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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 13, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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with us, storm scan three and you can see these systems pushing in the area. some parts of the region will be seeing blizzard conditions. keep an eye on the elderly, those living alone, children, pets, we have been through this before we will get through it again. spring is right around the corner but mother nature is throwing us one more curve ball. good evening i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we are feeling effects, all philadelphia public and archdiocese schools are closed tomorrow you can see dozens of others, scrolling at bottom of the screen. we have team three coverage as we brace, preparations underway all across the area we will get started with meteorologist lauren casey who is tracking the storm path, lauren. >> first of all we saw this last week model playing out major winter storm potential. models have been consistent and very much agree that we will be dealing with a significant, snowfall, also, elevated wind speed of across the area tomorrow. we have blizzard warnings for
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a large portion of the delaware valley. that does include chester county, bucks county, montgomery county, berks county, lehigh valley and poconos 8:00 p.m. this evening until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. a winter storm warning remains for large portion of the area including center city philadelphia, winter weather advisory from cape may county, storm scan three showing us high level cloud, those are the look at the storm to come. we are seeing returns being picked upright now, on storm scan three off to the south and west, check out this moisture down to the south and west. here is our area of low pressure riding up along the coast and be a nor'easter that impacts the your use as we head into tonight and through the day tomorrow. after 10:00 p.m., snow over spreading area from the southwest to the northeast from 3:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, period of heavy snow widespread in nature, mix to the south and mix of the city. after 10:00 a.m. or lunchtime we will see, residual to snow showers, and blowing and
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drifting snow as snowfall accumulations will be significant, especially along i-95, points to the north and west. these are different models. gfs, man, this is for city, 6 inches, 10 inches, 9 inches potentially 13-inch's cross the area hardest hit will be far northwestern, suburbs, lehigh veil, suburbs and 18 to 24 inches of snow through the day tomorrow. twelve to 18 in our western and northern western suburbs along i-95. six to 12 inches of snow. we will see more mixing of rain, sleet. three to six end ago cross big portion of the south jersey and closer to the coast. minimal snowfall as this will be a rain event. don't focus too much, on the specific number, whether we're getting 8 inches, 10, 12, 14, this will be a significant snow fall, it will have a major impact on travel conditions all across delaware valley and we will talk about what to expect coming up in a few, jessica. >> thanks very much. philadelphia a snow emergency will go in effect at
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9:00 tonight. cars parked on snow emergency routes will have to be moved for plowing, "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is live in center city with how city and residents are getting ready, joe. >> jessica, good evening. many details just coming to light following a news conference with the city stake holder, in city hall, just within the hour. you mentioned about ticketing and towing along snow routes, that starts at 9:00 o'clock tonight. other time lines we should ab wear of, city anticipate that it will start salting operations at 8:00 o'clock tonight and plows will drop once there is snuff snow accumulated. at its disposal more than 400 pieces of equipment. before long, snow will be falling across philadelphia, public and archdiocese schools in the city of closed for tuesday, but by this time tomorrow forecast models show a foot of snow or more could be on the ground. >> we will be at full capacity of salt trucks and plows by midnight.
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we will continue to fight this storm, until the streets are passable. >> reporter: nor'easter with heavy snow, biting wind will deliver a nasty wake up call, to the area one that has been spared frigid weather all winter. philadelphia has 50,000 tons of salt to help clear the streets, the city is asking you for a little bit of help. >> once you clean your path way, clean up your car, and you want to be helpful to us, go to the end of your street and clear the storm drain because in the melting process a clear storm drain makes things go much easier. >> reporter: sales of the shovel, salt, sled were brisk on tuesday. >> you are buying plants. >> i live in the condo they have shovels. >> reporter: fair enough. story of crystal from the upper peninsula of michigan, annual average snowfall there, 250 inches. >> you should see what a foot of snow does this city. >> i have heard. we necessity how to do snow in michigan. >> reporter: what is your advice, how do you handle it because it seems like we get stressed out here a bit.
