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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 13, 2017 2:05am-2:35am EDT

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through the center city stocking up ahead of the possible storm. first we'll begin in the weather center, with justin drabick who's monitoring this as it inches closer and closer. >> good evening. we're seeing developing stages of the system, the energy starting to move into the central u.s., which will help ener energyize this coastal storm. the storm system moving in and cold air meeting up with each other. potential for widespread snowfall. nothing happening tonight. clear skies right now. that's just allowing the temperatures to drop off. once again, waking up tomorrow morning, waking up into the low 20's, tomorrow night, that's when things go downhill starting at 8:00. areas in pink a majority of the region, exception still far eastern new jersey under a winter storm watch. a little uncertainty how much snowfall will fall in that location. due to potential for sleet and
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rain. coastal flood watch goes into effect for coastal new jersey and delaware on tuesday for the strong north easterly wind and a high wind watch also on tuesday, potential for winds gusting to 60 miles per hour. here's what to expect with the storm system starting late monday through tuesday, heavy snow likely. wind gusting near 40, higher at the coast. coastal flooding, scattereded power outages, this will be heavy wet snow and it will accumulate and reduce visibility in snow covered road. we'll talk about the timing in the full forecast in a few minutes. from spring like temperatures to a winter storm warning in less than a week, joel holden spoke with folks preparing for the snow and live in center city with more on what they're saying. >> reporter: natasha, it is not lost on us, the grills were out. the lawnmowers are also out. now, too and the snow blowers back on the outside displays of a hardware and big box stores,
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we can tell you the bread aisle is more empty than usual. folks telling us mother nature appears to be somewhat confused. at the hardware store a familiar tune. wrong season, mike, or so we thought. with stretches of 50 and 60 degree weather last two months, and even a few 70's, this week is a slam back to reality. >> we had everything pretty much put away, ready to move on for spring. and here we are bringing everything back out today.
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well. >> reporter: we've been through
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this before, live in center city tjoe holden. >> thank you so much, joe, we appreciate that. the governor's office is reminding everyone to prepare for the worst. tom wolf said state agencies are taking proactive steps to keep the winter weather manageable as the state prepares for the most severe weather to hit the eastern part of the state. governor wolf's officeing for cooperation from commuters everywhere. i asked residents and commercial drivers across the commonwealth to prepare to avoid unnecessary travel on roadways during this time as to let road crews and emergency responders do their jobs and minimize dangerous travel. in other news, a shooting in southwest philadelphia. leaves one man dead. police say they found a man shot in the head at 60th and reintelligent near a cemetery just after 8:00 p.m. the victim died at the scene but did not have identification on him. so far, no arrests have been made in this case. and it is an ongoing investigation. police are investigating
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after a teenager boy was found bound and bruised in the to city's mantua section, a teenager who has autism. he was found outside in the freezing cold in the 800 block of north 42nd street. investigators say his feet were bound. he had bruises around his wrists. he was taken to the hospital and is currently stable. a fire in the city's south philadelphia section remains under investigation at this hour, crews responded to the flames in the 2200 block of fitzwater around 10:00 this morning. fire was placed under control within an hour. we understand now the two people were rushed to the hospital due to injuries. from the fire, their conditions are unknown at this point. according to officials, a fire in harrisburg that claimed the life of a toddler and led to the death of a responding fire official appears to have been caused by a recharging hover board. the fire was reported before 8:00 friday night. officials say three-year-old ashanti houston was rushed to
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the hospital where she died from injuries from the blaze >> my granddaughter. can't replace her. the pain. so deep. >> the fire was ruled an accident caused by a recharging hover board on first floor of the building. fire lieutenant dennis devoe died being involved in an accident en route to the fire. the brackets have been released for the ncaa men's basketball tournament. we knew villanova would be in there somewhere, but now we know exactly where >> a whole lot of excitement over the next couple weeks. for villanova. timing dancing and the cats are the top dogs, villanova is the number one overall seed in the entire tournament. rack during the announcement, this is rare. even when they won it all last year, they were a two-seed, jay wright and the cats are number
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one for just the third time in school history. thursday night, they will play either mount saint orleans. >> it's tough to have this much time to prepare. we've done this once before. we got monmouth, and got beat in that. i believe we might have been. one, two. almost got beat. >> yeah, ten years since the team went back-to-back titles. back-to-back championships in this tournament. of course, once again, you can catch villanova's thursday 7:00 p.m. here on cbs3. now, the field is set. it's time to play head over to to join the bracket challenge. and what a chance to win $5,000.
