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tv   60 Minutes  CBS  March 19, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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will come in dan: ward is going to have to play intelligent basketball but they need his presence on the inside. kevin: ward has become the focus. coleby there with the rebound on the ward miss. reggie: a lot of contact on that shot by ward. good defense by coleby. that's on the rim. that's not going to count. kevin: basket interference. dan: that was not only on the rim, that was down in the basket. there was no way but it's not considered a basket until it goes all the way through the net and he clearly touched it. reggie: i think they're saying no one touched it. kevin: ward has it, muscles his way in that is missed.
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they reach in and foul. that is mason who just picked up that foul. reggie: dan, did anyone touch this ball while it was in the cylinder? here's the shot by mason. no one did touch it. dan: let's see here -- reggie: oh, right there. right there. jackson's right hand. absolutely. great camera work there, mike arnold. kevin: ward. by the way, you saw him get that offensive rebound. he is the number one offensive rebounder in college basketball. his percentage higher than anybody else's. reggie: it took us three or four times just to see that. for the officials to see that in real time, these guys are doing an unbelievable job. that's why the northwestern goaltender, non-goaltender in real time it took us three times to figure that out.
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kevin: mason the drive. coleby the rebound. reggie: they're just beating them on the offensive glass now. dan: it's mason. he draws the defense and nobody is blocking out. kevin: 9:30 to go. cassius winston. defended by jackson, who he's known since second grade. langford. dan: big basket there, wow! reggie: every time state needs a basket langford comes through with a very difficult jump shot. dan: now they need a stop. kevin: jackson against bridge. 16-footer. reggie: man, are you kidding me? anything you can do, i can do better says josh jackson. kevin: three in double figures for the spartans. pbridges 1, ward 13.
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langford 10. langford. his three won't go. ward was going up for the rebound. coleby was there and that is a foul. reggie: foul on ward, i believe. kevin: it is. reggie: wow. kevin: number four on ward. dan: ward is battling for position but here he's just got to get out of the way. reggie: oh, that's a bad call. he was the first to the basketball. that's a bad call. you have to allow these guys to play with a little bit of contact. dan: i think he wrapped up his arm there and that's what the official saw. if you're ward you just have to be careful. reggie: you don't want to put yourself in harm's way. kevin: coleby all season is only 7-1 from the line. follow "bleacher report" on inis gram. join millions of other and
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follow on instagram now. he's only played in 22 games with. a miss. kansas from the line one of the worst teams in college basketball, number 283 but today they were 1-13. they have thrived at the free-throw line. dan: over their last 15 games coming in, they've shot almost 76% coming in. kevin: jackson was defending. mykhailiuk gets the deflection. inside, he hit. big-time play. ♪ ♪boys are boys and girls are joys♪
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snack bar's closed. gah! ah, ah ah. ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. kevin: take a look at our summary. shooting about the same with the two. kansas by 10. they've led by 11. six ties, 11 lead changes and the two kids growing up in detroit, jackson and bridges, head to head with ward, who's been an interesting story when he's on the floor and when he's not on the floor. dan: michigan state down 18 with ward on the bench and that's where ward is right now because he's got four personal fouls. kevin: and they're plus-eight when ward is in the contest. winston, a goins screen and outside mcquaid.
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graham defenders as they swing it around. dan: bridges has to handle the ball. kevin: nice pass, goins gets two. to dana. dana: they were talking about getting good shots in the hutt huddle. not settling for quick shots. they need better shot selection. kevin: here they go. reggie: i think they're going to give lagerald vick a technical foul for either taunting or hanging on to the rim after this flush. dan: hanging on the rim is a class b technical foul. reggie: he certainly didn't hang on the rim so it has to be taunting. dan: so that is an unsporting technical foul. that will count against him and testimony be two shot. count against his five-foul total, i should say.
