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tv   Eyewitness News at 7  CBS  March 12, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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just when you thought it was safe to put away your winter clothes mother nature says it is not over just yet, storm scan three is tracking a system triggering a winter
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storm watch for the philadelphia region. new this morning, tenants forced into the cold as flames tear through several apartments in a chester county complex. a great day for the irish philadelphia hosts one of the america's largest st. patrick 's day parade this year , is there something new to talk about. today is sunday march 12th , good morning everyone i'm jan carabao. you better bundle up heading out to today's parade. lets get over to meteorologist justin drabick with the eyewitness weather forecast, justin, it is frigid again, brutal. >> march is a cruel month, yeah. it can be all over the place. we can have warm or cold days. we are locked in. we have a nor'easter coming at us, potential for heavier snow , and and nice and quiet not a bad finish, traveling today all good on area road and across mid-atlantic, that is just arctic air in place. still dark outside, right now sun does not come up until 17
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minutes from right now, as we move back in today light savings time but sets after 7:00. we will get that extended period of daylight but that sunshine will not help out much, today, temperatures 24 at the airport, and feeling like 16 on exposed skin. very cold stuff. 7 degrees in mount pocono. nineteen in lancaster. mid 20's in the capitol city of delaware. we're in the mid teens in quakertown, doyletown, 19 degrees in pottstown. wind chills in the upper teens to lower 20's depending on where you are, mount pocono checking in with a minus six wind chill. quiet on storm scan three. notice cloud to the south of the city, southern new jersey and delaware, is there a storm system over the deep south, we're seeing cloud on the northern edge of that system. we will be precipitation free today, temperatures still running a good 15 degrees below average, mid 30's for high for philadelphia and shore. only in the lower 20's in the poconos. majority of the region is under a winter storm watch that goes into effect for monday night, through tuesday night, and then there is a potential for over 6 inches of snow, in the watch area.
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and it looks like that precipitation does arrive after 8:00 o'clock monday. sleet and rain could mix in the rain off the coast cutting down accumulations but coastal flooding likely with strong wind. the exact track of the storm will determine the location of the heaviest snow and that storm has not developed. still some changes in the forecast. we will fine tune it and show you more details in the eyewitness weather in a few minutes, jan, back to you. a philadelphia tradition is taking place today the annual st. patrick's day parade and the parade steps autopsy in a few hours now. "eyewitness news" reporter, a night a oh is live in old sit a long the parade route. it is a very old philadelphia tradition but there is something new this year, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jan , that is right, there is a new parade route for nearly 20 years they have gone down the parkway but we will get to that new route in just a moment. this is one of the oldest parades in the country, and on st. patrick's day, or sunday before st. patrick's day joining me is bill, the parade , president and what sparked it. >> well, we are honoring our
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police officers here, st. patrick, protecting, guide our police officers and with everything honor country police officers over last year it is appropriate to honor police because of the shootings and things that happened. we thought it was best thing to do was to honor our police officers in the city of philadelphia. >> reporter: there air lot of police officers and security setting up as we speak. we have a new parade route, what is that. >> we are so committed about the new parade route today, and we're coming from 16th and jfk, and around city hall, down market street, and to the cradle of liberty right here and what a great backdrop to have for the parade here in philadelphia, and we're so happy that mayor kenney and council bobby henon and all who worked on the efforts to do this to bring us down here there is a lot of work going up around the art museum area so we're down here and mayor said we're staying down here for a while. we're happy to be down here. >> reporter: you are don than king your green bow tie.
