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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 25, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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az z12fz y28fay y12fy >> new this morning, another hit-and-run in the city of philadelphia. police look for the driver and car that struck and injured a woman and kept ongoing. >> also ahead, neighborhood on alert. the latest spot where a flasher has struck and what police are doing to track him down. the white house fires back after a report that it pressured the fbi to deny a news story about russia. i'm craig boswell at the white house. that's coming up. >> today is saturday, february . good morning, everyone. , i'm jan carabeo.
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the first half of our saturday looking fantastic. but when does that forecast change? let's get over to meteorologist, justin dray brick, with eyewitness weather. good saturday morning, justin. so tracking possibly some strong storms later today? >> yes, how about that? don't say that too far often in february, but it has been a while. first half of the day no problems, not as much sun as yesterday, clouds in here watch out for strong storms, winds gusting 6 miles per hour, that bridges the change n second half of the weekends bridges the temperatures back down, so if you aren't a fan of the spring wet they are early back to average tomorrow. that will doesn't even last. see another warm upcoming at us for the middle of next week. this morning all quiet. everywhere across the region just some clouds, some breaks in the clouds right now through the delaware valley. few areas of patchy fog. fifty-seven right now at the airport in philadelphia, south breeze at 3 miles per hour, that's going to pick up later lr this morning into the afternoon. keep the warmth around. sixty-one allentown, zero six
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reading, 55 dover, delaware, cooler along the coast, ocean water mid 40's, south winds will keep the air temperatures down along the immediate shore lines, almost zero six this hour in quakertown and doylestown. storm scan3, you can see, quiet conditions, just patchy clouds over us right now, showers still well to the west. up toward pittsburgh, eastern ohio, that will be headed our bay over the next few hours, still dry through the morning hours so al good. again about 2:00, 3:00. some of the showers should return to the far western edges of our viewing area patchy dense fog, down less than mile for visible, right now wilmington, everybody else pretty much in good shape, exception atlantic city airport just over mile visibility at this hour. so keep that in mind early this morning, so for this afternoon between 3:00 and 7:00 best chance to see strong to severe thunderstorms, some gusty winds maybe six off miles per hour, maybe even some small hail. high of 72 for philadelphia. not a record. seventy-nine is the records. low 60s at the shore. and the poconos. talk about that cooler air,
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for sunday, and then warming up again next week, show you the seven day in a few minutes, jan, back to you. >> thank you, justin. time now 6:03, and time to get a check on the roads, to amanda mueller at the cbs-3 traffic center, good morning, amanda. >> good morning, jan. couple things to talk about on the roadways this morning, starting with the accident here east ridge pike, conshohocken road, police are on the scene there, so be ready for some delays in that area. and moving onto bryn mawr, weaver water main break at morris avenue between new gulph road and cab err sham road. just to avoid that area altogether. if you're traveling through new jersey, be aware the ramp to 295 northbound for route 42 freeway is going through some construction, that's closed, the good news that should open up for you around 7:00 a.m. and moving back to philadelphia now, 21st and 22nd street in the city will be closed for bridge demolition all day. that closure started last night, it is set to continue until 6:00 a.m. monday morning. so, if you are traveling to that area this weekend you will be detoured between arch and market street. and now here is a live look at the boulevard, everything is
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running in the cbs-3 traffic center. i am amanda mueller, back to you. >> new this morning, philadelphia police are looking for a car and a driver after a hit-and-run. investigators say, a car hit a pedestrian on wyoming avenue, near fifth street in feltonville. she now in critical condition. police are looking for a white nissan, with a broken windshield. >> police willing vest investigating a the shoeing. g street and east allegheny avenue early this morning. the victim is reportedly in stable condition. with a gunshot wound to the hand. >> a burlington county community is trying to track down a serial flasher, the latest incident happened near wood lake and kings grant drive in the kings grant section at evesham township. as "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff tells us, police say the man has been spotted at least seven times in that same area. >> account nine officers spent hours come egg through the wooded trails surrounding the kings grant section of evesham
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township. >> we know obviously he is getting some kind of gratification by exposing himself to women. we don't know where he will take this next. >> thursday before 5:00 p.m., police say, that this man, dressed in a dark hooded sweatshirt, and jogging pants, exposed himself to three women near wood lake drive, then began performing a leud act on himself. >> i don't know what is going on around here. but kind of on scene. >> this marked seven confirmed incidents, involving the same suspect description since july. >> everything has pointed to the fact that this person as on foot, and obviously very familiar with the trails behind each of the locations. >> police believe there is a chance this suspect lives in the immediate area. >> you know, i take walks at night with the dog. so i'm alert, bring a flashlight. >> very nervous. specially for the younger kids that live in the neighborhood. >> yes, that's him. >> following up on assuming last month, we spoke with this eight year old who with his mother explained that he and friends were approached by the same suspect over the summer.