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>> one last note on nova. they're traveling tomorrow night instead of later on in the week, because they're trying to avoid the snowstorm that justin was talking about. >> we'll check back later in sports. musicians remembering the life of singer joanie sledge who i was known for we are family. sledge was found dead in her home by a friend in phoenix arizona friday. kenny gamble reflected on her life today during kenny and the 20th annual wellness fest for men. >> death is part of life. as we mourn, we give thanks and pray she's -- pray for the family. >> we're family. >> sledge and her sisters, debbie, kim and kathy formed sister sledge in 1971 in hometown of philadelphia. we are family became the group's
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hit track in 1979. republicans are looking to shore up the port for their healthcare proposal and the house intelligence committee asked the justice department to turn over any and all evidence supporting president trump's claim that the obama administration wire tapped phone at trump tower. more now from new york. >> reporter: one day after nationwide protests against the gop healthcare proposal, >> it's more freedom, more choices >> paul ryan defended the republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare on cbs's "face the nation." >> how many people will lose coverage under this >> i can't answer this. it's up to people. >> reporter: democrats are waiting for the nonpartisan congressional budget to release results monday. detail, coverage cost and how the plan will be funded >> five to 10 million people off of the health insurance they currently have. >> the plan is also facing opposition from republicans who say it doesn't go far enough >> that's obamacare.
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we don't want that. those who argue it could make healthcare worse. >> written today that this bill in the house of representatives cannot pass the senate and i believe it would have adverse consequences for millions of americans. >> reporter: also sunday, speaker ryan said he hasn't seen any proof suggesting former president obama wire tap trump tower during the 2016 campaign >> have you seen anything to suggest wire-tappings >> no. >> reporter: the house intelligence committee asked the justice department to turn over evidence by monday >> there are one or two possibilities here. either the president quite deliberately for some reason made up this charge or perhaps more disturbing, the president believes this. >> reporter: the committee's first public hearing oh on the investigation is margin 20th. cbs3 "eyewitness news." residents in the city's wissinoming section of philadelphia gather in a the wake of the recent desecration of mount carmel cemetery. hundreds of head stones were
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toppled last month. dozens participated in a candlelight walk around the park. an event organizers say their goal was to come together as a community to try to unify against hate. >> i think it's important for people in this local community to show that they won't stand for hate. they won't stand for destruction. desecration. >> there's a $74,000 reward posted for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case an avalanche. trapped high school students when snow take took over a major roadway. when the students will be able to get out. next. >> we're the second longest parade in the united states of america >> the irish tradition continues in philadelphia. in case you misse
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st. patrick parish held a st. patrick observation mass today. catholic church celebrates st. patrick for backpack advertising confirming and/or takening priests in ireland. following the mass, they joined for the st. patrick's day parade >> and the annual st. patrick's day parade wound its way around center city this afternoon with bands, dancers and plenty of onlookers celebrating irish pride. ♪ colder than normal march day didn't keep the crowds away from the annual st. patrick's day parade in philadelphia. susan is from miami and braving the northeastern weather to enjoy the festivity >> it is the best parade ever and it's 247. we're the second longest parade in the united states of america. >> irish pride on full display from the band. to the irish brigades and a sea
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of green. young dancers practiced moves just to stay warm. >> great out here, invigorating. great dancing and music >> happy st. patrick's day to you >> a young girl meantime isn't letting the burglary of her family's home get her down. but she does have a message for the thief. the son family from guatemala moved into their home last month and while the mother was taking her to school. someone broke in ransacked and took whatever they could. that's when windy decided to send them a message and a note taped to the front window of their home >> for the robbers, there are good people in this house, we're people that do not to steal. we're sad that you have been stealing in this house. >> at the end of the letter, second grader said she forgives the thieves. she hopes the letter will help
