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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  March 20, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." just cannot do our work well or fairly if we start talking about it while we're doing it. >> now at noon, james comey in the hot seat, fbi director testifies in a congressional hearing over russian interferance, during the
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presidential election, confirm an investigation is ongoing, but refuse to release information. i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. correspondent weijia jiang on capitol hill with a story. >> i've been authorized by the department of justice to confirm that the fbi as part of our counter intelligence mission is investigating the russian government effort to interfere in the 2016 presidential election. >> fbi director james comey broke with normal protocol to reveal the buyer so looking into russian interferance in the 2016us presidential election. >> that includes investigating the nature every any link between individuals associated with the trump campaign and the russian government and whether there was any coordination between the campaign and russia's efforts. >> president trump is likely paying close attention to this hearing. he sent out a flurry of tweets, just hours before it started. >> the president's tweets claim the russian connection
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was made up by the democrats, and the real story is the leaking of classified information. >> i think that's a bit of a dodge, you know, leaks are always an issue. but the real problem here, foreign add so cereal power. >> also tweeted president trump's tweets, wiretapped trump tower during the presidential campaign. >> could not orders a wire cap of anyone. no president could. >> director comey said the department of justice doesn't have any evidence to support the claim either. weijia jiang, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news." the senate judiciary committee began hearings this morning from president trump supreme court nominee. >> kneel gorsuch before the committee to start opening statements in his confirmation hearings. questions won't begin until toll however, 49 year old federal appeals court judge has consistent conservative record. democrats argue he is two extreme may try to block his confirmation.
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votes on the matter aren't expected until next month. teenager being evaluated at a. i. dupont hospital for children in wilmington after he was rescued from the banks banks of the brandywine river. about 8:30 this morning, 911 callers alerted police to the 14 year old in a drainage stoop, they told police the teenager jumped from the bridge and then slammed into the doop, hoisted up by emergency crews, teen now being checked out for hypothermia and other injuries. >> police officer is recovering from a head injury after authorities say he was body slammed by a teenage boy in northeast philly overnight. >> that teen now in custody. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do tells you why the offers he's alleged attacker is also responsible for another crime in the neighborhood. >> a wild morning in northeast philadelphia, ended with a 20 year veteran police officer in the hospital, in a 17 year old boy under arrest for assault. >> pretty insane. >> police received 911 call from the park wood shopping center on academy road just
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after 4:00 a.m. someone reported seeing a man in the parking lot with a gun. police say a eighth district officer responded and attempted to frisk the teen. >> violent struggle. the suspect ended up throwing the officer to the ground, very hard, and the officer hit his head. and he has a laceration injury to the back of his head. the suspect then fled on foot. >> employees at the philly pretzel factory say police found the teenager hiding in the alley behind their store. >> thank god the back door is lock, we didn't hear anything, you know, unusual, so, you know, we good. but he is right there. >> chief inspector scott small says investigators are looking into the possibility that the scene also committed an armed robbery across the street from the plaza early sunday morning. >> and he has braces on his teeth. that's the individual we have in custody today. and that is also the description of the individual that committed the robbery, pointed a gun at the 7-eleven. >> in park wood, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news."
