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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  February 8, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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tonight, taylor swift's ex tells all. tom answers the burning questions about their relationship, was it real and the -- >> then, did kelly ripa finally find michael's live replacement. reese wither soon's mom's night out. >> awkward. >> and her look-alike daughter. justice timberlake opens up about his son, his rare interview on fatherhood and fashion regrets. >> there was a lot of questionable attire. now, for february 8th, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." >> well, well, well, taylor swift's ex breaks silence about
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the romance. >> rumors were flying everywhere, was it only a rebound romance or was the wloel thing a big fakeout. finally hid dlswift is giving his side of the story. smoldering eyes, chiseled, the new shots of tom are everything to his fans. it's this shot wearing an i heart taylor swift tank talk that we were looking for an explanation for. he said, quote, it was a joke, among friends. the 35-year-old said he actually slipped and hurt his back the fourth of july. he got a scratch and wanted to protect it from the sun. a friend handed him a statement shirt and it made his new friends laugh. he admits he's surprised it got so much attention. >> really fun, yeah.
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>> that was the shy and polite brit a week after the incident. he didn't say much then, so why is tom talking now? maybe it's because he has a new movie to promote. or this cover story. the three-month romance known as hidleswift, so here we go. was it real? tom says, quote, of course. it was not a tactical pr move by a break-up songwriter and actor angling to become the next james bond. did taylor want a relationship with a guy who was eight years older? he says she did. how did tom get over the break-up? is tom still heart broken? sure seems that way. he said, quote, i only know the woman i met. she's incredible. as for regrets? tom says he has none. because, quote, you have to fight for love. you can't fear what people might say. the relationship exists between two people, we will always know
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what it was. there you go again. >> all right. let's move on to a quick update on madonna adopting again. yesterday we told you that it was really happening. and today, madonna sent this out, quote, i can officially confirm i have completed the process of adopting twin sisters from malawi and am overjoyed they're now part of our family. megan me gin kelly is in. >> id i miss that? >> former "today" show tamron hall made hir first red carpet appearance last night since her abrupt exit last week. she decided to leave nbc after she was blindsided by the news a megyn kelly is joining the network and may take over her hour. hoda kotb told us she was sorry to see her go. >> i miss her, man. i haven't seen her since she left. but we've been communicating through e-mail and stuff like that. we miss her.
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where is she going to be? somewhere good. >> the buzz around tamron's next move is she could step into michael strahan's spot on live on kelly. a source on the show tells us tamron is currently not on the radar for show executives. who are the front-runners? mark consuelos filled in this morning. but our source tells us execs have cooled on him and other big name contenders. still, we're told the show hopes to make a host announcement this spring. but back to the "today" show shakeup. megyn kelly starts in the fall. last night at the awards, hoda told us, megyn can expecc a little hazing. >> i'm going to feed her wine until she passes out. we'll see how she reacts after three or four glasses. she's got a wild side. it's dark, like 50 shades. >> that will be a party.
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so will oscar night for justin timberlake because he scored his first nomination. he's talking all things j.t. in a new interview. >> favorite coordinated outfit. there's just so many. >> justin's confessing all and sharing the real reason they broke up. i was growing out of it. i felt like i cared more about the music than the other people in the group. j.t. didn't drop names but did share ttis wardrobe regret. >> there was a lot of questionable attire. and i think we may have been responsible for like 90% of it in that decade. so, sorry. >> the singer, actor, producer, daddy shared more in a fun little game of fishing for answers. >> what's the last picture you tookkon your phone. >> my son. >> what is your go-to cocktail?
