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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 6, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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i was thinking i would go back to syria and my life ruined. >> from ruined, to reunited, more than a week after president trump's travel ban a family from syria is on u.s. soil and sharing their store which "eyewitness news". they arrived in lehigh county to warm welcomes from relatives, and the governor. good evening, everyone i'm ukee washington. aim jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is in the sat center and were you there when the family arrived in allentown. >> yes, i was. they were turned away at philadelphia international airport december site having legal visas. that was nine days ago. now after a legal battle, they are back in the u.s., and re united with their family. all smiles and hugs for the assali family reunited for the first time in new york, monday morning. a few hours later arriving at
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their relatives home in allentown and greeted by governor tom wolf himself. >> i think that it the is really wonderful to welcome the entire family back. >> to take we woke up to a new dream. i am so thankful they are behind me and they are safe with us. >> reporter: they are czar minasly two brother in laws, wife and children, finally with their feet on u.s. soil. nine days ago they were arriving at chaos at philadelphia international airport. protesters upset at president trump's travel ban prohibiting u.s. entry by immigrants of seven predominantly house limb countries. six members of the sarmad's family including math the you abu assali all arrived on legal visas but stopped by border and customs protection agents and then sent back to syria. >> i was thinking i was going back to syria and my life was ruined. >> reporter: but after a federal judge blocked trump's ban, immigration lawyers, the governor and congressman charlie dent able to get the visas reinstated and then the
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family reunited. >> very happy, very grateful that, people are supporting us i did not imagine that a lot of people, in here, supporting us, and i'm very grateful. >> i kept looking around and i'm thinking this is a dream. this is the dream, but you know what today the dream came true. i cannot be more grateful. >> reporter: i asked the family what they plan to do together, now that they all are together here in the u.s. they say they cannot the wait to simply share a meal and then catch up on much needed rest. live from the sat center, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks for that. stay with cbs news for continuing coverage of the travel ban. "cbs evening news" correspondent jericka duncan will have much more on the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley, right here after "eyewitness news" at 6:30. authorities say a half naked man assaulted and robbed a taxi driver before driving through rittenhouse square, late this afternoon.
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>> that cell phone video taken of the incident police say natalie man got in the cab, drove through rittenhouse square, and before stopping on walnut street, right there in front of the barnes and noble. the cabdriver said he was dropping off a passenger when the the man came up to his vehicle. >> he came from the passenger side, and then, he opened up the passenger side door and he grabbed her from the collar and around the street. >> luckily no one was injured. police say the man is currently undergoing dui testing. nearly 100 septa train cars are out of service tonight and will remain out of service inn definitely. over the weekend inspectors found cracks beneath those trains. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is live at 69th street transportation center in upper darby, where commuters are experiencing a shortage of trains during peak hours, joe. >> reporter: jessica, good evening. i just checked with septa. they say it is a little tight but they believe because of
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the super bowl these trains are no where near as crowded as they could expect to see them tomorrow. the train behind me here on the platform just pulled in, what i saw basically a lot of folks standing, a few empty seats here and there but big question is how long will this go on until they can get all of these trains back on the rails. after a routine inspection friday night, septa says that they have been tearing up the floors, of the market frankford fleet. this is after a mechanic found a series of cracks around the vent on 58 trains. the most serious part of this on two trains, those cracked had spiders into a main, load bearing member. >> being it is very big. where there is no vent welded to it, those beams are fine. >> reporter: union representing transit workers first told cbs-3 about the cracks on sunday. union official say mechanics have been chasing cracks on this model of train for years. at a news conference septa
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managers said natalie exact cause was not clear, and as for a fix. >> the repairs, i cannot exactly speculate. we don't want to rush them yet >> a lot of the response here has been right. >> reporter: agencies representing commute's cross the delaware valley. he and septa have repeatedly said to be prepared for crowding and longer waits. this is the second crisis in seven months, for the transit authority, and a third of the silver liner five regional rail fleet was sidelined after a major beam developed stress cracks. it was months before the cars were fixed, and still, mitchell is on septa's side with how this latest incident, was was handled. >> everybody looked at this and said we will take safe course, pull these cars out of service this will we are confident that all of them can run safely. >> reporter: now septa tells me that they hope to know by the end of the week how this happened and how they will accomplish that? well, they will do some metal
