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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 7, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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then spring like weather, then snow. all in the next few days. today is tuesday, february 7th, good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> and i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this morning, ladies, both in the weather and news department, a lot going on. >> yes. >> i said earlier, this roller coaster err that i do the knot like. i don't like this kind of -- but i can tell you in the world, actually looking okay, market frankford line, it will be the main headline here, yes. >> pretty extreme conditions looking ahead when it comes to the temperature swing, and then also time of precipitation, not like we've never seen this happen before. but, it is happening awfully quickly, like you bling, and completely different pattern unfolding from say 12 hours to the next round of 12 hour increment. so looking at storm scan, first and for most, let me draw your attention to the fact you had icing, bulk of the moisture now pulling away to northern new jersey, as well as up-state new york, connecticut, but at this
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point, you know, looks like that first round, pretty much done and over with. and as temperatures continue to climb, really just going see plane rain for the rest of the day here. mainly into the midday. so let me put future rain and the in motion here. not talking about a lo. by 3:00 p.m., moves through, maybe couple hundred of inches, couple tents of ann, regardless, it won't be soaking wash out after day. however, around lunchtime, shofortly leading up to that, you will find some periods of steady rain pushing through. so the umbrella probably good idea walk willing out the door. forty-five the current temperature, already 45 degrees. so we'll have no problem warming to up flirting with 60, i may actually up that daytime high to around 60 today guys. looks like it will be that mild. but the rain comes through, primarily midday, meisha. p.m. drive doesn't look terrible. there will be few lingering spotty showers. >> that's great to know. all right, so, right now, just talking about our morning commute right now, i will tell you that we are certainly
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getting busier out there. like katie has been pointing out certain areas depending where you are, could you maybe even have some rain that's freezing, that's not good. make sure, you know what's going on. now, in your neck of the woods, closer to the sit, weaver dry roadways, starting, talking about there is maybe people took the day off from work. when we look at the boulevard, pushing in the southbound direction toward the schuylkill, actually looking okay, one of the areas that's little bit more slow moving. once you jump on to the schuylkill westbound, pushing around city avenue i would say, that's where we start maybe tap the brakes just little bit. you are still traveling at posted speeds however. you will not be for very much longer. when we look just john the treats, eastbound side of the schuylkill, moving in the eastbound direction, toward center city actually looking okay there as well. heads up on that, that vehicle fire mt. laurel is now since cleared. jim, rahel, back to you. >> more now on the two alarm fire in philadelphia's harrowgate section. saw flames errupting from the second floor. eyewitness neutral news
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reporter, jan, just update from firefighters? >> reporter: rahel, jim, good morning, i spoke to the fire marshall's office earlier today. they tell me investigators will be back out here live on the scene rarks little later this morning, when they get little more sunlight to determine an exact cuase of this fire. but, at this point, they tell me it does not seem to be suspicious in nature. look live on scene this morning it certainly did whole lot of damage, fortunately, no one was injured in this fire. however, two families are without a home today. now, take a look at this video. this is how big the two alarm fire grew overnight. this is viewer video, take end just after 1:00 a.m., 3500 block of jasper street. i was able to speak to both families impacted by this fire. there was a family live six, neighboring home when this fire breck out. three dultz, three children were able to get out safely. meantime, the man who owns the home where the fire started got out with his life too. however, his dog did not. we are told he woke up in the middle of the night to find fire in his kitchen. he wasn't able to get to his
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dog before he had to get out to safety. now his nab ores tell us the man bought his home here in harrow gate just last year thrntion morning he is facing just some clothes on his back, neighbors have already pitched in to help. >> we don't got tools, something, because left everything inside. the fire was very bad, very bad. never i see something like that in my life. i live over here for 15 years. i bought my house. never i see something. >> so certainly devastating damage. back out here live on the scene, fortunately no injuries to report. now the red cross was out here earlier today. they will be assisting these two families to get back on their feet a little later on today. we are reporting live in harrowgate. jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." rahel, jim, back into you. >> thank you. meanwhile not far from there, another quick moving fire tore through this home in the kensington section overnight. firefighters spotted in the 3400 block of joy street, just
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after 11:00 p.m. they had the fire under control in about 20 minutes. fortunately, no one was injured. no word yet on what sparked that fire. >> well, septa commuters can expect delays and over-crowding after almost 100 cars are pulled off the market frankford line. inspector found cracks in the event boxes of 58 cars, many of those cars are joined to others, total of 96 had to be side lined. now the event is a non-weight bearing area. two of the fleets cars then cracked, what is called the car's body bolster. they say the bolster is a major support system for the train car. cause for concern. >> attorneys will argue by telephone this afternoon when a san francisco appellate court hearings oral argument oof the refugee ban. federal governments and states, will make their cases, the justice department says the ban is security issue, but minnesota and washington said it is determination. pennsylvania agrees. >> i believe this executive
