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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 13, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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jim donovan. >> i just want to apologize in advance for anything that happens today and tomorrow. i'm rahel solomon. >> get ready. >> the snow, we need little pizzazz. >> our theme is when in doubt -- >> oh, that's right. >> good morning, everyone, happy monday. yep, i think we're all bracing for what is to come right now, roadways looking okay, couple every accidents, some construction, really all eyes on you, all about the prep, right? we do still have ample time. that's the thing. so now is the time to get ready for t make sure you have all of the ingredients you need for your french toast. >> i have my waffle stuff. >> oh, we will be making waffles, making waffles in the studio, that's the plan. stay tuned. >> exactly. >> but we do want to make sure you know what to expect out of this, right? so here g now the winter storm warning has long yet to take effect here. don't go into effect until 8:00 p.m. tonight. but here is a update for you. what has been winter storm watch across southeast new jersey and parts of delaware
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is now a winter storm warning, and for some of you, it is an all out blizzard warning. that's ocean, monmouth counties, especially if you are in new york city commuter, something like, that you got to pay attention to. >> this my advice to maybe try to work from home, don't go into the city come tomorrow. here in philly, it is no picnic, but looks like the bull's eye happens long island new york city area, but definitely obviously right in the cross hairs of what's to come. here is the combination of it. two pieces of larger puzzle here, one piece coming in across the midwest, a lot more organized and more obvious, but also a coastal piece that will move up the southeast coastline, so still waiting on that, but storm scan3 showing at the moment all is calm. you don't even have any winds to concern yourselves with. but there is at least potential for 6 inches plus worth of snow in the city. you'll see more of mixing take place south and east, but windy conditions in coastal flooding, a big concern, near the jersey shore and delaware beaches. but the track is certainly going to determine the location of heaviest snow,
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certainly hoping in on that, meisha, so coming up the exclusive snowfall maps, stay tuned. >> yikes. tomorrow morning is going to be a mess. it will be very dangerous, as well. so looking outside right now, actually looking okay. looking at the boulevard, pushing in the southbound direction what we want to see on a monday morning. good morning, by the way, happy monday just waking up with us, tuning in, looking good, there blue route, mid-county same story, basically any of the camera shots looking at, looking dark out, there quiet. >> overall looking good basically anywhere w that being said we do have couple every accident out there. this being one of them, airport road at highland boulevard. it is not slowing you down what so ever. not even blocking any lanes. looking okay. another one out there for little bit now, a vehicle went into a pole in abington, thompson road, woodland road, then still talking about the vehicle fire that is out there, route 73 at fleming pike. all lanes are block here, hammonton, new jersey, your alternate, egg harbor road. because of that, by the way, a.c. expressway westbound the
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off ramp closed at route 73. jim, rahel, back over to you. >> thanks, meisha. powerful nor'easter is headed our way sends willing people into snow day mode. >> trang do live at the salt yard in philadelphia's nicetown section, trang, good morning. so i feel like we all thought this was behind us? >> reporter: oh, unfortunately, not, rahel and jim. jim, i was waiting for the real dramatic intro, because we need some that far energy out here at the salt yard. but penndot began pre treating these roads last night, and they're continuing that work today obviously, take a look out here. still, plenty of salt, we really have had pretty mild winter, not a whole lot of snowfall thus tarp, meanwhile people across our region are preparing for snow day as well. now over the weekend the shopping frenzy kicked offer at the acme in bala cynwyd. lot of people buying up milk, bread and eggs as expected, many stores like acme actually had to restock those winter items like salt, shovels,
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since they were packed away for next winter. forecasters predicting as much as a foot of snow overnight monday into all day tuesday, all of those products had to come back out. >> we actually took the rock salt and snow shovels out of the sales force last thursday. so we just walk them back out again, selling milk, eggs, juice, sodas, what they're buying the most right now. >> and for those every you super last minute preparers, the storm managers are saying you really have to get in there today early, they're expecting huge crowds around the dinnertime hour. but jim, rahel, are you guys ready? did you guys get all of your stuff? >> i'll be here tomorrow. >> yep. who wants to eat salad during a snowstorm? that's plenty riddick list. >> i have plenty of leaf overs. and also your waffles. >> we're all ready. we're not the only ones still prepping for the storm. bracing for this nor'easter, the storm expected to bring blizzard conditions, as katie mentioned, in some areas, tonight, into tomorrow,
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continuing through wednesday. the mid-atlantic and new england states will be heff -- will see heavy snow, strong winds, trading dare ring travels conditions and power outages, hundreds of airline flits have already been canceled. >> just remember you can always get the latest on line, visit our website for school closings, flight concellations and weather updates as we track this. >> in other news this morning, shooting in the southwest philadelphia section of the city leaves one man dead. it happened on south 61st street near region street, just after 8:00 p.m. last night. police found the victim just steps away from a cemetery. that is the scene, but did not have any identification on him. so far this morning, no arrests. >> meantime, teenage boy with autism is in stable condition this morning after police say he was found bound and bruised in the city's mantua section. police say the 16 year old was found outside in the freezing colds in the 800 block of north 42nd street. investigators tell us his teeth were -- feet were bound and he had bruises around his wrists, so far no arrest haves been made. and the investigation is
