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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 17, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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afternoon, nothing but sunshine over the city right the now, temperatures right where they should be for a february afternoon. but if you like it warmer, maybe thinking it is kind of neat to go outside in short sleeves, flip-flops in february just you wait until you see what this weekend has in store. the here's storm san three which is showing us kind of some clouds over new york state. that is a warm front starting to push north and that will help usher in this warmth starting tomorrow. you can see right the now temperatures are right where they should be for this time of the year in the mid 40's, 44 is the average high for today's date. we are right where we should be right now. teams good with the sun shining and that february sun angle but look at the that line of green, it is just about to creep into pennsylvania where the 60's and 70's are and it will start to invade the entire northeast as we head through the weekend what to expect this evening it is clear. once sun goes down it will be chilly but quiet with light wind and then tomorrow, the taste of spring will begin. temperatures 15 to 20 degrees
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above. the it will stay there. it will get warmer. i will tell you when we can approach a record and how long these temperatures will last. for now, back inside to you. warm weather could not come at a belter time foresee aisle city. >> in the big weekend in the shore town thanks to a popular event, our cleve bryan is live in sea isle to explain, cleve. >> reporter: ukee and jessica you know this, it is polar bear weekend in sea isle. they have got the big sign here, welcoming, everybody, into town, and the party tents are set up, and some very enthusiastic guests have arrived. wear jean shorts frank reid has a look of the man who doesn't let a little thing like winter kill his beach buzz. he is two time polar king. what is that? for 23rd year sea isle city makes frigid fun with the polar bear plunge and related activities that draw tens of thousands of visitors. >> it is mardi gras in sea isle city. everybody dresses up,
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everybody is coming out, everybody has a great time. it is an exciting event. >> reporter: chamber of commerce hosts the plunge giving businesses a bump during doldrums of winter but beyond the the fans, beverages and wet funnies a special case >> it is people that are passionate bit. it is phenomenal. >> reporter: michael beams over the fact that talking his sea food stories just about as often as autism as the catch of the day. for last nine years mike's sea food sponsored a walk and run on the day after the plunge to benefit families of the the children with autism. >> we give money to schools and autism supports day, groups, and families of special need children. the just a great daze for people with children with disabilities they come out and celebrate here in sea isle city, up on the boardwalk, and right along the ocean there it will be beautiful. >> reporter: beautiful weather in the forecast has helped mike's get 3,000 sign ups for the event. twice as much as last year. people can still join. >> this is going to be a beautiful weekend. >> reporter: to be a former polar king reid has been
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raising money for autism for years. he ups it up, great cause, great event and hopefully this year great weather. >> the place will be pack and we will love it. >> reporter: philadelphia corn hole league has something new this year they are putting on acorn hole tournament, of course, i air bald it on the first one. i should have been practicing. it is part of the family fun thaw can have down here. there will be face painting, another air ball, and all of the money from this, whether you are good or bad like me, come on now, it goes to helping families with autism. live from sea isle, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" >> we are not leaving until you make one. >> that is right. >> we don't have that much time. >> we don't have that much time. >> thanks, buddy, appreciate it. sea isle is only shore point gearing up for presidents day weekend, chopper three over ocean city boardwalk where renovation project is coming together. full length of the boardwalk reopened, on wednesday, to pedestrians runners and bicyclist. improvements continue on entrances at the eighth and ninth street but the whole
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project should be complete, by next month. in wildwood new jersey chopper three over 26th and the boardwalk where sam's pizza place and gate the way 26 arcade every opened for business today this summer marks 60 years for sam's pizza palace and they are celebrat ing with limited hours or friday, sat the day and sun take. center city traffic is still tied up at this hour after a tractor trailer accident, chopper three over eighth and vine streets near the ramp the to the ben franklin bridge where a tractor trailer overturn shortly after 1:00 o'clock. it is unclear what caused that to happen. one person was taken to the hospital but no word on their conditions. the trailer has been removed but traffic is still being affect. thieves target a popular south philadelphia sandwich shop and get the away with thousands of dollars in cash. police say they got the in and out of the the restaurant through the roof. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh explains how brazen burglars pulled off the heist and who stepped into replace some of the stolen money. >> they cut the wires. they knew to take the dvr from
