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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 3, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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hoping for health was president trump's plan to crackdown on undocumented immigrants many are rushing to learn their rights. now mexican government is stepping in. here, in philadelphia and across the country legal advice is now being offered for free. good evening i'm jessica dean. i'm nicole brewer in for ukee washington. "eyewitness news" reporter a leach a nieves is live outside mexican consul in old city where that consul is now in high demand, alycia. >> reporter: mexican consul inside this building said it has gone from seeing 200 mexican nationals a day to 400 many of those people worried about what the president's immigration plan means for them and that is really the reason why mexico decided to open up these centers of defenses today. as reality of a border wall
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draws closer and president donald trump continues his tough talk on plans for expedited deportation of un documented immigrants, mexico has now put in place the program, to help its people here. >> we are letting them know all of their rights. we are making immigration screening so that in case by case we can let them know what could happen with them. >> reporter: all 50 mexican consul is a cross the country including this one here in philadelphia has opened up centers for defense, providing legal advice and guidance to worried mexican nationals. people like this woman who did not want to us use her name and spoke through a translator >> the mexican people are really scared. >> reporter: she has a good life here in philadelphia with three kids, she works as a cook. her husband does construction. president trump's immigration plan has her war that i had she could lose it all. >> we're so scared, we don't want to go out to work, we
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don't want to go out shopping and we are scared for family. >> reporter: she came to this consul center of defense to calm her fear and better understand her rights. >> i think this is a great support from the mexican government and i hope just like many people can benefit from that. >> reporter: consul officials saying that these centers of defense will also document any potential human rights violation that could happen, under the trump administration and immigration enforcement against mexican nationals. now, that will be to quote potentially act in a legal collective way in the future. in olde city alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". neighbor rushes in the burning row home to save a young boy. "eyewitness news" at 3200 block of e street in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood, a neighbor ran in the flames to rescue a four year-old who had a phone and was about to call 911. that child is now hospitalize add long with the grandparents
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we have talk with the neighbor who has been praised for running into the danger. >> i grabbed him out of the kitchen. he had black stuff on his face almost fell down the steps. >> reporter: child and grandparents are in serious condition, and the cause of the fire is under investigation. we are continuing to follow a developing story out of harrisburg. the pennsylvania senate democrats are locked out of their computers by a cyber attack on their computer network. senate democratic leader jay costa says a hacker is demanding unspecified amount of money to unlock the network democrats are working with law enforcement and microsoft to resolve that issue. former journalist is under arrest for making threats against at least eight jewish community centers nationwide and anti defamation league in new york. this is suspect 31 year-old juan thompson of st. louis, missouri. federal authorities he made threats in january and february, in an effort to harass annex girlfriend. he is also facing a cyber
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stalking charge. federal officials continue their investigation into more than 100 other threats against jewish institutions national liz and locally, since january . a production of the musical rag time which contains a racial slur in the script will go on at a cherry hill school east. now one of the original rag time stars is mentoring students and talking about the musical before it hits the stage next week. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live in cherry hill with more on today's visit, cleve? >> reporter: nicole, actor that made audiences fall in love with the musical was here to help students understand why harsh language is part of the fabric of the rag time. >> ♪ >> reporter: private audience with one of the broadway's best known performers, yet discussion to students at cherry hill high school was brian stokes mitchell wasn't about reaching or mastering
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expression it was about a racial slur. the n word. >> people are not saying it is not an ugly word. >> reporter: mitchell, nominated by a tone a ward is lead in the musical rag time came to talk with students after the school district almost ditched springtime production of the show because n word is in the script. >> the way show is designed is for audience to fall in love with the characters, all of the characters but particularly coalhouse and sarah so when that language is used against them the audience also goes ahh. >> reporter: cherry hill schools wanted to delete it buzz copy right rules would not allow schools to change script. faced with performing it as written or not at all the school district took input from parents and community leaders. they decided show goes on, n word included. >> we came to the conclusion that it would be very good to include this as a curriculum piece and use it as a learning experience. >> reporter: next week students will get a school lesson and as well as watch the play. >> would i rather see it in a
