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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  March 23, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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we will continue our investigation, and it is inspired by terrorism. new detrails of british authorities just released. and a local baseball coach is facing serious charges this morning, the shocking and violent thing that investigators said did he to a 12 year-old boy during practice. thursday's the big day. >> the republican backed plan to replace obama carries heading to the house floor for a vote today, number of votes needed for it to pass and how many votes republicans actually have. busy day in the news, and today is thursday april 23rd, good morning, it is march.
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>> yes. >> march 23rd. >> i wish it was april 23rd. >> boy, we're moving fast here i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. all that plus how to explore philly land markets for free but first a check of the forecast, on t march 23rd, and the road with meisha and weather with katie. good, quiet in the world of travel just a lot of construction. it is quiet too on my side of the desk. we have high pressure in place anchored overhead but the wind has eased up. we don't have pressure gradient sending news to that blustery pattern from yesterday. virtually empty. there is actually a lifting on here but nothing more than a few speckled cloud cover out in the opened ocean what ther with high p substance, which is air that is sinking to help clear out your cloud cover. now, this is pretty starks, temperature contrast in the last 24 hours is from upper 20 , 25 plus degrees colder.
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rememberrd upper 40's: at good news it is no where near as harsh. now it is still colder then ag or so. we will be looking at wall to wall sunshine and thankfully minus war of that wind it is a nice day all and all we just have to have extra layers. by the time we hit weekend we are looking ahead to what will feel like may-like warmth which we will discuss but also a pattern that looks tod. if you like sunshine enjoy today, pretty much brightest day we had for a couple days. i was thinking when i walk in the studio this morning, that wind was so, cold, so just head up this morning for that sun to come up. thanks so much. looking outside, in northeast fail we are looking at construction dark, very early, southampton road and woodhaven road that right lane is compromised because of crews. just a head up. they are working. i will let you know when they
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clear but right now you can see they are still at work. accident here ine norriton valley forge road at water street road, none of these accidents or problem areas willa downs, some of them might, this is one area that might cause some problems, even that the early hours. roosevelt boulevard northbound between fox street and broad street due to bridge inspections. depending on how busy it gets on our gateway we will see what happens. construction northeast extension southbound near quakertown that left lane is block there, jim and rahel, back to you. major developments as authorities carry out raid in connection to yesterday's deadly attack outside of great britain's parliament building. >> this is new video in the news room we have learned police searched six homes making seven arrests. british media reports that the suspect used to live in one of the homes located in the birmingham, but despite arrest they believe the attacker acted alone and was inspired by international terrorism. for very latest from cbs news correspondent terry okita.
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>> reporter: police officers in london carried out vehicle checks overnight steps from britain's parliament where wednesday's deadly rampage was carried out. >> the location of this attack was no accident. the terrorist chose to strike at the heart of our capitol city. >> it has been a terrorist act >> reporter: this video captured by tourist shows some of the injured lying along west minister bridge, after authorities say, that the suspect intentionally ran them over with the car. >> they say that the man then slammed the vehicle in to the gates of parliament, before getting out of the car and then stabbing 48 year-old police officer keith palmer, to death. the chaos finally end when a police officer shot and killed the suspect. >> we think we know who the attacker is, so we are working to get the associates. >> reporter: incident is latest in the series of terror attacks where lone wolves used
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vehicles as their weapon of choice. >> who is going to be able to stop anybody with a desire to kill, idealology from hiring a truck or buying a car. >> reporter: as officials investigate whether isis was involved british prime minister teresa may says citizens must in the give into fear. >> we will all move forward together never giving into terror. >> reporter: travelers are advised to avoid parliament area as the investigation unfolds. terry okita for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the associated press report that had british police made a correction to the number of people who were killed. they now report a total of four people were killed, that number, includes, the attacker back here at home house republicans are racing against the clock trying to rally support behind their new health care bill before the votes head to the floor tonight. last night president trump was reportedly making personal calls to house members still on the fence. new jersey congressman frank lobiondo, and pennsylvania congressman charlie dent
