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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  March 24, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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refinancing is right for you, ask me. sincerely, robert kennedy, fellow grad and fellow citizen. citizens bank education refinance loan. call... to see how much you could save now. developing right now at noon a murder investigation is underway in south jersey after powe lease say a father makes a tragic discovery in his own home. police say he found his wife, young son dead in their apartment. good afternoon i'm rahel solomon. i'm jim donovan. "eyewitness news" report's leach a nieves is live in maple shade with more, on the investigation good afternoon, leash a. >> good afternoon, jim and rahel. some neighbors we have spoken to around hearsay they cannot get that father's scream out of their head, the scream the father made when late last
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night he found his wife, and his son, bloody bodies. around 9:00 o'clock last night in maple shade, police were called to fox meadow apartments, people living in the complex say a man had run from one of the apartments, screaming, repeatedly, my wife is gone, my wife is gone. authorities confirmed the man 's 38 year-old wife and six year-old son, were found dead in the home. they were stabbed, multiple times. people who live in the surrounding apartments are still struggling to understand , how this could have happened, most say they did not hear or see anything out of the normal last night. >> i didn't see any damage to the door, or any break ins at that time. so, you know, right now, this is a mystery. >> reporter: now, would the man and child, killed here, authorities say they are of indian dissent so that has left some to speculate could this be a hate crime. there is authorities that stress that there is no evidence to suggest that.
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evidence at this point suggest s that this is, in fact , a homicide and one that police are investigating. reporting live from south jersey,s a for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in other news gunshots ran g out in a quiet neighborhood in clayton, new jersey overnight and police are investigating a homicide there body of kenneth bernard mostly of fairfield township in cumberland county was found in his girl friend's home at 31 downs street. police say that the victim was sitting in the chair in the living room when he was shot through the sliding glass door police say mostly knew the shooter saying that the crime was quote, planned, and personal. two other adults, and two children were at home at the time. no other injuries, were reported. my wife and i just woke up to what we thought was gunfire we heard three shots. we came downstairs to check our house to make sure everything was okay. nothing was wrong with our house. before we could even call the police or do anything like that, police are showing up outside and cordond off the house next door to us. >> reporter: police are
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seeking lead in the case and there have been no arrests at this time. investigators in gloucester count a announced the arrest of the youth hockey coach on sexual contact charges going by decade. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live in woodbury where a press conference wrapped up with details on the arrest, cleve, good afternoon, what can you tell us. >> reporter: good afternoon rahel. we understand that walter tracie fer furinden until 2010 and he is being charged with sexual contact with minors both in new jersey, and in delaware. furindin is charged with sexual contact of the 12 year-old boy during the summer of 1994 while he was living in deptford township, that is why it is here in gloucester county. he coached and held holy clinics at washington township ice arena. in delaware new castle county furinden was charged with nine counts of sexual contact with two minors. now police in both states as well as fbi began working together investigating him back in may and june of race
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year. they say he groomed some of the kid he was coaching, for sexual purposes. >> it is, you know, the most reprehensible behavior, one could imagine, they violate the trust, they create a situation where they are victims are devastated, and it has a profound impact on their lives for years and years to come. >> now he was processed in delaware released on bail and is expected to be in new jersey, at some point, today. and they do believe that there are most likely, more victims, out there and they are looking for people to come forward. in fact, one of the cases that they were looking at dated back to the 1980's in new jersey which went past statute of limitations but they believe there are other case that he is could be prosecuted live from woodbury aim cleve bryan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thanks, cleve. convicted child molester jerry sandusky is back in the center county courtroom where he tried to get a judge to
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toss out his convictions. "eyewitness news" was there this morning as sandusky made his way into court. he said his legal representation was inadequate during his 2012 trial on charges that he sexually assaulted 10 boys from 1994 to 2008. the seven three-year old former penn state assistant football coach is now serving a 30 to 60 year prison sentence. jury continues to deliberate fate of the former penn state president graham spanier today in harrisburg. spanier faces child endangerment and conspiracy charges for allegedly miss handling the sandusky case. the jury deliberated for six hours yesterday, after spanier 's defense rested, without presenting any evidence. president trump's first signature piece of legislation will either live or die today, his health care bill to replace obama carries up for a vote in the house. craig boswell reports from the latest on capitol hill today we've got a chance to do something different. >> reporter: house has started debate on president trump's american health care act, his
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plan to repeal and replace obama care. >> it throws millions, 24 million americans off of their insurance. >> reporter: bill passage is far from certain, before the debate began, at least 35 republicans were planning to vote no, the overhaul, drops requirements that insurance companies cover 10 essential services including hospitalization, maternity care, prescriptions, and mental health. at least 13 of those conservative republican hold outs need to switch to yes for the bill 30 pass, the irony is that the freedom caucus, which is very pro life and against planned parenthood allows pp to continue if they stop this plan. >> do you think it will pass. see what happens. >> president trump calls it a great plan and is a sent budget director to capitol hill that if the republicans want to scrap obama care this vote is their only chance.
