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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  February 22, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EST

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overnight, the crash along the northeast extension, seriously injures two people. septa's market frankford el is backup, and running. >> four people were hurt when some of the trains jumped the tracks yesterday at 69th street terminal. ntsb investigators expected to resume their work today to try to figure out exactly what went wrong. >> there is potential for additional victims out there. >> reporter: two teenage boys are sexually assaulted in a bucks county park, police say suspects used popular apps like snap chat to lure their victims. i love this guy. he is a great guy. really a great guy. he can tell you better than me but i'll tell you what we really started something with ben. >> trump started something by hiring ben carson greatest achievement for african americans since about four weeks ago when we had a black
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president. >> all types of stuff going on katie, i walk out this morning, hopefully i won't regret it later on. >> it end up being a very mild day here and yesterday was already above average, it is still chilly but for february standard used to hugging a winter coat and needing, hats, gloves, mittens and all that stuff. it will warm up substantially here. while is there a chill in the air this morning. i'm not saying you can walk outside with the shorts and t-shirt later today we will see people doing just that. let look at what is happening here on storm scan which is more than anything just cloudy skies. we have allude todd this yesterday. some could still see lingering sprinkle as primarily far north of philadelphia. right now no umbrellas required certainly. with time any cloud cover will , break, for more and more sunshine. our current temperature readings in the the lower 40's here, very calm wind overall, and it the is more than anything turning southerly. even though it stays calm that wind it is regardless going to
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allow to us warm up, so much more substantially. we will eventually end up nearly 20 degrees above what is average and cloud break for sunshine with that light south wind. in terms of the temperature we are talking 20 above. how warm is that? mid 60's for us between hours of two and 5:00, i expect that we will hit 63 degrees, again, that is almost 20 above normal starting off on a mild note the in the mid 40's this time of the morning and by 8:00 a.m. that is pretty good for late february if you like it warm. it looks like this will be a theme for many days yet to come but with time, meisha we will see that warmth gets cut off and let you know about the nose dive, waiting in the wings. >> thanks, katie. hard to imagine anyone would wouldn't love 70's in february i can't wait. we are looking at the schuylkill, eastbound direction near king of prussia we are looking good. basically anywhere that we look at the schuylkill we are looking a lot like this. ninety-five headlight moving in the southbound direction near betsy ross bridge.
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would i say 95 is one of those areas starting to heat up, just thinking about jumping on i-95, now would be a good time as we progress more toward 6:00 o'clock and dipping in the 6:00 o'clock hour we will see 95 getting heating up. it is looking like this at betsy ross bridge. 309 taillights moving in the northbound treks, past pennsylvania turnpike you can see both moving in the north and southbound direction on 309, this problems, we are looking good, big thumbs up there. we have been talking about this down tree in thornbury creek road closed between locksly road and waterstock road. use chester road as your best bet for those in that neck of the wood. we have construction out there new jersey turnpike southbound between 322 and delaware memorial bridge. right lane is block there, rahel and jim, over to you. police in the the bucks county community have charged two men with sexually assaulting two teenage boys in the same park. >> the attacks are prompting police to warn parents to keep a closer eye on their children 's on line habits. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live from the cbs-3 news center to tell us
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more about this, good morning, trang. >> reporter: good morning. police do not believe these cases are related but they have many details in common and they happened just five days apart at the same location. solebury township police are investigating two separate but disturbingly similar sex assault cases involving children at the pennsylvania path livesky community park. investigators say social media led men to their victims. >> grooming and luring over the internet and that is how children can be unsuspected victims of crimes. >> reporter: first happened on january 28th around 7:00 p.m. police say 21 year-old nicholas fisher of warrington used dating app grinder to connect with abe lure a 13 year-old boy to the park where he sexually assaulted him outside. second assault happened on february 3rd, police say saul nathan barson a 27 year-old there lambertville, new jersey used snap chat to pressure a different 13 year-old boy to meet him at the park. child told police barson known
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as nate or sometimes jake assaulted him in his truck. investigators urged anyone who feels they were victimized by these men to contact police. >> with these types of investigation there is potential for additional victims out there. >> reporter: new hope solebury school district sent out a letter to parents which read this type of the news remain all of us that our community is not immune from facing serious situations. >> these children can access any applications on their cell phones, through the tablets, lap tops and gaming consoles where predators or offenders can reach out to them. >> barson we have learned is an animal control officer in new jersey. he had been suspended without pay and both men are currently out on bail. so for now live from the news center i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", jim and rahel, back to you. >> thanks, trang. are you feeling lucky? you may want to buy a power ball ticket. >> yes, even if you are not you should because tonight's jackpot stand at 403
