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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 9, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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plenty of people are digging out present that turns to isolater on tonight, greg. the. >> reporter: that is exactly right there, jessica and ukee. good evening. folks here in bucks county in fact, spent the afternoon shoveling their driveways, and clearing off of the sidewalks but just take a look, already these secondary road here, the neighborhood roads, covered in this dangerous sheet of ice. here one hour, gone the next, after the first major winter storm of the season, plenty of clean up for toll accounts in bucks county. >> native from vermont so shoveling is actually second nature to me. >> stuff on the bottom is wet and heavy. >> reporter: dianne kline is taking her time, shoveling her own walkway in jamison, pennsylvania, as they cause heart attacks you're doing a lot of work. are you concerned making sure you are not over exerting yourself. >> i try to keep an eye on it. more my husband out here trying to do super man stuff. >> reporter: while those shoveled, some not quite suit ed for snow. >> yesterday was shorts and
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t-shirt weather so today i have a sweat shirt and my hat. >> reporter: city employees, plowed, cleaning and clearing the road of the white stuff, which is less than 24 hours ago, seemed like an impossibility. >> i thought you guys got it all wrong because it was 60 degrees last night at 6:00. so what are you talking about? but, you know, you got it right. >> reporter: so this storm, of course brought work for both shoveling drive ways and sidewalks and plows coming through. coming up at 6:00 i'll show you more about the the fun that was had here in bucks county as well, many people, many students off of the school and so, we'll what they ended up doing in the snow. live here in bucks county i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. snow came down, fast and furious, during the early morning hours in whitehall township lehigh county. municipal trucks were out in force, dumb continuing the salt on the side of the roadway. on the sidewalks, and, spent time clearing a safe path.
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in philadelphia's manayunk neighborhood the road were slush a inn clear that wet heavy snow stuck to tree branches and power lines but fortunately didn't cause any problems there. and, look at that winter wonderland in northeast philadelphia. people all bundled up as they walk along frankford avenue during the height of the storm this morning. and, cbs-3 photo journalist tom kelly captured this time lapse video of what drivers encountered on the road in norristown, montgomery county. as dawn see there pretty shoot sailing down main street. on "eyewitness news" this morning, we introduced you to an allentown man who didn't seem to bothered by the snowy wet ther. he was wearing shorts. >> not a big fan, more of less just because of the safety concerns but, you know, this freshly trooped, it is pretty nice, beautiful out. >> and, he said he was not cold, despite his choices's distributed it there being from pennsylvania where people come from a heartier stock. well, reaction, you
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delivered, we have tons of fabulous snow photos thanks tour twitter posts using our cbs-3 snow #. here are a few favorites. little keith is helping clean up what was left behind this afternoon, that tiny broom was almost, almost bigger then he is. big thank you for brian for sharing that with us. with a day off from school why wouldn't you go sledding. our friend and collogue chris stigall shared this photo of the action, and it looks lies his area got nice snow but finally luke the dog wishes it looked different outside. chris connolly shared this photo with us, this afternoon. we want to thank everyone who shared their snow moments with us, share your photos and videos with cbs-3 anytime you like, follow us on twitter at cbs philly and like us on facebook, just type cbs philly in the search bar. now as storms moved through it is windy, cold out there lets check with meteorologist kate bilo and kate, earlier some areas got pummeled, others got off easy but all of us dealing with the
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cold now. >> we are, indeed in the wake of the storm, jessica wind are whipping and the cold has moved in, heaviest snow, off in our thorn suburbs, poconos and lehigh valley. meanwhile quick change over, from rain, turning to snow, and took a little bit longer in philadelphia and points south that kept snow totals limited but you can see this storm got going and really turned into a monster nor'easter from northern new jersey, new york city right up toward southern new england. look at the band of snow impacting boston area and over toward cape cod this evening. we have a few scattered snow showers, drifting through lancaster county. some snow squalls in the wake of that snow and that is being carried in by these cold, northwesterly wind, that we're feeling tonight. recap of some snow totals basically from north to south, mount pocono with the the high amount of 9 inches this morning. allentown picking up 6.5. perkasie bucks county at the 5 . media delaware county 4.5. the west philadelphia 2.8 inches of snow reported this morning. take a look at our peak wind gusts though, wind gust ted to
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50 miles an hour in lieu is, delaware, bass river at 49. newtown square had 42-mile an hour wind gusts and 41 miles an hour at philadelphia airport and dover delaware. we will remain under a wind advisory through next hour or so, that includes philadelphia , and all of south jersey and all of delaware, wind could gust to 50 miles an hour, still. the especially through next hour once the sun goes down the wind will die down at least a bit, but it stays blustery and stays frigid right through overnight hours. temperatures right now very cold, we're only in the 20's, we can see that brisk northwesterly wind, 29 in philadelphia, 26 in reading right now, 30 degrees in wildwood and wind are still very strong. these are not gusts, these are sustain wind right now, 26 miles an hour at the airport, to 22 miles an hour in reading and 29 in at latin i can city making it feel no better than teens and single digits. coming up we will talk about the threat for icy spots through the overnight hours and also talk about the wind chills as we head into tomorrow morning and we will recap a little bit of the
