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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 16, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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bucknell -- >> verne: that foul was on avi toomer. held ball, possession aero, bucknell. >> jim: i liked how they tried to get it to foulland. he had carter there smaller at 6'2". he has to go quicker with the touches. >> verne: 23 points for kimbal mackenzie. that ties a bucknell tournament record shared with chris mcnaughton who had 23 in 2005 for the bison. brown is not finished with 15. adrian. oh, mackenzie almost got it. to ahmad and into the hands of jevon carter.
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five on the shot clock. look at adrian. >> jim: good on the glass. >> verne: another offensive board. >> verne: more time off the clock. >> verne: 17 offensive rebounds. >> jim: amazing number. they average 14. >> verne: 1:40 to go. 6-point margin. >> jim: number five in the country on the offensive glass. inside. >> verne: bucknell ball. with 1:32 to go. >> jim: did he call a timeout? >> verne: did he? >> jim: i'm not sure if he did or not.
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>> jim: no possession there. totally blocked off, no possession. >> verne: bucknell ball. >> jim: under two minutes they could go to the monitor. that was very clear. on the replay, the catch -- >> verne: the differential is 6. >> jim: you don't necessarily node a 3-ball. you need to go quicker and challenge. if you play methodical basketball out front you will box into a corner. >> verne: foulland, beautiful. he will shoot free throws. two of them. >> jim: verne, if you play catch around the corners and the perimeter instead of coming down and making something happen then you get stuck with the clock and have to shoot threes.
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with foulland you have to get him his touches. >> verne: keep in mind 56% free throw shooter. thee of four until that one. >> jim: he gets a friendly bounce. one more possession here if you're bucknell from a strategy stand point before you get no a fouling mentality. especially if west virginia scores. if they don't different complex. you know they want to be patient and get a good shot. oh. >> verne: wow. >> and a 73% free throw shooter goes to the line. this is a thing. if you're a guard in college
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basketball you have to understand you will get the calls. if you don't have a guy with good defensive solid position on the side of you, you almost slide into him and get a call. a good call by the rules though. >> verne: two shots. >> verne: coming in april "the masters" from historic agusta national. all of us luckily enough to be part of that telecast look forward to it yearly with great anticipation. one minute to go. he got them both. 79-72. timeout buck net. bucknell. we have 58.5 left a 7-point game.
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>> verne: march madness continues tonight with eight more games. across tnt, cbs, tbs and trutv. you decide the games want to watch.
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5-point game. >> jim: this is where tkoefps have to make quick decisions. let it go a couple of seconds then you have to make a decision if you want to foul. there you go. >> jim: they get phillip from behind. >> jim: i like that verne, because you have to save the time on the clock. the shot glances the rim. straight down. an offensive advantage if you move towards the basket. >> verne: that was on kimbal mckenzie. the fourth on him with 40.1 to o go. one more. >> jim: team shoots 6% fro 68% e line, west virginia. right now they have someone at the line who seems fairly comfortable. four for four, 72% free throw shooter, phillip.
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>> verne: very successful trip to the line. >> verne: smooth. >> verne: a 7-point margin. >> jim: they need a quick hitter sooner or later. into the corner. >> verne: there it is. off the front rim, adrian. foulland couldn't get too aggressive with him. >> jim: fouling -- >> verne: stephen brown does. 25.5 to go. >> verne: perfect so far today. 14 points. a little arc on that one. i tell you he shots the basketball than a 72% shooter. >> jim: nice rhythm at the line.
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>> verne: perfect from the line so far today. >> verne: still perfect. 9-point game. mackenzie has had a terrific outing. that is good from the corner. >> jim: that's why you play the fouling game, verne. you never know in college basketball what can happen. nice diagonal pass. get rid of it. shooter get rid of it
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>> verne: a game reset 6-point margin. bucknell can stop the clock one more time. both teams in the double bonus. the possession aero west virginia. they lead by six. winner gets notre dame. >> jim: sometimes the possession aero goes under luck too, verne. if you catch the ball in the corner, in trouble, you bury it and the ball is out of bounds again. >> verne: adrian. don't wait. >> jim: so carter 77% to the line. bucknell doing all they can to stop the clock. west virginia keeps hitting the free throws there is not a lot you can do. >> verne: carter for the game, two for four at the line.