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the security cameras, and i mean, it the is just ridiculous. >> reporter: during decade of business, john's roast pork in south philadelphia has been burglarized before but never this brazenly said the owner, john. >> very upsetting. >> reporter: because the thieves took dvr there is no surveillance video to review but repair crews found entrance and exit point on the roof. thieves apparently had the skills and the tools to break the lock on the exhaust fan, remove the motor, and then go down the vent to steel thousands of dollars in cash. he says that they got in around 3:00 friday morning un successfully tried to break into an atm machine and then got away with the register box instead. >> they took $1,500 that was ear mark for the foundation, that is where i got myanmar owe for my transplant. >> reporter: in a show of solidarity frank oliveri, owner of pat's cheese steaks dropped a check off to least place money intended for the charity. >> philadelphians take care of
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each other. it is a horrible thing that somebody would come up with an idea to do that. >> reporter: that is how customers felt too. >> oh, no, that is awful why would someone company that. >> reporter: elizabeth walker and her two kid drove from delaware to try john's roast park. >> this was our first time. >> reporter: but they arrived to this hand made sign notifying them of the burglary , regular customers like lisa doser were also disappointed. >> is there other spots around here that some good spots, some bad but none like john's roast park. >> reporter: bucci hopes to reopen on saturday and although news of burglary isn't what any business owners wants to wake up to. >> as long as no one was hurt, you nose, it is replaceable. >> reporter: in south philadelphia, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police are asking for public's help in catching a thief at the springfield mall in delaware county. what you are looking at here is mall surveillance video. authorities say last month the person seen here, stole close to $800 from a cash register at tony lukes. the restaurant was hit one times in the same week. police believe natalie store
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was closed but the mall opened when those robberies took place. a philadelphia he police officer is recovering after being dragged, during a traffic stop in east germantown. it happen just before 10:30 last night at 20th and spencer authorities say natalie driver dragged the 28 year-old officer about 500 feet, that officer was treated for cuts and bruces at einstein medical center. police are still looking for the driver of the silver 2005 pontiac grand prix with pennsylvania license plate of j as in john, l as in linda, x , marks the spot, 9786. search continues for suspects who gunned down two young brothers in philadelphia 's east mt. airy section. it happened on the 300 block of east upsol street just after 10:30. brothers both in their early 20's were found lying on the ground outside of their family 's driveway. police believe they were shot because of an ongoing neighborhood dispute. there is new fall out from a grand jury report, on child sex abuse allegations, at the
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sole bring school in bucks county. a former student is now suing the prestigious private school "eyewitness news" reporter... authority say at boost began in the 1950es and continued, through 2005 on school property. we are hearing about a victim 's alleged experience at the school. philadelphia attorney tom kline and two other attorneys say their client is 29 years old, right the now when she was sexually abused by a former athletic director while she was in high school and under age. this comes after the bucks county district attorney's office just a few weeks ago announced a report that alleged, sexual abuse between students and teachers, saying that it continued, for over 50 years. attorneys say that the specific case took place, from
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2003, to 2005. >> it was common knowledge at solebury school, and no one at the school did anything to help this young woman. >> what happened here is a tragedy as part of a larger american tragedy where children are the victims of those who are supposed to protect them. >> reporter: coming up tonight at 6:00 o'clock what the school has to say about the brand new lawsuit, and some words, from one of the alleged victims. reporting live, david spunt, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you. police in newtown bucks county are warning residents after they say two people tried to lure a young girl into a car. this is the car they are searching for a gold sedan, missing a rear hubcap with kentucky plates. the girl told police that a man and woman asked her to get in the koran providence court on wednesday, she was on her way home from wrightstown elementary school at the time. the girl walked away and told her parents. a local library currently under renovation gets a visit
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from philadelphia's mayor jim kenney. "eyewitness news" at lilian library in north philadelphia this morning. the mayor and other city officials took a hard hat tour of the least bare toy see ongoing renovations. the library is part of the five local libraries, chosen to receive a make over. the library closed its doors last year and is expected to reopen, this fall. well, local students enjoyed a special performance of the ringling brothers circus at wells fargo today. >> it is last chance to see greatest show on earth in philadelphia after 146 years the iconic circus announced in january that this will be its final tour. the show here runs through monday, tickets are still available. ringling brothers first debuted in brooklyn in 1871, the final performance is set for may 21st this long island, new york. well, they say texts and social media are never deleted coming up there is an app that claims to have your section self-destruct after they are read.
