel dirty. so what are we facing here today? actually not too much when it comes to the weather. you're going need your sunglasses for sure, the skies pretty clear right now. but this is a nice day. that proverbial calm before the storm my friend. take a look, storm scan, notice the cloud cover over top of the radar, nothing on the radar, right now satellite as well starting to really sort of empty out. with nice clear sky, hey nice light wind, too, for most of
6:32 am
us, it is a nice start to the day. granted bit more after breeze up toward mount pocono, var/at this pack, 40 in the city. thirty-seven in ac. mid 20's, up at mount pocono. but most of you outside of philly are generally in the mid 30's, range right now, coming up a little later checking in with the eyewitness weather will give us idea with a some of the neighborhoods are looking at. here is the scoop. guys, looks good. upper 40's at the shore in the it city. mid three's in the poconos, everything can become on sunshine. but we did, however, he will leud to storm system in the morning bees minute a moment ago, my advice is this: not only do you may want to think about setting the alarm little extra early depending where your travels take you, also have umbrella ready to go for tomorrow. for now though meisha, sun glass also do it, pretty nice day. >> yep, that's what we call is up -- sun up, slow downs, we will take it, good morning, happy monday. might be sleep think morning, but i have to tell you we are certainly starting to heat up on the roadways, look outside.
6:33 am
basically all of the major high base -- high waits, interstates, slowing down. primarily 95 south, right around girard, that is one of the areas really starting to heat up this morning. has been for quite some time. traveling listless than posted speeds, let's see, traveling at around 29 miles per hour, that's going to slow you down little bit. only get bus years in from there. taillights eastbound direction , past girard, what you are looking at there, traveling at around 36 miles per hour there. so you are traveling less than posted speeds. now, and through the 7:00, maybe in the eighth -- 8:00 hour. continue dropping speeds. also, schuylkill near king of prussia, tail light moving in the eastbound direction. very much starting to heat up here. but take a look at the sky, just a gorgeous purple color by the way. katie talking about we will see the sun today. so i have to say we all be tired today staying up for the game. good day to be tired. it will be sunny, gorgeous, market frankford line, heads up if you didn't hear about this over the weekend, inspectors found support beams crashed on two rail cars because of that, we have a car shortage.
6:34 am
thirty, 40 cars, over-crowding , expect delays during the peak hours. there is no a and b stop service, and there is bus service, as well. make sure to check on line. jim, rahel, back to you. >> as meisha just mentioned, been rough ride for septa riders from the problems from the regional rails, to strike this fall, now the problem is with the market frankford "el ". >> over the weekend septa found cracks under a couple of their cars, they yanked 30, 40 trains off the tracks. "eyewitness news" reporter traj trang do live at the frankford transportation center with more on what commute kearse expect this monday morning. good morning. >> reporter: well good morning , rahel, jim. septa asked us to not be on the plal -- platform this morning to make room. take a look at the frankford center, trying to pick up but not seeing whole lot of volume so much this morning. good thing. septa says rail cars still in place have been inspected and do not have the defect. but this is just the latest hit septa commuters who have
6:35 am
been dealing with number of issues over the last year, including the septa strike. but, inspectors found crack in the body bolster of one of the market frank forwards line rail cars during some routine maintenance. that part connects the body of the rail cars to the truck, which moves along the cracks. inspectors then found another car with the same issue, went onto pull all cars showing any signs of potential cracks. now this is different issue than what side lined 120 regional rail is her -- silver liners last summer, got reaction from septa riders, and issue took many by surprise. >> it is what it will be. for as long as everything goes , and they found the cracks, hopefully they fix it. >> to deal with demand, septa adding shuttle bus service at certain stops along the market frankford line, and staff will direct travelers to those buses, if the trains and platforms get too crowded during the morning rush, and afternoon rush, which is 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and the afternoon rush is three p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
6:36 am
now, at the moment, no express service, all of these trains are stopping at every single stop here on the market frankford line. we do expect to learn more about what commute kearse expect for the rest of the week, at press conference scheduled for 1:00 p.m. but for now, live, from the frankford transportation center, i'm trang do. cbs-3 "eyewitness news." all right, trang, thank you. don't forget you can always check out for the latest on the septa service, we will keep you updated on how things are shaping up for the market frankford line, both here and on "eyewitness news" and on line. a six a year old woman was found shot dead in her west philadelphia home. now authorities want to know why. it happened on the 300 block of north holly street. that's where police found winnie harris dead in a second t harris was the executive director at uc green, non- profit, that plants trees and cleans up local community. friends became wore whid she missed an meeting. >> i called the police. because we couldn't get an answer. usually we sit at the meeting
6:37 am
together. first thursday, i didn't get an answer, i called to work, didn't get an answer. >> and this morning no word on suspect or motive. but if you have any information, philadelphia police want to hear from you. >> well, today president trump addresses groups at mcgill air force base in tampa florida. in san francisco federal appeals court will continue to hear the case of the president 's travel ban. judge denied the justice department's emergency request to resume the executive order. the battle over the travel ban could end up in the supreme court in several months. >> and, the senate votes tomorrow on the confirmation of devos, last week republican senator said they will vote again -- vote against her. sets up 50-50 tie if all democrats vote no. if that happens, vice president mike pence will need to cast a tiebreaking vote. which he has saidel do. if you stayed up late last night for the superbowl, you saw one of the greatest superbowls in ffl history.