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>> it is always concern of ours, any time there is children present. >> witnesses in this most recent case told police the suspect fled on foot through the woods near richard rice elementary school. on that trail, police seek to ensure that the suspect's next encounter is with this guy. >> in terms of a pattern, police say, that this man seems to be acting in the early evening hours on days when the weather is mild. reporting in evesham township, alexandria hoff, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> a federal judge sentences the owners of popular ocean sit pizza restaurant chain, manco & manco, marion charles bengle quickly left court in camden friday. the judge sentenced mr. bang he will to 50 months in prison for evading $92,000 in taxes. mrs. bang he will will serve three years of probation, for lying to the irs about her finances. the future every manco & manco is unclear. >> plans for natural gas pipeline through new jersey's pinelands. now has a green light from the
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state's pinelands commission. the vote did not please most people who packed a meeting in cherry hill. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan, was there. >> hundreds of attends add new jersey pinelands commission meeting friday, mostly against the 22-mile gas pipeline through some of the protected forest. south jersey gas applied for the project which they say would provide a back up gas supply to the jersey shore, and allow for the bl glands to convert from burning oil and coal to natural gas. >> listening to a gas company that is concerned about their profits. >> the debate pits environmentalists against those who want jobs and economic growth. >> we support the pipeline. it is going to create a lot of jobs. it is the cleanest technology that's available to us now in a demanding need for energy. >> when it was time to decide you couldn't hear the voting over the persistent chants, but as the crowd learned the tally was nine in favor of the pipeline, five against, one
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abstention, anger was unmistakable. >> most shameful episode in 40 years in history. >> environmental groups including the pinelands preservation lines plan to file a lawsuit next week. >> we will be appealing on the merit of the decision today, on the merit whether this project meets the pinelands regulations which we think it very clearly does not. >> after the vote south jersey gas praised the commission saying in a statement we will be able to support energy reliability for cape may and atlantic counties while continuing to responsibly it, there is no time line right now on breaking grounds, and opponent hope to stall until after governor christie leaves office n cherry hill, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> bill cosby about not have to face more than dozen a deuce ers at his sexual assault trial. montgomery count gentlemen decided only one other accuse kerr testify during cosby's trial in june. cosby is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his home back in 2004. we're still waiting for one
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more big ruling before the trial though. the judge has to decide if the trial should be moved out of montgomery county or if jurors will be broad in from outside the area. there is a hearing for that on machine day. >> cbs news confirms the fbi is now looking into whether president trump's associates record coordinating with russian officials during the campaign. craig boswell reports, the news comes as the president was going on the attack, at conservative conference. >> the white house denied a cnn report that chief of staff, rice prive us, tried to pressure the fb time publicly deny news stories that trump campaign aides were in contact with russian intelligence officials, spokesman sean spicer, said priebus to re but inaccurate reports, about contact with russia before the election. in a off camera briefing, that some news organizations were barred from, spicer said the fb icon tact dollars the white house first. >> i find this, a lot of there
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is offensive. when you talk about us pushing back on something that doesn't exist, at some point answer the opposite, which is what were we supposed to do when presented by information by them? sit back and do nothing? >> the fbi has not commented. president trump had busy day at the white house. he signed an executive order rolling back restrictions on business, welcomed peru's president, met with john kasich. >> the ohio governor said he harbors no i will after bitter campaign. >> it is is sort of like being on an airplane, you want to root for the pilot. >> earlier the president continued his tirade against the news media and a gathering of conservative activist action. >> they are the enemy of defeat. because they have no sources, they just make them up, when there are none. >> and he repeated the same promises he made as a candidate. >> we will promote our values. we will bring back our jobs, and our dreams. >> the president even wrapped up his appearance with the same music he used on the
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campaign trail. craig boswell, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news." and still ahead, right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this saturday morning. are you looking to do some home remodeling? welshing weaver three tips on what to do before you hire a contractor. and, engineering is one of the hottest carreers right now. there is a place in philly where you can learn to code in just ten weeks, called launch academy, helping student lawn of their new carreers as programers. pat gallen takes us to class coming up.