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>> verne: they are clutch here in the final five minutes of the game. bruce moore takes a seat on the bench. foulland is back on the floor now, number 20. >> verne: foulland with the rebound. zach thomas. >> jim: oh, zach thomas thought he was hit when he went for the shot of 3. he may of gotten hit. >> verne: i think he did. ya. adrian. another foul. 10.7 to go.
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23 points tonight, 5 of 7 from 3-point range. the sophomore from oakville, ontario. foulland playing much of the last few minutes with four fou fouls. >> verne: he's a junior, one more year left. >> jim: they have done the job at the free throw line. >> verne: have they ever. 10.7. the in bound here is brown. oh, yes. >> verne: and that will do it.
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bucknell with a terrific effort. they fall short. bob huggins and west virginia. macon, adrian had a big game. they will advance to take on notre dame. a four versus a five here in buffalo. that's on saturdays. it's been a good afternoon. first and second round play, tournament games here in buffalo. we have two more tonight. the games continue live now. tnt, tbs and trutv.
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danger from above, warmer temperatures lead to falling ice, in center city philadelphia we will show you where pedestrians are keeping an eye to the sky so they do not get hit. and proposed plan for a sex positive community senter is causing concern in the local neighborhood, residents have questions about what may be happening inside, and we get answers. also two local teams here on cbs-3 for start of the march madness, princeton faced off against notre dame while villanova will tip off in two hours. wildcats will begin defense of their national championship. good afternoon i'm ukee washington. i'm he jessica dean. march madness is officially,
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underway, sports director don bell, he is joining us now. but first the local team to play with princeton at noon, don. >> that is right, tigers, good game, but doesn't it feel good >> yeah. >> wow. >> something special about this time of the year, guys, good stuff. it is like messing with the reindeer right before christmas or a turkey right before thanksgiving. facing the fighting irish before st. patty's day just a sabado men. princeton, hooking up, with notre dame. we will go to the highlights pick it up in the second half one point princeton trailed by 11, is there irish right there , colson with the game high 18 points for him. final second tiger down by one , looking for the winner, no, devon kennedy, no good from three, and princeton lose s, 60-58. they were so close, to pulling off the upset. a tough loss for the tigers. their first since late december. leslie van arsdal is with the team in buffalo and she joins us live, with the post game
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report, leslie. >> reporter: well, don, what a game and what a tough loss for princeton. the coach says he is still kind of taking it all in but he is so proud of his team. >> right now it hurts a little bit because of the guys, you know, we weren't pretty tonight but i thought guys gave themselves every opportunity to win. we had two good looks toward end of the game and some of the guys we want shooting the ball but i'm proud of that team. i'm proud to be their coach. >> reporter: senior stand ought, spencer white says he is happy with what they have accomplished. >> we have for the so hard, you know, not just in this game but throughout the season it hurts now certainly but i think, you know, a few days, few weeks removed we will look back and be very proud of our success over the course of the year. >> reporter: former nba star, villanova legend kerry kittles an assistant coach has been a huge influence over this season. >> he is everything. was a diehard nets fan, i used
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to watch him, and they were my idles. what he has done to this program is unbelievable. >> reporter: whole experience fact in environment is so good for them. >> it is great, because it is different. you know, this notre dame team has a ton of experience. they have played, eight or nine more ncaa games and it showed, i thought. i thought again we responded to that in the right way and that is all i can ask. >> reporter: i will tell you these guys are, fighters. i'm sure we will see, this team back in the tournament next year. meanwhile your national champion villanova wildcats coming over at 6:00 we will have their send off and what they think about their match up with mount st. mary's coming up at 6:00. don, back to you. thank you, looking forward to a tough loss, by the way, for the princeton tigers. they were 14 and zero in ivy league play. their first loss since late december. one of the hottest teams in the country, they were so close. >> what an experience, i'll tell you. thanks, buddy appreciate it. princeton/notre dame game,
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nothing says it more than looks at faces on the fans gathered to watch today on princeton's campus. young and old watched bucket from the bucket from the confident of the campus center we caught up with one freshman who says watching with if fellow tigers is only way to experience march madness. >> as many people necessity princeton is a reason why march madness became so popular. they had a big game against georgetown. so we kill continue the tradition of showing up. >> i remember it well. tigers for the good fight but in the end even the fan support could not win their points they needed. but it was a great effort. former villanova mens championship team member came out to mink with the fans at chester county fraternal order of police lodge in west chester this afternoon. former villanova forward kevin rafferty signed autographs and took photos with fans. stay with us basketball fans as wildcats get ready to play, cbs's alexandria movies live from the villanova campus coming up tonight at 6:00. nova takes the court at