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>> well, we don't want to take cars, we have a fleet of snowplows, people all have snowblowers and they are just used to it. report report now, city has trash and recycling trash collections for tuesday are suspended and a decision for city workers will be made early on tuesday morning. reporting live from outside city hall in center city joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". lets look at the view from our brand new, drone watch three, it is, over penndot yard in hunting park where crews were working to get those salt trucks red a head of the storm. penndot has more than 100,000 tons of salt available , more than 400 trucks will be working around the clock to keep road clear, during and after the storm. new jersey is under a state of emergency ahead of the storm as crews worked to build up beaches in coastal area state offices will be closed tomorrow for non- essential employees. governor christie says garden state will be ready for
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whatever the storm brings. we are all in this together. we will be on extra early thomas we deal with the snow, "eyewitness news" this morning will begin at 4:00 a.m. team will have latest forecast , traffic reports with the impact on your morning commute, they will get started at 4:00 o'clock. 248 foreign nationals were arrested in pennsylvania, delaware, and west virginia. the arrest happened over the last two weeks. officers from u.s. immigration s and customs enforcement were taking a criminal aliens immigration fugitives, reentry and immigration violators. all of those arrested have been quick of crimes in the you had, or, otherwise, fall within ice enforcement priorities for deportation. one of the country's oldest universities here in our area it is getting a in addition and someone university leaders call their most distinguished alumni, former vice-president, joe biden. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is on campus in newark delaware with more, anita? >> reporter: good evening,
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guess contact joe biden graduated in 1965, with the double major in history and political science. today he returns to campus where he formally launched a non-partisan institute that will be held in this building behind me that he hopes will inspire the next generation of leaders. >> it is a pleasure to introduce joe biden. >> reporter: forty-seventh vice-president of the you had, returned his alma matter on monday. >> great to be back on campus. i mean that sincerely. >> reporter: unveiling university of delaware biden institute as part of the school of public policy and administration. >> welcome home, joe. >> reporter: new research and policy center that will focus on finding solution toss a variety of domestic issues including economic and health care reform, civil rights, and criminal justice. >> we intend to write and pre dues policy, work on issues that have quite frankly charge rised my entire career.
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>> reporter: a few hundred people including students, faculty attended private opening event at rosedell center for the arts. actual institute will be across the street in this building at 44 kent way. >> i think that biden coming here will bring a lot of, you know, more awareness of what we do. >> reporter: she plans to work in government after finishing her graduate degree in may. she said biden's work has inspired her own. >> i'm siked. biden is like one of our idles in delaware so for him to come back here and settle at ud it is great. >> reporter: former vice-president will be splitting his time between this campus and university of pennsylvania where he whim head a foreign policy institute. ud students can welcome biden during a rally on april 7th on the university's green. for now live from newark delaware i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, from pets to people, local doctors are saying treating one could help the other, when we come back our
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stephanie stahl shows you the clinical trial right here in our area that aims to ease pain in dogs, and a way it could one day benefit you. they battled it out on the court but the area top college coaches, came together, the important cause and the big benefit, don? we try to avoid it villanova wildcats are heading toward the eye of the storm march madness is here and we will hear from the wildcats, later in sports.
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as we continue to keep an eye on the snowstorm inching closer to our area storm scan three is showing the systems heading our way and this video showing a snowy chicago, where many of us will be waking up to, and, it could possibly be
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worse. meteorologist lauren casey has very latest track in just a few minutes. looking for a chore to ease an ailment common in both dogs and people. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has early results of the clinical trial where dogs are the patient. >> yeah, this is exciting stuff, guys. doctors at the university of pennsylvania school of veterinary medicine are conducting a study to see if stem cell therapy will ease pain of arthritis, and the results of their research could benefit human patients, as well. >> come on. >> good boy. >> reporter: it is zoe's last checkup walking on a special matt called a force plate to measure how much weight she puts on each leg. >> you can see more in the front. >> reporter: doctor kimberly at penn vet says that is an improvement. >> good girl. >> belly rub, um-hmm. >> reporter: just a year ago putting leg on her front legs was painful, the two-year old golden retriever was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia a condition that created
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arthritis, in both elbows. >> it is, the most common cause of chronic pain in dog. >> reporter: when you first got her what was she like when she first came home. >> she was so sweet. a bundle of energy, your typical energetic puppy. >> reporter: but soon christine brown knew her dog was hurting. >> after coming back from a walk, taking a snap she would get up with limp with her being a puppy, it was devastating. >> reporter: she was enrolled in the pen vet trial to determine benefit of the stem cell therapy as a treatment to ease arthritis pain. >> they are random iced in three groups whether they receive, inter articular or joint injection of the a treatment or they get either, stem cells derived from their bone marrow or stem cells from fat. >> reporter: stem cells from the dog's bone marrow are injected back in the elbow joint, doctors hope that it will relieve the arthritic pain. >> we also removed fragment of bone that can be causing, some , more pain.