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million-dollar, and winner can choose to take monday tonight lump sum cash or annuity paid out over 29 years. lump sum payment after taxes is just 244 million, power ball is played in 44 states including pennsylvania, delaware and in new jersey. >> i'm going for lump sum. >> yes. >> you have to win first. >> someone, however did come close to winning power ball on saturday, lucky person bought their tickets at little news shack on packer avenue and matched all five white balls in saturday's drawing but not power ball. that won him a million-dollar. news stand received $5,000 for selling the ticket, win/win. 5:36. in business news this morning we could learn if the fed plans to raise interest rates again. >> jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange where numbers continue to move higher, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jim and rahel. futures are believe it or not pointing to another higher open. wall street opens up in record territory yet again, dow jones jumped 119 points yesterday,
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nasdaq rose 27. this afternoon fed releases minutes from the last meeting and they are looking for insight when fed could raise interest rates again, last week, fed chair janet yellin said a quicker pace then previously thought. wells fargo fired four senior managers, connection to a that sales race scandal at the bank, none of the managers will get a bonus for 2016. wells fargo admitted its workers opened up to 2 million bank and credit card accounts, without customer permission, and bank already fired about 6300 lower level workers. american airlines joined discount ticket battles, they are selling basic economy fares, they do come with restrictions, you cannot pick out a seat, last aboard and only carry small bags that fits under the seat. you can the in the use overhead compartment. delta, spirit and united offer no frills fairs, they will just shove you in the bag underneath a plane, jim and rahel.
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>> he yes, i was going to say. thanks, we will check with you tomorrow. well, lieutenant governor jim guadagno is ready to scrap chris christie's projects. >> guadagno is propose to go shelf christie's 300 million-dollar plan to renovate new jersey state house she compares the four year plan to renovate the state house, to the palace of versai. it allows residents to elect new jersey's attorney general. proposal for a border wall is expect to come up when secretary of state rex tillerson meets with mexican officials. around the country members of the congress home honorary zest are hearing from voters, on unhappy about a variety of trump administration policies. roxana saberi picks up the story. >> reporter: republican lawmakers across country clashed with constituents at town hall many worry about what president trump's revised travel ban will mean for them. >> i'm there a muslim country, who will take me here.
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>> i don't know whether i can help you but i will try to help you. >> reporter: in the the tweets president dismissed them calling them planned out by liberal activist. message came on the same day department of home land security issued a pair of memos giving federal agent new powers to detain and tea port undocumented immigrants. >> we have to let people in that will be positive for our country. >> reporter: among new policies authorities will be able to expedite deportation of any undocumented immigrant in the country for less than two years and immediately return many immigrants captured at mexican border. >> those people in this country and pose a threat to our public safety or committed a crime will be first to go and we will be aggressively making sure that occurs. >> reporter: immigration activist are mobilize to go help those affect avoid deportation. >> if they come knocking at your house, we have the right to not open up the door. >> we tell our community we do not have to find anything until you talk to the lawyer. >> reporter: new rules do not change obama era program to
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help dreamers brought the to the u.s. illegally as children memo toss call for money to be allocated for the wall along u.s./mexico border. rocks san a saberi for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". you can get tickets to philadelphia's brand new museum of the american revolution in olde city. museum puts spotlight on the rule for independent and philadelphia's role. festivities include a birthday cake for george washington whose birthday i do believe toys day. >> um-hmm. >> you can get tickets beginning at the 10:00 this morning and on line beginning at noon. is there a link for tickets at cbs museum officially opens april 19th. well, family of tourist will remember hawaii fondly after a young boy is rescued from the ocean from strangers. >> woman shot this video of her grandson playing in the ocean in sunset beach on sunday when things went wrong, the eight year-old's mother ran as the water pulled him in life guard had already left but group of bystanders came to the rescue. >> i saw the second wavecom is
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when i got up and i started screaming. we're not heroes. we saw what needed to be done and we went and we got him out that is all there is. >> good advertisement for tourism. people of hawaii. boy's mother said she was in shock and snapped a photo of her son's rescuers so she will always remember them. good for them. well, up next bill cosby is unhappy and apparently tweeting bit. we will tell what you he is upset about. we are seeing harrison ford's close call caught on camera. we will have more on the video that landed the actor under investigation. find out why police officers were no longer allowed to high five students at a new england elementary school. we will be right