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the people change their ways. a deadly stampeed in argentina killed at least two people injured dozens of others on saturday night. officials say the stampeed started when attendees started a moshpit. at the show. frightening moments here on camera, watch as the driver in china loses control sending his suv skidding off the road and into the roof of a house. the driver said he accidently hit the gas instead of the brakes. fortunately neither the driver or anyone inside the home was injured. the crash does remain under investigation. high school students in washington had to extend their field trip to the couple of days after an avalanche. shutdown the highway. >> we can't really leave like the entrance is blocked off with a big thing of snow. >> school officials say the students and staff have enough food at least the rest of the weekend. the department of transportation
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estimates the road will be accessible by tomorrow afternoon. take a look here, this is actually a house in upstate new york. it is completely covered with ice as a result of five straight days of western new york winds. the home is on the shores of lake ontario in oklahoma beach. which is a waterfront section. that's real deal weather right there. that's winter. >> that's brutal. you got the lake effects snow, water still cold. the wind. >> that's making me >> that's true winter. >> there's no doubt. >> we're women's wimps, when we're complaining about this >> i can't get my thoughts out of the fact that the nor'easter is heading >> it does snow in march. it happens from time to time, in '93 we had the super storm snow here in philadelphia. it is possible. but cold air is in place, certainly tonight, things go downhill tomorrow night. let's take you outside on the library camera, looks like the franklin institute.
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all is quiet on the streets, little bit of a breeze. we have windchill values down into the lower 20's even teens through overnight into monday morning. that cold arctic air sticking around, that sets the stage for that snow potential check it out. 12 up in mount pocono. this hour, 23 in allentown, 28 in the city. 27 in wilmington, we're going to drop in the low 20's in a lot of spots. north wind continues out of canada and deep snow into southern canada. that's cold air stuck in the midatlantic and northeast. it's not going away any time soon, all week long, temperatures stay below average. we're in a bit of snow drought. we could use more. average of 22.4 is the seasonal average for philadelphia. so far we had nine inches of snow coming into today, march average is 2.9. easily crush that number with the upcoming storm. here's the ingredients. number one for the storm system, this is the main energy that will help energy i see the coastal storm out of northern
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planes that will help spawn the coastal low tomorrow and that tracks up the east coast bringing widespread snow. there could be blizzard like conditions parts of the northeast later on tuesday afternoon and night. as far as precipitation, from the city southward, could be a period of sleet mixing in at times. and if we do see that on tuesday morning, that would cut down accumulations. still a little uncertainty in the snowfall amount. that's going to depending on the track of the storm. as far as the timing, after 10:00. we start to see the snow moving in from southwest to northeast. looks like the heaviest will fall between 3:00 and 9:00 a.m. and again in the morning hours tuesday we have the potential to see sleet especially far north as philadelphia and after 2:00 tuesday. the snow begins to taper off. we see improving conditions by evening. tomorrow, pretty nice, sunshine, clouds thicken through the afternoon, to midnight we start to see snow, develops through
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overnight. it will be rough morning commute. snow covered roads. pretty intense snowfall, one, two inches per hour, even though march, heavy enough to accumulate. watch the line be that's the pink sleet how far north does it get? that's the question. looks like rain along the immediate coast line then change back to snow. throughout the coast. we'll see light snow accumulations due to the rain likely on tuesday morning but winds will gust near 60. that will lead to scattered power outages and moderate coastal flooding with high tied tuesday, snowfall amounts wide range of six to 12 where the heaviest snow sets up. likely to the that would be the highest as possibly over a if i have the snow. lesser amounts further south and east if the storm tracks farther offshore and we bring the higher snowfall amounts to the south and vice-versa. tonight, quiet, clear, cold, 22. tomorrow on the cold side. 38 for the high temperature.