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reggie: where? what did he do? i have to say more of the play. are you kidding me? dan: reggie, we are not going to take your word for whether or not it's a taunt. reggie: oh, my goodness. dan: there's no way you can be an objective judge. reggie: you have to let human emotion into the equation. here's the flush by vick. come on, man. i've said harsher things to you in the broadcast. dan: that's why we're saying you are not an objective judge here. [laughter] reggie: let the kids play. we are becoming too p.c. now. wow. kevin: mcquaid, long three. dan: and that's one way that much state can climb back in. they have to get guys like mcquaid going and ellis, particularly from outside the arc.
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kevin: mcquaid has come off the bench and hit three triples. reggie: michigan state will not go away. the alley-oop from mays on the lucas. you just want to hang around and give yourself an opportunity late in the game. dan: mcquaid can't guard mason. kevin: lucas at a -- has a double-double. that hangs, will not deron, and a foul. dan: watch here. mason gets around the screen and you have to go help against mason and lucas is wide open. goins stems toward the ball. lucas does a great job going to the basket. that is a very difficult squob -- job for mccailed add -- mcquaid to try and stay in front of mason. kevin: and coleby will academic after the free throw. reggie: a good thing that coleby has played well with lucas being on the bench.
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kevin: tomorrow on cbs this team of geniuses will take tear smarts to dangerous new heights on an all new "scorpion." dan: you were talking about team of geniuses. i thought you were talking about us. kevin: think again. [laughter] reggie: here's the big question for tom izzo. when do you bring backward with those four fouls? a little bit under 6:30 left. when are you going to roll the dice? dan: i think you'd like the game to be closer. there's mason again. you need mcquaid in the game for his three-point shooting ability. nairn doesn't give you anything offensively. kevin: three, ellis. no. missed it all. graham the rebound. frank mason has 18. had 88 the other night against u.c. davis. coming into the tournament, he'd
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never had more than 1 points and four assists. the other night he had 22- and he looks focused. we talked to him yesterday. my goodness, he is all business. dan: he always looks focused. kevin: yes, he does. bridges, number one. of course, he's a senior so he knows at any time this great ride that he and the team are on, you in i guess when you play with those kind of consequences it does tend to focus you a little bit. dan: jackson was fouled over in the corner. somebody was hanging on to him. kevin: foul on bridges. his first. kansas has had some great number one overall high school players in the country. andrew wiggins in 2013 and bill self went out and got josh jackson. committed against tom izzo. reggie: and a lot of people like to compare jackson to wig
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kevin: kansas, that 12-point lead biggest today. you see our game reset. kansas with a couple of time-outs. michigan state has won. kansas has made their last seven shots. 8-1 run here in the last couple of minute. tonight on cbs begins with "60 minutes." american workers are being forced to train their replacements. followed by "ncis: los angeles, "madam secretary," and elementary." here with a right to go to the sweet 16. number one seed kansas, number nine michigan state. they maybe came in with a chip on their shoulder. jackson was suspended.
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tay took care of u.c. davis on saturday -- friday and are taking on a good kansas team here this afternoon. reggie: ward is back on the floor. here we go with gambling. kevin: bridges, a drive. he has consistently done well. 19 for the game. he had 13 at halftime. dan: now if you, you attack ward. not necessarily throw the ball into coleby but you drive it at him, see if you can get that fifth foul and if not, he's going to be very careful. here's a big advantage for kansas because they have the two point guards, mason and graham on the court tame. kevin: offensive rebound by coleby. that's huge. he's come in with lucas in foul trouble and done a nice job. reggie: nice minutes off the bench for coleby and ward can't be too aggressive on the
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defensive grass. to me that play was all made by coleby jr. when you give the rebound, you give this potent jayhawks team another opportunity and a great look at a three from graham. kevin: bridges and jackson, all day on each other. the three won't go. rebound mason. out to vick. here he comes and through the hands of mason on the other side on the fast break. dan: one of the things about this kansas team, if you're going to beat them, you better be prepared to score some points. only six times in 34 games have they scored fewer than 75 points and even that game in the big 1 tournament against t.c.u., they lost the game but still scored 2 points. i'm not sure michigan state has enough firepower to catch up. kevin: nairn is in here's tum tum.
