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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 16, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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thursday, march 16th i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. we have a handful of school delays scrolling at the bottom of your screen. katie is keeping an eye on things this morning. >> i enjoy your phantom moves. >> how easy was that job. >> yes. >> well, looking at a lot of ice as rahel pointed out. we are already seeing accidents because of that ice, that is out there. >> it is out there expect that it will trip you up, slow you down, factor in extra time and sun glare very likely end up being an issue. >> van a whiteys on the phone. >> okay. >> yah. you can tell. >> guinness record for most dresses ever worn by a woman. >> i know. >> we need that company. >> yes. >> all right. let's move this thing along. >> all right. lets get you out there and show you what is, going on. we have nice looking skies, that will allow that, certainly the sun glare to create a concern once it does
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rise, but that is not until 7:00. career sky overnight means you don't have a blanket of cloud cover to trap in the heat. it is in the like it was warm, yesterday but with the clear sky it will mean a drop off is even more easily and efficiently. currently in the 20's dropping down in the teens even in the city before being said and done. that is where we stand in doyletown. nineteen there. mid 20's, pretty much every where else. you know just bottom line, you still to have bundle up. these are projected highs and we are merely 20 degrees colder then average, folks, so again, still feels like winter technically still is and you have to bundle up for that, meisha. >> bundle up for sure and take it easy, drive slow, we have been saying all week, and we have to say it again today because of the ice out there. not in the camera shot. this is blue route mid county but blue route at the toll plaza we have an accident there and police block off toll booths and lanes installed. letting you know how slippery.
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you can see evidence in this camera shot. you pull off to the shoulder and hit that black ice and that can send you flying. take it easy make sure to stay in your own lane as they say. accident here in bear, delaware route seven bear corbett road is closed between route 71, your alternate route one or 13 is your best bet right now and we have construction crews out there in camden 676 southbound at collins avenue one lane block until 5:00 a.m. we have down pole and wires in avondale. so take a look hill dale road is closed between, chandler mill road. newark road is close todd school buses and tractor trailers between 41 and baltimore pike a lot going on. jim and rahel, over to you. electric crews are working to restore power. this weeks nor'easter left hundreds still in the dark. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live at mullica library that i will open up as a warming center. jan, how much progress are crews making. >> reporter: good morning. atlantic city electric says it
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has restored power to 30,000 customers who who it because of this winter storm, still this morning, about 200 customers are in the dark. so happening later on today right around 7:30 this morning the county library, here in mulika will will again, reopen as a warming center as power crews continue to work to get everybody backup on line. with an message from peco ac recollect has had 600 lineman working around the clock restore power to south jersey residents left in the dark this late hitting winter storm with the snow, ice, wind has taken its toll. >> this is a bad ice storm so you can expect this to happen. >> reporter: sandy anderson is one of the hundreds without power for days. she and her husband were forced to visit this library turned warming center for relief. >> we came down today to get charged and they have coffee, snacks, very nice. >> we have lights on and they are not on because of the storm and we want to make sure that we help those out, doing
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the right thing. >> reporter: meantime in delaware much of the same winter storm damage, ice, wind snapped trees and down power lines in new castle county. thomas palmer and his neighbors quickly who power and left in the cold on tuesday. >> i got long underwear on, two pair of socks, yeah, you know and then moving around, trying to anyway. >> reporter: thousands of del marva's customers were still without power as late as this morning. power company is is enlisting help with crews as far away as chicago to help fix the spots. >> we can bring our own sister co in. at the same time we can use strength, depth and restore power in a more timely, quick manner. >> reporter: now del marva is still reporting about 2,000 customers in the dark, this morning, as far as ac electric goes, it says that its customer should all be restored with power by noon time today. we are reporting live from mullica, jan carabao for cbs-3 eyewitness news. jim and rahel back to you. let's keep our fingers