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storm and talk about why some areas didn't get quite as much snow as we anticipated. for now, back to you. road could freeze up and you're right on, look at our traffic map on i-95 south ramp to route 413 just reopened. that is exit 40. we are told there are icy conditions, on the ramp. crews are treating the roadway right now there was an accident in that area as well, so please, slow your roll if you are going out, expect slow going. storm impact philadelphia international airport right now flights air arriving up to and hour late, according to the faa, and many departing flights were cancelled this afternoon and this morning, but according to the airport's web site the majority of the departing flights scheduled for this evening, are on time. if you have scheduled a flight check its status before heading out. and a new wrinkle in ongoing battle over controversial condo project along jeweler's row. the latest fight is over the design of the two faced building. some want the developers to go back to the drawing board on this one.
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>> "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live on jewelers road to tell us why, anita. >> reporter: good evening, jessica. it has been a long process, and country's oldest diamond district could be getting a face lift but for some business owners here, that is not a good thing. as you can see from the hand made signs here some of them are scrambling now to save jewelers row. for frank schaefer cutting gems is an art form. >> only diamond cutter in the five state area. >> reporter: if toll cutters prepared planned to build a tower on jewelers removes forward schaefer may be forced to cut his losses instead. >> oh, absolutely, sure. 100 percent. >> reporter: schaefer's store, is one of the several rots the in the 700 block of sansom street the that would likely be demolish under the proposal >> jewelers row will stop to exist absolutely. >> reporter: toll botchers pitched a 16 story building but their new proposal features 29 store business two faces, one on jewelers road and other overlooking
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washington square west. >> it is a stupid idea. that is my opinion. it has always been. it is only benefiting several people. >> reporter: in an effort to halt project, preservation alliance of greater fail nominated three affected properties to the cities register of historic places and philadelphia historic commission could make its decision on friday. executive director paul stan key says apartment complex would change character of the street. >> we don't oppose development like this in general but we object to is destruction of the occupied successful tax paying buildings especially on a iconic real is least tail street like jewelers row just to build another condominium tower. >> reporter: in a statement, the toll brothers, spokesmen wrote in part quote, many of the current land and business owners, located on sansom street and jewelers row association are pleased with the preserving and rejuvenating the street and new least tail space that will
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create. we have also identified nearby commercial space for any tenants who may be difficulties laced. now, this isn't all set in stone. cities licenses and inspections department, did approve a demolition permit, and one for the original 16 story building, they are still considering the one, for the 29 story, tower. we are live here on jewelers row tonight i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". coming up on "eyewitness news", murder that has gone un solved for decade, and now two women have come forward to say they know who killed the beloved nun, the the shocking crime, that they say she was about to expose, right before she was killed. that story is coming up 59:30. mystery in the skies, passenger plane is diverted and makes an emergency landing for a security check. and a fire works store goes up in flames, hear what police say happened right before this blaze. and a live look now at our jack frost big boulder, camera , few people there, on the slopes, the poconos got a good deal of snow out of this system, kate has the outlook for the weekend right after
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this will
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and an early morning flight out of ohio, is forced to make an emergency landing, american airlines flight 534 was headed from columbus, ohio to phoenix, arizona but was divert todd st. louis airport for a cure check shortly after 8:00 this morning. 113 passengers and crew members had to be removed as bomb sniffing dogs, searched the plane, and no word on what prompt that had diversion. new york city looks like a winter wonderland tonight. >> take a look at this video earlier from the big apple, where snow was really coming down hard. traffic slowed to a crawl, and it was tough going for pedestrians, who needed all of the winter gear that they could muster to deal with the chill. new york city is schools closed for the storm and airports came to a halt. snow totals saw the city and surrounding areas receiving anywhere from six to 8 inches. right now the storm is
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tapering off in parts of the boston area. more than a foot has been talk about for that area. >> reporter cristina hager from our sister station wbz is live in massachusetts with the look at conditions there, hi there, cristina this. >> reporter: hi there, well, it it wasly coming down hard earlier and all day, really fast, fat snow coming down very quakily. it is slowing down dramatically but what we have now is the wind blowing around , the snow that came down earlier. the problem here today really was with the driving. >> once we get 10 or 15 feet downey think you will be all right. >> reporter: car stuck on one of the wooster's signature steep hills. >> this time trying to turnaround and went flying around the corner there. >> reporter: sadly they are trying to get to a funeral which is happening, in spite of the storm. >> pump the brakes. pump the brakes. there we go. >> hit the brakes.
