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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  February 16, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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good morning i'm rahel solomon. aim jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in a minute but first here's what we need to start your day in the morning minute. >> they will never get it. >> immigrants are taking a stand nationwide they plan to walk off the job as part of the day without immigrant protest. business owners here in this part of the south philadelphia alone, tell is some 20 stores and restaurant won't open up that doors today >> put your hand in my face and i will knock you out. >> reporter: video has gone viral atlantic city police officer threatening two men in the traffic stop. >> many are questioning whether strong language and protent used by officer is necessary. president trump is looking for a new secretary of labor as ceo andrew bus bus inner. >> it is service of his wife in 1990 peering on the talk show describing domestic abuse
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who brought that to light? who is powerful enough, to topple a cabinet secretary? you guessed it, oprah. >> indeed, very powerful woman >> stephen colbert getting more in the political arena, each day. >> a dose of mid-february reality here more than anything where we should be, our temperatures will tech thickcally, and i say that for a reason, pop up in the mid 40 's, but just right on coup breeze picks up on the sky deck, thankfully not the terribly blustery at the moment but does send a chill but you have to account to are that with wind chills all day. to start things off as we do with with storm scan three to not worry about speckles you see flying by, philadelphia county and rest of the southern new jersey there. over the last couple of hours, we do have a system that is nearby to the northeast across northern new england and
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canada, but it will be ushering this more than just cloud throughout the day and noticeable wind which at the moment is cranking upward of 22 miles an hour sustained at the moment in mount pocono making for vicious wind chill values. thirty-four currently at philly international and mid 30's as well in atlantic city. make a note of that this is what you have to to. math in your head to factor in that win. it feels like 23 degrees at the moment, so bundle up for these values. make sure thaw are bundled up adequately. if you have to be outside for an extended period of time whether it is just to wait for a bus, train, keep in mind it is a chilly start to the take and rest of the day too, but closer to average, we have been spoiled late thely, you know, chilly northwest wind with gusts as high as 35 miles an hour, cloud, sunshine to go with it and taking couple different hours throughout the course of the day here and giving you a sense where we will be temperature wise we will top off at 43 between the hours of two and 5:00 but you will see a mixture as represented by the icons there of some sun, cloud, mix of the
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two at any given point but we will stay dry. i promise a thighs warming trend down the road here, meisha later on to let you know when to expect that. >> thanks very much, good morning everyone. this area is where we have an accident, this delaware county 322 eastbound at 95 involving a tractor trailer, the left lane is block, you cannot see it the here but head up because this area is absolutelying to go slow you town. 322 eastbound at 95 we have an accident there and schuylkill at spring garden what we are looking at there pushing in the eastbound direction toward center city and i-95 by airport both of whiz are looking good. schuylkill eastbound heading in to center city is heating up but overall every where we look is looking okay. burlington bristol bridge is opening at 6:15, an alternate for delaware river bridge. head up that will slow down but not for another 45 minutes or so. the then we have construction lingering out there new jersey turnpike southbound at route 322, that right lane is block, carrying through to noon so hopefully that clears upright around noon.
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pennsylvania turnpike out there westbound direction between bensalem, virginia drive, two right lanes are blocked there but still traveling at posted seeds what we want to see. we have some construction maintenance for safety take a look sort beam repairs blue bell avenue is closed over i-95 you will to have use an alternate, best alternate is chichester avenue and take this it is an area that starts to slow down in a little while , jim and rahel, back to you. now to the video that sparked an internal affairs investigation, atlantic city police officer angry profanity filled tirade during a traffic stop. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live in the sat center with the video footage, good morning, trang. >> good morning, this video has been shared 500 times on taste book since posted on tuesday night. many are questioning whether the officers use of strong language and profanity was justified, listen. >> i will slain this one time and one time only. this will go two ways.
