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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  March 26, 2017 5:05am-5:58am EDT

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him. >> well, no duet, but on the opening track, "free smoke", he does admit to texting j. lo. they spoke a prom theme, "get it together." you can hear j. lo's voice right here. but on the final track, she's been replaced by georgia smith, leaving some to believe drake's thrown some major shade. >> let me clear this up. i'm not with drake, okay? >> yes! >> all right, j. lo, i hear you. you're not dating drake. woo, but you are dating. >> controversy there. a big scandal on "dancing with the stars." why are nick and william shatner in twitter war?
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>> got carried in waway in ther. >> after tweeting 48 times demanding fans vote against the one-time bachelor, shatner stepped out to celebrate his 86th birthday. tom bergeron's offered to play peacemaker. what sparked the anti-nick crusade? he finally came clean with a tweet, twe tweet, will you accept this? i'm not happy with what you've done in the past, maybe you've matured now. looks like apology accepted for nick, but that wasn't the only dancing controversy in the show's premiere week. ♪ >> you're reading all about this show, that's for sure. >> bolten had his zesexy dance.
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the moment became known as "hand gate." >> i was looking at the tv screen, yet i wasn't looking at what was bumping into me. >> i thought oh? >> shawna played it off for what it was, an innocent mistake, even amid rumors that the two are dating. she told us, nope, they're just friends. and how do they get paired up? >> how are those choices made? >> you have no say over who it is that you're going to dance with. >> the producers like to create story lines. when you want there to be controversy. >> and shawna's already revealing intel on who has the competitive edge. >> between heather, even erica. i think the girls are going to dominate a lot this season, and i think the male celebs have their work cut out.
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>> what's the work to keeping the costumes g-rated? >> double-sided tape is a big one. it takes the tan off when you take the costume off. >> and of course we have to get a few secrets on maks and peta's wedding. >> i'm a brides maid for sure. and i can't wait for that day. i can't tell you any details, but what i can say it will be absolutely stunning and the most perfect day. >> and she's got to do that as the brides maid, but maks is allowed to give up the details, and he says it will happen this summer at a hotel. they will close the whole place down just for them. >> and i think there's going to be some dancin'. >> you're probably right. let's move on to an emotional event. debbie reynolds and carrie fisher are being remembered in
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an of laivish sendoff. >> my mother said to me, the night that carrie died, i didn't know what was happening, but she was setting me up for her leaving the plan e set. she looked at me and said i want to be with carrie. i'm okay with debbie's exit but not okay with carrie's. carrie was in the middle of what i thought were her finest hours. >> the public memorial taking place in the hollywood hills is where both debbie and carrie have been laid to rest. >> one of the people that everybody associates carrie with is harrison ford. have you heard from harrison? >> we've heard from hair sp arrd mark. they've written beautiful things to us. >> when mark and harrison say to you mightily following the passing in. >> i'm without words. i'm stunned. i have a depth of loss. >> carrie's daughter, billie
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lourde was in attendance but too emotional to make any speeches. >> she's dealing with two gigantic losses. i'm letting her breathe. ♪ you're beautiful >> a british singer composed a song for the event. he was friends with carrie. >> he writes "you're beautiful" in her bathroom. there's a piano in the bathroom, and they inspired each other. up next, our wild day with blake and jake gyllenhaal. >> you're a real mess. then hot guys enjoying the single life. orlando after katie, lady gaga's ex looking for love again. and the bad boys checklist. file this one under grandma gold. stars surprising older women. gold. stars surprising older women. bieber's shirtless bar
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obviously, it's a terrifying duo, the two of agree. i agree with everything he says, even the stuff i don't agree with. >> and neither was she. >> i actually did, no, i listened. >> you and me alone. >> wow, more proof why we just can't get enough of ryan reynolds and jake gyllenhaal, you know they even dressed alike at the premiere. and we had alone time with the two of them. >> action. >> i like flying around in a little, to a certain extent, after you're are -- >> issue i have with you is working with you, the wires. >> there is a bromance going on, and how do they lighten the mood? breaking out in song. >> you sing your lines. and i'm curious what that looks
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like. ♪ must be the night fever ♪ >> i hear you're like a karaoke master. >> he is. >> that's what i heard. >> we're trying to get him on broadway. ♪ >> i wouldn't do this. ♪ i know that there is pain ♪ but you holidd on for one mor day ♪ ♪ break fry free from the pain ♪ >> jake has another skill. >> what was the dish that won you over? >> boom! >> what does it matter? >> well, jake's captain crunch dish was much better. the way he poured the milk was incredible. >> ryan shows off a talent of his own in the new "dead pool 2" teaser. >> aside from quick changes in the phone booth -- >> huge spoiler alert.
