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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  March 7, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." right now at noon, police say they've busted dozens every drug dealers after major crackdown in chester county. forty-nine alleged drug deal remembers now off the streets, and under arrest. good afternoon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. joe holden live at the chester county courthouse in west chester with details on the investigation, joe, good afternoon. >> rahel, jim, good afternoon, 49 people were indicted part
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of the drug tracking organization, it is known as operation crushed ice. now, the indictment came down this morning, it is alleged that these drug dealers, according to the d.a., had connections as far reaching as puerto rico, mexico, they apparently used violence to make this organization operate. and i want to go ahead and show you the alleged masterminds behind this organization, he is 27, and arrest papers identify him as richard maytree of oxford chester county, it is alleged his drug dealing reached all levels of the community, even including schools and prosecutors say even when he was in the chester county prison he was still operating this drug distribution empire. detective also seized this bmw, along with about two dozen other carts, they claim, were used to traffic drugs in and out of the area, the da said of the 49 defendant, they were all operating a full scale illegal pharmacy.
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>> they could get you anything, they could get you crystal methamphetamine, could get you cocaine, could get you heroin, could get you marijuana. they could get you prescription pills. now, so this was a large scale drug trafficking organization that was spreading it poison all the way across the region. >> well prosecutors say once maitre was release from the the prison it was business as usual, how much, they applied for warrant to wiretap his phone. they were then able to track his movement so the question was what was his reaction to these indictments and his arrest? i'm working on that part of the story. that will start on "eyewitness news" at 5:00. hope to see you then. reporting live in west chester, joe holden, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> all right, joe, we will see you then, thank you. chances are you were dodge raindrops this morning, but will you need your umbrella this afternoon? meteorologist, lauren casey tracking the rain. what's the latest? >> i think it would be a good idea to have it on stand bias
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we head throughout the afternoon hours, but our tuesday definitely starting off on damp note. soggy, as well, temperatures, on the rise, it was much more mild start to the day, and we do have warmfront moving through the area as we speak. 63 degrees, right now in millville. fifty-nine in dover. 57 degrees in wilmington, and 56 in philly. a bit of a temperature gradient north of that boundary, temperatures still in the 40's in the lehigh valley. those numbers will start to climb for you over the next several hours. temperature change, on the back side of this warmfront significant over the last 24 hours. about 20 degrees warmer than this time yesterday, millville up 12 degrees in philadelphia, but still dealing with some shower activity, not as in nature as we saw earlier in the morning, starting to see light rainfall returning with little shower working itself into center city philadelphia. some raindrops coming down haverford, also into east falls, germantown, as will. probably breaking out that umbrella, with few drip drops. and up wind we do have more moisture in store, it will be
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working through throughout the day. so spotty shower, gets into the rest of the afternoon, then we see shower chances increase once begin as we head into this evening, and tonight, in association with cold front. talk more about those rain chances, and some snow chances in the extended forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> sorry, what was that? all right, lauren, thank you. meantime republican law make letters out replace legislation for the affordable care act, questions over how much it will cost and how many people could lose coverage remain unanswered. house committees plan to begin voting on the new bill tomorrow. weijia jiang reports now from capitol hill. >> republicans unveiled new bill that aims to replace obamacare. this morning, president donald trump tweeted: our wonderful new healthcare bill now out for review and negotiation, obamacare is complete and total disaster. it is imploding fast. the gop proposal eliminates controversial individual mandate. employer mandate, and most
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taxes, replaced when massive ex pension of health saving accounts, refundable tax credit for low and middle income americans who don't get coverage through their jobs, ranking from 2,000 to $14,000 a year. still legislation would also take portions of the affordable care act including protection for those with pre-existing conditions. dependent coverage until age 26, and wait until 2020 to rollback obamacare medicaid expansion. >> the house introduced last night provides more affordable healthcare for people, who when they do get sick, can afford to go to the doctor. >> some 20 million previously uninsured americans deem coverage through obamacare, uncertain how many will be covered under the gop version or how much it will cost them. >> trump care is breath table inningly irresponsible, it shift the costs and the burden he burdens from the rich to the poor and middle class. it is being designed to make
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america sick again. >> democrats say the bill will cause many to lose their insurance and simply shift the cost of caring for them to states and hospital systems. weijia jiang, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." well, these new pictures from the national park service could finally put to rest debate over president trauma's inch august raid crowd site, the picture on your left shows when president trump took the oath of office, more than one and a half million supporters thereto witness history, the picture on your right from president obama's inauguration in 2009. president trump told the park service to release the pictures to move the media misled the numbers over his crowd numbers. >> president trump greeted first wave of tourist toss come through his white house since taking offers, welcomed small crowd of visitors from the east wing, even gave ten year old jack cornish a hug. has been closed since inauguration day. >> for the third time this year, investigating another bomb threat, called into a community center in florida.