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theater accurately portrayed then here, two teenage boys yelling at each other in the hall way. >> reporter: mitchell didn't want censorship but says he loves why he understands why people are upset. >> i said good, you think it is an ugly ward, it is an ugly word. >> reporter: next week's lesson on race will include some guest speakers. it will be on one day during all of the different grade levels, in their english and social studies classes, rag time, starts next friday, live at cherry hill i'm cleve bryan , cbs-3 "eyewitness news" today at city hall city of philadelphia educated residents about the rights of transgendered students this comes after the trump administration recent liz rolled back federal guidelines that allowed children to use rest rooms that match their identity. >> this issue really is about insuring the safety and well- being of students no matter who they are and how they identify. themselves. and i will also add that
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recent events at federal level will not change any school district policies that protect our students. >> community leaders discussed what services and resources are available for transgendered students and their parents. as the debate surrounding the affordable care act continues pennsylvania senator bob casey held a round table discussion about the law this afternoon. that meeting took place in center city. senator invited doctors and other health care professionals to discuss impact of proposed cuts to medicaid and repeal of the affordable care act. union nurses and technical staff at delaware county memorial hospital in drexel hill are gearing up for a two day strike starting this sunday. union says talks broke down after months of negotiating with the hospital's owner prospect medical holdings incorporated. staffing levels and patient safety is among union's biggest concerns. the hospital says that it will least main opened and continue to provide care for its patients, through licensed and certified nurses during the
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strike. well, hundreds of the thousands of people walk through its doors every year but few pay attention to the bourse building history. >> tonight new owners gave eyewitness news owner david spunt a tour of their 40 million-dollar renovation plans, to bring the 1890's to 2017. >> reporter: outside the bourse building in olde city is a beautiful piece of 19th century architecture, inside it is a shell of the souvenir palace it has been for the past 35 years. new owners are ready for a change. >> it is hard to put in words. >> reporter: charlie mcgratis managing director with mrp reality overseeing the 50 million-dollar renovation top to bottom. >> after we bought it, my team , figured what we have to understand was below tiles. we took up a small area and this is what we found. >> reporter: say good bye to the 80's brown tiles and hello to this 1890's nose say i can tile as we continue our tour we noticed this brass number 26 on the floor. original number for a vendor
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inside of the commodities exchange. >> our goal, is to return it to what it was. >> reporter: on the main floor this is you what will sees, food, drinks, other specialty stores will be feast touring prominently. bourse building opened in 1895 , one of the highlights this beautiful a tree um, developers hope to restore this atrium to its original glory. here is building undercover trucks in 1894, building's long story is often overlooked by tourist, bob skiba is a philadelphia historian. >> i try to point it out but just getting pizza then looking at architecture. >> reporter: upstairs crews are building new offices, looking at your ceiling, you can see the cavity above the dry wall that was just all that was run. >> reporter: crews knocked down dry wall and tore out tile ceilings to find original 1890's arches. >> mess of the time what you find is not good news but when you do stumble on this and find arches and it goodies
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news we will get you excited. >> things that gets me excited is fact that we will return it to exactly what it was. just a different chapter in philadelphia's story. >> reporter: new story to be written next spring when it opens. david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> big plans there, building will be opened during construction over the next year. >> excited, for that. >> um-hmm. when we come back pile of ruble rubbing some people wrong way in south jersey, building that once stood where this debris now sits and reason many are not happy about the demolition. you could say he is a phillies superstar today he gets brotherly love we will show you not one but two honors for astronomer derek pits. we have scattered snow showers and squals moving through the city tonight but as we head through weekend it will get colder and i will tell you when temperatures will feel like single digits or even sub zero, leslie. nfl draft is coming to philadelphia next month so where will eagles select? a coin flip was held to daze
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to sees exactly where eagles would pick? did it land in favor of the birds? we will show you later in
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this was the glover house in bellmawr, the demolition had despite years of efforts to save the revolutionary war era house. just yesterday the camden county historical society, filed an motion for injunction to halt that demolition. and apparently dot commissioner thought it would be more expedient for him to demolish building this morning . brew 8:00 it was gone. to add insult to injure, they planned to just pack it up, and in a dumpster and take to it a near is landfill.
