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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 10, 2017 4:00am-4:31am EST

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it's 4:00 a.m., say good-bye to spring, mother nature back with a storm for our region, showing snow moving into our area this morning. >> it's been snowing in the poconos since late last night. our cameras show the flakes flying on the ski slopes at jack frost big boulder. >> is that fake orr real? not here in philadelphia, we have to wait little longer to see the snow. today is friday, march 10, tgif. >> what time is it again? >> it is 4:00 a.m. good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. let's get your day started extra early this friday. a check on weather lauren and traffic. >> we have no choice, do we, by the way, i just want to
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say, wearing black today it, it is a funeral for the snow. >> rahel? morning, everyone, looking outside. things are looking okay. >> no one's outside? >> no one's outside. but i will say this, big updates coming to the delaware river bridge, you'll be get that in a moment. >> so young lady? >> i'm just the messenger, okay? forecast is still on track, so i'm happy about. that will but everyone else might not be, yes. snow will be moving in, winter weather advisory in effect for much of the area today, including philadelphia county, now it has been expanded annex tended until 2:00 in the afternoon, as we are waiting on some snow to arrive. storm scan p, showing us, snow coming down starting to push into berks county, lehigh county, saw the snow falling in the poconos, storm clouds firmly in place, looking up wind, all of that snow, all of that moisture, is head our way. moving from west to east,
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temperatures right now, we are above freezing well above freezing but temperatures are going to be dropping through the morning, and through the afternoon. so this the warmest you'll feel all throughout the day today. plan for that, 45 in philly, 38 degrees in allentown, and below freezing in the poconos. so what to expect? we could see the precipitation start briefly as rain along i-95. that looks like it will occur around 6:00, 7:00. but then will quickly change over to snowfall. expecting steady and heavy snow at times throughout the morning period. we will quickly pick up on some accumulations, so the commute, especially through mid-morning, is going to be pretty tough. and then for the afternoon, we will see some snow squawls redevelop just to add to our misery. snowfall totals still looking on track right now, three to 5 e poconos, up toward allentown, lehigh valley picking up on about maybe three, 4 inches of snowfall, in ill philly, one to 2 inches, then coating to inch or two across portions every south jersey shall
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meisha. it will be tough as things get going over the next couple of hours and the snow starts to fall. >> yes it, will but lauren i have a feeling we got this. i have a feeling we got this. thank you so much. good morning, everyone, yes, we've got video actually taken earlier this morning, delaware river bridge great news on this has now reopened. it actually reopened last night at around 10:30 p.m. much earlier than what they anticipated they were saying early april. so to know that our alternates, we've been talking about for weeks and weeks, thing of the past now, delaware river bridge has reopened. this is great news for so many of our morning commuters. we will be covering that basically all morning long, then looking outside, we've downed pole, downed wires here 202 at route one, heads up on that. ninety-five near the betsy ross bridge, looking good. very early, quiet out there, roads are still looking good. they're for right now look dry and nice. moving on, aramingo ramps, southbound re-opening, this will be re-opening by
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6:00 a.m. so, good news on that, but i will say it will start to get busy right around 6:00 a.m., anand i am i'll come firm when it does lift. also construction this morning, actually talking about this yesterday, ardmore, route 30, lancaster avenue, between ardmore and rittenhouse place, this is closed until 5:30 p.m. whether 5:30 hits offer the 24 hour period. alternate montgomery avenue. jim, rahel, back to you. >> thank you, meisha. before the snow gets anywhere near philadelphia, it is falling in the poconos, lehigh valley and other places to the north, our coverage continues this morning with "eyewitness news" reporter trang do, she live in bucks county, just outside of quakertown. we know it is very early but what are you seeing out there? >> good morning, rahel, jim. not seeing any snowflakes just yet. but we new that. you know it is north to us at this point. we are just outside of quakertown, off of the northeast extension. and take a look here. traffic is going pretty smoothly just if you look far off, well, now of course when
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i mention nobody going through, but as lauren mentioned saying it was going to get progressively colder. at this point it is about 38 degrees here. pretty warm relatively warm, i don't have my signature earmuffs on just yet. so we're expect that temperature to come down in order to make those snowy conditions. but here, this is where a lot of the snow plows kind of hang out until they're ready to go out on those roads. you saw one trying to avoid, way over, there you can see him waiting, truck full of salt. but take a look, let's swing around here. to the salt yard, i mean, as we all know, we really haven't received whole lot of snowfall this winter. so they've got plenty of salt for this particular weather event to happen. but yes, just going to continue up northeast extension, going to head over to allentown, hopefully see some snowflakes this morning. but for now, liver outside
