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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  March 10, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EST

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we're back, a live look at storm scan3, a drop in temperatures overnight, as snow pushes into the area. it looks like it is coming. >> today is friday, march 10th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. let's get your party started with a check on weather lauren, and the roads looking good. >> i have a bone to pick with mother nature. why on a friday, right? >> better friday nanna monday? at least we know the ends is near. >> i feel like more energy on a monday. >> read a book? >> all right, all right. looking outside right now, i've got some great news for the delaware river bridge, all of the commute that's take that, thousands of people, great news coming up in a little bit. >> okay, here it is. >> everyone is looking at me.
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yes, forecast still on track, looks like it will get going, maybe about an hour later than i was initially thinking, yesterday, still pretty good. that's still pretty on track, and we do have this winter weather advisory in effect, it has been extended and expanded, now includes center city philadelphia, and it runs until 2:00 today. so in effect for large portion of the delaware valley including parts of south jersey, berks county, lehigh valley up into the poconos as winter weather advisory, storm scan3 showing us that snow is moving on in. it has been snowing in the poconos for the last several hours, starting to push now into the lehigh valley. you can see, even some heavier pockets of snow in and around lehigh up into chestnut hill. jim thorpe seeing flakes coming down, berks county, reading, might be dealing with light rent which mix, will quickly transition over to all snow for you. northwest suburbs, that leading edge of snowfall is fast approaching, you're going start to see the flakes flying in one to two hours, this very uniform area of snowfall will continue to move its way
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eastbound, looking very organized in nature, and plan for snow today in your day planner, snow coming down heavy at times, in the 9:00 hour. i think we start to see some precipitation in and around the i95 corridor around 7:00. temperatures will be dropping through the day today, meisha, so actually dealing with some of our warmest temperatures of the day. so do plan for that. bring all of the winter weather accessories as we head into the afternoon. uniform snow will ends, but then dealing with snow squawls. party on a friday. >> party i don't want to be invited to. thanks, laurenment good morning, everyone, just talking about this up at the desk, great, great news, if you are just waking up. so this is grounds video taken from earlier this morning, the delaware river bridge has reopened. it reopened last night at around 10:30, much earlier than what was anticipated. they were thinking early april, mid-april, something like, that but everyone came together and made it happen for thousands of people that take that delaware river bridge. so great news for you.
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it is open. more on that coming up a little later. we will be talking about that all morning long. also, pull your attention, earlier tractor-trailer accident, downed polls and wires, route one baltimore pike closed between parkers ville road and prince bridges road. southbound tractor-trailer, being diverted 202. so your alternate, 926, street road, will be your best bet t looks a little slow traveling less than posted speeds, already 4:30 in the morning, and traveling at 35 miles per hour, this is a live shot at 202 at route one, actually directing traffic, how quiet it is, already vehicles out there this morning. jim, rahel, back to you. >> thanks, meisha. morning snow could make your morning commute a little messy as we've been saying. depending on where you live. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do looks like she has traveled little north to allentown now, a question, trang, is it snowing there? >> reporter: hey, good morning, rahel, jim. i don't know if i'm getting dill ear just because of the morning show hours but i swear we're seeing a few little snowflakes coming down. you can't really tell right
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now, but if you're here, it is just really really fine, like almost can't even see them. but they are coming down. now, what i have noticed, is that the temperature did drop from the last time you saw it, about a half hour ago. still, noticeably colder. i might run in the car and get my earmuffs. but take a look here, northeast extension, and, you know, looks pretty good right now. not affecting the commute obviously, so very fine, very occasional, snowflakes that we're seeing out here, but yes, penndot is ready, we were just at the salt yard, plenty of salt, lot of plows on stands by, we saw a few on our way up here, not to the level that we saw about a month ago, remember that storm, where we got about 6 inches in the allentown area. we are seeing in the bridge smaller response to this as we're not only supposed to get one to three from what we're hearing. but yes, so far so good here. we continue to head up the northeast extension, see if we can find real significant snow, for now live outside allentown, trang do, cbs-3,
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"eyewitness news," jim, rahel, back to you. >> thank you, trang. so excited. we saw that one flake go by that car's headlight. >> poor trang. >> exactly one. >> one. >> one. >> we will get more, we'll get more, the day is still young. >> braining out the earmuffs, we'll see the snow. newly rediscovered graves have stopped construction project in old city philadelphia. >> this is really interesting. forensic crews at rutgers university near second and arch street digging and preserving the remains. crews are working on an apartment building there. they found more than 100 graves and coffins when they believe around the time of the 18th century under a former parking lot. they were part of the first baptist church burial ground which was established in 1707. they're supposed to be moved to another cemetery by 1860. >> we really want to keep the integrity of each of these individual coffins, and it can be very challenging when basically falling apart in your hands.
