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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 9, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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here with the first look at what we can expect, kate. >> ukee and nicole, look at the temperatures behind me and you will be shocked we will talk snow as soon as tonight into tomorrow morning. temperatures right now near 70 n rehoboth. sixty-nine in georgetown delaware. sixty-seven in cherry hill. sixty-seven in swede bureau. heading north we have got temperatures warmer as we head into philadelphia we are looking at upper 60's there palmyra at 65. chalfont at 62. even up in the lehigh val i, temperatures in the 60's right now and this areas under a winter weather advisory, for upward of 2 inches of snow, tonight and tomorrow morning. it is a blustery day. wind gusting over 30 miles an hour across the area, 33 in the sit i, 31 in trenton but here comes our next system. you can see light showers out ahead of the main push of precipitation but storm itself not a lot with it but just starting to break out over the pennsylvania, new york state border and this is heading our way by later on tonight. just a initial timing on this
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you can see cloud start to roll role in within the next couple hours between 1:00 and 3:00 a.m. we will see snow over spread our northern most suburbs, poconos and lehigh valley, and builds to the south ande, and by 5:00 a.m. we could see snow possibly starting as rain and sleet in the city of philadelphia before this thing really gets underway during mid morning hours. here are your winter weather advisory, montgomery, bucks counties all the way up to the poconos, philadelphia not in the advisory but that does not mean we will not see accumulation. we will show you late's accumulation map and tell you about how cold, blustery it will get behind this storm, nicole. >> kate, thank you. to help you get through the snow we will be on the air early. "eyewitness news" this morning will begin at 4:00 a.m. we will have the latest forecast and traffic reports with any impact on your morning commute, so tune in starting at 4:00. crews race to go remove human remains, and coffins from a construction site in olde city, it is a story seen first, told first here on
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cbs-3. thinks unfolding at 218 arch street a site once home to an old burial ground. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is in old city with more, anita? >> reporter: ukee and jessica this is supposed, or ukee and nicole i should say this should be a 10 story apartment complex but right now construction work is on hold, as crews work to excavate this site. all this after crews found more than 30 remains at this former burial ground, first baptist church of philadelphia before building up, they had to dig down. but what construction crews found in this former parking lot near second and arch in olde city on thursday brought this apartment complex, project to a halt. >> we are finding some intact, coffins, and we're also finding some remains, coffin, a lot of them are in poor condition and deteriorating. >> reporter: new foundry mains both of children and adults are in addition to first discovered here by pnc
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property group contractor in november 2016. on thursday, chopper three showed cranes lifting more coffins out of the dirt and archaeologists bagging remains >> keep the integrity of each of these individual coffin and it can be challenging when they are falling apart in your hand. >> reporter: archaeologist kimberly moran say detear racial is natural and not from construction but it will take several months to determine. >> the age of death, gender of the individual, and any information that we can really glean from the bones. >> reporter: lenny ryan works across the street from the construction site and given philadelphia's history this discovery is not surprising. >> i'm sure if they excavated a lot of the city they would find a lot more. >> reporter: crews hope that the excavation work will end, by end of the day saturday, and meantime archaeologists believe that the remains had been moved to mount mariah cemetery back in 1860 and discovered today not all had been moved but crews say that
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the plan toys reinter the new foundry mains there as well, pnc property group say they will handle those costs. live from olde city, i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" employees at delaware county memorial hospital are scheduled to go back to work tomorrow. all 370 nurses and technicians at the hospital in drexel hill , staged a two day strike starting sunday. they cited unfair labor practices. company that runs the hospital locked out unionized employees on tuesday, it claimed that the temporary replacement staff was required to work for at lee five days. in bucks county police are investigating the death of the young boy who was hit by a pickup truck just steps from his home. this happened yesterday afternoon at bellaire trailer park in morrisville. police say after the five-year old was struck people began attack ago this pick up driver that forced driver to leave the scene but he stopped a short distance away to call police. the child was pronounced dead at the hospital. driver of the pick up is said to be cooperating with the police.