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quakertown, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news," jim, rahel, back to you. >> trang, thank you. >> finds the snow, trang, find the snow. >> poor thing. >> we always sends her out, i mean, quakertown isn't that far. >> she is a trooper. >> don't forget you can track the snow as it heads our way, just download cbs philly weather app freon itunes or google play. >> well, string of paint ball attacks leaves two victims injured in northwest philadelphia. >> five people attack in a 24 hour period tuesday into wednesday, four people were shot in roxborough, another in germantown. teen boy was shot in the stomach, one man needed six stitches to the eye. "eyewitness news" caught up with residents, say something like this is very alarming. >> leave gigantic bruce on you, specially if you get hit in the eye or face? go to a paint ball camp. do it there. >> people don't understand, not in your neighborhood or
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community. >> fifteen to 20 years old aim interesting them from white dodge chrysler with tinted windows. if you recognize this vehicle, please call philadelphia police. >> and this morning, the manhunt is on for a knife wielding robbery suspect in northern liberties. take a look, surveillance video shows the man walking into family dollar store 100 block of girard avenue. what police say he pulled a knife on an employee when he tries to stop from stealing deodorant last monday. >> suspect shoving the woman into a shelf and taking off. >> the pennsylvania woman charged in the disturbing murder of her teenage daughter will appear in a bucks county courtroom later today. investigators say 41 year old sarah packer along with her boyfriend, 44 year old jacob sullivan conspired to kidnap, rape, murder, 14 year old grace packer back in july in what officials call a sick fantasy. both could face the death penalty if convicted. >> reminding residents to know non-emergency numbers in their county after nationwide outage prevented at&t wireless
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customers from calling 911. wednesday night you may recall customers bucks, chester, delaware, montgomery counties were just getting busy signal or the line just kept ringing. noticed the issue around 7:45, fixed by 10:30. now the fcc is investigating. at&t is not saying what caused that 911 outage. >> president trump agenda facing opposition on multible crimes. several states are challenging his revamp travel ban, and while the republican healthcare bill cleared a house committee, it to its legislative future is uncertain. the president also says cia needs upgrade after recent wikileaks -- >> the republican healthcare overall cleared key health committee along party lines thursday after more than 27 hours of debate. >> broader support is a bigger battle. house speaker paul ryan wrote up his plea for the power point presentation saying this is congress' best chance to
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repeal and replace obamacare. >> conservatives, healthcare reform, so exciting. >> democrats are dismissing the gop plan out of around. >> it doesn't lower costs it, doesn't improve benefits. and it doesn't have access. >> president trump's revised travel ban on six predominantly muslim countries also faces opposition. several states have joined a lawsuit out of washington state, and hawaii filed its own suit. >> hawaii doesn't speak up about discrimination, national origin. we are dishonoring and disrespecting what past generations have gone through. >> the travel ban is set to take effect next week and the white house says it is confident the executive order will with stand legal challenges. and president trump has grave concern about the release of classified information after wikileaks founder julian assange exposed cia hacking
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message. >> we believe that the systems of the cia are out-dated and need to be updated. >> the white house can't dolphin at thisly say if president trump is the target of an investigation, after un subs ate dollars statement about his phones being tapped during the campaign. >> wikileaks founder julian assange said he's willing to share information what he calls hacked it, wikileaks published thousands of pages whatever it says cia files about attacking methods, showing how the agency is hacking into phones and televisions, to spy on people the: cia has not confirmed if the documents are authentic. >> cia has zero six days to choose new president. court upheld impeachment motion against president background hey, removed from office after a corruption scandal. the ruling clears the way for criminal proceedings, now
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first democrat i cannily president to be eject from the office. >> and winter weather as we've been telling you has been hitting our region today, but where in philly you can go to get a taste every spring starting this weekends. >> if you thought it was windy around here the past few days, see what the winds did to this ohio girl. don't worry. she's okay. we're back in two minutes.