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there are so many people who celebrate this holiday. what does it mean for you and your family members. >> my parents are from ireland and born in the western ireland county mayo. it is such a heritage, and to be proud of all of the contributions that the irish have brought to america, even the signers of the independence, of the declaration of independence are irishmen and it is right here in this backdrop here, it was where the signing was done and it was such, a irish people were such a proud people. they came from hard times during famine and all other kind of altercation that is happened over the years. >> reporter: thank you so much i'm sure it will be a great event. we are looking forward to it. parade kicks off at noon at 16th and jfk. for now live from olde city, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". i see you are bundled upsetting a great example for everybody else. >> very cool out here, jan. >> thanks, new this morning a fire forced several people out of their homes overnight, in caln township chester county,
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the fire broke out just before 12:30 this morning in the 200 block of meadow lake drive, a neighbor called maintenance to report a fire alarm going off inside an apartment. maintenance arrived to find smoke and by the time fire fighters arrived the apartment was on fire. >> at the current time we had, seven apartments that have been impacted by this fire. fire went to two alarms. we were helping control and contain it. >> now the building manager says that 10 to 12 people are now affected, the people who live in those impacted apartments were moved to the community center for the time being. a pedestrian is in the hospital, this morning after being hit by a car, and the crash happened near route 73 in fellow fellowship road at mount laurel at 3:15 this morning. pedestrian was taken to virtua hospital. that person's condition right now is unclear, and the driver did stay at the scene, the crash is still under investigation. investigators are trying to pinpoint what caused a
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warehouse fire in wednesday philadelphia. at lee eight homes near 62nd and march were evacuated as philadelphia fire fighters battled the flames. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan caught up with displaced neighbors. >> thick smoke filled streets at 62nd and arch as philadelphia fire fighters battled a fire inside a burning warehouse saturday morning. first crew arrived around quarter avenue 9:00 and then it became a alarm fire. >> my daughter called me and said the house was on fire. >> reporter: will houses had to be evacuated as crews prevented fire present spreading from the warehouse across thal toy a block of row homes. >> we hear explosions in the back and then fire, flames started to come around after that. >> reporter: wilson's house appeared to have the most damage. >> they knocked windows out, and fire started in the corner and they had to tear the walls up and then they had to go on the porch to tear down the ceiling to get the fire out. >> reporter: at lee 20 people were evacuated, some watched as fire fighters sprayed water for many angles, the my
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quickly turning to ice. >> i'm just cold. >> reporter: since below freezing temperatures were hazardous to victims and fire fighters warming station where is provided. >> we brought in actual septa bus that he is we can have a place to go and do all of our work and have a place for people to go, right now. >> reporter: fire officials declared the fire under control by noon time, they say home saving efforts were most lid successful and no one was injured, and still, residents were cold and worried. >> everybody is very supportive on the block. we all stick together like a family block anyway, so, i mean we will get through it. >> reporter: cleve bryan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". their dreams of success started in their home town right here in philadelphia, now, sister sledge is mourning the loss of one of their own, joan i sledge died friday night at her home in phoenix. >> ♪ we are family
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>> we are family was a smash hit, on the charts, back in 1979, eight years after the group started singing here in philadelphia, the song under line their sister hood and became anthem for female empowerment and unity. while she left for a solo career others kept performing including an appearance for pope francis during his visit to philadelphia, in 2015. joan i sledge was 60 years old this morning a 13 year-old boy is in the hospital after being shot at point blank range, and the manhunt is now underway for the men who put him there. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff shows us surveillance pictures of the suspected gunman. friday, 10:30 p.m. police say a 13 year-old boy was grabbing food with friend inside newly opened gold fish take out restaurant on the 2,000 block of west hunting park avenue in the nicetown section of the city. as the teens, took a seat, two males walked in.
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photos taken from high quality surveillance footage mapped out the samens that followed, and investigators say that immediately, after taking part in a quick conversation with the boy, one of the men pulled out a gun and then shot the young teen in the head, at point blank range. the gun man and accomplice ran off, the boy was found unresponsive by first responders, and then rushed to temple hospital. no one else was injured. now open again for business the owners of the restaurant kindly declined to comment, on the horrifying experience. again, police are still searching for those two men seen in this still photos, anyone who might recollect night them, please contact the philadelphia police. reporting from the sat center alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it was a big night for villanova wildcats, for the second time in three years, villanova has won the big east tournament title and it was a convincing win, 74-60 over creighton. josh hart led the team with 29 points and was bige tournament mvp for second time in three
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years. now today is selection sunday, so we will find out later today where cats, are seated and who they are pared up with in the ncaa tournament. we will invite to you stay tuned for our selection sunday expects at 5:30 right here on cbs-3 and we will have more on last night's big game coming up in sports, in our next half an hour. is there still so much more to cover on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this sunday morning. another security breach at the white house, what the intruder told secret service when they took him down. and talk about holding on to your hat a staffer at new hampshire's mount washington observatory tries to walk his way through extreme weather. get ready to get through another dose of winter weather here, then another dose is as well meteorologist justin drabick has the forecast coming up.
