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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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comes. snow has started to fall in chester county. it's one area in our region under a blizzard warning. >> working around the clock, road crews are loading up salt trucks and deploying the plows. they're expecting a long night and day ahead of them. >> here's a live look at storm scan 3. you can see the snow has moved into most of the area and it's going to be falling for the next several hours. this is shaping up to be a powerful winter storm. i'm yukee. >> and i'm jessica dean. also philadelphia public schools and archdiocese schools are closed tomorrow. >> we have live coverage for you. let's start with meteorologist lauren casey she's tracking what we can expect as we go through the night and into the morning. >> thank you, yukee. we're dealing with a powerful nor'easter that is going to impact the delaware valley. check out the snow overspreading the area just within the last hour the snow has commenced in
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center city philadelphia some heavy snow has started to pick up. the snow has been falling for about an hour now up into reading and allentown also some periods of heavy snowfall down the shore seeing some returns of sunny flakes from sea isle city. look at all of this moisture that is going to work through our neck of the woods as we head through the night tonlt and through the day tomorrow. winter storm warning in effect until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. blizzard warnings in effect for chester, montgomery county, berks county, lehigh valley and poconos. we are going to deal with strong winds in addition to the snowfall. high impacts from snowfall accumulation, high impacts from wind and icing south and east to the city and of course to our travel extremely big impacts as we head throughout the night tonight and through the day tomorrow. heavy snowfall, snowfall rates
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potentially 1-3 inches per hour. gusty winds gusting 50 pourps inland to near 60 down the shore. down to a quarter of a mile to near zero. check out some of our snowfall estimations as we head throughout this event. getting walloped. 18-24 inches. 12-18 inches in our western p.a. subs, and immediate jersey suburbs 6-12 inches and a tight gradient as we head to the south and east where we are going to see a prolonged period of mixing. it is good to look at the numbers but don't focus too intently on the numbers. we want to make sure your primary focus is the impact from the system. one because of the weight of the snow and two because of strong gusty winds, prepare for the power outages and potentially prolonged power outages as well and this is going to be heavy wet snow with temperatures near
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freezing so it will be difficult to shovel. we'll have a ton talk about in just a few. >> we have our eye on the storm. let's take a live look right now at route 100. you see the snow has falling there. this is an area under a blizzard warning. they could see up to a foot of snow there. penn dot says about 400 plows will be clearing roadways around the clock during the storm. and our team coverage continues in reading berks county one of the areas expected to get hit the hardest by this storm. natasha brown is there now with more on how people are preparing. natasha? >> reporter: well, jessica good evening to you it's been snowing here for at least the past 2.5 hours or so. just a light snow at this point but it's already leaving a
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coating of snow behind here on the sidewalk. reading is in the kind of the heart and they are certainly preparing for the worst. >> i really don't know what to think about it. >> reporter: jessica bender is preparing for whatever the approaching nor'easter brings to reading. it's one of the areas expected to be the hardest hit with estimates of up to 18 inches of snow that could blanket the city. >> i'm getting a full tank of gas, i've got everything i need at home, food, water. >> reporter: so whatever happens. >> shovels, yeah. whatever happens i'm ready. >> reporter: as many as two dozen salt trucks sit at the head i and drivers will work in 12-hour shifts covering the roadways until the storm ends. >> we have plenty of salt, we're not going to run out of salt. >> reporter: reading mayor wally scott says city officials are taking precautions. numerous cancelations are in effect and they will make a decision whether city haul will be open for business. >> there's a lot of people that want to come in and work, there's a lot of people that
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want to work at home and we have dedicated employees that want to be part of something so i've got to make a good decision. >> as night began to fall, so did the snow. leaving many residents reminiscent of the spring-like temperatures that seem so far away. >> it was very nice, very spring time, and now we're back to where we where supposed to be. >> folks here behind me are still traveling right in the heart of reading. they're still traveling along pretty good, no trouble on the roadways just wet at this point. another note that the mayor wanted us to get out, he's telling us tonight all the parking garages are open and they are free of charge, ultimately they're trying to get as many cars off the roads as possible so they can make way for the snow plows that will certainly be trying to find their way through the snow shortly. >> natasha, thank you.