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order rose for religious liberties, erodes civil rights, ee roads the ability of the commonwealth of pennsylvania to look after those interests on behalf of this population. >> and in addition to pennsylvania, 16 other states have filed briefings in support of halting the travel ban. >> extended family of syrian immigrants to pennsylvania is now in the u.s. governor tom wolf greeted six members of the assali family, custom and border protection agents turned them away when the president's travel ban went into effect. they applied for visas more than 13 years, vetted and approved to come to the u.s. >> meanwhile, president trump claims news organizations are deliberately ignoring terrorist attacks, says released 78 attacks as quote executed or inspired by unquote islamic state group. list includes the ambush attack on philadelphia police officer in west philadelphia last year. well, right now, senate
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democrats are at all night marathon session hoping to derail president tum pick for secretary of education betsy de vos, more on the controversial vote the senate is expected to make today. >> i have no comment. therefore, i oppose the nomination. >> senate democrats began their 24 hour protest against president trump education secretary pick betsy de vos. last ditch effort to block her confirmation. >> and we are one vote away from changing where we are on this nomination sending this back to the president and to asking him to please sends us a secretary of education that can get the votes in the senate. >> senator patty murray, democrat from washington, charged with overseeing de vos confirmation, began the talk a thon on noon monday. every democratic senator and two republicans have already vowed to vote no today. betsy de vos, 50 republican yes votes, the goal to
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pursuade one more of the republican senators to vote against her. forcing a tiebreaker vote by vice president, mike pence. >> protests against the 59 year old billionaire have popped up across the country from unions and other liberal groups, and siting her lack of experience. some republicans article de vos will shake things up. >> one serious concern was the lack of experience that she has, and i will say this president, that she bridges with her a fresh set of eyes. >> senate vote expected at noon today. hena daniels, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." spring every brazen purse ?achght have women in the northwest section. city on high alert this morning, investigators tell us the man seen here on the right side of the screen has robbed four women since thursday in germantown, east oaklane, and mt. airy. they say the robber practically knocks the women down, grabs their purses and
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then jumped into a car. >> i usually do, you know, keep an eye out and make sure that i see what's going on. like i said, the people in this community are fabulous. >> now the suspect's get-away car described as burgundy or maroon older model vehicle, possibly buick. it does appear the suspect is acting alone. >> pop star britney spears is asking for your prayers this morning, coming up the accident that has sent her neice to the hospital. how the little girl is doing this morning. >> also, tom brady's superbowl game jersey still missing. we will tell you about the elite team trying to track it down and what it could be worse, plus this. >> i'm pat gallen here in old sit which my man koran, we will tell you why juice something so important, and why it is taking over philly. is that right? >> yes, sir. >> that's beautiful. got to love the green. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> britney spears is asking for prayers for her neice, pop star posted photo of eight year old mattie on instagram, need all of the wishes and prayers for my neice. mattie is the daughter of spears' younger sister, jamie lynn spears. police say the child was steering her atv to avoid a ditch and drove into an upon on the family property pond. reportedly in stable but critical condition. >> police are searching for kobe bryant memorabilia stolen from kobe's alma matter lower merion high school. investigating the weekends break-in. school officials say thieves target add high school jersey, sneakers and trophy honoring lower merion's 1996 state champion basketball team. former los angeles lakers star and hall of famer grew up in lower merion and donated the items. >> brady's missing superbowl jersey, including the rangers, not the baseball team. tells investigators he put the jester nay bag after the game,
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and minutes later it was gone. brady says he didn't know what he planned to do with the jersey, but it is estimated to be worth at least $400,000. >> oh. pretty steep. >> pricy. >> yes. >> and katie fehlinger,. >> hello. >> i'm still thinking about the 400,000, what? >> i'm still thinking about, katie, i feel like yesterday was very mild, everybody was out, i saw people in caprise. >> caprise? >> they should be banned. >> clam diggers next, right? crops? >> now talking about snow? what's up with that? >> no snow today. yes, down the road here, a lot sooner than you might think here. let's back up, quickly talking about freezing rain advisory, in effect right now, posted until 10:00 this morning for the poconos as well as northampton county. we did have little batch of some icing that rolled through early this morning, you can see it right here. moving it way right now out that far region, but regardless, re strect dollars