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>> well this is the first day of spring, and it is starting with plenty of sunshine, temperatures feeling pretty good too. but taking a look at winter like weather e meteorologist, lauren casey, all i have to say, lauren, it is about time. >> i know. it was a long time coming, especially, after last weekend, that nor'easter, to end the winter season, but spring is officially here. the sun is out. the smell of cheese steaks are in the air. really i can smell comes steaks, and i'm going to go finds them after the show. but chilly note to end off our last week of winter. yesterday our high temperature of 50 degrees in philadelphia, was our most mild, about a week and a half time. temperatures before that, in the 40's, and then that day after the nor'easter, last wednesday, remember, only 31 degrees. none of the snow even moment that day. our average high temperatures should have us low to mid 50's, but getting there, 45 degrees right now in philadelphia, still need the jacket, but the sunshine feels
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great. 48 degrees in wilmington, 42 reading. storstorm scan3 showing us sun across much of the area. some clouds on the increase looking out toward berks county, but in your day planner that's too bad. to kick off the spring season headed into the rest of the afternoon and into the evening hours, increasing clouds into the 5:00 hour, in philly, 502 degrees, and then we fall back to the 40's as we head into the 9:00 hour. but we have chance at showers tonight. we'll talk more about the intensity and coverage every those as we head into your full forecast, also, colder for mid week, yes, old-man-winter just won't go away. we do have day of 60s in store, and i'll let you no when to expect that in your full forecast coming up in just a few. >> thank you, lauren n other news this noon, septa police hope you can help them track down individuals during a brawl last week. >> a mother from south philadelphia took this video. she says her daughter was kicked in the head during last thursday's chaos. police say it started after a
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snowball fight near the race-vine station. investigators say the people caught on camera are not officially suspect, but police want to talk to them. so far police say they've spoken to three victims, two of them taken to the hospital for treatment. police in southwest philadelphia continue to search for a suspect in the in a hit-and-run of toddler. the child was struck yesterday afternoon, in the 5600 block of guyer avenue. the two year old victim was hospitalized in stable condition. police have not yet released a description of the vehicle. >> jury selection for the trial of former penn state president graham spanier is underway in harrisburg. spanier arrived at the courthouse this morning, and he faces child endangerment and other charges. prosecutors say his response to the jerry sandusky child sex abuse scandal could put him at risks have pleaded guilty in the case, specked today testify during spanier's trial. spanier maintains his innocence. >> police after the burglaries who madoff with a lot of jewels from oxford circle jewelry store.
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chopper three over kim-kon jewelry, 5500 block of whitaker avenue, they say the burglars got inside the store from the roof. they also say the burglars got away with anywhere from 100,000 to a million dollars in jewels from a safe inside that shop. school district of philadelphia launches a pilot program to make it more energy efficient. superintendent william hite says the program will start at three schools this fall. >> we are announcing a innocent pilot program with the goal of improving indoor environmental quality and building conditions throughout our school. and yield significant energy savings which we hope will turn into new funding. >> and among the programs, to improve building conditions, support teaching, around learning as well as reducing the environmental footprint at city schools. >> the search for tom brady's missing superbowl jersey over. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> we will tell you how the jersey was found, and who was in possession of the game winning superbowl shirt.
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it's dinner time and you worked overtime. so you have... no time. but you don't have to cut corners, mom! wendy's kids meals are now just $1.99 after 4pm for a limited time. and you can treat yourself too. it's about time. >> nfl system bratty's missing jerseys have been found. >> brady showed us the superbowl missing after he said he put it in a bag in the lockerroom. his jersey from the superbowl two seasons ago was apparently also stolen.
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nfl says two superbowl jerseys found in the possession of credentials member of the international media, and were recovered with help from the fbi in mexico. well, march madness resumes this thursday, here on cbs-3, if your bracket is busted you're not alone. espn fantasy sports tweeted only 18 of more than 18 million brackets correctly picked the sweet 16. other bracket games report snow perfect back rest left. number two seed duked is out after upset by game, 24 for the game cox, south carolina shocked the blue devils, 88 to 81. >> another team headed for the sweet 16 is. cla, led by alonso, 19 points, nine assists, seven rebounds. even though just a freshman he could actually winds up top pick in the summer nba draft. by the way ucl beat the bear cats 79 to 69. bruins get top kentucky.