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ongoing. well, washington is still reeling from president trump's explosive allegation of president obama wiretapped trump tower last year. >> the president made the accusation through a series of tweets, and correspondent read bin john tells us he is now facing mounting pressure to provide evidence. >> either retract or provide the information that the american people deserve. >> republican senator john mccain calling on president trump to substantiate his claim that former obama ordered wire it was ron trump tower during the campaign. >> president trump has to provide the american people not just the intelligence committee but the american people with evidence. >> house intelligence committee set monday deadline for the justice department to present evidence backing up trump. house speaker paul ryan also saying he's seen no evidence of trump's claim. >> have you seen anything to suggest there are wiretaps. >> no. >> the pressure on trump substantiates, comes a mid mounting concerns between trump associates. including former trump
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advisor, roger stone. who is downplaying twitter communication with on line persona who claimed responsible for hacking into the dnc. mccain also saying he want former trump campaign manager paul manford. >> mr. manford's relationship with the schrat mean putin. >> hacked text messages suggesting victor, during time of deadly police action against protesters in kiev. asked about the text messages manford said comment and when? there is nothing. read bin john, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> and california man will appear in court today, that's after he admitted to jumping over the white house fence. twenty-six year old jonathan tran ran toward the south entrance of the white house friday night. secret service agent stepped in, stopping him in his tracks. now, tran said he and the president were friends and he had an appointment with him.
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authority searched him found two cans every mace. he was charged with entering restricted grounds while caring a dangerous weapon. >> arnold swartznaeger let reporters noel ' not be back. former california made the announcement on facebook yesterday. a lot of expect speculation he could make political come back by running for the senate. this belief was partially fuel by his public spat with president trump over schwartzenegger's ratings on the celebrity ben franklin tis. swartznaeger says his main mission, now, to bring sanity to washington by fighting manned erring. >> we'll tell you what happened at the time of this crash, and what happened to the driver. >> then, deadly fire in harrisburg, among the victims, city firefighter. we will tell you the device that officials now blaming on the blaze. >> and here is a idea for dealing with the snow. we'll show you this enormous igloo, complete with couch handles and artwork. >> ♪ waiting for tonight ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> and of course, we are waiting for tonight, or overnight. remember this song? was before jenny on the block. oh, such a good time. katie is timing up the snow headed our way, and we have an update for that. >> ♪ >> ♪
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♪ >> four alarm forces people from their no, ma'am in brick township. it started about 2:00 near the brick gardens ants, in this video see damage to second story of an apartment building but no serious injuries were reported. >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf has ordered flags to be flown at half staff in the state. in honor after fire official who died while responding to fatal fire. authorities in harrisburg believe that a whoever err board actually caused the fire friday night. three year old aseantai hughes, and the firefighter was headed after attending another firefighters' funeral
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when the accident happened. >> a person runs a stop sign, hits him, and, you know, just snuffed his life out. it is just not what we expected, not what you want to see. >> officials say his car hit at intersection, the other driver arrested for driving a stolen car without a license. twenty-one year veteran of the harrisburg fire department. >> passenger in northern haiti, killing at least 38 people, injuring a dozen other. take a look at the damage. it happened early sunday morning, just outside the haitian capitol of port-au-prince, the bus first hit two people at a bus stop, then continued into a crowd attending easter season musical celebration. the driver ran away from the scene and is still at large. >> a deadly stampede in argentine, a just south of ben he is arrest, killed at least two people, injured dozens of others saturday night. officials say the stampede started a mosh pit was started
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at the convert. about 300,000 people attended the show in a venue with a capacity for only 250,000. >> some frightening moments caught on camera in china watch as this driver loses control sending his suv skidding offer the road into the roof of a house. the driver says the he accident let hit the gags instead of the brake. fortunately neither the driver nor anyone inside the house was injured. that crash remains under investigation. >> that's some accident. >> heavy snow is on the way. and while some of us may be excited to build a snowman, there is this group in canada that made something even bigger. >> little bit cooler than a snowman. how cool is it? some friends spent over eight hours building this igloo out of a snow drift, 18 feet long, 6 feet wide, 4 feet tall. even i can dated inside, couch, artwork, if you can believe it, a fire pit for warmth. >> how do you do that? >> hey, you got lemons, make lemonade. when you have snow you make an igloo. >> the best i can do.