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we are seeing new video of harrison ford's near miss behind controls of the small plane in the california airport. video shows the moment that the actor and the yellow single engine plane move over the top of the american airlines plane. this happened while ford was landing on the wrong runway at john wayne airport. federal officials are investigating the attack. ford has within involved in several crashes over the years tom hanks is starting a new chapter, oscar winner collects typewriter and they have inspired him to write a book. he will will publish his collection of short stories this is the fall n some way
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each involves a different typewriter. don't hear that every day. bill cosby said he was not the included in nbc's 90th special. the cosby wrote a news article a on twitter with the #legacy can't be abolished and the world sees the truth. special did not include mention of ispy, featured cosby in a lead role, cosby is facing criminal sexual assault charges and defendant in the number of defamation lawsuits. george clooney says he is ready for father hood, maybe his helps important role yet. five five-year old oscar winner opened up about the twins he and his wife amal are expecting. he told french tv show that they are happy, excited and that his friend whose kid are grown up already teasing him about his late bloom erstad us fifty-five years old running after a new born. >> he looks fit the though. >> yes, he does look fit. >> yes. >> i'm sure they can hire some
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help. i don't think they are on a budget. >> she's a tame us layer. >> i don't think that would be a problem. >> how do you feel about zero seven's. >> i think it sound good. >> i think we will end up flirting with if not exceeding 70 degrees for three straight days before a cold front comes along and that will send us back to a dose of reality here for new a real taste of syringe, continuing. we will start off by looking high atop our roof camera overlooking center city, all clear for the most part but we have cloud cover overhead and some of you have seen a couple very stray showers here and there, for the hose part confined to the lehigh valley and mountain terrain. it is not causing problems here. with that said a nice high cloud deck, you can make out center city sky line, this problems viewing those sky scrapers right thousand but we are also off because of that blanket of cloud cover to a mile start for what is typical we have been talking about this all week long it continues to be warmth, and
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the main weather head line for us but there are other piece that he is come with it. from our eyewitness weather watchers we will zoom it out and see we have lower 40's to upper 30's. zero in on a handful of these. we will go into 38 degrees which comes in from andrew, out in medford, and two beautiful little ones rate there in the row file picture. just cloudy skies, no wind, but it is a southerly wind flow. johnnies tining the same idea, lots of clouds for him in mullica. his wind flow is tech nickly out of the northeast and should turn more southerly with time here but he is also at 38 degrees with more clouds , then anything. looking at storm scan at the wide zoom you can see, again a few little second also of green on the radar here, norristown, lehigh valley and even i80 and north of that is where bulk of the the precipitation plays out. however we are talking about the big picture here and give you sense of what will happen and by the weekend even though it may not be all that obvious by looking at western half of the united states there is a
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storm brewing right the now and that is what will cross country, bring us our next chance, round of rain and very likely thunderstorms. that will come sat take and then we will get knock back to reality on sunday. the as we take you forward here today already much, much milder, normal high is 45 degrees or so. we are almost 20 above that as any cloud that we're currently stuck under break for more sunshine. we have a gorgeous sunrise yesterday, may not find quite as gorgeous of the sunrise but there will be breaks, and we will stay cloudy again tonight we will break for sun, cloud backup and then looking forward again flirting with or exceeding 70-degree for next couple taste. i might up these totals on friday and sat the day because it may end up warmer then that but notice tropical off that takes place, sunday, machine and heck even tuesday looking a lot more close to reality, meisha. >> yeah, get outside, while you can, beautiful tomorrow, 70's. 422 headlights in the eastbound direction at oaks.
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you can see levels building here in the eastbound direction. westbound we have no problems. it is just eastbound side. keep an eye on it. pushing toward 6:00 o'clock hour we will see things heat up. ben franklin bridge same story here but still ben franklin bridge pushing in the westbound direction in center city, we are still looking really nice there. then bird eye view of the i-95 what you're work with their a normal crawl for this time of the morning. 6:00 o'clock hour is when we will see these change but overall we are looking good there. then we have an accident out there in willow grove, head up half ill ton avenue at easton road. not slowing you down too much. make note. it is out there. something i do want to talk about market frankford line outside that derailment yesterday back to full service , already. that is great news, you can, however, expect some delays in and around market frankford line. heads up, back to full service , they were expecting four or five days so to be back is great news. we will have to deal with some delays.