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officers in new jersey are still looking for the driver who crashed into this home, it happened at 1:00 in the morning in penns grove. police say they were pulling over a car when they started to drive away. suspect's car who control at a curve and jumped a curve. it broke a fence before smashing into the corner of that home. driver ran away on foot but four passengers stayed on the scene. philadelphia police tonight are searching for two suspects in the series of paint ball attacks, take a good look at this surveillance photo, police say suspects opened fire on people from a white dodge or chrysler minivan. they had five incidents on tuesday, four in roxborough and one in germantown no one was seriously hurt. if you have any information, cat philadelphia police. repair work continues on the closed delaware river bridge that connects the pennsylvania and new jersey turnpikes. some residents who live nearby say that the construction is more than just an inconvenience, "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos joins us from bristol to explain more, greg, good
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evening. >> reporter: ukee, good evening to you. you can see how close these homes are to this connector bridge and these neighbors living here in bristol have been dealing with this massive construction project, the noise, the trucks, since january 20th. now we know it will be at lee a few more weeks before this project is complete. on this windy thursday, only a few workers were spotted on the delaware river connector bridge in bristol but for neighbors living around and under this bridge most days look and sound like this. >> they had literally had oil well drills over here, smashing rebar into the ground >> reporter: doctor bj moment ary has lived in the shadow of the bridge for more than three decade. >> that was just shooting up in the air. i said hey list fin hit oil we want a piece of that. >> reporter: backup two months january 16th, momentary heard a loud crack. >> i hear this, boom, and the whole house shook.
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>> reporter: pennsylvania turnpike commission closed it january 20th and been working to repair a cracked beam ever since, which means neighbors backyard have become construction sites. >> trump could land his 747 on this street, the lights were sobriety. >> reporter: she even snapped this explosion, coming from a concrete support beam. all the while tractor trailers are placing cars, filling radcliff road. >> biggest problem is tractor trailers coming down here and turning around in peoples driveway. >> all these problems are because of the noise and shaking. >> yes, oh, boy. >> reporter: turnpike commission held a meeting tuesday for residents telling them the bridge should be repaired soon but even when it reopens you won't find the doctor driving over it. you don't trust it. >> no. >> reporter: would you not drive on that bridge. >> never again go over that bridge. i will go over burlington bristol bridge in the 50-ton truck bring go over that bridge. >> reporter: original plan was to reopen this connector
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bridge by mid-april but i just got off the phone with the official from the turnpike authority, and she tells me that this project has sped up and they could open up the bridge sooner but definite date has not yet been set. we're live there bristol pennsylvania, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you for that. today is first official day of free agency in the national football league. that means teams across the league are making big changes to their roster. >> eagles nor different they have made additions and also some subtractions. cbs-3 sports director don bellies here to break it down. >> officially a new year for nfl starting to day at 4:00 p.m. guys. >> lets do it. >> money to burn, this is day when nfl teams typically spend and spend and spend some more. today eagles addressed one of their biggest concerns. the bird signed former bears wide out alshon jeffery to a one year 14 million-dollar deal. this is a massive upgrade. jeffery is big, strong and deep threat but here's the
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catch, the reason a guy with his skills only gets a one year contract is because you know, he has some baggage. last year he missed four games after testing positive for ban ned substance. but good gamble by bird. before the eagles signed jeffery they added wide out torey smith, he has no baggage to speak of, super bowl champ but his numbers have declined since 2014. eagles quarterback carson wentz taken to twitter as guys often do these days, it is 2017 you know how they role. welcome to the squad torey smith, let's go, bro. e maine gis are key. in order for eagles to make these moves they had to dump some salary. that is why they cut veteran linebacker/defensive end connor barwin. move saves the team 8 million but it is aing about loss because barwin was one of the most liked people, hear me, people on the team, he was huge in the community. now, once barwin got the news
