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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  March 17, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. women mostly sunny and less windy, this saint patrick's day, could be more wintery weather impacting our area tonight. >> good morning, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. katie and probe will be along in a moment. here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> it is unusual, and somewhat bizarre. >> bizarre case unfolding in philadelphia's overbrook section. >> the victim had been shot in the head, and the van dragging the body. >> i heard three big booms, boom, boom, boom. >> massive fire lit up the sky in downtown raleigh north carolina. >> forcing evacuations,. >> president trump does not value the future of our children and working families. president trump facing criticism after unveiling his
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first budget. >> in the corner, will take the three. >> villanova cruises past mount saint mary in the first round of tournament action. >> no matter how close it was to the beginning, i knew we were coming out with that win. dude, we got the best team in the nation. let's go cats. >> let's go, let's go. >> yes, talk about like holding your heart, clutching your pearls. common. >> made it, that's all that matters, right, katie? >> of course, although my bracket is totally busted. i do have villanova taking it all the way though. you can't not, right? but you're absolutely right, yes indeed. even though my bracket may be busted at least we have our team still on the way toward the championship. meanwhile, today actually looks like a really quiet day. it is a tad breezy, but yesterday, that chill was going through my bones, as i stood out here on the skydeck. today not as harsh. granted not running around in
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short and flip flops today, but it will feel, you will notice it, does feel a lot less harsh to you, rather storm scan3, nice and quiet, completely clear at the moment. it will stay that way throughout the daylight hours for our saint patrick's day, whatever your plans maybe, maybe hitting up a irish pub, all looking good. i don't think you'll be dining he will fresco today but it will stay quiet. thirty out in philadelphia. our saint patrick's day leprochan graphic featuring sunshine, in the though, yes, your eyes aren't deceiving you, rain and snow will be arriving tonight. maybe even little bit of sleet works its way in. so coming up, of course, talking about that, the impact, the timing, how much snow if any will accumulate. but in the meantime today some whatever we saw on tuesday should have a chance to melt away. wintery mix though as we just mentioned, does move in tonight, it will last into saturday. meantime, though, overall, it looks like a modest forming trend for our area. i would say at this point
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we'll take what we can get, so harsh over the last couple of days. >> i was just going to say people take whatever we can get at this point. thanks, katie. good morning, everyone, happy saint patria's day to you. looking outside, aramingo avenue at allegheny avenue. just pointing out how slick some of these areas still are. and how much snow is still out there. specially when you pull to the side of the roadway, on to the shoulder. under the bridges, the bring decks, sidewalks, all still very slippery. i will say it is getting a lot bert, a lot seeing it melt yesterday, at least i saw some melting but we had refreezing overnight. still going to have some ice in the roadways, take it easy, schuylkill at king of prussia. no delays here, absolutely not. looking good basically anywhere we look so far this morning. that's what we want to see on a friday morning. then we still have some construction, little longer with standing, heads up, closed rockville and city avenue between 9:00 a.m., 3:00 . this will run you through march 24th. you will have to use this alternate, route 23, going to
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be your best bet. not only that, we also have a downed tree and wires in delaware. faulkland road closed between woods road and marilyn avenue, kirkwood is your best bet. old york road at butler avenue, blocked until p a.m.ment main bulk of the rush hour begins. and that is when they'll be moving on out of our way. heads up. be minds full of them. snow removal still taking place, pa turnpike westbound, through virginia drive and norristown, again, snow and ice still today, not as much of a problem, but still a problem. jim, rahel, over to you. >> thank you, some good news, the sun finally beginning to melt, philadelphia's icy sidewalks. >> but if you're wacking around cen wore bit ice from above. live in center city where there are several incident of falling ice since sunday, trang? >> good morning, jim, rahel. we had cameras out here all
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day yesterday, and it didn't take long for us to capture ice falling from buildings, in fact, out here in front of the lowe's hotel, police closed off the sidewalk to protect pedestrians from falling ice. >> look out, look out. >> people walking around center sit have i to worry about ice on the ground, and from above. >> so there was couple of pieces that dropped about a minute ago. and they came down with a crash. >> he chose to walk this is the street to avoid the falling ice. >> it sounded like it would break windows. >> melted some whatever had frozen onto buildings and rooftops, after tuesday's snowfall. sending chunks every ice crashing on to the sidewalk below. >> about 10-pound piece of ice fall about six of hundred feet. that's been happening like that over the last couple of days. >> cbs-3 viewer also shared what could happen when people do not clean off their cars. says ice blue off another car, and damaged her sister's windshield. after the sun comes up, more ice chunks are expected to drop today, as temperatures
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rise again above the freezing mark. >> and back out here live in front of the lows hotel, put out signs like this one, already barricades to warn people of the falling ice. police officers will also be on patrol looking out for any potential problems. for now, live in center city, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news," jim, rahel, back to you. >> look out from above. thanks, trang. >> well, some good news for many living in new jersey and delaware. atlantic city electric and delmarva power says restored power to all cans storm ers, crews from as far away from chicago helped. >> 5:36. in business news this morning, how says they'll work with a company that uses real fur. >> interesting. what the unemployment rate tells us about 2017 so far. money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchanges, good morning again jill. >> reporter: good morning, jim, rahel. futures right now pointing to little bit of lower open. yesterday down day here, the dow fell 15-point, nasdaq flat. good news about jobs.