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7:00. wildcats face mountaineers of mount st. mary, 30 minutes after that game end it is wisconsin and virginia tech. it is all right here on cbs-3. well, days after our winter storm some center city sidewalks are closed, to pedestrians, to guard against dangers of the falling ice. >> "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live with more on this threat from above, anita. >> reporter: ukee and jessica, two days after this winter storm, philadelphians are still dealing with the aftermath, one of the biggest problems, is ice, that you can see, officials have blocked off some of the sidewalks here , warning passerby of fallen ice. >> look out, look out, look out. >> reporter: heeding warnings about this hassard. >> it sounded like it would break windows. >> reporter: passerby dodged falling sheets of ice from sky scrapers on thursday.
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>> 10-pound piece of ice falling 600 fight. >> reporter: one of the many problems philadelphians are still dealing with after a winter storm, moved through the region on tuesday. frozen sidewalks, essentially turned some walkways around the city in to a skate rink today it seems more dangerous. >> reporter: ice, snow also caused damage to cars, due to some drivers failing to clear off the roofs of their vehicles. one woman said "eyewitness news" these photos after snow and ice from another large vehicle flew off roof and shattered her sister's windshield and broke side mirror of her car. and while not all accidents can be prevented. >> you have to be vigilant. you have to look up and look around your surroundings. >> reporter: back out here live you can see side falling ice, branches barely hanging on by a limb. you see what i did there, yes. police are rerouting some of the traffic between city hall,
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and 12th street, near the loew s hotel. coming up at 6:00 we will tell but another major headache that philadelphians are dealing with as they try to dig out from this storm. live from center city, i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you very much. i was in a truck today. you could see a piece of ice hanging off the side. >> waiting for it, i know. >> oh, no it is a mess. here we have the sunshine, above freezing temperatures, the snow melt has commenced, so ice sickles, ice chunks falling every where. as we head into tonight, black ice will be a concern once again but we have that snow melt out there. but of course now all of that liquid especially just along the shoulder of the roadways that will be a problem throughout the overnight period. but it looks nice. we will take that sunshine. we have not seen tonight a couple days. 38 degrees. we are above freezing. still another chilly day and blustery day at that with wind up around 21 miles an hour. so it feels more like 28 degrees. storm scan three showing us
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trend of the day and that is nothing, and that is good news , sunshine, across delaware valley just a couple passing cloud and temperatures right now we're above freezing in all reporting sites, 39 in allentown. thirty-seven in wilmington. forty in atlantic city. as we head in the evening hours falling back in the upper 30's, mostly clear, good news, wind are going to decreases specially after sunset, and then overnight tonight, clear skies, cold, 23 . after several days of windy conditions wind will let up but then concern tonight as we fall back in the teens and 20 's, all of that snow melt that is just every where is going to refreeze, turn in the black ice. we call it black ice but transparent, very difficult to see. so use extreme caution as you travel about on the road and on the sidewalk as well. what to expect? another round of sunshine. more snow melt, much less wind , we will break blustery conditions but we have a chance of some snow showers, developing, tomorrow evening, and we will talk more about that, who is excited, back to
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you guys. coming up next half an hour a proposed plan for is what being called a sex positive community center, it is causing concern in a local neighborhood. a live report is up next, cleve. south jersey teacher facing charges for allegedly kicking a chair from out under a student causing him to hit his head on the floor. how the school district is handling the situation. inappropriate tweet about the president on mcdonald's's twitter page, what it said and mcdonald's explanation coming up
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right now on "eyewitness news" disturbing allegations against a south jersey music teacher, what she's accused of doing to a student that led to the teacher suspension. the woman is also facing
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criminal charges. the news continues now at 5:30 , good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live in linwood atlantic count which what we know tonight, cleve? >> reporter: jessica, music teacher here at bell haven middle school in linwood is facing charges torah salt and child cruelty. we have not been able to get a hold of the child or his parents but we have heard from other parents here who are upset that a teacher would allegedly hurt someone. >> just, surprised. >> reporter: surprised and looking for an explanation after police charged bell haven middle schoolteacher kimberly pesci with assault and child cruelly a fourth degree crime according to a complaint pesci hurt a child by walking behind juvenile student while seated in a chair and using her left leg to pull the chair backward causing the victim to hit his head on the floor. kelly's child is friend with the boy who allegedly had the chair kicked out from under him by pesci.