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promote the plan to repeal and replace obama care. meg oliver, picks up the story >> fantastic. >> reporter: president trump is praising the secret service for catching an intruder on the white house ground. >> secret service did a fantastic job, it was a troubled person. >> reporter: twenty-six
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year-old jonathan tran of california, appeared in court on saturday, the police report says he claimed to be a friend of the president and that he had an appointment, he was carrying two cans of the mace and admitted to jumping the fence. secret service agents arrested tran at 11:38 friday night near south entrance of the white house, the president was inside at the time. saturday mr. trump headed to his name sake golf club in powe tam i can falls virginia for a working lunch with his team. >> we're also talking about health care which is coming along. >> reporter: vice-president mike pence went on the road selling the g.o.p. plan to repeal and replace obama care to skeptical republicans. >> we will give states like freedom and flexibility, with medicaid to meet the need of your most vulnerable in the way that works here in kentucky. >> reporter: he met small business leaders in louisville alongside states republican governor who has expressed concern about the proposal. while republicans are trying
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to smooth out their differences, democrats used their weekly address to argue it is a bad deal. >> it means less coverage, higher costs for working families, for seniors, disabled, for children. >> reporter: house is expected to vote on the bill in the next two weeks. meg oliver for cbs news, new york. in delaware county about two dozen people protested, repealing the affordable care act outside, congressman pat meehan's springfield office, they called on the republican congressman to vote against the plan, the protesters are concerned they could lose their health insurance. >> we will have a double whamm y, they will to have pay more and get less. this is an appalling plan that the republicans are supporting and proposing right now. >> protesters say they will demonstrate, until the plan is defeated.
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check this out, this is what it was like to walk through parts of the new hampshire this weekend, wind gusts peaked at 119 miles an hour. the mount washington observatory helped visualize winder, falling down probably helps that visual too. trying to hang on there too, my goodness. wild weather there, justin. >> that is right. >> fortunately we will not see anything quite like that. >> it is crazy up there. we will get strong wind on tuesday along the coast but nothing but that, but may get up to 40 miles an hour, for the nor'easter. we have a threat for minor to moderate coastal flooding around times of hide tide. we will talk with that, in the near future it is cold, nice sunrise happening next few minutes, in berks county still snow on the ground. but we had sun yesterday, didn't help things out much but still snow pack here but it will melt with sun 17 degrees, at this hour in kutztown. here are headlines extended artist blast, continues but no sign of spring coming at us
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anytime soon. winter storm watch goes into effect tomorrow because majority of the region we have potential for heavier snow with our next storm system with this cold air in place. 2347 mount pocono. twenty-four in philadelphia, 18 millville. slightly milder then we were this time yesterday but still a lot of cold air in place, north wind coming out of canada, thick snow pack, we have cold air and it sticks around for next several days. not going anywhere. one system moving by to the south producing a few cloud in delaware, south jersey other than that partly sunny skies, and notice some snow in the dakotas, montana, that is system, energy that will help the coastal storm later on monday into tuesday, but that dives down into the midwest over the next 24 hours, and we will see low pressure off carolina co and bring us some snow. high pressure protects us today though nothing happening over next 24 hours, and it is quiet and cold, sunshine today , cloud start to thicken up during date monday, here's the system that moves off the pacific, we will start to see
7:19 am
low pressure develop, precipitation should arrive by late monday night with the heaviest know falling early tuesday morning, and as storm intensifies and moves to the northe that snow should continue in the afternoon and start to taper off and this could be blizzard conditions for areas in new england with some spots, that are reaching over a foot of snow, to the delaware valley monday night, tuesday that is time period for that potential for heavier snow, wind gusting to 30 to 40 e highest gusts right along the coast. watch out for tidal flooding around times of high tides, and possible power outages with the strong gusty wind, and it will be more wet snow, and then yeah, even in march, it comes down hard enough it will cover road especially on tuesday morning. certainly some tricky travel. here are the numbers, likely change over next 24 hours, storm hasn't develop yet, a track further off shore would bring we have jer snow to the south but generally about six or 10 inches of snow from the city on northward foot or more possible up in the lehigh
7:20 am