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>> new jersey congressman donald norcross was also working object efforts to save that landmark, today he called the problem rigs without warning a loss for south jersey. we will continue to follow this and we will have more on the controversy tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. just a few minutes ago a beloved philadelphia astronomer was declared a hero in the sit of brotherly love. >> derek pits, chief astronomer for franklin institute has been wowing people for decades with his love and incredible knowledge of the final frontier. >> what i really appreciate is the opportunity to help people , understand, science, a little bit better, you know, here at franklin institute our mission is to inspire passion, learn more about science, technology and this has been a fantastic platform for me to do that. >> pits has been education at franklin institute since 1978 teaching everyone who walks through the museum about the connection between the universe and all living things while he is in charge of the fels planetarium here in philadelphia he has been
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appointed to the advisory board for world's largest telescope, the new 30-meter telescope in hawaii. >> the city of philadelphia should recognize this citation doctor derek pits and encourage all citizens to be aware of as many of his contributions to expand our knowledge of the universe and communicate that knowledge to the next generation of scientists, science educators and researchers in philadelphia, and around the world, and it is an honor to know you. thank you very much. >> reporter: pits was recognized for his mentorship of the student writers from the boys and girls club in delaware and this evening, 12 student writers visited franklin institute to unveil a children's book written in honor of derek pits called derek pits astronomy superstar >> writing this book, taught me about to follow me dreams, and to try new things. >> i want to say thank you mr. g writers have an opportunity, we appreciate it, and thank you, for letting us into this
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program. >> derek pits has always been helping us here at cbs as our planetary questions. in addition to today's honors pit has been named as one of the 50 most important african-american research science, and he has been nasa a solar system ambassador since 2009. we all appreciate him so much here, and we love having him on. >> kate's joining us now with a look at the forecast that is chilly. >> yes. >> you know, we can say that much, know that much. >> little bit chilly, understatement of the century. it will be frigid. i don't know about you guys but a lot of people packed away their parkas for the year thinking winter's over. in the 70's in february this time last week temperatures were well in the 70's. we were break records. not so much anymore. we are hard pressed to get to the freezing mark. it will be a cold blustery start. lets look at from earlier today and this is our "eyewitness news" cameras at
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sixth and girard as snow squall blew through. quick coating on that gentlemen's jacket right there these snow squals came through rapidly, they did leave coating in a few spots here and there but then moved out quickly but sun returns and then melted the snow, pretty much on contact. you can see flags blowing in the breeze there winds picked up with these snow squals that moved through, great video from sixth and girard. you have to get where you need to go quickly in weather like that. storm scan three showing snow squals winding down tapering tonight as we lose some sunshine and daytime heating, we don't have as much energy for these squals to develop as they move through but we have a couple more still out there, you may find yourself traveling through one at least through next hour or so, so see a couple moving across new jersey. these have started to wind down even as we looked at this radar and set this scene up here but tab nick california and down through shamong we are seeing a few right now. we have cleared it out in center city philadelphia hopefully that will be the end but we have a couple more
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moving through allentown, bethlehem and easton and berks county and upper bucks and montgomery. so still not completely out of the woods but heaviest have already started to depart and we are pretty quiet right now in center city. we have blue skies behind us. still seeing light in the sky at this hour. we have good news. that means spring is on the way. daylight hours and in the evening, just light. thirty-three right now, feels like 23 those. as i show you quick time lapse from bernville you can see how many snow squals. there is one here. other one right there. then another one. is there three passing snow showers and squals, very quick on this time lance but just on and off all day from sunshine to snow, in a matter of minutes. these really continue to taper overnight stay one through 7:00 o'clock and then we're clear and cold, and it will stay that waste right into your saturday. what to expect for saturday? it is deceptive liz sunny, beautiful, looking great outside window, stepping outside feel wind chills in the 20's, winds gusting to 25 miles an hour and frigid