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announced they will vote against their parties health care reform bill. house republicans cannot afford to lose more than 22 votes and still pass the bill. cbs news reports that as of 12:30 this morning, 31 republicans had planned to vote no. u.s. officials say fbi has information indicate ago this associates of president trump communicated with suspect russian operatives, possibly to coordinate release of information damaging to hillary clinton's campaign this comes amid reports former trump campaign chairman paul manafort secret ties to russia nan for the said did work with a russian billion air but work did not involve representing russian political interests. new this morning philadelphia police are investigating after a man is shot multiple times, "eyewitness news" at scene near atlantic and rue street in kensington. a 21 year-old victim shed up with gunshot wound in his leg there was no word on suspects or a met i have. investigation continues this morning in the discovery of seven month-old twin girls,
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found dead inside of an apartment complex in lindenwald, new jersey. scene unfolded at pine apartments on, bilper avenue early wednesday morning. neighbors identified, this distraught woman whom police escorted from the apartment complex as the mother of the infants. in a 911 call she told operator that she had been doing cpr for 15 minutes but that the girls were not breathing. so far there has been no word on the cause of death for either infant. a baseball coach from montgomery county is accused of trying to choke a young boy during practice. police charged five two-year old kenneth irwin with strangling a 12 year-old boy. authorities say incident happened last month at newtown athletic club in bucks county. he is also listed as varsity baseball coach at upper moreland high school, and according to district officials he has been placed on administrative leave. his hearing is scheduled for may 12th. a court hearing for philadelphia man accused of reporting a fake child abduction. that report led police to
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search for hours for birth in logan last month. authorities say to 22-year old marcus fletcher later admitted to making up the entire story, he has been charged with making a false report to police. philadelphia district attorney seth williams is out free, on his own reconnaissance. he pleaded not guilty to corruption charges wednesday and released on $50,000 bail and facing 23 counts and accused of taking more than $100,000 in gifts and vacation ness exchange for favors. he is charged with defrauding a nursing home. williams has in the signalled if he plans to resign. william taft said wow not seek a third term the candidate to hope to replace williams will step on stage and debate for first time tonight. it will take place at spring side chestnut hill academy from 7:00 to 9:00. there are seven democrats and one republican inhe city's primary elections are may 16th. home owners in one local town said they feel like they are living in the war zone, that is because there is new shooting range on commonwealth drive-ine vincentown ship,
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chester they want it gone. >> this [gunfire] video was taken by meg semen outside her royersford montgomery county home she said veterans living near shooting range, including her husband who served four tour ness afghanistan, struggle with the sound. >> i actually found him, in his office under his desk in the fetal position because it is terrifying for him because it really does, without even being a little bit dramatic sound like a war zone. >> shooting range built in partnership with the excel on corporation serves as training for police officers at limerick generating station. the first philly/will make its way around the city to daytp attractions the seasonal bus service gives riders a convenient cost effective option of the exploring the city. in honor of the launch riders can hop on board at any
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scheduled stop for free. always like free. head over to the independent visitors center at sixth and market to pick up your free passes. did i mention they are free. >> yes, multiple times. good for you. we will both take a ride together. what will it take to i go inner your phone for an hour? >> a restaurant in the poconos is making the challenge to families, and we will tell you the pry restaurant are offering patrons to pull it off and what customers think about the idea. another city challenging trump executive order to de fund sanctuary city. community that filed suit and reason its lawyers say the president cannot do
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police officer and three others dead following a dispute in wisconsin that led to shootings at three separate locations. police responded to a call shortly afternoon time yesterday to find two people shot and suspect gone. shortly after that
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investigators say a second shooting happened at a law rmt an apartment complex. >> what to basically send all my thoughts and ask everybody listening, thoughts, prayers to all victims and their families, please keep them in your prayers, and with our officers. >> police say suspect barricaded himself inside the apartment complex following that third shooting, after hours of negotiations there was an exchange of gunfire, the suspect was injured, and was taken in custody. there are no injuries but there is a lot of damage after a fire at a texas tech sports center in lubbock. visible black smoke was visible for hours. a piece of hot metal felon rubber roofing materials during welding work. authorities say they will check for more damage this morning. out west city of richmond, callus latest community to sue the trump administration over executive order denying federal money to sanctuary