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>> a look at some things to know so you can avoid a home repair horror store. >> i be aware the home improvement and construction industry ranked second highest in consumer complaints. that's according to a 2016 survey of consumer protection agencies. >> home improvement horror stories are, unfortunately, a real thing. but, you can find great contractors, you just need to be sure that you watch out for red flags. such as prices that are too good to be true. >> whether you're spending several thousand dollars, or tens every thousands, research is the best way to make sure your money is well spent. >> if you're going to tackle a remodel project this year the first thing you want to do is research your contractors. this is an important decision, and you want to make a good one. >> you can start your research
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on line, but it is a good idea to get at least three written estimates for your project, so you can compare prices. also, don't discount the importance of being comfortable with contractor you choose, and make it a point to communicate early, and often. >> my three best tips for hiring a contractor, overall payment. make sure payment are staggered over the course of the project. don't pay 100% up front. and only back 10 percent until the job is completely done to your satisfaction. >> also make sure your contract lays out everything that will be done, and it includes completion date. for more advice from angie on hiring a contractor, visit's list. i'm jim donovan. >> and justin, the first half of our day looks like a pretty good day to get out there and do some home improvement. >> i cleaned out my garage the other day, swept it out, throughout a lot of stuff, took advantage of the nice weather. we will get that today, really throughout the entire day stays warm. heads up.
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mid afternoon we will see the risk for some showers, maybe some strong to even severe thunderstorms almost like summer like day where we start off the morning quiet, little bit of sunshine around with some clouds. and then late in the afternoon we will see line of some showers and storms approach. strong cold front. will bring change for the second half of the weekend. put ends to these may-like conditions. this morning, still very mild. a lot of 50's, showing up right now, to new jersey right now, cooler in allentown, here in delran, ooh you've got 52 degrees under mostly clear skies, depends on where you are. seeing the breaks in the clouds, up to the north, even warm nerve northampton county. check it out, charles in bath, northampton county, 61 degrees, mostly cloudy skies, hit record high yesterday, mid 50's, to the south we go here, john carol's house in mullica hill, new jersey, the closer to the coast you get, the colder it is, check it out. 49 degrees at william powell's house in woodbine. and again the reason south wind and that atlantic ocean chill think time of year low 40's. that will keep the air
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temperatures down, but the recent warmth, may have seen some of the spring flowers trying to show up. this is allen, delran, saying, daphodils starting to show up here, and the ground, will they last? we'll see colder air returning, at least through the first half of the month of march. i think we will get the temperatures back down to 30's, possibly close to lease freeze being, at least for few nights. up north to berks county, pretty cool shot there. getting ready for nice sunrise. about a half hour or so. starting to see some nice colors showing up, breaks in those clouds, current 58 degrees in kutztown. southwest wind at 6 miles per hour, wind will kick up more this afternoon, keep the warmth around. so, kind of split weekend. today, still warm. afternoon showers, thunderstorms, between 3:00 and 7:00. best chance to see those tomorrow back to mostly sunny skies, but we will bring it back to average. temperatures back to the mid and even upper four's, which is typical for late february. but that doesn't even last. i'll show you the seven day. we warm it up again. line of the showers and storms
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strong cold front in eastern ohio, western pennsylvania, right now. take some time to get herement like i said about 2:00, 3:00 our far northwestern suburbs may start to see some of the showers. cold air behind the system. see snow flying in the upper great lakes near chicago won't see any snow here, will bring the colder air. how about this? slight risk for severe storms in the areas in yellow. so the interior sections every delaware valley up through the poconos could see some severe storms today. still the threat for some stronger storms, even along the coastline, less after chance to be severe there, just because of the air will be little cooler more stable. but still potential for thunderstorms anywhere throughout the region today. so 2:00 start it see showers moving in, berks county, lehigh vai valley, poconos, 5:00 could have pockets of heavy rain, some strong to possibly severe thunderstorms, move into south jersey by around 6:00, 7:00. then off shore by 8:00. fast moving system, we clear the skies out tonight. mostly clear conditions through the overnight. a lot of sunshine sunday. noticeably colderment