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he hopped on social media and thanked the fans, jeffery luri e and eagles organization and city of philadelphia. he also highlighted his work, with his foundation. going to miss that guy. >> oh, yeah. >> one of the best in the community, lives in the city, going to miss connor barwin. >> and captured philly sky line. >> no doubt. >> all right, buddy, good upgrade. coming up on "eyewitness news" he is accused of killing a pennsylvania state trooper and then running from the law for a week in northeastern pennsylvania. now jury selection is underway for trial of the eric frein. what lawyers are asking potential jurors and why, the jury is being picked in our area. more and more people are falling victim to so-called imposter scams, scammers sound official but they just want your money, what you should be on the look out for. stape until cold and flu season but doctors are warning there is something about hand sanitizers that could make them dangerous for children. and some of us are
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dreaming of summer but winter is just not going to go away. here's a live look at parkway central library camera, a couple chances of snow in the forecast, kate has everything you need to know in about seven minutes, stick
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it is called an imposter scam when someone i am person
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nates trust worthy people like police officers or governmental officials. three on your side jim donovan explains the conn artists behind the scams can be very convincing, and, you need to be on the look out. >> reporter: richard tanner says call took him by surprise >> i literally was about to hang up when they said, are you at this address. >> reporter: man on the other end of the line said he was sergeant wade marshall with the sheriff's department, and that tanner owed fines of $1,600 for failing to appear for jury duty. >> we're calling as a courtesy , you have several outstanding citations. >> reporter: tanner told him he had served jury duty but sergeant gave him a case and citation numbers with what sounded like police scanners in the background. he instructed tanner to head immediately to the station's sheriff's department, to pay up, or face a warrant for his arrest. the only form of the payment accepted cash or a prepaid card called greendot. the call went on for nearly 40 minutes on his land line before tanner used his cell phone to call the local
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sheriff's department. >> first thing i said was is there a sergeant wade marshall and i barely got word out when the real sheriff's department said no, it is a scam, hang up >> law enforcement would never make a request. >> reporter: u.s. marshals service assistant said it is a growing problem nationwide. the agency recently warned consumers about these slick scammers. >> these scammers are extremely well versed in the judicial process, and they have frequently used real judge's names, real names of u.s. marshall service employees. >> reporter: that is just one type of what experts call imposter scams most common form of fraud duping u.s. consumers. federal trade commission says in 2016 more than 400,000 people complained about impersonation fraud. the federal trade commission points out a couple red flags here, number one governmental agency rarely call demanding a payment. they still use regular mail and will send you a letter and
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they don't take prepaid card or gift card. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. good head up. >> unusually strong wind are causing power outages and traffic trouble across midwest and new england. >> strong wind caused a small plane to slide off a runway during take off in michigan. that plane was carrying the university of michigan's mens basketball team and thankfully no one was injured. in new hampshire strong wind blew a large tree on the house there it cut the house in half officials say that there was in one home at the time. thank goodness. >> mother nature is all over the place right now. >> new yorkers reported a wind gust of 81 miles an hour and people in rochester area see damage and trees down every where. it is strong gusty wind. we have felt strong wind here but nothing as bad as what they have had up there and now the wind transitioning into winter weather. >> here it comes. >> yes, are you ready. >> bring it, let's go, get it in, get it out. >> i feel differently then he
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does. >> in and out. >> good news that winter cannot last much longer after this but it does look like we are entering the next five to seven day period one of the most active winter patterns we have been in all year long. winter has come back with a vengeance here as we head toward mid-march. lets look outside and start off with a very tranquil look at an area that will look different in about 12 hours, snow will be falling steadily in bet ham northampton county. right now temperatures in the 60's. sun shining. grass green. it looks like a beautiful spring day. wake up tomorrow and it is winter all over again. thanks to the storm that does not look too impressive on storm scan three. weak system streaking out over portions of the great lakes. you can see snow over lake erie around cleveland area and back toward detroit moving right along new york state and pennsylvania border. right now. it will continue to plunge southward through overnight hours tonight when steady gets in here for us. here's another look at an area in the winter weather advisory
