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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 8, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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philadelphia, this is cbs-3, "eyewitness news". it is a warm start to wednesday, but changes are coming, we go out and about with temperatures in the 60's, but a wintry blast is right around the corner with sunny skies, above, and salt trucks, loaded up, raring for some serious snowfall. storm scan three is showing that just developing to the west and it could pack a serious punch too. but how much snow you get depend where you live? good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. we have some school closures to tell but, all philadelphia archdiocese high schools and elementary schools will be closed tomorrow. there are also other delays and closures scrolling at bomb the of the screen. we have team three coverage for you tonight with preparations, all ready in full swing. we will start with meteorologist kate bilo tracking this system from the cbs-3 skies deck, kate. >> let me just say to begin i know it is hard to believe coming on the heels of to daze with temperatures in the 70's
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in some spots to believe we are going to see six plus inches of snow across the region tomorrow, it feels surreal but it is coming and you can see it moving our way on storm scan three. right the now we are not seeing a whole lot, skies are still just partly cloudy, cloud will be moving in late tonight but here is our storm and notice how it has exploded just over past couple of hours we are seeing steady rain, to the south of the snow shield and then very heavy snow, extending from portions of eastern ohio back into indiana right now and heading our way overnight, and then by tomorrow morning. temperatures are starting to drop, it feels colder out here , now natalie sun has gone down in the past hour we have dropped from the mid 60's in the 50's, 57 in philadelphia, 49 this allentown and down to 37 already in hunt pocono. it is a quick crash after today's record warmth, look the at these railroaded highs philadelphia, atlantic city, wilmington, mount pocono all broke record today and all of those spots are under a winter storm warning or advisory for tomorrow. that is what you see in the pink there, philadelphia,
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allentown, mount pocono in a warning, the shore under a advisory. we are talking about a drop there 60's to 30's in the course of hours here. rain change to go snow overnight and heavy accumulation through tomorrow morning especially during the morning commute. coming up i'll break down latest snowfall totals what to second where you live and time out the arrival and tea part tour of this heavier snow, back inside to you. as our community prepare for snow penndot is reassuring commuters that they have the morning drive handled but don't expect to see crews, pretreating the roads. penndot tells us that because the storm is expected to start as rain any retreatment would be just washed away. >> this storm will have 361 trucks, 179 all of our department trucks and we will be bringing in 182 contracted rentals. we have the ability to bring more, and if need so, and at this point in time it looks like what we need. >> reporter: penndot also says that they have well over
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100,000 tons of salt, stockpiled across the region. because this is expected to be wet, heavy snow, all of the tree trimmers have also been put on notice. people across our region tonight are stocking up on the snowstorm essentials. they are hitting grocery, hardware stores making sure they are ready for this ratees taste have of winter. storm watch coverage continues now greg argos caught up with people in raring mode in juniata for us tonight, greg. >> reporter: good evening, ukee. i will be honest we caught many more folks outside enjoying this weather, some biking, others jogging but we caught up with a few folks, at fairmount hardware. they were buying supplies and trying to get ahead of this storm. >> and 60 and sunny mentally prepare for a winter storm hours away. >> i'm sweating trying to get it, and ice melt out for tomorrow. we didn't necessity to put up sun screen or ice melt.