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>> sorry, what? >> i can't tell you how much i love those two. >> who doesn't love those guys? >> he cracks me up. >> i see a buddy comedy in the works for those two? >> aid watch that in a heartbeat. >> cameron, stay with me for a second, i need to move on to x sexy eligible bachelors. he is back on the market. >> bloom is back in the paddle. he hopped on board in st. bart's. noticeably present? the shorts, which is different from when he paddled in his birthday suit, soaking up the caribbean sun with friends and perfecting his dive. we give it a 9.5. also adjusting to life after a split, lady gaga's former
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fiance. >> how do you find time to date? >> my dating life is through "chicago fire." i live vicariously through my character. >> do you prefer a city girl? a hybrid brit-american? >> there you go. no, i don't think i'm a type, like have a type. i think it's more of an energy. >> and speaking of type, reality tv's bad boy chad johnson is getting another shot at love. >> people, you know, saw bachelor, and they think i'm this crazy, angry person. >> you know, a lot of people thought that i wasn't capable of like holding good conversations with people, stuff like that. and the thing is, i'm actually pretty good with girls. >> he says we'll see his romantic side. he reveals his checklist for the perfect woman. >> always have protein on you. that would be beneficial.
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>> i may not get it. having protein, that would be good. still to come, the weirdest, most wonderful video of the week. why is justin bieber shirtless? and we will show you the sweet gift that george clooney got for his elderly neighbor. and the karaoke spinoff show is making him more popular with the stars. will we see beyonce riding shotgun anytime soon? plus, betty white on her long, hollywood career. >> i should have flown out a long time ago. >> the 95-year-old star is back on tv, we'll tell you where. and e.t. is on the set of kevin hart's newest movie. he's showing no signs of
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that is justin bieber adding
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to his grammy collection. he's on tour in new zealand where he gave an elderly woman a slow dance and a little kiss on the cheek. not to be outdone, george clooney just pulled off a surprise of his own, simply because he's just such a nice guy. >> i've heard so much about him, but i wanted to meet him. and he was charming. >> 87-year-old pat adams had no idea the oscar winner was going to visit her at the assisted living complex in london. he and amal live here. >> got the flowers and the card, which i shall treasure, he wrote, pat, i thought you'd like some flowers, with love, george. i shall treasure that. >> the retirement homemade pat's dream come true by contacting george on her behalf. the former typist just celebrated a birthday, and now that they're friends, you never
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know if the dad to be will pop in for a chat. >> he may. and perhaps he might even bring the babies in with him. who knows. and i love new babies. they're gorgeous. and i wish him well with them, because he's a very nice man. >> it's hard not to like george clooney, right? >> he's like the biggest sweetheart. >> she had novembever had any kf her own, maybe, just maybe, ms. pat can be an honorary grandma to those twins of yours. >> speaking of honorary grandmothers, we think of betty white as a grandma, right? >> yeah. >> it's hard to believe she's been on a tv screen since 1939 when she first danced on a television program. that's pretty amazing, 78 years later this woman is still going is strong in hollywood, and no plans to slow down. >> how are you feeling? you look fantastic in >> it only took 17 people to put
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me together. >> the 95 years young comedy legend is still modest as ever, getting set for a role on "young and hungry". >> the downstairs neighbor, had five husbands. so she's had a colorful life. >> this is so close to where you shot "hot in cleveland." so does it feel like you're back home again? >> an a little bit. >> do you keep in touch with those girls? >> yes. that's the beauty. we kind of all keep in touch. >> betty's making new friends on this show. she's already taped another episode and stars say her humor is a highlight. >> she paid me a nice compliment. she said you have blond hair and blue eyes, you know what we call you? a bitch. >> you are a woman who loves to work. what is it that makes you want to come to work every single
5:23 am
day? >> i just love, i'm so lucky to be in this business. i never take it for granted. at my age, i should have been thrown out a long time ago. >> is there one thing out there that betty white still wants to do? >> i don't know. i just, i just worship from the floor. >> we have to set up -- >> if i ever met him, i'd faint, no, no, no. >> don't worry. >> i think robert ridford's probably itching to meet her, too, don't you think? >> she is just the best, so funny, funny, funny. just like james corden. ♪ i'd like to take a minute to sit right there ♪ >> are there celebrities that come up and try to sell you on them?
