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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  March 27, 2017 4:30am-4:58am EDT

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>> new overnight a teenage istricight.phadelphia this morno attorney seth williamsment we'll explain who is behind the s isprot facing this morning. and today is monday march 27th. good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm jan carabeo. rahel solomon has t all of that plus the late shows ' bandleader john bat tees hon orders here in philadelphia. but first a check on the forecast with katie and the roads with meisha. >> good morning, we need some monday morning -- i'll tell you right now the roads are okay, one accident, downed pole, very wet, as i was coming on in. >> a lot of showers still to track. all pretty scattered. not like a wall of water, but definitely leading to obviously damp travel but also poor visibility. warmfront, very light winds, watching for two separate issues as a result of that. not only do you have the to face fog issues w that said, here's obviously the look at the rain that's on storm scan3, but
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we've also got dense fog advisory to talk about specific to southern most new jersey even extending at least at the shore point here to ocean monmouth counties but all of the state of delaware, ph included here and the back to chester, wa least under ae.ount pocono for rent issueshat r warmfront, in the name, but not going to there, unfortunately with the warmfront passage, meisha?eing g in a lot of the camera shots this morning, good morning to you, good mornto monday. ninety-five at the betsy ross bridge, so just talking a play an issue apart in our morning commute this morning, and it alr early risers out there. 295 betsyivin l you overview whatever you are looking at in terms every visibility going out the door this morning, veryanklinridge, u moving from jersey the westbound tres is again what yu are going to be looking at. so every camera shot almost that we'relooolike this. wet roadways, damp out there, katie talking about the rain coming through and then the fog on top of t se
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a slow commute. mondays typically are slow, they'll get busy, this will make itr. accident glennside, sw up, eastt downed pole, pleasantville, left lane blocked black horse pike and doughty road. >> indicted seth williams call on him to resign. demonstrations spoon orders by black lives matter starts 8:45 this morning. meanwhile williams us a lawyer wants off the case. court paperwork claims williams wouldn't have a quote financial ability to retain michael diamondstein, and points to epp callleed not guilo bribery, extortion and wire fraud. >> new this morning police are investigating the shooting death after 17 year old boy in philadelphia's cobbs creek section. officers found the victim on front stoop on the 5900 block of larchwood avenue. police say the teen was shot
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three times in the torso. they returned him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. police do not believe the victim lived at the house where he was found. no word yet on motive or a suspect. we're still waiting to hear police will charge laudromat owner after shooting a robbery suspect and an innocent bystanders in north philadelphia. police say it all went down shortly after 4:00 yesterday in fairhill. the man enters the law dough mat, 2800 block of north fifth street with a knife demanding cash. well, the owner handed over the money but when the suspect ran out of the store, the owner gave chase, firing five shots. >> the suspect took the money, which is about $2,000, according to the owner, and basically tossed it in the air. so as the owner still chasing the suspect, and he fires at him, the neighborhood i guess bystanders or people that were out here basically swarmed in on money. so all of the monday that ihe as scooped up by the people in the area. >> now the owner shot the
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suspect twice, in thextreme cril condition, also shot innocent woman in the hand. "eyewitness news" has learned the own her a license and is cooperating with police. >> seventeen year old boy recovering this morning after he was shot in the arm ode west philadelphia. this happened on the 5,000 block of haverford avenue just afternoon. we're told the victim ran inside the store to geto chdrens hospital. police found the gun they believe was used in that shooting. fire marshals are investigating what caused a dow, delaware that displaced several people. all started at a sporting goods store on the 400 block of north market street yesterday afternoon. now, about 60 firefighters battled the blaze over the course of the three hours, many make org streets closed due to heavy smoke. sporting goods store and adjacent fire suffered fire and smoke damage. red cross was notified to assist at least five people. police in salem county community remind us that