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construction still out there new jersey turnpike southbound between route 322 and delaware memorial bridge that right lane is still blocked. for those in that neck of the woods it will slow down in the 6:00 o'clock hour. we have a down tree we will talk about that in the next 15 pur problems are causing some major shall yous right now at philadelphia international airport. we got this picture from a passenger who says who has been standing this line since 4:00 a.m. problem seems to be at american airlines. the as eveninger said he was only told there is a problem with the computer system and all of the people you see in the picture have in the been able to check their bags. we called airport left message for their spokesperson and waiting a call back. trang do is heading to the airport to get some answers, we will go live as soon as she arrives. new york city fire officials are pointing to an incident at central park, as an example of the need to be weary of thin ice amid warmer weather. we told but this yesterday morning. a tour rust took this selfie with her daughter unknowingly also capturing a group of kid
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this is background just seconds before the ice cracks beneath them. cell even if video shows boys frantically trying to stay afloat in the frigid pond. >> i was shocked, i will not lie, i was shocked. >> my chest was closing up. we were all thinking town. we were holding on to each other. >> close call, all of the kid will be okay one that didn't go in says his mother is grounding him for not getting permission to go to central park. police department's effort to give high five's to neighborhood children gets a thumbs down from parents. officers in massachusetts visited elementary schools for high five friday. they wait for children to get off bus and give them high five. idea was to help officers connect with children but parents were worried about maybe children of color and un documented children so police department cancelled the program and not everybody is happen bye that. >> i'm kind of bummed that the high five friday has ended.
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>> think concern raise by a parent when it comes to the kid education is valid. >> it ties bad they had to stop it. it is thighs to have a done genial relationship with the police. >> police department is working with the school advertise trick to find another way, to help officers and children one. well, up next art exhibit so popular it crashed a web site. >> check it out we will show you more infinity mirrors exhibit when we come right back. this race is consequential. it's all about being able to look your kid in the eye...
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and say, honey, it's gonna be okay. and this woman understands it in her gut. she gets it. stephanie hansen understands what people need. this election is very, very important to middle class people to live the life they deserve. don't ask yourself the morning after the election "why didn't i vote?" the morning after the election ♪
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♪ the morning after the election ♪
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well, swaying in our chairs, welcome back to "eyewitness news". that song reflections could remind you of the hottest ticket in washington d.c. >> it the is a spectacular infinity mirror installation at smithsonian's museum. it is wonderful japanese artist, the man with tickets was so great it crashed the web site. mirrors do make her art go on forever but it is only at museum for next 14 weeks so you have to act has. coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" engineering is one of the hottest careers right now and there is a place in philadelphia where you can learn to code in just, 10
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weeks. it is called launch academy helping student launch their new careers as programers, pat gallen takes us to a class coming up. that sounds cool. we are taking you inside new york toy fair for all of the tech toys, and on store shelves just in time for shelves just in time for christmas all up if youin a palace of ice,winter there's only one place to go. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ you can find it all, only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your winter getaway at
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we have breaking news, computer outage is leading to long lines and frustrated flyers. we have a crew heading to the airport for very latest. investigators are on the scene of the yesterday's septa train accident in upper darby working to get those cars back out on the track. we are live with an update and what it means for your morning commute. we are starting to warm up katie says we can break a record one day this week, it is wednesday, february 22nd good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things. >> breaking record. such great news, isn't it. >> yes. >> i'm just so happy. >> she's like yeah. >> and anyway we are looking outside, roadways are starting to heat up. speaking of sunshine channeling that on the roadways we have a couple accidents some have cleared but when one clears another
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one pops up. it looks like we will start your with some cloud but sunnies at least on the way. we have got a warm front lift nothing right thousand scattered showers popping upright now across our northern hose counties and, through delco and philadelphia county but i don't think you have to worry about this through rest of the morning. not going to need an umbrella but any of these cloud will be breaking for brightening skies and then again sunshine. looking at area temperatures, right thousand not bad if you like it warm. i'm in the saying you should be going out in shorts and t-shirt with this chill but it is not harsh cold like we would normally find at this time of the the year. nothing extreme, with that said, we are looking for out to the southwest here we are in the 60's this birmingham, atlanta, charleston and on pace to warm up there as well as here. i think we will end up nearly 20 degrees above average here, folks so as cloud are breaking su


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