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>> property group, whic which is constructing new apartment build something paying to make sure the remains are laid to rest at another cemetery. also hoping to find living descendents, if possible. jewish federation every greater philadelphia is looking for more volunteers to help catalogue the damage done by vandals at mount carmel jewish cemetery. the organization says volunteers have already gun the process. the information got heard go into a data base. vandals damaged more than 100 gravestones. reward for information leading to arrest now $74,000. >> historic building along the schuylkill river gets a make over. >> say hello to the new and improved temple university boathouse, it has been standing on the river bank since 1914, but 2008, forcing the row team at temple into nearby tents. well now thanks in part to millions in funding from the city and millions more from the philanthropist, it is back, and better than ever. >> it will be a lot more comfortable, especially days
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windy and cool, and even folks coming down to the boathouse, exciting for them to want to come here. >> now to have a home, really great feeling. and we feel like we can really succeed now. >> the building will also store equipment used by the philadelphia police department's marine unit. >> good for them. still ahead on "eyewitness news," a passenger kicks off a flight for complaining about an airline blanket. >> why he got so upset and all of the commotion it caused. >> speaking of commotion, dramatic police chase ends in front of hollywood tourist. we're back in two minutes. stay with us.
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>> a manning through fit over being charged for a blanket. >> the flight had to be diverted to lax after he refused to write the 12-dollar fee, lax on the altercation.
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>> passenger on lockdown recorded from their cell phones. though say the flight from las vegas to honolulu made the unscheduled landing after the unidentified 66 year old man asked the flight attendant for a blanket. >> witnesses say the man argue he should not have to pay for a blanket, because it was so cold, and then demanded with the corporate office. police say the man-made in-flight call to the airline and said: i'd like to take someone behind the wood shed for this. >> out of line with that, you know, i could have just paid the 12 bucks, and avoid the panic and has. >> i although no physical altercation, crew members took the un set man seriously. the pilot decided just an hour into flight to dumb the the plane's fuel to land. the airline released a statement, divert ago flight is clearly not our first choice, but our crew felt it was necessary in this case to divert to los angeles and
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de-plane the passenger before beginning to fly over the pacific ocean. >> i thought it was ridiculous. first of all it cost $12,000 for them to land here and it was a 12-dollar blanket. >> the flight eventually took off for hawaii nearly four hours behind schedule. >> and that was peter reporting again that flight did eventually made it -- make it to honolulu. >> upset passenger also made it to hawaii on different airlines, no charges expected. >> you know what, if i was the man, give $12 and give the man a blanket. >> and really, are they really cold. >> they don't give you anything. >> that's ridiculous, just give a guy a blanket? >> well, the flight attendant -- if i was another passenger, just give him the 12 bucks, get it over, with you're delaying my flight to hawaii? >> right. >> i would like to go to hawaii this morning, lauren, can you hand it will? >> will you take me with you? >> yes, i will. here's $12. >> group trip, yes. busy morning, winter weather advisory in effect, it has
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been extended and expanded by the national weather service including berks county, lehigh valley, northwestern suburbs, poconos, parts every south jersey now center city philadelphia and the advisory until 2:00 p.m. today, things are getting going on storm scan3, starting to see more returns coming down to the south and west we could initially see this beginning as little rain, wintery mix, in and around the city but then quickly transitioning over to all snow and all snow what we are dealing with to the north and west up toward mount pocono, snowing for several hours now, seeing heavier or moderate snow coming down in and, allentown flakes starting to fly, berks county might be seeing light wintery mix, but again. that will change over to all snow as we head into about the next hour, i95, here you are. there is the precipitation g it way eastbound, as we head into the next couple of hours it, will start to commence i think in and around philly around 7:00 for us. up winds uniform area of precipitation looking very well developed that will