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temperatures today well to the 60s. i think we hit low 70s in some spots with some sunshine. by 5:00 with the showers rolling on through start to get the colder air returning, by 9:00 in the four's, even 30's, in some locations. a chilly start to sunday. we get to up about the mid and upper 40's, and that's typically average for this time of year. nice ridge in the jet stream, still over us today. that keeps us warm. here is the pocket of cooler air building in for sunday. but then that lift back to the north for tuesday and wednesday. so we see return to some milder temperatures, but then another shot of colder air returns in for the second half of next week, temps all over the place next few weeks, that is so typical for this time of year for the pattern. 72 degrees for the high today. afternoon showers and storms will clear it out tonight at 38. tomorrow, back to average, at 48. 60s tuesday, wednesday, with some rain, four's return by friday. jan, back to you. >> justin, thanks. here in philadelphia, the business landscape is booming. and to keep up, tech help is needed where new programming boot camp can help. pat gallen checked out one of
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the classes. >> one of the hottest okay ooh payings cents until the united states is software engineers, by 2024 roughly 2 million job openings in the field. according to the bureau of labor statistics, the median pay for developer is over $100,000. that's where launch academy comes into play. >> a launch academy is a short-term vocational education program, we like to say we give the gift of loving what you do. >> after opening their first academy in boston, helping to place student at companies like google, fidelity, and npr, launch has launched in center city. and they're attracting a crowd that seeks to jump aboard one of the fastest growing job markets. but the course is intense. >> through the ten weeks, that we have them here, actually, full-time program, we have student investing anywhere between 50 to 60 hours per week at that time. and for the first six weeks, we really try to compress as much knowledge as possible into that time period.
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>> kevin is awed steen who decided his future was in software development, left his full-time job to immerse himself in coding full time. he said he feels like he made a wise decision. >> very much a pioneer industry. there is so much innovation going on, even though some of the norms are starting to be established, especially with the languages, like java script, you know, there is still so much room for defining yourself within the industry, and having the flexability t really is like the next american dream, the next gold return. >> and says people from all walks of life are making the leap into a field they see as one that's on the upswing. >> we do have folks that come from computer science backgrounds, that want to refresh their skills. but more typically we have folks that are in finance, or economics, or even music, or lib rat arts. they come to us and say i want a more exciting career, i want something with more upside, and software engineering seems like a wonderful past life for
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me. >> it begins as eight week on line course, gets you acclamated with the program. that will leads into ten full hundred time weeks of schooling. boston campus was the first to open. it has led to a 94% job placement among graduates. student come from all walks of life and all ages. i'm pat gallen, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news." a new action thriller hits theatres. up next, the oscar winners in the new movie collide. and what the main characters think about working alongside of them. we will be right
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>> back now on cbs-3, a two hour 48 hours special investigation. correspondent erin moriarty looks into multiple cases every stalking, including the tragic case of one victim from marlton, new jersey. and cbs-3 anchor jim donovan, had a chance to speak this week with erin, about the christina grimmie case. >> one of the cases, christina grimmie, killed by an obsessed fans after a concert. >> we are following because it is shocking one shent aware she had a stalker, that again is what the internet allows someone to do tracks g her, you know, where she would go, tracking her concerts, the other reason why we focused on this story was that there were some warning signs with the man who ultimately killed her. and i think because people didn't recognize how dangerous
6:26 am
stalking can be they didn't go as far as they could have. >> what were the warning snipes see the report tonight stalks 49 hours starts 9:00 p.m. here on cbs-3. >> at the move thinks weekends, a new action thriller hitting theatres stars nicholas holt as devoted boyfriends in a scar scary situation. rick has a preview of collide. >> (movie clip). >> nicholas holt and felicity jones young cup nel love in the new film collide. the action thriller aims to find out just how how far holt's characters is too long do go in order to save his girl. >> i'm sorry, but keep me, the only solution. >> you're -- >> young guy has to go back into like this drug underworld to try and raise some funds for an operation, for his
6:27 am
girlfriend, unfortunately kind of goes wrong, and >> -- >> seek things in such style, you know, you have someone who is very internal with hopkins then achieves in a similar greatness, that confidence, comes from very different angle, kind of much more theatrical performance. >> some people think what i did was kind of romantic. >> kind of romantic? in
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tonight's special: longhorn favorites. get our outlaw ribeye, the longhorn salmon, or the parmesan crusted chicken. and for lunch, try our steakhouse burger, or any steakhouse lunch combo. you can't fake steak.