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travel. this batch of rain what's eventually going to bring instead year rounds every rain for our area, mainly midday today, just rain. so you need the umbrella if you plan to be out around lunchtime, give or take couple of hours, that's when we see the maniac tiff at this take place, lingering shower later on. to thursday. this is the wild-card system right now. until we see this first one come through, we will not be able to get really good handle on the track of this, and that is critical with system like. >> this it will be rapidly intensifying you will see the rain that comes in overnight wednesday, into thursday, turn over to snow. the question is: how warm is that ground? is it going to be able to support the temperature profile, be able to take the snow coming in here to actually accumulate? it gets out of here late their morning, with lingering snow squawl, but again, still questions that remain, as to how this will all pan out when it comes to what's left behind on the ground. so warm grounds, that's the key. with the precipitation intensifying, is it going to be able to overcome the 32 degrees plus temperatures
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that we'll have, and will there be enough moisture that lingers into thursday, these are all questions, and there are several others that really play a role into what we will find. i think we will see an accumulation, at this point, my gut tells me maybe one to 3-. but stick with me on this one. meantime look at the temperature drop. tomorrow, 62, meisha, we flirt with records, then stuck in the three's for couple every days. >> crazy, all right, katie, thank you so much for that. well, we're on this roller coaster together, whether we like it or not. good morning, everyone, looking outside right now, 59 south at the betsy ross bridge, certainly starting to heat up now, interstate 95, right around this time, we can really expect to start to get slow. that's what we're seeing. now, it is saying still traveling posted speeds, i would say you're probably dropping down little bit less, starting to put on brakes little bit. basically anywhere interstate 95. just heads up on that, 59 looking little slow. what i want to pull your attention, to do have accident in delaware, in fact, there are reports that two accidents are right around this area. you can see, the slow-downs
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that are taking place right now, it was pulled all the way off to the shoulder, now sounds like right lane blocked, will absolutely slow you down. 295 near 29a right lane blocked, it will affect people coming offer the delaware memorial bridge from jersey in delaware. so heads up on that. jim, rahel, back to you. >> thank you, meisha the valentine day just a week away. have you decided what you are going to get your someone special? well, if you are thinking about flowers, don't miss tonight's top three tuesday, i'm show you how to get the best blooms for your buck. >> you can get great work. you can get greater air rangements, still pay less. >> plus, we will have expert advice on where to shop, what to avoid and where the deals are. that's in tonight's top three tuesday tonight at 11:00. >> do you have plans to get me flowers? >> why would i tell you this on television right now? >> i'm still recovering. well, future of your health. >> our pat gallen says he went to local juice err and talks
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about the benefits. patrick? >> you're afraid of it? >> i get very nervous of these place. >> really? >> too much healthy necessary going on there. send me to milk shake shop, i'm fine. >> oh, ya. so let's face it, someone you know is sick, it is winter, there are coughs, sneezes, and those dreaded colds. how about juice from a great place in old city? >> as more and more people are turning to fitness, also turning to healthier diet. making tasty con took seans, thanks to owner koran. so i stopped in to see what the process like. >> yes, here, cold pressed company. we just very intentionally take local ingredient, or ingredients organic, or things good for your body, put them into a recipe, put them in a bottle. outcomes the product. >> they're certainly doing just that. how did it come to be? >> what got new this business? >> great question. trip to la spawned this idea. i felt philadelphia could
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really use, you know, something that was healthy, but also this. >> using this $27,000 juice their looks like a cannon, those recipes have proven ton an irresistible next tour. utilizing interesting ingredients like bee pollen, sound crazy, incredibly tasty and good for you. as is the berry found in the amazon. >> this is -- >> i'm not just saying that, actually. >> others agree there is place is tates i. and leaves you feeling good. >> do you come here a lot. >> i do, couple of times a week. >> i love it, healthy, after i drink it i always feel really nice. >> i love it, man. >> i do. >> the center for disease control says that only 25% of adults in the united states eat three or more servings every fruits and vegtables
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each day, but recommend five or more. now, juicing can take away important fibers, but overall, very good way to get the good amount of fruits and veggies we are lacking in our diet. as jim donovan clearly lacking in his die glet, no i eat a loft fruits and vegtables. >> look at the pretty colors here. we have green. we have orange. we have pink. rahel went in to the greens. what do you think? >> mine has pal peen yo. so good. >> yes, grapefruit, orange, lemon. and you have the wise time, pineapple, cranberry, sage. very good for you, jim. >> smells like a scented candle. i don't drink green drinks. >> oh, come on. >> , no i don't, not unless it is a shamrock shake at mcdonald eation, not going for green. >> that's not very good for you. >> and this is. >> i'll make you drink that green joust. >> thank you, sir. still ahead, the junker no one wanted until the ad went viral. what used car salesman wrote that is attracting even more customers to the dealership. >> maybe that will make you drink this shake. plus, puppy love at a local
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hospital. new spin on pet therapy. but it is not for the patients. you don't want to miss this heart-warming story coming up in our health watch.