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pass into ward. bottom of the doorstep, couldn't make it go. dan: and coleby just go the in the way and that's all you need to do. stay between ward and the basket and make him shoot over top. kevin: you see the the run. reggie: and this is what having a senior leader point guard -- when you're up like this keeping things alive. kevin: jackson. [whistle] and langford go chasing the ball. graham with a big shot there for the jayhawks. he's got 12. (whistle blows) work for it! work for it! (whistle blows) come on now! (whistle blows) (whistle blows) you ready to quit!?
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(whistle blows 2 times) tired? good. you think this is hard? this is the warm up. play time is up. (whistle blows) lets do it again.
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♪ ♪ ♪ (cover of chainsmokers 'don't l♪ me down') ♪
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♪ the issues we care about can weigh on us. so lift the weight of caring, by doing. visit state farm's to volunteer in your community. kevin: and now the degree move of the game. dan: you have those two point guards and graham throws it up and vick goes and gets it. that's a great play. you have high flyers, you just throw the ball up, let them find it. graham has four soys in the game but vick has seven points. he's had a couple of spectacular points. kevin: kansas has four in double figures. the jayhawks, 50% from the floor. with a partisan kansas crowd. we're only 221 miles, the drive from tulsa to lawrence.
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what does kansas city think about playing in the backyard? a trip perhaps to the sprint center in kansas city to the sweet 16 should they win. coleby just picked up his fist. reggie: friends or frenemies? i like this. a little love tap. dan: of course you like that. reggie: absolutely. emotion is a part of this game and i loved the officials letting it go. nothing is going to escalate from it. dan: gene steratore was talking to devonte' graham, i'm not sure he saw it. reggie: good. gene sees everything in football. why can't he see everything out here? dan: i think he had too much ice cream last night.
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kevin: michigan state pulled within one, 54-53. since then kansas from the floor 10-14 and they've built this 1-point lead. mason, jackson, graham. a head fake. realigns, triple. oh, he's got the stroke now! he is so important for the jayhawks. bridges, into jackson. swings it home. reggie: oh, wow. i will say this people that are at home. these freshmen have delivered and josh jackson for kansas and miles bridges for michigan state. dan: and this is difficult here because frank mason is a guy who can control the ball right up until it's time to go and he can go right past you. kevin: into coleby with lucas in
7:23 pm
foul trouble. he drew the double. here comes jackson! dan: wow. reggie: we have the best seats in the house for this show. the best seats in the house. kevin: jackson with 23. he makes the steal right there. dan: and frank mason is just going to control the thing. he's got to get it across half court within 10 seconds but he's in no hurry. kevin: to the hole! reggie: he lulled tom thumb to sleep. dan: nairn thought he was going to hang on to the ball and suddenly he explodes to the basket. kevin: here comes jackson. what a talent. no joshing, he's one of the best in the country. ♪ but your team's tied at the half with a mid-major school ♪
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♪ and you don't wanna miss a thing ♪ with directv from at&t, you can stream all your live ncaa march madness games on your devices. ♪ i forgot to get this validated! ♪ get directv for $25 a month when you have the new at&t unlimited plus plan. kevin: a reminder, to want on cbs begins with "60 minutes." are american workers being forced to train their foreign replacements? followed by "ncis: los angeles "madam secretary" and "elementary." a 33-17 kansas run. over the last 10:30. mcquaid, three, no. he's hit three of them. nice rebound by the flying mason. dan: mason has had a really
7:25 pm
impressive performance today on a day where there's been a lot of impressive performs, particularly by josh jackson, but mason controls everything. kevin: graham, another three. good! reggie: they are a different team when graham is knocking down threes. this team goes to another level. [whistle] dan: the level that they're on right now is very impressive. kevin: they're going to the sweet 16, again. reggie: what a performance. what a performance by mason, graham, and, of course, sorry, miss jackson, josh jackson is for real. kevin: i wonder if this means a little bit more to bill self. he was a coach here for oral
7:26 pm
roberts and for the university of tulsa. he grew up in oklahoma city. his son tyler who has now just checked into the game was born in tulsa. and now he is in hit a shot the other night. mcquaid shot from three, no good. and tyler self, who wants a career in basketball, too, in management, in coaching. he'll take the next step but his dad said it's been a blessing to coach him in his senior season. great father-son relationship and part of something special in another season at kansas basketball. kansas has scored 190 points in the two games here. that's bill's son right there. tyler self. dan: and kevin, tell me that that matchup between kansas and purdue won't be must-see television. kevin: swanigan and the size of that purdue front line, my goodness.
