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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  February 22, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EST

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well, looking for answers federal investigators returned to the 69th street transportation center today to figure out what went wrong before a train crash, we will tell you about the impact it may have on your commute this morning. new revelation this is morning in the story a man who says he lied about a carjacking in child's kidnapping, surprising reason police say he made it all up. philadelphia begins collecting money from its new sugar drink tax just how much honey the city will collect this month? today is wednesday, february 22nd good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. we will tell you how to score tickets to the brand new museum of the american revolution but first a check of the forecast with katie and roads with meisha. good morning. >> happy hump day. road are looking good.
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we have one accident and construction to talk about. >> yes, we have some generally quiet weather. we have more warm air coming in allowing for temperatures to rise and cloud cover out there we will go out to storm scan three which is showing sun, we have a couple sprinkles rolling through poconos for example and new jersey and across new york state border. many of you will not need umbrella at all. would i dare say none of you will need it, because again it is a sprinkle or stray shower here this morning and then we're donnas warm front lifts thort and we will start to see cloud cover begin to break for more sunshine as day progresses. looking at a quick peak there should be more values out there but generally in the lower 40's here. we will check on those values in a second. forty-two is value at philadelphia international airport, thermometer reading. forty-one in atlantic it the i n dover we are at 40 degrees. elsewhere we will see if we will get any quakertown checking in at 37, 41 in willow grove. rendering issues with our date a we will check on that for you. regardless this will be a nice
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mild day for the region as cloud break for sunny skies. we will end up in the 60's here. surge begins, 63 in the city at the shore mid 60's as well and even up in the mountains 50 degrees with sun, which is if for stan are of the late february. meisha. >> yes, all right katie, thanks very much. looking outside vine street expressway closed overnight for construction. you can see it looks like it is may be opening right now eastbound side still closed. head up between schuylkill and broad. for those heading out right now you height get tripped up ever so slightly but westbound side is starting to open. looking at oxford valley, route one, all lanes block mountain southbound side that might also just be clearing, we have been dealing with the construction, you exit off of oxford valley and then reenter object oxford valley. head up, we are getting used to that construction project there. but what i really want want to talk business market frankford line derailment yesterday. great news we are back to full service, however, they are saying that you might to have
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second certain delays, and certain parts here. check your schedules on line. market frankford line good job back to full service. we had an accident on the new jersey turnpike and it sound like that is clear. rahel, back over to you. in this morning a fiery crash in montgomery county kills one person. police say a car hit a tree late last night, at the intersection of ash and felter and black rock road in upper providence and then hit another tree and caused fire. the causes under investigation another overnight crash this one on the northeast extension, of the pennsylvania turnpike send two people to the hospital. police say two vehicles were involve this is accident this happened shortly after midnight, and northbound lanes near walton road and plymouth meeting there is no word on the condition of the two people hurt. roadway is back opened. investigators to continue to search for answers after a septa crash injuries four people. market frankford line is operate to go take but you can expect delays. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live at 69th street terminal with more on the investigation, good morning, jan.