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>> i'm surprised that a teacher of that long, you know , she has had tenure, would do something like that to a student. >> reporter: no answer at pesci's home. neighbor alyss a campbell says it sound out of character for pesci a veteran music teacher. >> i'm shocked. i just can't picture it. i have seen kid, parents drop their kid off here to be tout music lessons, you know, and she was doing that for quite sometime. >> reporter: linwood school superintendent would not talk on camera but said in an e-mail that the staff member you asked about is presently suspended with pay pursuant to the law. as interim chief school administrator i'm working on making a recommendation regarding further action as appropriate under the law. >> i like the way the school handled it. they took action right away. >> reporter: many people in linwood said they don't want to rush to judgment but if a pesci hurt a child to be mean spirited or proof a point, they are upset. >> as an adult you are held to a different standard especially in education. >> reporter: school district say they have video of the
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incident, they wouldn't release it but they do say that it was shown to the little boy's parents and also we reached out to the attorney for pesci, to see how she was proceed with these charges. no response. in linwood, i'm cleve bryan, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new community center hoping to open in northeast philadelphia is causing some concern. it is being called a sex positive venue and that has some neighbors questioning what could happen there. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live in that cone toy explain, greg. >> reporter: good evening. this sex positive venue is set to open up this summer. the organizers say it will be a private club, membership only where sexual activity will not be banned. the historic tacony music hall could soon have a new tenant zoning notices posted showed an application filed for a private club for more than 50 people, an organization calling itself the philly music hall. >> the philly music hall at its core is community center
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for people who feel marginal ized from their sexual identity. >> reporter: deborah rose, says it will be a sex positive community center where she says city's fringe sexual communities can gather. a space for movie or game nights. >> people who range on the lbg q spectrum or engage in non-traditional models. >> reporter: there are two questions that the concerned neighbors have. >> is this going to be a sex club? >> no. >> reporter: will there been sexual activity at philadelphia music hall? >> so we don't prohibit sexual activity between our members, but this is not a sex club. >> reporter: on the first floor of the historic hall sits the children's place preschool. director mow sneak roy said she welcomed a lb gtq space but concerned over sexual aspect of it. >> i don't think that would be an appropriate to have in that type of a community environment just because of the fact that we do have children in the area. >> reporter: some neighbors who did not want to talk on
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camera also worried about the plans, one shared with us this note business a public meeting set for late march, council member bobby henon who represent this is district said he will also attend. >> until then, you know, i hope that everybody just keeps their powder dry and lets see some of the issues and if there is a way to resolve any concerns or nervousness or skepticism. >> reporter: now that public meeting is set for here, at that coney hall march 27th at 7:00 p.m. when the community can hear the plans for this center, the zoning hearing at city hall is set for april the fifth. we're live here in the tacony section of philadelphia, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thank you. in washington the republican health care reform plan passes another hurdle this comes as president trump unveils his first budget. the white house wants continue on crease spending on the military and border security while deeply slashing nearly every other agency. >> this budget is really a slap in the face of the future
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>> reporter: democrats are already lining up against president trump's 2018 budget proposal which was unveiled thursday morning. it includes cutting the epa and state department budgets by almost a third, while increasing spending on the military and department of home land security. >> we're spending less money on soft power, financial aid for folks overseas and more on defense which is exactly what the president promised when he ran for office. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell says deep cuts to the state department make it hard for president's budge tote pass senate, house speaker paul ryan is having a hard time of his own with the g.o.p. plan to repeal and replace obama care. >> mr. braddock. >> no. >> reporter: house budget committee recommended the bill move on in the process but three republicans voted against it, conservatives say the bill is ultimately doomed. >> they are not the votes to modify this current bill, to make it acceptable to conservatives and moderates alike. >> reporter: speaker ride an says he is opened to some