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reading where we are at 61 degrees. kid playing soccer. they are wearing shorts, t-shirts. my kid went to school in shorts and t-shirts enjoying 60's for one last day because big blast of winter is on the way. let's break down your friday snow. snow arrives by early morning. could arrive in the poconos as early as one or 2:00 a.m. likely not until 5:00 a.m. in philadelphia. could start as rain and sleet in the city points south. steady snow is four to 9:00 a.m. in philadelphia six to 9:00 a.m. is crux of the storm that is not a good time frame right in the middle of the morning rush war of it on friday and that will cause major problems and snow squals and windy conditions through the afternoon. here's what it looks like 3:00 y snow through poconos into the northern, lehigh valley and pushing south. by five to 6:00 it moves in the city. possibly a brief start as rain and transitions back to snow and snowing steadily 20:79 a.m. here in the city and eventually down the shore as well before it then moves off the coast by 11:00. you can see tomorrow afternoon
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scattered snow squals and rain showers moving through, could cause problems for the afternoon commute. here's what we are looking at likely an inch in philadelphia , slushy coating, on grass surfaces. one to three in the north and western suburbs and three to six, for portions of the lehigh valley, as much as six in the highest elevations of the poconos. this is giving you for green light for widespread snow and for afternoon commute snow squals could cut down that visibility. behind this storm temperatures plumet, 4:00 p.m. today 68 degrees. by 4:00 a.m. saturday it will be 18 degrees, and may feel like four out there. so a 50-degree drop in 36 hours. rain and then snow overnight, snow through tomorrow morning, and snow squall in the afternoon and then much colder through weekend saturday number should be 32, not 42. that is my fault, in the typo there bye wish it would be 42. >> keep that 42 up there.
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let's just pretend. >> it doesn't matter. >> thanks, very much. still ahead j lo has a new beau. >> high profile sports figure and let's just say trying to figure out a couple nicknamed like it would be tough, hi there don. >> i have one for him by the way. villanova is balling in the big apple we will have the latest in the bige tournament. we have seen it over and over again but what are the cats thinking bit, surprising fact that the wildcats national championship win, that is next in
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don's joining us now talking about basketball. >> we were talking in the break. wait, sit madness, is it that time. >> premadness. >> premadness. >> it is so good. >> lets talk about those wildcats, jay wright and cats taking on saint john's at the garden this afternoon. this is quarter final round of the bige tournament, josh hart , nova taking a 21-point lead in the second half.
5:24 pm
nova showing no mercy, hoops. chris jenkins with the three. nova rolls over saint john's 108-67, up next, they will take on seton hall in the semi finals. that is friday, tomorrow. last season wildcats went on a epic championship run, they crushed about all comers, recently we talk about the school's first title since 1985. what business to happen next. >> for the champion ship, yes. >> reporter: moment that philadelphia will never forget , down to the final second, an epic game winning shot for the ages, villanova's three-point win over north carolina for national championship was an unbelievable game to see, what is also unbelievable some of the wildcats still haven't seen it yet. >> i haven't watched the game yet either, i don't know when i'm going to. >> from start to finish watch the whole game, never, i seen clips, i seen the shot
5:25 pm
probably a thousand times but on twitter, it would just pop up. >> reporter: man that took that famous shot, said that they cannot focus on the pennsylvania. >> i try not to let that shot creep into my mind, because i know where i want to get to and where i want to go to help this team and thinking about that shot does nothing for us. >> reporter: as they play in the bige tournament something they didn't win last year they know that everyone is coming for them. >> we have a target on our back all year and i think we have answer that had challenge pretty well. going in the tournament we still have a big target on our back and we have to answer to ourselves, we have to make sure that after every game, it is one game, three games this week, after every game we have to evaluate ourself and play basketball for 40 minutes. we will get you ready for, all of the madness, join us next wednesday night at 7:30 right here on cbs-3, march to phoenix, we will have latest on the wildcats and their chance for yet another title.