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welcome back, looking ahead, still looks like it may be on the unsettled side here in the delaware valley. going to see temperatures climb through the corals of saturday, sunday, mainly cloudy on saturday, but looks like we have decent shot for some rain showers, on sunday. guys? >> katie, thank you. now for look at newspaper headlines, across our region. >> in the news journal, smyrna woman pled guilty to killing her husband with anti-freeze. forty-seven jerold jamie l baker entered plea yesterday in the 2013 death of her husband james. autopsy found his kidney contained substance suspected to be the chemical found in and toy freeze. >> and, from the intelligence err, an effort to alleve ate
6:26 am
parking congestion, doylestown borough is spear mentioning with vallet parking along state street. unanimously approved changes to the zoning code allowing license vallet parking operators to set fees, hours, to park cars at three drop off. proposals being accepted until march 1st. >> in the front page of the burlington county times after five straight years of enrollment declines, members of rowan college pemberton county have gone up. spring sem tester 2.9% increase, first increase since 2012. of the state's 19 community college, only three have seen an increase in enrollment. >> and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> well, if you are saving for retirement, president trump just signed action that will impact your investment. coming up we're live with a report from new york with how. >> and another morning of septa train troubles. trang? >> well, cracks down in cars of septa's market frankford line watch septa is doing to
6:27 am
ease congestion for commute glers trang, we have disable on 95, an accident in delaware, update to the market frankford line. all of those updates coming up. first we will take a quick break. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right welcome to your health with joan lunden presented by the centers for disease control and prevention. >> hi. i'm joan lunden. 29 million americans are living with diabetes and a third of them also have chronic kidney disease. that's a complication rutting from diabetes -- resulting from diabetes. we are joined by dr. ann albright, director of cdc division of diabetes translation to talk about the dangers of kidney disease. it is good to have you here. >> thanks. >> tell us about the seriousness of this kind of
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kidney disease. >> the kidneys are the body's filter. chronic kidney disease is when those kidneys begin to shut down. >> so that we don't want to have happen. people living with any kind of diabetes, what can they do to prevent that? >> you want to understand the risk factors for chronic kidney disease. certainly having diabetes is one of the risk factors. avoid getting tribe ii diabetes. if you have any form of diabetes it is really important to manage your diabetes. if you have hypertension, high blood pressure, be sure you are controlling that. same with high cholesterol. if you have a family history of chronic kidney disease, keep a close look. if you are 50 and older, that's a risk factor. >> as i understand it, one in three people who have diabetes have this chronic kidney disease also called ckd. that seems like a startling number. the medical implications are?