valley, lesser amounts right now along the coast due to mixing with some rain, and sleet because things still could change over next 12 to 24 hours. stay tune. today not much happening, partly sunny still cold, and very cold at 22, mostly clear skies, those cloud move in during the day on monday, upper 30's and then we have wind driven snow on tuesday, because still some snow showers around on wednesday, with temperatures holding in the 30's by next weekend we will crack the 40's and a rain shower or saturday, jan, back to you. it is now 7:20. time to see how traffic is moving along, here's amanda muhler in the cbs-3 traffic center. >> well, traffic is moving pretty well. still quiet on the roadways. here's schuylkill atmont monday drive. looking clear. all of the major are looking great including turnpike, 95 and the vine. we have an accident in new jersey, thinks on market street at crescent boulevard, as you can see it looks like it is slowing things down just a little bit here so use
7:21 am
caution or use 42 freeway around that all together. in center sit we are gearing up for st. patrick's day parade downtown, expect closures along parade route including 15th and jfk, penn square, market street, sit ill hall, penns landing until 3:00 . in the traffic center i'm amanda muhler now back to you. thanks, amanda. we will have much more to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> more people are falling victim to so-called imposter scams, the scammers, sound official but just want your money. the red flags to watch out for when "eyewitness news"
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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it is called an i am important ter scam when someone i am person nates trust worthy people like police officers or governmental officials. as three on your side jim donovan explains, the conn artists beyond the scams can be very convincing, and you need to be on the lookout. >> reporter: richard tanner says call took him by surprise >> i literally was about to hang up when they said with this address. >> reporter: man on the other end said he was sergeant wade marshall with the sheriff's department and that tanner owed, fines of $1,600 for failing to appear important jury duty. >> we're calling as a courtesy , several outstanding citations. >> reporter: tanner said he served jury duty but sergeant gave him a case and citation numbers with what sounded like police scanners in the background. he instructed tanner to head immediately to the station's sheriff's department to pay up or face a warrant for his arrest. only form of payment accepted
7:25 am
is cash, or prepaid card, called greendot. call went on for 40 minutes on his land line, before tanner used his cell even if, to call the local sheriff's department >> the first thing i said was, is there a sergeant wade marshall and i barely got the word out when the real sheriff 's department says no, it is a scam, hang up. >> law enforce wouldn't never make a request. >> reporter: u.s. marshals service assistant, says it is a growing problem nationwide, the agency recently warned consumers about these slick scammers. >> they are well versed in the judicial process, and they have frequently used real judges names, real names of u.s. marshall service employees. >> it is one type of imposter scams, the most common form of fraud duping u.s. consumers. federal trade commission says in 2016, more than 400,000 people, complained about
7:26 am
impersonations fraud. federal trade commission points out a couple red flags here, number one governmental agencies rarely ever called demanding payment, they still use regular mail and will send you a letter and they don't take prepaid card or gift card reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. in the next half an hour on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", a philadelphia tradition that is oldest in the country. we are taking you live to the st. patrick's day parade. plus bring on the madness, villanova caps season with the bige title now they are waiting for a selection sunday good morning everyone, quiet and cold finish to the weekend but nor'easter is on the way and tracking potential for heavy snow talking bit when eyewitness nice returns.
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it is sunday march 12th, good morning, i'm jan carabao. it looks like old man winter is not giving up just yet, a very cold day on tap, lets get over to meteorologist justin drabick life from the weather center this morning. is there any end in sight. >> not over the next seven days, we have to wait sometime here final week is holding on strong. yesterday we got to 32 for a high. we may get a few degrees above
7:30 am
that still 15 degrees. we should be in the 50's, but you know march is all over the place. lots of ups and downs. locked in the cold pattern something we have not seen all winter long but that cold air will stay in place by the time the next storm system moves in that supports snow. twenty-four right now at the airport in philadelphia, 20 in trenton, seven in mount pocono , teens in the suburbs. sixteen quakertown and doyletown. those are actual air temperatures. when we factor in the breeze it does feel colder, not as rough as yesterday but negative six for that wind chill in mount pocono. sixteen in dover, delaware as well as mild wood. storm scan three nice and quiet. we will break out sunglasses. sun's up here in philadelphia, little bit more cloud to our south in delaware, south jersey there is a storm system over deep south producing these crowd. we will be precipitation free today. highs in the mid 30's for philadelphia and shore, lower 20's in the poconos. good conditions, it is to hit slopes, skiing and riding, dry conditions, it will be cold.