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seatbelts save lives. it has this surveillance video from march 18 shows a drivere lane of traffic on north hook road in pennsville, the car st rolled over several times. police say the driver walked away with only minor injuries. because he was wearing a seatbelt. >> you know, i put that out there because i want people to understand seatbelts do save lives. it is really important that we take the two seconds to strap up before we drive away. >> yes, chief cummings reminds us it takes no time at all to put on seatbelt as the car warms up. >> president trump is recruiting his son-in-law for new white house job. jared kushner will head the white house office o innovation. the official announcement will be today. the office will pursue overhauling government functions, using ideas from the business sector. kushner, who is already a white house senior advisor, will report directly to the president. >> vice president mike pens making it clear america is standing by israel. last night he addressed the
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americanae committee policy conference in washington. the vice president says while president trump is committed to forge ago lasting peace in the middle east, there will be no compromise on protecting the jewish state. predent donald trump if the world knows nothing else, t know this: america stands with israel. >> now, outside the conference, pro palestinians staged the demonstration says it aims to ends lob that promotes israeli occupation of palestinian territory. members of the conservative freedom caucus left the group following the collapse of the gop healthcare bill. the freedom caucus was nearly unified in this opposition to the healthcare legislation. its largely blamed for killing the bill. that's precisely why texas representative ted post says he's cutting ties. he said in a statement it is harder to leave than to say
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no. added he would be more effective outside that far group. >> well the late show's bandleader will be in our area today, he's accepted award from philadelphia's mayor jim kenney. john batiste from the late show stephen colbert will receive the first benny goldstein award. says musical talents go back in new orleans, mayor kenly present the award at the philly celebrate jazz press conference at city hall. it will kick off philly's jazz appreciation month for the monday of april. >> and you can catch john bat tees, right here on cbs-3 week night after "eyewitness news" at 11:00. >> the final four teams in march madness tournaments are now set. >> that's right. the action resumes this saturday right here on cbs-3. the tar hills of north caroline are headed to the final four for a record 20th time. north carolina beat kentucky, the tar hills will play oregon saturday. south carolina beat florida the game first ever trip to the final four.
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they play gone sag, a games played in phoenix, final four floor being installed. >> airlines taking criticism on social media this morning. >> that far asked two teams traveling on employee passes to change. what they were wearing that a gate agent said wouldn't fly. and how the request turned into a social media fire storm. >> that doesn't sound good. hail leaves behind damage in parts of texas. the other things the severe weather brought that people are having to clean up this morning. >> and our ronald mcdonald house charity telethon happening tomorrow. taking place from 6:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. of the we will be live all morning long and all day long right here on cbs-3. you can join in on twitter at and the cbs local app. we will be right back. ♪
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>> back on "eyewitness news" folks down in northern texas ngsevere storm system tore through that area. that's the sound of hail hitting the car's windshield, cars and trucks were reportedly dented from the falling ice, the entire dallas area was under tornado watch last night until 11:00. we're told there was damage from large amounts of hail like this, wind gusts, and tornadoes. >> south korean prosecute remembers seeking arrest warrant for the country's ousted president. president park gun hey was removed from office on march 10 by the nation's constitutional course. accused of corruption scandal that has r politics for months. among the accusations dark from companies and released whethertial information. to issue a warrant against park. >> the man who allegedly held a deadly stand-off on las
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vegas strip is schedul morning. prosecutors are bringing murder charges against rolando cardania. opened fire on bus saturday for no apparent reason. person, wounded another, before baricading himself inside of that bus. he eventually surrendered to police after a four hour stand-off. >> united airlines is dealing with a controversy this morning. that's after it didn't allow two teenage girls to board a flight because they were waking leggings. the girls were headed from denver to minneapolis. but here is the thing, traveling with a special pass given to airline employees and that pass comes with a dressheis to change, they did, without complaining. but an activistheard the converd tweeted saying she, the gate agent, is forcing them to r their leggings or they can't board. since when does united police women'sin later tweet that customers are welcome to wear legs action and that the dress code applied to the girls