5:26 pm
they want it. >> they don't want to get tonight their own head, see it >> to this day, i didn't watch it. >> whatever works for them. >> yes. >> thanks, buddy, appreciate it. coming up next on "eyewitness news" new research shows dangerous down side to marijuana including medical marijuana. also this... jury selection begins today foreman accused of ambushing state police barracks in northeastern pennsylvania, killing one trooper, i'm joe holden, the amount of the potential jurors here is staggering, but we will tell you what is going on in that courthouse behind me. and cia cyber security tolls are exposed what that means for safety of your gadgets and for our country, more news coming your way nex
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jury selection has begun in the eric frein murder trial jurors from chester county will ultimately decide the fate of the man charged in the 2014 ambush shooting, of two pennsylvania state troopers. one trooper died, another survived, news continues at 5:30. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is live in the chester county courthouse west chester where stage of the trial could take sometime, joe. >> reporter: good evening. stage of the trial, jury selection is expected to take two weeks, they are looking to pick 18 men and women of that number there will be six alternates. then this seated jury will be transplant todd milford pike county in northeastern, pennsylvania where it is expected that they will hear more than a month's worth of testimony. in this high profile capitol murder case. in court eric frein dressed in a suit, tie, engaged working with his
5:31 pm
lawyers as long process to pick a jury of his peers begins. eric from coatsville won't be one of them. >> i would like to be on the jury but i don't have time to do it. >> reporter: phillips and handful of other jurors were dismissed on thursday. prosecution and defense, still have more than a thousand people to sift through. because of intense media coverage, jury selection is happening in chester county. 103 miles from milford pike county where the case will be tried. >> it has been over two years now, we look forward to selecting a fair, impartial jury. >> reporter: eric frein stand accused of ambushing state police barracks in blooming grove, detectives say that in september 2014 he shot and killed corporal brian dickson and critically wounded trooper alex douglass. it is alleged frein kept investigators at bay for 48 days in the dense forest of northeastern pennsylvania. one of the frein's attorney bringsled when asked how is he
5:32 pm
doing. >> how would you do when were you accused of i a capitol crime. >> reporter: frein's mother and father had little time for questions, as for comments about the death penalty case. >> beautiful day that is all. >> reporter: once jury is seated, trial is predicted to last more than a month. for now the focus is seating a fair, and impartial group of frein's peers. >> i don't know about a fair trial but i believe he is guilty already. >> reporter: that is one of the sentiments that frein's lawyers and prosecutors have to overcome in seating this jury. another item there are pretrial motions to be decided , one of them an alleged videotaped confession by frein that his attorneys hope to have suppressed. live from west chester i'm joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> joe, thank you. two dozen people protested outside congressman pat new an 's springfield office. they called on the republican congressman to vote against his party's plan to repeal and replace the affordable care
5:33 pm
act. the protesters are concerned that they could lose health insurance, under this plan. well, despite opposition the repeal and replace legislation is moving full steam ahead in congress. the new health care plan is called the american health care act and it just passed through another committee vote >> on that vote there are 31 eye's and 22nah. after 27 hours of day house energy and commerce committee approved g.o.p. plan to repeal and replace obama care this bill guts obama care and starts process of putting patients back in charge of their choices. >> reporter: getting the bill out of committee is one thing getting a travel from the full house is another. >> i would repeal obama care in total which is a direct contrast with the house leadership plans to amend obama care. >> reporter: mo brooks is member of the house freedom caucus a group of 40 conservative republicans. >> i think overwhelming majority of the freedom caucus members at this point will not vote for the bill as it it is
5:34 pm
now read. >> reporter: president trump invited some of the freedom caucus members to go bowling at the white house in an attempt to win them over. >> if people have ideas that will help provide more patient centered health care system that drives down cost the president and the team here will be willing to meet with them. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan says is there not a lot of room for negotiation but he believes republican hold outs will come over to his side. >> this is something we have been dreaming about for decade this is a chance and the best and only chance we will get. >> reporter: congressional budget office still hasn't reported how much the g.o.p. plan will cost, and that is expected to be released on monday. now 24 house republicans would need to join democrats in order to block passage of the repeal and replace plan, the margin on the senate side is much slimmer just three republican senators joining democrats would kill the new health care plan in that chamber. voters say they are more concerned about hatred and
5:35 pm