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nice and slow. >> everybody out there, take it slow, you know, if you can stay home, stay home. he went up just to try to turnaround and hill caught him and down he came. >> reporter: it the is the theme of the day, vehicles slipping, sliding and blocking others like this tractor trailer on the pike, and at homes, residents like this tried to stay ahead of the pile up. this man, wait for his wife who works in the nursing home in one of the few cars, on the road, so she can get in. snow days, for people in the health care field -- >> yes, she will be home in a little while. it the is just hard to get up this hill because she doesn't have all wheel drive. >> reporter: as bad as this is , not enough to over shadow that game we all watched a few days ago and all this man wanted. >> i guess that was a good game and no one expect that. >> we have moved on to the snow storm. you figure you are trying to get to work and snow holding
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you up a little bit. >> a little bit, turf find my scrape tore clean off my car. >> reporter: we got him a brush for his car whiz went to good use so he could get to work, hopefully a better trip, then so many others. wooster city manager says road crews had a very hard time keeping up with the snow today and now that it is tapering off they can get to the serious work, of really, cleaning this up. in wooster cristina hager, now back to you. >> thank you so much. you got to take care of there boston snow totals were higher then others. >> they were. our area depending on where you were you didn't get as much as originally anticipated there is a few reasons for. that storm came in a lot faster and took a while to change over from rain especially in the city ofo philadelphia we did get high totals off to the north and west. poconos, lehigh valley, upper bucks, montgomery county but as you head from the city on south, some spots, not seeing much at all, from this system. here's a look at why that happened? again, why less snow then we
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anticipated this morning? storm arrive a little bit earlier around two or 3:00 a.m. that means only cold air had moved into the least high valley and poconos at that point. it took longer to get into philadelphia and to get into points south. it was slower change over from rain and then storm really ramped up off shore as it was heading toward eight or 9:00 and that is why you saw banding to the north and east over northern new jersey, new york city, and southern new england. we just missed out on the best dynamics and thunder snow with this system. i want to show you a difference. this is time lapse from the city. thinks 6:00 a.m. just wet, raining. very quickly sun comes up and changes to snow but the storm didn't have much left in the tank and it was out pretty quickly and anything that fell , just generally just melted down to 26 right now at leadership academy. meanwhile broad headville up towards poconos it has been snowing all day long, heavier snow this morning, we had nine , eight, 7 inches depending where were you in carbon, mob row counties and kept coming as they got in the better band off to the north and west and you can see, 45
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miles an hour gusts report there had in broad headsville. here's what fell, six to eight from the lehigh valley from the poconos to new york city. four to six in the far northern bern suburbs, and one to four in the city and coat to go 2-inch fess that for south jersey and delaware. now in the wake of the storm, wind are whipping around the back edge, as this storm is still very strong, off the new england coast and still have a few snow squals outside, this evening, most of us won't see much, couple of flurries or stray snow shower. do you want to point out this next system? it doesn't look like a big deal. little clipper that could bring a snow shower to parts of the area tomorrow evening. and in the meantime here's what it feels like outside, right the now, feels like sub zero in mount pocono, mine us three, is your feels like temperature right now. feels like eight in allentown. fourteen in philadelphia feels like 15 in millville, it is not going to get the any better by 9:00 o'clock tonight feeling like single digits across the vast majority of the area. look at mount pocono, feels like at 9:00 o'clock eight below zero and then tomorrow
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morning we will wake up to those feels like temperatures in the single digits and low double digits as well not even in the teens at 8:00 a.m. kids going back to school waiting for the bus and they will need all of the layers. we're also talking about icing road. temperatures plumetting. any slush on the roads will be freezing up overnight. here's good news it has been so wind toy day that is not good news but wind tried out the roads so main road looking okay, we just expect patchy black ice concerns and mainly on driveways, sidewalks, and walkways, areas where we're not seeing all of the snow cleared and is there lingering slush in spots. so overnight again watch for those icy spots, otherwise, clear, windy and frigid. 19 degrees is your overnight low. tomorrow starts with sun and then increasing in cloud, still cold, windy 34 degrees for your friday, not feeling any better then mid 20's, it does rebound a bit over the weekend. people not see a ton of sun, there may be sun on saturday but back to 47. sunday into the 50's we will go so any snow you saw to take will be melting pretty quickly