5:24 am
to get into the passenger seat? >> i think so. now that we have this new series that's going to start on apple music, that's the whole world for us. we're very strict on our show about saying we'll only do it with big recording artists who've got a lot of hits. shaquille o'neil and john xena >> he told us all about his new show, carpool karaoke, at a festival where he was being honored. >> chelsea handler and blake shelton. it's terrific. >> carpool karaoke. >> ca, ca, ca, car. >> has there been anybody you've had to say no to? >> not anybody we've said no to, just not yet. >> you're not going to tell me who you've had to say not yet to? >> no. >> one singer with an open invitation? beyonce. >> i have not seen you send the
5:25 am
grammy. >> yeah. >> did you meet beyonce, and how did it go? >> she was amazing. it was one night after i was leaving after rehearsals, and there's an empty corridor, and a big security guard, and a girl, she was like, oh, my god, and i was like, ah! >> so, will we see beyonce in carpool karaoke? >> she's got other things to do before she wants to get in a car first. >> do you sing when you're in the carpool? >> the hamilton sound track i do quite a lot in my car. people look at me like i'm a mad man. >> you note -- you know the corden empire's growing. and on the set of a movie
5:26 am
with our kevin, but can our kevin keep up? then, nicole kidman gives up a sneak peek at the new "big little lies." plus, faith hill reveals her beauty tips to looking great at any age. plus past fashion regrets. >> i used to have awful style. closed captioning provided by the slopes like i used to. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem.
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if you're just joining us, here are this week's top five stories. at number five, "dancing with the stars" scandalous debut. ♪ season 24 kicked off with a sexy number with conner bolten. but after that, it was this unintentional move over an off-limits area that had everyone talking. >> i was looking at the tv screen. i felt her bump into me. >> i was like, oh.
5:30 am
>> fending off rumors of a blooming romance. telling us they're not together. at number four, a "dancing with the stars" feud. william shatner slams the bachelor's nick and asks for help getting nick kicked off the show. but when asked about what he had against nick, the 86-year-old back-pedaled. >> got carried away in there. coming in at number three, ben affleck's daddy duty. he was beaming as he spent the day with his daughters in l.a. while his estranged wife shoots a movie in atlanta. since i went to rehab for alcohol, he is doing great. the paparazzi hater even asked for aer taking his kids to church. at number two.
5:31 am
j. lo and a rod's cross country romance. the couple of a few weeks is make the long distance work with alex in miami and jennifer in l.a. both their schedules are so crazy, and that isn't going to slow down anytime soon. they will both continue to carry out their work obligations and will meet up when time allows. at number one, angelina jolie and brad pitt make peace. the former bitter exes who only spoke through their lawyers since their split last september have now been speaking directly. he and angelina are united in doing what's in the best interest of the kids, but when it comes to the divorce, we're told it's still in the process of being vee solved. they're making progress, privately and properly. now, is kevin hart ready for babies? he talks about sex life, nothing was off limits when we went to
5:32 am
the set of the new movie. >> i know a lot of people see me on the street, it's tough up top right now. but it's the character, man. i'm really giving it my all. and it requires this. it looks like a brillo pad. >> does it hurt your love life? >> the hair? >> no, this is how i know she really loves me. >> she loves her man in any form. he's growing out that hair and beard for the film "untouchable." >> me and my wife is in an amazing place. >> do you think you guys will start a family? beyonce's having twins. >> that's incredible. couldn't be happier for beyonce. >> you made like $700 million. >> it's about having patience. if my kids go do something, i got to make sure i have the patience to follow a baby, that
5:33 am
age or that baby is just calling you all the time. dad, dad, dad, dad, dad, dad, dad, and you finally turn around, and they go, look. i'm enjoying all of this right now. >> your body's not going to change. >> that was a sexy move. we caught up with the estimated $87.5 million man and this is what he demands. and this is also where kevin brought the pain on our kevin. >> at the same time, kevin. >> here we go. >> at the same time, kevin. >> here we go. >> yeah, kev. >> four, five, six, seven. eight. >> what did you think of my workout? >> it was what it was. >> what do you mean it is what it was. >> it wasn't going to be great the first time. you had on jeans and dress