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cities. several california communities have filed suit over the executive order. that order targets local governments the administration says failed to enforce its immigration policies. city however says that the order is unconstitutional. >> the last i heard was it is congress that gave the chief the money, it is congress that helps the enrichment and congress that puts money in the local schools, it is not the president. >> philadelphia you might know has sanctuary city status, mayor jim kenney says he will not change policy despite threats from the trump administrati.t checking your phe a real addiction. >> restaurant in the poconos is offering a prize for people who can stop doingnner. this is sarah's corner cafe, there is a sign explaining how it works. owners will give a 10 percent discount to families of four or more, who put their phones on silent and ignore them
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during the meal. some customers say they welcomed the challenge. >> you know, shooting the breeze, talking about whatever , but nobody picks up the phones. >> to me, give me a discount, i'll do it. others say it ace anything to eat with someone who can't put down the phone. the restaurant owner says they hepp it promotes family time. >> you know how to do that? have someone who touches their phone more. i went to the flower show with my family. my little cousin betsy, don't be mad, she's 19, she to st. joes, on her phone the entire time. i said this is what my mom feels like. >> i know i'm guilty but that is a fantastic idea. >> yes. >> is there something to be said for family time around e table. >> talk about winner i'm looking at the maps coming up. >> i know, analyzing all of the gfs and modeling, yes.
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>> yes. >> we will take a look here, nice, clear, sky right now, wind has eased up for us but it will be a bright, sunny, beautiful looking day. thankfully not as harsh asouesyh pressure overhead. we don't have wind to contend w across wisconsin, minnesota we have a warm front that will be lifting from the south and west, our wind flow does turn more southerly with time. it is still out of the north but it is calmer then most of the day yesterday, still cranking up at 15 miles an hour, sustained here at philly international but it has calmed down in lancaster and reading. it will continue to do that throughout the rest of the morning, and elsewhere as well in the meantime we have seen that chill settle in here. don't expect much more than 45 r but bright, sunny it is not as harsh but that wind is out of the north and we are about 10 degrees below average. 30 degrees under nice mainly clear sky, sky is calm but still cold although 30 is still 10 degrees milder then what we're expecting this
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morning. so, you know, it is all perception, right? looking forward. we are expecting a very mild saturday. we have been calling this a couple days now but still ups and downs. it looks unsettled pattern here. one and only sunny day is today, and then we will see threat of showers every other day from this point forward, meisha. >> and then 70's on saturday did you see them? i went right there. yesterday talking about it will be so awesome. good morning. what are we talking about right now? we have construction. that is what we are seeing construction crewness northeast philadelphia this camera shot southbound atwood haven road. boulevard southbound between southampton road and woodhaven road the right lane is compromised both direction just a head up or southbound side between southampton and woodhaven. just a head up, we will let you know when this clears out but you can see crews are still out there and that will in the slow you down but it will later, moving deeper in the 5:00 o'clock hour fit is not cleared out of the way. ninety-five south at cottman no problem, we will move on right past that because we are
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looking great there we have an accident in the east norriton valley forge road at water street road and not slowing you down too much, just give a heads up if that is going on in your neck of the wood. roosevelt boulevard north bound we have bridge inspections between fox street and broad street, this is one of those areas that will slow us down a little bit as we progress through the morning. head up there we have more construction in the northeast extension southbound near quakertown that left lane is blocked there, jim and rahel, back over to you. a big and popular airline brand will soon, disappear. >> just like that. we will tell you which one and why feds may not need to war any this morning's money watch report, stay with
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time is 4:50. time for business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. another mostly down day on wall street what are investors watching right now. >> reporter: well, sears stock