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>> reporter: good morning. ntsb investigators will try to figure out exactly what caused this crash and derailment yesterday at this point though , investigators have released very little will tore about the the moments leading up to the crash. they have not said whether this could have been caused by operator error or some sort of mechanical or equipment failure but you cane live behind me on the the scene this morning that crews are here on the scene and they continue their work. the is there still a couple of cars on the track is here outside of the 69th street terminal. now, all of this starting just after 8:00 yesterday morning, officials say a septa el train plowed into the back of the second train, stopped on the tracks, and then sideswiped a third train here. seven cars in all, derailed, and four people were injured, most serious injury came to the operator of that first train, he was taken to the hospital in chris the california condition. and now this section of the track is on a loop which allows trains on the market frankford line to roll roll out of the city through 69th street terminal and into upper
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darby before turning around and heading back in the city. speeds are limited to 10 miles an hour and septa does confirm that train control technology is installed here that should have prevented this crash. >> is there an automatic train control system, it is a signal system, so trains move under signal authority and the signal system will keep the trains separated. >> reporter: so there are a whole lot of unanswered questions this morning, one, what caused the crash, also, why were there two passengers still on the trains when they were out of service in the loop. all four people who were injured are expected to recover, and coming up in our next half an hour we will hear from frustrated passengers who are tired of septa having all of these issues and as rahel and meisha, jim mentioned the market frankford line is back on line, this morning, but you can expect some residual delays. we're reporting just outside 69th street terminal this
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morning, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". rahel and jim back to you. we will check in next hour in other news philadelphia police filed charges against a delivery driver who reported a fake carjacking. investigators say marcus fletcher told them monday night the that two men had robbed him in logan and then stole his car with his four year-old nephew inside. minutes later officers found the car but no child. investigators say that he kept changing his story and then admitted to making it up because he wanted to see police quote work harder. this morning two men are charged with sexually assaulting two teenage boys in the the bucks county park in separate incidents. investigating believe there are more victims. both happened at the pat park in solebury township, both victims just 13 year-old. an animal control officers saul barsonnies charged with sexual ly a ultimate is aing a boy. nicholas fisher in january. police say there is no connection between the two cases, so far they say both men used apps to lure their
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victims. >> these children can access any application, on their cell phones, through the tablets, lab tops and even gaming console where predators and offenders can reach out to them. >> reporter: police recommend parents know their child's pass words and restrict use late at night and if you find something suspicious, screen shot it and save it. that information could help police. and police this gloucester township are looking for the man they say woman says tried to abduct her monday night. chopper three over may apple road where the the attack happened. now, police say, that the man tried to pull a woman into his car but when she screamed, he let her go and drove off toward sicklerville road. police are looking for white suv with black trim and in dash navigation system. police arrested 31 year-old brandon washington and in the attempted murder of two security guard at a willingboro, burlington county vfw post. washington was being kicked out of the club, when he pulled a handgun and fired at the security guards. the guard were not seriously
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injured. philadelphia has begun collecting payments for it is is controversial soda tax but officials won't know until next month how much money the city stand to make: projections show it will bring in 2.3 million-dollar this month and more than 5 million next month, but retailers say sales have dropped off since the tax went in effect on january 1st. officials expect to eventually make about 7.7 million-dollar a month from this tax. happening today u.s. conference of the mayors holds a that the day of action on the repeal of the affordable care act. fill will a mayor jim kenney is taking part and planning a news conference today with health care leaders and others who have have personally benefited from the affordable care act. the news conference is expected to discuss the serious impact repealing the act, would have on philadelphia. today secretary of state rex tillerson is planning to meet with australian officials he and home land security secretary john kelly are heading to mexico where it will meet with its president and other high ranking mexican
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leaders. home land security has new immigration enforcement guidelines that include return of the mexican immigrants captured at the border, plus hiring thousands more immigration and border patrol agents. the president trump is keeping the d.a. ca program which protects immigrants that came to the u.s. ill will legally as children. tickets today get on sale for new museum of the american revolution in olde city philadelphia it features artifacts and other features highlighting battle will for independence. at 11:00 is there a birthday cake for george washington's 200 and eighty-fifth birthday. tickets go on sale at 10:00 and on line at noon. we have put a link to buy ticket at cbs and cbs local app. museum opens april 19th. well, it is national engineer's week. >> we will show you how lock heed heart inn is testing engineers by taping those to the wall. plus this... >> the way a group of police officers were able to rescue a man from the burning car, the
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whole thing was caught on body camera. and, officers say that this guy is responsible for yet another rooftop burglary in montgomery county a place hit when "eyewitness news"
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back on "eyewitness news" and new this morning quick work getting a fire under control in north philadelphia, flames broke out on the 1700 block of north crosskey street shortly before 3:00 a.m. fire put out minutes later and no one was injured. authorities are investigating yet the another rooftop burglary after a month of mysterious incidents. look at these photos from february 13th incident, police say this suspect broke in the patel food market through a roof duct and got away with some cash. two other burglaries have been reported in the same movement during one a jewelry robbery at the a costco in king of prussia, suspect propelled, 40 . a flight is delayed after
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threat is made on social media officials a the mckaren international airport in las vegas say american airlines flight was about to depart for los angeles but never got off ground as spokesperson says passengers were taken off the plane, put on shuttle buses and taken back to the terminal there is no word what kind of threat was made. a group of d.c. police officers scrambled to get a man out of his burning car and entire rescue is caught on body camera video. an officer was heading home, from the police station after his shift sunday night when he spotted koran fire, he he says his instincts told him there was someone inside but could not see through the window because of the smoke. called for backup and together the officers found a man and were able to pull him out. >> anyone else in there? is there anyone else? >> man has since been treated and released from the hospital officers say they are proud of how they were able to work like a team to save the man's life. good news there.