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>> if you have chronic kidney disease it can ultimately progress to end stage renal failure where you are going to need dialysis or a kidney transplant in order to survive. >> what do you need to be doing to be monitoring things so you don't get in the situation? >> it's why the tests and exams that people get to monitor kidney function are so critical. >> thank you. if you think you might be at risk for diabetes or chronic kidney disease it is critical that you get checked regularly. for more information visit thanks for watching. thanks for watching. i'm joan if youin a palace of ice,winter there's only one place to go. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪
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you can find it all, only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your winter getaway at >> good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. it is 6:30, here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> flames tear through a rowhouse in philadelphia's harrowgate section. >> huge fire, a two alarm err, fortunately, there are no injuries to report. close to 100 rail cars off its market frankford line are pulled. >> cracks found in the ve n t
6:31 am
boxes. >> for the time being, express trains are not running during rush hour. >> sends it ahead. on the break away. he scores. >> two-nothing your final. >> i would like some victories here in this town, because look at the patriots. all they do is win. >> new york times gave us behind the scenes glimpse of the trump white house. apparently things are so disorganized that after meeting visitors wandering around testing doorknobs until they find one that leads to an exit. meanwhile outside chris christie is wandering around finding one that lets him in. >> ouch. >> stephen colbert still working the white house road. >> yes. >> so katie, do you have any fresh material for us? i understand the roller coast is her about to begin. >> oh, ya. you know, it was pretty mild yesterday. and we had that absolutely gorgeous afternoon unfold, with the bright blue skies,
6:32 am
barely breeze, so nice of the warming trends here, for the next couple of days, but, this is a forecast that really does go downhill. looking at storm scan, what you will notice, especially across the poconos, northampton county in the last hour and a half or so, back up of freezing rain and sleet rolled through, has retreated, made it exit, but could you find slick travel. be careful. that first little batch is done. but there is another rounds on the way later today. currently, it is still warm. already in the 50's, dover, wildwood, flirting with 50, even in the pinelands, millville at 49 degrees right now. so very mild start. all things considered, for the day here, now the steadiest batch of rain will come around midday late morning, early afternoon, so at least our a.m. and p.m. commutes are going to be generally untouched. say for the early morning stuff we just had in the way of the icing off to the north. there will, however, be lingering showerat some point this evening, but our highs are near 60. if not actually hitting
6:33 am
60 degrees. the winds should remain light. meantime, we are not done my friends. we will continue to flirt with record high territory. looking ahead to tomorrow, winter is about to make a very serious come-back in the days ahead. talk about this roller coaster ride, meisha, we will see huge drop on the thermometer of about 30 degrees or so. from one day to the next. along with that comes the storm, that could bring some snow. >> all right, katie, thank you so much. good morning, everyone. well, the good news, we are waking up to dry roads, in the moist part, especially in and around center city area, i would say for sure. just make sure to check kind of around you, katie talking about icy conditions in certain areas, but for the most part, waking to up dry roadways, however, it does not mean that we are not without accidents. so we do have one here. an accident in delaware, now, there are reports that there are actually two accident in this area. so heads up on this. what we are looking at right now, still photo of the slow downs as you progress toward that accident.
6:34 am
this is going to affect people coming offer the delaware memorial bridge, jersey in delaware, and it is, it was blocking the right lanement looks like it is now moved to the shoulder. near 495, you are are getting slow around the area, couple of extra minute, avoid the area at all costs, but if you can't give yourself extra time there. then just reminder of the delaware river bridge. saying it will be closed until at least april. these three alternates, starting to get busy already. give yourself extra time there. it will be lingering until april. we know. that will we know we will have to get whole new system in place really. market frankford line, modified schedule, down nearly 100 cars out of service. factor that into your plans, as well. back to you. >> as meisha mentioned septa expecting delays after almost 100 rales have pulled off the market frankford line. >> this morning we are learning more about what the transit authority is doing to fix the problem and also how it is handling crowds. news reporter trang do, liver at the 59th street terminal with more on what this means for commuters, trang, good
6:35 am
morning. >> well, good morning, rahel, jim. yep, relatively light yesterday, today septa expecting a lot more volumes on trains and platforms, particularly closer to center city. as they investigate and get to the bottom of this issue. >> the market frankford line is now operating with about 100 fewer cars. over the weekends, septa mechanics found two rail cars with cracks in the body bolster, major support beam on the under side of the car. >> thank god, again, we caught something, and safety has been preserved, and it is not a situation of investigating an accident. >> that led to inspection of the entire fleet revealing 58 cars with cracks near the event box areas, not as trouble, but enough to pull them for further inspection. because these rail cars work in pairs, septa also had to take additional cars without issues, out of service. >> where we have, you know, 144, the bare minimum to run
6:36 am