prejudice since the election. quinnipiac university poll find 63 percent of voters believe the level of the hatred has increased in the country since november 8th. 2 percent said level has decreased. 32 percent believe level of hatred and prejudice remained unchanged since the election of president trump. congressional leaders asked justice department to send them evidence that might support president trump's claim that president obama ordered wiretaps at trump tower during the presidential campaign. the president is pressuring congress to look into his allegations as part of their investigation into russia. republican senator lindsey graham and democratic senator shell den whitehouse teamed up for more information, they have asked fbi director james comey to hand over any warrant applications and court order related to wiretaps of president trump, trump campaign or trump tower. >> if there is no warrant, that is something we need to know. if there was a warrant, i need to understand why one was issued. president trump has alleged
5:36 pm
something very seriously. we will get to the bottom of it. >> reporter: spokesmen for president obama release aid statement calling president trump's accusations, false. senator john mccain calls it a devastating blow, leak of the thousands of cia documents on wikileaks exposing agency's cyber espionage techniques. as we gentleman jiang reports the founder appeared live on facebook to discuss disclosures. >> reporter: documents exposed cia cyber espionage tools for all of the world to see. wikileaks founder julian assange appeared live on the internet two days after publishing the explosive material code named vault seven. and he said it is cia's own fault. >> this is a historic act of devastating incompetence to have created such an ars nal and stored it all in one place and not secured it. >> reporter: documents described how the cia bypasses
5:37 pm
security features to hack into computers, phones, and televisions. assange said wikileaks will share unpublished details with technology co to help them secure their system. >> we have decided to work with them so that they have fix that he is can be developed and pushed out. >> reporter: cia responded that assange is not exactly a place of truth and integrity but republican senator john mccain called the leak a devastating blow that will help terrorist. >> it helps them to necessity our method, our technology, our capabilities, it is an act of treason. >> reporter: james lewis is an expert on cyber security. he said breach is a black eye for cia. >> very first question we need to ask is how did you ever get around those safe guard? this was not supposed to happen. >> reporter: cia won't comment on the investigation but it is not disputed wikileaks claim that the leak came from a governmental insider n washington weijia jiang for
5:38 pm
cbs-3 "eyewitness news". as we continue tonight, j lo has a new love and let's just say trying to figure out a couple nicknames might be challenging, we will show you happy duo next. actress gabby, discloses a secret something she did to improve her health. we will have her story after the break. medical marijuana may be good for some health issues but new research shows, there are dangers, and doctor new research and stephanie stahl has new information in about 10 minutes. kate? and precipitation, and, weekend will be cold arctic air, and, wet temperatures well below average, saturday and sunday morning we will feel like single digits even colder then last weekend. it is daylight savings time so we will gain an extra hour of daylight in the afternoon we will set clocks ahead and good news that storm we were tracking sunday will stay to the south, snow free sunday but we have chance for some
5:39 pm
snow again early next
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with an open floor plan, you need to separate it with furniture. it's perfect for our family.
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new celebrity couple has people but to go day. >> a rod alex rodriguez is dating superstar singer actress jennifer lopez also known as j lo. source say they have within seeing each other for a few weeks and lopez is single but having fun. no comments from representatives on either side lopez was last with hip-hop artist drake and she is a long time fan of the yankees. a rod's former team. gabby is showing awe slimmer frame. the three three-year old star of empire revealed she had weight loss surgery in may. she writes about in a memoirs titled this is just my face, try not to stair, the book comes out in may. she says that she has had surgery after being diagnosed with type two diabetes she was
5:43 pm
nominated for an oscar in 2009 for her role in the film, precious. this young boy stole lime light today in london she was at an event hosted by queen elizabeth to honor armed forces who served during golf war in the conflicts of iraq and afghanistan. young boy's job was to present a bouquet but as you can see his chance to meet british royalty proves a bit overwhelming and he just could not stop squirming. >> he didn't want to stand there. >> not for the queen, not for anybody. >> i have a two-year old, i know how this goes. >> you just got to let them do their thing. >> did he. >> that is great. >> up next, children and hand sanitizer. >> what it business some sanitizers that make is it more important for parents to supervise their kid, while usin
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♪ ♪
5:46 pm
and, many come in fun colors and some even smell like kind, which can be tempting, for children. and then in fact a new report, from the cdc shows 97 percent of young children exposed to
5:47 pm
alcohol based hand sanitizers ingested them. ingestion can cause serious healthy affects for young children including alcohol poisoning. experts say children should only use hand sanitizers with adult supervision. in other health news tonight new research, shows marijuana use, can cause heart trouble. stephanie stahl is in the einstein health care science center with more on this new study. >> reporter: medical mar juan ace legal in 28 states, including here in pennsylvania , new jersey and delaware. but previous research has focused mostly on pulmonary and psychiatric complications but this new study released to day shows it was first to concentrate on cardiac risks. medical mar juan ace used to treat number of conditions, including, pain, seizures, nausea but new research also find. >> patient that is use cannabis or significantly higher risk of developing heart failure. >> reporter: einstein cardiac researcher, shown hearsays the