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time is 4:43. >> katie's here with another check of the forecast. the katie, it has been pretty nice and warm. what do you think about today. >> definitely will be warmer then yesterday. we had a warm front lifting through and continues to bring in cloud cover right now and a hint of moisture here and there on the radar but for the most part that moisture is removed well off to the southwest or a couple of speckles of that green showing up across northeastern, pennsylvania. maybe we will see a tamper here and there but for the most part you will not need your umbrella the these cloud will be thinning for more and more sunshine throughout the course of the day. looking at wider zoom it continues to get pummeled, at the this point a heavy band of rain, thunderstorms rolling through florida but again, this storm is very much lackluster when it comes to moisture conn tenth as it pertains to us. we have cloudy skies, sprinkle , shower here or there but that is kind of it. now meanwhile we will continue to check on where we stand temperature wise, and we're having some rendering issues with our data coming this but we are starting to get values here.
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42 degrees. we are at 39 in atlantic city with a thighs calm wind. perhaps you will see a hint of fog in a few sots but generally we will again see the skies clear as day goes on taking a look at the day ahead it will be sunny and it will warm up substantially from yesterday. we will spike about 10 or so degrees from yesterday's highs all the way up to 63 degrees here today. that by the way is almost 20 above average. forty-eight is expected low tonight under mainly cloudy skies, quite mild that sun going down early and earlier, and i should say going down later or coming down earlier. whatever you want this time of the year. that sun angle will be getting stronger for us. we will look forward in the forecast, tomorrow certainly stand out. that is warmest of the pack. friday and saturday also very, very mild. new storm comes saturday to bring in spring-like thunderstorms. >> look at the that 70 tomorrow. thank you so much. good morning. happy hump day. we will talk about the vine and it was closed due to construction between schuylkill and broad moving in the westbound direction.
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this is what we are looking at there. we can see looking like westbound side just might be opening up now. the eastbound side we're waiting for that to completely opened but overall vine is looking good. make note it was closed for that construction. another area we have been talking about construction all week long so far and last week as well route one southbound at oxford valley southbound direction all lanes block, that has been since cleared. moving southbound oxford valley we are looking good this morning, that is clear and great news if you missed it earlier market frankford line after the the drama from yesterday it is back to full service. that being said you can expect some delays as we push through morning. head up on that but it is back to full service. we did have some construction on the new jersey turnpike southbound, as well as an accident, both of which have been cleared, rahel, back to you. meisha, thank you. it is national the engineers week and one company is celebrating with healthy competition and lots of work. defense contracting company
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lock heed martin will fly on the wall duct tape competition in the moorestown facility. teams of em lease of 155 feet the of duct tape to stick a co-worker to the wall, whichever tape job last without the person unsticking wins. we have to give a shout out to our own, very own cbs-3 engineer, dave grim, he is not only real life macgyver as you can see but pretty snappy dresser. he is modeling his homemade hawaii shirt. he has work at cbs-3 for 30 years and able to fix anything he is meisha's favorite fan, he is always around meisha. we are grateful for all dave does he is on our team certainly on our side. >> thanks, dave. well, coming up, a big shipping company could be making deliveries, by drones soon. you know, i'm paranoid about this. >> here, here. we will tell you about the company experimenting with the the drones and where they may be used in this morning's money watch ahead. >> hit us in the head with the gallon of the milk.