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crossed they keep to that deadline. >> absolutely. >> center city buildings like loews on market street are on watch after incidents of falling ice. cars and pedestrians were blocked between 12th and 13th streets yesterday, city officials warned even small pieces of small ice can be heavy due to high moisture in the air. city is urging owners and managers to monitor their buildings and issue warnings when necessary. president's revised travel ban will no longer start today , judge in hawaii blocked immigration order from going in to effect last night. president trump criticized the ruling and is vowing to take the fight to the supreme court hanna daniels has more from new york. >> reporter: this ruling makes us look weak. >> reporter: president trump is vowing to fight back against a federal judge's decision in hawaii, putting the brakes on the revised version of his travel ban. >> we're going to win, we're going to keep our citizens safe. >> reporter: version two of the order would have temporarily barred new visas from six muslim majority
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countries for 90 days but hours before it was set to take effect u.s. district judge derek watson ruled it discriminates on the bases of nationality and would harm hawaii tourism industry. >> the fact that there was make language more neutral it showed they were trying even harder to mask what was a religious animus. >> reporter: justice department quickly blasted ruling as flawed, both in reasoning and in scope. adding that the administration will continue to defend this executive order, in the courts >> this is a watered down version and let me tell you something i think we ought to go back to the first one and go all the way which is what i wanted to do in the first place. >> reporter: legal setback came on the same day president finally addressed his twitter claim that president obama wiretapped trump tower during the election. >> why not wait to tweet about it until you can prove it. >> new york times wrote about it. other people have mentioned it when i say wiretap those word
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were in quote. >> reporter: president says had administration will present more information over the next two weeks about the unsubstantiated charge. hanna daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". so far house intelligence leaders say they have seen no evidence to support the president's wiretapping claims , they plan to ask fbi director james comey about it in a hearing next week. justice department is charging four individual in connection with the massive hack involving 500 million yahoo accounts back in 2014. two of the individual are spy was russia's intelligence service, fsb. they also worked with the fbi on cyber crime. authorities say that the goal of the hackers was to access accounts of russian journalist and politicians as well as u.s. government officials including military, and white house personnel. secretary of the state rex tillerson is in japan meeting with prime minister abe. tillerson head to the far east amid escalating tensions with
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north korea. the secretary of state will also visit south korea and china on his trip and expected to discuss trade as well as response toss north korea's recent missle launches. authorities busted a major heroin trafficking ring in bucks county. the ring funneled drugs in the quakertown area ring dubbed by authorities as mccarthey drug trafficking organization, was allegedly run by mccarthey brot hours lived in their parents richland township home they are accused of selling 5,000 bags of heroin a week. two people remain at large. two women captured on surveillance video attacking a grocery store employee, and that philadelphia police need your help in finding them this video was taken on march 5th at the fresh grocer store on grays ferry avenue. the two women confronting a store employee and then attacking her. they were escorted out by security and they have not been seen ever since. if you recognize woman please contact the police. well, still ahead find out why widow of the prison guard killed last month during a
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standoff is refusing to meet with delaware's governor. then, blossomed budd, we are learning how much damage this weeks storm and freezing temperatures are causing washington d.c.'s historic cherry blossoms. president's bam ace still making his picks for march madness we will tell you who the former command inner chief is picking to go all the way. >> ♪ it is a big dance, jim donovan, march madness. >> i'm ready, i got my brackets. >> we will hear from the wildcats when pat gallen joins news sports in 10 minutes. until then we will be back in about two.
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time right now 5:12. welcome back. violent crash send an suv airborne in the busy store on new york's long island. other car smashed in the fence and as bad as this looks we're told both drivers suffered only minor injuries. no one inside was hurt and unclear if icy conditions played a role in the crash, so just incredible video.
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well, icy conditions, yeah , i know, icy conditions are planning a washington d.c. famed cherry blossom. >> national park service say cherry blossoms are stunted due to the recent snowstorm and cold temperatures. washington's d.c. cherry blossom festival technically started yesterday but that doesn't mean is there much to see there at the moment. >> i'm from oakland, california. i'm here to see cherry blossoms bye it is still pretty with the snow, ice but not quite what i was hoping to see. >> i want a refund for my trip peak bloom times should happen this coming sunday through wednesday but they are not just sure how many will show their full colors. >> that is a shame if you head to washington and cherry blossoms have not bloomed just yet maybe you will see this. local tc news photographer spotted this squirrel they normally eat plant and nuts but when they are hungry they will eat anything. i will say that looks like a, beef path toy me.