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>> a suspicious death under investigation. a woman is found dead inside of her own home. >> also, this morning, personal information exposed. what experts say you need to do after thousands of popular websites are hacked. >> plus: gymnasts gather for special event at the convention center. but, this competition is about a whole lot more than just landing the perfect score. good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. meteorologist, justin drabick, liver out there on the cbs-3 skydeck this morning with eyewitness weather.
6:31 am
justin, i ate lunch outside today. another good day to do that today? >> most of the rain should hold off until about mid afternoon. if you need to get outside, get things done, this morning, or early afternoon, things go downhill little bit, i would say, after 3:00 or so. talking about some showers, maybe even some strong to even severe thunderstorms, with strong cold front approaching. that will bring some changes over the second half of the weekends. still feels like may today. so if you like this recent warmth, we have one more day at it. fifty-seven right now at the airport, 61 in the lehigh valley, allentown, 61 also in reading, mid 50's, dover, delaware, it will be cooler along the shore though. so best day to head to the beach, because temperatures there probably low 60s, not bad, but breeze coming in off the chilly atlantic ocean. inland spots will warm up almost 60 at this hour in doylestown, willow grove, 55 in mt. holly, new jersey, so mile everywhere. so if you like it get outside for that early morning bike ride, jog, work out, we're good this morning.
6:32 am
clouds over us right now, break in the clouds, but limited sunshine through the morning, into early afternoon, then later on we will see the showers and storms. some patchy dose fog, visibility less than half mile in wilmington, and half mile at the atlantic city airport. be aware of that early this morning. but this morning, pretty quiet. partial sunshine, 50's, 60s, then mid afternoon start to see the showers and thunderstorms, i think some spots do hit the low 70s, but between 3:00 and 7:00 best chance it see some strong to severe thunderstorms, gusty winds could gust up to 06 miles per hour, and certainly some heavy rain. we go back to average tomorrow. that doesn't last. i'll show you the seven day forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> justin, thank you. it is now 6:32. time to check the roads. let's go to amanda mueller at the cbs-3 traffic center. hi, amanda. >> hi, jan, most of the major roadways are looking good. problems are starting on the secondaries. we have accident on east ridge pike at conshohocken road. police are on the scene, so be ready for some delays in the area. turning now to bryn mawr, we have water main break on
6:33 am
morris avenue between new gulph road and caversham road. construction new jersey 42 freeway northbound between creek road and 295. intermittent lane closures, see it in the camera here, ramp to 295 northbound from the 42 freeway also closed right now, good news actually to open up for in you about 30 minutes. moving back to philadelphia, 21st and 22nd street in the city closed for bridge demolition. that closure started last night, about to continue until 6:00 a.m. monday. if you are traveling through that area, this weekend, you will be detoured between arch and market street. here is a live look at 95 at allegheny. despite the earlier snag, majors are being looking clear this morning. in the cbs-3 traffic center, amanda mueller, jan, back to you. >> looking good. thank you, amanda. philadelphia police may have an important clue that could help them solve a suspicious death in port richmond. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, was live at police headquarters this morning, to bring us up to date on the investigation. good morning, anita.
6:34 am
>> good morning, jan. well the victim last seen alive yesterday morning, and then a family member found her unresponsive, in the living room floor around yesterday afternoon, all 3200 block of mercer street in port richmond. chopper three over the scene, you can see flurry of police activity yesterday afternoon. police say the 57 year old woman had obvious blunt force trauma to the head was found face down in a pool of blood. they also discovered the seconds floor had been ransacked, and that some electronics and other items were reportedly missing, now, detective did not finds a weapon nearby, but they're hoping other neighbors can help lead them to the killer. >> cameras both sides of the street. so hopefully, these cameras recorded someone either entering, or exiting, the property. >> investigators say that there does not appear to have been any forced entry. they're working to discover whether or not the victim new her killer. at this time no arrests have
6:35 am
been made. if you know anything, you're asked to call police. live at police headquarters, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." anita, thank you. a data breach may have exposed millions of americans to cyber thieves. the breach impacted the cyber security company cloud flare. it manages data for millions of website including fit bit, and uber. our ukee washington picks up the story. >> last week, cyber security company cloud flare suffered a software bug for at least five days that potentially exposed 120,000 website to hackers. >> what exactly was out there for five days? >> everything from past words, cookies, software keys, private chats on dating sites. >> security expert adam levin says fortunately one of the good guys, a google security researchers, caught the data leak february 18th. >> they don't know how many or if any bad guys found the same bug or vulnerability, and are exploiting it. >> in a statement cloud flare
6:36 am