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night saturday night into sunday morning. here's your wind chills sunday morning it will feel like below zero in mount pocono. feel like around zero to five in the lehigh valley, feels like 10 to five in the city and nearby suburbs and 10 to 15 degrees in south jersey and delaware. tonight's who 23 degrees, blustery and cold feeling like teens. tomorrow even colder then tonight, even though sunday is couple degrees milder and less wind will make it feel slightly better sunday. then we will go 30's, 40's, 50 's, 60's, back into spring like temperatures next week, 60's by tuesday. >> i like the sound of that. >> me too. >> leslie up next with sports. >> we are very excited about the draft coming to philadelphia, so with the first pick in the nfl draft the eagles slick, we will fill in that blank in just a moment plus with jahlil okafor following the teams defense i have plan on this play the other night, in miami, big
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eagles busy talking to prospects and hoping for some good luck a coin flip was held to see if the birds would pick 14th or 15th. lady luck was on howie roseman 's side, birds won that coin flip and they will select 14th. it was vikings that went to the eagles in the sam bradford trade. so what will they do stay at 14 or possibly move up like they did last year. stay tune. sixers will play the knicks. last weekend carmelo anthony's jumper in the final seconds gave knicks a one point win. sixers lost three in a row including wednesday night's 27-point defeat, in miami. in the game jahlil okafor was criticize for his lack of defensive effort. today ja said he did what the coaches wanted him to do. >> it is not me not caring, i was just doing what the coach
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asked, to ask about that individual clip. he said same thing i did the defensive concept and i was to retreat, retreat, retreat. visually it looks bad because i was fatigue. i played entire first quarter and i was tired but that is not what the facts were. >> back at practice after last night's shoot-out victory over panthers. the win leads them just three points out of the final wild card playoff spot, 19 games left, tomorrow they will play capitals with the best record in hockey and the flyers, last two games, out scoring them nine-one. >> you know, when a team beats you up like that, it is still in the back of your mine. it goes back to last year in the playoffs. we're comfortable with this team the way we play, against them so we are rolling. we have a couple wins in a row mason has been playing great. we are scoring goals. we worry about us and don't worry about rest of it. spring training baseball in clearwater phillies and twins, jeremy hellickson gave up a run in three innings on
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four hits and struck out four. the offensive star, scott kerry, second round pick in 2015 crushing this pitch for a two run home run but the phillies lost four-three. back in town before you know it. >> true. >> can't wait. >> it was only friday but it is feeling a lot like sunday, at a chester county school. >> yes, when we come back sweet surprise students gave their
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if you've got a life, you gotta swiffer
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chesterbrook academy students in west chester experienced a delicious, end to their week. >> they turned their principal and teacher to ice cream sunday. >> oh, my. >> sweet moment was reward, to the whole school for reading more than 100,000 minutes during national reading month, not first time teachers walk away covered in toppings, oh, no. >> it is tenth year in the roast for ice cream tradition. >> reward for everybody, though. >> right, right. >> yes. >> yes. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 "eyewitness news" returns at 10 on our sister station wp sg the cw fill and we are back here on cbs-3 at is 11:00 up next, "cbs evening news". sometimes in order to change your path in life i have to embrace love of the stranger. that is what one of the best basketball players in the country did.
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steve hartman has that story when he goes on the road. from new york now, captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the net widens. on the president's orders, agents step up deportation of illegal immigrants, immigrants with no serious criminal records. also tonight, the russian ambassador everyone in government seems to have met but no one remembers. about that trump-moscow connection-- >> it's a witch-hunt. >> reporter: you think it is. >> i know it is. >> pelley: coming soon at the airport, 3d imaging for your bags. >> this is going to be a much faster process for passengers. it's going to make travel fun again. >> pelley: and steve hartman on how an overweight, homeless kid became one of the best basketball players in the country. >> it's like i died and, you know, got a


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