the normal peak, and yet we have 218 cars. we're in a much better situation than if this had happened on any of our other fleets. >> septa is is performing test toss determine how these cracks developed, and ultimately, come up with a fix. >> few things to note, express train service not running, also, septa is running supplemental shuttle bus services particularly at over stations like 52nd street and girard. soap, people can get on those buses if the trains and platforms are too crowded. but for now, live from 69th street station, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." jim, rahel, back to you. >> thanks for the update, trang. >> also new this morning, investigators are still trying to pinpoint what caused a fire in philadelphia's harrowgate neighborhood. we do however say it does not appear sus first, it shows flames shooting from the rowhouse, 3500 block of jasper street. now the home owner did get out in time. but was not able to save their two dogs, family of six also
6:37 am
escaped from the store. >> well, police arrest a bucks county man, for child sex abuse crimes they say dates as far back as 40 years ago, this is the suspect, 58 year old william thomas of falls township. he is charged with the rape of at least five young children, and possession of child pornography. police say detectives found 1,000 pairs of children's underwear while searching the suspect's home. authorities say thomas could face life in prison. >> this man was a trophy collector and creator of monumental proportions. he was a historian. he historically reported all of his co conquests. >> very disturbing. authorities fear there may be more victims. falls township police are asking anyone who may have had contact with the suspect to come forward. >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf is planning roughly $2 billion in cuts in his next budget. will outline the details to law make thers morning, now to make up for budget shortfall,
6:38 am
wolf want companies extracting natural gas, he also prepares four state agencies into new department of health and human services. >> well, last week president trump signed an action that would review and potentially rollback new rule that would impact all retirement investors. >> business analyst, jill schlessinger, joins us live from new york with a look at what we need to know. good morning, jill. >> good morning. >> jill, let's start with the retirement account. what is it and why should we care? >> well, the department of labor due to implement rule on people's, that rule would force advisors and their firms overseeing the nearly $6 billion in retirement savings for work in their client's best interest, now, this is referred to as the fed usual area duty. now, right now, most investment professionals, held to lesser standard, that means, what they tell you or advise you should be appropriate, not necessarily in your best interest. big financial firms back,
6:39 am
argue new rules would make it expensive to service, middle class americans, who have smaller accounts. but the point out the financial plane coalition said the industry's argument is not credible, more than 80,000 financial professionals already adhering to the fed usual area standards, and they all are saying they provide guidance through wide range, middle, income clients, and even smaller clients. >> seems surprising. what should retirement investors do? you know, great point. because actually when you toll people. they think advisors already have to put their interest first, and they don't. so what you need to do is do you have ask your advisor or your broker or your insurance salesperson, hey, do you at here to the fed usual area standards? if not, you may want to seek out somebody who does. that should include certified financial planner, epa, personal financial pro fecial
6:40 am
list, member of the nacial nal association of personal financial advisors. also, chartered financial analysts. they're held to the standards. you could also work with one of the many robo advisors, those are the automatic investing platforms, the only thing you really need is allocations. for more on the fed usual area fall-out and the ten critical questions you must ask the financial pro, go to jill on money. com. >> great advice, as always, thank you so much, jill. >> meanwhile still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, tense moments, two mask gunmen face a police department and stream the whole thing on facebook live. plus this. a wild scene in rittenhouse square, see group of good samaritans stop a nearly naked man taking a stolen cab on joy ride. >> in this morning's health watch, new spin on pet therapy at local hospitals. but these pups aren't helping the patients.
6:41 am
see who they are therefore coming up. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> the message is roll with it, i think katie fehlinger, tired of hearing you and i complain. >> i don't complain. ' like array of sunshine on a cloudy day. >> yes? that's one word to describe you. >> we will be right back. stay with us. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia home. expert medicine works here. find out why at cancer treatment centers of america.
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>> it was a wild afternoon in rittenhouse square. at eighth and -- 18th and walnut, started at 20th and
6:45 am
locust, when half naked man jumped into a cab. investigators say he robbed the cab driver, then stole the taxi, after the driver got out to help out with a pass inninger. >> guy came barreling through the park, going about 60 miles an hour. all we hear was scraping. he was trying to run everybody over. as soon as we saw him, everyone jumped into the bushes. he came across the street, hit another car. >> the cab hit another car, and people in the park held the suspect until officers could arrive at the scene. neither the driver or passenger were seriously hurt. >> short time later they took him to hahnemann hospital. viewer snapped these picks, no words on his condition. >> well, folks got quite the show in the midwest, as meet yor lit up the night sky. >> take a look at this, meteor went right over, pretty cool, lake michigan, bright and early yesterday morning. police vehicles both wisconsin and illinois captured the fireball, also apparently some sitings in indianna.