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we will show you more in our next half an hour. we could all use an extra hand or two in the kitchen and now a chef is available to help. now jim donovan takes us inside a robotic kitchen gist ahead and plus leslie is the spring training. >> reporter: man in charge of the operations here goes by jt , he has a very famous nephew with the same initials. we will tell you all bit coming up in sports. looks good in clearwater but what a lovely cruise from
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8f8z z12fz y28f8y y12fy
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when are short or time or talent or just like latest gadgets, you might consider a new addition to the kitchen. three on your side jim donovan looks at a robotic chef preparing dishes and it could come to a kitchen near you. >> something revolutionary is simmering in this kitchen. robotic master chevies whipping up a meal. >> it looks like from a future dealing. >> reporter: but future is here with the robotic kitchen. >> you can use the preloaded recipes. they can do it. >> reporter: only human involvement is the prep, you measure and prepare ingredient s, robot adds mixes and even controls temperatures it copies movement of the original chef and has library
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of more than 100 recipes. the with the touch of the button you can down load a recipe and robot produce is it exactly asthmas ter chef would have cooked it. company is taking this model and making it small tore fit in homes, it could be available in 2018 but it won't be cheap costing as much as 100 you this dollars. >> in a couple of, i don't know, years, maybe five years it could be at an attractive price level for more homes. >> reporter: until then rest of us will to have cook and serve ourselves. now once robotic kitchen is installed you are not stuck using it all the time. all of the appliances also workman you'llly this way you are free to do some of the cooking yourself if you feel like it. reporting for three on your side i'm jim donovan. good news for the fans of the good wife. new drama series the good fight, launches this sunday with the special preview of the premiere episode here on r bs3. christie baransky is back playing role of the dianne lockheart.
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>> miss lockheart, hello. >> i didn't know you joined them. >> four monthsing ago. >> alycia to. >> no, just me. >> well, congratulations should we get started here. >> sorry i'm late. >> the actress told us what is special for her about playing this character, again. >> all of us associated with the good wife loved the job, for so many reasons, for me, as an actress i always loved the character of dianne to get an opportunity to play a woman who is, ab authority figure a woman in power, well dress, well educated, well spoken, complicated, interesting personal life, very interesting professional life. i always thought dianne was like a lot of woman who are out the this is world, who are really under represented in film and television and there is woman running institutions and governments and universities and we don't see their stories told, so dianne
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always was to me a ground breaking character. >> you can catch the good fight sunday the at 8:00 p.m. here on cbs-3. after the premiere all new episode of the series will be available sundays, exclusively , for cbs all access, subscribers. a real love bird received plenty of love thanks to social media. >> rhea suffers from a dangerous disease that has caused her if the tours fall out. since she is's often cold she find warm spots to snug he will up. now when rhea owners lives in boston posted on facebook that her feathers will never grow back, the bird's so media fans came to the rescue big time. people came and sent hundreds of little sweaters to rhea and new she's looking great in her new outfit. >> she's tiny. >> she is. >> that is funny. >> but she's warm. >> look at that like a little fashionista. >> so cute. >> rhea looking good. >> birds will be chirping this weekend. the weather will be nice. >> it will be beautiful this
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weekend. i mean this is a good forecast for april. >> yes. >> this is a good forecast for october. this is a beautiful forecast. but for february thinks almost unheard of. so as we talk about yesterday, there are down sides to this much warmth this time of the year but two weekend days in the 60's, long weekend, in february. >> bring it. >> kids are loving it. kid will have a long weekend from school, big kid, little kid, everybody is loving this forecast for the weekend and it looks like mild weather will stick around into next week but it peaks this weekend saturday, sunday our two warmest days in the forecast. lets look outside right now down the shore where cleve was just talking about polar plunge weekend, polar bear weekend out there. this is ocean city looking fantastic. we've got the blue skies, it is going to be pretty crowded down the shore, would i imagine anyone that has access to a shore house or condo or a place to stay might be heading down the shore this weekend just to get one of those early spring weekend in and maybe get excited for upcoming summer season. we're looking great. nice evening for a walk on the boardwalk. we still need a jacket out there tonight.