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and showers will be around on sunday, there are a couple of chances of systems next week. not sure if they are for us or further north but we will talk about that next half an hour. >> see you then. >> thanks, kada rebater it. so much for macy's or bed, bath and beyond is there a new rather interesting place to register for your wedding. and the benefits of man's best friend into the work place, positive effect pets have on workers, don. how about positive effect the sun has on your soul, a spring training from beautiful clearwater florida is right around the corner, would you look at that. we will talk about it next in
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if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on. give them a hand? new technology being put to use by a local hospital. coming up at 6:00 our stephanie stahl checks out the new way to check in, and shows you, how it all works, very cool. well, we're about a year out from the 2018 winter games in south korea.
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>> but today we will get our first look at the olympic torch and torch bayer uniforms this is what it will look like it was unveiled by the olympic organizing committee during a ceremony earlier today. and, those are the official uniforms that will be worn by those, carrying the torch. 2018 will be here before we know it. >> that is so true. >> it sound so far away and then boom. >> it just seems like yesterday i was in nagano japan for the station doing the 98 games there. >> wow. >> i'm no expert in torches but that was beautiful. i don't have much to compare it to. >> really beautiful torch. quite gorgeous. >> yes. >> i'm just saying. >> speaking of gorgeous, i hear, the team is on its way down to clear water. >> baby steps, phillies have had four straight losing seasons but this year they hope to break even. pitchers and catchers report on monday, and when they get there, this is what they will see. no thunder snow.
5:25 pm
no ice sickles, maybe just a passing cloud or two. this was the scene today in, clearwater, florida. and that is where leslie van arsdal is heading, l va's coverage of spring training begins monday and continues all week long. tough assignment. you'll be all right l va. st. louis university basketball team played at saint bonaventure. when their game was over the bus was gone. they played card while authorities try to locate the bus. eventually they found it, along with the driver, who was , drunk how did they find the bus? head coach left his ipad on board and police tracked it using gps. >> one of the raise year stories. great relationship gone back knicks great charles oak ly was arrested, and charged with assault after he was booted from madison square garden. the team issued a statement saying they hope he gets well or gets help, real soon. meanwhile oakly says team
5:26 pm
owner james dolan is holding a grudge because oak has been critical of his leadership in the past. so apparently oakly has an issue with the owner, owner has a issue with oakly, they sent security over and we are waiting for more details. ugly scene last night. >> very ugly. >> yes. >> we haven't heard the last, for sure, thanks, buddy, appreciate it. coming up next new jersey will elect a new governor later this year. we will tell you who is the star climbing the polls. clues coming to the surface in a 50 year-old murder case, why two women believed a beloved nun was killed because shocking crime that she may have been about to expose. imagine getting a diagnosis of alzheimer's or dementia. this hand did and thought his life was over until he found out the secret of the so-called
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well, shocking revelations in the decades ole miss try, a nun murdered in baltimore. tonight why police may be closer then over finding her killer. two women say nun's death the may be linked to sexual abuse by a priest. the news continues at 5:30. i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. as denise coke of our sister station wj z in baltimore tells us tonight investigators are now following up, on, critical clues. >> reporter: for nearly 50 years, the disappearance and murder of the beloved young nun who taught at southwest baltimore's archbishop kia has been a mystery. now, wjz learned baltimore county police may be closer then ever to solving murder of the 26 year-old sister kathy sendnick. these two women, both with close ties to an unnamed man who may have been recently questioned by police tell wjz tell critical clues they have revealed to investigators and
5:31 pm