7:27 pm
reggie: i'm sure bill self wishes he has the size he normally has going against them. kevin: the jayhawks are going to the sweet 16. a terrific finish, though, to the season for michigan state with the freshmen, the future so bright. a great recruiting class coming into east lansing next year, as tom izzo made his 20th consecutive appearance in the ncaa but kansas in it as a program for 28 consecutive seasons. and now this sets up kansas-purdue. next week, next thursday. in kansas city. for reggie miller, dan bonner, dana jacobson, kevin harlan saying so long from tulsa. live games continue on tbs, tnt and trutv. for our producer kenny mack, mike arnold our director.
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46-42, the heels with a lead. on tbs, oregon with an early 18-10 lead of on the rams of rhode island. tonight on cbs begins with "60 minutes" followed by new episodes of ncis: los angeles, madam secretary and elementary. that's all for now. we'll see you back here on thursday night for the start of the sweet 1. for clark, kenny and charles, charles: good night, america. ernie: there you go. thanks for watching, everybody.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> i think, for once, we're going to stand up as americans and say, enough is enough. we're not gonna take it anymore. >> he lost his job to a foreign worker like thousands of other americans every year. laid off because of a program that allows companies to replace employees with foreign labor. but before leaving, they often are asked to train their replacements. >> i can't wrap my mind around training somebody to take my position. you know, it's my livelihood. how am i supposed to feel? >> i've heard some workers say that this is like digging your
7:36 pm
own grave. is that what it feels like? >> it feels worse than that. >> a rare famine emergency has been declared in the youngest nation on earth, south sudan, in east africa. these are among five million people who don't know where their next meal is coming from. they had reached the finish line of a day-long trek through killing fields and drowning land. their hope arrived at 700 feet and 190 miles an hour. 33 tons of food scattered in the sky and cratered the earth like a volley of mortars. >> what do you want? >> there are not many shows on television that deserve to be called true american institutions. but one of them surely is "sesame street." now there's a new kid on the
7:37 pm
street who's making news. hi julia! julia, a muppet with autism. not an easy addition. >> it's tricky because autism is not one thing, because it is different for every single person who has autism. >> we really like julia. she's really special to us, miss lesley. >> i'm steve kroft. >> i'm lesley stahl. >> i'm bill whitaker. >> i'm scott pelley. those stories, tonight on "60 minutes."