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you definitely won't need it for next couple of days. let's check on storm scan three which is showing a whole lot of nothing. it is quiet. we have a few patchy clouds as we zoom out you can see is what causing this big, warm up here. you can see warm front extending back toward the great lakes lifting to the the north as we head through next few days and a big ridge in the jet stream over the eastern half of the country. this is allowing air from the south and west, to really move in, through the northeast, this weekend. they are feeling witt record highs across much of the midwest out there today and the weekend, well, that will be our turn. gorgeous shot the here this evening from the palmyra cove nature park, we have got lots of sun, beautiful sunset is expect. again, sun does not set until 5:39 or so-so we're still seeing that day light last almost into the 6:00 o'clock hour. we have gotten 1 degree above average. we are back to the red after a cold day yesterday, but notice we have had five dates this month below average. judging by long range forecast through next week even, next
5:20 pm
weekend it looks like much more red to be added to this calendar. it will be a very warm february overall, especially over weekend when we could be seeing a few more days like this one with temperatures 20 degrees above average. so, overnight we will drop down to a low temperature of 34 degrees, it is quiet, not too cold, just a few clouds, waking up on your saturday mostly sunny feeling like april, 15 to 20 above average, cloud may roll in the evening but all and all a beautiful day, mostly sun which a high of 61 degrees. then we will challenge a record on sunday, forecast high of 65. the record is 68. just a little cool down on presidents damon, thanks to the east wind picking up back to the 50's but when five is a cool down in february you know how far above average you are, and look at this stretch, presidents day weekend, three days, and they all look beautiful, all three with sun, only chance for clouds is saturday night into sunday morning. maybe an overnight shower, mostly missing that, it is just stellar, this weekend.
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i don't know if i have enough adjectives. >> we will take that. >> thanks, kate. still ahead working out does not have to be a drag. >> these people are having a good time exercising, we will show you a work out craze that will keep you laughing, don. timberlake, gos link and phillies, up next find out how all those 3comm together in clearwater, florida. sports up
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tonight's special: longhorn favorites. get our outlaw ribeye, the longhorn salmon, or the parmesan crusted chicken. and for lunch, try our steakhouse burger, or any steakhouse lunch combo. you can't fake steak. hi there don bell. >> hi. >> how goes it. >> happy friday. >> happy friday everyone. >> i to too, i would love it in clearwater, did you say timberlake, gosling, what are you talking about. >> ukee is like what. >> all together, lets talk about it. >> all right. >> a very important hand, he brings the fun to the ballpark he also, wants to bring sexy back. leslie van arsdal with the phillies and she has more from clearwater, florida. >> is there a reason this
5:25 pm
ballpark is so popular, beautiful field for the adults there is a tiki bar and for kid a play ground. we sat down with the man in charge. the man behind the beautiful ballpark monas spectrum field is jonathan timberlake, in charge of the operations for phillies and gm of the clear the water thrashers and yes, he is justin timberlake's uncle. >> he is my nephew. >> reporter: that would slain this picture taken when justin was with the band n'synx. >> every time he comes back town here it is one of the things he tells me i forget how much i love clearwater. >> reporter: justin's best buddy back in the the day you may have heard of him. >> come over to indian rock, and, he would bring a buddy with him, because very often they would have a break for a weekend and his parents were in memphis and looking through some photos and at christmas and i was talking to and said why is ryan gosling like at your house for christmas.