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>> is that a squash or something. >> i don't know. >> it looks like a role from a hamburger. >> a hamburger. >> yes. >> i guess. >> probably mcdonald's, they are kind of flat. >> it looks orange, what could that be. >> a jamaican beef party. >> yes. >> stop talking about food i will start getting hungry. >> much like squirrels, we will eat just about anything. well, guys, we still have wind out there too, it is not best tail day for that squirrel, as we haveir day for us yet wind whipping out there but still quite noticeable and chilly outside, outside we go, and traffic here, on main street, very, granted but stille that hotel bethlehem on mainviously snow of the roadways but i outt there, e ever you have even just moistur.
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notice flags waving and wight nsult to the injuryt does make for u wind sustained wind speed, they a you need is a right now with the cold to make it feel bundle up adequately here,id 30's and t feel much better just dayse and quiet picture. we are tcking huge developing storm system but we e clarr sky to allow temperatureadily. let's bring you back to just sn, 2.4 inchess nor'easter we are ua soseason as a total. during month ofar 3 inches of snow. you know, march is aou but we have seenncs we picked ut
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airpor i clipper system moving in friy on st. patrick'st then late their night of precipn comes in. notice m here. rain, some snow as well as maybe some sleet in the early saturd day't anticipate you will see much if any accumulation out of that but it does comes on st. patrick's day. we will take you through those statistics too. most rainy day we have had was 1993. most snowy was couple years ago i remember being on the eras it was snowing that 4.7- inch that he is came on through. we have no prayer of getting anywhere close to the warmest st. patrick's day. take a look at what our seven day has up its sleeve there. for tomorrow 41. normal high about 52, 53 degrees. not one day of the seven day is even average, yet again. >> what a bummer that is, katie and talking about this ice, look at this, this is evidence of what we have been
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seeing all morning long. so this is delaware avenue at frankford avenue and northern liberties area. someone spun out went right off the road into the snow impact, and shoulder and off to the sidewalk. i can tell you right now this is not something we have not seen, one after another, joins 4:30. i may self went through a stop sign on a smaller road. just a head up for those heading out right now take it easy, still. on our major interstates and highways we will not be dealing with it as much because we have had too much traffic flow over those areas but once you get off to the shoulder, minute your tires go over line in the shoulder you could hit black ice, icy patches and it will send you flying. that is what we have been seeing this morning. ben franklin bridge is looking great, for those from new jersey in the westbound direction in the center city we are looking quiet and looking as we should on a thursday morning there but again, minute you get outside to side areas that is when we will get really slippery. we have had an accident blue route north bound at mid
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county toll plaza, that has been since moved out of the way and cleared. police were out there laying down some salt, what have you. just a head up falling ice on the delaware memorial bridge north and southbound outside lanes are blocked, because of it. rahel, mentioned earlier falling ice, huge concern here over to you, rahel. kenneth square man was killed yesterday morning in a two vehicle crash at route one and creek road. chopper three was over the scene, jeffery marksphilip, died after another driver who control and slammed in his car authorities believe it may have been connected to the ice and snow. the accident blocked the area forcing the cancellation of every school, in the unionville chadds ford school district. burlington county times three more districts in burlington county found higher then acceptable levels of lead in their schools. bass river, cinnamon sin and
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medford are growing number of districts that found these levels of led after state mandated testing last summer. from the times herald things are revving up for the honey foundation for kid. tickets to the march 25th spring fundraiser, spring fling, pulled out in 10 hours. this group is dedicated to helping disadvantaged and abused children of montgomery county g for them. >> absolutely. that is a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. and up next, pat has sports. patrick, good morning. >> my favorite day of the sports calendar madness begins today, we will tell what you villanova is up to for their game against mount st. mary's, just ahead in
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♪ it isn't just about vision, it's about care. nobody cares for eyes more than pearle.