7:31 am
winter storm watch is hosted for 8:00 o'clock monday night for tuesday for majority of the region the exception cape may county, new jersey and then central and southern delaware. those spots could see less snow due to some rain and sleet, mixing in. late monday night that precipitation should arrive, for potential for 6 inches in the watch area sleet and rain may mix south ande along the coast potential for coastal flooding with strong wind, around time of high tide and exact track will determine where heaviest snow sets up. storm has not developed yet still some changes, possible for this forecast over next 24 hours. more on that coming up in a few minutes. back to you. and old philadelphia tradition is taking place today, the annual st. patrick 's day parade and it kicks off in just a few hours now. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live on the parade route in olde city, what is the theme this year, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jan , this years theme is st. patrick guide and protect our police officers, one of the oldest st. patrick's day
7:32 am
parades in the country. while it is bitterly cold outside unless a blizzard hits this parade will march on. lets look at video we shot from last years parade, after nearly 20 years of going down the parkway parade has a new route this year, it will start at 16th and jfk and go all the way to penns landing, we will see 20,000 parade participants including irish mummers, dancers, schools, band, and we just spoke with the parade's president, bill ivers who said they started preparing six months ago. he explained what led organize tours choose this years theme. >> with everything going on around the country police officers, over last year or so it was appropriate to honor police because of shootings and things that happened and we thought that was best thing to do was honor our police officers in the city of philadelphia. >> now back out here live we are already seeing a police presence here as organizers, prepare, instead of here. the national retail federation
7:33 am
says that last year consumers spent $4.4 billion on st. patrick's day, celebration. for now live in olde city i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". just another note the parade kicks off at noon. >> always a fun time, thanks anita. breaking news out of wilmington crews are on the scene of the three alarm fire in an abandon bowling alley. fire broke out in the 5100 block of pike creek boulevard, it went up to two alarms just before 5:30 and then just to three alarms an hour later. so far no reported injuries but fire is still not under control, it is unclear what may have caused the fire. right now, a teenager is in the hospital this morning, he was shot friday night, in the cities nicetown section, and police say that the men responsible are still on the loose. investigators say the men can be seen in surveillance pictures, and the shooting happened in the gold fish take out restaurant in the 2,000 block of west hunting park avenue. men walked in, exchanged word
7:34 am
with the teen and then shot him. philadelphia fire investigators are trying to discover what cause aid warehouse fire. call came in yesterday to flames, at 62nd and arch street, and became a three alarm fire within an hour forcing evacuation of the 20 people from eight homes, fire was under control by noon, no one was hurt, red cross is now providing shelter for some people who cannot yet return to their hems. is there heart break in the harrisburg fire department this morning, that is after a fire fighter died of his injuries from a car crash that crash, happened while he was on his way to a deadly fire this happened friday night, lieutenant dennis devos was heading to that deadly fire when witnesses say another car went through a stop sign and hit his car. lieutenant was taken to the hospital, and he died last night. police say suspected driver later showed up at a hospital too. she later told them she had been in a minor accident somewhere else. >> he also determined that she was under the inn noon, we're
7:35 am
not sure of what at this point in time, she was given field sobriety test and she failed that test. >> people speeding through here. this is like a death trap as far as when it comes to that. >> kanye kendell right is there charged with dui and driving without a license, among other things they say she was also driving a stolen car at the time. lieutenant devos has returned from a funeral for another fire fight shore died of cancer, devos was a 20 year veteran of the fire department fire fighters say a charging hoverboard toys blame for for the fatal fire he was responding to. well, police now say that apples used to survey couple of children in the lancaster county restaurant is not what burned their mouths and throat "eyewitness news" first told but this on monday. police say that the store bought juice was not contaminated by the manufacturer or before it was purchased, by the restaurant, star buffet and grill. they believe the unidentified substance that made the children sick was either
7:36 am
introduced in the apple juice after it was poured from the container, or ingested separately from the beverage. student actors at cherry hill high schoole have now launched controversial performances of the musical rag time, it includes, scenes where they say racial slurs. musicals eight show run started friday night, and as "eyewitness news" has been reporting, the cherry hill high school district originally deleted disparaging lines from the script, but it was reversed, it reversed its decision, after getting input from parents and community leaders. the district developed lesson plans to help students handle the racial issues in rag time. we still have so much more to cover on "eyewitness news" this sunday morning, a freight train jumps track and catch is fear and now safety officials say it is time to pick up the place honorary placing aging tankers. but first another title, in march madness, villanova waits for its place in the bracket, that is next in
7:37 am
sports. our big problem now is the cold, wait a day or two and we may have even a bigger problem , justin drabick's forecast is just minutes away, we will be right ♪ ♪
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back an "eyewitness news" a fiery train derailment in rural iowa has sent one group suggesting that the industry should move faster to up great aging rail tankers and union pacific train hauling 100
7:40 am
tankers full of ethanol derailed early friday sending 27 tanker cars off the track and it is still burning. federal rules enacted back in 2015 call for replacing or retro fitting tankers in question by 2029 but most would have to come off the track sooner. four retired boilers and an old power plant in georgia were gone in 202nd. controlled demolition is next step in difficulties manned deling the old kraft power plant in wentworth. it is close in 2015 after being in operation for more than 55 years. and winter weather strikes back in southern missouri. this is video driving from highlandville toward reid spring in highway 160. branson received two and a half inches, saturday afternoon. wild weather, there, justin and we're watching our own, snowstorm here, coming our way.