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continue to move east, so headed toward our neck of the woods, through the day today, future weather showing us what's in store as we head into the 7:00 hour. leading edge of precipitation starting to work into i-95 over spreading into south jersey for the 8:00 hour, so the earlier you can leave for your morning commute the better it will be for you by the 9:00 hour seeing snow over spreading much of the area, snow coming down heavy at times across large portion of the area, starting offer as wintery mix down the shore but by late morning will transition to all snow for you. could even see periods of heavy snowfall at our shore points, as we head into midday. early afternoon, things start to taper off a bit, but then head into the afternoon hours, we will see some snow squawls developing on strong north philly winds flow. check it out, headed into the 5:00 hour. snow squawl, be very careful with of course, because it greatly reduces visibility very quickly, winds start to gust, and we see the snow coming down it, makes things very slick. so do plan for extra time for your evening commute as well
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we head after sunset things will start to calm down. but it will be tough go on the road today. for your morning commute, widespread snow specially for the second half of the commute, lunchtime not too bad. with the snow squawls redeveloping into the second half of the day, it is going to be tough once again as far as snowfall accumulations, up toward the poconos, up toward the lehigh valley, across portion of i-95, picking up about one to 3 inches, across south jersey, meisha, about coating to an inch of snowfall after our warm day yesterday. >> all right. so add little extra time to our commute. make it little easy out there, absolutely. i have some great great news for morning commuters, particularly those who take the delaware river bridge. this is ground video taken earlier this morning, delaware river bridge has reopened. it reopened last night around 10:30, it wasn't scheduled to actually reopen until early april, mid april, but everyone came together and got the job done. a lot quicker than what was anticipated so heads up for all of our morning commuters,
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thousands of you, that take the delaware river bridge. and we're having to take those alternates, getting very congested, open. looking great. we will be talking again about that all morning long, then also this accident already this morning, in new jersey, 259 south ramp to route one, closed right now, heads up on that, then, also, from earlier tractor-trailer accident, which caused down polled and wires, what we have going on here, route one baltimore pike closed between parkers ville road, princeton bridge road, southbound tractor-trailers being diverted to 22, use alternate 926 or street road. jim, rahel, back to you. >> meisha, thank you. >> wild police pursuit through some of la's busiest freeways came to blizard ending in the heart of hollywood. >> you can see the pursuit happening on hollywood boulevard. >> dodd dozens of reredoses ends of rob letters, walk, the driver tries to get away. along the way he waived two onlookers even slowed down to talk it a news photographer. after that he finally stopped, police surrounded the car with
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in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 20% at the ikea kitchen event. >> they are only in their 30's but jena bush and barbara bush, working on a book about growing up as the daughters of america's president. grand central publishing announced the book called sisters first, story from our wild and wonderful life. it hits book stores october 24. i would actually buy that. >> i'm sure they have very interesting respective. >> time 4:49. time for check on business news. >> money watch's hena daniels joins us live this morning from the new york stock exchange, good morning, hena. so, another electronic store has filed for bankruptcy again. what can you tell us about that? >> good morning, guys. happy friday. well, radio shack has filed for bankruptcy for the second time in two years. the electronic seller will
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close about 200 stores and evaluating options for 1300 remaining outlet. >> well, hena, i understanded there is a green job waiting for someone across the ponds? >> how about private secretary for the future queen every england, kate middleton? before you put your -- quick your current job, there is actual work involved. the job description includes organizing kate's event, making sure she is well briefed on her engagement, who she is meeting with. her private secretary stepped down to get married. the salary for this position has not been lifted just yet. i'm sure a lot of people would do it for free, giles, just to hang out at buckingham. >> listen, there is a job to be done, there i would be very good administrative assistant. >> no you won't. >> yes, would you. >> you're very organized but i couldn't imagine you scurrying around for the queen. >> i don't have to ask you if i you're organized. this battle will continue for the next hour here. >> keep me posted.