6:46 am
national weather service said it is unclear if it landed in the water or broke up in the sky. i can't say i've ever seen one. >> i would thought it look like an attack. you know me, always paranoid. what's happening? >> the glass is half empty with our jim donovan. >> yes. >> well, guys, i mean there is will be one of those forecasts that it depend on how you decide to look at it. there are a lot of swings going on when it comes to the thermometer, several systems working their way through. i want to get a lot of it. a lot of grounds to cover. let's start with the most current situation. we had little icing across the northern most counties, carbon, monroe, northampton county did have or still have freezing rain advisory, this is working it way into western pa, central pa. going to bring us any steady precipitation to our area, that's going to come in generally late morning, into the early afternoon. will sweep away. another storm will develop. very quickly, let's check in with our eyewitness weather watchers at this point, upper three's, low had's, across part of the region, checking
6:47 am
in, 38 comes in this morning from kyle higgins, a lot of clouds overhead. further off to the south, though, let's take a look at what william powell has. i mean, really mild right now. he did report a little bit every drizzle though. and also, going to find a little fog out there this morning, and through the rest of the day, very warm air gets your erdz in. forty-three the temperature coming in from fran. he is out in nottingham, chester county drks say within the last hour, saw the temperatures spike five additional degrees. again real warm trends that is in place here as we look ahead, this is snapshot of what is computer model picks as what the system will look like from wednesday night into thursday. so the next storm in line, and yes, cold air will be funneling in, to support any rain, changing over to snow. this is a pretty good clump of snow. there are a loft questions that remain. hey, you will have that ground really warm for the kind of warmth we're experiencing both from yesterday and to the next couple of days, but on top of that, we also need enough moisture to help support this.
6:48 am
so here is what future snowfall is expecting, again, computer model, not possible, but suggesting three-6 inches. keep in mind, a lot of that will melt on contact. so you will need a nice long window every opportunity for this to accumulate. we may get that, couple of inches, isn't out of the question for southeastern pennsylvania, but stick with me on this, it is evolving forecast. meanwhile look at the values, did i go ahead, up the daytime high today. 06 degrees my expectation, 663 tomorrow, checking the higher record, then come crashing down with the snowfall. >> look at that, 30's, four's, 50's, 60s, literally a little bit of everything. thank you so much. the weather roller coaster, whether we like it or not. disable vehicle pulled off. past the betsy ross bridge, is it going to slow you down right now? yes it, will a little bit. so many vehicles on the roadway right now 95 pushing in the southbound direction. even if we didn't have the congestion levels, to sustain it, which we do, we would
6:49 am
still slow down due to the gaper delay. heads up. i would factor in extra time. couple of extra minutes into my time. woodhaven to the vine on 95. going to take you about a little less than half hour or so. so factor that in. i always play it safe. give myself 40 minutes or so. this accident in delaware where we had couple every accidents there causing some significant backups, that is now gone on 295 southbound fnlgt looking good there. delaware river bridge heads up. these are already starting to get busy, and by the way, in case you haven't heard yet, delaware river bridge is closed. closed until at least april. then the market frankford line also modified. nearly 100 cars are out of service now. so tweet being this. follow on twitter and also tweet the information out, as well. >> the time now 6:49. a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora o'donnell joins us live from new york with a preview. good morning, nora. >> i don't know if she can hear just new york. good morning, nora. >> i don't think nora, she
6:50 am
reading the newspaper. wonder what she is reading. well, we will cut back to nora hopefully. otherwise caught on camera, frightening moments inside dearborn michigan police station when two men stormed the building, guns drawn. chaos began after a traffic stop. >> legal detentions at this point. we're done. i will file a complaint. >> now, after this stop, the men immediately made good on that promise to file the complaint. here is the thing. they didn't go empty-handed. two men stormed the police station, wearing masks, and with guns drawn. they broadcast it life on facebook live. >> put that on the ground. put it on the ground. >> police acted swiftly and were able to arrest the men, no one was shot, sources say the men are advocate of open carry laws. >> the woman kidnapped, held for a decade, has a new gig at cleveland tv station. barry will be the host of
6:51 am
daily featured entitled missing. each day she will report on missing different cases from northeast ohio, an and informing viewers how they can help authorities in the case. she said she wants to offer hope to the families of missing people, something that fueled others to continue looking for her. >> on the cbs-3 health watch today, hospital staff has a stressful job putting out puppies or helping the staff at abington hospital de stress. >> and in the process the pup ris also finding new home. health reporter stephanie stahl shows us how. >> reporter: puppy love is spread around abington hospital. in the hauls where healthcare work remembers busy saving lives, taking care of patients, they also get an occasional puppy visit. >> relaxing, makes everybody happy. >> again, rest, relax. >> adrian and her colleagues usually come to visit the puppies in a hospital office, where inbetween all of the petting they catch up on nap time.