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>> reporter: many even eyeing this spring-like take others are loading up. hauling salt and sled back home in raring for the four lust inches of snow heading our direction. >> i'm sure this is first, buying salt and a sled on a 60 plus degree day. >> it is a first for me, i'm ready for cold weather and i'm ready to go sledding. >> reporter: streets tenth is also preparing for the storm, trucks at the ready and crews will start salting the roads at hid night. chief engineer steve, says by 6:00 a.m. >> we will have 350 pieces of equipment on the street ready to treat, you know, whatever we have to to. >> reporter: right now with the the beautiful wednesday weather, it is not about having crews or supplies, it is about knowing what is just hours away from happening. >> what to to is easy art, it is getting us ready to do it, because we have been in a syringe-like weather for last week or so but now we are going into, you know, winter weather. >> reporter: manager at
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fairmount hardware says his store will stay opened tomorrow during the storm in case toll accounts need to come out and buy that salt. as you can see here for streets department thousands of pound of salt at the ready, crews heading the road at hid night tonight. live from the juniata section of philadelphia, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thank you. emergency management agencies are getting red a long the jersey shore, snow, rain, gusty wind all major concerns for them but it is hard to believe what is ahead given weather we are experiencing at the shore today. team coverage continues now with "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan live in atlantic city, cleve. >> reporter: i got easy assignment, it was gorgeous today, typically, this is the most slow time of the year in atlantic city in the middle of the week in february but to take we saw lots of people here. his wife outside in a tank top and his baby going for a stroll on the beach. not exactly what john soto had
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in mind when he book a february family getaway to atlantic city. >> just doing some shopping and then i said lets see how the boardwalk is. advisingly, it is almost 07 degrees outside. this is great. >> reporter: lengthy of sunshine and almost no wind made it a rhyme day for people to walk beach and boardwalk. >> i'm totally advised by the whole 60-degree weather in february. it is amazing. >> reporter: mikayla finnegan and, others on the early valentines day trip say love and luckies on their side. >> we had this land out just trying to enjoy valentines take. we have somewhat busy schedules. >> reporter: good timing. >> very good timing. >> reporter: also not a bad day to win a line in your favorite fishing spot or hit the links. the atlantic city country club saw golfers couped uptaking in the bay side-view as they knocked rustt off their game. >> we have a lot of walk ons but the sheet started filling in a few days ago and then something must be going. >> reporter: report some turned town talking to us because they were playing
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hooky but steven perry said he didn't have a hard time taking off. >> i have a good partner, she let me off half i day. she has to. she's my wife. golfing down the shore, 71 degrees, doesn't get any better then this. >> reporter: hard to say when you'll, and another day at the shore just like this but there is a silver lining. this time of the year during the week you can get a pretty good deal on a room and these layses have indoor pools. live, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". be sure to join "eyewitness news" extra early tomorrow morning as this storm moves in, and our morning team will have you covered with the latest tore cast, road conditions, and anymore school closings and delays, we will go on half an hour early at 4:00 a.m. in other news tonight jury hand down multi million-dollar settlement, in the deadly 2013 building collapse in center city. money will be paid to 19 victims including loved ones of the seven people who died. "eyewitness news" reporter
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david spunt spoke with one of the victim's sons in our satellite center with that story and what he has learn, david. >> reporter: attorneys say the 227 million-dollar settlement is largest permanent injury settlement in state court history in pennsylvania, a lot of honey but victims say it will not bring back their loved ones. chaos in center sit the eye philadelphia, on june 5th, 2013 when salvation army thrift store building collapsed, nearly four years later salvation army and building officials reached an important settlement. >> it has been a tough journey for all of us here today. >> reporter: francis sanco said pain have losing his mother rose lynn canty will never go away. she and six others died. he spoke about the settlement shortly after it was announced >> we are somewhat pleased, that protocols have been set in place in order to prevent other lives from falling. >> reporter: settlement is between families, building owner richard basciano and