5:34 am
shoes. those are problems. you don't do pushups like this. what's next for hart? see if you can keep up. the "secret life of pets 2", his turn up tuesdays where kev goes on instagram and dances just to make y'all feel good. >> what do you do when you relax? >> i don't want to relax. if i was your age, it would be different. i can still move my legs. >> kevin posted another video their week, this time accepting a challenge for pullups, because he's kevin hart and in sick shape, he can do more than 21. that might be true, the guy never stops. he could probably keep doing pullups all day. do you recognize that little budding baton twirler? that is country music star faith hill who evidently has been
5:35 am
adorable every single day of her life. and no one's more impressed by faith's natural beauty than her husband tim mcgraw. >> my husband loves me, no makeup, crazy, curly, frizz eye ha hair. before i put it in a ponytail, he's like leave it down, that's my favorite. >> they give us undeniable relationship goals. they make it a point to never spend more than three days apart, and they tour together every chance they get. >> what do you like moist about touring together? >> i get to hear her sing. it's pretty special. ♪ i'm so in love with you >> what's even better, faith's honesty when it comes to her style evolution. have awful style. it is sometimes entertaining to go back and look at some of the outfits. the hair, the makeup i've chosen over the years. my favorite thing to wear is
5:36 am
black. >> she also gets candid about aging in the latest issue of new beauty magazine. the soon to be 50 year old acknowledged she tests out lots of beauty products on herself and on tim. >> it's okay to have wrinkles and show that age, but the truth is, it starts with what you put into your body. i love junk food. i could eat a bag of potato chips every single day. i'm not talking about a snack bag, an entire bag. >> she looks that good after eating a bag of chips? give me a family style bag. and nicole kidman. does the success of "big little lies" mean she will do more tv? then we hope you get through your "this is us" withdrawal. plus, just released scenes fro the new "baywatch." >> i've got two gold medals.
5:37 am
>> matt brody. yes. but first, rupaul's drag race starts off with major star power. >> may the best woman win. >> that's right. lady gaga put on her platform shoes in the search for america's next drag super star. >> she wrote me several years ago on twitter saying, please, i want to be a judge on your show. and it's taken this long for us to coordinate the schedules so that she could be on. >> how would you grade her as a judge? >> brilliant. s she is a class-a, drag judge. >> other contestants include tori spelling and lisa kudrow. and in addition to airing on a new network, vh 1, fans can expect other surprises.
5:38 am
>> fierce, epic stunts. that is in our
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5:40 am
how we doing? >> is this your go-to meeting outfit? >> yes. >> that is nicole kidman, shailene woodley. one. was hooked it's the cast. are you kidding me? all these fabulous women that we're the big
5:41 am
screen. >> we just talked to nicole about her move to the small screen. reception? >> i'm not used to being on people'sion screens on a sunday night. >> both she and reese are expected"b little lies" and have been earning rave reviews about the lives of mothers who unravel. set in california, we don't kno. but the incredible performances are keeping us on the edge of our seats. >> will you do more tv because of this? >> i would love to, actually. i've really enjoyed, the great thing about this is there was such fantastic roles for five women, but, you know, people are watching it around the world, also, which is really fun. i've got people in australia calling me, texting me, e-mailing saying what happens next? what happens next? that's fun. >> the goal appears to have the perfect marriage, alexander
5:42 am
skarsgard along with a steamy love life. >> the characters are complicated. >> complicated because he beats her, and she keeps the dark secret from everyone except her therapist. >> when are you going to leave? >> as good as that is, don't wore ea worry, nicole has interview too set of the next untouchables." >> have you gotten over the us"? some are not too happy. we didn't finddied. and we have six months until season two stars. but i have a online got togethep >> everybody wants to know how he died. but it's focus on how he lived. >> their is is the plan.