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>> anything involving tequila. >> oddest thing you've been asked to autograph. >> boobs. >> what's up for justin and his buddy ryan goss ling? he said, quote, we aren't the closest of friends for whatever reason, justin admits he's not sure if he wants his son to follow in his footsteps. but if he wanted it bad enough, i suppose i could teach him a lot about what not to do. >> how about not wearing the same denim outfit as your girlfriend to an award ceremony. we love you, justin. >> yeah, we o. nicole kidman, she is nominated for a performance lion. >> the besttwork she's ever done, in my opinion. she was so good in that movie. but last night nicole was hanging out with reese witherspo witherspoon. and reese brought a very special date. >> i love that you brought your daughter. >> she's beautiful. >> oh, thank you. >> she's so beautiful. >> she's a sweetheart. >> reese's 17-year-old ava was
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her look-alike date. she drew oo her mom skills about the secrets kept by a group of upscale moms. >> we're all trying to be the best parents we possibly can be. i think it's always that question, am i doing the right thing, am i exposing them to the right things, am i disciplining them the right way. it brings up a lot of questions. >> nicole kidman and keith urban made it a date night. both she and reese were intrigued by the idea of a seven-episode series based on the best elling novel. >> a story well traveled. i hope to be in all seven hours. it's meant to be watched as seven hours. >> nicole and reese are executive producers and hired their close friend laura dern. >> awkward. >> the big 5-0 on friday, and got birthday advice from her
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mom, actress diane ladd. >> my mother made her age 20 years younger. which means she was 11 when she had me. so i think i'm about 44 this year. >> my mom still says she turns 29 every year. >> that's a good number. supermodel chrissie teigen was involved in a caa crash. and what we know about the pda getaway. >> and the designer dresses and shoes. >> we celebrate the 400th episode of "law & order" svv with a flashback. >> "e.t.'s" 1 years on set with the stars. o cf1 o >> there's nothing like it. >> an exclusive first look at the movie girls trip. >> it's about us. >> only "e.t." was on the set in new orleans with the stars jada pinkett smith and queen latifah,
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their first film since 1996. >> i miss her onscreen. >> i know. why did we wait so long. >> why did you wait so long? >> we don't know. >> we were working. >> that's true. >> today is the last day that you will ever be this young. >> regina hall and tiffany haddish is a co-star. >> the group-on. >> we're having so much fun, you guys. >> it was a coupon. i didn't understand the idea of but i have learned. they've taught me so much. closed captioning provided by --
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> . >> there are a million guys who bump into chrissie teague an. but this isn't the way to do it. collision. are the crash happened at this intersection last night. she was a passenger in a car that was hit by a, quote, speeding loon.
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she wasn't hurt. she said the guy fled, but cops were right there. cops say the driver was quickll arrested on a misdemeanor hit-and-run chart. chrissie tweeted, quote, i got out of the car, but whew! and the romantic mountain getaway. the lovey-dovey were spotted kissing and taking selfies in big bear, california. an eyewitness tells "e.t." her kids were with them. the lovefest continued later this month because they're kicking off season 12. >> it's an unbelievable blessing. >> i love this job. >> inside catherine zeta-jones' jawwdropping closet. she gave fans an incredible tour on instagram of her massive walk-in wardrobe. it looks a little more like a high-end clothing boutique. designer clothes, and chanel purses, rows of stilettos and a rack of scarves.
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enough to send even carrie into a tizzy. >> i don't have a problem with that many clothes. >> really? i just need a lot of sweatsuits. still ahead, we celebrate "law & order" svu's 400th episode. and the oscar nominee who got his big break on the show. beyonce and adele, we preview the divas' big grammy showdown. >> the grammys are close to my heart. of cosmo magazine. if you talk to the woman in charge getting juicy gossip on the cover. >> we'll never shoot it again.
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welcome to your cosmo cover shoot. >> i know, it's pretty crazy. it is so exciting. >> that is ruby rose getting ready for her first cosmo cover. a new show debuts tonight on e.
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and jennifer paris of the iconic magazine. always on her toes. >> how long a day do you think you're on here? >> probably two or three hours. that actually goes up and down. >> yep, on a treadmill in her heels. the former editor in chief of the magazine, and star of so cosmo. >> it's like two birds in mid flight. >> they give oup meryl streep in the prada vibe. >> that's all. >> joanna's all about using her influence to try to empower women and catapult careers. >> i remember john legend coming into my office saying, i would love for you to meet my fiancee. and i thought, oh, my god, she's fabulous. >> what was your favorite cover that you ever put out in a magazine? >> i have two favorite covers. miley cyrus tweeted her
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followers to look at her issue of cosmo. i thought, we've got a cover jacking going on. my other favorite was when we did every single kardashian on one cover. they were all together. six kardashians, i was in heaven. >> but divas beware. >> we sent a staff of ten to do the shoot. they have o sit and wait for four days for a certain celebrity who will remain nameless to emerge from her beeroom. i said, enough already. we'll never shoot this person again. >> we also asked joanna who is her dream girl, duchess of cambridge, kate middleton. >> law and order franchise has been must-see tv and tonight svu will reach a major moil stone,