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welcome back everyone we're glad you are here with us on "eyewitness news" this morning. >> it is pat's favorite time of the year, no, not just because it is st. patrick's day but also the beginning of the march madness. >> i'm look at jim donovan's bracket here. we have to talk about this thing. we will talk about it later. eyes of the nova nation are on buffalo with the wildcats first game in the ncaa tournament right here at cbs-3 at 7:00. they will tip off against 16th seed mountaineers of mount st. mary's, wildcats are a focused team. >> we know we have a tough talented mount st. mary's team with a great coach, you know, who i know personally since i was in high school. and someone who i always kept in touch with. we know they will come in, you know, strong. >> one game at a time because at this point in the season
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you lose and your season is over and for us seniors our careers are over. we never want to look ahead. we don't take any game for granted and we will take it one game at a time. >> here's line up on day one, princeton, notre dame at noon and then bucknell out of lewis berg, pennsylvania, going against west virginia. nova takes court at 7:00, wildcats face mountaineers of mount st. mary and then after that wisconsin and virginia tech. do not touch that dial. it is all right here on cbs-3. you have until noon to pick your bracket and there will be an estimated 70 million of them, filled out by this afternoon. and most famous bracket of all is back, former president barack obama filled out one every year since he was in the white house and he is back at it. obama foundation tweeted out his 2017 bracket, he has nova out in the elite eight with north carolina as mens champion. >> i necessity. >> u-conn is the winner of the women's draw. you still have more than six hours to finish yours and fill
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out that bracket, and put it autopsy begins mine, jim's every other cbs philly personality. go to cbs and join our bracket challenge. there are pryes for winners on have each round and a $5,000 american express gift card, grand pry winner. with their playoff hopes on life support flyers have had to deal with the most heated rival, pittsburgh penguins, outcome was probably not what we expect. second period no score and shawn couturier gets flyers on the board, and take a one to nothing lead there. this man, he just knows how to find the net, wayne simmonds in front scores his 29th on the power play. flyers up two to knock. orange and black, pour it on, claude giroux gets involved, he rifle is it home to make it three to nothing. flyers shut out penguins, 42 nothing, and they are now five points out of the final wild card spot with 13 games to play. we will be hearing from the new old eagle nick foles later today.
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the returning quarterback meets media around 3:30 this afternoon at novacare complex for the first time since his return. nick will be backing up, young carson wentz, this season and interesting move they got rid of the chase daniel, bring back nick foles. >> what is consensus are people excited about that eagles fans. >> i think they are exited to see him back. i don't know if anyone wants to see him play because we have carson wentz. that being said real quick. >> president obama is wrong because i got north carolina out in round two. >> you have villanova against oregon with seton hall your alma matter in the final four. >> wait until you hear, pat. >> yes. >> very scientific, i have put a lot of thought into this. appreciate it. coming up next on "eyewitness news" a new way to pay. >> we will tell but a plan to let shoppers pay using their sunglasses. trang do? >> reporter: a government hiring freeze having a chilling effect on independent mall, i'm trang do live with what historical sites are now
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closed. and then canadian prime minister justin trudeau is in insuring we will tell them what brought them together with dignitaries including ivanka trump. it is freezing out here on the sky deck so this weekend has warmer weather up its sleeve. unfortunately not. it is not quite as harsh but it will remain chilly right threw up coming weekend. we have a clipper system that will leave behind friday into saturday wintry mix which we will discuss later in the she but it is brighter by sunday. we will be right
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it will be windy and cold in the lehigh valley and across the area spring is on the calendar but will it be in the temperatures that is big question, good morning, i'm rahel solomon. katie, meisha will be along in a moment but first here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. still in the dark. >> it is a bad ice storm. >> we will left the lights on. >> reporter: crews work honorary storing power to thousands. >> again, it is a day that will require nice heavy coat, scarves, hat, gloves, whole 9- yard. >> this ruling makes us look


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