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>> your bracket? >> a mess after the first night. afraid at oakland international airport, there to work. >> stress test for the guide dogs to get used to the hustle and bustle at airports, brought 25 puppies in training to zip around and get comfortable with the place. >> so we are socializing them, so when they become a guide dog, they're familiar with the surroundings. >> also gave them tour of its ticket counter, boarding gates and bag claim areas. the dogs even took a walk down the aisles of the plane. well, happened again. still ahead on "eyewitness news." >> not one but two more security breaches happen at the white house this past weekend. how the suspect attempted to get past the secret service this time. lauren? >> well i know it is only monday, but of course, it is a first weekend of spring. we have a head of us, and it will start off with some 60s, doesn't that sound so lovely? looks like dry day will be on saturday, maybe passing shower, much better rain chance as we head into sunday. we will talk more about this
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upcoming first week in spring, and your full eyewitness forecast just after the break.
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>> homelands security and law enforcement officials meeting today after series of security breaches at the white house, two people are in custody after separate attempts to get inside the security this weekend. man in stolen car arrested at check point saturday night. hours before that a 58 year old man-made it on to the white house grounds. president trump was not at the white house, he and his family were spending the weekends at
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his resort in florida earlier this month you may recall another man was on the grounds for 15 minute before he was apprehended. >> and back here at home, organizers of philadelphia flower slow say the recent snowstorm did affect the attendance but the show still a success. >> more than 245,000 people attended, this year's theme holland. celebration. plans already started for next year ' shows,. >> lauren, first flower show, then the official start to spring. it is happening. >> it is coming. slowly but surely, but we did ring in the spring season, 6:29 this morning. so see ya later winter, we don't want anything to do with you any more. but it is a wintery looking scene, we get live look on the neighborhood network camera at whitfield elementary in reading. snow on the scene there. just missed little recess that the kids v they're gone back
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inside. temperatures still chilly, sunshine today, going to help melt away some more of that snow. and snowy looking scene for the most part, live look at center city philadelphia. blue skies, couple of high clouds, 45 degrees, right now, winds out of the north at around 7 miles per hour, so bit of windchill impact. still need the coat. feeling much better. colds air, unfortunately, it is going to return, getting dose of arctic air as we head into mid week wednesday, in particular, high temperatures running about ten to 15 degrees below average, and thursday morning, will be a coal one, but for right now, not too bad. 38 degrees in mount pocono, at 45 in philly. down the shore atlantic city 48 degrees, with north-northwesterly wind up around 8 miles per hour. storm scan3 showing us fairly quiet conditions, sunshine up and down the i95 corridor, beautiful blue skies down the shore, clouding to increase specially in the high levels looking at berks county, lehigh valley and the poconos do, have little storm system up wind, here it is right there, main energy is going to miss us off to the south. so it is good news. but will generate few passing
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showers as we head into the overnight period. and into early tomorrow morning. but for this evening, no problems weather wise, increase in clouds, light winds, temperatures in the upper four's, and then overnight tonight, not too cold, 38 degrees, mostly cloudy conditions with the chance of shower late. wednesday, light out of the southwest, and as we head into the day tomorrow, mostly cloudy conditions, for much of the day, dow think we could see a passing shower, in the early morning hours, but otherwise, high temperatures, even more mild, coming up to near 06 degrees, we will see some late day clearing, no problems for your commute home tomorrow. future weather showing us we head into the afternoon hours, clouds on the increase, mostly cloudy skies take over overnight tonight. there is some of the shower activity breaking out, maybe light wintery mix-up in the higher elevations. but as you can see projected by future weather, coverage is going to be very scattered, intensity will be very light, some of us won't see rain at all as we head into the overnight periods, early tomorrow morning, then by 4:00 g to slowly break on down, then