7:41 am
>> march madness as far as this weather goes. we had several days in the 70 's all winter long and now we're moving back to an extended period of cold temperatures we would deal with for middle of winter. snow lovers this is set up we have been waiting for all winter long. we just didn't have it. cold air in place. we have our next storm, approaching us developing later on monday, certainly into tuesday, and decent sized storm system as well. arctic air, certainly, down in the surface here from our weather watchers, we're showing a lot of teens like yesterday morning, in nottingham, partly sunny skies at 19 degrees at this hour. look at this 14, in the city, at perkasie and john jenkins house. clear skies and sunshine. sun will struggle to warmer temperatures up. that cold air we are feeling down along the coastline. woodbine, william powell, partly sunny skies, coming in at 18 degrees. we will see more cloud further south you are, especially this morning, greg wood, here, as the coastal here in new jersey , you can see high cloud there filtering out sunshine. further south we are, limited
7:42 am
sunshine but it doesn't matter it will not help much at all today. we will go out to northampton county, live look at bethlehem , all quiet on the streets from the hotel bethlehem, looking south, you can see sunshine, still some snow pack outside on the roof and grass areas and then, that may melt today with the expos ed sun. and, daylight savings time has begun, hopefully turning your clock ahead one hour, sunset tonight is after 7:00 o'clock. certainly signs of the spring end of the month at 7:24. and by april 30th our sunset close to 8:00 o'clock. but certainly won't be feeling like spring anytime soon. right now gaining more than two and a half minutes of daylight each day as we approach the summer season. yes, it can snow in the month of march. we have had it. nineteen the three it was the march super storm a foot of snow around philadelphia, 2 feet in the lehigh valley, over 3 inches of snow, in parts of the, northern pennsylvania. so yes, it can happen, this was a huge storm. we are not dealing with the storm, this capacity this was
7:43 am
a massive system, and that really impacted florida all the way up to canada but nonetheless, decent sized storm potential for us, on tuesday with some late season snow. little system to the south producing cloud for delaware, new jersey. actual disturbance moving off the pacific right now will impact us, on, monday night, tuesday, and develop that coastal storm. so lets go to monday, this is what is happening. we have a storm out across the midwest, that is the main energy to energize the coastal low, we will see that develop, on monday, ride up thee coast a lot of cold air in place, widespread snow, heavy snow potential from i-95 on north ward, depending on the exact track we could see rain and sleet that will cut down accumulation. we have heavy snow treat especially tuesday morning, strong wind at the coast, once the storm starts continue on tense file, wind could gust to 40 to 50 miles and hour. that will lead to coastal flooding, especially on tuesday morning. so thinks time line as of right now. after 8:00 o'clock monday night we will start to see
7:44 am
that snow arriving from southwest to northeast, and then picks up, overnight, tuesday morning, should be the heaviest snowfall, and then wind picks up as well. later tuesday afternoon, snow will start to taper off but still windy behind that system , as of right now here's how the numbers look, around philadelphia, six to 10 inches , especially further north to the city, 10 plus in the poconos, lehigh valley, berks county where temperatures are colder f we get that mixing lesser amounts of the coast, one to 3 inches but any change in the track 50 or 25 miles can make a huge difference in these numbers. things could change in the next 24 hours. still cold, partly sunny, 36 for high temperature. we should be in the lower 50's tonight cold again at 22, sunset at 7:04. then tomorrow, cloud, to thicken up throughout the day. we will get to 38 degrees. and then snow arrives, late monday night, through tuesday, a wind driven snow, and still some snow showers on wednesday , and warming up to the 40's by next weekend. do you love watching weather you? can be featured by becoming an
7:45 am
eyewitness weather watcher, sign up now at cbs watchers, jan, back to you. >> 7:45. time to check road and highways, lets go over to amanda muhler in the cbs-3 traffic center, hi there, a manned. we are still looking great , for the most part. here's columbus boulevard in washington street, if you had are heading in the city this morning just know that 16th and 20th street are already shut down for st. patrick's day parade later this morning. we are keeping an eye on this accident in new jersey on market street and crescent boulevard, as you can see it looks like it is slowing things down here but use the 42 freeway to get around that. and taking a live look at i-95 in delaware we have got sun glare so bring those sunglasses with you on your drive this morning. in the cbs-3 traffic center i'm amanda muhler now january, back to you. the sixers try to hold on to the lead and villanova gains momentum, going in to march madness, here's leslie van arsdal with "eyewitness sports". for the second time in three years villanova has won
