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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  March 30, 2017 5:30am-5:46am EDT

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start your day in the morning minute: a philadelphia man is dead after a police involved shooting in new castle county delaware. there are still a whole lot of unanswered questions. >> a van ditched after drag a philadelphia police officer several feet, now the search is on for the driver. investigators in texas looked over the mangled remnants. >> head on collision involving a church bus killed 13 people, most of them, senior citizens. >> this guy is armed for warfare. >> special need student faces charges with bringing a loaded gun to school. a 16 year-old boy in bosnia broke a world record this week by smashing 111 concrete blocks with his head in 34 seconds, yes.
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get an x box. >> i'm sorry but that cannot be healthy. >> i don't know. >> you can't do that. >> no, but it is something wrong there. >> call it i, good day before the rain moves in. >> we're talking about opposite extreme is here today is a nice day there, will be some cloud in the afternoon, all signs of things to come but we have quiet weather for now, outdoor plans, you can keep them but it will be a cool day, we are off to a chillier start, so we will not warm up as readily but you still have more sun then anything here, high pressure holding tight for now, other than a few stray cloud here and there we are under a nice clear sky, that is why these temperatures are dropping off so readily. lets take a look at them. we are in the 30's, 20's in the outlining suburbs of trenton, 35 degrees in the more urban areas, 34 in
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millville, 34 at ac airport and philly international at 40 . an and down shore points we are around the lower 40's. cape may is only 32 degrees. we have a variety packing on here that wind flow is generally still out of the north for the most part so keeping the cool air in place now but with time those arrows will make more clockwise shift to the south, and, that is as we start this new storm moving in. so shift in the wind still a sign of things to come. we have a storm moving n low humidity, highs in the mid 50 's and nice bright sunny start it does look like a very pleasant thursday, problem is, hopefully you didn't pack up that umbrella. you will need it. i would like to always tell you whether you need it or can getaway without it. tomorrow is a day that requires it. we will talk about that rainfall and what we expect coming up later on in the show , meisha, back over to you thanks very much. no fun to have that rain on a friday but today will be beautiful, so get outside, looking outside, right now, speaking of schuylkill near
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king of prussia, maybe starting to heat up just a little bit and i-95 taillights approaching the airport this is what we are looking at by the airport. overall we are seeing a steady flow. what we can expect, typical, typical in the world of the travel is not a bad thing. we are looking okay, right now paving project, walt whitman bridge we talk about it yesterday and today westbound two lanes opened, ramp to i-95 is closed. down to 35 miles an hour. half of the toll place ace also closed. so like i said we are dealing with that yesterday, and then again today. tree trimming on the scudder falls bridge southbound one lane is opened until aroundet yu know when that delaware car went in the is roun promising a thorough bipartisan investigation. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live with more on the hearings, good morning, trang. >> good morning. the senate hearing is expect
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to last all day, broken up into two panels, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. committee is examining whether voters in key swing states like here in pennsylvania were served up russian generated fake news and propaganda to influence their votes. >> this investigation scope will go where ever intelligence lead it. >> reporter: leamittders o are exploring the role russia the 2016 presidential effectively fe in thate committee inves review presiden. >> week >> we n campaign includedded up, be on the watch election. >> of the 20 jared forcan see na lower open, yjoesterds fell 42 q was up about 22 points. lulu lemon shares are plunging after retailer posted disappointing earnings for last quarter, lulu said fewer
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people shopped in the stores and on line, company's ceo blames poor presentation on the web site meaning it showed products like yoga pts better lighting. lyft wants to give people a ride to workithey are testingn francisco and chicago called shuttle. designated pick up, drop off locations, vehicles travel on established routes like a bus and is there a fixed fare which means noy divided politically but most people agree free coffee is a good thing, star bucks is teaming stp they have created an app called hide from the other sideaent ews close by, and free cups of a the >> well, you neverno officer isveiladelia. >> now this man the man abandone
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police say at thestic disturbance call when the su public rest rooms andand engaget legislation but said it will be a house a concurrent repeal that law extended halt oe president trump's travelbecauses s could happy travel enger than 14 dity thiw ben franklin presidential quest/ hesw mix up.ize in literature, l be right
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watching this breath savers protect mint neutrali i can't see anything! that's because it's working so hard. hey, what are you guys doing? karen. we're neutralizing. maybe i want to neutralize. you ever think of that?