5:26 pm
>> reporter: next time you are in clearwater and think that looks like justin timberlake it very well could be. reporting from clearwater florida, leslie van arsdal for "eyewitness sports". >> timberlake is kind of a unique last name. >> i wonder if justin's at the ballpark if he will be rocking the tips like tell back in the the day. >> he wishes that picture would go away. >> that will be around a long time. >> yes. >> thanks, buddy, appreciate it. coming up next, president trump on the cover of the time magazine again but this time, it is not flattering. the president on the move today talking jobs, and hanging with the grand kids, but there are pressing issues in his administration, we will talk live to john dicker son. keep your text messages secret one claims to destroy your conversations so they are gone without a trace, we will your conversations so they are gone without a trace, we will show you about 10 yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it.
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president trump hits the road and he is talking jobs and more as he prepares for what he is calling his first campaign rally, as president. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30 hi everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. the president trump returned to south carolina and to a theme that helped him win the election. >> donald j trump. >> with boeing's new 787 dream liner as a backdrop president trump renewed a campaign promise. >> as your president i'm going go to do everything that i can to unleash the power of the american spirit and to put our great people back to work. >> reporter: president got a tour of the south carolina plant where boeing workers are assembling the new plane. >> our goal as a nation must be to rely lesson imports and more on products, made here in the u.s.a. >> reporter: president said he could make it happen by reducing regulations, lowering
5:31 pm
taxes and enforcing trade rules. back in washington the white house is pushing back against a draft memo natalie ap obtained indicating the trump administration is considering mobilizing the national guard, to round up immigrants in the u.s. illegally. spokesmen sean spicer called the memo 100 percent not true, democrats called the idea appalling. >> that would be one of the most unamerican things that would happen in the last century. >> reporter: president trump is promised to go roll out a new executive order on immigration next week, and he is also looking to name a new national security advisor after michael flynn was forced to resign and admiral robert h arward turned down the the job. acting national security advisor keith killing on is one of the four on his short list. joining us is host of the face the nation, john dickerson with a look ahead to the show, on sunday, and john, another big week of news coming out of this white house i know you have chairman of
5:32 pm
the house intelligence committee on this week during a week where we heard a lot from the intelligence community. what do you expect to hear from him. >> reporter: well, we're hoping to talk to him about two big issues. one, intelligence community is involved in investigating any contacts between russians and trump campaign, in terms of russian efforts to get involve in the election. intelligence community know russians tried to heat will but were there contacts with the trump campaign that includes former national the security advisor michael flynn who resigned this week. second big question for devon nunez, chairman of the house intelligence commit thee is what about all these leaks, information coming out of the administration at all different parts of the administration, that are causing headaches for the president and they are sensitive information, and what does this mean about sort of the nature of intelligence inside of the administration right thousand. >> it is certain liz going to be interested to hear what he has to say. you will have congressman elijah congress a former member of the congressional black caucus on what do you
5:33 pm
make of president trump's relationship with the congressional black caucus. >> well, that is what we're going to ask the the congressman. it was an interesting exchange touring his press conference yesterday, with april ryan, an african-american reporter, in hi the president seemed to be trying to engage her in some negotiation toss set up a meeting. he also mentioned elijah cummings, natalie president said he was supposed to have a meeting with cummings and elijah doesn't remember it that way. in fact, said that the story wasn't true. so we want to get that all sorted out. but most important is elijah cummings there baltimore wants to work with the president, so where can they work? the democratic party right now , the grass roots level doesn't want to work with the president on anything but the congressman has real business he can do to help baltimore and so we want to kind of figure out where he can make common cause with the president. >> it is certainly fascinating , john, thanks very much, we will be watching on
5:34 pm
sunday and don't forget watch face the nation with john dickerson sunday morning at 10:30 right here on cbs-3. former mexican president vincente fox is denouncing president trump. here's some of what he had to say about the president's first weeks in office. >> in the last three weeks that he doesn't have any capacity to make deals. he didn't show it with pen use nieto like australia and others. >> fox said that mexico will not pay for a proposed border wall. time magazine tweeted an animated version of the most recent cover, cover story deals with what time calls chaos inside of the trump white house during the president's first month in office. it says, nothing to see here, it shows the president caught in the middle of a storm. president trump had special guests join him as he prepared for his trip to south carolina. president walk across white
5:35 pm
house lawn while holding hand of two of his grandchildren. they stopped to wave at white house press before boarding, marine one. still to come on "eyewitness news" with lots of allegations of leaked information in washington d.c. we will show you an app that send text that self-destruct, disappear without a trace. also this... it may look strange but doctors say these people are i am loving their health, stephanie stahl shows us a new kind of of work out that is good for body and soul in less than 10 minutes. well, this would be a great weekend watch in october , april, march, but in february it is ridiculous. take a look at these temperatures well above average all weekend long in the poconos, the city, and at the shore we have lots of sunshine as well. only chance for wet weather would be late sat the day night, overnight stray shower sunday starts with a few cloud and 65 degrees and we will be in the 60's down the shore right around 50 this weekend in the
5:36 pm
very customizable. you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier.