asked not to be identified. >> i instinctively felt when this had happened was murdered , that my husband at the time had committed the murder. >> reporter: you believe he killed her. >> the night that she was murdered, it sticks out in my mind so clearly because when my husband came in i remember looking up at him in shock because he had blood all over his white shirt. he said, i got the in to a fight. >> reporter: nearly two months later in january of 1970, sister kathy's decomposed body was found. investigation looked at two men ann's husband and father joseph masskill hoist dead but is believed to have sexually abused dozens of young girls. many students, who confided in sister kathy believed that the fatser wanted her dead before she could expose his dirty secrets and ann's husband a friend, may have helped. >> the thought was really evil going on. >> reporter: debbie tells wjz
5:32 pm
she witness that had evil first hand. she said these two men were working together even sharing victims, she was one of them. >> it is hard to ask you but this person we're talking about did that person also abuse you. >> yes. >> at the same time you were suffering abuse at the hand of the priest. >> yes. >> reporter: debbie believes natalie man who may have had been recently questioned by police was paid by priests, to pick up girls and deliver them for sex. >> i can remember being a small child, i don't know how oldy was in the car with him and i was told wow go steel girls, he would grab a girl threw her in the middle of the car and punched the girl in the stomach and she was having a hard time breathing. i know he was involved with those priests. >> reporter: brazen crimes, hidden for nearly half a century. >> easy for them to to what they were to go because it is institutional abuse. it wasn't just one priest, it wasn't just one parish, it was
5:33 pm
widespread. >> reporter: as the catholic church reaches settlement after settlement with survivors of father masskill's abuse, ann and debbie tell wjz it is time for the world to know who killed sister kathy. >> there is still woman in baltimore that are terrorized by the events of back then and i want them to know that they do not have to be anymore. there is nobody out there that is going to haunt them. the boogie man so to speak is either dead or old and there is nothing to be afraid of. >> reporter: that was denise coke, from wjz in baltimore, reporting. an appeals court says natalie decision on president trump's travel ban will be filed before close of business , today, in california so, meantime, today president trump hosted a by partisan group of senators at the white house to discuss his supreme court pick. he is locked in the war of words with democratic senator -- a democratic senator over comments made by neil gorsuch and the judge, is caught in the middle. >> i urge you all to confirm
5:34 pm
him. >> reporter: lunching with democratic senators president trump showed no signs of regret for nominating judge neil gorsuch to the supreme court. even after senator richard blumenthal said went that judge gorsuch criticized the president. >> he said to he me that he finds disheartening and demoralizing the repeated abhorrent attacks by the president of the united states of the independent judiciary. >> reporter: conversation has sparked a war of word between the senator and the president, who says that judge gorsuch's words were taken out of context. the white house insists that the judge was speaking in general terms. >> his comments were misrepresented and what you should do is ask senator blumenthal about his vietnam record that didn't exist after years of saying it did. >> this issue i way bigger than me or even judge gorsuch 's nomination, it is about the independence of the judiciary and our constitutional principals. >> reporter: some republicans agree, and expressed frustration over the president
5:35 pm
's remarks about the federal judiciary. >> i'm also concerned about the president. i personally, i personally wish wow choose his word a little more carefully. >> reporter: former senator kelly ayot, who has been escorting gorsuch said gorsuch was seeking in general terms with the senator and not referring to any specific case judge gorsuch has not publicly commented on the controversy, and delaware senator chris coons will review the gorsuch nomination as a member of the senate judiciary commit thee and today, he down played that war of word between president trump and senator blumenthal. >> it is back and forth makes he feel like i'm back in high school. frankly what matters is what matters judge gorsuch who will be up for confirmation in the supreme court in meetings with senators and then ultimately public in his confirmation meeting demonstrates judicial independent and demonstrate his understanding that an independent judiciary is one
5:36 pm