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the labor department says number of americans filing for unemployment benefit dropped by 2,000 last week. a sign companies are hanging onto workers. the unemployment rate is now 4.7%. the luxury jacket maker canada goose published yesterday, here new york stock ex chance and also canada main stock exchange, shares topped 25% on day one of trading. peta protesting outside the exchange, because canada goose uses real fur. the group says it plans to buy enough shares to influence the company's policy. >> and can siri anal election a get along? amazon says it will bring alexa electronic voice assistant to the iphone. users will be able to call alexa by tapping the amazon app and asking alexa anything you would normally through an echo, like purchasing something or getting sports scores. little turf war here? >> i was going to say, like done as at this with joan collins and linda evans back
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in the day. >> i like that reference. >> rahel is looking at me like i'm crazy. >> i'll ask alexa and sewer what i that just meant. >> who those people are? thanks, jill. >> alexa, what is dynasty? >> thanks, jill. >> yikes. >> investigators trying to get some stollen jewelry back to the rightful owners on the main line. >> prosecutors showed off more than 50,000 pieces they allege what he had inside his stores on jewelers row. police arrested him in january. prosecutors say part of burglary ring that targeted high end homes. he tells "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden he's been in business for 20 years, and can he proof this jewelry is his. >> that would mean that police are wrong. so why would they -- >> no, i don't know, i'm not saying who is wrong, who is right. but i am right. >> set up with large jewelry fencing operation, that included pillow case was stolen jewelry and silver. >> now, police set up a website for people to see if any of the stolen items belong
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to them. you can check it out on our website new york city fire department mourning the loss of its emt killed on the job thursday, investigators say two emt's stopped their ambulance in the bronx after learning that a man was riding on the bumper of it. well, according to officials, when they got out of the ambulance, a van went around the other side, hopped in the driver seat. police say the two emt's try to stop the man from driving off. struck one of them, ran over the other. >> we lost a good woman, 44 years old, 14 year veteran of the fdny, a mother of five children. >> that's just horrible. the victim identified as 44 year old yadira a roy owe, police have a 25 year old man in custody. >> second child has died from the harrisburg fire, officials say likely caused by hoverboard. ten year old savannah was burned over 95% of her body in last friday's fire.
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three year old also killed, five others hospitalized. a firefighter was also killed in a car crash on the way to the fire. us consumer product safety commission says the deaths are the first in the nation linked to hoverboards. new jersey teacher charged with assaulting a student. kimberly teachings music at bell haven middle school in lynnewood. the complaint says last month she pulled a child's hair backward, causing him to hit his head. we are told that the child is okay. the teacher suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. and up next, pat's here with some special guests, good morning, pat. >> that's right. i need help. you ready? e-a-g-l-e-s! yes, they do it better than i do. the eagles cheerleaders in the house. it is almost that time of year where you can become one of them. we will tell you how to do it
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>> before kevin hart became an international superstar, heart grew up in north philadelphia, and actually graduated from george washington high school, he's currently in town filming his latest movie.