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the united negro college fund is raising money to help students at historically black colleges and universities, stay inside school through its build better futures initiative. new campaign's goal, to raise $500,000. >> what we're trying to to is raise scholarship money for kid, sometimes it is those last few dollars that they need to graduate that they do not have. so for whatever reason. and we want to provide that so that they can get out of college. >> you can get more information on the initiative at cbs, we have a link for you right there on the home page. if you would like to keep your text messages, ultra private. >> a new secret messaging app may be for you. confide is hidden messaging app reportedly being used by
5:40 pm
three white house staffers. the users can send messages that vanish moment they are red. the co founder slain why there has been a spike in town loads >> any news worthy lack, leak, vulnerability of digital communication leads to a corresponding spike in our usage and engagement metrics. >> another feature of the app message recipients are restrict from taking screen shots f users try to take a screen shot the message is destroyed and sender receives net case that a screen shot was attempted. >> very mission impossible. >> very much so. >> sometimes a good hard work out can make you want to cry. >> we will show you work out that is all about laughter. that is
5:41 pm
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we are following breaking news in delaware county right now a vicious attack send a young girl to the hospital. >> police say natalie child was stabbed in the face, "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria movies live at the scene in collindale with the very latest on this, alex? >> reporter: well, the stab wound to the eight year-old girl's upper forehead, it is significant but we are told that she's awake and has just been transported to the children's hospital of philadelphia. at this point police do not believe little girl was intended target but they are still investigating. they say natalie injury occurred during a dispute between second and third floor tenants at a rot here in the 500 block of macdade boulevard the woman who police believe is responsible for this has been taken in custody. they add that she lived at the property and was, likely part of the family.
5:45 pm
we will get back to you. let's talk health right now. you might want to head to a special kind of yoga class, fun and no joke. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has a story that could put the a smile on our face. >> reporter: exactly. >> it is unusual style of yoga keeping students in stitches, where else with you on a beach in california, of course. laughing yoga combines traditional stretching with gut busting laughing and despite fun doctors say it can have serious health benefits. >> come up. this ohio chance begins with a few simple moves. >> one more time inhale. >> and then... >> laughing. >> reporter: the laughing begins. laughter yoga guide students through different exercises designed to make them laugh. >> some people have their favorite. >> reporter: jeffery brewer first brought laughter 12 years ago, while he admits while practice can look a bit
5:46 pm
unusual, and he thinks the health benefits are no joke. >> i used to be sick about three weeks a year and now i'll go with no cold, no flu. >> gamma frequency. >> reporter: doctor berk of the university said natalie benefits of laughing are measurable. >> we're starting to understand laughter, much better, then we ever did. >> reporter: with tests like this berk tracks effects of laughter on the brain and body research shows that laughing lowers blood pressure, and reduces level of the stress hormones, and it also helps boost the immune system. >> it increases, antibodies that look for germs and bacteria and so forth. >> reporter: pediatricians yo landa qualm has been a laughing yoga student for two years and says the class has change her life. >> i feel rejuvenated, i feel alive, i feel happy, just to be free, laugh.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: just love watching them. laughing yoga was first developed by an indian doctor based on the concept natalie body cannot tell difference between real laughter and fake laughter so the physical and mental benefits are the same. you can just start laughing. >> imagine being on that beach >> getting ready to say they are laughing at their friend. >> yes, a west coast mentality , east coast mentality. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> how about that. >> how about that. >> we're smiling about this forecast i'm sure. >> i think we should try walk down schuylkill river trail tomorrow and start cracking up and see if people around you join in. >> they may call someone. >> what is happening is this. >> exactly. >> they will call re enforcement but it will be a beautiful weekend, lots of smiles in the area. not a lot of coats. no gloves, hats, scarves. temperatures averaging 15 to 20 degrees above normal this weekend and you know what