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also evacuated last week for similar threat. police hemmed the campus for explosives, gave student and staff the all clear to return. >> police make more than two dozen arrests after flash mob of hundreds of teens stormed the street of center city last night. a video posted on twitter appears to show group of young people beating someone near city hall. two blocks away, cell phone video shot near the westin hotel shows wave of teens walking with police officers on bikes close behind. police say they made 25 arrests last night for disorderly conduct and failure to disperse. one officer went to hahnemann hospital with un did i closed injury. police is her clinic for two men in their 20's shot unlicensed cab driver during attempted robbery. incident happened about 11:30, when the suspect jumped into the man's black cadillac near 52nd and market streets. first man was last seen wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt, and blew jeans, the second seen wearing multi colored jacket and dark jeans. new cast ill county police
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are looking for serial kidnapper. police investigating attempted abduction last night at the apartments on sheldon drive in newarkment man with a gun approached the woman walking to her apartment and demanded money. the gunman fled with another person opened the door. >> investigators believe that that suspect is tied to two other attacks, last month, both occurred at two different wilmington apartment complexes, february 19th, woman was walking into her building at the arundel apartments whether a mask man with a gun forced her into her car, attack her, and had her drive to atm for money. similar attack at the tropical hill apartment. and new this noon, authorities need your help locating five year old boy after he failed to return home last night. he was last seen around 10:00 a.m. on the 3600 block of frankford avenue. he is described as 3 feet tall, brown eyes, short black hair. he was last seen wearing red tommy hilfiger sweatshirt, blue sneakers, black jacket. anyone with information is asked to contact police. >> workers at delaware county memorial hospital are now on
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day three on picket line, think may be there through thursday, chopper three over the hospital in drexel hill yesterday afternoon. 370 nurses and technical staff walked off the job sunday after contract negotiations failed. they planned to strike for two days, but now claim they're being locked out by manage: the hospital disputes that saying their staffing agency i am poised five day minimum as a condition of providing replacement. >> well, former woman singer and songwriter michael -- george michael died of natural causes, died as a result of heart disease and a fatty liver. the grammy award winning singer had suffered from heart problems in recent years. george michael was found dead on christmas day, at his home in great britain, he was 53 years old. homes and businesses wiped out by tornado. still ahead on "eyewitness news" at noon, where residents are cleaning up the devestation caused by dozens of twisters, that touched down overnight. >> and holding on for deer life, where al pine skiers
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were stuck on a ski lift in the middle of a wind
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>> after more than two dozen tornados sweep across the us. ten to 15 people injured, but so far no deaths have been reported. hena daniels with more on the severe weather that's left behind a path of destruction. >> and the sun came up, residents got their first glimpse of the destruction, left behind. national weather i service two
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tornados touched down in miss your. >> i tons of winds, just all of the sounds of it, blowing all which direction, not just one direction, just sounded like it was basically circling around the house. >> except ear weather ripped through the midwest monday night. bringing massive flashes of lightning through kansas city. heavy rains flooded roads, making driving treacherous. in missouri, winds up to 60 miles per hour sent debris flying. matt hid in his basement. >> could you hear boards hitting the side of the house, like big rocks, just like bang, bang. >> at least 30 tornados were reported in missouri, iowa, and illinois. hena daniels, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." in europe, al pine ski nerves italy had to brave high winds after their chairlift stopped working. authority say more than 130 people were on the chairlift when the rope derailed. emergency crews had to wait for conditions to improve before they could rescue the skiers. yikes.
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strong winds in the area damaged buildings, and at least one person was injured. >> in about six weeks the nfl draft will be right on our doorstep. but if you want to see it in person you have to ask. opened a lottery to give away two free tickets to the draft being set up on the art museum steps. there is a link on our website, the draft by the way runs from april 27th, to the 29th, if you don't have a ticket, you can still check out the nfl draft experience on the parkway for free. citizens and police officers enjoyed both coffee and conversation this morning, at the latest section of coffee with a cup. police officers from the fifth district, patrons at wawa on ridge avenue, allows residents to meet face-to-face with officers, ask questions, get to know one another. still ahead on "eyewitness news," video quickly going viral. >> shows pregnant woman striking a bunch of different poses, we'll show you why she is wearing a giraffe mask on her head. lauren? >> i would be interested to hear about that. after this past weekend, it
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was a cold one, highs only in the 30's, looks like this upcoming weekends we could feel a repeat, arctic air building in. we do have daylight saving time. so remember that. you have to set the clocks forward, lose hour of sleep, that stinks, but by sunday evening we have extra hour of sunlight, sunset time sunday evening after the 7:00 hour, but also for the end of the weekends, the storm system to watch that could potentially bring us some measurable snowfall across parts of the delaware valley. models still pretty inconsistent. we'll talk more about that chance in your full eyewitness forecast coming up.