6:52 am
>> we work in a very high stress environment. >> terry riley, the chief nursing officer, says the puppy business can be terrific stress busters. >> it bridges you more energy, and joy, when you go back to your patient. so been a wonderful thing. >> puppies come from kill shelters in the south for adoption here. so in addition to helping the employees relax, many also finds new homes. >> so what made you fall in love? >> nurse rachael becker adopted a puppy named ash. anand at work, always looks forward to visiting with the new puppies. >> i think it is great. i know that jack here absolutely lovers it. >> gust, director of emergency services, runs the puppy program. >> a lot of the staff lovers them, wants to adopt them. so it is great for the staff, help de stress the staff, but also great for the puppies because they get new families, and then they're not afraid of people. >> the pup hoist come from the was rescue are not allowed to be with patient because
6:53 am
they're not trained. but abington does have a pet therapy program for dogs who interact with patient. i'm stephanie stahl. cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> we need a puppy here in the studio or at least pot belly pig. meisha want that. well, time now 653:67:89 let's check in with nora live from new york with a pre view. good morning, nora. >> good morning, ahead, review of business documents, reveals president trump still lifted as the man in charge of several companies. an ethics expert explains how there may be an open avenue for anyone who wants to influence him. plus, a south carolina couple says adoption fight is tearing their family apart. why court decision could remove a three year old girl, the only parent she's ever known. and us women's soccer goalie hope solo opens up to the first time about getting fired for many a poor sport. how the her dad struggles has influenced her life. it is a preview of our 60 minutes conversation. see you at seven. >> we will be watching, nora.
6:54 am
thank you. >> well, a car salesman facebook post about a used car didn't just sell the car. >> it became so popular the dealership wants to buy the car back. sold it like it is. told potential buyers it had 200,000 miles on it with russ on the side, also point out few other dings. and says customers know what they are going. >> they will get a to z, don't bring it back to me, because you know what you are getting. i ain't got nothing to do with me no more. >> leave me out of t he said people are offering double the price of the old cars, the dealedealership. >> well, we will be right back. with three to go.
6:55 am
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here is three to go. >> expected today at the senate, says they'll vote against betsy de vos, if secretary nominated for secretary of edition. spens is expected to vote in her fiv favor if there is a tie. >> patriots fans celebrate superbowl win today in boston, victory parade starts at 1:00 a.m. >> that's three to go. last check on weather and traffic. >> another round every rain move into the delaware valley here today. at the moment looks kind of damp, dreary, little foggy outside whitt fields
6:59 am
elementary school, 39 degrees, temperatures continue to climb, though. just take this seven day in. 60s today and tomorrow. thirty's thursday and friday, meisha? >> oh, i mean, i love those 60s, those 30's, come on. >> disable vehicle 95 south past betsy ross bridge. they are reporting it is an accident and causing slow downs. >> thank you, meisha. seeing more terrific video from the panda breeding center in schien a. >> this time the rowdy baby pandas are wrestling. >> ♪ >> oh, my gosh. >> i literally cannot. fluffy pandas, getting exercise, pam a bear was nearby wres welling one of her panda cubs, only about 2,000 white panda's left. >> can't go wrong with pandas. cbs this morning is coming up in ex. >> remember to join us each weekday morning here on cbs-3 starting at 4:30. have a great day.
7:00 am
♪ good morning, it is tuesday, february 7th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." president trump demands quick action today as an appeals court reviews his temporary travel ban. and he accuses reporters of deliberately downplaying terror attacks. the facts show otherwise. and the biological father getting custody of the girl they adopted. the couple tells us it make no, sir sense to break up the only family this little 3-year-old has known. and we'll find out on sunday who wins the grammys. this morning, meet the man who makes them spending 15 hours to craft each trophy. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye seener," your world in 90


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