of the cornerstones of our constitutional order. >> senator coons was in that meeting with the president, today. he added that it was not constructive for president trum top dispute gorsuch's reported comments. seven protesters were arrested in phoenix last night while trying to prevent immigrations agents from deporting an immigrant mother to mexico. protesters tried to block a van, carrying quad loop garcia del rio, the 36 year-old mother of two american born children was reportedly arrested under 2013 judicial deportation order. the order was not enforced during the obama administration but president trump has set a stricter policy. woman's son said he and his sister are heart broken. >> in one should ever have to be separate from their mother. my mommies my everything. she's always there for me. no one should have to go through this. >> reporter: immigration and customs up force. said in a statement, agents worked with the mexican consul , her husband said she's back in mexico waiting for her
5:37 pm
parent to meet her. or wondering tonight if comedian joe pisscopo could shake up the race in the race for new jersey governor. republicans were asked about their support for the candidate. he came in second, behind lieutenant governor kim guadagno. he says that he is considering running as a republican, or an independent, 52 percent said they did not nose who they would support. we're learning more details on what may have caused a circus accident that sent five people to the hospital. dare devil nick wallenda believes one of his tightrope performers may have blacked out during practice in a five people that went tumbling 30 feet to the ground this accident is being investigated wallenda says it is too early to speculate on the cause. >> we don't know yet what happened. there is thought that my, somebody might have fainted. we just don't know. >> wallenda says all five of the injured performers will be okay, and four of them remain hospitalized.
5:38 pm
still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight, pets on the job why some say take your pet to work day should be every day. find out about benefits experts say workers get from having their best friend in the office. and a fire works store goes up in flames what police say happened right before that blaze, we will be right
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revenge is reportedly the reason a man set fire to a fire works shop in china chinese police say that this intoxicated man walk in the store, and purchased a box of fire works, abe then, threw them back inside as he walked out sending employees there running for safety. police later arrested the man for suspicion of arson and confessed. reportedly he had those fire works confiscated a few days
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before the incident, in one was injured but about 30 motorbikes in the store next to the explosion were damage. one gift you can never go wrong with is pizza, and according to domino is it is perfect for every occasion including a wedding. pizza chain is launching a wedding registry you can purchase bride and groom a gift card for up to $100. they can enjoy a box of pizza after the big day or they can have it delivered to the wedding, go to the reception, do the cupid shuffle, electric slide, put the a slice. >> maybe a formal dinner but weddings i have been to when they give you that out the door after you have been dancing for two hours, you will take anything thaw can get. >> it is amazing. >> pepperoni. >> no, i don't like pepperoni. >> i know, it is weird, i don't like it. >> okay, we will talk. meanwhile this guy will do talking, james corden gives us an inside look at the grammys. >> we will go backstage, next
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you are looking live at the franklin institute, from our camera at the parkway central library, this change from a few hours ago when snow
5:46 pm
was falling. more change these weekend. kate has your forecast in four minutes. ohio woman is, accused of falsely diagnosing dozens of people with all timers disease and other forms of dimension a more than 50 people have now filed a lawsuit begins sharrie ann jenkins who opened up the toledo clinic for insomnia with her husband in early 2015 authorities say that though she was not a medical doctor, and was not qualified to diagnosis alzheimer's. >> our biggest concern is there are people living with this inadequate, improper, miss diagnosis of alzheimer's. >> it was definitely malicious , and i hope people didn't take it and got a second opinion. >> reporter: lawyer for the clinic would not comment on the pending case. on the cbs-3 healthwatch tonight companies going to the dogs. a growing number of the businesses are letting employees bring their dogs to work. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here to tell us about
5:47 pm
the benefits a lot of people like this idea, about 20 percent of american companies, including some giants like google, allowed dog, in the office. the theory is that dogs reduce stress, and research shows, that they can help improve productivity and profits. even when christie borga is had at work her best buddy is always by his side. >> his preference is to be with me and around people. >> reporter: rex joined christie at her desk at a software company every day several dozens employees bring their dogs, all breeds and sizes to work. >> usually every couple of hours, he will wanting to outside, so it forces me to take an outside break which is healthy. >> reporter: according to several studies pets this is work place can reduce employee stress, and improved productivity. employees who bring their dogs to work also report, higher levels of job satisfaction. >> it does make sense to bring your dog to work, works well in terms of the make going employees feel happy, in terms of the keeping them relaxed, and that is good for the