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>> we'll check in with the next hour. now for the first time americans are buying more bottle water than soda. >> last year, according to the beverage marketing corporation, that's nearly a gallon more water than soda. >> i think that's going to increase. my personal opinion. increase, water sales. >> yes. >> more health conscious, and the soda tax, people are craze bye that right now. snow for your morning commute. if you don't see it now, lawyer send back to tell you when you will. >> and how much snow you can expect, when "eyewitness news" continues. >> we're tracking it.
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>> live look at center city philadelphia on "skycam 3", but soon we will be seeing some flakes in the scene, snow
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is tracking our way dealing with possibly heavy snowfall through good portion of our friday morning, temperatures, right now, are at the most, mild leafs, they'll be through the day today, 45 degrees in philadelphia. thirty-eight allentown, in the 20's in mount pocono, temperatures will continue to slowly drop throughout the morning hours storm scan3 showing us snow already moving in north and west of the city right now it, has been snowing in the poconos, that snow building into the lehigh valley, berks county, also starting to see returns every light rainfall and wintery mix off to the west. but snow coming down right now up toward allentown, seeing the flakes starting to fly, mount pocono again you're dealing with snowfall, as we speak. what to expect for today, this event may briefly start as rain in and around the city will quickly change over to all snow, heavy snow expected throughout the morning hours pick up on quick accumulations uniform snowfall into early afternoon we will see the redevelopment of some snow squawls this afternoon. how much to expect in the
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poconos? as little as 3 inches, as much as six in berks county, lehigh valley, as little as 1 inch, but i think closer to up around three, 4 inches, philly and the suburb, potentially to up 3 inches, and down the shore could pick up maybe just coating could see northern shore points. >> for some reason i think we got this. >> i think we will be all right today. one thing i want to pull your attention to, oh. almost got hit by that truck. did you see that there? >> good news delaware river bridge reopened, last night, this is great news for thousands of the morning commute respect r zero, how happy a lot of you will be, open until early april. maybe the mid april came together, rally together, to get the job done, again that reopened last night around 10:30, great great news.
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>> you can see whipping the cameras around, just leaving, or pulling the disable vehicle off the roadways, do have an accident jersey, 259 southbound ramp to route one, now closed. and, also, from earlier tractor-trailer accident downed pole and wires, so this is what we have going on. look, traveling less than posted speeds already, route one baltimore pike closed between parkers villain bridgeton bridge road. trailers being diverted 202, more of that coming up in about ten minute, jim, thanks for the heads up there. >> got to watch out. standing in the middle of the road. while talking about snow, also thinking about spring coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news," jan carabeo live at the philadelphia flower show. >> also ahead new developments in the marine photo scandal now grown to include more website. >> and we're learning new details about what may have led to a deadly crash between a train and a tour bus earlier this week. we are back at the top of the hour. ♪ [ female announcer ] the magic begins when jif fresh roasts peanuts
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to make peanut butter so deliciously creamy. it can even bring a kid out of her shell. that's why choosy moms choose jif.
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>> we're tracking snow, as much of the area is under winter weather advisory, you can see, the system moving across the poconos, lehigh valley, should be in the philadelphia area within a matter of hours. >> the snow started in the poconos late last night. "skycam 3" at jack frost big boulder the first flakes began falling, and lauren here to tell us just how much snow we can expect to hit the area. while the weather may not make it an easy morning commute. we got good news, delaware river turnpike bridge reopened after nearly two months. well tgif everyone, today is friday, march 10. i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. lauren and meisha keeping an
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eye on things this morning, good morning, ladies? well, good morning, you nailed t you know how many people will be talking about that bridge opening? thousands and thousands of people affected, opened up early, so talking about all every those details coming up in a little bit. a lot of people asking about that. >> don't blame me. i'm just the messenger. yip, the forecast still on track. weather person is happy. maybe everyone else, not so happy, ya, that snow is moving in across the area. winter weather advisory is in effect for large portion of the delaware valley, has been extended and expanded by the national weathe weather is advie includes philadelphia county, burlington county, new jersey, that will run until 2:00, as we head into this afternoon. storm scan3, showing us, what is happening, things are getting going. we have been dealing with snow coming down in the poconos over the last several hours. now, snow spreading into the lehigh valleyment same case berks county, starting to see some returns now picking up south and west of the city. green returns, so starting


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