5:48 pm
new study shows health record from 1,000 hospitals covering patients between the age of 18 to 55 and those who use marijuana had a 26 percent increased risk of having a stroke and a 10 percent higher risk of heart failure. it appears to be directly impacting the heart. >> when cannabis effects human heart cells they are less able to squeeze and therefore the heart as a whole is not able to pump quite as well. >> often this part of their heart was affected and they were not pumping as much blood as they normally would. so therefore they had heart failure. >> reporter: study was conducted in 2009/10 before cannabis was legal in most states. research tears not account for quantity or frequency of pot use, or whether or not it was ingested or smoked, so doctors say, more research is needed but risks should be considered >> it is cannabis becomes legalize add cross the country i think both medical communities and general communities together will need to be more aware of the
5:49 pm
potential cardiovascular complications that can arise from cannabis use. >> reporter: previous studies shows heavy use can cause psychiatric and respiratory problems, and can also impair learning, memory and attention i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". kate bilo joins us now with our forecast a lot of attention on this weather forecast. it will be snow to the north of us. >> yes, snow in the city, wake up tomorrow morning and it will be snowing. sunset go to day on a near 70- degree day in philadelphia how about it. >> sun will rise tomorrow on heavily falling snow and that will mean winter is making a brutal come back. >> cruel joke. >> phil. >> weekend is frigid and next weeks storm next tuesday a potential major northeast snowstorm could be targeting the area we are still several away, lots to work out there but thinks not ending, after tomorrow. we have got another chance. >> weather march madness. >> this is march madness, indeed. we head into next week but
5:50 pm
lets get through first storm first and see hoy things play out after that. right now, we never believe snow is on the way when i show you this shot. beautiful outside this evening it is still blustery, windy day see a gorgeous sunset over center city philadelphia and it is a mild day. temperatures reached upper 60 's in the city today, right now sitting in the mid 60's still but temperatures will plumet very rapidly and once those temperatures drop they will not come up for quite sometime. storm scan three shows our system streaking out in portions of northern pennsylvania. you can see relatively light snow but as this starts to deepen and moves through northeast and our region it will pull in moisture and really strengthen through overnight hours and into tomorrow morning leading to some banding and heavy snow. sometimes when snowfalls heavy enough it can overcome mild boundary layer surface temperatures which is what we are seeing. it is a lot like our last system we went from 60's and
5:51 pm
70's to snow in a short period of time and it is always a tough call as to how much snow melts when it hits the ground and how much snow is able to stick. your winter weather advisory for bucks, montgomery counties lehigh valley and poconos. does not include city and points to the south. any accumulation will be on grass surfaces around sit of philadelphia watch how quickly they drop as we head through overnight hours we will go from the 60's to the 30's by 6:00 a.m. when that band of snow starts to get going and falling heavily. 34 degrees in philadelphia. that is cold enough for snow to be falling and even sticking to the grass, allentown is sub freezing, mount pocono at 26. this is all snow for these area and we expect these areas to see heaviest snow. this could change over to snow by 9:00 a.m. before moving out not expecting too much in the way of accumulation down that way but low visibility, through that morning commute and in the afternoon. temperatures back to 40 that will help roads clear, and and you can see, and afternoon
5:52 pm
drop. so between 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. snow arrives, for four to 9:00 snow spread north to south across the region, tapering between nine and 11:00. wind pick up and snow squals will be around through the afternoon. so moderate amounts of snowfall tomorrow, maryland rate wind as well, low threat for icing with temperatures above freezing throughout day but high impact to travel especially morning commute but afternoon commute again impact as well. temperatures take a huge hit. by tomorrow night it feels like the teens. by time you wake up saturday morning it feels like four or 5 degrees and saturday afternoon not feeling any better then the teens as temperatures only make to it 31 degrees. rain, snow overnight temperatures dropping steadily , tomorrow morning, snow afternoon wind and snow squals, wind gusting to 30 miles an hour in the afternoon. weekend is frigid, colder then last weekend barely above freezing feeling like teens, machine we are back to 36. then next storm to watch monday night into tuesday of
5:53 pm
next week could be a significant northeast snowstorm, we will keep you updated on that one, ukee and nicole back to you. still ahead on "eyewitness news" from trash to the runway >> how students turned garbage into fashion, they will call it trashon. we will show you more next.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
high school and college students want to you rethink what you throw into the trash. >> yeah, they are doing witt a runway show featuring clothing made from reused materials. reporter justin trudeau from our sister station, kyw news radio has the story from the youth school in north philadelphia. >> reporter: this classroom is trashed, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. for the last month, students at the use school in north philadelphia have worked with students at moore cleaning to turn garbage into cult edge clothing.