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he says if the deal collapses the white house will move on to other priorities. >> lawmakers will have to be accountable as to why they didn't vote to get rid of obama care when they have a chance and that is today. >> reporter: president trump sold himself as ultimate deal maker and will learn whether hard ball works as well in congress as it does in the board room. >> thank you all very much. >> reporter: craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new jersey transit has suspended its services in and out of new york's penn station after an incident with an amtrak train. officials say amtrak acela express train derailed around 9:00 while pulling out of the station, that train, clipped the side of the new jersey transit train that was arriving. authorities say that all of the passengers got off the affected trains safely and there were no major injuries reported. amtrak says customers can expect, delayed services in and out of the penn station. well, buckle up we will be on a weather roller coaster before we head back down, meteorologist lauren casey is live on the cbs-3 sky deck with the rest of the ride for
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today, lauren. >> thanks, jim. >> you can feel moisture building, feeling damp, chilly , definitely have cloud behind me, namely, in the mid to upper levels of the atmosphere. storm scan three showing us some precipitation that was in route to our area looking much more robust about three hours ago but a lot of that precipitation, fading on out, but we do have some precipitation coming down right now in the poconos in the form of some snow, some sleet, and some freezing rain right now so watch out for slippery conditions in these areas. winter weather advisory remains for carbon, monroe counties for the next 45 minutes due to that precipitation that will taper off as we head into the next hour but in mount pocono temperatures are sub freezing but south, points and south ande those temperatures starting to climb up, as a warm front is currently making its way through the area. temperature change over the last 24 hours, because of the boundary, in millville we are up 22 degrees from this time yesterday, and we're up 15 degrees in dover. as we head in the next couple
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of hours, conditions are actually going to be improving we will see cloud starting to break down a little bit for 5:00 o'clock hour near friday evening not too bad temperatures in the 50's so much more milder then what he we were feeling for yesterday evening but this warm front, it will get really confused as we head in the next couple of days, it will come back as a cold front tomorrow and then back as a warm front on monday and then back as a cold front on tuesday, so we will have time to rain, drizzle, even some thunderstorms possible and break down the time frames when you will probably mess likely need the umbrella in just a few. >> all right, lauren, thank you. >> yes. >> sending a text for help, coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> after bringing in the suspects allegedly involved in the subway brawl, we will take a security measures being put in place and how to help police fight violence. message from the candidates running for district attorney what they had to say about indicted d.a. seth willi
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get up to 40% off a second pair of glasses. schedule your eye exam at septa's adding extra security at its stations after a school to cut down on subway violence. eleven teens are in custody and facing charges in the violent brawl caught on camera , at the race/vine subway station last week. several students from ben franklin high air monk those arrested, septa plans to roll roll out a texting line so public can notify police of any incidents on septa. and six teenage girls are facing charges after era salt at a septa station this one on wednesday night, chopper three over forty-sixth and market where the suspect, tried to send a 16 year-old girl's hair
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on fire. victim was treated and released. second victim just 13 said she was poked from behind with the knife but she was not injured. all eight candidates hoping to be philadelphia's next district attorney, participated in a debate in chestnut hill last night. the candidates spent the evening laying out their vision for a better city. one topic they could not avoid was tuesday's announcement of corruption charges against current d.a. seth williams. each of the candidates were asked if williams should resign. >> yes, we begin to need change. >> yes. >> yes. >> yes. >> yes. >> yes, absolutely. >> now rich nagrin and teresa card innin experienced microphone issues but both said seth williams should step down, immediately. all candidates hope to have one more, debate before the may 16th primary. a marathon walk in space, still ahead on "eyewitness news". >> space station need an occasional upgrade, we will tell but high flying repair job, up next, lauren. all right, guys, well, it is friday, and all eyes
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focused on the upcoming weekend and it will feature a lot as we head into tomorrow, high temperatures topping near 70 in the city but points northward will be much cooler then that as we will see frontal boundary kind of stalled out over the system, it will generate more cloud, shower activity, unsettled with times of rain as we head throughout the weekend and cooler and dreary conditions, by sunday, so, a lot to talk about for upcoming weekend and into next week as well and we will have details coming up next.
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welcome back. scary hour in the air for this worker hanging by his safety harness from a high rise from key biscayne florida. his scaffolding gave way yesterday afternoon and that harness was all that kept the man from falling, 12 stories. emergency crews were able to get him down to the ground safely, and they say he was alert, talking with you they took him to the hospital to be check out anyway.