7:46 am
bige tournament yesterday a convincing 74-60 win over creighton, josh hart unstop pable conference player of the year and bige tournament mvp for second time in the two years only two other players have done that in tournament history. hart had 29 points, owe has 1,891 which will put him in the villanova top 10 in scoring. bronson had 17, chris jenkins 14 in the 74-60 victory over the creighton. here's pat gallen. >> after last years loss in the very game in the very building villanova wildcats would not let up from start to finish, taking home their second bige tournament championship in the last three years. by beating creighton 74-60. >> how are you feeling. >> i feel good, man. it was a great experience to play here in the garden in the championship game, it is a thrill in itself, all right. to win it, it is off the charts. to watch these kid, enjoy it. that is what you love.
7:47 am
you love that as a coach. i feel so good for them. >> in the any players are able to accomplish what they have accomplished in four years. do you let that sink in i will this bye that in a in when my college career is over. until then that does not matter. turf keep getting better. we still got, more games to play, and if we do that, then, it will end how we want it. >> reporter: how strong do you feel going in the tournament. >> very strong. very. we're building. not just because of this win but we are building. we have so much more to give and we are trending in the right direction. >> reporter: while they are likely off to buffalo for round one and two, in the ncaa tournament they can find themselves in madison square garden in two weeks with two victories. from new york pat gallen, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". to the tournament penn taking on prescriptions ton at palestra first half penn up by eight, ryan bentley incomes down three, bentley led penn with 18, 102nd left, penn up by two but amir bell misses
7:48 am
and send tonight overtime n overtime penn could not hold on miles stevens again, scores , and, penn suffers a heart breaker, 70-64 the final flyers playoff hopes hanging on by a thread right now taking on bruins in boston we will pick it up in the first, no score, david pastorn ak scores power play to get bruins on the board first and then later in the second -- jordan wheel scores and they are tied at one. it stay that way, until late in the third, 5.6 second left, stafford scores, that will give boston a two-one victory. the shorthanded sixers on the road in l.a. taking on the clippers. hey, here's something we hope we see more of ben simmons taking the court for pregame warm ups. sixers with a one point lead at half they were able to hang in there showing a lot of fight, reshawn holmes had a career high 24 points, and then late in the fourth quarter, the clippers with a
7:49 am
late, seven to nothing run, chris paul led all scorers with 30 points and l.a. will win 112-100. that is all for sports i'm leslie van arsdal have a great day. still to come this morning right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", this pet, and a few others need a good home, maybe yours, animal advocate carroll erickson introduces us to this one or more of them in this morning's pet project when "eyewitness news" for years, fios has been promising fast internet to small businesses. but for many businesses, it's out of reach. why promise something you can't deliver? comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet
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back with the cbs-3 pet project, carroll erickson animal advocate with the pennsylvania spca is here, carroll, good morning, you've got a diva with you. >> i do, this is diva. we will talk about her in a little bit but you know, despite weather today which is , really way too cold and just the storm that justin's talking about coming up we will talk about spring, because with the clock change and all that we are starting to head into that season. let's dispel some of the myths out there i want to show you full screen graphic right now. here they are that we will talk b dogs eat grass to get sick. pets need regular bats. dogs age at same rate. flee as live in the spring. pets own grow one coat. i think pet owners, the very top one is the one you are probably most interested in. >> um-hmm. >> i thought it was true. >> if you google that you'll find millions of articles on it but they have done one good
7:53 am