down played the leak writing we are very grateful to our colleagues at google for contacting us, about the problem, and working closely with us through its resolution. all of which occurred without any report that outside party had identified the issue or exploited it. the leak affected website ranging from uber and fit bit to okay cupid. the data was encrypted but not clear to what level. cloud flare blamed the issue on the introduction of new code into it system. >> what's your advice to consumers today if you have a passwords on any of the sites? >> my recommendation is you seriously consider change in them, changing them to long and strong passwords, use password managers, i know that one was exposed, but there are a lot of other ones out there. >> cloud flare repaired the problem, within hours, and says it worked with search engines it remove the expos dollars data. >> ukee washington, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." as you heard right security experts say to change your password, always good
6:37 am
advice, just to be safe. >> well another department store plans on downsizing. j.c. penney says it will close between 130, and 140 stores nationwide over the next few months, the stores impacted have not been identified just yet. and it is not clear how many jobs will be cut. >> in west chest they are, friends rallying around classmate to help her finish her senior year. last night ruston high school was transformed into a miniature golf course for fundraiser benefit madeline duffy. madeline was paralyzed in a car accident this past november. proceeds from the fundraiser will be used to help pay for her rehabilitation therapy. on the cbs-3 health watch. the philadelphia convention center is full of tumbling, vaulting and balancing this weekend. the pink invitational is back in town. health reporter stephanie stahl was therefore the first day of competition. >> decked out in cute pink outfits, the gymnasts spread out across the convention center for the ninth annual
6:38 am
pink invitational. sanctioned competition that's also raising money for breast cancer patients. >> the love that other people have given us has been overwhelming, touched how, what beauty we've seen in the world, with the ugliness every cancer. >> karen was diagnosed in june, her hair has just started growing back after chemo. the oldest of her three young children. >> when she first told us, i was really nervous, because i had never known about it before. >> the nine year old from connecticut is a miami as who was given pink unity grant. >> really empowering it, feels good. >> reminder how tough it is. >> for competing here with the practice session on the uneven bars, nice dick traction. >> i like bars the best, you get to swing on them, and jump on them. >> 3500 gymnasts are competing over the weekends, the money raised expected to be about a half million dollars, will provide breast cancer patients with complimentary therapy. >> they're making a
6:39 am
difference, changing lives, and filling a gap of, you know, what is, isn't included in the care right now. >> susan, former gym coach, who also survived breast cancer with the help of acupuncture, which typically isn't covered. so she started the pink invitational. group called unite for her. to help pay for those kind of services for other patients. >> i felt like there was a gap in the medical community. i felt like there had to be a better way to help women get restored after treatment. >> the pink invitational runs through the weekends with big crowds expected for the top level gym that is cents, and special guest appearance from olympian lori hernandez, i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." should shall fun. we all know millennials are masters at anything on line, right? but how are their manners? still ahead, why so many of them are now flocking to he had quick classes. and this. >> philadelphia is known for its murals. but there is a new type of art project, let's call it roof
6:40 am
art being created throughout the city. why it is being done, and who actually gets to see this. >> i'm chris martinez in hollywood where they are setting the stage for this weekend's academy awards. we will take a look at the big contenders coming up. >> and we've been having some really warm february days, haven't we? but get ready. justin is tracking storms, some of them possibly severe, moving in for your weekends. we are back in just a
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>> welcome back, used to seeing artwork all over philadelphia building, but not like. >> this you have to be on the roof or high above to see these pieces of work. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos introduces us to the artist with a unusual canvas, and tells us why he's painting murals that most people don't even know are there. >> philadelphia is known for it murals, but one local artist is creating large pieces of roof art, and are not even meant to be seen by everyone. >> i decided murals, since early 80s, i love it. >> his passion is painting murals. >> the biggers i paint, for me, the feeling that i experience. >> you have likely seen some of his work, including there is mural commissioned by the world meeting of families for the pope's 2015 philadelphia visit. >> a great experience. >> but now, painting for a different perspective. >> so i'm happy with the shrek
6:44 am
cents we usually face every day, but when you start looking to other directions, high above, or to the ground, it is a different feeling. >> created? mural of freda grasp barbed wire. >> a met a for of images coming to the united states. >> its crafted four stories up on kensington rooftop. only few know it even exists. >> you don't have to put your eye in front of the people where they have to see it. even if they don't want to. totally free doing this kind of art. >> but sky art like this could soon become more public. >> the paint that we use is very good. keep the color for 20 years. >> cathy harris community for the city mural art programs says there is always room for new project.