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>> whitaker: protecting american jobs was a signature theme of president donald trump's "make america great again" campaign. a frequent target of candidate trump was the h-1b visa program. the program, created more than 25 years ago, allows american companies to fill gaps in the workforce from overseas with highly skilled employees, who can't be found in the u.s. many businesses use the program as intended, but we discovered more and more are taking advantage of loopholes in the law to fire american workers and replace them with younger, cheaper, temporary foreign workers with h-1b visas. but before the american workers walk out the door, they often face the humiliating prospect of having to train the people taking their jobs. last october, robert harrison, a senior telecom engineer at the university of california san francisco medical center, was called to a meeting at the
7:42 pm
university with about 80 of his i.t. co-workers. what did they say to you? >> robert harrison: we are sorry to inform you that as of february 28, you'll no longer have a job. we're going to outsource your position to this company in india. >> whitaker: to a company in india. >> harrison: yes, sir. >> whitaker: harrison was told he could stay on the job, get paid for four more months, and get a bonus, if he trained his replacement. >> harrison: and now i'm being told that i h-- not only going to lose my job, but also have to train these people to take my job. >> whitaker: are you angry? >> harrison: pissed. that exceeds angry. i'm really not a violent guy, i love people, but i've envisioned myself just backhanding the guy as he's sitting next to me, tryin' to learn what i know. and i was like, god, please don't let them send anybody to sit next to me, to shadow me. i-- i don't want to do this. i really don't. >> whitaker: harrison and his colleagues staged a protest outside the medical center. his fellow worker, senior systems administrator kurt ho is
7:43 pm
losing his job, too. he had just trained his replacement from india. >> kurt ho: i think, for once, we're going to stand up as americans and say, enough is enough. we're not gonna take it anymore. >> sara blackwell: thank you for standing up for what you believe in. >> whitaker: their rally was organized by this woman, florida attorney sara blackwell. >> blackwell: this is about the companies making the decision that you are worthless to them! >> whitaker: she represents hundreds of u.s. workers who were fired and replaced by foreign workers with h-1b visas. >> blackwell: when you tell someone their real reason for getting rid of these jobs is for cheap foreign labor, that should offend everyone. >> whitaker: they have to train the worker who's going to take their job? >> blackwell: right. they are told by their company, if you don't train this person in a way that we approve of them being trained, then you don't get your severance. >> whitaker: the u.c.s.f. medical center is a highly-
7:44 pm
regarded state-run institution. administrators say outsourcing the i.t. jobs could save $30 million taxpayer dollars over the next five years. that's a fraction of the university's $5.8 billion annual budget, but to robert harrison, it's his job. >> harrison: i can't wrap my mind around training somebody to take my position. you know, it's my livelihood. how am i supposed to feel? >> whitaker: i've heard some workers say that-- this is like digging your own grave. is that what it feels like? >> harrison: it feels worse than that. it feels like, not only am i diggin' the grave, but i'm gettin' ready to stab myself in the-- in the gut and fall into the grave. >> whitaker: when the h-1b visa was created in 1990, it was intended to help the u.s. attract and hold onto the best and brightest foreign graduates, like engineers and scientists, and provide a pathway to citizenship. at the time, members of congress
7:45 pm
promised u.s. workers would be protected. >> bruce morrison: this legislation protects american jobs. >> whitaker: former congressman bruce morrison, then-chairman of the immigration committee, authored the bill. you came up with this legislation. what-- what do you think of what it has become? >> morrison: i'm outraged. the h-1b has been hijacked, as the main highway to bring people from abroad and displace americans. >> whitaker: businesses insist the visas are absolutely necessary to compete for the best global talent, and that even more h-1b workers are needed to fill job shortages. nearly every major high-tech company, including apple, google, facebook, has employees here on h-1b visas. media companies, too, including cbs. the argument you hear from the high-tech firms is that they can't find enough qualified american workers. >> morrison: well, there are a lot of qualified american
7:46 pm
workers, but the companies will do better financially if they hire the foreign worker rather than the american. >> whitaker: the american workers are just as skilled as you are? perhaps even more skilled? >> rajesh ( translated ): yes. that's true. >> whitaker: rajesh works at a major wall street bank, on an h- 1b visa. to protect his job, and personal safety, he asked that we change his appearance and name. he was placed at the bank by one of the growing number of outsourcing companies. most of these global staffing firms are based in india. they've become multi-billion dollar enterprises, supplying american companies with h-1b workers, like rajesh, to replace american workers. rajesh said he was never told in india he'd be taking americans' jobs. >> rajesh ( translated ): i have to take all of their knowledge in. basically, i have to steal it. that's my job description. >> whitaker: and the american worker is let go?