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>> reporter: research isn't just about arthritis in dogs, but humans as well. >> the goal of the study are to look for different treatments, so not only help our patients but also to help human patients with arthritis. >> reporter: for now results are promising. >> oh, my gosh, she's no limping. she runs, jumps and has a great time. >> reporter: now back doing what retrievers like zoe do best, play ball. look at her go there. now, the trial is ongoing so there is no hard data to show final results if stem cells are effective for treating arthritis but the doctor says, there are many dogs in the study and almost all of them, have been improving during this year long research project. >> how about that. >> very good. >> look at zeo. >> that is amazing, wonderful. >> thanks, stephanie. go outside and might have some snow to play in tomorrow. >> my little dog credit chi will disappear.
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she's only 3 inches high. >> clear the walk, stay inside >> all of us if you can. >> that is for sure. >> we will have dangerous conditions, developing, this storm will pack a punch and not much wind up, just going to punch us right in the face. you will not see it. we have blizzard warnings in effect, moisture in place, we have the cold air, strong gusty wind. it will be a tough go as we head into tonight and throughout the day tomorrow. but right now moisture increase and high and mid levels of the atmosphere have overcast, milky sky looking at center city philadelphia. 40 degrees. it has been cold. wind south at 6 miles an hour but southerly component to the wind flow is ushering in more moisture. storm scan three is showing us already seeing some returns, again i don't think that is yet hitting ground but it will be. check this out our area of low pressure off shore, look at all this moisture and it is
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moving northe and we will be dealing with that as snowfall across a large portion of our area tonight and tomorrow. so snowfall accumulations impact will be high, high wind , icing potential mainly to the south ande of the city. travel impacts will be extremely high through this event. what to expect for tonight and through the day tomorrow? period of heavy snowfall with snowfall rates one to 3 inches per hour. incredible. would i not be shocked to hear thunder snow. gusty wind 50 miles an hour inland, 60 miles an hour near shore, reduced visibility down to near zero and of course dangerous travel with snow covered roadways. all snow event for areas to the north and west of i-95. we will see period of sleet along i-95 and then mainly all rain across portions of interior new jersey and the shore, but big issue will be for you that potential for coastal flood, coastal flood warnings in effect 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. tomorrow what to expect. we will start as snow changing over to rain, rainfall we have any intensity. we could change back to snow
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on the tail end of this event around midday tomorrow. wind gusts up to 60 miles an hour do plan for power outages and we could see moderate coastal flooding, widespread in nature throughout this evening. future weather showing us as things getting area of precipitation over spreading area as i mentioned, it will not do a slow wind up but just getting, overnight tonight, that snow coming down heavy and late tonight we will see transition over to all rain, down the shore we could see period of sleet, i-95 early tomorrow morning and then changing back to all snow, as we head in the second half of the morning. heavy rain persisting along the coast and heavy snow, to the far north and west where we will see most significant snowfall totals. early afternoon that uniform precipitation will wrap up and lingering snow showers in the second half of the day. check out these whipping wind gusting to near 50 miles an hour close to 60 throughout the day tomorrow we will combine that with snowfall totals, definitely blowing, drifting snow, snowfall
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forecast for poconos lehigh valley far northern western suburbs 18 to 24 inches. twelve to 18 as we look at our northwestern suburbs closer to the city. i-95. immediate suburbs six to 126789 lower amounts where we will see more mix of rainfall. thirty-six across portions of the south jersey and lower then that down toward the coast. for tonight steady snow, windy conditions, 30 degrees, heavy snow tomorrow for first half of the day strong gusty wind with a high of 35. as we head into wednesday still lingering snow showers could pick up a coating to another inch in spots, just to add insult to injure on wednesday, and still windy and then things quiet down heading in the second half of the week >> all right keep an eye, young lady, thanks. >> don's up next with sports. >> eagles making news big fellow is on the move find out who bennie logan is teaming up with. do you remember nick foles he is back. details next in spo