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changes. >> the president of the you had is one bringing people together, sitting around a table, hashing out our differences so we can get to a consensus document. >> reporter: speaker ryan hopes to have a vote on the hoist floor next week. this afternoon we have learned president trump will meet with all 49 members of the cockal black caucus next week, in a tweet, cbc says it will answer president's campaign question to black america, what do you have to lose. president trump is once again vowing to take his travel ban fight to the supreme court. federal judge in hawaii and maryland have blocked the executive order on immigration from taking effect. the order temporarily halts immigration from six muslim majority countries designated aster or hot spots, and the judge said it discriminate as begins muslims. secretary of the state rex tillerson is in japan on his first visit as a diplomate. he is on a three nation tour of asia to find a way out of the region's most pressing problem. north korea test firing missiles.
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tillerson says a different approach is needed to deal with north korea but gave no specifics. after japan tillerson head to south korea and china. mcdonald's corporate headquarters is blaming hackers for a tweet sent this morning from its official twit ter account to president trump, it says, donald trump you are actually a disgusting excuse of a president and we would love to have barack obama back. also you have tiny hand. the powe was taken down a short time later and mcdonald's tweeted, quote, twitter notified us that our account was compromised we deleted tweet, secured our account and now investigating this. a student is under arrest for high school shooting in the french riveria that injured two other students and the school's principal. police identified shooter as 16 year-old killian barbie. violent attack happened in the small town west of nice. all three shooting victims suffered non-life threatening injuries. authorities described the shooter as troubled. he was apparently armed with a rifle, several handguns and a small grenade when entering
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that school. officials are also investigating what the french president its calling a malicious act. someone sent a letter bomb to the international monetary fund building in paris. police say one person suffered shrapnel wound to the face when it exploded. it was described as a big fire cracker sent through regular mail, no one has claimed responsibility for that incident. still to come on "eyewitness news", it looks beautiful but it is dangerous, an unexpected eruption of mt. etna catches people off guard, we will show you the moment of eruption caught by a camera crew that got too close. weekend is almost upon us, and it is last weekend, of the winter season, high temperatures will be a bit more mild, but still below average in the 40's for both saturday and sunday and we have a couple doses of snowfall not amounts to much as we head into saturday. light mix changing over to rain showers and as we head into sunday we could see snow showers around in the morning hours especially and best chance of that will bee of
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i-95, we will be right
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well, nation and world changes politically and socially in 2017, the national museum of the american jewish history is looking back, at the year that changed the world. >> the year 1917 took soldiers into world war one and set tone for immigrants migrating to the you had from all over the world. the museum's new exhibit 1917 how one year changed the world examines that year, through through the eyes of american jews. more than 125 artifacts, including uniforms, letters, photographs, interactive media on display. >> what is very, very exciting to us was the fact that we are talking about significant events that happened a century ago but the reverberation of
5:44 pm
those events, the historical, the historical events that they initiated, we feel in our lives, today. >> the exhibit is on display tomorrow, march 17th and it runs through july 16th. >> exhibit for all to see. >> um-hmm. >> reversing type two diabetes >> doctors have found a recipe that could get rid of the disease, we will tell you
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ten people were injured during mt. etna's most recent eruption in cecily. >> bbc film crew was caught up in the eruption along with a tour group, as rocks, boiling steam, shot from the mouth of the volume kaine/. fortunately no one suffered from any serious injuries, volcano began erupting gannon wednesday night shooting lava high in the sky, near the southeastern crater. in today's healthwatch new study suggest it is possible to reverse type two diabetes. study claims it takes a mixture of treatments to make that happen. researchers say using medications, insulin, changing
5:48 pm