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plunged 12 percent yesterday after retailer said it is doubtful it can stay opened, sears reported a loss of more than $2 billion last year and has been selling assets like its craftsman tool brand. also investors focusing on the health care bill and vote tonight, the concern if it does not pass it will delay, other economic policies from the trump administration. so, aloft people paying attention to that as well. >> in travel news i understand beloved airline is about to go away, what can you tell us? >> reporter: yeah, virgin america ising ago way in 2019. alaska airlines bought virgin america last year for $2.6 billion. at the time alaska promised to keep most of the virgin's flare like music, mood lighting, alaska says most of that will stay but everything else including virgin's frequent flier plan is going away. >> that airline has like a colt following, people, i have never flown but i hear good
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things. >> have you, jill. >> reporter: i may want to book a flight, i'm planning a trip to california, i'm thinking i may want to book just to experience it. >> let us know how it goes. >> just in case it doesn't stick around much longer. >> thanks, jill we will check in next hour. moment many of us have been waiting for is almost here. >> there is a 70 in the forecast, katie, how soon can we see that. >> it will take sometime here we have to get to the weekend first. in the meantime expect chill to stick around for for one more day but if you thought yesterday was harsh, it is easing up here today. we will walk you through valleys and peaks in the forecast right after the break
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starting to see traffic pick up a little bit here as we see the flags, waving ever so slightly in the breeze that is really let up. it is still cold outside. you will still crank the heat
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driving into work this morning and a plug from me to you, i will be updating you live as well on our sister station kyw news radio all morning long. once you hit road you don't to have lose your cbs-3 forecast. lets hit the current temperatures, feels like more specifically. wind isn't totally gone, it is not completely devoid out there but it does still feel more like the teens in most locations. the wind is calm inner reading and lancaster. the temperature has been not allowed to drop off as easily. it is chilly outside. now we are at this point coming up close to the peak of cherry blossom season and here in philadelphia along kelly drive, martin luther king drive, fairmount park great opportunities to see that peak which is expected between march 29th and april 4th due to the warm february, cold, snowy march that we have seen, average bloom is later then that but very quickly checking on that seven day, i don't foresee a heck of a lot of sun in this forecast say for today you want warmth?
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head for saturday obviously. that looks like a generally dry day but more cloud over next few days. >> thanks very much for. that we are beginning with a lot of construction. we have one accident we will get to this a second but first construction northeast philadelphia, as you can see crews out there. this camera shot is boulevard southbound atwood haven road. boulevard southbound between southampton road and woodhaven road that right lane is compromised, head up on that. then we also have bridge inspections taking place boulevard north bound between fox street and broad street, so again, head up as well. accident i was referring toys in east norriton at water street road more to come in the next 10 minutes, jim, over to you. thanks, meisha. coming up next on "eyewitness news" latest on the attack in london as authorities raid several houses overnight. also ahead dash cam video shows a brawl between a state trooper and motorcyclist he pulled oversee how good samaritan got involved. meet students behind this prom proposal video getting lots of attention on line we lots of attention on line we are back at the top of the
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it is morning in london, a live lot the scene of the yesterday's terror attack in west minister on the right of the screen surveillance video showing moment an attacker rammed into pedestrians on a bridge, sending one woman tumbling in the river. police conducted raid overnight plus we will have an update on the death toll just ahead. also happening today house scheduled to vote on the g.o.p. replacement for affordable care ago we have an update on whether president trump has enough votes. and roller coaster continues sunny today but someplaces could see ice tomorrow before we hit may- like temperatures. it is thursday march 23rd good morning i'm jim donovan.
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i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things. >> lots going on. heavy hearts for our friend in london. looking outside, it is looking g we have construction, one accident. we will get to that. >> totally quiet day and when i say totally quiet, it is totally quiet. i have no caveat. the wind is easing up, it is still chilly, i will give thaw but very tranquil outside. still a tad breezy but that is something that has continued to ease up with every passing hour and it will continue to do that for rest of the morning and well in the afternoon. that is because of our wonderful friend high pressure , so often it lead to fair weather and that is case today but it also allows the cloud to break because we will get substance with areas of high pressure. the air sinks and what that will do is clear out cloud cover because of the downward motion. looking at region right now a lot of numbers to look at here , pick your region philadelphia, shore, poconos currently 24 but feels more


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