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because they were using employee travel passes. still lots to talk b people weighing in on both sides. >> have you ever -- >> well, i used to work for an airline, you flight for free, do you what they say. otherwise, you buy your ticket. >> right. >> apparently these passengers had no problem with the issue when the whole thing. >> right. >> i hate when things get blown out of proportion. >> you hear things, like mind your business, people. >> if you hear the s word, you think you're getting a blizzard? >> is it going to snow? is it going to snow? >> snow. folks, if you jut spit your coffee up, wipe it up, take deep breath. no snow in this forecast. jim, don't fuel the problem. >> are you wear g leggings, too? >> well, you'll never know. you only see me from the waist up. all right, so on storm scan3, we have eastern half of the united state, so we have two separate disturbances to show you here, the first of which a warmfront passage leading to some showers throughout the day. some fog out there at the moment, as well, we do have
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dense fog advisory for the southern half of our area as a result. here is the next system, bringing very heavy thunderstorms to missouri, arkansas, will be getting a err tomorrow, cold front passage, ends up with the possibility ourselves of couple of thunderstorms. i don't think at this point we will have any severe weather potential necessarily but could be locally gusty thunderstorm. so jump right to tomorrow. today fog, showers. then we catch break tonight. it is cloudiment tomorrow throughout the day there will be pocket in a show up on the radar with locally drenching downpours. and very likely a thunderstorm embedded within some of these, as well, so even thoughlongouhe way, umbrella probably good thing to keep on tomorrow. from 5:00 p.m., look at this, back over salem county there could be pretty nasty thunderstorm erupting. radar will need to be monitored throughout the dayment then see that front clear on out of here. by wednesday the sun finally comes back. now, with that said, today, yes, not the most pretty day we've ever seen. certainly damp and dreary beginning to the work week here with the scattered
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showers, we drop it down to 50 tonight, with plenty of clouds. but we should see dry through the overnight. then tomorrow again when the next cold front comes through. it is much brighter by wednesday. thursday, also, looking very pleasant. friday, though, yet another system comes along to bring more rain. but no snow, meisha. >> no, no, no. can't even go there. katie, thank you so much. well, of course, no snow, but we are dealing with roadways, sometimes some problems. looking right now, take a vehicle, john temp ton boulevard, pennsauken, new that happened around 45 minutes ago. you are watching video of this. i can tell you right now that it will be pretty slow moving, e out there just now remedy th upw truck, the vehicle now getting moved out of our way. so just heads up if you are around pennsauken, new jersey, something that you are going to have to be on the look-out for. basically anywhere you are traveling around today, this
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is going to be the visibility, the fog out there, pretty dense, and it will pose a problem for us. not to mention the fact we have wet roadways to deal with as well. new jersey 42 freeway northbound creek road that's what we are looking at there. when the spotlight comes down from the street lamp see all of that kind of fog and haze in the air. it will come down to the roadways, that's going to pose some problems for us. a look at the schuylkill, taillights eastbound direction at the boulevard. overall this morning i would say busy monday morning, give yourselves extra time, jan, jim, over to you. >> now to strange story out of florida. >> man is facing charges after police say he was eating pancakes in the middle of the road. well, this happened in lakeland, east of tampa. lakeland police shared these pictures of the man on facebook. they say officers were called when someone spotted the man seated at small table in a crosswalk eating pancake, even had syrup. well the man was gone by the time officers arrived, but thanks to tips they were able to find him. he told officers it was a
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prank, he's now charged with disrupting traffic. >> some people have too much time on their hands, jim. >> lugging the table around? i see the pancakes, but the table? he came prepared. well, riding sharing app is letting riders help charity by simply going from point a to point b. >> we'll tell you the company that's doing it, and how it works in this morning's money watch report. we'll be right back.