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into the evening hours, might even get little bit of sunshine before the sun does set as we head into tomorrow evening. and your seven day forecast, we do warm things up, 68 degrees, for tomorrow. and then we take that step back, as we head into wednesday. windy, as well, high temperature at 42 degrees. that's going to feel like throw-back to winter unfortunately. and specially by thursday morning, winds will relax a bit, but 22 degrees, not going to make us very happy. but bright sunshine will help us form middle four's by thursday afternoon. then up into the 50's on friday. then there you have it. some 60s, as we kick off the first weekend of spring on saturday. >> been so long. i can't wait. >> i know. >> what's long? two weeks ago. >> long two weeks after that storm. >> all so we are. >> i at least, large sections where there would be like icebergs around. >> yes, we have to watch out for that still even with temperatures dropping below freezing which they will this week if there is any lingering ice and snow, watch out for
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that. >> you can truly appreciate this next story. the first day of spring so you know what that means, previews of water ice today. newtown rita's brought the sweet stuff to the cbs-3, and the morning crew got to taste the newest flavor. >> taste this one right here, one of the newest flavors. don't taste too much though. guess what it is? >> all right, the verdict is ... twizzlers', that's the season's new flavor. also tasted hawaiian punch and peep's flavored. my favorite, however, mango, with a little custard, gelati, welcomes spring with this give away, become local tradition. you can get your free water ice limited edition first day of spring until 9:00 p.m. how about you guys? what do you flying. >> chocolate. >> chocolate water ice? >> yes, they said it is one of the biggest flavors. >> really? >> i think i'm more of a traditionalist, lemon or cher. >> i lemon was big one. >> sounds good. also coming up: different kind of water ice next. >> the kind you jump into.
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drowsy driving, something many of us have probably experienced, well, now, startling new information about just how many crashes may be caused by sleepy drivers. what transportation experts think could help change that. well, a dip in some icy water doesn't sound like fun, but group of seniors in beijing do it because they say it is healthy.
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>> okay. take a look. these seniors are swimming and, get this, 22 degrees weather. they get together each winter day to take dip in the frigid water. call it gymnastics for your blood vessels, they say it increases circulation, but i feel yoga increases circulation, i mean, we need to jump in 22 degrees? >> thanks. to each his own. >> it is refreshing. >> yes, okay. >> that guy is diving. >> i guess you can't knock it until you've tried it, but ... >> well, ya. exhilarating. and we're all exhilirate that spring has officially begin, as of this morning. so our first day every spring today looking good across the region, featuring a lot of sunshine, increasing clouds in the poconos, sunshine down the shore, high temperature of 50 degrees. we will see clouds increase in philadelphia as we head through the second half of the day. 52 degrees, much more mild than we have, in about a week and a half. and headed into tonight, few
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scattered showers developing, could linger into our tuesday morning, but again, not going to be deluge, high temperature at 58 degrees for tomorrow afternoon. we do take step back as we head into mid week, wednesday will be a chilly one, 42 degrees, with windy conditions. twenty-two to start on thursday morning, but then we climb back up as we head toward the end of the week. fifty-six on friday. sixty-six on saturday. but the good news about this forecast? not a snowflake in site. >> how are we on rain? doing better. >> little better because of the water content of the snowfall we got from the nor'easter. >> that's good. still getting closer to what we should be at. appreciate it, lauren. that's cbs-3 "eyewitness news" today at noon. >> i'm rahel solomon. thank you for watching. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. cents awls on line at >> go get your water ice today. the young and the restless is next. have a good day everyone. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >>
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>> ashley: "destroy the competition." you're proving my point. >> jack: the competition goes beyond our brother. >> ashley: please. you don't give a damn about our family or this company. all you care about is targeting billy. >> jack: finding a promotional partner with pockets this deep -- >> ashley: is just another example of your bad decision-making, jack, another example of why i need to take more of a leadership role around here. >> jack: watch yourself, ashley. i have indulged you to this point, but that is still my name on that door. >> ashley: for now. >> billy: my big brother just stole a multi-million-dollar deal from us, and you want me to just what? just -- >> victoria: think, billy. okay? just stop and think. confronting jack head on when you're this angry... is the worst possible reaction. >> billy: i can't let him get away with something like this. >> victoria: you storm up there, you're gonna give him the upper hand. it's gonna convince him that this project means a lot to brash & sassy financially and to you personal


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