7:47 pm
>> rajesh ( translated ): yeah. the american workers-- lose their job and-- they also-- cry while leaving the job. >> whitaker: they cry? >> rajesh ( translated ): they've been working there for 20 years, and suddenly i have taken their job. if i lose a job, i can go back to india. but where can they go? >> whitaker: you must know that when most native-born americans see this going on, they blame you. >> rajesh ( translated ): yes, but i am not the enemy. the main villains are the indian companies and their american corporate clients. they are exploiting us. >> whitaker: why can't we just say we're going to give jobs to americans first? >> morrison: well, that's what the statute says, but-- >> whitaker: but? >> morrison: they put in a loophole, and the loophole says, "if you pay over $60,000, you can do that." and besides that, you don't have to try to find americans. well, $60,000 is not high pay for this kind of work. people doing this work today
7:48 pm
easily make $120,000 - $140,000. >> whitaker: who put in that loophole? >> morrison: well, the-- it was done by congress. but obviously, the industry lobbied for it. it's really a travesty that should never have been allowed to happen. >> craig diangelo: it wasn't called "training your replacement." it was called "knowledge transfer." >> whitaker: craig diangelo worked for northeast utilities-- now called eversource-- and was one of 220 i.t. workers replaced by h-1b visa employees. diangelo says his replacement, a worker from india, told him he was making half diangelo's salary, with no benefits. >> diangelo: i didn't get laid off for lack of work. i got laid off because somebody cheaper could do my job. >> whitaker: so, to anyone who would say, "you're anti- immigrant?" >> dawn collins: no! >> jay palmer: that's a lie. >> diangelo: that's a lie. you don't want to have any animosity toward them, because they're looking for a better way of life.
7:49 pm
>> whitaker: we met with this group of workers, who all had to train replacements. leo perrero had just received high performance reviews from disney. when he was called into a personnel meeting, he expected a raise and a promotion. and instead-- >> leo perrero: i was given the news that in 90 days my job was over and i had to train my replacement. never in my life did i imagine, until this happened at disney, that i could be sitting at my desk and somebody would be flown in from another country-- >> collins: right. >> perrero: --sit at my same desk and chair and take over what i was doing. it was the most humiliating and demoralizing thing i've ever gone through in my life. >> whitaker: the issue was getting little notice until it caught the attention of the trump campaign. >> donald trump: love you, thank you. >> whitaker: mr. trump himself had hired foreign fashion models on h-1b visas for his new york modeling agency, but when he saw
7:50 pm
how the theme of protecting american jobs resonated with his followers, he put sara blackwell and fired workers like leo perrero on center stage. >> blackwell: and there's two reasons-- there's two words of why this is happening: corporate greed. >> whitaker: attacking the h-1b visa program fit perfectly with mr. trump's message, and tapped into america's simmering anger at the corporate and political status quo. >> trump: can you believe that? you get laid off and they won't give them severance pay unless they train the people that are replacing you. i mean that's, that's actually demeaning, maybe more than anything else. >> whitaker: what are these h-1b visa workers bringing to the table? >> mugesh aghi: i think they're bringing a much different skill level. >> whitaker: mukesh aghi is president of the u.s.-india business council. he has been an executive at india-based outsourcing companies, and he was president of ibm india.