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unaudible. >> reporter: cell phone video starts in the middle of the traffic stop, it appears natalie unidentified atlantic city police officer became agitated when one of the two hen began recording the interactions. officer tells man he is wearing a body camera and demand they stop recording. as heard in the video he then threatens to knock them out if they do not comply with his orders. >> put your hand in my face and i will knock you out. do you understand me? do you feel me. >> yes, sir. >> police department says natalie language age tone used by our officer is concerning and in the the condoned by this department. officer involved has been placed on administrative assignment pending outcome of the investigation. the the cities police union is weighing in, saying nighttime traffic stops are dangerous and adding it is imperative we remain in control of the scene sometimes in order to regain that control strong language is used. i have faith natalie
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department will do a complete investigation of the entire stop and not the brief cliff going around on social media. police department says it will have no further comment until the investigation. they are asking anyone with any information about this even count tore contact atlantic city police department internal a tears. jim and rahel, back to you. >> trang, thank you. time is 5:36. this business news stocks are opening at a record high. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange with the details, good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, jim and rahel. future are pointing to a slight thely lower opened but dow jones, nasdaq, s and p all opened up at the new record high levels. this is longest record run in more than two decade, dow jones jumped 107 points yesterday, nasdaq up 36. verizon is close to a you this deal to buy yahoo but for less honey. bloomberg reports new deal will reduce $4.8 billion price tag by 250 million-dollar.
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this follows verizon's disclosure of a massive data breach that exposed date for a billion users. yahoo does confirm it is warning users about even more security breaches, this time, between 2015 and 2016. and how is this for a wedding venue, taco bell, has food chain is opening up a 24 hour canteena and wedding chapel in vegas. to mark that opening, one couple can win a free trip to vegas and a free wedding there each just have to share a photo or 30 seconds video about how taco bell played a role in your row hans. because nothing says love like taco bell, right. >> listen, we were just talking recently. i saw a story a couple years ago you will remember taco bell was opening up a couple of chic taco bell was discos. it is all part of their you this brand. i'm with it. >> reporter: we will see. >> jim's too good for taco bell. >> i do like their, what is it
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, a little quesadilla thing it is crunchy. i will say that. thank you, jill. in more serious news president trump is looking for new nominee for labor secretary. andrew puzder, withdrew his announcement. among other things republicans raised concerns over his failure to pay taxes for five years, on former house keep shore was not authorized to work in the u.s. and it is the end of an era in atlantic city, president's name removed from the trump taj mahal. workers spent yesterday taking trump that i am off shuttered casino. president has not own it for several years. current owner shut it town last october of work are went on strike. two trump administration officials will head to mexico. secretary of state rex tillerson and home land security secretary john kelly will visit mexico city next thursday this a statement mexico's foreign behind industry says it is intended to continue the dialogue, that
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began last who between the two countries presidents. in word if president trump's proposed border wall will be on the agenda. man is behind bars this morning charged with a car crash that sent a husband and wife to the hospital this gloucester county new jersey. police say 41 year-old amelia or telling a struck couple as they rode bikes on delsea drive this franklin township yesterday afternoon. fifty-seven year-old susan cannon is in critical condition her husband six two-year old john cannon is in stable condition at coupe are hospital. and there are mixed emotion about a proposed medical marijuana facility and resident in the northeast are speaking up. park wood civic association held a meeting last night at saint an slam church, 125,000 square foot the facility in the the byberry east industrial park would be used to grow, process the plant. company behind the plant is owned by the children of the the late ed snider, founder of the philadelphia flyers. well, spring isn't too far away and neither is annual philadelphia flower show. >> we have a sneak peak of the theme for this years show, it
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is holland: flowering the world. the show runs from march 11th, to the 19th, at pennsylvania convention center, for ticket you can, head to the flower show's web site the through our web site at cbs would i like to go to that with my mother. have you ever been, jim. >> it is pack. wall to wall people. >> okay. >> be prepared. >> but it is great. >> south jersey couple waking up happier this couple and a lot richer, they are five million-dollar richer to be exact and they are talking about their experience only with cbs-3 "eyewitness news". hear from them next. also good news for fans of the movie, love actually we will tell but plans to bring the characters back, but it is not, at the box office. >> i love, love actually. and inventor of selfie stick has a new idea in mind see how his you this invention , up ahead, it is for inside of your home, um-hmm, we will be right bac
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i'm personally very excited about this one love actually fans are rejoycing this morning as a sequel to the film has been announced. kind of. the film's director richard curtis announced natalie cast will be reuniting on the small screen for this years red nose day and described the short sequel called red nose actually as a tendency to see what everybody is up to now. a number of stars will come back, including hugh grant,