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price water house cooper is getting a second chance. they will be back next year despite that huge mix up. these two were band from the show after the wrong winner for best picture was announced the academy calls it
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unacceptable but they have new policies in place. accountants who work the show in the future wuring a small prd heth ultimate, mega dan, doby in l.a. and newin sweden tosual lee deline for the speech isemb. everhing is quiet. we have light traffic so far, and, you know, we will expect sunshine for most part today, that sun coming up in just about an hour. comes up early and early every pass daigle time of the year. meanwhile we have a chilly start to the day where weather watchers to come in. we have temperatures in the mid to low 30's in most locations, far cry from yesterday when we were well in reality, it feels coolerby clear the sky deck up with, john bell reporting pennsyiavance, we will get soakd thing. of it, itl see, intensis it is a it nice, inthe lower 60's but more cloud
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will begin to build in by then >> i wish we were seeing more sun but we will take what we can get, thanks very much, katie. get outside today, and speaking of lets look o lookingy 95 south pushing in the southbound direction, actually looking good. north bound side is heating up but really southbound side, as r city we are looking okay. we have an accident here where car went in the pole and got in. beverly boulevard at garrett road just a head upstart to slow down in this neck of the wood. for those over there we are still talking about newark, delaware that happened earlier this morning around 1:00 a.m. car went in the poll here as well, route two, capitol trail still closed between route 72 and ana way, your alternate 273 is your best bet around that. just a reminder schuylkill westbound between vine and girard we have construction here left lane block between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.
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we have construction on the vine we were talking about yesterday westbound ramp to the schuylkill west bun right lane blocked and that will be blocked right after our morning rush starting right at tip of the 9:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. these areas will start to slow you down, they were slowing you down yesterday. they will slow you today, jim, over to you. investigative report in the cities non-profit mayor's fund alleged that former aid with mayor michael administration made $220,000 in questionable purchases. some of the big's alleged expenses include about $60,000 at downtown marriott, more than $10,000 at sophie tell rome hotel, $8,700 in uber ride and $6,500 to u.s. airways. >> there were thousands and thousands of dollars in pretty expensive meals. in fact in liquor bills which is another wrinkle. >> now former mayor michael nutter has been asked to pay back $22,000, money used to
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fund a farewell party at university of the arts. according to the report, the fund former executive director desiree peterkin bell, she's being challenge over her use of credit card. the report has been forwarded to the law enforcement agency. dana redd says she's moving on and will not seek a third term in office. marriedd made the announcement yesterday. she red city since 2010. marriedd is credited with helping bring 2 billion-dollar of economic investment to the city and reshaping police department and school system. well, rare photograph of harriet tub man is up for sale in the new york city auction house. >> portrait seen here reportedly dates back to the 1860's and was part of the album featuring photos of estimated saleslitical andas a price of 20 to $30,000. a prier after more than four decade, we will have that story just ahead. stent says he will not ck
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. a high school class ring she has got it back. >> her husband is finally off the hook, 45 years ago, that jan, who the ring a boyfriend'sn he who his keys, she never found her ring, until right now and her old boyfriend is aappy that the that boyfriend has been my husband for 42 years so he is off the hook right now. and, when i j, m and f, i knew right away it was keepers found it they tracked her down with the initials inside and used a 1971 high school year book. >> they should be detectives. >> listen to this one. >> okay.c3 a o we have your attention,
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getting support from his community to bring a special date tomgrandmother. >> isn't this nicey >> bryce main asked hissenior p. he is a big part of his life and she never went herself but his school, said no. >> my grmoe,anthe world to bad press kent and thathem a coming up on "eyewitnessten for,
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police opened fire killing a man fromith t new details released overnight and why many people in the and tragedy in texas, 13 people are killed when a church bus crashes in to a pickupitieare trying to figure out what caused the head on collision. get outside if you can sny,y for now, katie's tracking rain heading our way,thursday march d morning i'> i'mrahel solomon. katie and meisha looking g we ae building levelri to that coming day commutes which would be will
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be most affect. upcoming storm later in the romisingt but lets get out the to be an absolutely settler sunrise as a result and you can see, out toward state colle, to see more cloud cover over central pennsylvania and happy valley. moving it fod side here because temperature drops more readily through overnight currently in the 30's in many in mount pocono, 35 in wilmington. so a cold start notd o there bun the lower 30's in mount holly, quakertown and list goes on. i walk outside with the heavy coat. as day goes on you can expect sunshine. a few sign of the storm again that
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