5:48 pm
tonight is pretty beautiful just typical february day but we are starting off weekend on a great night. a lot of people heading up this weekend and new again it is not all that warm, after all that snowy, i should say at the ski slopes this weekend but plenty of snow and one of the great weekend where you can ski or snow board without a coat on. it will be great. temperatures in the lower 50's this is poconos looking like tomorrow and sunday as well. a lot of folks out there, this weekend and you don't to have pack the parka this time around. our eyewitness weather watchers getting excited about the weekend ahead, we have got really great temperatures out there, press the eye seasonal, warmer then yesterday by about five or 6 degrees. phil in chestnut hill looking good at 44 degrees. i want to show you this shot of the duck that phil sent along. these guys enjoying blue skies , water. the beautiful shot there with the ducks in the pond and he has a couple of bird getting ready for this beautiful weekend as well. thanks for those photos, phil. we will check at 41 with ilene mur any bill getsville.
5:49 pm
eileen says sunny, but chilly all day. get ready for a week even warm up. we are ready. i'm ready. 45 degrees in northern delaware, walter, he is in newark and he says it is not too bad out there today. sunnies wonderful. i felt same way. little chilly but seasonal, it was that stronger february sun , actually felt good when you were outside. few more photos from our weather watchers, helen send nothing this one. they have some budd popping up in marlton. we've got some flowers, all ready getting fooled thinking it is, spring. what a beautiful shot this is as well of a gorgeous sunset happening, in her area, so thank you, as always to our eyewitness weather watchers. i hope you have a fantastic weekend. aim sure we will get photos from them so check back to see some of those. the lets look at storm scan three which is showing the system that is bringing all of the warmth in, and warm front draped across, you can see line of cloud, kind of, from portions of the north east and new england, cloud over upstate new york we are not seeing much cloud cover and
5:50 pm
thinks all lifting northward. is there a high centered right around here and what that will be doggies pumping air from the the south and west all across the eastern seaboard this weekend. temperatures on their way up, and here's a beautiful skies with pastel colors as day comes to an end in kutztown where it is 38 degrees. wind has died down, that makes such a huge difference this time of the year. yesterday was blustery, it felts like 20's all day to day temperatures five or 6 degrees warmer but it feels about 15 degrees warmer thanks to the decrease, in the wind speeds. so right now city looking great as well, we've got pink cloud outside, beautiful sunset outside walking around. 44 degrees. pretty seasonal. light wind from the west at 12 n currently feels like 38 degrees. much better then yesterday at this time when it felt like about 26. so current wind you can see are wester liz. they will switch and become more southeasterly as we head in the weekend and that will help bring that nice warm air up, but west wind is down sloping flow for us, warming flow is about a light breeze
5:51 pm
at 10 miles an hour across the area feeling like april this weekend as that warm front lifts to the north, sunshine both saturday and sunday, there is that heat pumped high we talk about. very mild, on sunday and then just a little bit cooler on machine as we will sees these, buckle back and we will see almost a back door kiehl front edging some east wind back in the region. we will trim warmth a bit on presidents damon but still above average. we will see lots of sunshine. tomorrow 1:00 o'clock full sun watch what happens in the afternoon by 7:00 o'clock a few more cloud roll in. they will be with us overnight but that is just overnight sunday at 5:00 a.m. we will see these cloud decreasing and sunday afternoon we are back to fully clear skies, so weekend warm up is longer then a week even warm up look at how long this warm spell is in place. machine jet stream well off to the north and continues tuesday, wednesday, thursday, all of the cold lock off to the north over canada we will not see it the for quite sometime. no below average temperatures, whatsoever through the foreseeable future. for your saturday mostly sunny
5:52 pm
, feeling like spring, 61 degreh continuing through the seven day forecast, now the next two days are warmest, sunday 3 degrees from the record of the 68 but back to the 60's by end of the week and then next week we could see a chance for rain especially by friday, ukee and jessica back to you. kate, thank you. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight a special visit for some seniors. >> how many horses helped spread smiles at a local nursing home, tor
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