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it's got caramel and crunchy stuff. i like caramel and crunchy stuff. breyers gelato indulgences. it's way beyond ice cream. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york torque stock exchange, good morning, jill. so margaret coming offer their worse week since the election, what's behind it? >> reporter: well, mostly it
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is the political fighting over healthcare. republicans couldn't get enough votes to repeal obamacare, invest remembers worried about what that means for the rest of president trump's economic agenda. up next, republicans will start working on tax reforms. jim, jan? >> so jill, i understand that there is a ride sharing app that wants riders to sit down for a good cause. what's that all about? >> yes, lyft launching program that lets passengers round up their fares to the nearest dollar, and then give the difference to charity. it is called round up and donate. lyft will let riders choose from handful of charities to donate to. >> i like that idea. >> so easy. >> great idea. >> few sent here, few cents there, it adds up. thanks, jill, we'll check in with you in the next hour. well everybody make sure to grab your umbrella before you head out this morning. >> katie how long will the rain last? >> i think you have it at least through the rest of the morning and i think it might even link near part of the second half of the day, as well. but don't bling, because even though it will dry out
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live look from high atop hotel bethlehem, visibility really not too bad despite the fact it is obviously wet here in bethlehem. like you're going to find if you travel say 60 to 70 miles from the whe you are, you may have little bit of different scenario the closer you get to the city, also through the state of delaware, southern new jersey, alsolyte morning. we have a system moving through, warmfront, moderate up nicely on thermometer. specially up toward the mountain us terrain, ifreside, f people that live up this way, if you are from 1500 feet on
4:54 am
up in elevation, there could be some strictly rain across the rest of the board. also scattered showers that you are going to find through ook at the visibility we're talking about, though, allentown, poor visibility, note below philly down to wilmington, chunk of95 mile under a cross the good portion of southern new jersey and delaware, as the day goes on, fog will lift. but still stuck in the in a bit of dreary scenario here, although today. there will still be showers around, and more showers in another system movesfor through, meisha. >> katie thank you so much. right now i pull your attention toid overturned vehicle that happened around 45, 50 minutes ago, pennsauken, new jersey,ip ton boulevard at haines road, you guys, we were looking at the tow truck, had the vehicle up on the back that far trailer. should be maybe hopefully clearing out of the
4:55 am
way, but heads up. going offer what katie said, take a look how wet it looks, blue route, mid-county, reminder e-zpass express lanes still closed and they will be closed until april 10th. a lot of people getting winds on that, hearing the word now not as confusing, not as slow as it was earlier last week, now heads up, what you are looking ought out there, visibility issues with the fog will play a factor, also leave your homes early because of the wet roadways, i sure would if i were you. mays landing new jersey, highway closed between weymann's road mill street. 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. heads up on that. jim, over to you. >> thank you, meisha. coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news," live with more on the planned protest today, regarding district attorney seth williams. >> plus, we will tell you about efforts to keep this statue called fearless girls, where it stands today on wall street. >> and i'll show you how foe finish could save you money if you're remodeling your home, back at the top of the hour. stay with us. wendy's doesn't put up with mushy fish sandwiches like some do. their north pacific cod is breaded in crisp, flaky panko
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live from the cbs bras is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. a teenager shot and killed overnight in theeek section, wee latest on the search for his killer. protesters will hit the morning. what they want seth williams to do, and not the only headache philadelphia's district attorney is facing. and a wild scramble on the street. store owner turns the tables on a robber opening fire. the action continues as stolen money goes flying and eyewitnesses rusto cash. today is monday, the 27th of march, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm jan carabeo, rahel solomon has the day off. katie and meisha are here keeping an eye on things on weather and traffic. >> we're back. we bling. here we r happy monday everybody. talking about at love fog, wet roadways, looking at kim of problem areas already happening, kind of string, things happen. >> weather definitely impacts the commute today, no doubt
4:59 am
about it, with some showers, even though scattered, still likely run into damp roadways, say for southern new jersey, delaware, was from primarily a fog concern for you. you too will end up with some showers bulk currently rolling through specially through the northwest suburbs outside of philadelphia, berks county engulfed, enveloped here in a solid wash of showers right now. so, you know, the umbrella is not the worse idea today or tomorrow forgive rent reason we'll get to throughout the show. getting you out the the door, showers, worse of the fog philly on south t includes most of southern new jersey as well as all of the state of delaware. do actually is dense fog advisory will last until 10:00 . 429 current temperature, off to relatively mild start here. normal low would be into the upper 30's, here, so not too harsh. forty-five in wildwood. forty-one allentown. you get the idea, as the day progresses with warmfront passing through the showers are going to, again, be scattered, with us for good portion of the day, that fog is dense primarily this morning, should begin
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