5:57 pm
>> it is like a bubble wrap type material but wrapped in aluminum foil, i think it was used for like insulations, and like when you saw it when we came in wrapped up, it had a bunch of different material but i saw that one and said i will make a skirt out of that and turn tonight to a space kind of outfit. >> when i first made it, it looked like i was in a bag but now it is fit todd my body shape and stuffy felt good about the dress because it really looked real nice. >> reporter: students taking part in the project, transforming trash into fashion, they were also able to transform way they look as every day things they frivolously throw away. >> i think we should appreciate what we have, sometimes you might throw away something that got a hole in it but never know what you can change tonight to. >> reporter: journey for these students did not end when they transformed their garbage into clothing, their next step was getting it ready for trashon show. >> they really learn concept of looking at an ordinary material and then transforming tonight to something new. >> reporter: maggie says hopefully this experience will show her students that you had
5:58 pm
can draw inspiration from things you might not expect to justin udo for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". garbage to garbage. >> that is right. >> is looks good. >> nicely done. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 we have break ing news when delaware river bridge will reopen after weeks of repairs. kate? it may have gotten near 70 today but we're track winter coming back in a major way and it starts tonight into tomorrow morning with the accumulating snow and winter may stick around for a while i'll break down this next storm and another chance next week, coming up. for hours yesterday millions were unable to get a hold of 911. i'm alycia nieves and i'll tell what you emergency management says you should know in case this happens again. plus, history unearthed in olde city where these century 's old coffins came from and what will happen to them now that they have been removed from a construction
5:59 pm
site. wheeling and dealing the new offensive weapons joining eagles as nfl free agency gets off to a pretty exciting start forbidder fans, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now . last thing we want to hear is you cannot call 911. millions of people including thousandsness our area unable to call 911 during a major outage. new at 6:00 the other numbers thaw need to know in case you cannot dial 911. don't put away winter coat just yet, snow is on the horizon and it could make tomorrow morning's commute, a little messy. hi, good evening aim ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer. jessica's off tonight. hard to believe we will see snow, after today's spring like weather. >> how bit, katie here to let you know when snow will fall, kate. >> i'll tell you what but
6:00 pm
contrast between today and tomorrow will be so, so noticeable. temperatures right now are still in the 60's. sixty-five in newark and swede bureau. sixty-four in cherry hill. philadelphia sits at 65 degrees still. sixty-one chalfont. up toward lehigh valley and poconos area that may get hit with the heaviest snow is still near 60 degrees. cold will come in quickly and snow will come down heavily enough to overcome milder temperatures at surface leading to the threat for accumulations especially in far north and western suburbs. few light showers breaking out mostly not reaching ground on storm scan three. main push comes in overnight and into the early morning hours tomorrow where it will gain strength and snow could come down at a pretty good clip here for several hours. see it right along pennsylvania/new york state border right now. it doesn't look impressive but will tomorrow morning. future weather shows us through tonight, it is quiet. 2:00 a.m. we will see snow break out to the north and spread southward. by 6:00 a.m. heavy snow in philadelphia and surrounding


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