study out of uc dave is in 2008. they found out that dogs are not eating grass to get sick, or some diet reason they are eating that grass possibly as a hold over from the ancestors , dogs wild ancestors , back in the day, the wolves, when they needed that grass to kind of help themselves through that whatever they were encountering out there in the wild, at that point, worms that sort of thing but it actually is not to get sick. is there sols feeling and i can just anecdotally tell you my dogs eat grass, they don't sick. they seem like like the taste it is common, normal and in fact more than 68 percent of dog owners report that their dogs eat grass on a daily weekly basis. if grass is sprayed or that sort of thing don't let them eat that but if you know it is something, you know, many vets were taught in school it was too make themselves sick. if the dog ate enough of it
7:54 am
they could do that. study show it wasn't from trying to make themselves sick >> everything in moderation. >> that is right. >> the other one is bats, people think we have to give our dog a bath all the time. they do not neat a bath. their furies designed to do without. owner may say he rolled in something i want to give you a bath. people shampoo are too harsh, use vet products only, and the advice is rinse, rinse, rinse and when you think you have rinsed enough keep rinsing because any of that soap that is left behind on their skin can be a real problem, for them. >> absolutely. >> they they don't need a bath if you don't want to do it. we all hear about that age seven years, it is not. it is, for medium sized dog from 20 to 50-pound but for dogs less that 20-pound edge at five and a half to six years, and then dogs over 90- pound will age at an pace of eight years. so, that is why these little
7:55 am
dogs seem to live longer and larger dogs unfortunately do not live as long. seven year ratio pretty standard 20 to 50-pound. other thing, up on the list that we want to talk about flee as live in the spring. actually flees can be in your heated house, throughout the winter. so they are ready to go. but also they do like heat and humidity so they will come out increasingly in the spring. make sure there is proper vet treatment for. that don't want to double on that, there is a flee and a collar and topical. you don't and it can be very dangerous to their pet. handle the flee things, but get your advice from the vet on. that also dogs environment you will find more flees and tics heading out to a dog park, just don't skip fun, just make sure your petties prepared for all that, activity. you are acting like a sweet angel. >> other one that i want to talk about is pets own grow
7:56 am
one coat? no, you may notice shedding now it is not just loosening up their winter coat but they are growing a whole new spring coat. so it is shorter, lighter and you'll find them shed that out as we head into the wintertime again it just makes sense. >> yes, exactly. >> so, just want todd call your attention to that. diva you are so good but we have some of you have friend at pennsylvania spca we want to talk about. this is karl, an adult pit mix , rescued from cruelty, learning his manners and he just recently mastered sit, hooray, he is, adult only home but they goes, showing off. look at spot chico, two-year old male look at that marking he knows sit, stay, come here, used to living in the busy home with all kind of people, even other dogs. people love this dog at shelter. he would be a wonderful dog to take home. lamb chop three-year old domestic short hair cat looking for her perfect home she came to the pennsylvania
7:57 am
spca and wants to end up in your home and she should. and let's talk about deave a diva came from cruelty. can you imagine somebody being cruel to this sweet, sweet dog female dog, wonderful, just having a best time with her this morning. she has a lot of energy. >> and personality. >> big personality. she will be ready to go into her forever home she will be at erie shelter at 1546 frankford avenue and she will there been right after the show. so check out diva. we have so many other adopt able animals at pennsylvania spca. take a look at all of them. this is spring tips because we have winter storm coming and you know me i have to highlight how much you have to bring your pets in for this. so, everybody else is not saying it i always did, they have to come in on this terrible weather. but spring is coming and things start to change up a lot. >> hopefully, warm up soon. >> i hope so.
7:58 am
here's what we have coming up at 8:00. >> honor for philly's own kevin hart at an award show last night but we will show you why his white shirt didn't stay that way for long. and vittoria woodill find best food in our area at a local diner why this restaurant is a dream come true for a man who began his career as a dishwasher. and the sun sure is bright right new but also very cold out there this morning, justin 's back with the forecast for end of your weekend and the latest track on this nor'easter later this week. we will be right back.
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