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testing, take out some of this beam and try to learn how that crack, formed. i am told preliminarily they believe this could be connected to a weld. reporting live from upper darby township i'm joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks for the update. check out cbs for updates on septa service. we will keep you posted on how market frankford line is holding up here on "eyewitness news" and there at the cbs-3 eye witt tonight kobe bryant's memorabilia has been stolen from lower merion high school. police are investigating the weekend break in at kobe bryant gym. thieves broke in and stole a number of items from a display case. bryant was from philadelphia, was a stand out player at the school and has donated several items. >> a replica of kobe's high school jersey, the 196 state championship trophy, some programs, from the state championship and district championship games in 1996 as well as some sneakers that
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kobe has provided to the team over the years. >> once again school officials a while the stolen items are not of substantial monetary value they do have a great deal of sentimental importance to the school as you heard. up investigators are looking at surveillance video hoping it leads to those responsible. a bucks county man is under arrest for child sex abuse crimes that investigators say date back as far as 40 years. this is the suspect 58 year-old william thomas. he is charged with the rape of at least five young children and possession of child pornography. while police searched thomas's home authorities say detectives found a thousand pairs of children's underwear. >> this man was a trophy collector and creator of monumental proportions he was a historian. he historically recorded all of his conquests. >> reporter: authorities fear there could be more possible victims. they asked anyone who may have had contact with the suspect, to please come forward. there are new developments
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tonight in the bill cosby sexual assault trial. we have learned a hearing has been scheduled for february 27th, the court will address cosby's request to move the trial out of montgomery county. cosby is accused of sexually assaulting former temple university employee andrea constand in 2004. legislation advanceness pennsylvania to impose new restrictions, on elect abortions. this bill will ban elect abortions after 20 weeks compared to 24 weeks, under the current law. the full senate now has the bill, and passed the state house last year. it is unclear if the legislature could muster votes to override a veto from governor wolf. billion air investor carl icahn is planning to sell the shuttered taj mahal in atlantic city. the casino closed last october during a strike with the main workers union. he said he hade up his mind after legislature passed a bill that would have stripped him of his casino license for five years. governor christie vetoed the measure saying it is shameless
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ly backed one side, in a labor dispute. when we come back tonight, pet therapy but not necessarily for the patients, the local hospitals that is using four legged friend to help employees, and how they say it is working, kate. we started week on a warm note and we could talk about near record temperatures by wednesday but not so fast a winter blast follows. i'll tell but a cool down and chance for accumulateing snow. pieces of philadelphia history back where they belong , the a hazing journal irv rise less documents. exclusive to "eyewitness news" go west, drunk man. go west. sixers are involved in trade talks, concerning jahlil okafor, where the big man could be heading, and what the team would get in return? light breaking news coming up in sports.
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we have an update on the girl scout who was robbed of, $50 while selling cook is in center city on saturday. she was not hurt and apparently plans to continue to sell cookies. while police continue their search, for the suspected thief, the girl scouts of eastern pennsylvania, have to say, septa to help the child. the organization tells "eyewitness news" quote their generosity has not only helped recoup hon that i was stolen, but also, reenforce power we have as a community, to rally around, our young people, this need. well, stolen history return. >> it is a story you will see only on "eyewitness news" and our david isn't joins with the
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preview. >> reporter: it is quite a story two important historical documents belonging to the richest man in america. they are back where they belong thanks to the help from the philadelphia fbi. we were the only camera crew there as fbi agents return the document both more than 200 years old, they returned them to girard college. they belonged to millionaire steven girard a philanthropist and once richest man in the united states. mr. girard kept pristine record and historians say without these two documents girard's collection would not be complete. >> i was advised quite frankly to know that some of our documents had gotten out of as you mentioned the safe keeping here at the girard college. >> reporter: girard's collection is one of the most important collectionness early hearn history. >> reporter: this is interesting. someone stole documents between 1965 and 2006. tonight, we will tell you where they were found and it is quite a story one that tells you you never necessity what important history, it is out there hiding sometimes right in front and under your
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nose, ukee and jessica. >> that is interesting. >> wow. thanks david, see you it this. new bend on pet therapy. on the healthwatch puppies are helping staff at a montgomery county hospital. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here to show us how. >> the puppies, how can you go wrong with puppies, they are so adorable. for hose, puppies are adorable and irresistible. in the middle of the take getting to vice witt young dogs can be a nice treat, at abington hospital there is a extra benefit for the puppies, that have been rescued. they tuned new homes. >> always good to have friend. >> reporter: puppy love is wenting around abington hospital. this is halls, where health care workers are busy saving lives, taking care of patients , they also get an occasional puppy visit. >> for relaxing and makes everybody happy and calms everybody down a little bit. again, rest and relaxation, it just comes up.