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and if you are parked on a snow emergency route in philadelphia, you have less than an hour to move your car or risk being ticketed or towed. crews needs the roads cleared so the plows can do their jobs. >> reporter: snow started falling here at a steady pace about 20 minutes ago. behind me is one of the city's seven salt yards. that dome 7,000 tons of salt. crews tell me they're going keep getting that salt as much as they need tonight until the job is finished. as trucks filled up with salt at this city yard, city leaders pledged to have everything under control for this late winter storm. >> it's always an inconvenience, it's something we didn't want midway through march but i think we'll be okay. >> reporter: the mayor joined other city officials to ask residents to stay home an only get on the roads if it's
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critical. >> reporter: thanks to the mild winter, there's 50,000 tons of salt to use across the city. 400 pieces of equipment will be out on the roads. steve is with the streets department. >> when you go out and shovel, do not throw the snow back into the roadways. that will just hamper the operation. we have to go back. >> reporter: philadelphia street crews are most concerned about freezing rain and black ice on the roads. >> once it's past 10 inches it's really hard to come down my street because it's just a 1-way street. >> reporter: drivers will avoid the roads tomorrow while crossing her fingers this is it when it comes to snow this season. >> my birthday is in two weeks and i'm ready for spring. i'm not ready for winter. >> reporter: city officials are also asking people if they have to be on the roads not to pass plow trucks make for a dangerous
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situation. the broad street market-frankford lines, there are some delays but they're open 24 hours during the storm. david spunt, cbs eyewitness news. >> pica was bracing for power outages. they say you should keep an emergency kit in the event you leave power. they recommend you have access to nonperishable foods, water, battery and flashlight. it's also a good idea to make sure everything is fully charged. >> at philadelphia international airport the flight board is filled with cancelations. southwest, frontier, jet blue, alaska airlines, british airways and qatar areas are not operating at all tomorrow. american airlines has cancelled flights tomorrow until 5:00 p.m. so if you're planning to fly out of town, be sure to check the status of your flight before you
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head to the airport. also because of the storm amtrak is operated on a modified schedule. passengers holding reservations should monitor conditions and make any necessary changes in advance of their scheduled depar tour using or their mobile app to check their train status. >> here's what you need to know if you take nj transit. all bus and access link service has been suspended for tomorrow. rail and light rail service will run on weekend schedules. the transit agency will also cross honor tickets. governor christie declared an emergency and says the garden state is prepared for whatever comes. >> all of our trucks are ready. our salt is at 75% of its capacity. we've had a pretty slow winter, we've got plenty of salt. >> state offices will also be closed tomorrow for all non-essential employees. eyewitness news will be on extra early tomorrow as we deal with this major winter storm. your morning news will begin as i used to say dark and early
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with the latest snow track and reports. tune in starting 4:00 a.m. developing right now another robbery of a woman in an area that's on high alert. >> what police are saying about this latest attack. >> also our coverage of this late season storm continues. area supermarkets have been packed all day and night. nicole brewer looks at what everyone is stocking up on and the items you should always have on hand. >> and here we go the snow has commenced across much of the area. i'll have the details on this major winter storm and when the snow will finally come to an end in your full forecast coming up. >> and archaeologists finish their work at a newly discovered burial ground in
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>> developing right now, police in newark, delaware are investigating the robbery of a woman just steps from her front door. the woman told police a man approached her from behind in the parking lot then forced her into a an apartment. the suspect took jewelry then ran away. police say it's too early to know if this incident is related to a series of other recent
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attacks on women at delaware apartment complexes. >> back to our top story now the snow has started to fall and this is a live look at chester springs in chester county. meteorologist lauren casey is tracking the storm and she'll have an update for you coming up in just about 4 minutes. today was all about preparing for the storm and look at this brand new drone watch 3. this was the scene earlier. and it wasn't only the salt yards that were busy preparing. food has been flying off the shelves at grocery stores all across the region. >> everyone is stocking up before the snow starts to come down and you know the popular items bread, milk, eggs. >> nicole brewer joins us now on the rush before the storm. >> it was crazy. >> that's what i heard. >> if you went shopping for the basics today, you probably came out wanting wine instead. i'll just put it out there. we were at an acme and they were