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>> yes, okay. >> even higher up in space astronauts are working outside of the international space station, nasa astronauts, kim and thomas, looked good for six hours out in space. they are doing upgrade and preparing the station for, a new docking rig that will allow commercial spacecraft to link up with the out post. it is first of three scheduled over next few weeks but i bet lauren wants to know what you said earlier. >> i said that man hanging from the thing he had a big wedgey. >> yes. >> he was hanging on that hard ness for an hour. that must be uncomfortable. >> i will pass on commentary on that one i think but thanks for the invitation. >> yes. >> it was early in the morning , you never necessity what i will say. >> i know, i have been there. but we have a lot going on in the weather world we have a stalled out frontal boundary that will come ago as warm front and back as a cold front doesn't that sound good. >> buckle up your seat belt. >> it will feature near 70-
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degree temperatures for points south heading in the upcoming weekend but no where near 70 looking live at jack frost big boulder, some rain drops on the lens there but temperatures are sub freezing, so that is indication of freezing rain, sleet and even a few snowflakes have been falling over last couple of hours but that is trend to go taper off and we can see that confirmed on storm scan three, precipitation coming to an end moving off to thee starting to clear out in the poconos but we have sprinkle activity likely in and around allentown area up into easton might be seeing a few drops coming down back into pottstown as well but much of this precipitation just kind of petered on outlooking much more healthy, well developed across portions of central pennsylvania and then, just disappearing as it approached delaware valley. that is already with us. we don't need to break out umbrella we will see clearing skies as we head in the next several hours but rain chances , they are going to be abundant as we head in the next couple of days. saturday, sunday, monday,
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tuesday will all feature some sort of the precipitation as we head into the next several days, once it will be light in intensity until we get into monday, tuesday where we will see more main energy from the system moving in but for right new we have high level cloud deck in center city philadelphia giving us filtered sunshine right now, 48 degrees. southeasterly wind picked up as i was on the sky deck, thank you, mother nature, southwest wind up to 22 as that warm front has just lifted through and it will be breezy especially over next couple hours and then wind will relax after sunset, for this evening though, not too bad, patchy cloud, 51 degrees out on the town on a friday evening, not too bad for us and not nearly as cold overnight tonight, dropping down to 48 degrees, less wind under mostly cloudy skies and those wind speed are picking up as warm front is moving through the area from south to north so breezy conditions, especially for second half of our day today on the back side of the warm front, temperatures jumping up to 50 degrees in dover. fifty in ac.
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49 degrees in wilmington. northward portion, temperatures still chilly as we have 31 in the poconos but behind that warm front, and, a lot of warmth, southwest temperatures in the 60's and 70's. most of us, will get a taste as we head in the day tomorrow , 70's the forecast high in philadelphia. seventy-two in wilmington. but left out in the lehigh valley because that warm front will come southbound as a cold front as we head in the day tomorrow. so enjoy 70 while we have it. we have a better chance of a few afternoon showers with that boundary on saturday bumped up rain chance for saturday and brought it back on sunday. more in the way of times of drizzle, foggy conditions as well with high temperatures at about 56 degrees, so big difference for second day of the weekend but future weather showing us, some clearing skies, for your evening commute, and some sunshine i think especially philadelphia and points south, for to start the day tomorrow and increasing cloud. there are showers developing, best chance of showers has we head into tomorrow night.
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sunday patchy areas of light rain and then more in the way of rainfall widespread in nature and heavier as we head into monday and tuesday as main energy from the storm system, finally makes ab approach. on tuesday we are still un settled, and then wednesday we will finally start to clear things out, and it is not until next thursday will we see sunshine coming back in full force so get ready for some cloudy but temperatures aren't too bad. >> true. >> silver lining. >> but it is hard to wrap head around. >> as long as it is not snowing and i don't have to shovel. >> keep slicker on stand by put the shovel away. quick thinking from wisconsin teen, most likely saved his friend's life. >> iain brown and will olson were eating lunch in the school cafeteria on wednesday afternoon when will began to choke. surveillance cameras appeared to show will violently coughing, struggling to breathe. well, after a bit iain can be seen stepping into give him heimlich maneuver. >> couple of the other kid
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didn't do anything i will step up to the plate and help him out. >> i could be dead right now. i'm thankful, i cannot say thank you enough for what you did. >> coincidently iain had just completed a police training program where he learn the heimlich maneuver that he performed on will. >> good for him. >> just know that jim knows the heimlich. >> i'm relieved. here we are also getting ready for a very special dairon old mcdonald house charities tell-a-thon is a few days away. >> volunteers manning phones this tuesday march 28th from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. we will accept donations to help families coming to our area for children's medical treatment. >> ronald macdonald house provides those families a home away from home. we will be live here all day and join in on twitter and cbs still to come a day to celebrate a philly food icon on a national level. >> icon, iconic.
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it is like a dating app but for moms, we will show y moms, find friend, it is not just about play dates these moms say apps offer much, much more details at 5:00. well philadelphia's favorite sandwich is being celebrated today is national cheese steaks day. >> love it. cheese steaks in the city depend on how ask and sometimes where you grew up and one thing for sure, in one
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grows up more authentic sandwich where the cheese steaks was formed in the 1930 's. the roll to beef and melted cheese whether you like it with or without, locals will enjoy it anytime of the day. so, lauren, jim donovan where might i ask do you like your cheese steaks and how do you like it. >> i'm not going to tell where, because i tell you my life. i also i know this sound goody like provolone, people are not big on that but i'm provolone. >> i'm a traditionlist but i like onions or mushrooms, hot sauce. >> i'm telling you, ready for another one we had them this morning. that is "eyewitness news" at noon i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. for all of us here thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00 and we are always line cbs young and restless is up next, tgif, have a great weekend
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