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>> reporter: adrian murdock and her puppies come to vice tonight a hospital office where this between the petting they catch up on nap time. >> we work in a high stressed environment. >> reporter: terry riley, chief thursdaying officers say puppy visits can be terrific stress busters. >> that distraction brings you more energy and eye when you go back tour patients. it has been a wonderful thing. >> reporter: they come from kill shelters in the the south for adoption here. that digs to helping employees relax, many find new homes. >> so what made you fall in love. >> reporter: nurse rachel buck era adopted a puppy named ash and at work always looks forward to visiting all of the new puppies. >> i think it is great. i know the staff here, absolutely loves it. >> reporter: gus badge is director of emergency services and runs the puppy ram. >> a lot have of them, want to president to them. this is twofold. it is great for staff because it helps tea stress the staff but it also is great for puppies because they get some help and by the time they get to their friend and family
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they are socialized and not afraid of people. >> reporter: those spaces. >> um, um, um, you been believable. >> puppies coming from wags rescue are not allowed to be with the patient because they are not trained but abington does have a pet therapy program where dogs to interact with the patients amy know lots of people will be interested in adopting these puppies. they are available. we have that information for you at cbs, click on health. i will put it on facebook and twitter. doesn't want an adorable puppy. >> i was feeling it, feeling the love. >> you can adopt all of them. >> i wanted to jump in the screen. >> thanks, stephanie. >> kate bilo joins with us our forecast. up and down changes coming up. >> this week will be a wild weather coaster. what a beautiful day to take to rain to new record temperatures to snow, to below average cold, all in the course of the next four taste. >> i will need that puppy. >> yes, but we have had some good stuff buried in there as well. a lot of everything. so lets get to it. lots to talk b we will start
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off with storm can three showing a whole lot of nothing in our area. it has been a beautiful day. temperatures in the mid 50's. well above average by 15 degrees, but as we widen outlets look at that light precipitation forming just off to the south and west, over kentucky, west virginia, and that is a system that will impact us tomorrow, now at one point last week this looks like it will be a large has i have potent storm, it does not look that way anymore. we will good some rain out of the. nothing heavy. the just steadier, downpours tomorrow morning, and then scattered showers in the afternoon. big batch of mild air, pushing in with this storm. we can feel to it day. forty-nine in the city. forty-nine this wilmington. 49 degrees in reading. well above average. lets time out first system, first, because overnight we will see cloud increase. here's 6:00ah. nothing getting in here until early tomorrow morning, wake up to some cloud, another gray day, couple scattered showers here and there. this is poconos there is pink there temperatures in the highest elevations over 1500 feet. we will see the threat for a
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little bit of icing. then we have quiet time n fact maybe a lull for morning commute which would be good news. it will be foggy. cloudy, but may not be steadily raining. it looks like steady rain is tomorrow's system coming in late morning in the first part of the afternoon mainly from the city on north with embedded showers and rumble of thunder. we will clear it the out, possibly seeing sun by late tomorrow afternoon. another system overnight tomorrow night, shower, 2:00ah wednesday and then that is out then wednesday we will get sun some peak out and wednesday could possibly tie or break a record, freezing rain advisory overnight, just for pocono and northampton county highest elevations could see slippery sots, develop overnight tonight. and then our next storm is one to watch. this is wednesday night into thursday, starts as rain but could be a brief, snow early thursday morning. accumulation is possible but there are limiting factors. how warm does the ground become over next few mild day? will it snow hard enough to overcome temperatures that