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>> my snowmen weren't even like impressive. my snowmen let alone my igloo. >> i'm just modesting. >> your west philly igloo? how did that work out? >> not so good. >> i was going to say, although, you know, it is funny, not like we've had a lot of snow this winter, guys, not ample snow for snowball or snowmen making. but i would like to take you back in time for a bit. if you recall, back in 1993, where were you these same days? we had a major super storm. do you remember this, guys? ya. twenty to 30 inches every snow fell across central pennsylvania. i remember this snow vividly. because get this, i was a paper girl delivering the morning call when i was like 13 years old that year. and there was a little picture floating around of me trucking through like a foot of snow because i was dedicated. >> oh, katie.
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>> i deliver, come heck or high water. but there are places where we pick up over 30 inches of snow. crazy. now, we're not talking that major of a storm system, but it is definitely going to be a very significant storm that we face come this same time tomorrow. first piece of the puzzle right now bringing in pretty heavy snow, knows of -- most of illinois, next piece still gathering strength across the northern golf. >> this will gwen to turn into this one very large nor'easter snowstorm. so let me walk you through the coastal impact here first. we talk snowfall expectations across the rest of the region. really looking at different situation. near the coast, all of southern new jersey, in fact, and then through southern delaware. because you're going to see snow initially. but will change over to rain. so snow accumulations are much lower for you. your biggest impact, i would say, even some flooding issues, 40 to 60-mile per hour gusts very likely, so there are high wind warning, coastal flood warnings posted at that point. and scattered power outages are a concern. but moderate coastal flooding
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big issue at high tide tuesday for the morning and late afternoon high tide. here is that snowfall map that we're all waiting for. because i think we will see some sleet mix in along i95, still stuck with six to 12 inches here in philadelphia. and most of the i95 corridor, vicinity, but notice, so much lower after total. go down near the shore points, then looking at at least a foot across northern chester, western montgomery, upper bucks counties, and then all the way up into the lehigh valley. so i can almost guarantee you will see school closings up around this one, allentown, meanwhile we take you forward here, meantime, right now, our temperatures very cold. colds air setting the stage for storm system. twenty-four in philly at this hour, thankfully the winds light, but still very cold outside, look forward in the seven day, we don't really see the whole storm itself pull away completely until late wednesday. they're still lingering snow showers, but i would say the snow at its worse brought to close after lunchtime tomorrow, meisha. so we will have our hands full.
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>> yes, we are. >> absolutely, works are. i think everyone bracing for it, specially because mondays, tuesdays, are the busiest travel days of the entire work week. so, today, looking outside right now, looking good. this is today. where we kind of take a deep breath, get ready for tomorrow, a lot of you already saying i'm not even going into work tomorrow. i'll tell that you it will be dangerous tomorrow morning at around this exact same time. so right now, how much, what we are looking at, congestion levels starting to build, still dark, still early, this monday morning, but are getting little busier in certain areas, also a couple every accident out there already. here is a look at 202, headlight northbound direction at the schuylkill, looking okay there. the vine it was not closed overnight, so see both moving in the westbound and eastbound side. eastbound side, starting to heat up little bit. westbound side, still actually looking pretty quiet. we do have this accident out there. airport road at highland boulevard. it is still out there. so is this other one that we've been talking about this morning, in abington, where vehicle went into a pole. thompson road at woodland
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road, and we also have vehicle fire out there as well that we will be talking about, all of this coming up in the next ten minute, rahel, jim, back to you. >> all right, meisha, thank you. and now for look at newspaper headlines, from across our region. >> from the press of atlantic city three teen boys facing charges every armed robbery and carjacking after allegedly stealing a taxi and threatening the driver with a gun sunday morning. in hamilton township. the teens abandoned the car but were later arrested after police found with some of the drivers possessions, a loaded gun was also found in that area. >> in the mercury, the body of unidentified man was discovered sunday afternoon in a soup schuylkill. found by kayakers. remains are likely those every white male mid to late 50's or early 60s. >> from the delaware county times more than 10,000 meals were packed up at concord liberty church saturday. destin for one of 74 property stricken countries through a group called rise up against hunger. formed in 1998 the organization's mission is to help the united nations with