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it's 400th episode. we've been there since the very beginning. >> they're like, i can't believe you still care. i said, the day i don't care, i'm out. >> mariska has been putting bad guys behind bars since 1989. >> the 14-year-old boy inside of me, i love playing cops and robbers. >> classics like "friends" aired 276 episodes, svu's 400th is way more than dallas, e.r.a., csi and twice as many as "seinfeld." >> my job was to get to 365. that way you can watch a brand-new episode every day for a year. >> hit the jackpot. >> how did they make it so far? >> nice, happy, productive family. >> chris ton meloni, and stephanie march, say the cast is
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like family. >> i made some incredible friends..o cf1 o >> i have never worked on camera before this job. this is my first on-camera job. >> a lot of early stars got breaks on svu. like a bad guy in 2008, >> it's probably not going to end well if you're on svu. >> joe mort on took the law into his own hands. >> it was like a big lovefest. >> check out his defense attorney in a small part, vi olea davis. >> thank you. >> passion. >> on the set of 2002 henry winkllr played a con man. >> this is appointment television. >> our final key to success, svu dealing so often with sex crimes, is fearless when it comes to taking on tough issues. >> what did he do to you, maria? >> i don't want to talk about it. >> as for episode 400 airing
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tonight, mariska is directing. >> we deal with the most important social issues. and that is extremely gratifying. >> here's the crazy thing. svu still has a way to go before it catches up to the original "law & order" which lasted 456 episodes. >> we're just four days away from grammy night. a battle between two superstar ladies. who is going to win this diva-off? cameron has some answers. >> we are back in our absolute lime green room. i'm with sophie, talking everything grammies. so much to look forward to, right? >> absolutely. >> all eyes are gging to be on adele and beyonce. >> this sunday is going to be an epic showdown between the divas in pop music. >> the nominations in key categories, pest song of the year, best album of the year, of course, lemonade.
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and beyonce's album 25. my question for you, is, who do you think will come out on top? >> that is such a tough call. let's start with the hardware they already have. beyonce has a whopping 62 nominations, making her the most nominated female artist of all-time. she has won 20 awards. and listen, we know the queen is keeping count. >> now the ninth grammy for me. >> back in 2006. here's the thing. if beyonce wins eight of her nine categories that she's nominated in, she becomes the most winning female artist of all-time. >> adele, meanwhile, she has 18 nominations and ten wins. that's not a bad record. >> the grammys are close to my heart. >> she has an oscar and golden globe. that's going to be hard to beat. >> it's only a matter of time. just saying.
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here's something that they both have in common. these two powerhouses have so much love and respect for each other. >> i'm a huge beyonce fan. >> she said this about adele. when adele sings, you can hear it coming from an unfiltered honesty and purity. >> find out who wins and takes home the grammys when the show airs this sunday on cbs. when they do win, they're hosting a winner's lounge backstage. that's so cool. >> two more reasons the grammys will be an unforgettable night. it was announced there would be a special tribute to prince and george michael. a magical moment. imagine you're a massive fan of tv's number one new show, this is us. you're sitting home watching and then this happens. with one of the stars. >> we're filming next door. we happened to notice you were watching.
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her super bowl look. all at travel considerations provided by -- i love this story. >> yeah. >> the cast of this is us, shooting an episode inside of a house, when they noticed somebody who lives next door was actually watching the show. >> what do you think happens
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next? will the star drop by to surprise him? watch what happens. >> bye, everybody. >> knock on their door. >> sorry to bother you. we're filming next door. we happened to notice what you're watching. you're watching us. >> there's sterling, me, susan, and this is our buddy fred here. fred was watching the show. we had no idea.
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[ alarm weather.eping ] ♪ [ laughter ] cartoons.
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wait for it. [ cat screech ] [ laughter ] ♪ [ screaming ] [ laughter ] make everyday awesome with the power of xfinity x1... hi grandma! and the fastest internet. [ girl screaming ] [ laughter ] "the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one, lady gaga shuts down her super bowl body shamers. >> super bowl li! >> plus, will a pregnant beyonce still deliver at the grammys? >> she's going to be doing a toned down performance.
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then when grammy stars pull in the most bank? >> you tape it all together and you get that big, fat sum of money. >> "forbes" tells us who's sitting pretty at the top. and number three -- justin timberlake takes over "the hollywood reporter." >> are you guys rolling? >> yeah. >> camera one. camera two. what career fail did he apologize for? >> sorry. plus, your "insider bonus." >> when you're sad you eat, when you're happy you eat. this as chrissy metz opens up about her struggle with body image. and -- >> see, ladies, this is how it's done. this is how we do it. >> reese and her mini-me daughter owned the red carpet as the "big little lies" girl gang takes over hollywood. >> it's just a hood. just a hood in action. >> now "the insider" tracking hollywood from the inside out. beyonce, adele and now lady gaga? yeah. this sunday's grammys just got more divalicious. welcome to "the insider."


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