5:48 pm
company. >> reporter: but there are some ground rules here, dogs aren't allowed in indoor common spaces, and they can never be left unsupervised and owners must keep their pets on the leash during walks. >> good boy. >> reporter: researchers also say that, people become more trusting, relaxed and nicer toward each other after interacting with dogs. popular idea but i have a feeling some people might think it could be distracting if you want to go play with the dog, see what they were doing. >> i brought one i would have to bring the other two and the four cats. >> yes. >> you bring a whole bunch. >> we would have to do that, but i don't think that will happen, boss wouldn't like it. >> thanks, steph. the grammys they're sunday right here on cbs-3 and entertainment tonight got a preview of the show with grammy host james corden. >> et's michelle turner joins with us their sneak peak. >> reporter: ukee and jessica, corden went on to talked today but he and i dished backstage about what we can expect on
5:49 pm
sunday. >> will we see you do anything with beyonce on stage? you have no idea. we saw her rehearsing. >> i don't know nothing about it. i don't even know what dressing room i'm in. i'm in a broom closet with the mops and cleaning supplies. >> reporter: how does the host know nothing about the the show. >> i'm only in it for like 17 minutes. >> i love you. >> adele and bee an say, i will be in a room at the same time on the same stage, on the same stage, nominated for the same award. i just don't know, i don't know if there has been a grammys like that in a long time. >> reporter: we have much more grammy preps tonight on et, ukee and jessica, back to you. >> i do love that james corden he is fun. >> i can't wait to see him host. see grammys sunday night at 8:00 right here on cbs-3. >> i wonder how many songs he will sing because he loves to
5:50 pm
sing. >> he is a theater singer. >> very, very good. >> indeed. >> met him not too long ago. >> down to earth funny awesome guy and i can't wait to see him host. >> good times. >> all right. next storm, that is pushed out >> storms out of here. it didn't behave exactly as anticipated but it did leave a mess behind, and a lot more of a rough morning commute even if you didn't get, the anticipated amounts, it was coming down between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m. when people were on the road. good it was a snow day for a lot of people out there we had high totals especially in the north and western suburbs where we saw four to 8 inches of snow in a widespread, swath and storm intensified more as it moves into new england this afternoon. it is clearing that companies and we are getting rid of it. lets talk about the wake of the storm, it is in bethlehem, one part of the area that did get some decent snowfall, we saw over 5 inches across most of the lehigh valley and you can see this camera yesterday, we didn't have any snow on it. today complete thely different story but here's good news.
5:51 pm
take a lot road, it is cleared , roads responded pretty well to this and then, of course, road crew where is out doing a great job all morning long keeping things cleared, the wind has dried out the road, too this evening and that means that we've got decent conditions for the rest of this evening. it doesn't look like a huge widespread ice threat which is always good news in the wake have the of the storm like this one. our eyewitness weather watch ers were with us the entire way as they always are, they've got temperatures in the 20's, we will pull up snow totals from them. we saw 2 inches in hatfield at jeff moore's house, two and a half at levittown, john, in yardley bucks county about 3 inches, 2 inches in milton, delaware, gary liska and three in a quarter at chesterfield, new jersey at ed connor's place. nice snow to yield pretty pictures. ed measuring with his cbs-3 weather watchers yardstick there and he has three and a quarter inches he said there you can see it is looking beautiful, at the after shot, and the bird were enjoying it as well, look at these guys
5:52 pm
from phil, the birds enjoying their food, they didn't to have dig too far for it and snow falling in the background but it looks fantastic, loved this as well with the fat flakes drifting down early this morning when the heaviest snow fell early this morning and then cleared out very quickly. quick hitting storm and then a lot of the moisture really fell as rain for much of us and we will miss out the on the heavier snow band rain and then changed over to snow. here's what it is doing right now, not a whole lot of anything for most of the northeast this storm has really ended, and if you are in coastal maine up in nova scotia we are seeing heavy snow right now, cape cod, portions of the hooked part of the massachusetts still seeing heavy snow band but otherwise we are clearing out along i-95 corridor from philadelphia up to new york city and into boston as well. the wind are still very, very strong around the back side of the low, we have got snow showers and squals over western pennsylvania, these even drifting down toward d.c. tonight and not expecting any additional accumulation from these snow showers tonight and