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making bank today, long lines, lots of people talking about the storm. >> reporter: ahead of every snowstorm they're the first to fly off the shelves. >> bread and milk of course. >> eggs, bread, milk. >> milk, bread and eggs. >> reporter: but why these three items? >> for one they're the most common. >> you think people just really like french toast? >> i don't know, honey. but that's amazing. >> i don't understand why. >> humans really rely a lot on scripts. >> reporter: an associate professor of sociology at temple university. >> you reach into your cultural tool kit and you grab this script that says i've got to buy milk, bread and eggs and it will be okay. >> this has been like this for years and years. >> reporter: some experts believe the blizzard of 1978 in new england may have led to our tendency to stock up since those
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folks were stuck at home for week. it's. >> it's mostly about reassuring you against the level of doubt. something bad might happen. >> reporter: it also allows us to maintain some level of control. >> we don't know what mother nature is going to do. >> reporter: which is why many of us do what we can to prepare then simply make the best of it. sharing silly youtube videos to checking the french toast alert. and the level right now is severe. >> so these are ways to decompress in these moments of uncertainty. >> while everyone is rushing out to buy milk, eggs and bread, what should we really be focusing on? pico recommends nonperishable foods, batteries, water. the red cross recommends you have gas and plenty of cash at the ready.
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>> can't forget the grilled cheese and tomato soup. >> all the bread is always wiped out. >> gone. >> lauren joins us now and you've been very busy tonight. >> yeah, bread is extra delicious in a snowstorm? french toast. you're going to neat a lot sandwiches as we're dealing with a significant nor'easter. things are getting going and getting going fast. the snow is coming down right now in center city, philadelphia. flakes are flying ab securing our view of the skyline. wind chill value down into the 20s. winter storm warning in effect for philadelphia county until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. blizzard warnings in effect for a large portion of the area north and west of the city. so what exactly is a blizzard? well it doesn't have to do with accumulating snow but it does have to do with falling and/or blowing snow wind gusts of 35 miles per hour or greater.
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visibilities of a quarter mile or less and all of these conditions for three hours or longer and that's what we're expecting in a blizzard warning area north and west of the city through the night tonight and through the day tomorrow. visibilities lsz reduced. half a mile in mount pocono and down to 2 miles in allentown and poor visibilities really are going to be the story throughout the day on the roadways. heavy snow for your morning commute, lunchtime snow winds whipping and for the evening commute dealing with blowing snow and storm scan 3 showing us things getting busy. the snow overtaking the entire area. heavy snow starting to pick up south and west of the city that will continue to move northeast along the i-95 corridor but the flakes are certainly file down into west deptfofrd. a couple of rain drops as welch more moisture off to our south
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and west that's going to continue to lift to the north and east with this coastal area of low pressure. so what to expect in much of the area. heavy, wet snow. we could see snowfall rates at time of 1, 2, 3 inches per hour. incredibly heavy intensity. greatly reduced visibilities and on top of that strong wind gusts and with all of the lift in the system i think thunder is certainly possible. precipitation type, this is going to be an all-snow event i-95 to the south and east we could see a period of sleet tomorrow morning and mainly rain for our shore points but it will be heavy rain. also the point for for coastal flooding. and high wind warnings in effect for the shore. so we're seeing some snow that will change over to rain along the coast. but the rain will be heavy in intensity. those strong wind gusts do watch for the possibility of scattered power outages and the potential