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we should be in the lower 50's. look at this extended forecast. again, monday night, tuesday, wind driven snow at times, maybe sleet. windy even wednesday, snow showers, high 30. by the weekend, maybe we get into the 40's. but we're still running a good ten degrees below average, so winter still holding on strong. winter on steroids. >> yes, listen, i'm not going anywhere. thank you, justin. appreciate it. >> it is too much. don bell what's going on >> we're talking hoops, last time a team one back-to-back in college basketball. florida ten years ago, reaction
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two years ago, villanova was the number one seed. they lost to nc state in a round. this year's squad has a different feel. been there and done that, the wildcats are the number one overall seed once again, the team celebrated on campus today, even though they expected it. on thursday in buffalo, the cats will play a 16 seed either saint mary or new orleans. >> none of these games are a cake walk, if you think you're going to be humbled.
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we know that. we know, we have to bring every game. if we don't, we'll be going home >> excited. i mean, we just have to focus, we have to focus on getting better and focus on, you know, the next task, which is to get better. no matter who's in front of us. >> the businesslike approach coming up next in the sports zone, dreams of a championship repeat. one-on-one with jay wright. what's the number one obstacle facing the wildcats? mark narrow due chee has the answer coming up. >> wish the weather was better but love hoops. narrownarducci has the answer coming up. >> wish the weather was better but love hoops. narrow that's the secret to longevity according to the
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world's oldest pearl harbor survivor.
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♪ welcome back, america's oldest pearl harbor survivor celebrated his 105th birthday this weekend. let's introduce you to him. served as chief quarter master in the navy on december 7th, 1941, he is already planning on celebrating his 106th birthday. >> i don't drink alcohol, i
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don't smoke. i eat well balanced meal >> heros like him from the greatest generation, they're like a library. when that time goes, it's like a library burning down. >> instead of gifts he asked his guests to
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sometimes life on duty has its perks, while a california sheriff's deputy was busy on traffic patrol. she met an unlikely friend >> came out of the bushes. deputy said the duck found to be named quacker took an instant liking to her. stayed with her 30 minutes or so. a neighbor finally came along and said he would escort quacker back to his nearby home >> making new friend. hanging out. >> we're glad quacker is there and not going to be around here with the snow. >> timing needs to hit the grocery store to get that bread and toilet paper too. >> and french toast >> why do people always get milk and eggs >> french toast >> tomorrow night things go
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downhill after 11:00 or so, we'll see the snow moving n heavy snowfall north of the city potentially over a foot possible in the lehigh valley. poconos, all depends on the exact track. sleet will mix in south jersey that will cut down on accumulations. we'll have to wait and see. >> hanging on. >> are you working? >> yes. >> can you call out? >> let's talk about that later. don bell since we're live on tv because there's nothing more important than coming into work. thank you for joining us, always on nowg things over to don bell in the cbs sports zone. ♪
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this is the hyundai sports zone on cbs3. timing dancing. villanova is the top seed in the tournament. do they have the edge to go the distance? jay wright joins us for one-on-one. and the sixers have lost plenty of games this season. can they lose when they need to? the sports zone is now. ♪ happy sunday fun day. welcome to the show. later the phillies get two arms for the price of one. first, we're talking march madness. yes, villanova, essentially lock the up the top seed saturday by winning the big east title. today, we found out how far that hard work would take them. reaction for the pavilion as the
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brackets were unveiled and for the third time in school history, the cats are the top overall seed. you'll find them in your east bracket. third they will play either mount saint mary or new orleans, the team knows with experience from last year will definitely help them out. >> we know it's a completely different team. some of us been there. we have the experience of making that deep run. we kind of know a little do's and don'ts to help the younger guy >> we're thankful to be in this position, honored. we can't take this for granted. it's obviously a great feeling. but i mean, wherever we're, we're going to be ready for the challenge. villanova jay wright joining us from the pavilion, jay, congrats, what was your reaction when you heard the announcement? >> well, a little fun this year, don. we kind of knew we were going to buffalo,


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