when it comes to being grammar cally correct or sticklers and while others are more willing to let it slide. in the digital age when we are more likely to text and then talk, toss good grammar. >> we make inferences about education level, and so on, based on the language that they use. >> our nicole brewer sits down with an expert in language to discuss the most common
5:56 pm
mistakes abe when it can cost you tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 on cbs-3. montgomery county, a pair of miniature horses brought out big smiles when they turned up in the unlikely of places today. >> our vittoria woodill shows us why the animals left the farm in south jersey for a special appearance in hat the bureau. >> reporter: here's something you do not sees every day miniature horses making a stop for seniors. >> give her a kiss. >> there you go. >> reporter: yes. >> everybody sees a dog and cat but when we seahorse walk through the door it is a different experience. >> reporter: will be third time natalie mini's of medford will make their way in the common room of luther wood nursing and rehab. bringing a little down on the farm, to the woods. >> we have people that live in farms, horses or whatever and i thought we have to bring the outside inside to them and that is what we did. >> reporter: these mini horses leave a big impression on each person that they need and
5:57 pm
greet. these mini's love love and they are getting a lot of it here. how does it make you feel. >> it makes you tiehl good. they are sweetheart. you are a good girl. >> they bring a lot of joy. >> they do, they do, yes, we look forward to it. >> reporter: now the mini's from medford are actually rescue animals and farm they live on is retirement farm so fitting for a retire animals to helping out retirees. >> they share that in common. >> so cute and some of those seniors they just wanted to just, that is beautiful thing about an has. >> yes. >> when you see a horse come through the door it is a whole new feeling. >> something you don't see every day. >> great stuff. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 an alleged victim comes forward just weeks after a scandal rocked a bucks county school. disturbing details her lawyers laid out and then allegations of abuse dating back a half
5:58 pm
century. and taking it to the streets, protesters once again gathered in center city the reason they are marching tonight, kate? now natalie sun has gone down there is a chill in the air on this friday night in philadelphia but we are not going to be feeling much of that for a while, a taste of spring as temperatures shoot up to 15 or 20 degrees above average, i'll tell you which day is warmest and when we could approach a record high. plus, it is sure seems like nice weather for a weekend trip? we are live from south jersey where one town is expecting quite a crowd. we should never and can the not allow this to happen and go forward. >> seeking justice a woman comes forward with her tail of sexual abuse, allegedly at the hand of the faculty member at a bucks county school. this school is coming under scrout the any just weeks ago after allegations surfaced that abuse had been going on there for 50 years.
5:59 pm
good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news", reporter david spunt is in the cbs-3 sat center with more on the lawsuit filed today. >> reporter: authorities insist this boost began in the 1950's, not even a decade after world war two ended for perspective one allege victim will soon be 80 years old. just a few hours ago a local law firm filed this lawsuit on behalf of another former student, hoe are who says she still suffers every single day behind the walls of the solebury school is a scandal half a century in the making. >> what happened here is a tragedy of part of a larger american tragedy, where children are the victims, of those who are supposed to protect them. >> reporter: philadelphia attorney tom kline blasted the school and is ready for a fight in court. on february 1st, "eyewitness news", reported that bucks county authorities released information, about more than 50 years of alleged sexual abuse. this is just one of the
6:00 pm
several cases authorities say. >> it was common knowledge, in solebury school, and no one at the school did anything to help this young woman. >> reporter: jordan mercy is on the case and says his client, known by the initials mb, suffered physical and mental abusal solebury school. he says that a former athletic director sexually abused his client when she was under age in high school from 2003 through 2005. >> for many, many years she was confined to her home and her bed frankly because she was severely derested. >> reporter: bucks county district attorney matthew wine taubb says students as young as 14 were sexually abused by instructors. authorities blamed the relaxed environment of the school and attorney marci hamilton read a statement from the victim in this case. >> by the school not taking responsibility, each victim will carry guilt and w


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