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key ra knightly and liam neeson. american film festival honors on friday, she's set to receive entertainment icon award at ceremony being held, in los angeles. latifah's 30 year career, three decade, includes music, theater, film. she was nominated for best supporting actress academy award for 2002 chicago. i think of queen latifah i think of... >> what was that, 1992. >> i will not say how oldy was then. >> you are younger then us. >> look at the this guy. >> much younger. >> yes. >> slightly younger in living single such a good show. >> yes. >> she has had quite a career, 30 years. >> she has not changed at all. >> there is a expression for that i will not repeat that. >> i don't even get what that is. >> okay. >> yes, our floor director says let's go, but, not the
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greatest day to take but it is shaping up to be a nice weekend. >> yes. >> gorgeous weekend i would say. timing on our side, we have a holiday weekend and it looks like we will end up with absolutely gorgeous conditions , sat the day, sunday, monday. sunday will be the warmest day of the pack which we will discuss but we have to check with our weather watchers. looking at storm scan three, storm system has actually developed across northeastern new england and atlantic canada. on the back heels of that what we end up with is chilly northwest wind flow and drop on the thermometer which we will get to. as we check with our weather watchers they are finding a chill in the air for sure. back down this is 30's which isn't terrible, for hid february, so exactly where you should be, right? it does feel colder. 31 degrees, eileen has a clear sky her wind flow isn't horrible at least according to this report at 7 miles an hour but she did mention that her
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porch time got quite the work out. it kept everybody awake but gusts to 20 miles an hour reported throughout the night out her way. let's zero in and take you out to the 34-degree temperature reading from carrie this morning. the she's finding thighs clear sky. the who hades breeze being reported at this hour but again you'll see this reflect in the future wind speedy show new a second that we are definitely fining those wind throughout the course of the the day. maryann sent this one in. what she described as an explosive sunset, i couldn't cure, absolutely gorgeous colors on the sky line. the this is in hamilton, new jersey as she was leaving work you had to stop to take this shot. the completely understand. that thanks for send ago this in. let's move things beyond storm scan and see what happens beyond this point. we have high pressure building in to the weekend and thighs warming trend. top wind speed is more than anything, just look at wind direction here out of the northwest throughout the course and into it this see these wind speed, locally up
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to 25 miles an hour, gusts up to 35 but then look at what happens even though wind will ease up looking ahead to try look at what happened by week even. still light wind but that wind direction is mainly out of the south that will true warmth northward. what does that mean is this we will warm up and boy is this looking like a good weekend. we could not have planned this bet fur we tried. we will talk about the warmest days happening saturday, sun take, monday, 64 degrees, might as well be mid-april here and that sunshine will continue on monday as well. meisha, over to you. thanks very much. looking gorgeous this weekend, good morning everyone , tait way to the weekend, friday eve, burlington bristol bridge scheduled to open up at 6:15. this is an alternate delaware river bridge, it the will be busy around that area right the now but still town, you can see cars moving by. i-95 southbound headlights moving in the southbound treks , getting busy, first day this week i'm saying that not
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even in the 6:00 o'clock hour. we are heating up, head up for those walking out the door in the next i would say 30 minutes or so. then we have this accident, 322 east at 95 this delaware county is closed between 452 and i-95, you will to have use this all the that it, it is involving entrapment and a tractor trailer and a jeep, so head up, on this it sound like we have report that this will be closed for quite sometime, so this area will get very busy very fastest specially cracking in the 6:00 o'clock hour. head up on that. and then also talking about this construction maintenance in delaware county as well, not too far away there that 322 accident, blue bell avenue closed over i-95 for support beam repairs. that is a safety issue. use that alternate chichester after knew will be your best bet, jim, over to you. thanks, meisha. south jersey couple speaks exclusively with "eyewitness news" after getting the surprise of their lives, monday night. sam and kathy won monday's pick six jackpot of 5.2 million-dollar, they used
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their grandchildren's birthdays and number five for their tickets, sam who served in the marines during vietnam and kathy a retired power plant employee say they will not be extravagant with their winnings. >> we will take care of our kid first make sure that they are, pay think bills off that they are debt free for them, and make sure their homes are paid for. >> it is all about family. >> they have got their priorities straight. the couple purchased their winning ticket at rachel's dell any pennsville and they are not first to win from that deli, in may 2013 michael tish er won one million-dollar by hitting five numbers on the power ball drawing. is there a chance for you to be a millionaire since to one got numbers in last night 's power ball drawing, get out your tickets, winning power ball numbers are five, 28, 33, 38, 42 and the power ball is 19. no one hit all of them but there are some million-dollar winners, so check those tickets, you can see numbers again at cbs philly to the come.