6:38 am
>> tom brady and the patriots storm back to win, losing initially by double digits. pat is here to tell us all about it. >> sorry you guys did not stay up to watch this game, epic. >> what happened? >> i'll tell you what happened so he might be 39 years old. he may have been suspended for the first four games of the season because of the deflate gate. but never seems to matter what odds tom brady needs to overcome. patriots just win. they did that yet again. houston last night, firm be irk -- finishing an epic come back in superbowl 516789 falcons firing on all cylinders, matt ryan hits coleman. falcons up 28 to three. game over. not quite. under two and a half left. tom brady to julian, he makes the circus catch over three falcons, does not hit the grounds. you can take a look for yourself again. one of the most insane catches in superbowl history. it is needed. keep that drive going. of course, the patriots would cash in.
6:39 am
game white scores one of three touchdowns to make it 28-26. they would connect on the two-point con -- con ver shore sean. conversion, first over time game in superbowl history. patriots first lead of the game, only one that matters. white for the win. brady gets fifth title as new england scores 31 unanswered beating the falcons 34-28. hits the greatest come back in superbowl history. brady would pass bradshaw and montana. for the mother -- most titles by a quarterback. >> you know there is has been just incredible team. and just happy to, you know, and part of it. just great group of coaches and teammates and over came a lot of different things. all worth it. >> the boston skyline was lit up in celebration of the new england patriots win with one building illuminated with the number five in honor of the team's fifth superbowl win. also tom brady's fifth superbowl win as quarterback.
6:40 am
the victory parade is set for tomorrow in boston. meanwhile, in new york sit, there is saluting the patriots , probably would not happen here. empire state building lit up in paths colors. empire state building tweeted out their congratulations to the patriots, better people than i am. boston newspapers are celebrating the victory as well. this morning, boston globe says one win for the ages, all right. one for the ages, one for the ages. boston herald as has this special wrap around that says epic. while we haven't seen the front page of the atlanta journal constitution, the paip der tweet out this photo after the game. picture of matt ryan, says thank you falcons. here in philadelphia, the daily news front page says got to hand it to them with a picture of a triumphant tom brady and the back page reads crushed ice, reference to matt ryan's nickname mattie ice.
6:41 am
and here is a look at the site of the superbowl next year. 2018us bank stadium, new home of the minnesota vikings, the 1 billion-dollar show place opened last season, look for the next superbowl there, 2019 college basketball final four, 2017 and 2018x games as well, indoors of course since the high temperature in february in minneapolis, as meisha should know, balmy 26 degrees. >> that's one heck of a stadium. >> should be for a billion. >> for sure. i have to say all over facebook, even atlanta fans so proud of the team. if you lose, i get -- guess you want to lose like that? no? okay. >> don't want to lose that way i think i would rather lose 55 to three than have my heart ripped outlining that. >> but so hard fought. >> it was hard fought. but i think that's a tough way to lose. >> george ants very proud. >> yes.