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>> you may have heard about the pregnant giraffe. >> well, a mother was inspired by the video of the viral i go after so created her own, this is erin, the pregnant giraffe lady, take a look, put on a giraffe mask, sits in a rocking chair, breaks out couple squats, i think i even saw some lungs, her husband streamed it on facebook liver. it has gone viral. she said she's in a race with april the giraffe. >> can you imagine if they had it on the same day? >> oh, the internet would break. >> lauren still confused. >> this looks very weird. i don't know. >> but to each his own. why not go for it? >> giraffe, working out. today maybe good day to work out inside. >> maybe if you have a giraffe mask, will protect you from the rain, rain coming down. we had drizzly conditions earlier today, areas every rainfall, now seeing more in the way of spotty shower
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activity, sunshine, kind of peaking its way through right now. we turn you over to the weather computer, live look at center city philadelphia. not the gloomiest of scenes, but still pretty gloom which clouds in place, temperatures are on the rise, 56 degrees right now. winds only around 3 miles per hour, but as you head into the second half of the day, wind speeds will start to pick up. temperatures right now, we do have bit after gradient across the northern half of the area, cooler where the warmfront has yet to push through, but it will over the next couple of hours, so 44 right now allentown, 56 in philly, 63 right now in milville and 60 in wildwood. getting a taste of very mild air mass in place off to the south and west. temperatures raleigh, 70s, same case in charleston. we keep the mild air around into the day tomorrow, as well. but storm scan3, showing us the trends, yes, more uniform area of precipitation, working through during the morning hours. slight in intensity, see breaks in the cloud deck, especially across part of delaware, still spotty shower activity in and around the i95 corridor and points off to the
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west. as we head throughout the afternoon hours, we will have quieter conditions until this batch of precipitation, in association with system cold front moves in, as we head into the evening hours. and the overnight period, but otherwise still dealing with mild conditions, and scattered showers around, for this evening, 59 degrees. then overnight tonight, wind start to pick up. breezy conditions, out of the west, showers, and maybe even few rumbles every thunder possible. our lows are only dropping back to 51 degrees. future weather showing us rainfall activity will pick up once again, as we head into the evening hours, from west to east, so dealing with some shower activity, looking pretty likely into the evening hours. then as a cold front makes approach through the delaware valley, we will see this line of showers and maybe even a few embedded rumbles every thunder moving through throughout the overnight period. see few snowflakes mixing in toward the poconos as we wake up wednesday morning, maybe lingering shower, especially down the shore. but the cloud deck quickly erodes as we head into tomorrow morning. and by midday tomorrow, sunshine, breaking out across the area. so, what to expect for our
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wednesday, early morning shower, then clouds clearing into midday, it will be breezy day with wind gusts up around 30 to 35 miles per hour. still mild, though, low temperatures, or excuse me, high temperatures in the low 60s, but all that is going to change. as we head toward the week. rain snow chance friday. some snowfall accumulation looking possible at this point, amounts to be minute muscle but could hamper specially friday morning commute. then another system to watch, more potent system as we head into the upcoming weekend has much more moisture in association with with it, could see chance of some meshier recall snowfall. best chance will be to the south of the city on sunday, but there is still a lot to consider, models still very inconsistent what's going to happen there is will be the weather make they are weekends, area of low pressure pulling in from the south, high building from the north. how far will high pressure push down that low? that's going to be dependent upon how much snowfall we see, and how far northward it can make it across the area as we head into the upcoming
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weekend, so keeping an eye on sunday for the snowfall chance, otherwise, a cold upcoming weekend with highs only in the 30's, on saturday. same case on sunday and of course, don't forget, daylight saving time, soy you got to set those clocks ahead. >> considering we're a week into march. >> looking forward to daylight saving time, not for our shift in particular, but it, means that summer is coming, means warmer weather is coming. >> hang on, a little sunshine. >> i go to bed at 5:00. here is a good reason to have breakfast all day. national pancake day. and at i hop the restaurant offering pretty -- free short stack. the pancakes have a purpose, asked to make a donation to one of its partner charities, i have national pancake day in 2006. get this, since then raised $24 million for charity. the deal runs until 7:00 at participating location. >> pat gallen out there this morning, he really enjoyed it. >> that's where i'm going after the show.
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let's wrap it up. >> coming up, rahel buses a move. >> yes.
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>> flew toll a local hospital is using, to reach you faster during a emergency,. >> well, "eyewitnes "eyewitnesss some special guests, and they've some fun, teaching me some of their moves.
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>> just keep it -- >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> like a disco here, ricky, michael bev inches, ronnie de vaux of the 90s gripe is in town today. the group is performing at the sixers specked annual fun raising gala benefitting the sixers youth foundation, non-profit organization, the coaches and mentors kids in the delaware valley. >> i take issue with that video because it was cut on like the part where i started to get off beat. but there was a portion of that where i ways -- >> you got some moves there. >> you say so. that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. we're always on line at >> course the young and the restless is next. have a great day everyone. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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