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salvation army. the building was next door being demolish. it crushed salvation army thrift store, 12 were injured in addition to the seven killed. >> we're very gratified on a number of levels, the jury sent a very clear helps age to the philadelphia business community, that safety has to be priority thumb one at all times. >> reporter: settlement money will be divided between victim 's families, jury work on the case for almost five months, and came up with their decision in just about four hours. it comes after the same jury found five defendants in the civil suit responsible, on january 31st. >> we will not permit you to put profits over safety. we will not let you not do safety laws and we will hold you accountable. >> two salvation army employees died, salvation army sent a statement to "eyewitness news", members of the salvation army says their
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thoughts, rayers, sympathy continue to be with the victims in this case. reporting live, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". as we continue tonight, life saving response, captured on camera, when we come back, two good samaritans rush into action in northampton county, where it happened and raise they are getting information their quick thinking. >> don't underes hate the weight, health reporter stephanie stahl joins with us a winter warning what you need to though before those shovels hit the sidewalks tomorrow. don. steelers verse eagles, a twitter beef but plenty of shack talk. ready to make cuts? cost saving move forbidder, that is later in
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. back on eyewitness nice with a live look from our
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parkway central library camera beautiful shot, but it will be filled with snow soon. meteorologist kate bilo is tracking this storm and will have an update the in a couple minutes. this northampton county two good smart tans sprung in action when they saw a resident collapse in the middle of the street. >> this happened yesterday right near sands casino this bethlehem. police say a nurse, construction worker were performing, cpr on the victim when three officers got there. man was rush to the hospital for treatment of a heart attack and police say he is expect to survive. back to the snow, tomorrow morning many will be shoveling out and snow is expect to be heavy and wet, which can be dangerous. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with more on safe shoveling. >> reporter: get a good night 's sleep, folks. we haven't had a lot of shoveling to do this winter so it could be a shock to the system especially coming from today's warm temperatures. doctors say that snow height look pretty and puffy but once it starts piling up, getting
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it shoveled can be a challenge heavy wet snow is potentially the most dangerous kind to shovel. >> people don't realize how much weight it is. extra exertion. cold weather. all those things add to the physiologic stress. >> reporter: eric stander an emergency physician at hahnemann hospital says mess serious threat there snow shoveling is increased risk for heart attacks. >> it is unfortunate. we tend to see one or two heart attacks during a snowstorm. >> reporter: heart events are more likely to happen to the elderly or out of shape. >> your hearties working extra hard to keep warm and pumping. >> reporter: other danger with shoveling heavy wet snow is muscle strain, especially this is back. >> most people will bend and lift. our back is a weak point. a lot of torque at level of the back when you bend over. >> reporter: better let knees do bending keep your back straight. >> find a shovel ape scraper for car. >> reporter: with people gearing up for first big snow of the season shovel selection is an important consideration.
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>> ergonomic shovel is often best because it cannery leave pressure from your back and then type where you can push are very helpful. >> reporter: doctors say that it is best to take your time shoveling, and if you are a heart patient or have any other health problems, better let somebody else do your shoveling, for you, and be careful just getting around. hospitals tell me they are expect to go see a good number of slip and fall asians and maybe even a to car accidents. it is a lot of snow we have not seen in a while but just snow. we will get through it, right, kate. >> right, we will get through it. >> right, right? >> we will get through it. >> we have to. >> i think we have some snow closings as well, delays at bottom of the screen. we will that throughout our broadcast. >> it will be a good chance of a snow day for a lot of kids across the region. my kid are pretty excited about that. the kid were outside in short sleeves on the playground today. they have all of the energy out in the warmth. tomorrow bundled up in the snow, possibly with the snow day. great week to be a kid, not so
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great if you are a grown up. we had a great day to day but tomorrow anyone trying this this mess, shovel this mess, as stephanie just told us, it is a mess outside as heavy wet snow blankets area through morning commute hours tomorrow lets go and start off with a look at storm scan three not showing much of thinking. this is a has halving system. precipitation has hade tonight to western pennsylvania, and this will get in overnight. good news about fast moving system is it will get out rapidly as well. it will not be around through tomorrow into tomorrow night, this is a quick hitting system looking like 2:00 a.m. to 1:00 t coming in the middle. that is what we are looking at timing wise with this storm. it is getting its act together with heavy snow blanketing indianapolis area over toward cleveland and heading our way. that will intensify even more once it moves off eastern seaboard and draws moisture from the atlantic ocean. we will throw that back on the coast and convective banding will set up.