6:42 am
>> patrick? >> sorry. >> okay, i'm going to continue now. >> patrick doesn't like to lose? >> no superbowl commercials, cost whopping $5 million for a 30 second ad. coming up a look at some of the wins and losses. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> and an explosion performance from lady gaga for the half time show. also, we just got word, she is coming to philadelphia. find out when you can see her on stage next. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> so much the weekend engineers found cracks under two rail cars, so if you are traveling to work, make sure to leave yourself some extra time this morning.
6:46 am
trains are operating on modified schedule. >> back to the superbowl, fresh off her high energy superbowl per for ands. lady gaga, not hitting the stage just yet. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> hours after that performance gaga took to social media to announce plans to hit the road for a new world tour. and this morning, we have learned the big show expected to make its way to the wells fargo center here in philadelphia. on september 10th. >> and just in case you missed the superbowl half time show, you can catch the whole performance in under 30 seconds, on twitter. it shows everything from the set up to breakdown of the stage, which seems to be just as coordinated as is -- the actual show itself. >> katie, did you watch that? >> i didn't get to see the whole thing, but his is giving me good taste of it, looks awesome. >> she jumped from the roof. they opened the roof. they will they had all these drones, they did this like the american flag, really cool. she jumped from the roof, on to the stage, without miss ago beat. and that's what you call hand- eye coordination and
6:47 am
being able to dance. >> yes. definitely skills. >> i have to check that youth out. yes. i know jim right there with me we fell asleep long before half time. checking in with the eyewitness weather watchers, putting chill in the air. low, mid, 30's to report. still, not terrible for early february standards. let's zero in, 38 comes in under generally clear sky, i think the cloud cover in lawrenceville, peter report that other last ten minutes or so. we go just across the river here take into just north of town, philly anyway, into rich bore oa. it is completely clear. 36 degrees from frank this morning. saying it is cold and very quiet this february morning. looks like nice day ahead. he is definitely right. >> way south into delaware, nice clear skies in dover.
6:48 am
looking ahead again to another sunny day. that sun will be coming up shortly this morning. >> couple every lake enhanced very light snow showers rolling into up-state new york , moth much really, all impressive for one thing, but do have another storm system moving in that put rain advisory in effect for our very far northern counties, northampton, monroe, 1:00 to 10:00 tomorrow morning. today is fine. not going to have any issues traveling here today. say for sun glare, headed eastbound, but 47 in the sunshine, tomorrow, it is so warm, 55 degrees, mainly a rain producing storm. even leaving behind lingering shower wednesday morning. wednesday night, into thursday morning, however, there is another disturbance. this one looks like might try to intensify, bypasses us as well w that said, wintery mix very likely thursday morning small you are of the two systems bye chance for snow this week.
6:49 am
>> wintery nicks never what we want to hearing do your our morning commute. happy monday to you. looking right here, well, schuylkill westbound past city avenue out to the shoulder, vehicle out, there traveling west of posted speeds. take about 14 minute, right now, expect next ten minute will drop even more than that. market frankford line, expect the cracks in the rail car shortages it, means a car shortage. thirty to 40 cars are short, over-crowding, delays during peak service hours. no a-b stop service, and supplemental bus service. will there be extra service on broad street line? short answer: no. the only thing i can tell you we have we haven't heard anything like. that will but you can take a trolley or use the supplemental bus service, best bet. send me tweets and i'll answer them on line just as i did for our friends july just.