5:53 pm
then snow totals, again recapping a few higher numbers in the north and western suburbs. 7.8 inches in salisbury township. easton checking in at 7 inches in the lehigh valley. bedminster bucks county at 5 inches on have snow. hatfield four and a half and west philadelphia, 2.8. we had just over two in center city but lower amounts further south at the airport just about an inch there so you can see widespread, just over a couple of miles. tomorrow morning we will wake up to temperatures in the 20's , dry in the morning and then clouds increase, could be a stray snow shower tomorrow evening but weekend, it is moderating, us, we're on the south edge of the warm front. milder day. sunday could feature light rain and then this storm looks to ramp up for new england bringing snow monday into tuesday with just a gusty wind for us, still looks like that next one will be a miss for us i'll keep an eye on it the but doesn't look like our storm. 19 degrees, frigid night and your seven day forecast does warm us backup in the 50's this weekend best chance for wet weather comes on sunday.
5:54 pm
we will send it back to you. >> last week beyonce broke internet with news that she's pregnant with twins. >> today news about another celebrity couple also expecting, george clooney and his wife amal are reportedly pregnant with twins. julie chen broke that news on the talk right here on cbs-3. chen said that she talk to the couple and they confirmed the news to her, she says they also said the babies are due in june. >> congratulation is right here on cbs-3. >> when you are a fan of the cbs hit show good wife. >> we will get you ready for the got fight, spin off debut very soon but won't always be able to see it here, when it is on and where you can see it when we come right
5:55 pm
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5:58 pm
it is a battle of the moms tonight at 11:00 vittoria woodill and help mom take on pat gallen and her mom who makes the best sauce or gravy. each makes it a different way. tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00, see which mom and child team comes up on top when the judges, render their verdict. your favorite characters from the hit cbs drama at good wife are back in a new spin off. >> the cast of the good fight, walk the red carpet last night in new york's lincoln center. new series is just one year after the original finally. good fight revolves around christine baransky's character , lawyer, dianne lock heart. >> so many of us loved the show and loved the writing and , you know, it was always a show that was talked about as just being so intelligent and thinking persons so-so why wouldn't you want to continue that. >> good fight premiers on demand on cbs all access, sunday february 19th at 8:00
5:59 pm
p.m. the priest mere episode will also air at the same time right here on cbs-3 with you as series continues, it will only air, on the streaming service. you know it will be good too. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 cleaning up, the shovels, snowblowers, coming in handy today, but we have still seen that weather fall out from this winter storm. >> kate. that is right, we've got temperatures really plumetting tonight, wind making it feel like the single digits. i'll tell you when cold time frame will be and what you can expect as far as ice on the roads tonight. state of new jersey is trying to help people struggling with addiction, and it seems, to be working i'm cleve bryan, coming up how a tv ad feast touring governor christie is making a impact. also taking action a week after a penn state student died in a fraternity house, the notice natalie university is issuing to all greek life, on campus.
6:00 pm
and, we woke up to a wintry blast, heavy snow, fell all across the region but it quickly, turned from a winter wonder land, to a sunny, shoveling session, for many. clear and cold, conditions as people clean up those sidewalks and driveways. it is not just dropping temperatures, and this storm's wake, we're also dealing with whipping wind, making it feel even colder out the side right now. and we're going to be feeling some frigid air out there the next couple of days. hi, good evening everyone i'm ukee washington. hi are one i'm jessica dean. lets get you right over to meteorologist kate bilo in the the cbs-3 weather center. >> the latestes this storm is out of the north east in general. we're seeing just last band of this back across coastal new england as it starts to move off the canadian maritime provinces and skies cleared quickly. this storm was in and it was out and it came in a bit earlier which is what held snowfall totals d


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