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well, selfie sticks have change the way we take pictures of ourselves and man who came up with the selfie sticks wants to do it again with a new invention, wayne from holds patent for selfie stick. he came up with something new he calls it is a selfie stick it, it sticks to walls and vertical surfaces and then control with your phone. meisha is watching this. >> i'm glued to the screen. >> yes. >> we want to have them in dollar stores, bed, bath and beyond type scores and the professional camera stores and best buy with the higher rise. >> here's why he came up with several models. when he came up with the selfie sticks some came up with cheap knock offs. selfie market is estimated to be worth 80 million-dollar worldwide. it is so continue i meisha was doing her traffic report she rolled her chair out just to see that story. >> selfie queen. >> yes. up next heat 71 year-old
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would had who just graduated from high school. >> we will tell you hoe she was inspired to go back. it involves watching cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we will have it when we come
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♪ >> well, here now a story of inspiration 71 year-old woman has her high school can i prom a after going back to school last year. >> that is alexandria hoff reporting, new graduate wanted to finish what she started after watching another woman's story right here on "eyewitness news". >> reporter: in a sea of selfies and graduation posts one student's success stand out. >> the students were so nice to me. some called me mom, grand mom, hey, how are you doing. >> reporter: carl lot berk it would have graduated from the philadelphia public school system in 1961 but she trooped out not once, but twice after getting pregnant with her two daughters. she was there for their high school graduations and now. >> i'm so proud of you. >> reporter: charlotte is among 200 fellow classmates graduating midyear through philadelphia educational options program for at risk and returning students. >> once i got down to it, it was like okay, at first it was hard, i have been out of school for 55 years. >> reporter: her spark of
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inspiration came in june. >> i'm just a happy person and i thank god for this day. >> reporter: after tuning into "eyewitness news" and catching story of alfreda johnson who earned her degree at the age of 77. charlotte hopes her story can serve to inspire another. >> going down the wrong road, peer pressure, the street, all of the negative things that don't promise you anything. >> reporter: after dropping out in the 11th grade five five-year old lawrence pickens also understands the challenge s of returning to school. >> it was will challenging, but it was best challenge of my life. >> reporter: for students who have long held this day in the back of their behind charlotte led the class, taking a bow... and then finally taking a moment for herself as 2017 high school graduate. >> i did it. i did it. >> reporter: to put it in perspective when she left high school eisenhower was still
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president. she said that this time around her favorite subject was history. she now plans to travel. reporting from the school district of philadelphia,al sand that hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> congratulations to charlotte. >> i love that story. coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" presidents day weekend is a great time to go shopping. i will tell but the best deals available this weekend. in this morning's healthwatch incredible new technology that is making it possible for some blind people to see again. stay with
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a wild police chase on the schuylkill, what officers heard that led to an overnight pursuit. and business as cross the u.s. and right here in philadelphia will close today for a day without immigrants. we are live with the message behind this national protest, and how it could impact your day. turmoil as far as national security is concerned, in the white house and that needs to be fixed. >> senator john mccain raise as alarm bells about the turmoil in the white house and second staff shake up in a week, where things stand with president trump's foreign and domestic dilemmas. it is thursday, february 16th good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon.
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katie and meisha keeping an eye on things. >> we are starting to heat up at this point, 322, we have a very serious accident that may go in details in a little bit. it sound like it will be closed for quite sometime. at least weather will cooperate for us generally seeking. i do think you'll notice win today, however thankfully not caliber like what we saw monday but it will be a blustery day. just a dose of mid-february reality but then we will warm things backup later in the week, specifically in the weekend. the that is something to look ahead to but for now lets go out the door heavy winter coat required, i would get as far as packing little ear muffs, scarves, gloves, all good ideas here because even though it is generally quiet out there on storm scan you have to factor this a wind chill value here today. currently in the low to mid 30 's as a whole, mount pocono at best 20. those are actual air temperatures but not the about 10 degrees off anytime win blows and that is anytime here to take. windy, colder day by cois


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