your lifestyle are a good start, canadian study found 40 e followed the recommendations stayed in remission three months after stopping their diabetes medications. and then they may seem old fashion but vibrating machines can help the body get healthier. researchers say those machines could be as effective as regular exercise. in studies on mice they found machine copies muscle and bone health benefits of traditional exercise. feeling buried by this weeks winter storm? when you see just how big the storm was, it may give you chills. >> check out this view provided by nasa. that is satellite picture of the winter storm that hit the entire northeast earlier this week. snow fell as far south as columbia, south carolina making it the 17th time it snowed there in march, since 1888. >> um, um, um. >> only 17 times since 1888. >> pictures worth a thousand word. you had a lot to say about that. >> oh, yeah, see you later. gorgeous shot there.
5:49 pm
beautiful imagery. monster storm, far reaching and it had its grips on the delaware valley. it did, indeed. today was sunshine that was nice but it is melt ago this snow. all of that ice. we will see refreezing overnight tonight, so icy road and icy sidewalks we will have to watch out for but folks right now are enjoying the sunny and snowy conditions as we get a live look, i saw some skiers coming down, of course, we won't get one. we will get a skier to come down jack frost big bold inner carbon county, i saw snow border, crewing the slopes as well, of course, right now we are taking a look, see a skier , there is one. snow border. we got one there. going down the hill. it looks like a nice day to be out and about on the slopes, and also a nice day for weather watchers to submit a few reports. we will take a look at those, what is going on, temperatures in the 30's, couple 40's on the board right now, so we will head into pennsylvania, where it is 36 degrees, as my man's house david mitchell,
5:50 pm
sunshine, 36 degrees in norristown and says 36 degrees , mostly clear, go know of, time to start repeat tonight, right here on cbs. thanks for the shout out, david. we will check in on one more temperature, lets head down the shore where it is 40 degrees right now. james house is in ocean city, he has windy conditions, we have had several blustery days , wind will die down tonight and finally tomorrow, we will have less breezy conditions, but he says, beautiful day but cold, 32- degree wind chill, yeah, and we will lose wind especially overnight tonight. wind chill temperatures won't be as brutal but certainly a windry looking scene as we near first day of spring on monday, getting a check of our live neighborhood network in kutztown. it looks like someone was playing around on the snowmobile as well. 35 degrees. breeze out of the northwest. storm scan three is showing us all across the delaware valley , just a few friendly low cloud and as we head in the night tonight, clear sky, conditions, cold once again down to 23 degrees but less wind, so not as a biting wind
5:51 pm
chill to wake up to into friday morning. otherwise for our friday mostly sunny, cool, st. patrick's day, 41 degrees, more than 10 degrees below our average. we have a couple shots of snow but don't panic, we will show you that on future weather. sunshine tomorrow, late day cloud moving in but we could see a few snow showers developing, pretty scattered in nature as we head into late tomorrow evening. they could linger in the overnight period and then perhaps a chance of the wintry mix early saturday morning. it will be light in intensity. it is not pouring down flakes. as we head in the afternoon we could see some rain showers in and around philadelphia, points south ande. models are starting to indicate a low will cruise off the off the coast and that could bring us secondary snow showers in the morning on sunday. best chance of that will be east of i-95 but as far as snowfall amounts from these couple shots of snowfall, this is north american model giving us about an inch because between those two events in the city and gfs giving us a,
5:52 pm
half inch. we will not see anything, like what we saw with the nor'easter. something to look forward to the first day of spring, monday, march 20th is vernal equinox, i think we are all looking forward to that. forecast will be nice, as we head into monday before the beginning of the spring, sunshine, 48 degrees, we're up in the 50's by tuesday and then it looks like we have a nice sunny stretch into mid week next week. >> vernal equinox. >> we say vern, all right. prince williams shows off his royal skills on the dance floor and, of course, all captured on camera prince was spotted at a nice club at a swiss ski resort this week and you can see him there raising the roof on the left side of your screen. prince was taking sometime off to vacation with friend he and his wife will be in paris for a engagement this weekend. you can get on march mad ness and help a local animal shelter. >> it is tournament of the tails, what a vote for violet can do for an area shelter and
5:53 pm
dogs and cats in need of the forever home. that is up ♪ ♪ ♪
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how about march madness for shelter dogs and cats. >> john mcdevitt of our sister station kyw news radio reports on the tournament of the tails >> reporter: it barks, and was from her four legged friend violet 49 year-old pit bull mix representing path spca is a slam dunk to move on to the next round. violet is compete ago begins this connecticut rescue today. >> i don't know too much about his opponent but what i do necessity this opponent is sticking their tongue out which i don't know if that is taunting or adorable but we will be confident in violet.