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spring is on the way. >> one sure sign is the flower show. the flower show opens tomorrow, focus on just flowers and landscape design, our january can carabeo will have a live report from the convention center coming up in our next hour. >> opening today the greater philadelphia both show starring swing i the water skiing squirrel. will show off in several shows this weekend, boat show runs sunday in oaks montgomery count. >> i no flowers blooming outside today. >> not at all. lauren tracking some winter weather in our region, i thought this was behind us, apparently not s so high temperatures well into the 60s i think i caught a little at any sitting outside. today talking about winter weather advisory in effect for
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large portion of the delaware valley t does include philadelphia county. runs until 2:00 p.m. today, as we will see the snow moving in along the i95 corridor, and already seeing that snow pushing into berks county, lehigh valley, then snowing in the poconos allentown -- allentown, starting to fall. line of snowfall slowly making it way eastbound. so approaching our far northwestern suburbs right now, trying to get into chester county over the next several hours, that will continue to expands itself eastwards. see up wind, much more precipitation to deal with >> future wet letter confirm into the 6:00 hour, moving into our northwestern suburbs, since 7:00 hour t could start as a wintery mix or even rail fall specially philly point to the south. it will quickly change over
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to all snow, snowfall heavy at times in intensity, check out the 8:00 hour. commute not looking so good, will over spread into south jersey, making approach down the shore as we head into the 9:00 hour. by the 11:00 hour dealing with snowfall across large portion of the area, particularly or shower months, where we could see heavy snow coming down for the second half of the morning. this is lunchtime, flames still flying, and then head into the afternoon, things starting to wind down specially to the north and wigs. but, we're going to see snowfall redevelop as we head into the afternoon hours. on strong northwesterly wind flow, they'll be scattered in nature, but of course we know how to deal with the snow squawls, greatly reduce visibility, take it very slow on the roads in the 5:00 hour dealing with that, then head after sunset, things will really start to wind down. but in your day planner today, old-man-winter, yep, he's back. the 9:00 hour, snow heavy at times, 37 degrees, temperatures will be cooling through the day today, at 35 by lunchtime, still some snow showers, and into the 5:00 hour, meisha, dealing with scattered snow squawls,
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it will be tough to get through the morning commute and the afternoon commute. >> yes indeed. snow, snow, snow. will, i have big news to talk about, this is ground video taken from the delaware river bridge. it reopened last night at 10:30 p.m. now it, wasn't scheduled to reopen until early april, mid-april. so this is a lot earlier than what they anticipated. than is going to make so many people so happy. it has inconvenienced thousands of people for seven weeks i can tell you now the alternates we were taking those will be left. it will make a lot of people happy and ease their commute, as well, also talking about this morning, downed wires 202 at route one, getting little more specific, route one baltimore pike closed between parkers ville road and also, southbound tractor-trailers being being diverted right now to route 202. heads up on that.
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then we look at 95 pushing in the southbound direction at cottman. see what you are working with there, center city, i would expect so early not even 4:30 in the morning yet, not going to be any congestion out there, just a sneak peak. roadways right now still looking dry, we know the snow will come in little later. also, aramingo ramp re-opening, and that should be re-opening by 6:00 a.m. jim, rahel, back to you. >> thank you, meisha. checking sport, the sixers playing late on the west coast? >> in portland for date with the red hot trailblazers, so we got career high 28, i'm looking at the candidate, game in over time, trailblazers pulled away from there. had 28 points, and 20 rebounds, the trailblazers to win their fourth straight. this is why they were called red hot, 114 to 108. sixers and clippers in l.a. tomorrow. 33:00 tip-off. >> officially day two of nfl free agency.
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when it kicks off 4:00 p.m. yesterday the eagles go right in by signing wide receiver al sean jeffrey. he get one year $14 million deal to come over from chicago, he is one of the best in the biz, al sean wasn't the only one hauling in the dough. the eagles also signed wide out cory smith. former 49er gets three year deal worth 15 million. his numbers have been on the decline though since 2014. now, carson wentz will be happy to have his new target, hopefully also enjoy some better protection. guard coming on one year contract, former first round pick leaves tennessee after making 4 48 career starts. now, in order for the eagles to make these kind of moves, they had to dump some salary. that's why they cut linebacker connor barwin, the move, 8 million, but big lost, one of the most liked guys on the team. and also in the community. let's switch gears, head to the ice. i think we circle this one on the calendar awhile back,
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quote, and it comes from claude giroux, the captain said that about the flyers match up in toronto last night. first period, no score. flyers, shane's shot, wayne simmons, up one-nothing, now, toronto is in front of the flyers in the standings by two-point. william nylander opened their cause, ties it up. in the second, tyler bo sack, lights the lamp. the flyers now trail two to one. and they were not able to mount a come back. they fall in toronto four to two, your final score. >> that's all for sports, i'm don bell, have a great day. >> well, a little girl takes flight in strong wind. good news, she's okay. we'll show you the video coming up next. >> more and more people falling victim to the so-called imposture scam, when scammers sound official but really want your money. the red flag you should be on the look-out for
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just to see their faces in the morning when i wake them up. the first thing you think about is your wife and your kids and your family. so i had surgery locally, and it came back after my follow up that i needed a second surgery. and that's when i said i need a second opinion. everyone, from the moment i walked through the doors, they're smiling and i love the fact that included me in the whole process. the diagnosis of cancer is one of those things that you want an answer now. we can do now here. rod was great.