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banding is a wild car with these systems where you can get intense snowfall rates of up up to 2 inches per hour. that cannulas two or three hours plus. temperatures right thousand still very warm, still pretty amazing. we could be talking about six plus inches of snow, 57 in philly. sixty-one millville. record all over the region but cold is starting to come in and temperatures will crash rapidly it this by the time precipitation begins, lightly at 3:00 a.m., there is a mix with rain down to the south where we are seeing temperatures sub treeing in the lehigh valley, still in the upper 30's in philadelphia but as this storm comes in temperatures will tropical rapidly and snow will start by 5:00ah in the city as temperatures drop in the lower 30's. cold enough for that snow to fall. on the set first couple inches hit the roads piling up on the grass. as this intensifies and as these band set up we will see that snow pile up on the roads and temperatures crashing in the 20's by 8:00 a.m. we will see that change over between eight and 9:00 and
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10:00 a.m. it is snowing every where, continuing through about 11:00 and gradually tapering there noon to two there west to east. snow time line, makes it easy to see 2:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. snow, rain and sleet arrives. heaviest is five to 10ah. between 10 and two we will see that taper there west to east. jackpot zone is where cold air gets in earliest and that is lehigh veil, upper bucks, montgomery county, berks county and northern new jersey eight to 12 inches expect there. philadelphia four to eight. six to seven for city. that sound pretty reasonable. lower down toward the shore points and delaware beach. this is heavy wet snow. clings to tree branches and power lines. while first couple inches hey melt on the road those intense snowfall rates with 2 inches per hour will cause to it pile up on main roads. we may have possibility for thunder snow as we head through tomorrow in the heavier band, it is like when you get a thunderstorm it will
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be pouring snow virtually and that means very, very low visibility. once wind pick up in the afternoon wind chills dropping in the teens and single digits and win could lend itself to increased power outages with the weight of the snow on the branches and lines. good news if there is any here we will rebound over weekend. back to above average temperatures and snow should melt quickly. this is good old fashion snowstorm six to 12-inch swath up and down east coast no hat ter where you are headed, it will be a west. >> we're ready. let's do this. >> you know what no matter how are everyone has a budget, big or small. eagles want some honey back. we will tell what you that means. learning how to play without joe joe, sixers have some work to to up next in
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just ative rent experience when big fella can play. >> it is a difference.
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>> caller to sister station wip said he want joel embiid to play it this. biggest reason why he was a taking his date. if the big fellow plays and win it can good for him. sorry, bra, it is not happening. sixers at shoot around, embiid sporting a knee brace, and glasses. he will miss his seventh straight game, were four straight loss these who, the sixers need to build chemistry with an ever changing line up. >> you know, we have to go out there and we have to do what we have to to, regardless of who is laying or not. so obviously different line up but, we have to mesh the best way that we can and make that chemistry click with whoever is out there. here's hypothetical for you. you are best employee in your office, but your boss wants you to take a pay cut. the eagles have reportedly asked jason peters to to exactly that. he is 35, but he just made his ninth row bowl, and he counts
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11 million against the cap. meanwhile they made no such request of cornerback mc kelvin they just cut him. move save them 3.2 million-dollar heading in the off season. eagles have the fourth least amount of-i to money to spend on free agents. deangelo williams will be the on the opened market, on twitter, eagles fans asked fest would play for the bird, he said no, because they don't commit to the run and they asked carson wentz to do too much. >> okay, so, eagles fans decided to troll deangelo. one guy wrote, hurts to get blown out, um. that is in reference to the steelers 31-point loss to the birds in september. williams didn't miss a beat. speaking of truth, but now that you mentioned getting blown out did you guys, have a great playoff experience? ouch. as you know, the eagles, watched the playoffs like the rest of us from the coach. >> oh, high. >> burn, burn. >> major burn. >> yes. >> thanks, sir.
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>> coming up, history comes to life, philadelphia museum that is making the american revolution as realistic as it gets. >> when we come back where you can see these life like >> when we come back where you can see these life like difficulties afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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philadelphia's news museum is bringing american revolution to life. >> crews are installing more than 15 life-like figures in olde city. among them, a statue of king george the third, on a 8-foot
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hash he will pedestal. the figures will be part of the seven historical videos that recreate particular moments during the american revolution. >> we don't have photographs, to tell this story, you know when you go to the civil war museum we see wonderful matthew brady photographs and feel like you have seen the people who experienced these events, and so, we will worked with some wonderful, artists to try to bring some of those people back to life. >> museum of the american revolution, at third and chestnut, opened april 19th and if you look at those they to look realistic. >> those guys will be lighting a campfire tomorrow, coming to life. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on our cyst store station cw philly and we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. >> up next, "cbs evening news" and tonight grading the president, voters who supported president trump, share their thoughts on his first weeks in office. there new york here's scott pelley take care family we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: a rebuke from his own nominee. the president draws fire from his supreme court pick after mr. trump attacks the judges hearing the immigration ban. >> i listened to a bunch of stuff last night on television that was disgraceful. >> pelley: and the president judges his own ability to read the law. >> they comprehend very well, okay, better than i think almost anybody. >> pelley: also tonight, trump supporters say give him some time. >> he won. let him do his job. >> pelley: she says her pleas to jail guards for medical help were ignored. >> they told me to knock my crap off. >> reporter: until she gave birth in her cell. and ling


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