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don bell, you have got to get out before the storm and that applies to people in the tournament, ncaa tournament. >> kind of important that you make it to the game. >> yes. >> you have to make the tournament and make it to the game. >> they are going to buffalo too. >> yeah. >> wow. >> at this time of the year rankings don't matter but, however, villanova is the nation's new number one. biggest threat in their bracket is duke, and blue devils made the largest leap going from number 14, to seventh ranked. that is according to the ap poll. cats hitting the road today as well, on thursday they will play a 16th seed, their flying to buffalo right now so they can avoid the storm. jay wright talked about the mood of the team. >> always a great day for players when you are starting a whole new season but you are close to the end, and it is tournament time and i feel
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like a fan right now. cats to the tigers princeton is also taking off for buffalo today. they have 12th seed in the west, and they will hook up with the number five seed, notre dame. >> we're just happy to be representing the league and princeton, this is, i tell everybody, it is one of the most fun teams to coach because they are so willing to do and try new things, it doesn't always happen. >> on wednesday night we will get you ready for big dance, leslie van arsdal is in buffalo with the team, talk to the broadcasters, players and also the head coach on the villanova wildcats jay wright we have you covered right here in the march to phoenix, it is 7:30 right here on cbs-3. see princeton tigers right here on cbs-3 as well on thursday at noon. they will take on note notre dame. then 2:30 west virginia and bucknell hooking up. then night session wildcats, looking to start a new championship run as they take on either mount saint mary or
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new orleans and then after that game, approximately 9:30 you know these things are sketchy with the time here wisconsin taking on virginia tech. all right. and inspiring comment by jake voracek we can sit and feel sorry for ourselves or we can, get back to work. tonight, they will get back to work when they hoe, fly buys, and six points off the pace. we will have highlights at 11:00. what is oldies new. nick foles back in the necessity, eagles signed him to a two year deal. back in 2013 he made pro bowl after, tossing 27 touchdowns and two picks. i cannot believe that season. it was ridiculous. move make you wonder is what up with chase daniel the backup as we speak right now. as foles is back in the fold, bennie logan is on the move: big defensive tackle signed a one year deal to joined andy reid in kansas city. logan was a third round pick in 2013, he turns 28, in december. welcome home, nick.
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>> thanks, don. as we continue tonight coaches come together they face off on the hardwood but today, it was about more than basketball. way they were helping in the fight against kahn certificate,
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it is all quiet now in
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bethlehem northampton county in a matter of hours snow will start to fall and it will pile up, quickly. we're with you all along the way, as the storm approaches here on tv and on line at cbs well, before those march madness games begin phillies division one coaches got together to honor a young cancer fighter. >> "eyewitness news" at 19th annual coaches verse cancer tip off breakfast this morning where villanova coach jay wright presented the award for five-year old cancer patient blaze davis, and that award is given every year to a survivor who is lover of life and, basketball. since 1996 the philly coaches have raised nearly 14 million, for the fight begins cancer. >> blaze looks excited. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we are back at 10 on sister station cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next "cbs evening news" , in for scott pelley is anthony mason from new york, see you back here tonight on "eyewitness news". take care family see you later
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: beware the ice of march. plows could be pushing a foot or more of snow as the blizzard takes aim at the most densely populated region of america. thousands of flights have already been grounded. also tonight... >> obama care is collapsing, and we must act decisively to protect all americans. >> mason: but a government report today says tens of millions will lose coverage under the g.o.p. plan. hold the phone, the white house amends its wiretap allegations against president obama. >> there's a whole host of tactics that can be used to monitor somebody. >> mason: and a winter of ou


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