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for some moderate coastal flooding especially at high tide tomorrow time. future weather showing us the snow is going to continue steady and heavy in nature for much of the area. rain across portions of the shore along the coast. we could see that rain-snow line again moving northbound there's your period of sleet but as we head into the second half of the morning that changing back into all snow keeping the rain down the shore seeing some sleet in south jersey as we head into the lunch hour snow still coming down especially north and west of the city as we head into the afternoon hours we're seeing things wrapping up with some lingering scattered snow showers. finally as we head into tomorrow evening the snow wraps up. 18-24 inches in the lehigh valley, 12-18 in the northwestern suburbs, along the 95 corridor 6-12 inches and lower amounts to the south and east. these are projections of our four models just in
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philadelphia. the latest run has dropped down to about 3 inches in philadelphia but you can see these other models, 10 inches, 12 inches of snowfall accumulation. for tonight, it's going to be snow. steady and heavy down to 30 degrees. maybe a little sleet mixed in. throughout your forecast that snow is going to be hanging around on wednesday. temperatures don't break the freezing mark we barely get there on thursday and finally some sunshine and upper 30s will melt some of that snow away as we head into friday. >> don is up next with sports. >> a busy night tonight. nova lands in buffalo, foles lands in philly an the fly guys
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>> we could sit in the locker
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room and feel sorry for ourselves or we could get back to work president tonight they get back to work by hosting columbus. the fly guys open the die 6 points out of that final wild card spot. the flyers take the lead. but in the third we are tied again and the flyers shorthanded which means columbus power tripping. third straight 5-3 your final score. a new ap top 25 poll has been released. for what it's worth villanova has jumped back into the top spot. the wild cats are arriving in buffalo today. they had to hit the road before the storm hit us. on thursday they'll either play mount st. mary or new orleans. >> this is a great day when you're starting a whole new
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season but you know you're close to the end and it's tournament time. they're excited like fans right now. >> from the cats to the tigers. princeton also taking off for buffalo today. they're the 12th seed in the west they hook up with number 5 seed notre dame. we have you covered. it's the march to phoenix at 7:30 on cbs3. once again that's on wednesday. as for the games themselves, catch princeton notre dame at noon. at 2:30 it's west virginia, and then in the night session villa nova will begin their hunt for another title. coverage starts at 7:00 that's followed by wisconsin and virginia tech that closes out the night session at 9:30. on the women's side, the penn women are in the tournament as the 12th seed. they'll take on the fifth seed
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texas a&m saturday in l.a. temple in as well they are the 7th seed and they'll play oregon in durham. to football. if you mention the numbers 27 and 2, eagles fan will immediately think nick foles. back in 2013 he threw 27 touchdowns and only two picks. it was one of the greatest seasons in franchise history. now he's back with the midnight green. the nfl new york is reporting that the deal is worth lven million. that brings us to this. chase daniel is gone. this may be one of the worst contracts the team has ever handed out. chase will reportedly walk away with $12 million after literally throwing one pass in his eagles career. $12 million. >> how about it. thank you, buddy. >> how about it. thank you, buddy. >> up next, new chevy is the most awarded car company three years in a row.
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workers have finished removing all of the human remains in a construction site in old city. >> eyewitness news first told you about the discovery last
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week. the remains will be analyzed and buried at the mount mariah cemetery.
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our morning crew is on at 4:00 a.m. with the latest on the winter storm. for lauren, kate, don and everyone here. i'm yukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we are always on for you. >> check on the elderly, especially those living alone, keep a close watch on the kids and bring in any pets. be safe family have a good night and sleep well.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> well come to the ncaa selection show. as always, i'm larry boberry. here with my co-anchor. today we'll reveal the brackets for the ncaa tournament march madness. >> the numbers and stats have been crunched and the results stored on a highly secured server impossible to hack. >> stephen: good to know! let's get to it. >> the number one in the country is villanova. >> going against number nine seed, and this is the surprise, the russian army! >> i did not see that coming. believe this will be the first time a foreign army will be dpeeting in this tournament. the wildcats will have their work cut out for them because it will be five players against 850,000 battle-testeddi


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