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ending wormed hunger by 2030. and that's a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. up next, pat's here with sports. good morning, pat. >> good morning, guys, while were you sleeping the sixers and lakers got the draft position in los angeles. see how the soon to be rookie of the year went off. almost time for the madness. we get you set for villanova run at back-to-back titles next in
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>> ♪ >> ♪ this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. with jim donovan, rahel solomon, katie fehlinger, pat gal inch, and meisha johnson. >> welcome back on this monday morning. a lot of sport to get to
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today. >> pat gal inch here with more on march madness. >> glad i'm here, there are a lot of sport. last year the wildcats won the national champ as two seed. one year later they've upped the and tee, number one overall seed in the entire ncaa tournament. the wildcats and their fans enjoyed selection sunday, grabbing the top spot in a loaded east region which includes duke as number two seed and celebrated on campus yesterday, even though everyone basically expected this outcome. thursday, in buffalo, the katz will play a 16th seed, either the mountain ears or mount zaire mary or new orleans, who ever it is it is, the cats are prepared. >> none of these games are cake walks, go in thinking it will be a cake walk, you will be be humbled. >> this game will humble you. so we know that. we know we got to bring it every game f we don't, we will be going home. >> we're definitely excited.
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but we just got to focus. we're going to have to focus on getting better and focus on, you know, the next, to get bert. no matter who is in front every us, just focus on playing basketball. >> it is not easy to repeat as national champions, but the wildcats are confident. coach jay wright toll us the team looking at last season for inspiration. >> this team is different. i think there is a more businesslike approach. i think these guys are going to rely on their experience, having been through this tournament last year, even guys like dante, and eric, first year players, they were a part of the team last year, so i think we will rely on our experience. >> the last team to win back-to-back titles florida, ten years ago. but, you can see the wildcats chase history beginning thursday at 7:00. right here on cbs-3. >> and now that we know the field of 68, it is time to get busy. head over to, and
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join our bracket challenge. pick the winners of march madness, how about this, $5,000 american express gift cards. sixers and lakers last night in l.a., a battle of the bats. two of the worse teams in the nba going head-to-head in a game that impact the sixers draft pick position. rookie dario, he doesn't care about, that he drops a career high 29 points for the sixers. rookie of the year, i think so, the lakers have had their problems this seasonment check it out. russell actually kicks the ball out of bound while directing teammate. that's not the way you're supposed to play. no, not soccer news, the lakers finish outside the top three in the lot rid sixers will get their pick, currently the second worse team in the nba. the nascar we go, cobalt 400 in las vegas, where wild things usually happen, like kyle busch attacking joey after the race. bush was upset with passing him during the race, and bush well he is the one that walked
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away with a bloody forehead. as if it is not crazy enough these guys go 200 miles per hour, need little extra mayhem afterward. by the way martin won the race. >> fifty golf entheusiasts took part in a golf tournament in the most un likely of places, siberia. little ice golf. yes, katie fehlinger, it was played on a frozen lake. which is almost 2 feet thick, due to the cold. standard golf rules do apply except for the color of the ball, they had to be red so that you could see it. is that something that i could interest you guys? >> oh, that's pretty cool. >> i would play it. >> should i bring my golf clubs out for the snow tomorrow? i like where we're headed when this idea. >> ya? >> i think the wildcats will do well. >> from golf to wildcats, yes, i agree. >> tough tournament. tough bracket they're in. >> i was look at your twitter feed, east is more difficult than west. >> very much. >> thank you, pat. >> everything i need to know
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about sports. thank you very much. coming up next in "eyewitness news," huge way money, huge. >> no, i just think it. >> huge way banks are getting money from their customers, plus colorful way starbucks is celebrating spring. >> hear from former vice president joe biden about this project, plus this. >> new documentaries raising questions about what happened the hours before the fatal shooting of michael brown. i'm hena daniels in new york with newly discovered video from the ferguson convenience store near where brown was killed. >> and we may have our sites set on the nor'easter tomorrow. but let's gave you a sense of how the weekend will shape up. it does look right now like we may ends up with some showers or rain, yes, even some more snow by saturday. but the temperatures shouldn't be as harsh it, does look right now like sunday will brighten up nicely with sunshine. sunshine. stay my girlfriend loves artists. to be unique...
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