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very, very happy congratulations, kevin hart. coming to the big screen, nancy odel, behind the scenes every beauty and the beast. >> reporter: well this week a disney animated classic gets live action treatment with more action, more songs, and a tail as old as time, and beauty and the beast. >> (movie clip). >> emma watson stars asbellle in the live action beauty and the bees alongside all-star krass. the whole ensemble shows off their singing skills with songs from the originals, but titan the lead of princess bell, had emma a little nervous. >> took me about six of months to get over, then i think finally about halfway through the movie i finally was like maybe i'm okay. people seem pretty convinced by me. but it took some conversation was myself in the mirror to get it together, wilson, common. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> getting to listen, dancing, to me the aspect, kept the experience a delight. you basically can't take yourself seriously when you're dancing with a man in a muscle suit, in like a situation, and you're like you told me to dance with candlesticks. carried me through really the fact it was just like this is really surreal. and kind of amazing, and you just kind of go with it. >> ♪ >> beauty and the beast ♪ >> for entertainment tonight, i'm nancy odel, now back to you in the studio. >> is it odd that i really want to see that. >> i was just going to say can i not wait for this movie. >> at least you have the girls. >> they sit well through movies, not quite yet.
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mommy might need an afternoon by herself, getting some popcorn, and i'm in. >> i'll go with you. >> ya. >> matinee, you know me? >> oh, gosh, ya, 1:00 in the afternoon. happy hour. happy saint patrick's day. >> top of the morning to you. >> yes, indeed. yes, very much so, it looks to me like we'll have re quiet day for any festivities, whatever you have going on, looks awesome. taking things outside to hotel bethlehem, or our cam are from hotel bethlehem. it does still look like there is obviously little sheen on the road, out on main street, in right along outside of hotel bethlehem. but finding across most of the region still certainly going to have some snow, where ever it did accumulate, easily, and also, still some icy patches. but i think today will be pretty good day of melting for the area. we will talk about that in a second. we always want to check in with eyewitness weather watchers. we start things offer here just north of the city, 29 degrees comes in this morning from joseph, nice
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clear skies out in orland, he again under the freezing mark, a lot lighter wind. fran, 25, chester county, nottingham specifically. did he send us a picture, may not be weather-related but our weather watch ers, also like our weather watcher family, and he sent in this, i can't stand it, adorable picture of his dog who has a saint patrick's day birthday. happy birthday. i want to go on up to the poconos, we have to zoom it way up for that. but 71 degrees comes in from keith this morning, nice clear sky, did he also have bit of irish reference for us. can't see the shamrocks under the snow this morning, but at lows it is calm when it comes to the wind. yes, still cold. don't get me wrong. won't be running around in shorts and flip flops today, but a lot less harsh. here is the system in question. already beginning to bring in a mixture across wisconsin r, snow, sleet, rain, what we ends up with out of this. but there are bullet points to talk about when it comes to. >> this this is a friday
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overnight, so overnight tonight. through most of saturday. even sunday morning system. it is a very light moisture content storm though for that lent of time. you're only talking coating to 2-inch of snow out of this in the mountains, likely a coating of snow in the berks and lehigh valley maybe mixing with rain and sleet. and here in the city, wintery mix, that will eventually turn over to rain, specially tomorrow late in the morning. at the shore, primarily rain showers, so even there if it is cold enough you could see flakes mix in. if you are looking for accumulations you got to go north. i really doubt that we see that in the city this time aroundment meanwhile looking forward in the eyewitness weather seven day, yes, happy saint patrick's day to you, light wintery mix lingering most of tomorrow even sunday morning, but clouds will break, then for the first day officially of the spring season, 50 degrees, at least meisha heck of a lot closer to average, although don't quite get there in the next seven days. >> hey we're loving those 50's, katie. that's like bull's eye, went right there. good morning, everyone, happy saint patty's day to you.