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i mean, he did everything that we asked him and more. the treatment plan was for him to have chemotherapy and radiation followed by surgery. i feel like this was the right way for me and the right treatment for me. at cancer treatment centers of america, we treat cancer, every stage, every day. call or go to appointments available now. >> it is called an imposture scam, when people entrust people like police officers to government officials. >> the con artist behind the scams can be very convincing, so it is important to be on the look-out. >> richard tanner says the call took him by surprise. >> i literally was about to hang up when they said are you at this address? >> the man on the other end of the line said he was sergeant wade marshall with the sheriff's department, and that tanner owed fines of $1,600 for failing to appear for jury
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cute. >> i we're calling as a court circumstances you have several outstanding citations. >> tanner told him he had served jury duty but the sergeant gave him case and citation numbers with what sound the like police scanners in the background. he instructed tan tow head immediately to the station's sheriff's department to pay up or face a warrant for his arrest. the only form every payment accepted cash or pre-paid cash called green dot. the call went on for nearly 40 minute on his lands line before tanner used his cell phone to call the local shore sheriff's department. >> the first thing i said was, is there a sergeant wade marshall, and i barely got the words out when the real sheriff's department said no it is a scam hang up. >> law enforcement would never make such a request. >> us marshall director john bowl around said it is a growing problem nationwide. the agency recently warned consumers about these slick scammers. >> these scammers are extremely well versed in the judicial process.
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they have frequently used real judge's names, real names of us marshall service employees. >> just one type of what experts call imposture scams, most common form of fraud duping us consume earls. the federal trade commission says in 2016 more than 400,000 people complained about impersination fraud. well the federal trade commission points out couple of red flags, number one, government agencies rarely ever call demands ago payment, they still use regular mail, and they'll sends awe letter, and they don't take prepaid cards or gift cards. we all know it has been very chilly and very windy lately, but check out the effect it had on a little girl in ohio. >> this is wild. the wind literally pick her up off her feet on her family's front porch. take a look. >> wow. surveillance video shows four year old madison grabbed the door, then the winds hits the door. away she goes, fortunately we're told, madison wasn't hurt, but she has one heck of
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a story to tell at preschool. >> absolutely, upper body strength. clearly working. >> did anybody think she looks like michelle tan fresh full house? so cute. >> adorable. >> so lauren, what's it like right now? >> it is quiet for now. but things are going to get going, and once they do, they'll get going fast. we have the winter weather advisory that has been expanded annex tended by the national weather service now includes center city philadelphia, part of south jersey, and has included the lehigh valley, berks county, and poconos it, will continue until 2:00 p.m. today. storm scan3 showing us quiet conditions along i-95 and down the shore, but off to the north and west, that snow is moving on in, and already starting heavy at times, in and around lehigh, up into jim thorpe, down into lynn, seeing the flakes flying, may be starting off with wintery mix as indicated by the green and pink returns, but that's soon going to change over to snowfall for you. seeing the leading edge of the
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snowfall starting to make approach toward montgomery, bucks county, the flakes will start to fly for you, really as we head into about the next hour, hour and a half. you do notice that very well developed snowfall band moving through parts of western and central pennsylvania, and that's all headed our way. so the impact from our march snow today, the moderate impact from the snowfall accumulations, winds is really going to start to pick up meisha heade headed into the sed half of the day, that in combination with the snow squawls moving in for late day, going to make it really fun time on the roads today. lauren, how many inches do you think we'll get? >> oh, in the city about one to two. >> we got this. i think we got this. i've got really great news for you. the delaware river bridge has reopened. and it opened early. we will be showing you video coming up in the next ten minute or so. this will make so many people happy, it opened last night around 10:30 p.m. wasn't scheduled to open until i would say early to mid april.
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so big, big news, that impact thousands of people, and it has, more on this and live video, or not live video, video actually from last night coming up in ten minutes, rahel, jim, over to you. >> thank you, meisha. coming up in the next half hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> vacation to hawaii delayed all because after airline blanket? why one passenger got so upset, she was escorted offer the flight. >> centuries old surprising discovery halts construction in old city. next what workers found, why some archeologists are concerned. back in just a moment. stay with us,
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