6:50 am
back to you. >> thank you, time 6:49. a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> charlie roseanne nora o'donnell joins us live from new york. i suppose congratulations is in order? >> we are celebrating this morning, and last night, and the party goes on. good morning we begin this morning in houston, the incredible come from behind victory, talk with running back james white, that game winning touchdown, and those captions in superbowl history, yes. >> plus trump administration says big signals on russia president putin, and michael m oro joins us. >> legal analyst, on what's next for travel ban after a judge in seattle halted the orders. see you guys in just about ten minutes. >> all right, nor, a we will be watching. thank you. >> millions tuned in to see the game and pretty amazing, commercials were amazing, too. >> to help us break down the wins and lost, the chief
6:51 am
creative officer with marketing agency aloysius, butler and clerk -- clark. good morning. >> good morning. >> big thing shall which was the winner or winners? >> great question. i there were funny spots did well. the hair stuff, funny spots, but the brands that went out there and actually tried to say something little provocative are the ones talked about today. >> which ones would you say were the most provocative? you and i were talking about budd wiser? >> i thought budweiser was pushing the envelope, interesting for real big brand like that that has a lot to risk and what 84 bumm -- lumber did was very special. >> with the walls? >> exactly. >> your personal favorites? >> personally i always like the funny spots. the fun event, i think talking about hair for the next four years was funny, but also honda commercial crv's, talking from the year book pictures, i thought a spot
6:52 am
that cut through the clutter. if you can cut through the clutter, good thing for a brand. >> which didn't cut through the clutter? which were some of the worse? >> i thought anyone where they try to use celebrities really ineffectively, like a commercial for wick, had wonder woman, and it didn't make sense for the brand, anybody who really commit to something that wasn't memorable, really not doing great job. >> as someone who worked in marketing, what do you think makes good and festive commercial or ad? >> great question. doesn't need to be funny. great spot doesn't have to be hilarious, doesn't have to have monkeys or babies but capture your attention and hold your attention for the next 30 seconds. so it can be well shot. it can be beautiful t could be done in interesting way like that year bok spot. i haven't seen that before. so something that cut to the clutter and holds people ace attention, does something unique and memorable. that's a winning spot. >> also have to remember the product. i mean, there are a lot of commercials that i watch and at the end what is the heck is that all about? >> exactly, wunlt of the like that wick
6:53 am
spot. like okay, why is all of this -- all of this adventure happening, wait, is this for a website company? doesn't make sense. >> yes. >> we always talk about how much the ads cost. but does it actually affect the bottom dollar? >> what we will ties and finds out in the next few weeks, like they will be actually able to see whether sales are up, whran they $5,000 commercial was worth it? or poking at the audience, we will see what it does to their bottom line. >> how long do you think they are working? we always hear right the best of the best in marketing are working on these commercials. how long do you think they're actually implementing working and thinking of what to do for maybe next year? >> so they are thinking about it right now. i mean they're already analyze whag they d we talked about the n fl like they are did the baby spot. remember last year they did the spot about all of the babies conceived on superbowl night. so probably already thinking about what can we do next year to tie in what we've done now. let's start real earl. >> i what is it mean for for
6:54 am
advertisers? is it changing, what the superbowl means to a brain. >> real siment brands are really trying to look to get the most they possibly k for example the 84 lumber spot. they tease that week before. they only showed the first minute. and then really they paid it off on line. really trying to address, stretch your attention span. >> we'll shall right back with three to go.
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>> mere is three to go. expect delays and crowds on septa's market frank forwards line. the transit agency has found cracks in the support beams of two rail cars, taking up to 30 to 40 cars out of service. >> owe pope the -- opponents of the travel ban today, and the new england patriots pull themselves out of 25-point hole to win superbowl. beat the falcons, and that's three to go. >> last check on weather and traffic? >> looks like a nice day, we take you out to beautiful view , the colors of the skyline here, and off in the distance, one of my favorite pictures, very light wind, full sunshine expected here. today little above average at 47 degrees, light winds, calm
6:59 am
before the storm. >> indeed. i love that, katie. all right, good morning, everyone, it will be a clear schuylkill eastbound past the boulevard, watch the center lane. expect slow downs there. going to the wide. you can see nine on the schuylkill, right around the conshohocken curve, 41 on on the vine, 16 on 95, in the southbound direction. >> thank you, meisha. well, if there is one reason to look forward to snow, it is this. competitors riding snow shovels down a mountain track at speeds 70 miles per hour. >> all started 38 years allege when the staff shoveled snow at angel fire resort started joking around, and now the snow shoveling competition attract contestants from all across the us. >> you know i would crack myself with the handle or knock me out. those people. >> we would all be here without you. >> hum. well, next on cbs this morning , criminals have found ways around security chips on credit and debit cards. how you can protect yourself from fraud. >> join us each weekday morning here on cbs-3 starting
7:00 am
at captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, february 6th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." tom brady and the patriots win a historic super bowl li, the first overtime ever, the first comeback ever. james white talks about his touchdown. breaking overnight, google, face boost, and microsoft join against president trump's travel ban. and the u.s. recoils when president trump says russia is no difference than the u.s. in terms of killing. how


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