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will be marginal. how long does that stick around? still too early to talk about exact estimates. grassy surfaces could get accumulation. that would be overnight, wednesday night into thursday morning. there is a good chaps you go to bed wednesday, temperatures in the 60's wednesday afternoon, thursday you will wake up to some snow on the ground and a slush you commute thursday morning. it will be like we woke up, in narnia. >> yes. >> what is happening. >> craziness. >> and rebound by week even. >> okay, thanks, kate. >> don's up next in sorts. >> we have breaking news tonight. sixers air parentally ready to wheel and tiehl, new trade talks involving jahlil oak for the lust tom prayed i and patriots are living a dream but what sit like losing the big game? that is next in
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♪ their lives are beautiful, let's keep it that way. if you suspect child abuse, report it. for more information on reporting child abuse or neglect go to paid for with pennsylvania taxpayer dollars. we have got to get right to you breaking news. >> about the sixers. >> bring it. >> talking about the trade details. rumors have been out there a
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while. sixers visited pistons it this but right now that game is a sidebar because, multiple reports say natalie sixers they're trade talks with the pelicans, they would send okafor to new orleans for first round pick and possibly a layer. question is, would the selection be lottery protected the right now tea tails are a bit merky, we will keep you, posted. morning skate for flyers, they host st. louis blues at seven. shayne gostisbehere is still, out of the line up. meanwhile travis conn neck my will return, he got benched for poor play. here's what head coach dave hakstol expects from the 19 years old. >> you have to come this play confidently, go out and to things he does well, and lay a complete game. you cannot be looking over your shoulder. i don't think that will be the case with travis tonight. i don't think he will be looking over his shoulder but looking for a way to help our hockey team and lay a good hockey game. >> highlights at 11:00er world still buzzing about that super
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bowl, patriots grabbing history by horns while falcons evaporating under fourth quarter lights. new england over came 25-point deficit. we saw first overtime game in super bowl history, this is end, patriots won their fifth title and tom brady won his fourth mvp. as for atlanta the misery of losing, never quite goes away. we have talk to a couple former pro whose lost this is big game. >> again, i guarantee you in of them wanted to get out of bed this morning. that is such a let down ofe motion at the end of that game , you though, from last night when that confetti is falling, and you are celebrating. >> i have they ever been in a position where it looks like super bowl has been in the bag that is where falcons were sitting. you know, you saw layers celebrating on the told this is third quarter. they you this they had things right where they wanted them, and then to go there that to
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absolute catastrophe, i hope the best for them but absolutely devastating. >> i can't imagine. >> super bowl hang over gives everybody the next year. >> never come back quite the same way. something happens. something about losing the super bowl that crushes you even the following year. >> did you see arthur planning , i think the owner of the falcons. >> he went there joy to my goodness. >> yes. >> yikes. >> thanks, buddy. >> when we come back a fitting name for new addition to the the adventure aquarium. >> way they pick out this penguin's name and why they should feel right at
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new member of the blue penguin colony at camden's adventure quarter yum now has a name. >> the public is moving on the name, and the little blue chickies named elinora which means home by the sea. blue penguins hatched in december and first one since colony's arrival at the quarter number. >> wow. welcome home. >> indeed. >> well, thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", from new york here now is scott pelley, take care family we will see you tonight
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: phantom terror attacks. offering no evidence, the president says there have been terror attacks that the media have covered up. >> the very, very dishonest press doesn't want to report it. >> pelley: also tonight, tech giants join the court battle to stop the immigration ban. >> this sends a really kind of chilling signal to i think our partners and our friends globally about what kind of country america is going to become. >> pelley: a syrian family gets through the temporary suspension of the ban. >> i'm happy like i win the super bowl. >> pelley: and celebrations in boston after one of the greatest games in football history. >> we're bringing this sucker home!


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