6:45 am
>> this owes us up to whole another way of working and way of thinking about what would can could. >> new way of thinking with plenty of roof type canvas. >> i want the roof to become like a sign of what it is for for the people who live around there. >> in kensington, greg argos, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> pretty cool. hopefully he keeps going. well, there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning saturday. anthony mason and alex wagner join us live from new york with a preview, good morning. hey, jan, good morning, coming up the day's headlines, plus crossing the line at the border. mexico says a us agent shot and killed a teenager on the mexican side. the details on the complex case the supreme court is now taking on. >> and attention, shoppers. you're being tracked. a new book details just how retailers are using your phone and body language to monitor your behavior. depending on what they find, they may even charge you more
6:46 am
than other customers. >> and on this oscar weekend, we're celebrating one of the greatest films of all time. the 75th anniversary of cast a blanca. see how groundbreaking the film was, and hear the back stories behind it creations. >> all of that plus your eye opener, the dish, and music in our saturday session. that's just ahead on cbs this morning, saturday. >> one of my favorite movies. thank you, guys. >> this weekend the countdown is on for the 89th annual academy awards. seven films are competing for best tour and chris martinez reports, one movie has a record number of nominations. >> at the dole bee theater, the red carpet is ready. crews are working around the clock, bracing for a possibly stormy sunday. >> fast and furious. >> yes, really, with the weather forecast for sunday, we've got to be ready. >> but not even rain will dampen hollywood's brightest nights, with number of
6:47 am
acclaimed fill vying for the top categories. >> very, very exciting. >> with 14 nominations, lala lands could make hollywood history. toppling titanic for its oscar thrown. >> the right movie at the right time. >> variety magazine's tim gray says while he doesn't expect lala lands to sweep the awards, he's betting it will take home several big wins. >> i really think lala lands is going to take best picture, and best director for damian. best actress for emma stone. >> gray expect the statue for viola davis for best supporting actress in fences. she is among the most differs group of oscar nominees in years. says critics and movie-goers alike are embracing minority driven film like hit -- hidden figures. >> few years ago say avenue move which three black women, and it is like oh, no, no, no, nope, movie like will not work, but it is like okay it is working. >> the question is can any of this year's contender out step
6:48 am
a musical nod to hollywood's heritage? only oscar no, sir. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. lala lands a very good movie we have to see. keeping the music a live in our schools and local arts programs, that's the theme of weekends performance by bill jolly's hard drive all stars. >> that will get your feet tapping in the morning, "eyewitness news" stopped in for quick rehearsal for the all local musicians, the show in ardmore is near and dear to their hearts. bill jog i's hard drive all stars, is tomorrow, the doors open at 4:00. the show begins at 5:00. it is at the ardmore music hall. we have more information on line of course at >> hey, justin, good morning. >> good morning, and once again, if you like this recent warmth, temperatures in the 70s, we got one more day of that, so still feeling like may today. we will bring back reality
6:49 am
tomorrow, temperatures typical for the end of february. but watch out. later today, some showers, some thunderstorms around. if you need to get outside this morning, first half of the afternoon will be your best bet. we will stay nice and dry. mild start again, not quite as warm, probably this afternoon as yesterday, but should get near 70 in spots, with little sunshine, we've got 40's, some 50's across the region, depend where you are, generally everybody in the 50's, cherry hill, jerry, upper 50's up in eagleville. steve johnson, west chester, checking in at 57 degrees. mid 50's in chesterfield, mt. laurel, low up ear's, you get the idea central new jersey near 50. newark delaware one of the cooler spots, dolores checking in at 57. exception today right along the immediate coastline where we have wind off the chilly atlantic ocean. ocean water temperatures this time of year low 40 -- low four's, keep the air temperatures down, along the shore we hit the lower 60s. little bit of sunshine breaking out next few minutes, sunshine happening across the
6:50 am
delaware valley. partly sunny skies this morning, pretty much what we are dealing with, by the afternoon clouds really thicken up. , 3:00, to 7:00. best time to see showers and thunder storms. to the shore right now, actually don't have that shore camera because i didn't call for. that will my bad. right up to the poconos talk about the ski report conditions. if you are headed to the mountains, kind of hard to talk about skiing when temperatures in the 60s, 70s, decent bases, up to 40 inches, 48-inch base still in camelback. and trails plenty about 100% for most of the resort. so spring skiing conditions for now. but colder temperatures do make return for couple of nice next week. chance to make some man-made snow. it has been warm all month long. take the high and lows together. look at that, 8 degrees above average. we finish offer this month well above average no problems. so warmth coming at us early next week. for the final days of february. could use little bit more rain. we will get that today. depending on if you get stuck