7:51 pm
about 70% of the 85,000 h-1b visas given out each year go to workers from india. he says the h-1b visa is just one part of a burgeoning u.s.- india trade relationship that benefits both countries. >> aghi: india has become a buyer of u.s. defense equipment. it's a two-way trade which is taking place. so, we can't look at h-1b in isolation itself. >> whitaker: you really believe that the indian workers are better educated, better skilled, have skills american workers do not have? >> aghi: no. no. i'm not saying that. i have all the respect to the u.s. worker-- >> whitaker: so why are they getting the jobs and the americans are losing them? why are they not being done by american workers? >> aghi: well, i think you have to ask the-- the companies who are taking those decisions. >> whitaker: because it's cheaper. >> aghi: that's one factor. every company is out there to make money with the cheapest possible way itself. >> whitaker: and that's what's happening. >> aghi: well, i would say so. >> morrison: the workers being brought in don't know anything
7:52 pm
more than the workers they're replacing; they know less. and that's why they have to be retrained or trained by the american workers who are being laid off. this is not about skills, this is about costs. >> whitaker: but saving money on labor was not the law's intended purpose. robert harrison says the money saved can't replace the dedication of his i.t. team. >> harrison: so our jobs, they're-- they're not menial jobs. they're very important. somebody's child is laying in the children's hospital, fightin' for their life, and they depend on us. i see parents laying up all night long in the room with their child who's fightin' for their life. and you're going to bring somebody in here that has no clue, has no sympathy, don't know the urgency to make sure that everything those people need is supplied? right now? it's not going to happen.
7:53 pm
>> diangelo: we're americans. >> whitaker: craig diangelo says at northeast utilities, the fired workers pressured to stay and train their replacements launched a quiet protest. >> diangelo: every one of us that would be let go had an american flag sticking out the cubicles, row after row after row. as we were let go--those flags were taken down. i was the last person let go. i went in and i took the last picture. there were no more flags left. you have a queasiness in your stomach when you look around and you're saying, "this-- this-- this can't be possible. this didn't happen." >> whitaker: but it did happen, to craig and dawn and leo and workers at hundreds of companies across the country. former head of homeland security janet napolitano, now president of the university of california,
7:54 pm
faced a huge public outcry when she got rid of those 80 i.t. jobs at the medical center. she declined to give us an on- camera interview, but stated publicly that the university, "didn't use the h-1b process in the right way." she instructed the indian outsourcing company to stop using h-1b workers. >> harrison: all right, kurt. >> whitaker: but that comes too late for kurt ho and robert harrison. >> worker: give 'iem hell! >> whitaker: three weeks ago, they packed up-- their final day at the medical center. >> harrison: it's going to be a matter of time before everybody else feels the same burden, the same pinch, the same hurt that we're feeling right here at u.c.s.f. it's a matter of time.
7:55 pm
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>> pelley: a rare famine emergency has been declared in the youngest nation on earth. south sudan, in east africa, was brought into the world, in 2011, with the help of the united states. but it's one of the world's least developed countries, and now civil war has left it destitute. five million people don't know where their next meal is coming from, and of them, 100,000 are facing death. holding off a catastrophe is the mission of the u.n.'s world food programme. the w.f.p. was an american idea, created in 1961, and the u.s. is still the largest donor. now, w.f.p. has launched one of its largest rescues ever, but in south sudan, too many people are fighting for life.
7:59 pm
josephine is seven, and down to 24 pounds. hunger left her at the mercy of disease, and now she's being consumed by tuberculosis. this is why t.b. used to be called "consumption." josephine's mother shooed away the 90 degrees, waiting to be seen by dr. meroni abraham. how long would a child be in this hospital? >> dr. meroni abraham: typically, a child will be staying between two to three weeks. >> pelley: why so long? >> dr. abraham: because the body is already altered. the function is altered. the anatomy is altered. so it will take days, very slowly, to get back to the original form. >> pelley: solid food could kill them. nutrition must be reintroduced through milk-based formulas. the twins were 4.5 pounds at birth, and even after days here, they were still less than half
8:00 pm
their normal weight. >> dr. abraham: he was critically ill, severely dehydrated, not able to feed. and hopefully, we'll probably reach three kilograms in the coming two, three weeks. >> pelley: which would be 6.5 pounds or so? >> dr. abraham: yes. >> pelley: the clinic, in south sudan's capital, is operated by an american charity, the international medical corps. dr. abraham was one of two doctors for up to 55,000 people, compressed into squalid camps, stalked by disease-- a place so much better than where they came from. we headed to the violent region josephine escaped. in a nation as big as texas, in one of the world's largest swamps, there is only one paved road outside the capitol.


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