5:57 pm
we know she has spirit and even though she's going to pull through. >> reporter: violet noise stranger. she appeared on the cbs-3 pet project in february and immediately after the broadcast was adopted. she's playing for her pals, who still need help. the tournament is held, to draw awareness to a very serious matter. fight are finding forever homes for shelter pets and dogs like tiger here. hi there tiger. >> reporter: every shelter event is in the tournament, newtown based in charge gives money to the winner benefiting the animal shelter. national champion is awarded $5,000. >> i believe it were the only shelter in the philadelphia region who is participating. so we're hopeful that we will get a lot of local support to vote for violet and help us advance to the next round. >> reporter: their cats trying to claw their way to the top too, going nose to nose with dogs, you have until midnight to vote on line and help violet advance to the next match up. in other information at cbs john mcdevitt for kyw news
5:58 pm
radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> violet, everybody a winner when you rescue a dog and cat, indeed. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 count down is on in buffalo, leslie? >> reporter: that is right we are getting ready for villanova/mount st. mary's is what team mind set heading in the big game. we will get into that, coming up. a former know of player was one of the victims, items seized after a jewelry ring bust we are seeing sample of the thousands office pieces and confront a man accused in the ring. plus, side of the storm remains, stubborn sleet and snow is hanging around what is frustrating drivers and pedestrians the most as they continue to deal with the aftermath. lauren? yeah, sunshine and above freezing temperatures, finally melt ago this snow but snow melt is causing black ice concerns and we will have the concerns in your forecast, coming up, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now
5:59 pm
. three seconds gives to it jenkins for the champion ship ... >> dreaming of the repeat, a little less than a year ago chris jenkins drained the buzz er beat tore give villanova wildcats a national title. tonight their quest for a second straight championship, begins. we were all here, this day. >> i was just reliving that in my head. >> watching it happen. >> could this be a start of the another memorable run for cats? good evening, i'm ukee washington. 's jessica dean. sports director don bell, he is joining us now. >> that video never gets old. >> never. we have to bring that back. >> more than a year ago. villanova wildcats went three decade between championships and now they are trying to win two tight unless 12 months. we have team three coverage tonight as wildcats get set to take on mount st. mary's, our alexandria movies on villanova 's campus, and leslie
6:00 pm
van arsdal is live in buffalo where tip off is less than an hour away, leslie, let the mad ness begin. >> reporter: let madness begin they have just let in the fans so things where to get very, very loud in here. i'll tell you villanova's motto is one game at a time and they are not looking past mount st. mary's. let's show you the guys as they have departed a little while ago from the team hotel. the fans, of course, out there giving them a proper send off, and now being in the world champions, yeah, they know what it takes to win but they know they have a bull's eye on their back. so, going in to this match up with mount st. mary's, they have to be very prepared. >> they have a couple of great guard, they are small but good they are really good. they are really tough. we have to focus on the kid playing, and play villanova basketball. >> great guard that is so


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