6:51 am
in the thunderstorms will determine how much you see. could pick up quick inch if we get strong storms, highest temperature yesterday. 74 degrees. the colds he is, 22, earlier this month. line of showers and storms, western pennsylvania, eastern ohio, that's the cold front. that's going to be tracking eastward. but still a lot of dry weather ahead of it, it will be mild, breaks in the clouds, so we do have some sunshine around for the first half of the day. today partly sunny skies, watch out for the afternoon showers and storms, some of these could be severe. so wind gusting, 60 miles per hour, maybe some small hail. and certainly heavy rainfall. so here is the front. tracking eastward, pretty fast moving system. so again, between three, 7:00, best chance to see the showers, and off shore, back to sunny skies sunday. temperatures noticeably keel high pressure dominating our weather. just bringing back some clouds monday, then next storm impact us for tuesday, and wednesday. so here are the main threats this afternoon. heavy downpours, likely, strong wind gusts, scheduled for frequent lightning, and lower threats for hail and
6:52 am
isolated tornados, still not out of the question. temperatures today, near zero seven, maybe some low 70s depending on how much sunshine we see. here comes the front, 5:00, our best chance to see some showers and storms around philadelphia. that may move into south jersey by 9:00. that colder air starts to move back in. tomorrow waking to up temperatures in the 30's in a lot of spots making it back to the mid four's, which is where we should be this time of year. so 72 today, late day showers and storms, back to near average tomorrow, 48, and the sun, 60s by next tuesday, wednesday, with more rain around, jan, back to you. >> justin, thank you. millennials have grown up in a digital age and most are heavy users of social media. but when it comes it real socializing, you know, face to fails, it is a different story. three on your side jim donovan shows us how some are heading to etiquette class toss brush up on social skills. >> so we want to put away our phones, about back to the face time. >> real face time can be foreign concept for millennials. so etiquette experts are busy helping them polish their
6:53 am
manners. >> i think overall the millennial generation is lacking social skills, because they're so used to computers. and communicating by text and app. >> he had quit classes are now in high demand. this one at the luxurious plaza hotel in new york city sold out within hours. the focus was dating. >> there is nothing more impressive than somebody that can eat correctly with their knife and fork. >> to avoid embarrassment, hold your cutlery like this to take a break, place your silverware down in a v on your plate. >> finished, just put prongs up. and the 4:00 pokes. >> don't from get always a proper way to hold a wine glass. >> this is something that people do wrong. specially at the red wine, so we always say you hold it at the stem. >> as for who pays? this is not your grandmother asset quit class. according to modern rules, it is gender neutral. >> which means, the person who invites the other person out is the person who should pay. >> paid $75 for the two-hour
6:54 am
course. a class that reminded everyone simple human interaction can be the best etiquette of all. >> i think that sometimes the etiquette of just like normal interaction, face-to-face, gets lost. >> experts say doing few simple things can make big difference. so put your phone away, keep your shoulders square, chin up, eyes forward, and smile. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> time for a check on the forecast. >> showers and thunderstorms, how about that forker? >> apply goodness. >> feels like spring/summer outside, temperatures low 70s, so between 3:00 and 7:00 best chance for showers, storms, some could be severe.
6:57 am
that would mean winds gust to go 06 miles per hour zero higher. tomorrow quiet back to reality, upper 40's for the high temperature, but piled again next week. look at tuesday and west, low mid 60s, going to be some rain around, but still overall mild patted earn headed into march. >> we handle it, thanks, justin. that's it for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for now. may be signing off on tv but always on line at cbs saturday is next. have a great weekend. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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♪ good morning. it's february 25th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." president trump uses a love fest to launch more hate on the news media. hear why his own staff is contradicting the message. and extreme weather across america from a flood of rain to a deadly snowstorm. details on more trouble this weekend. borderline outrage. a u.s. agent on american soil shoots a teen on the mexican side of the border. the case is now at the supreme court. and swapping their oscar party for a protest. why one of hollywood's biggest talent agencies


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