5:43 am
>> the payoff will be worth it. >> do you know how he died? w, i know when. i know-it-all. >> we rename tour father." and we get neil patrick harris. >> to reveal how jack died. but what are some possible show returns? number one, a duet. >> i love voice is dynamic. >> that would be soy's eam come. >> i'll have to sing in prosthetics, which i'm fineo, t new addition to the pearson family. >> i want to adopt a there's a there that thinks he wants to adopt a son of follow in jack's. >> i do think i would want to adopt someo
5:44 am
ethnicity. >> the love scene. >> bring it on. be a "this is us" wedding onscreen y offscreen. how fun would it be to see your characters get married again o one. >> before, of course i hope the fa want. why allen ended up in the hospit hospital. plus, inside kelly crashs clarkson's $8 million eslike,ny you've seen. plus, we're ahome with this new kid on the block and his family. >> it's going to knock your socks weekend, which star was >> it's going to knock your socks weekend, which star was introduced to her husband by hea when you have moderate to severe ulcerative colitis,
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and in extreme cases can lead to coma or death. otdecreased white blood cells, which can be serious dizziness on standing, seizures, trouble swallowing, and impaired judgment or motor skills. don't give up on the progress you may have made our antidepressant. talk to your doctor about adding rexulti. and feel better about facing the world. learn about a free trial offer for rexulti at know what you're thinking. how can you host a show without the tip of your ring fger. i'm not going to let this beat me. i am not. >> come on, she's tough, she's brave. she dislocated her ring finger. she d en literally. >> i had two glasses of wine and fell into wld have only needed
5:48 am
glass of wine. probably not her fondest, but n what? you can live like pacific ocean. the specs a square feet, nine fireplaces. all can be yours for a cool $45 million. >> i love to buy houses. i love to sell houses. when i order drinks, i'd like it to be on the house. >> flipping houses. to told home it was a fountain of youth. that's why he bought the later,
5:49 am
santa barbara house. outside, the landscaping includes several sculptures, eal a guesthouse. there are exposed beams kitche with marble wrapped she said if tv slide' she'd be designs houses. >> the seat you're idea. >> and kelly clarkson has her 20,000 square foot home up for sale, on the marketf for 8.75 million. fans recognize taxidermy. they raised their two kids because they're building a new residence on their farm. there are built-in bunk beds and
5:50 am
a ping-pong table. kitchen is m for entertaining guests while cooking, and how about at the cowboy bar? the stools are actual saddles. and there's no reason movies wh chairs like there's even a sandy beach volleyball court. a new kid on the block invites cameras inside his home. why his family has the right stuff. >> hey," e.t." it's me, joey mcintire. come behind the scenes for watch magazine. check it out. >> awesome. >> joey's wife and their three kids were part of the shoot to promote his new scripted series "return of the mack", which the.
5:51 am
i was very concerned having the kids in the show. they added humor, a lot of reality, a lot of stuff that only kids can bring to the table. >> sort of an spoof of joey's own real life. >> thatseries, and the photo shoot, were shot right in thent. >> i think they were super excited on the days they woke up and thisou 40 crew members trying to m sho. it was insane, but it's not something you do every day. ♪ oh, oh, oh,34, he's been in t spotlight since he was a teenager at youngest member of . >> no, i'm definitely not the sex symbol of the not? >> maybe for some girls out there. >> the native bostonian still
5:52 am
tours with the g new kids on th we're a family, us and our fans kbru up together. >> the tour kicks off in may, andde paula oyz to men. chese just-released scenes from "baywatch." duane is mitch, the teamzack, t prove himself. >> hey, one direction. you are qualifier? >> i've got two gold medals. >> matt od yeah. >> there's plenty of sexy shots in the sand, but k thiev isn't we kbgrew up to. >> it's going to be prettier, grittier.
5:53 am
>> why does she look like she's running in slow-mo? >> it's an r-rated comedy. so it's a different feel than the tv show. >> sasquatch. >> the firreen of the beach, which will involve our big boats that we have, the ski jets that we the only one who t this is clearly a job for -- >> what we've set up is goi phe. >> things took a nasty turn when chopra i comall started when sh over. >> you people are up to no good. >> got you. >> we got to go under cover. >> yeah, a little too under cover. yeah, a little too under cover. >> jason at ikea, we believe that everything you need yeah, a little too under cover. >> jason should be within reach. that anything that matches your taste can match your budget.
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travel considerations provided by . plenty of stars with birthdays, sir elton john, 70. and jennifer gray is 57. now, take a final look at your choices, which section x i
5:57 am
city star was brother? she was introduced by her brother timothy. oing to be more sar conscious of where my hands are. >> shawna and bonner after t de. "e.t.'s" inside the rehearsal as we get to know the cowboy's romantic side, monday on "e.t.." we are almost out of time. but for all the late-breaking hollywood news, go to our website. >> but before we go, check out the new swedish sensation. >> it is a collaboration with queen bandit. and it's from her first album "so good", which has rocketed up. >> enjoy it and your weekend, everybody. bye-bye. ♪ and she's going to be part of your symphony ♪
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as politicians in washington, battle over health care, supporters on both side, rallied here in philadelphia and all over the country. hear their messages coming up. and, it is a tail of two very different weekend days when it comes to the weather, warm yesterday and now chill i changes are settling in. today is sunday march 26th , good morning, carabao. a breezy start to our day, too so lets get over to meteorologist justinyewitness wr forecast, good sunday morning, exat canh. we have warm days and then cool days. yesterday we made it to 77 degrees, macing stuff. today 30 degrees drop in the high temperature. we


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