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so the morning so far, snow and ice yes but not as much as all week long, we've seen series every accidents already out on the roadways, not 6:00 a.m. on friday one of the lighter travel days. so what are we looking at? blue route northbound off ramp, west chester pike compromised, flashing lights, crews out, there even out of their vehicles, i think i saw someone moving around. if that's the case, where you are, just ahead airheads up. you want to use extra caution. you can see, moving around here, looking very, very slow. we also have some more activity here. we've got an accident souderton main street west walnut st.ment vehicle went smack into a pole. again, talking about ice this morning, not as bad as what we've seen all week long, but certainly have it out there. heads up. also an accident, another one, byberry road at evan street. so you guys look at this. 19 miles per hour, traveling less than posted speeds around some of the areas. you are slowing down. because of these issues, because of the ice. then we also have some snow removal going on, pa turnpike
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westbound between virginia drive and norristown, again snow removal taking place. because there is still a lot of it out there. then downed tree and wires in delaware, heads up you guys. lanes block until 7:00 a.m. old york road, butler avenue, more to talk about coming up in about ten to 15 minute. and pat, looks like you have some beautiful ladies in the house. >> i do. yes, we all love to root for our philadelphia eagle, if you think you're good enough to be on the side lines appearing with them you'll have a chance this weekend, eagles cheerleaders are holding their open auditions tomorrow. with us, jessica, dianna, and l i, members of the squad. good morning. >> good morning. >> so, tell us how long you've been members of the philadelphia eagles cheer squad? >> eight incredible season. >> eight years. >> yes. >> how about you? >> my fourth season. >> four? >> my second. >> your second. so we have wide range here. what's the best part for you? >> very hard question. not only do you get to perform in over these events, we have a lot of community involvement that's real important to us. >> what's the audition process
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like for you guys? >> the audition process actually really fun. you get to come out. you learn a dance, by our choreographer, honestly really great. you don't have to have any advanced experience. >> perfect for me. >> just come out, show your entheusiasm, show you are excitement, root on your philadelphia eagles. >> perfect for me. what qualities do you think you need to be an eagles cheerleader? >> definitely looking for well rounded employees, confident women, confident about appearing on -- cheering on the eagles, having strong backgrounds in dance and cheerlead something great. but it is only one aspect of what we do. definitely well rounded women. >> all right. so, if you do make it, there is a lot required of you? >> yes, do you practice twice a week, you also have to appear at all of the home game, one of the most fun and important part, really being involved in the community. you have a lot of media appearances, do a lot of cheerleading, so important it make sure open for all of the fun events. >> lot of event, all right.
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>> yes, that's the fun. >> fine with me. so you guys know that i tried out last year. i'm ready, i'm limber, i was warming up getting ready for this year. do you remember how that went? >> i do. i thought you looked great. >> look at that gear right there. >> yes? look at that. those hip moves are fantastic. >> oh, the hips that probably need to work on a little. but not too bad. >> look at that. >> the outfit is a stands out. >> outfit isn't that bad. moves need to work on those a little bit. but i'm ready, limber, getting ready, auditions to be a member of the eagles cheerleaders tomorrow, march 18, registration begins at 10:00 a.m. for more information check out the eagles website it looks like a lot of fun. i'm ready to go. you guys ready? >> absolutely, can't wait. sounds good. don't go anywhere. we will be right back.
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>> what he saw in his garage, wasn't actually a toy? >> oh. reacting there to the hissing sound of a real alligator in his garage, he said he found it the other day while moving tools around, and insists he's not scared. animal control officers lassoed the gator, and brought
5:56 am
him to his natural habitat. >> more gator news, from the first round of the arnold palmer inch have i tish tear until in orlando, put this on the list every things not to do. pulling an alligator's tail. see it? we see it? there you go. >> no! no! >> yes. not right. he was shooting a bad round, but could have been a lot worse if that gator didn't just jump in the water. >> and how did he know that that gator wasn't going to snap around? >> well, coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news," it can be tough for little kids to sit still in a movie theater. katie just mentioned, that but new chain trying to change that. >> we'll show you how a jungle gym inside the these is her luring families back to the movies. katie, are you listen? >> indeed. we'll be right back. >>
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>> new this movie, crazy chain every events leads to a murder investigation. liver with the bizarre way a shooting victim was discovered. we will see the sun today, but it is still cold, and katie is tracking another chance for snow. we will time it all out for the weekend. >> and novanation rejoice. villanova wildcats win in the first rounds of march madness,
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where buffalo will learn how this take on tomorrow. top of the morning to you, today is march 17, saint patrick's day, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. it is friday. we're so happy. >> yes. >> food for thought. jim, are you irish? >> little bit. we bit. >> oh. >> that accent! good morning, what we need is green coffee. we need green coffee. >> that sounds like mold? >> i don't know. >> katie, oh,. >> or irish coffee. that's coffee with a little something-something. >> i say it is friday. >> it is friday. >> you know what, we will go right out to the roadways, because this conversation is going outside. outside still dealing with ice, not as much as all week long, but we've seen string every accidents this morning, yes, don't get happy about this. the bottom line here, even though much better day in that regard, you still have to be on your guard here guy


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