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welcome back. time is 4:50. time for a check of business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange. we hear there is a big merger cooking in the fast food world >> reporter: yes, it is true restaurant brands international which is company behind burger king and tim hearton says it wants to buy popeyes chicken for $1.8 billion. popeyes has 2600 locations around the globe. we will see what happened. jim and rahel. >> jill, you know i'm paranoid about this. i know amazon has been testing delivery by drone but someone else is too. >> reporter: well, of course, ups is now testing the technology, the company launched a drone from a truck route, in tampa, florida, and it flew to its destination and dropped package and then returned. ups drones could be particularly helpful in rural area, so in philadelphia you
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may not need to worry about this just yet. >> you know me i'm paranoid, someone will order a gallon of milk and it will clock me in the head walking down market street. >> reporter: exactly. you know, reading about the test, apparently first test went really well and some reporters that were in attendance asked to see it again and then the whole thing went hey wire. >> do you see? >> reporter: i think there is along way to go. >> let's work out the kinks before we initiate this. thanks, jill, we will check in next hour. well, spring weather in winter continues, with some chances of rain. >> katie, when will we need to dust off umbrella. >> not until this upcoming weekend at the earliest but it is a much more unsettled pattern for our area which we will discuss. we will give you a sense when things will go down in terms of the next storm system but we will talk about that warmth that continues to be a big head line. all that and much more after
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welcome back everyone as we look at sky scan three here all calm over city of philadelphia, it looks like light traffic just shy at the 5:00 a.m. and we are expect to go see nice day unfold here with clouds eventually break ing for more and more sunshine, at the moment though whole region is covered in cloud cover. as we look northeast we can see showers working through the poconos, wraps a damp road up toward i80 interchange but that is it. this is a warm front that was very moisture starved, although it is bringing in cloud cover but not a lot of rainfall. we will warm up substantially here today. meanwhile it may not look like much, mountains tend to skew picture back over the western united states when it comes to radar because you cannot pick up all of the storm system developing but there is one, that is working its way
4:55 am
through western united states that eventually will be our next story happening by the weekend and that is our next need for the umbrellas here on saturday especially but there are a few other chances along the way. temperatures where we currently stand lower 40's very mild beginning to the morning here, already flirting with where we would top off this day of the the year. we expect to spike with no problem to almost 20 above average today, flirting with or actually just above 70- degree mark and for the next three days, and although we may see a shower or thunder shower thursday or friday, saturday is day with the best chance for rain and storms. >> that will be gorgeous, all right, thanks, katie. good morning, everyone. happy wednesday, we're still looking at the vine westbound side is opened, eastbound side has not filed suit. we are wait fog are that ramp to open up, that was last thing lingering out there. now it has. we are looking good west and eastbound we are looking good on the vine, ben franklin bridge, also looking really thighs pushing in the westbound treks, into center city this is what we are
4:56 am
looking at. friend, neighbors, big thumbs up on the ben franklin bridge. construction we saw that out here on the new jersey turnpike southbound between route 322 and delaware memorial bridge, that right lane is blocked. we have also had an accident earlier this morning the in the same area that has been since cleared. just we are dealing with that construction and then we have a down tree in thornbury, creek road is closed between water stock lane your alternate will be chester road jim, over to you. thanks, meisha. coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" we are live with the latest on the investigation in the yesterday 's septa train accident. more evacuations are ordered in california, as residents prepare for another round of flooding. we will tell you just how much super bowl mvp tomorrow toll brady stolen jersey is worth, we are back at the top of the hour stay with us.
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so are you ready for wednesday warm up? our taste of spring, continues to take but tomorrow, we're getting even warmer. katie is here with your forecast. a crash shuts town part of the northeast extension and sends two people to the hospital. we will have the latest. as investigate oz return to the scene of the yesterday 's septa train accident in upper darby we will tell you what will impact your morning rush. well, today is wednesday, february 22nd good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. this weather has been so beautiful. i feel like we can get used to it. the let's bring in katie and meisha to let us know if we can get used to it. >> good morning, happy hump
5:00 am
day, roads looking nice, overnight construction that has been clearing and we have an accident new jersey turnpike good news that has been cleared and update on the market frankford line coming up. >> that is what we will end up with here, something you can get used to, it is not going to necessarily last through the entire weekend but it is a couple of straight days of above average warmth. we had above average warmth yesterday but we will continue to spike on the thermometer here today, 43 as we go outside whitefield elementary school just next door to reading in west lawn pennsylvania in the live neighborhood network. we are pushing where we would top off forte time highs but all we can do from here as skies clear for more and more sunshine is warm up. we had a warm front lifting through, this one lives up to its name, but does not have a lot of moisture with it. what we will find is a lot of cloud. we have had scattered syringe also, lehigh valley for example traveling along 78, and up toward i80 interchange poconos, a couple of syringe also and showers and that is it.


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